Why Priority Matrix is IT Approved, and Why This Matters

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Exploring Priority Matrix for your organization, but not sure if you have the bandwidth to work through the approval process? Good news! With Priority Matrix, this process will likely be easier than ever before. Join our webinar to learn why IT department's support Priority Matrix, and how this will make your job easier than imagined!

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Video transcription (27:1.84) Stop scroll

2.32s for all of you
5.36s so throughout my time working with all
7.60s sorts of different organizations and
10.40s leaders
11.60s and people in different roles and
12.96s organizations i've come to understand
15.60s that at the end of the day whenever
17.36s we're looking at an enterprise style
19.68s license for an entire company
22.08s or a site-wide deployment
24.48s oftentimes the it leadership will get
26.72s looped in
27.68s to kind of help with that out and
30.56s i hear a lot of concerns coming from my
32.48s tea and some of those concerns are
35.44s kind of recurring we hear a lot of the
37.20s same ones over and over
39.44s so
40.32s what do those common concerns typically
42.40s look like number one data security of
45.04s course everybody wants to know that the
46.80s information their employees are putting
48.80s in priority matrix is not going to be
50.56s leaked
51.52s we can't see it nobody else can see it
53.44s unless it's intentionally shared so
55.28s definitely i would say the number one
56.96s concern out of everything
59.84s the second concern is how is everybody
1:2.16 going to manage their logins a lot of
1:4.40 the time when a new system is deployed
1:7.20 the influx of internal tickets will
1:10.00 you know be overwhelming for it to
1:11.60 handle and a lot of those questions come
1:13.92 around like hey what's my username
1:15.52 what's my password how do i log in so
1:18.08 you know at the end of the day just more
1:19.84 more work for it to manage
1:22.80 some additional common concerns we see
1:24.72 are critical uh security certifications
1:27.36 that it is looking for questions about
1:29.84 how the server deployment will work
1:32.16 and then also questions about how
1:34.48 priority matrix will integrate with
1:36.64 current solutions
1:38.80 so you know not to say hopefully this
1:42.16 resonates with you but i do believe that
1:44.56 these are some of the most common
1:45.92 concerns that we see from it
1:48.32 for any of you on the session today
1:50.96 if you have anything else in mind that
1:53.28 you typically think of when you're
1:55.28 approving a new system um go ahead and
1:57.84 take yourself off mute i would love to
1:59.52 kind of hear your thoughts on that
2:1.92 marcus i see you there i i know we've
2:4.40 spoke once or twice does this kind of
2:6.56 resonate with you does that make sense
2:8.32 so far
2:14.16 and marcus if you're trying to talk i
2:16.00 can't okay cool looks like you're off
2:17.52 mute now
2:18.80 sorry yeah absolutely that we had that
2:21.20 subject but if i'm right and i can just
2:24.48 throw that in now here
2:26.48 this
2:27.28 applies only
2:28.96 to enterprise
2:30.24 right
2:31.76 because i try to
2:33.36 make that working with my azure with the
2:36.56 business application and it didn't work
2:38.88 and then i found out in the faq
2:41.92 that it is displayed that only the
2:43.92 enterprise solution can do that at all
2:46.40 if you don't have enterprise if you have
2:48.16 pro
2:49.36 or or premium
2:52.32 you don't
2:53.52 make that server wise you just install
2:56.56 or add that you don't even need to
2:58.16 really install it yet you go to teams
3:0.96 and you
3:2.40 add the priority metrics
3:4.40 and the rest is really easy right you
3:6.08 don't have any big problems
3:8.48 with that
3:10.48 yeah and i think that that's kind of
3:11.92 safe to say in the sense of just an
3:13.92 individual user like yourself or maybe
3:16.08 you're just installing it for a couple
3:17.60 of people a lot of these concerns don't
3:19.76 necessarily surface because it might not
3:21.60 be
3:22.32 you know a major focus from the it
