Manage Multiple Inboxes with Ease with Priority Matrix for Executive Assistants

Video presented by Erica Beaulieu

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Video transcription (24:46.32) Stop scroll

2.16s the same page before we do get started
5.12s what i am going to do now is i'll go
6.96s ahead and i'll share my screen
9.20s and i put together just a short little
11.44s presentation today to kind of set the
13.20s stage for what we'll be looking at but
15.52s the majority of the session will be the
17.36s q a and it will actually be a live demo
20.24s that i'll walk us through together
26.00s perfect so you all should be able to see
28.56s my screen now and if you can't
30.64s definitely let me know but you should be
32.16s able to hopefully see my screen and hear
34.08s me okay
35.84s again if you think there's any technical
38.08s problem just drop that into the chat and
39.84s i'll be definitely keeping an eye on
41.28s that
42.40s but today's webinar is very much
44.72s designed for all of you executive
46.80s assistants out there who are constantly
49.60s managing multiple inboxes and multiple
52.16s calendars
53.60s so the topic for today's session is
56.00s manage multiple inboxes with ease with
59.12s priority matrix for executive assistants
1:2.48 so that kind of sums up pretty much
1:4.56 exactly what we will be looking at today
1:7.44 again a great to have all of you here
1:9.20 today especially those of you who are an
1:11.60 executive assistant or maybe you will be
1:13.60 working with one and you're going to be
1:15.68 passing on some of these tips and tricks
1:17.44 to them
1:21.92 all right so
1:23.92 in my role here at affluence i have the
1:26.32 opportunity to speak with a lot of our
1:28.48 first time users and current customers
1:31.20 and
1:32.08 what that means is i speak with people
1:34.16 in a lot of different organizations and
1:36.40 a lot of different roles
1:38.56 but one of the recurring roles that we
1:40.56 see people getting a lot of value of
1:42.64 priority a lot of value from priority
1:45.04 matrix
1:46.32 is that specific executive assistant
1:48.64 role
1:49.84 and you know while we're absolutely able
1:52.08 to help
1:53.04 most of these eas that come to us with
1:54.96 challenges i have actually been able to
1:57.28 kind of piece together some of the most
1:58.88 common challenges that we see
2:1.04 from those executive assistants
2:3.84 so what do those challenges typically
2:5.52 look like
2:6.80 a lot of feedback that i hear from eas
2:9.36 are you know we have no central space to
2:11.36 see all top priority emails
2:13.68 so the reason that's so challenging is
2:15.92 because executive assistants are
2:18.32 often juggling multiple inboxes and
2:21.60 from those inboxes they likely have to
2:23.60 delegate those emails out or place a
2:25.60 priority level on them
2:27.44 and without being able to see all of the
2:29.76 top priority emails and inboxes together
2:32.72 it can definitely be really challenging
2:34.64 to kind of juggle those properly
2:37.68 from there
2:38.72 once these executive assistants are able
2:40.96 to prioritize and manage the emails on
2:43.20 their side it can be increasingly
2:45.36 difficult to share these updates and
2:48.16 pass on these emails to the executives
2:50.48 who need to take the next steps and next
2:52.48 actions with them
2:55.04 what that typically looks like is you
2:57.36 know attempting to forward these emails
3:0.00 leaving them unread so when the
3:1.76 executive gets into their inbox they
3:3.52 know exactly where they need to go
3:5.52 you know but at the end of the day
3:7.12 there's no real way to actually
3:8.80 communicate or prioritize those emails
3:11.36 that are just left in the inbox
3:14.64 and then on top of that you know an
3:16.16 executive assistant is not only
3:17.92 responsible for managing inboxes but
3:20.72 there's a lot of other priorities that
3:22.48 they need to take care of that
3:24.32 oftentimes are funneled in through
3:26.96 you but you guessed it more emails
