Introduction to Priority Matrix

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Learn all the need-to-knows about Priority Matrix to easily get started today and reach your full potential! Learn everything from task management best practices, to how Priority Matrix is supporting organizations just like yours! Come ready for an open discussion at the end, sharing your use case and asking any questions you may have.

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Video transcription (34:51.76) Stop scroll

2.48s right after this with the recorded
3.76s webinar and links to my upcoming
5.76s presentations as well
7.84s so with all that being said you should
10.24s be able to see
11.92s my screen right now um and again if
14.72s there is any technical issues i'm going
16.48s to keep an eye on the chat on my screen
19.12s off to the right so
20.88s i'll be able to see if you're not able
22.72s to hear me or
24.08s you know for whatever reason something
25.68s goes on
27.12s so let's go ahead and get started this
29.20s is our introduction to priority matrix
32.48s let us help you reach your full
34.00s potential today
40.40s so
41.28s what is priority matrix
43.52s priority matrix is a project email and
46.96s priority management software platform
49.44s that helps teams prevent things from
51.44s falling through the cracks become more
53.28s effective and get more done
55.44s throughout the duration of the webinar
57.12s today i'm going to unpack that statement
58.96s a whole lot but that's kind of how we
1:1.76 like to sum up priority matrix here at
1:3.76 affluence
1:7.84 so what is the priority matrix
1:10.72 let's see what is the priority matrix
1:13.68 approach
1:14.64 here at affluence we help all sorts of
1:16.88 organizations effectively prioritize
1:19.60 their tasks and projects with
1:22.32 kind of a special visual approach
1:24.32 allowing you to use the four quadrant
1:26.48 methodology
1:28.16 a lot of people first notice priority
1:30.80 matrix simply because of kind of the
1:32.64 four quadrant layout and
1:34.72 a couple other unique views that other
1:36.72 solutions don't offer
1:38.64 as many of you know who have probably
1:40.48 tested out a lot of project management
1:42.72 tools
1:43.84 commonly it kind of comes off as just
1:46.64 you know a huge list of things to get
1:48.32 done which
1:49.92 you know it's definitely important to be
1:51.60 able to see your priorities but
1:53.36 something super special about priority
1:55.20 matrix again is the four quadrant
1:57.36 approach allowing you to kind of break
1:59.04 down your priorities in different groups
2:1.60 and then on top of that we provide a
2:3.52 couple different ways to even further
2:5.44 prioritize all of those things that you
2:8.08 need to get done
2:9.76 with your organization
2:14.16 so another question that we typically
2:16.00 get is
2:17.04 who does priority matrix support and i'm
2:19.20 going a little bit out of order here so
2:21.04 i'm actually going to circle back to
2:22.48 that question in just a moment
2:24.80 but what else is another thing that's
2:27.12 really unique about priority matrix is
2:29.36 unlike other solutions
2:31.36 we are able to integrate deeply with
2:33.44 microsoft teams and outlook 365 while
2:37.20 still allowing you to collaborate with
2:39.12 external parties
2:41.04 so again i speak to a lot of people who
2:42.96 are currently using teams
2:45.28 you know maybe they're using planner and
2:47.52 most definitely outlook but a challenge
2:49.92 with that is typically
2:52.24 collaborating with external parties is
2:54.16 not something that's kind of upfront and
2:57.20 easy to do with other project and task
2:59.12 management solutions
3:0.96 so here at affluence we've done our best
3:2.72 to
3:3.52 most definitely make it easy to
3:5.44 collaborate with your teammates and
3:7.44 internal people within the organization
3:9.84 but also externally maybe it's
3:12.16 contractors clients
3:14.56 you know you name it we're gonna help
3:15.92 you set up that collaboration with the
3:17.60 external parties as well
3:21.68 so kind of circling back to this who
3:23.44 does priority matrix support
3:26.00 priority matrix supports organizations
3:28.40 across all sorts of verticals
3:30.80 and the commonality across these
3:32.80 organizations that we work with are
3:35.04 those who struggle with tracking
3:36.56 priorities emails and team projects
3:40.08 and who are looking for better
3:41.52 visibility alignment and organization
3:45.12 so again with my six years here at
3:47.52 affluency you can imagine that you know
3:49.68 i've probably talked to thousands of
3:51.52 people at this point who are brand new
3:53.12 to priority matrix and
3:55.20 i've been lucky enough to see
3:57.36 a lot of different use cases and a lot
3:59.36 of different organizations different
4:1.60 roles such as executives all the way out
4:4.16 to contractors using priority matrix but
4:7.36 the commonalities across
4:9.28 those different organizations different
