PICK Matrix

The "Six Sigma" methods were created by Bill Smith; they are designed to provide users with tactics that clear away any flaws in specific systems of management or analysis. Included in these methods, the PICK Matrix is a handy tool that helps you decide which tasks are worth completing. Judging on the difficulty and payoff of each task, this matrix boosts productivity and ensures that you complete the tasks that will be most beneficial to you. PICK stands for Possible, Implement, Challenge, and Kill; these are the four choices that the matrix gives you concerning each task

PICK Matrix

PICK Matrix info

  1. Easy/High Payoff (Possible)
  2. Contains the best type of tasks. They are easy to complete, and their outcome guarantee a valuable reward.

  3. Difficult/High Payoff (Implement)
  4. Contains tasks that require a lot of effort, but will be worth the hard work.

  5. Easy/Low Payoff (Challenge)
  6. Contains tasks that are quite easy to complete, but are of small value.

  7. Difficult/Low Payoff (Kill)
  8. Contains tasks that are not worth the time or effort. Dispose of these tasks as soon as possible.

PICK Matrix Template

Have you ever started working on a task and then realized that it wasn't worth the amount of effort it required to complete? When considering taking on a new task or project, you must always ask yourself: "Which is worthy of being picked first?" This mindset is vital to ensure that you are working with the utmost efficiency; this method also guarantees that the things you complete will truly make a difference in the workplace. Projects that are labor-intensive may be worth your time if they assure a high payoff, but should be discarded if you believe they involve a measly payoff. Simple projects that involve a low payoff may be worth the effort, depending on how much time they will take to complete. These need to be analyzed to assure that their completion will be beneficial. Last but not least, the projects that you should always pick first are those that require little effort but will involve a high pay off. These are the projects that the PICK Matrix thrives on. If you would like to see improved productivity in your workplace, academic endeavors, or other pursuits, try the PICK Matrix today!

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