Be the Email Management Guru you Need with Priority Matrix for Office 365

Video presented by Erica Beaulieu

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Always dreamed of an assistant who can manage your emails for you? Well, now you have one with Priority Matrix for Office 365. Get on track with email management today by installing Priority Matrix for Office 365, and never drop the ball again on another email.

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Video transcription (22:52.24) Stop scroll

4.16s all right so at this time you should be
6.56s able to see my screen and hopefully
9.36s you're able to hear me well if for
11.68s whatever reason you feel like you're
13.04s having technical problems that's
15.04s something just to drop into the chat if
16.96s you can't see my screen or if you can't
18.80s hear me
19.76s you know definitely let me know but so
21.68s far so good i don't usually have any
24.00s technical problems
26.16s so
27.44s i've been really excited to do this
29.28s presentation for everybody and the topic
31.84s today is how to be your own email
34.48s management guru with priority matrix for
37.68s outlook 365.
40.08s email management is a
42.64s huge aspect of everybody's day to day
45.28s and it's also a huge aspect of priority
48.24s matrix
49.68s i would say you know i'm lucky enough to
51.92s be in kind of this user-facing position
54.32s where i learn a lot about people's needs
56.64s and i learned a lot about how people
58.72s found priority matrix and
1:1.12 for the last couple of years it's been
1:3.28 growing significantly to
1:5.84 in the sense that people are actually
1:7.60 finding priority matrix as an email
1:9.92 management solution and then they come
1:12.64 to discover oh wait you know priority
1:14.64 matrix is more it's for projects tasks
1:18.48 meeting support and it also has this
1:20.72 awesome email management aspect to it
1:23.76 so
1:24.96 email management is what we will be
1:26.80 focusing on today so without further ado
1:30.24 let's go ahead and get started
1:32.48 so
1:33.20 i took a quick peek at the registration
1:35.60 list before i started the session and
1:38.56 it's incredible to see that i have folks
1:40.56 joining me with all different
1:42.16 backgrounds um all different verticals
1:44.48 and really all different roles within
1:46.72 organizations
1:48.48 and that just kind of justifies my
1:51.44 thinking which is you know email
1:53.28 management impacts everybody and it's a
1:56.08 super important thing to kind of talk
1:57.92 about and get straightened out
2:0.16 so
2:0.96 i'm sure these next couple points can
2:2.64 resonate with probably everybody on the
2:4.72 meeting today
2:6.40 in the sense that what are the
2:8.88 positive effects of you know effective
2:11.28 email management
2:13.12 what that looks like is stronger
2:14.72 customer relationships
2:16.72 improved internal communication and
2:19.52 ultimately impactful decision making
2:21.76 when you're able to see your emails
2:23.36 alongside your priorities and your
2:25.04 meetings
2:28.48 so what is the priority matrix approach
2:31.28 and you know why are we able to help so
2:33.36 many people just like yourself with this
2:35.68 email management idea
2:38.24 priority matrix provides contextual
2:40.32 evidence when you're prioritizing emails
2:44.00 i understand that statement is broad and
2:46.48 i'm definitely going to unpack that when
2:48.24 we take a look at the live presentation
2:52.40 priority matrix is going to allow you to
2:54.24 share progress updates directly through
2:56.40 outlook so for all of you that love
2:58.88 spending time in your inbox
3:1.12 maybe you love it or you hate it but
3:2.96 ultimately you're in there for the most
3:5.04 of the day
3:6.16 no problem you can still provide those
3:8.56 progress updates to your teammates
3:10.72 without even leaving outlook which is
3:12.64 pretty neat
3:15.20 priority matrix is going to help you
3:16.72 manage emails meetings and your
3:19.52 priorities in just one central platform
3:25.92 as i mentioned at the start of this
3:27.60 webinar we have a lot of people joining
