0000 [Architecture Project - Insert Name] Template

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Architecture projects come with shifting priorities, tons of files to manage, email communication, and work to be delegated. Use this template for each architecture project your team is working on to start managing priorities across multiple projects and communicating more effectively with your team.

0000 [Architecture Project - Insert Name] for Priority Matrix

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0000 [Architecture Project - Insert Name] in Priority Matrix

Use this template to manage shifting priorities and track progress on your architecture projects.

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Proposed Tasks

Do Now

  • Review permit set
    For a task like this, you might upload the permit set right to this task. Then, set a due date to let your team know when it needs to be finished by. Finally, delegate the task to whoever will take care of it. You can do this by clicking the …

Do Later

  • Site Update
    On-site contractors can use the mobile app to upload photos directly to tasks in Priority Matrix. All they have to do is open the task on their mobile app and snap a picture. This help some teams cut down on site visits and gain back precious time :)
  • Rough Electrical
    Tasks under 'Do Later' are planned tasks that aren't pressing at the moment Set start and end date on them to keep track of project deadlines and avoid overlapping deadlines down the road. To share your project plan seamlessly with project owners, right-click on the project and select "Email --> …

Low Priority

  • Complete ceiling plan


  • Upload files like the project budget, contract docs
    Every task in Priority Matrix allows you to upload files. Click just above these notes and to the right, where it says 'Add Files' to upload documents. Upload anything from PDFs to Excel documents to keep information easily accesible to your team. P.S. If your files are stored on shared …
  • Import key project emails (double-click for instructions)
    Priority Matrix integrates with your email so that you can bring important emails your projects (like emails from project owners) into the system to share information with your team and make sure you don't lose any important information. All emails are saved in PDF format, and provide a link to …