3:30.24 so what we really need to do is provide
3:32.80 a central space where executive
3:34.64 assistants can
3:36.16 manage their inbox and manage the
3:38.40 calendar and inbox of the people they're
3:40.40 working with
3:41.76 and also be able to juggle all of the
3:44.16 other priorities and moving parts
3:47.04 that are gonna you know kind of funnel
3:49.28 alongside everything else they're
3:50.72 working on
3:52.16 so
3:52.96 if we have any executive assistants on
3:55.04 the call today
3:56.48 i did look through all of your roles but
3:58.40 i don't remember exactly how that
3:59.92 matches up with the names here
4:2.00 um but for all of those executive
4:3.60 assistants or maybe who
4:5.52 maybe for those of you who work in a
4:7.28 similar role to what we're talking about
4:9.76 i would love to hear your thoughts and
4:12.08 your feedback as to if this is
4:14.48 you know
4:15.36 really the job that or rather really the
4:17.76 challenges that you feel like you're
4:19.04 facing or you know maybe i left
4:20.88 something out so feel free to drop that
4:22.64 into the chat box i always love to hear
4:25.36 those thoughts and those comments
4:31.92 all right so now that we kind of touched
4:33.44 on some of the most common challenges
4:35.20 that i see on a day-to-day basis from
4:37.52 eas
4:38.64 i want to tackle the priority matrix
4:40.80 approach so the question that's up in
4:44.56 the air is you know why does priority
4:46.40 matrix support executive assistants with
4:48.72 these common challenges that all of them
4:50.80 seem to be facing from time to time
4:53.92 so a priority matrix allows you to do is
4:56.48 it will allow you to see all of your
4:58.48 prioritized emails
5:0.32 across all of your inboxes in just one
5:3.28 place
5:4.72 and
5:5.52 what this means is you can automatically
5:7.68 integrate emails or you can actually set
5:9.84 up some outlook rules to do that
5:11.68 integration for you
5:13.52 so at the end of the day you know we're
5:15.20 going to take a look at both of these
5:16.72 options but
5:18.00 no matter how you like to prioritize
5:19.92 your emails the most important thing is
5:21.84 that you do that so then when you go to
5:24.24 your priority matrix you can see all the
5:26.32 emails in just one place together
5:29.84 priority matrix also makes it super easy
5:32.08 to delegate your emails to those
5:33.92 executives place a priority level on
5:36.64 them and you know set your deadlines as
5:38.88 needed so overall just delegation and
5:41.20 email management becomes incredibly
5:43.68 simple when you use priority matrix
5:47.52 and lastly priority matrix helps
5:49.92 executive assistants alliance schedules
5:52.56 and easily share status updates and
5:54.88 changes whenever there's some some type
5:56.96 of change you know that comes through
5:58.80 whether it's through email
6:0.48 a phone call you've got you know
6:2.56 anything there's always things that are
6:4.32 changing and having an easy way to share
6:6.88 these updates is absolutely critical for
6:8.96 the success of an executive assistant
6:18.08 all right so in order to get started
6:20.48 you know well to kind of backtrack what
6:22.64 i will be showing you today is
6:24.80 going to be priority matrix integrated
6:26.96 into my team's platform and also into
6:30.08 outlook 365. so that will be the focus
6:32.88 for today and if you haven't already
6:35.52 i absolutely suggest installing priority
6:38.08 matrix for both of those platforms
6:40.24 because that's going to be you know kind
6:41.60 of the primary place where you're able
6:43.28 to do
6:44.72 you know most of your working and
6:46.72 priority matrix and with your
6:48.56 collaborators once you get going
6:52.56 so i'm going to transition into kind of
6:54.64 a live demo session for today but
6:57.92 kind of a side step that i want to share
6:59.84 with you all which is
7:1.44 you know of course today's webinar is
7:3.52 very much focused on
7:5.44 the role of an executive assistant or
7:7.68 something similar to this