3:29.68 us today with all different backgrounds
3:31.84 and all sorts of different roles
3:34.08 and that definitely stands true for
3:35.92 people that i talk to every single day
3:38.00 i'm working with executive assistants
3:40.96 people in accounting
3:42.64 sales professionals project managers
3:46.40 those people can come from construction
3:48.16 companies tech companies
3:50.56 real estate
3:52.00 you know you name it most likely there
3:54.32 is several organizations similar to that
3:56.72 using priority matrix
3:59.04 the positions i have listed up here i
4:0.96 would say specifically eas and um those
4:4.32 of us who are in sales
4:7.12 really really benefit from the email
4:8.80 management aspect of priority matrix and
4:10.88 i can even walk you through a couple of
4:12.40 flows that i've seen being super helpful
4:14.72 for those positions
4:18.56 so what are some of the tips for email
4:20.24 management that i'm going to share with
4:22.08 you today i'm going to show you how you
4:24.16 can consolidate similar tasks together
4:26.80 or rather i guess i should say similar
4:29.04 emails together to avoid duplication
4:32.80 we're going to look at setting reminders
4:34.32 and deadlines to make sure nothing is
4:36.48 slipping through the cracks
4:38.16 and we're going to look at having the
4:39.60 opportunity to delegate those emails as
4:41.68 needed
4:42.56 without having to forward them back and
4:44.64 forth and cause that giant dreaded
4:46.64 traffic jam in your outlook
4:51.28 so what are kind of the next steps for
4:53.60 all of you that are just getting started
4:55.84 with pm
4:57.60 number one it's going to be really
4:59.52 critical and actually super easy to do
5:1.92 to just install priority matrix to
5:4.00 office 365 and microsoft teams
5:8.08 i also suggest
5:9.92 attending my upcoming webinar such as
5:12.00 the intro to priority matrix which is
5:14.16 being hosted this friday and the
5:16.56 advanced intro to priority matrix which
5:18.88 i'm actually just hosting tomorrow
5:22.48 as mentioned i always
5:24.40 try to encourage those questions so
5:26.56 write them down to share during the
5:28.00 webinars and after the q a is available
5:30.96 for every single webinar that i host
5:34.64 a little bit more about kind of the the
5:36.16 webinars that i mentioned in the middle
5:37.60 today so for today's session
5:41.04 um
5:42.24 what we're going to be looking at is
5:43.60 very much focused on the email
5:45.36 management aspect so i know you know
5:47.92 potentially for a lot of you this might
5:49.84 be your first time seeing or learning
5:52.56 about priority matrix so
5:55.20 if during today's webinar you feel like
5:57.92 oh you know it would be helpful to learn
6:0.16 a little bit more about the foundations
6:2.00 of pm and just a little bit more about
6:3.92 the basics
6:5.20 i would definitely say hang tight and
6:6.96 stay tuned but be sure to definitely tap
6:10.08 into those intro sessions because that's
6:11.76 where you're going to learn kind of the
6:12.88 juiciness of how you can actually get
6:15.36 started
6:18.32 so the next kind of uh i would say
6:20.80 probably 10
6:22.24 or 15 minutes or so of this webinar it's
6:24.48 a little bit of a shorter one simply
6:26.64 because we're just focusing on this very
6:28.56 specific topic of email management
6:31.44 but for the demo today as i mentioned
6:33.36 we'll be looking at outlook 365
6:36.96 and the teams integration
6:38.88 email management tips and tricks project
6:41.60 and task management suggestions tied
6:43.76 into emails and overall i'm going to
6:46.32 share with you all the best practices
6:48.72 that i'm aware of for for email
6:50.72 management and hopefully they can help
6:52.16 you guys as well
6:54.40 so without further ado let's shift gears
6:57.52 a little bit to kind of the live demo
6:59.68 portion for today
7:2.80 i am going to pause here and ask the
7:5.52 audience if you uh
7:7.44 julian correcting my typo there
7:10.32 i did see that that's that's my bad
7:13.12 but um i'm going to pause here and ask
7:16.64 any questions comments or concerns at
7:18.88 this moment i would love to