4:11.20 roles different types of users are they
4:14.16 have the similar goal of needing better
4:16.64 visibility better alignment and overall
4:19.36 just kind of better organization and
4:21.36 team collaboration so when we're able to
4:23.84 help our users reach those goals and
4:26.48 that's when we're able to support such a
4:28.16 wide variety of different types of
4:29.84 organizations leaders and people in
4:32.00 different roles
4:35.04 so how can you kind of get started and
4:37.04 actually adopt priority matrix
4:39.92 the first thing you're going to want to
4:41.28 do is install priority matrix for the
4:43.84 platforms that you're going to want to
4:44.96 be using it on
4:46.48 we've done our very best to make
4:48.00 priority matrix basically available at
4:50.32 your convenience
4:51.60 no matter where you're working
4:53.36 so what i mean by that is you can
4:54.96 install pm for your mac
4:57.76 windows and mobile there's an
4:59.36 application for all of those and we also
5:1.92 have a web-based version located at
5:7.60 a lot of people ask
5:9.28 the question which is
5:11.12 so i'm using microsoft teams on my phone
5:13.84 or my ipad can i also use the priority
5:16.72 matrix integration
5:18.40 through the teams mobile app and the
5:20.08 answer is absolutely yes we have a ton
5:22.32 of people doing that with that being
5:24.72 said we also have a lot of people using
5:26.64 priority matrix through teams on their
5:28.40 desktop
5:29.84 and also integrated through outlook
5:31.44 again on mobile and desktop so i'm going
5:34.08 to show you all of those more in just a
5:36.00 moment but the first step is definitely
5:38.72 realizing where you would like to start
5:40.24 using it i'm guessing a lot of us here
5:42.64 on this webinar today are probably
5:44.88 rooted into the office ecosystem i know
5:47.44 most of us are these days it's kind of
5:49.28 hard too hard to avoid that from
5:50.88 happening
5:52.48 so likely a lot of us will integrate it
5:54.40 into teams
5:55.60 and that's actually what we're going to
5:56.88 be looking at today
6:0.32 so with all of that being said i'm
6:2.56 hoping that the connection is still good
6:4.24 hopefully you can all hear me okay and
6:6.80 my hot spot is keeping us going here so
6:10.00 super stoked about that don't seem to be
6:11.84 running into any issues yet
6:14.16 so hopefully i didn't just jinx myself
6:16.88 but with that being said let's go ahead
6:19.04 and take a look at kind of the live demo
6:21.04 portion of this webinar which i know is
6:23.52 probably what brought a lot of you here
6:25.28 today
6:26.48 so thank you for staying tuned
6:28.64 we can expect kind of the demo portion
6:30.56 to go for probably you know maybe 10 to
6:33.20 15 minutes
6:34.40 and then like i promise at the end we'll
6:36.00 do the live q a
6:37.68 and i would actually like to hear how
6:39.36 you guys are currently using priority
6:41.12 matrix or what some of your goals look
6:43.20 like with the system
6:46.00 so as i mentioned a lot of our users
6:48.48 these days are rooted really deeply into
6:51.04 the office ecosystem so for that reason
6:53.92 exactly
6:55.12 we took it upon ourselves to make sure
6:57.36 that the people who are using priority
6:59.28 matrix
7:0.32 in addition to teams don't have to
7:2.64 switch context
7:4.48 they we didn't want them to have to
7:6.24 leave microsoft teams and go to a
7:8.16 desktop version or go to the web
7:10.16 application we said
7:12.08 let's just put priority matrix right
7:13.92 into teams to make it that much easier
7:16.16 to get started using it and on board the
7:18.40 rest of the organization
7:21.36 if you haven't already you can actually
7:23.28 just go to apps in your bottom left
7:24.96 corner
7:25.92 search for priority matrix
7:28.00 and then you're going to see it added to
7:29.36 your team's application
7:31.68 i always like to suggest pinning it open
7:34.56 so even if you continue working through
7:36.56 your chats channels maybe your calendar
7:39.12 priority matrix will stay here for you
7:41.20 and be readily available
7:44.00 i'm also dragging it all the way up to
7:45.52 the top here um of course i do that
7:47.68 because i'm working in it every single
7:49.76 day for the majority of the day but
7:52.00 hopefully a lot of you will find
7:53.28 yourself kind of falling into that habit
7:55.04 as well so
7:56.40 keep in mind you can kind of manipulate
7:58.88 your team's toolbar to put priority
8:0.48 matrix wherever you want it
8:4.32 so what's the overall kind of concept
8:6.40 and layout of priority matrix and
8:8.80 hopefully you know this will look
8:10.32 different than other project management
8:12.00 tools that you've used because we we do
8:14.08 pride ourselves on kind of this unique
8:16.00 layout and
8:17.36 you know offering you a different
8:18.96 approach than some other solutions you
8:20.88 may have previously considered
8:24.32 so just to kind of get you to the screen
8:26.56 we're on today in case maybe you're