7:9.60 and that's you know gonna definitely be
7:12.08 the primary focus for today
7:14.16 but for those of you that may be brand
7:17.12 new to priority matrix and are looking
7:19.04 for more of just kind of a basic demo
7:21.68 basic introduction to see what the
7:23.60 system can do overall
7:25.92 tomorrow i'm hosting an introduction to
7:28.16 priority matrix webinar at 11 30
7:31.60 and the following day i'll be hosting an
7:34.16 advanced intro session so we will be
7:37.28 able to take a deeper dive onto some of
7:39.04 the more
7:40.00 you know long-winded features and
7:42.00 powerful features that i honestly just
7:44.08 don't have time to go over during the
7:45.76 basic intro
7:47.52 so be sure to join that if you're
7:49.20 looking for you know kind of more of a
7:50.96 standard introduction if you haven't
7:52.96 seen it already
7:54.40 i host those
7:56.00 um
7:56.96 weekly so you know we do have
7:59.04 pre-recorded sessions on youtube as well
8:3.92 so perfect it looks like we have a
8:5.60 couple comments so let's kind of go
8:7.44 through those not in ea but thought i
8:9.36 was alone on how i manage multiple email
8:11.68 accounts and
8:13.28 yeah you know with that comment there's
8:15.44 pretty much everybody that i talk to is
8:17.92 managing multiple inboxes and i think
8:19.92 that that kind of stands true for
8:21.44 whatever role you're in so
8:23.68 you know wherever whatever title you
8:26.16 have
8:27.20 um as long as you manage multiple
8:29.60 inboxes this will definitely be a
8:30.96 helpful session for you
8:32.80 um not in this i'm in the same boat not
8:35.36 in the a but have multi multiple emails
8:37.68 and calendars
8:39.04 and multiple teams and co-workers
8:41.36 yeah absolutely so this is definitely
8:43.28 going to be the perfect session for you
8:44.80 all if you're kind of in the same shoes
8:46.40 as those people as well
8:50.16 and yes we will def i will definitely
8:52.00 share the details about the session
8:53.60 tomorrow i'm going to send you all a
8:55.76 follow-up email and it will be linked to
8:58.80 the registration for tomorrow and the
9:0.72 upcoming webinars
9:2.72 and also the recorded sessions as well
9:5.12 so perfect thank you so much for those
9:6.64 comments super helpful i always love
9:8.24 kind of hearing your perspective
9:10.88 so let's take a look at the live demo
9:13.52 session today so what i have on my
9:16.16 screen here this is my priority matrix
9:18.64 in the middle of the screen
9:20.16 and it's running entirely through the
9:22.24 team's platform
9:24.08 so as i mentioned if you haven't done
9:25.52 this already be sure to go to apps in
9:27.84 the bottom left corner and uh install
9:30.40 priority matrix into teams
9:32.56 and you can do the same thing for
9:34.08 outlook you'll go to basically the get
9:36.32 add-ins option and then you can add the
9:38.64 priority matrix outlook installation and
9:41.28 we're going to circle back to this of
9:42.48 course and spend a whole lot of time
9:43.84 looking at it
9:46.32 so in the middle of my screen here i do
9:48.40 have my priority matrix pulled up and as
9:51.36 mentioned this is going to be kind of
9:52.80 that primary place where you do
9:54.96 a lot of your work
9:56.48 with
9:57.28 your priorities and with your co-workers
9:59.68 as well
10:1.76 so for those of you who are just getting
10:3.52 started you'll want to go to add project
10:6.00 and then in terms of email management or
10:8.56 in the role of an executive assistant
10:11.20 i always suggest creating
10:13.68 one
10:14.48 or two projects
10:16.16 that are specifically designed for email
10:18.08 management
10:19.28 now when i say one or two projects and i
10:21.76 mean
10:22.56 that is if you're just working by
10:24.40 yourself and you're looking to manage
10:26.16 your emails i think that's a good
10:27.36 starting place but for an executive
10:29.52 assistant who's likely managing their
10:31.60 emails in the inbox of one or two other
10:33.92 people
10:34.96 you will likely need more projects