7:20.88 answer those before we kind of dive into
7:22.80 the next 10 or 15 minutes of this
7:24.72 presentation
7:30.48 okay so it looks like we're um all set
7:33.44 eric it looks like you might be typing
7:35.04 there so i'm gonna keep an eye out for
7:36.96 your question
7:40.24 what we're looking at here on
7:43.52 my screen is um
7:46.48 what we're looking at here on my screen
7:48.00 this is my priority matrix and
7:51.04 it is integrated directly into my
7:54.16 microsoft teams application
7:56.56 so
7:57.52 this is the one of the integrations
7:59.12 you're going to need to set up and then
8:0.72 i'm going to pan to my outlook here
8:4.32 where on the right hand side you can
8:6.08 also see the outlook add-in which is
8:8.32 where the email management aspect is
8:10.24 going to come into play but
8:12.96 one thing that i always like to make
8:14.88 clear
8:15.92 for all of the new users and this is
8:17.76 definitely a common question that comes
8:19.52 up
8:20.56 which is
8:21.68 am i going to be creating my projects to
8:24.80 prioritize my emails
8:27.04 through the team's add-in
8:29.28 or does that aspect come into play
8:31.36 through the outlook add-in
8:34.08 so
8:34.88 to answer that question right away
8:37.04 is it you're gonna be spending most of
8:39.28 your time in the microsoft teams
8:41.36 integration which is what i'm showing
8:43.12 you right here
8:45.12 what i have on my screen these are
8:46.72 different projects to represent how i've
8:49.36 seen
8:50.24 different roles successfully kind of set
8:52.40 up projects to manage these different
8:54.00 sorts of emails that they're getting
8:56.48 so you are going to want to create those
8:58.88 projects just by going to add project
9:1.52 but you're going to set them up through
9:3.36 the teams integration
9:6.24 what you're doing by creating these
9:8.00 projects here is kind of setting the
9:10.40 foundation for when you jump back to
9:12.24 outlook to help you say okay you know
9:15.04 here's my projects dedicated to email
9:17.12 management where do my emails fit in and
9:19.84 where do i prioritize them so we're
9:21.76 setting the stage through teams and then
9:23.92 we're jumping to outlook to actually do
9:26.72 the email management aspect of this
9:31.20 hopefully that makes sense i do want to
9:32.96 share one more thing since we're looking
9:35.12 at the kind of main teams integration
9:37.92 here is
9:39.76 the aspect of being able to share these
9:42.08 projects with your teammates
9:44.64 so i know a big challenge that a lot of
9:46.64 us have is
9:48.24 we receive an email and it's not just
9:50.88 directed towards us it's something that
9:52.56 needs to be shared with our teammates
9:55.28 whether it's an invoice we need to look
9:57.04 over a contract agreement or maybe it
9:59.60 actually contains action items
10:2.32 oftentimes these emails do need to be
10:4.08 passed along
10:5.60 so instead of
10:7.68 forwarding those emails and causing like
10:9.84 i call it a giant email traffic jam
10:12.72 you're able to create these projects and
10:14.80 share them with your teammates
10:16.80 which allows priority matrix to be that
10:19.12 central space for
10:21.04 uh prioritizing emails and collaborating
10:23.36 on them with your teammates to again
10:25.20 keep your inbox cleaned up
10:27.12 and hopefully get you to that inbox zero
10:29.52 goal that a lot of us have
10:33.20 okay so shifting gears here i have four
10:36.08 projects that we'll pick from when it
10:37.44 comes to the email management aspect
10:40.80 what we're looking at here now on my
10:42.96 screen i have an example selected an
10:46.48 example email selected
10:48.96 and on the right hand side i have the
10:50.88 priority matrix and outlook 365
10:54.16 add-in pulled up here for you
10:56.48 so if you haven't installed this already
10:58.40 just simply go to get add-ins type in
11:0.24 priority matrix and install us from
11:2.40 there
11:4.32 to get to this screen that i have you're
11:6.48 going to click on send to project
11:10.00 so essentially what we're doing is we
11:12.00 are grabbing this email and we're
11:13.92 turning it into a prioritized task