8:28.00 following along or you'd like to rewatch
8:29.76 this and um you know kind of get started
8:31.92 using it be sure to click on my projects
8:34.64 at the very top
8:36.48 and then what i've done is i've selected
8:39.20 this icon here with the four quadrants
8:42.16 and this is going to be called your
8:43.84 project list
8:45.28 so what happens here with projects is
8:47.92 this creates a central space for
8:50.48 yourself and your teammates to work
8:52.08 together
8:53.28 so rather than creating a new group
8:56.16 email with you know 100 people cc'd on
8:58.88 it or
8:59.84 you know definitely rather than creating
9:1.84 an excel spreadsheet or you know maybe a
9:4.16 new slack channel
9:5.84 go ahead and create a new priority
9:8.16 matrix project
9:10.24 and what this project is going to
9:11.84 provide is
9:13.28 a central space where you're now able to
9:15.44 say to everyone on your team all right
9:18.24 we're doing this new product development
9:20.48 for example so now everything that we
9:23.20 need to get done for this specific
9:25.36 project or topic if you'd like to think
9:27.60 of it a little bit differently
9:29.76 everything is going to go within this
9:31.44 project
9:33.20 and one thing that my manager told me
9:35.20 when i was first brought on to affluence
9:38.16 six years ago was
9:40.08 he said if it's not in priority matrix
9:42.56 it doesn't exist and at the time i was
9:46.16 you know
9:47.12 it was basically my first job out of
9:48.96 college and i was like you know that
9:50.24 that's such a silly thing to say and i i
9:52.48 really couldn't relate at all but
9:55.04 now that i've been using the system so
9:56.80 heavily for you know five six years
9:59.92 here at affluence we have we are
10:1.60 actually all working remote so i'm
10:4.16 actually in idaho
10:5.68 we have people in california north
10:7.36 carolina
10:8.72 all the way out to um europe a lot of
10:11.12 our engineers are actually based in
10:12.48 spain some in hong kong so
10:14.88 we are all over the place and i'm sure a
10:18.00 lot of you here can probably relate to
10:19.68 that working from home it's you know
10:21.36 definitely become a common thing over
10:22.96 the past couple of years
10:24.96 so
10:26.16 even if a couple of you are working in
10:27.60 the office together but you still have
10:29.36 other employees who are in a different
10:31.28 location
10:32.56 it's super important to again put
10:34.48 everything into priority matrix so what
10:37.28 that allows you to do is give that
10:39.04 visibility to those people who are in a
10:41.20 different location
10:42.64 you know maybe not online right now
10:44.56 talking about this with you
10:46.56 so what happens is you can basically
10:48.00 just create a new task so we'll just say
10:49.92 a new task for webinar then i'll put a
10:52.08 date on it
10:54.88 once you put this task into this project
10:57.68 everybody who you have shared this
10:59.28 project with now has a total access and
11:2.08 visibility to this task and everything
11:5.20 else in here
11:6.88 so
11:7.84 what's so special about that is if your
11:10.16 management or your teammates simply need
11:12.08 to see status updates you're able to
11:14.16 update the progress now
11:16.72 you're able to set deadlines just by
11:19.44 going in here and putting a due date and
11:21.44 if you would like to you can put a start
11:22.88 date as well
11:25.04 you can also use the icons to further
11:26.96 prioritize the importance of this task
11:30.32 so now what happens is
11:32.72 in kind of more of a specific example if
11:35.44 i put this task into this project
11:38.00 and my teammates were or you know maybe
11:40.08 my management was looking at this and
11:41.60 thinking all right this is actually not
11:43.84 a super high priority task for her to
11:45.92 work on
11:46.96 we're able to discuss that
11:49.04 by simply adding people to this item
11:53.12 and what happens basically when you add
11:54.96 people to an item is you're saying that
11:56.64 you want them to get notifications
11:59.04 so kind of backtracking a little bit
12:1.52 everybody who's part of this project at
12:3.76 this point is able to see and
12:6.16 collaborate on everything in here
12:9.12 the second you think to yourself okay
12:10.72 this person needs notifications they
12:13.28 need to see everything that's happening
12:15.12 and every status update that happens
12:17.68 that's when you're going to want to
12:18.64 either add them as followers or delegate
12:20.64 the task to them
12:22.80 so now i can say hey bella can you help
12:25.28 me with this
12:26.88 send that comment and now maybe i say
12:28.80 remind bella
12:30.32 we'll say
12:31.60 remind bella in two hours
12:35.04 so now what's happened is she's been
12:36.48 notified in her home view which i'll
12:38.32 show you all more of in just a minute
12:40.56 i've said this reminder maybe i know for
12:43.04 sure bella's in a meeting for the next
12:44.80 couple hours and i just want a gentle
