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Using this project, you can keep full control of your meetings thanks to the recurrent tasks and one-on-one features of Priority Matrix. This meeting agenda format is effective for most types of meeting, but it is most fitting for manager-report review sessions.
Narrow your list of agenda items down to what you want to cover. Prioritize what's most important to get done at each meeting, and maintain accountability with meaningful follow-ups.

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Meeting Agendas for Priority Matrix

Meeting Agendas in Priority Matrix

Keep your meetings under control using recurrent tasks and the one-on-one feature.

You can start using Meeting Agendas or other Initial Project Templates with Priority Matrix in just a few steps:

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  2. Start adding your items to the matrix
  3. If you prefer to use the Mac and Windows app download Priority Matrix and take your data with you
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Proposed Tasks

Recurrent meetings

  • [EXAMPLE]: Daily meeting with team
    * Note important info about people attending the meeting * Capture the key goals of the meeting * Define the meeting duration * Establish meeting roles: Gatekeeper to make sure everyone speaks, scribe to annotate important conclusions, moderator to drive the agenda...

1:1 meetings

  • [EXAMPLE]: Recurrent meeting with Sue on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm
    * Add info about Sue * Capture meeting goals beforehand * Define the meeting duration

Ocasional meetings

  • [EXAMPLE]: Meeting with Mark on next Monday at 5:30 pm
    * Add info about Mark * Capture meeting goals beforehand * Define the meeting duration


  • [TIP] Check 1:1 view and Calendar
    Use the Calendar and One on One views to drive more effective meetings. Focus on what's important and leave the minutiae for the machines.
  • [TIP] Integrate Priority Matrix Calendar with your Calendar
    Subscribe to your Priority Matrix calendar using your favorite calendar software. That way you will know when things are due, even without opening Priority Matrix. Ref:
  • [TIP] Set start and due dates for each item/meeting
    You can set a start/due date for each meeting, so that Priority Matrix keeps you posted. Use the reminder system also, in order to get a heads up sufficiently early. Check the calendar view to detect conflicts and move things around if there is too much load on certain days.
  • [EXAMPLE]: Plan meeting with Mark