11:16.96 and those projects that we've kind of
11:18.56 pre-set up
11:19.84 to you know help us prioritize these
11:22.56 emails
11:24.64 so i'll walk you through a couple steps
11:26.24 here the subject of this email turns
11:29.28 into the item name
11:30.80 i'm going to call this webinar example
11:32.64 just so we can all find it together
11:34.40 super easily
11:37.52 you will be able to choose the project
11:39.68 where you would like to prioritize this
11:41.44 so again we're picking from kind of that
11:42.96 bank of projects that we've set up
11:44.64 through teams
11:46.40 the quadrant here so basically allowing
11:48.72 us to prioritize it
11:51.68 and then we'll go in and we'll pick our
11:53.12 due date so this is definitely a best
11:54.72 practice that i like to kind of share
11:56.80 with everybody
11:58.56 which is the concept of setting a
12:0.88 deadline so
12:2.40 two days from now and i've received
12:4.00 another 300 emails and i'm thinking oh
12:6.96 you know i think there was a contract i
12:8.96 needed to review but i don't have the
12:11.04 bandwidth to go digging through my
12:12.48 emails i guess we'll just wait for that
12:14.08 follow up
12:15.44 this day and age you know that's a
12:17.12 definitely not a great approach but
12:18.72 unfortunately it happens when
12:20.72 you're flooded with emails and there's
12:22.24 no real way to kind of set that deadline
12:25.60 or that follow-up
12:27.12 now with priority matrix we've made that
12:29.04 possible so pick your due date
12:31.12 and then i'm just going to hit create
12:33.52 action item
12:35.84 so
12:36.64 it gave me that little spinning wheel um
12:38.64 basically gives me the heads up says hey
12:40.56 this item has been created and we're
12:43.04 good to go
12:44.40 so
12:45.20 i'll pan back to this project here just
12:47.52 so we can see what that looks like in
12:49.44 kind of a
12:50.64 live play here
12:54.72 so here it is prioritized into the
12:57.84 contact today quadrant so if i were
13:1.04 using this project with my teammates
13:4.00 now everybody everybody would understand
13:6.00 that this contract is a top priority
13:8.80 maybe i delegate it to somebody on my
13:10.72 team and say hey bella can you help me
13:14.24 review this email please
13:18.32 when she clicks on the notes she's going
13:19.92 to see the entire body of this email so
13:22.16 she has all the contacts she needs
13:24.64 to help me
13:25.76 manage this contract in this example for
13:28.16 the email
13:30.24 you'll see that my deadline has been set
13:32.88 and we can also say remind everybody in
13:36.40 three days
13:37.60 so we have our due date for five days
13:40.08 from now but we also have a reminder
13:42.08 scheduled as well so you know most
13:44.16 likely this email will not be slipping
13:46.16 through the cracks
13:49.84 what's also neat about having your
13:51.28 emails prioritized is that when i go to
13:53.84 a different view such as our agenda view
13:56.80 you're going to see how these emails are
13:58.56 going to play alongside all the other
14:0.16 priorities that we have
14:2.72 but focusing on the use case for email
14:4.96 management so that's going to be the
14:7.28 idea of creating a brand new task
14:9.92 from an email
14:11.60 i would say you know equally as popular
14:14.24 is
14:15.60 the concept of
14:17.52 taking an email and we often think to
14:20.48 ourself you know i already have a couple
14:22.56 priorities that are really similar to
14:25.04 this email this may just be an update
14:26.88 from a client
14:28.16 or you know maybe a progress update
14:30.08 that's similar to a priority we are
14:32.24 already working on
14:34.80 so what we do here is
14:36.88 we're going to be able to see all of our
14:39.04 priority matrix action items right here
14:42.08 so
14:43.12 let's see if i could find one
14:45.36 that's in that project that we're
14:47.28 looking at
14:48.72 do to do
14:50.48 let's see let's go back here and we'll
14:52.64 find we'll use uh invoice tracking as an
14:55.52 example so
14:56.96 i believe what i can do is i can just
14:59.04 type in
15:0.80 the name here and it's going to help me