10:38.24 just to simply help you stay organized
10:41.04 so you can really easily kind of
10:42.24 separate out which emails fall under
10:44.32 which person or which priority level
10:47.04 that you're working under so
10:49.12 that's kind of my two cents in terms of
10:50.96 creating projects
10:53.04 you'll see that i have a few examples
10:54.64 here so vp inbox confirmed meetings and
10:58.00 schedule changes
10:59.60 i would say these are the three most
11:1.52 common topics that i hear executive
11:4.00 assistants have challenges of uh
11:6.40 managing or you know passing on this
11:8.32 information effectively to those people
11:10.16 that they're kind of helping keeping
11:11.92 their
11:12.72 schedule clear and organized so
11:15.76 hopefully that makes sense
11:17.60 in terms of a kind of project sharing
11:20.32 and collaboration when you create a
11:22.40 project again just by going to add
11:24.64 project
11:26.08 it will definitely be completely private
11:28.56 until you intentionally go in and you
11:31.44 add project members
11:34.00 so this would be that space where you
11:35.60 would think okay you know whose inbox am
11:37.68 i managing or who needs to be aware of
11:39.52 these updates
11:40.80 it can be one person and it can also be
11:43.12 you know 100 people the system is very
11:45.04 flexible and designed to help you
11:47.44 collaborate in a way that you need to do
11:49.52 so
11:50.96 all right so hopefully that makes sense
11:52.40 so far i'm going to open up this vpn box
11:55.12 example
11:56.48 so we can kind of go from there so
11:58.96 the reason that i titled this project
12:0.88 for this example vp and box is because
12:4.00 put yourself in the shoes of an
12:5.52 executive assistant who might be working
12:8.00 under the vice president and the vice
12:10.48 president says hey you know erica can
12:12.64 you make sure that every day i'm able to
12:15.84 see the emails that i need to be aware
12:17.84 of and that i need to respond to today
12:20.64 and i also want to see the lower
12:22.40 priority emails that you know i should
12:24.64 pay attention to today but it's not the
12:26.56 end of the world if we don't get around
12:28.64 to that
12:30.00 so
12:30.88 you know you can imagine
12:32.56 you have a couple options you can leave
12:34.40 them unread in your inbox or you can
12:37.20 flag them or maybe you put them into a
12:39.36 folder
12:40.40 but as the vice president when i go to
12:42.96 my inbox and they see a hundred unread
12:44.80 emails
12:45.76 you know i think we can all relate to
12:47.20 the fact that that's not a real way to
12:49.44 prioritize emails it's just a way to you
12:52.40 know kind of bring them to the forefront
12:54.00 and hopefully not forget about them
12:57.36 when you use priority matrix as an
12:59.68 executive assistant you're first and
13:1.60 foremost you're able to
13:3.60 rename the
13:4.84 quadrants so on the right hand side this
13:7.36 is where you would kind of take
13:8.72 advantage of that rename the quadrants
13:10.96 to you know ultimately help you
13:12.96 prioritize whatever you're working on as
13:14.96 best as possible
13:17.76 from there what you're going to be able
13:19.36 to do is you can actually integrate
13:21.20 emails from your inbox and this person's
13:23.92 inbox whoever's in box you have access
13:26.16 to that you need to be managing you'll
13:28.24 be able to funnel it all into the
13:29.76 correct project
13:31.52 to then pass on and update the other
13:33.76 person with this information
13:36.48 so
13:37.52 kind of take a take a snapshot of this
13:39.68 project here again this is representing
13:42.24 me as an executive assistant who would
13:44.16 be updating the vp about their top
13:47.04 priority emails
13:49.44 so shifting gears here will go to my
13:52.00 outlook
13:53.52 all right so if you haven't already
13:55.20 again make sure you go to get add-ins
13:58.00 and you can install the priority matrix
14:0.64 and outlook integration this way
14:4.24 the next kind of steps that i'm going to
