HIPAA-Compliant Priority Matrix

Presented by Hai Nguyen

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Join us in this webinar to get an introduction to HIPAA.PM, a HIPAA-compliant solution to manage your tasks, projects, and emails.

HIPAA.PM leverages the Eisenhower Matrix method to increase productivity and efficiency. You will learn:

- The basics of the Eisenhower Matrix as a way to prioritize and communicate your priorities to others
- How to use Priority Matrix to manage tasks and ensure that the important ones do not fall through the cracks
- How to manage collaborative projects, create templates, and delegate key action items to your teammates
- The basics of Priority Matrix HIPAA in Microsoft Teams and Outlook, and how it can help you do all your project and email management tasks without context switching

Priority Matrix SaaS solution is a Microsoft 365 Certified solution, and is one of the most integrated applications in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Note: You may forward this invitation to others who are unfamiliar to Priority Matrix.

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