3:24.40 department at that point but um i think
3:27.04 you're kind of right these concerns
3:28.40 typically come into play at more of a
3:30.00 large scale enterprise style deployment
3:33.20 yep okay
3:35.04 perfect
3:36.72 if i may um at the end of the the talk
3:40.24 are you gonna cover a couple of points
3:42.40 about
3:43.44 private deployment and more enterprise
3:45.44 type of uh
3:46.80 integrations
3:48.24 but uh most of
3:50.24 the security
3:52.56 content that she's sharing it actually
3:54.40 applies to our commercial deployment to
3:57.04 open one that everybody else gets there
3:59.60 without having to talk to ourselves
4:1.20 people but anyway we can we can see uh
4:4.96 in more detail as she as she advances it
4:10.00 perfect
4:11.04 so what i what i got
4:13.20 from a colleague who i showed priority
4:15.52 metrics
4:16.64 he said to me and i didn't know that
4:19.04 until that that there are way more
4:21.52 possibilities than if your enterprise
4:24.24 that goes way farther
4:26.32 than what priority metrics kind of of um
4:30.16 supports uh so far uh with automatic
4:33.84 more aromatic things over azure um i
4:36.64 don't know
4:37.60 was he right is that true that you can
4:40.08 do
4:41.28 complete setups or something way more
4:43.68 than only
4:44.96 this
4:46.16 projects that have dependencies and all
4:48.32 that stuff but really with
4:50.32 with processes behind that is that true
4:53.04 or am i wrong there
4:55.20 i suspect
4:56.40 this person may have been talking about
4:58.48 our power automate integration which is
5:1.36 a way in which
5:3.20 you can combine
5:5.36 basically triggers and events
5:9.04 from priority metrics with other apps
5:11.04 you can do things like
5:12.64 whenever you get an email from your boss
5:14.48 you can capture that in as a task on on
5:17.20 quadrant three of project whatever
5:19.68 or whenever you mark your project a task
5:22.24 is complete
5:23.52 you can notify on a team's channel so
5:26.00 that the right people are aware of that
5:28.80 um and it it's a very flexible system
5:31.60 and the
5:33.44 the scope of that is beyond what we can
5:36.40 cover when our specialists are focused
5:38.40 on security
5:39.76 but i believe that might be what you're
5:41.60 ultimately you talk about the
5:43.20 possibilities that microsoft o365 power
5:46.48 automate kind of provides that this kind
5:49.52 of attached then to to
5:52.72 things you do in priority metrics in
5:54.32 that way power automate is rules that
5:57.36 you can apply there
5:58.96 that's the thing you talk about
6:1.28 that's correct yes
6:3.04 good good that sounds interesting yeah
6:5.20 okay yeah if you if there's anything
6:7.92 specific we can cover in a future call
6:10.32 i'll be happy to to hop on the phone
6:11.92 with you and i think that goes so stay
6:14.00 with us abilities
6:15.84 that there's a lot to talk about what
6:17.60 you can do finally right because that
6:19.20 goes really deep then yeah okay
6:21.60 right
6:23.52 definitely yeah
6:24.72 maybe we can we can
6:26.40 schedule a call to discuss that
6:31.36 perfect yeah marcus thank you so much
6:32.96 for sharing that so
6:35.28 we'll kind of hop on to the next slide
6:36.88 here which is
6:38.40 why priority matrix is ultimately best
6:40.64 for you and how we're going to kind of
6:42.16 help you you know jump through those
6:43.84 hurdles and overcome any
6:46.08 concerns or challenges that your it
6:47.92 department may have when it comes to
6:49.76 bringing on a new solution
6:52.08 so
6:52.80 there's kind of a lot of bullet points
6:54.16 here so this slide may take a moment to
6:56.72 get through but
6:58.00 it's all really important information
7:0.00 especially again if you're looking at
7:1.44 this through the
7:2.48 kind of lens of trying to get this
7:4.08 approved
7:5.28 so number one thing to point out is that
7:8.08 priority matrix is microsoft 365
7:11.36 security certified which at the end of
7:13.76 the day basically means that the
7:15.52 security team from microsoft audited our
7:18.24 application took a really close look at
7:20.00 it
7:20.88 um ultimately because we were
7:22.64 integrating so deeply with the teams and
7:25.52 outlook 365 and like we talked about
