Master Project - Status Updates Template

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Using this template, you'll know at-a-glance which projects are on track and which need extra attention. Upon close-out, this project provides quarterly and yearly summaries of what your team has completed, and what's to come.

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Master Project - Status Updates for Priority Matrix

Master Project - Status Updates in Priority Matrix

A 'Master Project' gives you a 10,000 ft view of project status across the board.

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Proposed Tasks

In Progress

    Make a task here for each project your team is working on (this should correlate to the projects you have listed on the left). Use a red, yellow, or green icon to keep track of the project status. Use the conversation section for quick project status updates. For deeper status …


    When a project reaches close-out, drag and drop it to this quadrant. If there are any relevant final documents or updates before close-out, track them here. At the end of the year, checking out all of the finished tasks in this quadrant will give you an overview of all of …


  • PROJECT NAME + Start Date + Duration
    Keep projects that are in the pipeline, but not yet started, here. Set start and end dates under 'Dates'. This will help you with future planning (to decide how many resources you need, or whether or not you have bandwidth to take on more projects). To see this dates in …

New Leads

  • John Smith, +1 (777) 444-0000
    Add notes about the potential project here. Set a due date to remind yourself to give them a call. If leads come into your inbox, leverage our email integration to automatically import them into Priority Matrix :)