12:46.72 reminder to happen when she's available
12:49.04 set that reminder and then maybe i want
12:51.60 to say remind
12:53.60 myself or it's probably remind me in
12:56.56 three hours to kind of check back see if
12:58.32 bella was able to look at this and
12:59.68 comment back to me
13:1.36 so
13:2.24 a lot of reminders are available you
13:4.32 also have your deadline you're able to
13:6.72 add item notes so you're able to really
13:9.20 kind of break down the tasks that need
13:10.88 to get done again this is just up to you
13:13.04 if you don't want to be that detailed in
13:14.48 here that's perfectly fine we just
13:16.00 provided it as an option for you
13:19.44 in terms of resources you can upload
13:21.20 files and link items in different
13:23.44 projects
13:25.20 or you can link an external resource of
13:27.20 some sort
13:28.88 so essentially the idea here is
13:32.00 looking at this product development
13:33.52 project
13:35.20 again the idea is anything basically
13:37.76 anything under the sun when it comes to
13:39.52 team collaboration that needs to happen
13:41.52 a
13:42.32 comment conversation a deadline
13:45.24 re-prioritizing your tasks in here
13:48.16 everything can happen in the space and
13:50.56 our goal is to help you eliminate the
13:52.16 amount of emails and the amount of
13:53.76 meetings and again make sure things
13:56.08 don't slip through the cracks and better
13:57.84 prioritize everything that needs to get
14:0.84 done really quickly up here this often
14:3.68 draws people's attention i don't want to
14:5.28 spend too much time going through these
14:6.88 views but i'll click through them super
14:8.72 quickly because i do think they're
14:10.24 important to note
14:12.48 we have kind of more of a standard list
14:14.40 view here which is really powerful when
14:16.56 it comes to scoping out your upcoming
14:18.80 deadlines
14:20.08 and also looking at the progress
14:22.08 completed to again make sure nothing is
14:23.92 being forgotten about or slipping
14:25.36 through the cracks
14:27.44 standard calendar view is next going to
14:29.36 be automatically filled out with your
14:30.88 deadlines
14:32.40 and then the one that i really wanted to
14:34.00 show you all today is the gantt chart so
14:37.12 this is incredibly popular from our
14:39.76 construction companies project managers
14:42.96 and you know those of you who are
14:45.44 actually in charge of kind of breaking
14:47.28 down the duration of the project and
14:49.04 making sure
14:50.16 the timing is going to work out we also
14:52.32 recently added dependencies so for those
14:54.64 of you who like myself kind of like to
14:56.96 geek out on those and i think they're
14:58.56 super helpful um reach out to me at the
15:1.20 end of the webinar and i can send you
15:2.56 some more resources specifically about
15:4.56 the gantt chart in the dependencies
15:9.52 so again be sure to write down your
15:11.12 questions if you have any about kind of
15:12.80 the project view here about you know
15:15.52 five to ten more minutes and then i'll
15:17.20 circle back and kind of open up the
15:18.96 floor for those questions
15:21.92 before i do that i want to talk about
15:23.76 the outlook integration
15:25.52 so i actually just spoke with the
15:27.76 um one of our users this morning who is
15:30.48 going to be using priority matrix to
15:32.40 manage his
15:33.68 ticketing system
15:35.12 so that's one way you can use the
15:36.72 outlook integration for a shared inbox
15:38.88 for um in his case it was for service
15:41.92 desk ticket management
15:44.00 a lot of people do it for invoices um
15:47.20 orders and
15:48.80 deliveries whatever it might be whatever
15:50.32 you need to manage as a team
15:52.16 you're now able to prioritize these
15:54.40 emails as well
15:56.48 so typically you know before priority
15:59.52 matrix comes along i see people flagging
16:1.92 emails and or
16:3.60 what drives me crazy is when people
16:5.44 leave them as unread because what
16:7.28 happens there of course and i'm sure a
16:8.88 lot of us can relate to this is
16:11.36 you still don't really know what you
16:12.72 need to get done first and what your
16:14.48 highest priority is if you have you know
16:16.40 200 unread emails so you're not alone
16:19.36 with that problem i talked to you know
16:21.36 at least 10 people a day for demos and
16:24.16 everybody has that same problem
16:26.88 but
16:27.76 the way that priority matrix helps is
16:30.00 you're now able to grab an email
16:32.48 you can choose the project which you
16:34.24 would like to prioritize it into
16:36.40 so let's see well we'll do the product
16:38.24 development example
16:40.56 go back to
16:42.16 outlook
16:43.36 product development here it is and we'll
16:46.08 just say example 4 webinar because i
16:48.64 promise you i'd probably use this
16:50.08 already today as an example
16:52.40 choose the quadrant you need to
16:53.60 prioritize it into
16:55.52 i'm huge on setting deadlines for my
16:58.32 emails because if you have you know