15:3.04 find that task that i'm looking for so
15:6.88 here it is if i click on it
15:9.52 it pulls it up where i can provide
15:11.84 status updates maybe i say hey i have an
15:14.72 update for everybody
15:17.12 we'll say this is going to be due
15:19.52 tomorrow so we all check out the update
15:22.16 and then i'm going to actually just
15:23.36 click attach message here at the very
15:25.44 top so
15:26.88 attach message that option goes away
15:29.52 letting you know that that message has
15:31.04 been attached to this item
15:34.16 so that's going to be the second option
15:35.84 here which is as i mentioned you're kind
15:38.00 of grouping similar priorities together
15:40.08 to avoid that duplication of tasks
15:42.88 we still can share these awesome updates
15:44.64 but we want to keep everything nicely
15:46.24 paired together
15:48.24 so again
15:49.52 jumping back to teams
15:51.60 here's that
15:52.72 that task where i had linked that email
15:55.28 so we can see in the bottom right corner
15:57.12 it says uploaded eml file
15:59.84 new contract that was the name of the
16:1.52 email
16:2.48 and it also shows up in resources so if
16:4.80 i click on this it'll download the email
16:7.52 for me and give me that context that we
16:9.52 need
16:11.36 so
16:13.04 i find this to be a pretty good place
16:14.80 where i can kind of pause
16:17.04 and ask for any questions about this
16:19.20 email management aspect so far
16:21.60 there's two other things that i want to
16:23.28 show you all but
16:25.12 that's going to be
16:26.64 i think the
16:28.56 kind of the gist of the outlook 365
16:31.36 add-in
16:39.60 okay so it looks like we're good on
16:40.96 questions for now which is awesome so
16:42.80 there's one more thing that i want to
16:44.32 show you
16:45.44 in microsoft teams if you're the kind of
16:47.52 person that's feeling like hey you know
16:49.84 i'm trying to stay away from outlook
16:51.44 don't want to spend my day in there can
16:53.36 i see and prioritize my emails without
16:55.68 being in outlook
16:57.60 and
16:58.64 before your exposure to priority matrix
17:1.28 the answer was probably going to be no
17:3.12 you need to go back to outlook to see
17:4.80 and manage your emails
17:6.72 but now with the new and improved search
17:9.84 view
17:10.72 in priority matrix
17:12.56 what's really incredible is that this is
17:14.56 going to give you access to all of your
17:16.24 priorities and including those emails
17:18.96 that you've already managed
17:20.64 and just kind of miscellaneous tasks
17:23.04 that you're working on with your
17:24.16 teammates
17:25.68 at the bottom here where it says office
17:28.00 365
17:29.60 we can see all of our emails and
17:32.40 all of our shared files
17:35.12 and all of our calendar events
17:37.36 so if i
17:38.72 scroll all the way down i'll get to my
17:40.32 emails and
17:42.24 here's here's an example here here's an
17:44.64 email that's actually in my outlook
17:46.56 inbox
17:47.60 you can also search for specific emails
17:50.00 up here in the search bar
17:51.68 but what we can do is we can either open
17:53.84 it in office 365 which will take me to
17:57.36 my inbox exactly to this email
18:0.40 or i can click send to priority matrix
18:3.68 and we'll say
18:5.92 like review this email
18:8.48 we'll say it's going to be due in five
18:10.08 days
18:12.64 we can put it into the correct project
18:15.36 we'll say customer leads again and then
18:17.44 we'll say contact this week
18:19.68 add so now we have prioritized this
18:22.48 email from the search view
18:25.04 exactly with the same end result that
18:26.80 would have happened if we did it through
18:28.16 outlook but
18:29.52 the idea here is less context switching
18:32.08 we don't want you to be distracted with
18:34.16 other things that are happening in other
18:35.92 applications
18:37.44 kind of just hang tight here in the
18:39.52 microsoft teams but what's incredible is
18:42.00 now you can see your emails and you can
18:43.84 manage them as needed
18:48.40 so i do see the question here in the
18:50.16 chat which is does it work with