7:27.84 power automated and things like that um
7:30.00 you know they had to make sure that our
7:31.44 security was up to their standards and
7:34.32 the good news is we passed took a long
7:36.80 time and a lot of hard work from our
7:39.36 engineering side but we did pass it at
7:41.60 the end of the day and so
7:43.68 from my experience if there's a really
7:46.16 big hang up from the it department about
7:48.48 security
7:49.68 not to say the certification is always
7:51.92 enough but it can you know cover
7:54.32 75 80 percent of a lot of concerns that
7:57.68 are typically surfaced
7:59.68 we do have proof of that if
8:1.60 you're currently kind of in the approval
8:3.52 process and you'd like evidence of that
8:5.20 let me know i can definitely email it
8:6.72 over to you
8:8.80 a couple of other things we have listed
8:10.72 here priority matrix gives you the
8:13.12 option to enable mandatory microsoft
8:15.92 azure active directory
8:18.72 um let's see
8:21.44 to do
8:22.64 your it department can essentially
8:24.64 install a priority matrix for the entire
8:27.20 company with just one click which again
8:29.68 cuts back on the
8:31.28 troubles of having each person install
8:33.20 it one by one that can oftentimes lead
8:35.12 to an influx of internal tickets but
8:37.92 with your i.t just deploying it for
8:39.44 everybody it's a pretty smooth
8:40.72 transition
8:43.04 we do have like i mentioned one of the
8:44.72 deepest integrations with microsoft so
8:47.52 in terms of
8:48.96 kind of the question of hey well you
8:50.64 know we're already using microsoft teams
8:53.44 is it going to be challenging for us to
8:54.96 switch to a new platform
8:56.88 the good news is that you're not really
8:58.56 switching to anything new you're just
9:0.64 kind of
9:1.84 accentuating what you're already using
9:3.68 through teams and you know kind of
9:5.60 adding on that additional level of
9:7.20 project and task management the great
9:9.36 thing is you can use priority matrix in
9:11.60 multiple places through teams as well so
9:13.76 it's going to be really simple to use
9:15.68 and simple to adopt
9:18.32 a couple more things we have on here
9:21.44 priority matrix is a multi-tenant
9:23.36 commercial solution as well as a single
9:25.76 tenant deployment on azure capabilities
9:28.40 aws
9:29.76 government cloud and we can
9:32.48 host your data in multiple different
9:34.24 locations
9:35.60 so this is kind of one one of the newest
9:37.84 things that we've recently been able to
9:39.60 do
9:40.56 super exciting again specifically
9:42.40 looking at potentially those government
9:44.48 entities out there who have
9:46.64 really high security protocols and
9:49.68 kind of have have it worked out how they
9:51.52 would like this data to be
9:53.44 kind of stored and where they would like
9:55.44 it to be deployed
9:57.04 we're happy to work with you on kind of
9:58.72 the specifics there
10:0.64 pablo is there anything else you want to
10:2.00 add onto the slider maybe kind of
10:4.24 clarify if i butchered how i explained
10:7.20 that
10:8.64 yeah there's a couple of things i wanted
10:10.16 to emphasize that you already
10:12.56 explained but in passing
10:14.32 so um
10:16.40 it is possible for for us to enable uh a
10:20.64 required uh single sign-on
10:24.32 for your account so if you have
10:27.60 50 people and you're concerned that the
10:30.64 your team members may be relaxed with
10:32.56 password security and so on and you want
10:34.88 to enforce uh
10:37.52 you know proper password rotation and
10:40.64 and
10:41.76 difficulty uh
10:43.92 policies
10:45.36 we can indicate in our system that all
10:48.48 users in your account are required to
10:50.88 only sign in using the microsoft or the
10:53.60 google sign-on
10:55.44 and then that allows you and your ip
10:57.52 staff to indicate the whatever password
11:0.96 requirements you you need to use because
11:2.96 the passwords are managed only through
11:4.96 your
11:6.40 microsoft or google account
11:9.28 and that eliminates the risk of somebody
11:11.04 just using you know password one two
11:12.96 three is a default password and just
11:14.72 having their account compromised by