14:5.76 go through here are honestly they're
14:7.28 pretty self-explanatory but at the end
14:9.60 of the day the priority matrix and
14:11.60 outlook integration really kind of takes
14:14.00 charge over other systems out there and
14:16.16 so um you know definitely want to make
14:18.00 sure we can kind of go into detail on
14:20.24 why this is so effective for email
14:22.00 management
14:24.96 perfect so once i click on an email on
14:28.00 the right hand side i have my
14:29.76 integration pinned open so it actually
14:32.08 stays here for you
14:34.08 you can do the exact same thing just
14:35.68 click on sent to project and you'll see
14:37.60 this up in your toolbar once you get the
14:39.44 extension added
14:41.92 and then you can pin it open in the top
14:43.68 right corner so what happens is even if
14:45.28 i click to a different email or you know
14:47.52 i go somewhere else to a different
14:48.88 screen the priority matrix extension
14:51.44 stays there and it's readily available
14:52.96 for you
14:55.60 so then on the right hand side a couple
14:57.28 things i'll point out the subject of
14:59.28 this email is automatically going to
15:0.80 become the item name we can modify this
15:3.52 if we want to so we'll just say webinar
15:5.76 examples so we can find it together
15:7.44 really easily
15:10.96 perfect you're able to prioritize this
15:13.60 into the project that makes the most
15:15.12 sense so if it's for somebody else you
15:17.76 you know put it into the project that
15:19.28 you're sharing with them if it's an
15:20.96 email that you personally just need to
15:22.48 keep track of then you know maybe you
15:24.00 put it into your project just for your
15:26.80 emails
15:28.16 you can choose the quadrant so we'll put
15:30.24 this in quadrant one
15:32.80 and i can pick my due date
15:35.68 to kind of take it a step further what i
15:37.36 could also do is i could delegate this
15:39.60 email to somebody on my team immediately
15:42.48 so when i hit create action item
15:45.68 what would happen is
15:48.40 this email would either be
15:50.40 created as a task in my priority matrix
15:54.80 so
15:55.76 here i have it right now it would either
15:57.76 be assigned to me like i have it in this
16:0.40 example
16:1.44 or if i had delegated it to somebody
16:3.52 else
16:4.48 the email would automatically be
16:5.92 assigned to them pushing through a
16:7.44 notification
16:9.36 through their priority matrix and
16:10.80 wherever else they have these
16:11.84 notifications coming through
16:13.92 so once we have this email prioritized
16:16.64 centrally into this project
16:18.80 let's say i delegate this to the vp and
16:21.04 i say hey this is top priority and then
16:24.00 you can say see the notes
16:26.00 for
16:26.96 more details
16:29.76 when they click on the notes it's the
16:31.12 entire body of this email so then i can
16:33.92 say
16:34.64 let me know if i can reply for you
16:38.00 or if you reply before let's just say 3
16:42.24 p.m
16:44.08 so what happens is now as you can see
16:46.08 we're able to communicate so the vp
16:47.84 could comment back to me and say okay
16:49.44 you know got this under control maybe
16:51.92 you plug in just a friendly reminder
16:54.00 just to ensure that it's definitely not
16:55.76 forgotten about reminders are always
16:57.68 helpful i think
16:59.28 so then this will remind everybody on
17:1.44 this item myself the vp anybody else who
17:4.00 have added to this specific email turned
17:6.08 into a task
17:8.32 so now what happens is instead of the vp
17:10.56 having to open up their outlook and dig
17:13.12 through try to understand what they need
17:14.96 to handle today you're able to map it
17:17.20 out really clearly for them and when
17:19.28 they are ready to respond to this email
17:21.12 they can just click on this link and it
17:22.96 will take them right back to that email
17:24.64 in their inbox
17:27.60 so again the same exact thing can happen
17:29.68 for yourself when you're managing your