18:52.00 teamwork's app
18:53.68 and unfortunately if i'm being
18:55.28 completely honest i'm not completely
18:57.84 sure with what the teamworks application
19:0.72 is
19:2.24 um i'd be happy to do a little bit of
19:4.00 background research and let you know
19:6.40 what type of integration we have with
19:8.00 that tool
19:9.12 if it's through office 365 then we
19:11.84 likely do have some type of template
19:13.92 that can help you set up that
19:15.20 integration but
19:16.72 if not then you know i'm not i'm not too
19:18.72 confident what type of integration we
19:20.40 may have there
19:24.24 project management for microsoft yeah so
19:26.48 you know we may have some sort of
19:28.16 template or flow where you can set up
19:30.00 that integration if that's okay with you
19:32.40 i will i'll double check on this and
19:34.64 then i'll send you an update if we do in
19:36.40 fact have that integration
19:41.28 so
19:42.08 to kind of tie all this together
19:44.08 the idea is all right so you know what's
19:46.48 the big whoop about having it the emails
19:49.44 prioritized in priority matrix
19:52.64 so
19:53.92 when we go to views like the agenda what
19:57.20 happens now is i'm able to say show me
20:0.32 items i own
20:1.68 so now what we see are all of our
20:3.84 meetings scheduled through teams
20:6.56 all of our
20:7.92 emails that are prioritized right here
20:10.48 here's an example and all of the
20:12.64 different tasks and priorities that
20:14.56 we're working on with our teammates and
20:16.32 only things that i have due for today in
20:18.48 the next seven days so
20:20.48 when it comes to
20:22.40 a
20:23.28 list of tasks that we need to get done
20:26.48 this is going to be all-inclusive and
20:28.24 it's a really nice because it's kind of
20:30.00 all balled up into just one central
20:31.68 space
20:32.64 where we can make sure we're not missing
20:34.72 deadlines
20:36.08 and as we looked at
20:37.76 we can also delegate
20:39.68 and communicate as well whenever needed
20:43.52 so
20:44.88 hopefully that makes sense to everybody
20:47.12 um
20:48.48 this is a fantastic email management
20:51.04 software works incredibly well for
20:53.12 helping people keep track of those top
20:54.80 priorities but you know oftentimes
20:57.20 outlook is
20:58.96 kind of seen as that space where we
21:0.84 receive communication from a lot of
21:2.96 different angles whether it's our
21:4.32 clients
21:5.76 customers
21:7.12 contractors and even those internal
21:9.52 teammates in in management as well
21:12.24 a lot of those updates are flying into
21:13.92 our inbox and you know for a lot of us
21:17.04 it's like okay well how do i keep track
21:19.20 of these emails and and how do i figure
21:20.96 out my top priorities within these
21:23.04 emails
21:24.24 it's
21:25.12 essentially impossible if you're just
21:26.72 leaving them in your inbox
21:28.72 but as soon as you get them prioritized
21:30.64 into a project in your pm things get a
21:33.76 whole lot easier which hopefully i was
21:35.84 able to display that for you guys today
21:39.12 so
21:40.08 pausing again any questions that we have
21:42.88 would love to answer those for you right
21:44.80 now
21:46.00 i have a couple minutes left on here so
21:47.84 please don't hesitate to either drop
21:49.60 those in the chat or you can raise your
21:51.92 hand and i would love to answer those
21:53.52 for you
22:4.40 with all of that being said as i
22:6.16 mentioned at the start of the session if
22:8.00 you're looking for more kind of that
22:9.68 standard introduction
22:11.60 and looking to learn more about some of
22:13.52 the advanced features that i have
22:15.36 sessions for those on thursday and
22:17.76 friday so
22:19.04 um you know be sure to tune into those
22:20.96 where you can learn more
22:22.72 kind of backtracking learning more about
22:24.24 the basics of the system
22:29.60 julianne i see that your type in here so
22:31.92 i'll give you another minute or so to
22:34.08 get that question out i'd love to see
22:35.76 that and answer it for you
22:46.08 okay well looks like we are all set then
22:48.72 so what i'm going to do is