Conceptual Design Template

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Your highest priority during the conceptual design phase is to determine what the owners goals are for the project and determine the project requirements. Tasks in this phase include visiting the project site, negotiating the owner contract, and putting together an in-depth questionnaire to learn more about the client. A few more conceptual design tasks include both schedule and budget estimates based on preliminary project decisions.

During CD, Priority Matrix allows you to manage the competing priorities that occur at the beginning of a project while maintaining clear visibility of where your team stands.

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Conceptual Design for Priority Matrix

Conceptual Design in Priority Matrix

During the CD phase, Priority Matrix helps you maintain visibility of project priorities.

You can start using Conceptual Design or other Architecture-Phase Project Templates with Priority Matrix in just a few steps:

  1. Click to sign in or create an account in the system
  2. Start adding your items to the matrix
  3. If you prefer to use the Mac and Windows app download Priority Matrix and take your data with you
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Proposed Tasks

Do Now

  • Gather Site Information
  • Send Preliminary Survey to Client

Do Later

  • Calculate Preliminary Project Fee
  • Define Scope of Work
  • Negotiate Owner Contract


  • Draft Survey for Client