17:31.44 own priority emails
17:33.44 create a project that says you know
17:34.96 maybe my top priority emails
17:37.28 and then every day when you get an email
17:39.36 prioritize it into the correct quadrant
17:41.76 so then the start of the next day when
17:43.68 you need to see everything you need to
17:45.20 work on for the day in terms of emailing
17:48.32 it's very clear-cut and you're ready to
17:50.16 go
17:52.64 a question that i typically get from our
17:54.88 users is the use case of okay you know i
17:57.84 have three different inboxes that are
17:59.68 all coming through outlook you'll see i
18:1.76 have a similar setup here because i have
18:3.52 multiple different demo accounts and
18:5.84 actually real inboxes that i funnel
18:7.68 through outlook
18:8.96 and the question is can i use this
18:10.64 extension on
18:13.12 all of my inboxes
18:15.04 the answer is absolutely
18:17.36 yes you can do that all you have to do
18:19.60 is just open up each inbox individually
18:21.92 and click get add-ins and install the
18:24.24 integration
18:25.60 into each inbox respectively
18:30.32 one question came up from an information
18:33.12 governance perspective is the secure
18:34.96 happiness integration of email within
18:36.88 priority matrix neil that's a fantastic
18:39.84 question the answer is absolutely yes
18:42.64 we've gone through a lot of different
18:44.16 hoops in order to get microsoft 365
18:47.28 security certified
18:49.12 which means microsoft essentially
18:50.64 audited our application
18:52.48 to ensure before we built out these
18:54.72 integrations any further
18:56.56 that they could trust our security
18:58.40 levels and that their clients could
18:59.84 trust us as well
19:1.36 we were officially approved and i have
19:3.20 the certification that i can send you if
19:4.96 that would help
19:6.48 but that typically is pretty pretty much
19:8.56 a big step forward compared to other
19:10.32 email um management solutions
19:13.44 we also do have a pretty uh specific
19:16.00 security package that i can email over
19:18.00 to you if that would help but overall i
19:20.16 would say you know absolutely yes
19:22.64 you won't be facing any pushback or any
19:25.04 challenges with using this integration
19:27.36 in fact
19:28.40 we're actually supporting government
19:30.08 agencies um you know a couple
19:32.96 couple teams that definitely have really
19:34.72 high security but in fact our solution
19:37.44 was good to go for them
19:40.56 hopefully that answers your question
19:46.24 all right perfect so one other thing
19:47.84 that i want to show you on this email
19:50.16 integration so not only are you able to
19:53.44 create a brand new task from this email
19:57.04 but additionally what you can do is you
19:59.12 can actually go to open priority matrix
20:2.40 and the system will show you similar
20:4.96 items so
20:6.88 if you're kind of catching my drift here
20:8.48 what you'll be able to do
20:10.16 is you can click on an item and you can
20:12.00 attach the message
20:13.68 to a pre-existing priority matrix item
20:17.20 so what's really neat about this is
20:19.28 you're no longer creating multiple
20:21.76 emails for a similar task or able just
20:23.92 to continuously link them together
20:27.76 so to kind of you know tie up this whole
20:30.00 presentation here i always like to make
20:31.92 sure people are aware of
20:35.04 the home view here
20:37.28 so i'll give it just a second to load so
20:39.68 what happens in the home view is these
20:41.44 are going to be alerts and notifications
20:43.20 from your teammates first and foremost
20:45.44 so it'll be you know an email that was
20:47.28 maybe delegated to you a priority that
20:49.36 was updated any
20:50.96 any status update that's coming in from
20:52.96 your team
20:54.08 it's going to show you that right here
20:55.36 in the alerts so from the vp perspective
20:58.56 or the executive
21:1.04 when they are ready to see all of the
21:2.88 updates from you for the day as the