17:0.24 dozens coming in you need to have
17:3.04 priority matrix remind you of when you
17:4.72 need to circle back to it
17:7.20 for those of you who spend a lot of your
17:9.52 time primarily working through outlook
17:11.28 responding and reading your emails
17:13.52 keep in mind once you prioritize this
17:15.68 task you can provide live updates from
17:18.56 outlook now so
17:20.72 for example
17:22.00 i could assign this task to my teammate
17:24.32 bella
17:25.44 i could update the progress and i could
17:27.20 say
17:28.00 i have replied to this user and then
17:30.88 maybe i say can you follow
17:33.84 follow up from your gmail
17:37.20 in three days
17:38.72 send that comment do in three days set
17:41.36 my deadline
17:43.12 now what happened is we cut back the
17:45.28 need to forward this email
17:47.60 i cut back the question in my mind which
17:49.68 is did bella see this email that she
17:51.12 knows she needs to handle it because
17:52.96 what happens is we've now centralized
17:54.80 this into priority matrix
17:57.28 into the correct project
17:59.60 and we have our deadline so here's the
18:1.92 example that i just created the
18:3.84 conversation that i started
18:5.76 so again i can rest assured that we're
18:7.44 not going to forget about this client
18:8.96 not going to forget about the email
18:10.56 because it is here in my priority matrix
18:12.88 centrally located now
18:17.36 any questions about the outlook
18:18.72 integration i would love to circle back
18:20.40 to that and tell you more about it if
18:22.48 those of you on this webinar today feel
18:24.56 that a another webinar specifically
18:26.96 about email management would be helpful
18:29.36 um please just drop me a comment i've
18:31.28 been thinking about doing that for a
18:32.64 while and i definitely think that that
18:34.72 it would be relevant but i would love to
18:36.08 hear all of your feedback as well
18:39.92 just about two more things here and then
18:41.84 i promise i'm going to open up the floor
18:43.52 for the q a
18:45.20 it's um
18:46.40 it's tough to decide what i want to show
18:48.24 you all in the short span because of
18:50.64 course i don't know any of your use
18:52.00 cases and i don't really know what
18:53.76 you're looking for in a solution so i
18:55.28 can't customize this
18:58.48 but i have my best to kind of pull out
19:0.64 the top features that can resonate with
19:2.64 most people so hopefully this is kind of
19:4.56 speaking to you and getting your gears
19:5.84 turning
19:7.92 i do want to show you what we call our
19:9.92 home view
19:11.44 two really important things here number
19:13.52 one are going to be your alerts
19:15.60 or in my perspective i like to think of
19:17.92 these as attention needed items
19:21.52 what these represent are new deadlines
19:23.44 that have occurred
19:24.64 maybe reminders that have come up or new
19:27.36 comments and tests delegated you
19:29.52 delegated to you by your teammates
19:32.16 so for me probably similar to some of
19:34.40 you we have people working across time
19:36.64 zones my engineers in europe are
19:39.20 basically on the flip side of me so when
19:41.68 i wake up i go to my alerts
19:43.84 and i look through any updates that
19:45.28 they've shared with me or any duties
19:47.60 that have occurred
19:50.80 from here you can kind of click through
19:52.48 it to clear your alerts or a lot of
19:55.44 people ask you know how do i get rid of
19:57.12 my finished items you can say clear
19:59.44 notifications for finished items
20:2.08 or
20:3.04 maybe you just you know don't really
20:5.04 think you need to look through the
20:6.24 alerts for the day and you just see it
20:7.92 clear all notifications that's
20:9.52 definitely i'm guilty of doing that
20:11.60 occasionally if if i just think hey i
20:13.92 don't need to look through everything
20:15.20 you can just clear it start over for the
20:17.20 day
20:19.12 what i really wanted to show you all is
20:20.80 the agenda view here so what is so
20:23.12 special about this agenda pretty basic
20:25.68 name but what's what this is going to do
20:27.60 for you and in my opinion the top one of
20:29.84 the top two most powerful things that
20:31.84 priority matrix has is the ability to
20:34.96 look across all of your projects so here
20:37.76 at affluence we have 300 projects which
20:41.36 might take some of you back maybe make
20:43.76 you gasp a little bit
20:45.60 if you're interested in seeing how i
20:47.36 organize all
20:48.72 what i say 300 projects i would love to
20:51.36 connect with you one-on-one and give you
20:52.72 some pointers if you feel like your
20:54.40 organization might have a high number of
20:56.96 projects we have a lot of things to help
20:58.88 you keep those organized
21:0.96 but trying to stay on topic here so
21:4.00 let's say i have 200 projects and i'm
21:6.96 like okay well you know maybe only some
21:9.28 of those are relevant to me what do what
21:10.96 do i need to get done today across all
