Schematic Design Template

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The object of the schematic design phase is to agree on one specific plan with the project owner. It’s essential that everybody on the project understand the results of preliminary research regarding things like code requirements, which you can share with your team via PM.

During schematic design, Priority Matrix serves as a central location to share information and drawings such as site plans and floor plans.

Schematic Design for Priority Matrix

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Schematic Design in Priority Matrix

During SD, Priority Matrix provides a central location to communicate and share files.

You can start using Schematic Design or other Architecture-Phase Project Templates with Priority Matrix in just a few steps:

  1. Click to sign in or create an account in the system
  2. Start adding your items to the matrix
  3. If you prefer to use the Mac and Windows app download Priority Matrix and take your data with you
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Proposed Tasks

Do Now

  • Confirm Client Submittal Requirements
  • Prepare Special Pre-design Studies

Do Later

  • Prepare Reports on Alternative Designs
  • Prepare Invoice for Client


  • Research Code Requirements

Emails - Resources - Docs

  • Code Requirements - Final Report