11:16.40 somebody who guesses
11:18.16 uh or somehow accesses their account on
11:20.64 priority metrics
11:22.16 this is just a
11:24.00 pretty simple but really effective way
11:25.76 to to improve your
11:28.72 security
11:30.08 position
11:32.32 and the second thing is
11:33.76 it is possible to
11:36.16 automatically assign
11:38.88 all
11:40.08 users with your company address company
11:43.28 email uh to your specific account
11:46.72 um
11:47.84 the
11:48.64 so what what this means is say you are
11:52.16 acme.com
11:53.84 and every employee who joins priority
11:57.12 metrics whether they're invited by
11:58.80 somebody else or they join on their own
12:1.68 um as long as they if they use a company
12:4.88 email address we will detect that and we
12:7.20 can assign that person to a specific
12:9.28 account
12:11.28 this is good for security because you
12:13.20 know who is in the system who has
12:15.76 data
12:16.72 from your company is on a separate
12:18.16 straight account that you have no
12:19.44 visibility over
12:21.12 and it lets you
12:23.28 optimize your licensing costs instead of
12:25.68 having 50 different subscriptions
12:28.88 one per department and whatnot or
12:30.40 individuals you can have everything
12:32.24 centralized in one single billing
12:34.80 which is you know easier to manage for
12:37.36 everybody steps too
12:39.12 heavy and expensive in the end when you
12:41.04 have to deal with accounting
12:44.00 um
12:44.88 so yeah those are the two points that i
12:46.32 wanted to to emphasize
12:48.32 that erica explained but i want to give
12:50.48 a little more context
12:53.52 perfect marcus i see that you have
12:55.20 another question go ahead and come off
12:57.12 mute if you can and we'll answer that
12:59.92 i would just like to add
13:3.28 that was a big concern by choosing a
13:6.08 tool like that and i can only say
13:9.12 that is perfect that is perfect there is
13:11.76 no concern at all so if anyone thinks
13:14.40 about using priority metrics and has
13:16.56 that as a concern and it's a concern for
13:18.32 it another account another password and
13:21.20 we have so much you don't need to worry
13:22.88 about that they all have their own 365
13:26.00 if you have all 365 and that's it you
13:29.04 just click on sign it with microsoft you
13:31.60 use your normal password as everyone
13:33.52 ever anyway has and needs every day to
13:35.92 lock on on your computer and that's it
13:38.08 so it can be easier it can be easier
13:40.48 that's great that's one of the the
13:42.72 biggest advantages in rolling out
13:45.28 priority metrics i had not one question
13:47.60 about how do i get to priority medics uh
13:51.20 or anything perfect i can only say
13:53.52 better it can't be done better in my
13:55.92 opinion but it comes thank you
13:59.68 great great thank you for the kind words
14:1.76 you have the security you have anyway if
14:4.56 someone has a two-factor multi-factor
14:7.20 then he has multi-factor right so that
14:9.28 is all included it can't be better yeah
14:11.52 and all the rules hey exactly basically
14:14.16 we delegate
14:16.32 the logging aspect to microsoft and uit
14:19.12 or google and uit and you can specify
14:21.92 like you said password rules or rotation
14:24.64 or mfa for example which
14:29.52 i had is look for some other solution in
14:31.84 that area my boss said you please
14:34.16 compare and they sometimes had to factor
14:37.68 but in an addition solution that you
14:39.44 need to pay extra and and you had to
14:41.68 create accounts and all that stuff and
14:43.28 alone that is such a big big issue such
14:46.72 a big obstacle that i cannot really um
14:50.56 recommend something else you need that
14:54.32 in that way you do it there is no
14:55.84 question for me so that's a absolutely
14:58.48 the right way perfect yeah
15:1.52 perfect thank you marcus thank you so
15:3.04 much for that
15:7.28 all right let's see so we'll kind of
15:8.72 cruise on to the next slide here so a
15:10.72 couple other things that come hand in
15:12.64 hand with the priority matrix enterprise
15:15.52 we already touched on the top one here
15:17.20 about it having full control over the