21:13.36 my projects
21:14.72 agenda is going to show you today
21:16.48 tomorrow
21:17.60 and the next seven days
21:19.52 wrapping it up with your overdue items
21:22.48 so it's basically your own little
21:23.76 personal assistant saying hey erica
21:25.52 here's what you have due today
21:27.76 you'll notice it's actually showing us
21:29.52 our introduction webinar here because
21:31.36 it's
21:32.16 pulling from my microsoft teams calendar
21:35.68 if you use it through teams and log in
21:37.36 with your single sign-on for all of uit
21:39.52 people on the call today you're able to
21:41.60 actually limit your organization and
21:44.08 your users to only signing in through
21:45.84 single sign on makes it super easy to
21:48.24 manage their logins and their accounts
21:51.20 but it is going to show you anything
21:53.28 that you have in your teams calendar so
21:55.44 it basically gives you that high level
21:56.80 overview of everything you have on your
21:58.64 plate for the whole day
22:0.88 if you're thinking okay well something
22:2.40 recently came up i need to add a task
22:4.16 that's due today it's automatically
22:6.24 going to plug in your deadline
22:7.92 you can prioritize it add that task and
22:10.88 kind of go about your day again resting
22:12.72 assured you won't forget about this
22:16.88 lastly promise and then i'll stop
22:19.04 talking and open up the floor to you all
22:21.44 but priority matrix is not
22:24.00 just your standard project and task
22:26.00 management solution
22:27.68 we've looked at kind of some of the
22:29.04 special visual approaches that we offer
22:31.92 the email management aspect of it
22:34.40 the idea that it integrates into teams
22:36.56 to help you kind of focus in one
22:38.16 platform for your duration of your
22:39.84 workday
22:41.04 but lastly
22:42.40 we also support
22:44.32 meeting management and helping you have
22:46.32 a better and more effective meetings
22:49.44 so in this case i've selected pablo
22:51.44 who's our cto some of you might be lucky
22:53.76 enough to connect with him he's
22:54.96 basically the brains behind the company
22:57.68 um in my opinion he is at least don't
23:0.08 tell the other founders i said that but
23:2.32 um he does all the technical things he's
23:4.32 your go-to guy if you have you know
23:6.32 feature requests or whatever it might be
23:9.20 so
23:10.08 here let's pretend i'm getting in a
23:11.60 meeting with pablo
23:13.20 and i want to see all of
23:15.36 the
23:16.80 shared priorities between myself and him
23:19.12 again it goes through all of our shared
23:21.12 projects and it's going to show me only
23:23.28 the tasks that him and i are both part
23:25.44 of so maybe he's the owner and i'm a
23:27.20 follower
23:28.32 or vice versa
23:30.00 i could be listed as the owner and pablo
23:32.00 is my follower for this item
23:34.16 so now we can have a super quick meeting
23:36.32 go through all of our shared priorities
23:38.08 and continue to create new priorities as
23:41.20 well so if we say hey pablo um
23:45.36 can let's say can we set up a
23:48.72 outlook
23:51.12 focused webinar for next week
23:54.00 send that and then maybe i say let's
23:55.52 talk about this due friday at 9 00 am
23:59.36 trying to fix my typos here
24:1.36 i can prioritize it into the project
24:4.00 that it needs to go into i'll put it
24:5.52 under product development again
24:7.44 we'll say do now
24:8.88 and i hit add you're gonna see that what
24:10.72 happens is this priority is now added to
24:12.88 our shared priority list so
24:15.76 for all of you managers on the call um
24:18.96 i've spoken to a lot of people in
24:21.44 similar positions as yourself and
24:24.08 a challenge that i see which is
24:26.24 reoccurring that priority matrix can
24:28.32 resolve is
24:30.00 the fact that you probably sit in you
24:32.24 know too many meetings every single day
24:34.24 maybe it's five
24:35.60 and after those meetings your teammates
24:38.16 might still not be sure what they need
24:39.84 to work on or they come back to you and
24:41.60 say you know hey hey tom what did you
24:43.60 ask me to get done on friday can you
24:45.92 kind of jog my memory
24:48.08 definitely not the most effective way to
24:50.08 go about the work day so when you're in
24:52.00 these one-on-one meetings you can again
24:53.52 actively create those priorities so
24:55.28 after the fact everybody's ready to go
24:58.00 people know exactly where they need to
24:59.36 get started
25:0.80 and yeah that's kind of the idea of the
25:2.48 one-on-one view
25:4.08 in terms of group meetings for those of
25:6.24 you who are interested in
25:8.16 learning about automatically created
25:10.40 meeting agendas for a group of people
25:13.04 followed by a follow-up email with
25:14.88 meeting minutes that's also available
25:17.28 kind of ping me at the end of this
25:19.04 webinar because i would love to share
25:21.12 that information with you
25:23.04 but
25:23.84 try not to take up your whole afternoon
