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Brainstorming is a critical decision-making process. It works best when approached with a purposeful and lighthearted attitude. Think of it as an improv-comedy session, just a bit more focused and goal oriented. Team members feel more engaged with their work and with their group if they feel like they are part of the solution.

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Brainstorming / Experiments for Priority Matrix

Brainstorming / Experiments in Priority Matrix

Brainstorming helps you see a problem in a new and unusual light, often giving rise to novel ideas.

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Proposed Tasks

Easy and Impactful

  • [EXAMPLE]: Encourage customers to share their experience with their associate
    Viral products are those that users tell each other about. Word of mouth marketing, in other words. It's free and it scales up infinitely as long as you take care of your customers. Some ideas: - Promotions - Extend trial ....

Hard and Impactful

  • [EXAMPLE]: New tool for customers
    The team decided create a new tool which can be very useful for our target market.

Easy and Trivial

  • [EXAMPLE]: A/B Test in Landing Page
    Experiment to learn what messaging best resonates with your potential customers. Don't just assume you know best. Get off the building and talk to people.

Goals and Objectives

  • [EXAMPLE]: Guidelines to evaluate a good project
    Key points: - High impact / low effort - Virality - Low effort from customers
  • [TIP]: Invite teammates to this project to share ideas
    Steps: 1) Select this project 2) Enter your teammates' emails to invite them over 3) Fun (and profit)!