15:19.36 license and essentially who can access
15:21.36 it and things like that
15:22.88 um some more additional benefits would
15:24.96 be you would have a personal contact and
15:27.36 affluence to support a seamless
15:29.60 deployment whether it's questions with
15:32.32 the server deployment you know logins
15:35.04 account access anything like that we're
15:37.36 always going to be there to answer your
15:38.64 questions and help you out as best as we
15:40.88 can
15:41.92 and then additionally with an enterprise
15:44.16 license you're also able to get
15:46.00 customized training and
15:48.24 if you give us feedback on topics that
15:50.40 would be helpful for the entire site or
15:52.56 the whole organization
15:54.40 oftentimes what we do is kind of roll
15:56.16 that up into a webinar and then
15:58.72 allow of course your entire organization
16:0.80 to join that and then others in similar
16:2.56 positions can also attend those webinars
16:4.72 so
16:5.60 it's kind of a fun way for
16:7.44 us to turn that feedback into a more of
16:9.36 a bulk presentation that can kind of
16:11.60 speak to a lot of people at the same
16:13.04 time
16:14.80 lastly we do have the option to do kind
16:17.52 of a custom server deployment this is a
16:20.56 new capability which we've recently been
16:22.72 working on i don't know if you want to
16:24.80 speak to that a little bit more pablo i
16:26.88 was going to have a full slide on it but
16:28.80 we ended up taking that out so
16:31.04 if anybody has questions we can kind of
16:32.96 answer those
16:42.08 all right so looking at the next slide i
16:44.32 kind of did plan to do a little demo in
16:47.20 here but i think we'll circle back to
16:48.88 this if there's any specific questions
16:50.88 that people want to see
16:52.56 i have another slide at the very end
16:54.88 here which talks a little bit more about
16:56.48 kind of the licensing and how that works
16:58.56 in terms of an enterprise license
17:1.28 so as i mentioned we typically look at
17:3.60 it in two ways either a company-wide
17:6.00 deployment or a site-wide deployment
17:8.64 and our enterprise licensing typically
17:10.56 starts at a minimum of 50 users
17:13.44 give or take of course every
17:14.80 organization is a little bit different
17:16.72 but just to kind of ballpark and help
17:18.56 you have a number in mind
17:20.96 as we talked about really quickly is the
17:23.20 idea of setting up a larger license at
17:26.32 kind of the first entry it's going to
17:28.40 enable you to have both pricing and then
17:30.64 also in terms of upgrades
17:32.56 we can set up a system to help you add
17:34.40 you know 10 users at a time 20 30
17:37.36 however you see your company basically
17:39.52 growing we can kind of come to an
17:41.36 agreement so financially it's easy for
17:44.40 you guys to upgrade and you know
17:46.24 continue to
17:47.60 onboard the rest of your employees into
17:49.36 the same system
17:52.24 did you do a couple other things that
17:53.84 we'll do to help you if your
17:55.28 organization has custom security packets
17:58.48 if your it wants to hop on a call with
18:0.32 us
18:1.20 we are we are definitely always going to
18:2.96 be open to doing that um happy to answer
18:5.44 any questions you guys have at any time
18:7.36 because
18:8.48 you know as you can see in this
18:10.08 presentation we're definitely aware of
18:12.88 the fact that bringing out a new
18:15.04 solution and
18:16.32 you know getting that okay from your it
18:18.08 is oftentimes
18:19.76 a long process sometimes it's not the
18:21.60 easiest thing to do but
18:23.52 hopefully as we heard in the
18:24.96 presentation today when you use priority
18:27.12 matrix it will be you know significantly
18:29.44 easier than you imagined or previous
18:32.00 solutions you've worked with in the past
18:34.88 so
18:36.08 it is a little bit shorter of a
18:37.68 presentation today that's kind of all
18:39.44 the material that i had set up for you
18:41.92 all at this time would love to hear any
18:44.72 questions and
18:46.16 you know any comments or feedback and
18:48.56 kind of in terms of the security and how
18:50.88 priority matrix enterprise works