25:25.76 here with this webinar as much as i
25:27.92 would love to i
25:30.40 do want to kind of circle back and
25:31.84 hopefully answer some of your questions
25:33.36 at this point
25:34.96 so
25:36.00 with all that being said thank you all
25:38.08 so much for staying tuned also shout out
25:40.80 to my hot spot for
25:42.56 supporting us getting us through this
25:44.16 whole webinar that's pretty amazing
25:46.00 hopefully there weren't too many
25:47.28 glitches on your side
25:50.48 let's get back to
25:52.32 the powerpoint
25:54.40 so with all that being said i want you
25:56.64 all to know once you do kind of get your
25:59.04 feet wet and get started with priority
26:0.88 matrix we're going to be here for you
26:2.48 with ongoing webinars
26:4.40 i would love to hear your thoughts and
26:6.56 your feedback about what types of
26:8.32 webinars i can do to be helpful for you
26:11.12 we have all of our previous webinars and
26:13.68 shorter youtube tutorials listed on our
26:15.92 youtube channel
26:17.44 and for the enterprise accounts or for
26:19.36 those of you who are interested in a
26:21.60 high level deployment we do have
26:23.68 one-on-one and team training sessions
26:25.76 available
26:29.20 all right so with all that being said
26:31.20 again thank you all so much for staying
26:33.04 tuned to the duration of the webinar at
26:35.44 this point if you have questions i see
26:37.68 one hand is raised already i'm gonna
26:40.40 actually a soft i'm gonna unmute you
26:44.24 so you can well actually i'm gonna allow
26:47.12 your mic
26:48.40 and then you can unmute yourself so i
26:50.32 should be able to hear you once you
26:52.56 unmute yourself for anybody else who has
26:54.88 questions please either drop it into the
26:56.88 comment the chat box or use the little
26:59.52 hand emoji to raise your hand and then
27:2.32 i'll be able to take you off mute
27:11.28 this priority matrix is a full
27:14.80 uh
27:15.68 project management uh
27:18.40 software it has templates
27:20.80 where you go from initiation to
27:24.16 planning to execution to close out
27:27.68 and it has those side tools in it like
27:30.40 such as
27:31.84 managing the the projects the ease of uh
27:38.64 you know
27:40.00 creating team messages and all of this
27:43.92 and also
27:46.40 besides uh that uh you know this
27:50.72 it creates if you put the uh
27:53.36 it it creates the gant
27:58.40 based on what does it uh uh create again
28:1.84 uh
28:2.80 um
28:4.08 a schedule
28:6.64 sure yeah great question so to find a
28:8.96 circle back to the start of your
28:10.72 question yes we absolutely do support
28:13.52 the question let me complete the
28:14.88 question for you understand sure
28:17.52 if it's a
28:18.96 if it's a
28:20.24 let's say you're scheduling uh
28:22.40 construction i'm i'm not in construction
28:24.80 anymore i'm in engineering but
28:27.60 let's say
28:28.84 construction is it enough
28:31.76 for you to just
28:33.52 put the date
28:35.04 of the start and the date of the end
28:38.40 and it populates on the
28:40.72 gantt itself immediately or you need to
28:43.20 put it in a
28:44.96 in a
28:46.64 you know
28:48.56 like microsoft excel or something and
28:51.04 then bring it in
28:52.72 to edit right does it do it populates
28:55.84 automatically yes yes so it's going to
28:59.04 populate automatically so we'll do a
29:0.80 quick example here so we'll just say
29:2.88 task for
29:4.48 nadal question we'll make it
29:6.88 personalized for you oh my gosh the
29:8.64 typos are out of this world today okay
29:12.24 so we'll go in there we'll create the
29:13.76 task
29:15.20 and basically all you have to do is
29:18.72 click on it and then on the right hand
29:20.40 side the item details are going to come
29:22.08 up
29:22.72 so you can go in here and you can set
29:25.20 your start date
29:26.72 we'll make it super dramatic so it's
29:28.48 really easy to see
29:30.32 in the gantt chart and then we'll say
29:32.16 this is going to be due in april
29:34.32 so now when i jump to my gantt chart
29:36.40 here in the top right
29:38.24 you're going to see if i zoom out we'll
29:40.08 go to the month view here it is
29:42.56 and
29:43.44 you can see that it was automatically
29:44.96 added to the gantt chart
29:48.08 honestly if you if you move this for
29:50.64 example if you're like okay well this
29:52.16 was bumped back and
29:54.00 it's gonna is it intelligent enough to
29:56.40 realize that when
29:58.32 uh one construction
30:0.88 task has to come after the other
30:4.00 and stuff or you have to do it yourself
30:6.64 feed it into the uh
30:10.48 i'm sorry are you talking about
30:11.92 dependencies
30:13.68 yes
30:15.12 yeah so you can basically link items and
30:17.76 then you're able to choose the
30:19.12 relationship as to how you want that
30:21.20 dependency set up so we do support that
30:23.44 as well
30:25.60 okay all right
30:27.76 thank you perfect well thank you yeah
30:29.28 thank you so much for your question