21:4.88 executive assistant they can just simply
21:6.96 go to alerts and they'll see all the new
21:9.12 emails that you've assigned to them
21:11.84 kind of flipping the script there if we
21:14.08 jump to the agenda view and personally
21:16.08 this is my all-time favorite view i
21:18.16 think it's one of the most effective
21:19.52 things that we have
21:21.20 but basically what happens is agenda
21:23.28 will show you everything that you have
21:25.20 due today
21:26.72 and for the next seven days so we'll
21:29.04 change this to items i own so now
21:32.64 if you are an executive and you have an
21:34.80 assistant who's kind of going through
21:36.88 your calendar going through your emails
21:38.48 keeping everything in alignment
21:40.88 and all you have to do is say all right
21:42.64 what do i need to get done today
21:44.56 somebody else has kind of prepped it all
21:46.24 for me
21:47.28 agenda will
21:48.64 absolutely show you really everything
21:50.56 that you do need to get done for the day
21:55.36 last but definitely not least is going
21:58.40 to be the one-on-one view
22:0.56 and the purpose of the one-on-one is to
22:2.64 provide
22:3.92 a
22:5.28 a co-worker and one of their teammates
22:8.56 a place to have effective meetings
22:10.96 so
22:11.84 if the executive assistant is having a
22:13.92 meeting with their
22:15.76 you know with the person that they're
22:17.20 working closely with
22:18.80 they're able to go to the one-on-one
22:20.64 view
22:21.52 choose that person who they're meeting
22:23.04 with
22:24.64 and from here the system will show them
22:27.20 all of their shared priorities so this
22:28.88 would mean emails that they prioritize
22:30.88 for this person
22:32.32 and assigned to them or maybe priorities
22:35.12 that that teammate has created and
22:37.12 delegated to them
22:38.88 so in terms of having an effective
22:40.56 meeting one-on-one is super helpful and
22:43.20 it will also show you any emails that
22:45.20 you have both been emailed and included
22:47.68 on so if somebody sends out an email to
22:49.60 the vice president and also adds their
22:52.08 assistant
22:53.44 those emails are all going to show up
22:54.96 here in the shared one-on-one priority
22:57.28 view
22:59.84 all right so hopefully that makes sense
23:1.36 i'm going to jump back to this just so
23:2.80 we can kind of have a screen to look at
23:5.04 in fact i can probably just turn off the
23:6.88 screen share at this point
23:8.48 but what i would love to do is hear your
23:10.48 thoughts and hear any questions that you
23:12.00 might have
23:13.68 hopefully you know you're able to walk
23:15.60 away from this presentation and
23:17.20 understand how priority matrix supports
23:19.52 email management
23:21.04 and why the system is just different
23:23.36 from leaving it unread or
23:25.84 you know marking it as important we were
23:28.16 able to very clearly prioritize the
23:30.16 emails and collaborate on them in a you
23:32.88 know systematic way to keep everything
23:34.96 super organized
23:46.80 looks like we have somebody typing
23:49.28 but again i would love to hear any
23:51.04 questions or actually any feedback
23:53.92 if you're in a similar role and you know
23:55.76 maybe this resonates with you or you
23:57.28 feel like i left something out please
23:59.28 please tell me i always think that
24:0.64 that's super interesting and actually
24:2.80 super helpful for us to understand
24:9.76 give you guys a couple more moments here
24:11.52 to type those comments in
24:22.32 yes neil i will absolutely um i will
24:25.36 send you a follow-up email to make sure
24:27.12 that you're able to get everything
24:29.36 installed and you know kind of get it
24:31.04 past that it barrier and honestly it
24:33.12 really shouldn't be a problem for us to
24:34.64 work through that
24:36.64 looks like we have one more question
24:38.24 coming in
24:39.36 i'm going to stop the recording at this
24:40.96 moment
24:41.92 but i will you know i'm definitely still
24:43.60 going to stay here for