18:56.24 marcus i see that your hand is still
18:57.92 raised i'm not sure if you have a new
18:59.28 question or if that is from the other
19:1.52 time you did it but if you have more
19:3.28 questions any of you actually you can
19:5.28 just take yourself off mute and we can
19:7.44 answer those for you
19:16.72 perfect and i think tracy i think i've
19:18.64 seen you on my introductory webinars
19:21.60 before as well so thank you so much for
19:23.92 joining tracy do you have any questions
19:26.40 any you know comments on
19:28.56 kind of your your understanding of
19:30.00 priority matrix now um with the
19:32.00 enterprise and the intros that you've
19:33.60 seen recently
19:35.28 uh yeah i'm i'm i'm very grateful for
19:38.08 the um
19:39.44 these webinars because i'm the only one
19:41.52 using it right now and i'm gonna see if
19:44.08 i can
19:45.12 get my
19:46.24 agency's
19:47.68 technology department interested but i
19:49.68 wanted to make sure that i understood
19:51.44 things a little better before i
19:52.64 presented it
19:55.52 perfect yeah and if you have any
19:57.12 questions prior to your presentation or
19:59.20 you need help setting up a business case
20:0.88 or anything like that just reach out and
20:2.96 we'll be happy to support you during
20:5.04 that process
20:6.40 fantastic thank you
20:8.32 yeah absolutely and then i see willie on
20:10.72 here too i'm not i recognize your name
20:12.80 i'm not sure if we've connected
20:14.16 one-on-one before but i've definitely
20:16.24 seen you joining
20:17.68 our sessions in the past so hopefully
20:19.28 this was helpful for you
20:21.92 yes it is thank you um i'm new to new to
20:24.32 the uh application so i'm just trying to
20:26.96 understand how to how to use it better
20:30.80 perfect
20:32.96 perfect well happy like we said happy to
20:34.80 answer any other questions that come up
20:36.88 um if there's nothing specific about
20:39.44 security be sure to
20:41.92 make sure that you join the intro
20:43.36 sessions we host at least one per week
20:45.92 and then we're also hosting more of an
20:47.84 advanced webinar that kind of gets into
20:49.76 reporting things like that um and then
20:52.24 like i said if at any time you're
20:54.16 thinking hey you know we could really
20:55.92 use a presentation on this topic or
20:58.00 something like that just reach out we're
20:59.92 happy to see how we can kind of set that
21:1.76 up for you
21:4.24 okay uh i think if i was able to share
21:7.76 my screen i can demonstrate the private
21:10.40 department that we
21:11.92 were talking about before
21:13.68 yeah that would be awesome
21:15.12 i'd say you need to enable my screen
21:17.76 sharing
21:19.12 oh that's right okay
21:21.12 so i think i need to make you a
21:22.56 presenter and then
21:26.16 okay i see it now
21:28.32 okay it's cool
21:29.60 so
21:30.56 essentially uh what i'm trying to show
21:33.52 is uh we mentioned before that one of
21:35.28 the options
21:36.72 uh
21:38.00 that let us configure and customize the
21:40.96 security
21:42.32 choices that we make for your
21:44.48 priority metrics deployment is to
21:46.88 provide a private deployment instead of
21:48.96 using the
21:50.96 open
21:51.80 prioritymetrics.com which you're used to
21:54.24 we can have
21:56.08 something specific to your organization
21:58.08 this is
21:59.04 something that applies like erika said
22:1.12 starting at about 50 users or so it
22:3.60 doesn't
22:4.72 make sense
22:5.92 financially at a lower price
22:8.56 um
22:9.84 but it lets us do things that we cannot
22:11.68 do for the for the main open uh
22:14.40 configuration we can add additional
22:16.48 constraints that make your your
22:18.16 deployment much more secure
22:20.40 um
22:22.72 but it's not possible to do that unless
22:24.64 we do a customized private deployment
22:27.12 for you let me share my screen just to
22:29.28 give a very very high level
22:31.60 um
22:32.80 demonstration of that and i just wanted
22:35.04 to focus on the account page
22:37.28 this is
22:38.16 what we're seeing if you can see my
22:39.76 screen uh
22:42.08 is the the account management page for
22:44.24 for our organization and there's a few