30:31.28 if you can drop that you drop your
30:33.44 direct
30:34.88 contacts
30:36.80 and yeah
30:38.08 absolutely
30:39.68 absolutely thank you so much for the
30:41.20 question i'm gonna if you want you can
30:43.52 email it to me you have the email
30:47.12 it's right there absolutely
30:51.36 thank you
30:53.12 sounds good all right i'm gonna disable
30:54.80 your mic now thank you so much for the
30:56.56 question i'm sure that helped a lot of
30:58.00 other people as well
31:0.96 let's see keeping an eye over here
31:3.52 on the right hand side to see if any
31:5.44 other questions come up i'm going to
31:6.88 check the the comp the
31:8.96 chat now
31:13.60 perfect so i'm going to go back to
31:17.28 my powerpoint here so a couple other
31:19.44 common questions to kind of wrap up the
31:21.28 webinar today
31:22.88 a lot of people like to ask okay what
31:24.56 does your kind of testing period look
31:26.40 like they're going to start off with a
31:28.08 two-week trial period
31:30.24 with
31:31.12 unlimited access to priority matrix you
31:33.28 can invite your teammates and you can
31:35.12 access all of the training materials
31:36.96 have
31:38.16 all the integrations unlimited
31:39.84 functionality during that trial period
31:42.56 we kind of already talked about support
31:44.56 and then in terms of pricing
31:46.72 the price is going to start around five
31:48.64 dollars per user per month and that's
31:51.28 going to be for kind of the pro license
31:53.44 and
31:54.32 great entry level license and then it
31:56.08 goes all the way up to an enterprise
31:58.16 flat rate pricing for more of a
32:0.56 company-wide or site-wide deployment and
32:2.40 that's typically customized based off of
32:4.16 your it needs
32:5.84 um you know security protocols any
32:8.56 customization we have to do for you that
32:10.64 can all come into play with that
32:12.08 enterprise license
32:15.28 and then in terms of using priority
32:16.88 matrix for external collaboration if
32:19.28 this is something that piques your
32:20.56 interest i can send you a webinar um
32:23.20 about how consultants are using priority
32:25.68 matrix that touches really heavily on
32:28.16 external collaboration
32:30.16 but yes absolutely you can use this with
32:32.40 people not in your domain
32:34.40 if we wanted to on this webinar we could
32:36.24 all set up a project and share it with
32:38.16 each other it's not not going to be any
32:39.92 problems with the system
32:42.64 before people start dropping off i'm
32:44.64 super excited about an event that i'm
32:46.40 posting next week
32:48.08 on i think it's uh well let me just pull
32:50.32 up my calendar
32:52.32 and i'll be able to tell you all
32:54.48 so it's the first time we're ever doing
32:56.16 this and um it kind of came to mind just
32:57.92 out of the blue but on tuesday the 8th
33:0.56 at 11 a.m mountain standard time
33:3.92 i'm hosting a
33:5.68 kind of you know non-scripted just group
33:8.08 conversation
33:9.60 the idea of that is to come with any
33:11.52 questions that you have
33:13.12 any use cases you're looking
33:16.08 to brainstorm on um if you would like to
33:19.44 come and kind of share your use case
33:21.20 with other people the idea is just to
33:23.52 get a group of priority matrix users
33:25.52 together i'm going to be there and also
33:27.76 pablo who's our cto so any technical
33:30.32 questions you have
33:31.68 he's also going to be there and we're
33:33.68 basically just going to be sitting
33:35.20 around answering questions and
33:37.44 just having this awesome open discussion
33:39.44 about how we're all using priority
33:41.44 matrix
33:42.96 i think it would be really fun if we
33:44.80 have our
33:45.84 webcams on so we can kind of see each
33:47.60 other and you know hopefully start to
33:49.12 build a community of people using
33:51.12 priority matrix
33:52.64 um and just kind of learn from each
33:54.40 other so i'm going to send you all that
33:56.40 follow-up email with the link to
33:58.32 register for it again it's tuesday the
34:0.16 8th at
34:1.36 11 a.m mountain standard time
34:4.08 i have four other webinars scheduled for
34:6.96 that week as well one for how small
34:9.76 businesses are using priority matrix and
34:12.00 one about templates recurring tasks and
34:14.08 then another intro
34:16.32 with all of that being said i can't
34:18.72 thank you all enough for joining this
34:20.72 introduction
34:22.00 i hope you're able to get some good
34:23.44 takeaways
34:24.80 any feedback you can share with me what
34:26.96 you liked about the webinar maybe what
34:29.04 you think i can improve or most
34:31.36 importantly topics that would be helpful
34:33.36 for you and your team
34:34.96 i would love to hear those and turn
34:36.48 those into a customized webinar that i
34:38.48 can host for a big group of people again
34:42.80 if there's no other questions i'm going
34:44.32 to go ahead and wrap up the webinar
34:46.08 today and stop this recording but again
34:48.88 thank you all so much