22:46.32 things that we we touched before
22:48.88 uh for example here we have this account
22:51.52 auto assignment which means every time
22:54.16 somebody from uplands.com joins iot
22:57.20 medics if we have a new hire an intern
22:59.60 or somebody who is working with our
23:1.20 domain they will be automatically added
23:3.52 to my account here
23:5.28 and that means i know exactly who is in
23:7.60 the team who is joining who's leaving so
23:10.32 on
23:11.20 uh and now building surprises
23:14.96 in a random
23:16.48 credit card payment
23:19.04 once a year
23:20.40 um
23:22.80 what we are seeing here on the other
23:24.56 hand is uh is this a
23:26.96 tentative
23:28.08 government deployment in which we added
23:30.32 a lot of restrictions so that
23:32.32 uh one of our customers who is a
23:34.96 government agency in the us
23:37.84 are able to use priority metrics with
23:39.84 the other assurance that uh you know
23:42.40 that the system is secure and they can
23:44.00 use it for their confidential needs
23:47.44 um some things that are relevant here
23:50.00 first you cannot see here that this
23:52.16 server is deployed in a separate network
23:54.56 that's
23:55.84 managed by microsoft and has additional
23:58.88 security
24:0.24 restrictions meaning
24:2.64 only
24:3.52 u.s personnel who have been embedded can
24:6.64 access the service for example and many
24:9.04 other restrictions
24:10.72 and data lies in the u.s
24:13.20 and so on there are similar offerings
24:15.52 for i believe germany
24:17.60 sharing and a couple other geographies
24:21.36 also you see on the left side i have a
24:23.84 lot of options here for resetting my
24:26.16 password
24:27.68 company logo and so on
24:30.88 this custom inbox which is a way for me
24:33.12 to send emails to my periodics and this
24:36.80 government deployment many of these
24:38.80 options are disabled for example you
24:40.48 cannot reset your password because we
24:42.24 have force that only a single sign only
24:45.20 is available only login with microsoft
24:47.36 is available
24:49.28 we don't allow you to email confidential
24:52.24 data to our system because email is not
24:54.80 considered secured enough or
24:58.48 for this environment so it's disabled as
25:1.12 well
25:2.08 um
25:3.12 so this is the type of customization
25:5.36 that um
25:7.04 we can provide when we do a private
25:8.64 deployment and otherwise uh when you
25:10.56 click on on the web app it should just
25:14.32 look like your you know google fashion
25:16.80 uh priority metrics that you're
25:19.44 used to working with it's just
25:22.24 behind the scenes there's a few more
25:25.92 security
25:27.28 constraints
25:28.48 that we can apply for you so if this is
25:30.64 something that's um
25:33.20 interesting or relevant for you um just
25:35.68 shoot us an email after after the call
25:38.48 and we'll be happy to discuss further if
25:41.04 not at least it's something that you
25:42.40 know it's possible and then we're
25:43.68 rolling out to our
25:45.44 uh
25:46.80 public
25:47.76 offering as possible some of these
25:49.92 features are available
25:51.76 already like uh we set forcing single
25:54.56 sign-on only to certain accounts or
25:58.00 assigning accounts
25:59.44 assigning all users to a specific
26:1.20 account as long as they match the email
26:3.04 address
26:4.72 all that is doable and we can do that
26:6.72 for you even
26:8.32 at the commercial level not the
26:11.52 enterprise level
26:13.60 i don't know i
26:15.60 um
26:17.04 i've confused you more
26:18.64 than you are
26:22.56 awesome thank you so much for showing
26:24.08 that pablo
26:25.28 can i ask a question that's again
26:27.52 enterprise right we're talking again
26:29.28 about enterprise here yes yes
26:34.00 exactly and yeah we try to emphasize
26:36.24 that by changing the color theme if you
26:38.40 remember the red top and
26:41.04 red color on top is for the government
26:42.80 deployment blue ones for the commercial
26:45.04 one
26:46.32 good thank you
26:51.04 perfect well thank you all so much for
26:53.28 joining the session today like i said
26:55.52 i'm gonna upload this on youtube
26:57.92 and we will send it out