Tips for Priority Management as a Team using Office 365

Video presented by Erica Beaulieu

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Keeping priorities aligned across a team has never been easier with Priority Matrix for Office 365! In this session we will look at how to best use Priority Matrix as a team to ensure nothing slips through the cracks, and top priorities are always finished on time. Using Priority Matrix alongside your Office 365 tools is a powerful work-hack, and I look forward to sharing tips and advice in this session.

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Video transcription (25:25.60) Stop scroll

3.28s again that's a great thing just to drop
4.80s into the chat box i'll be keeping an eye
6.56s on that as we go through the
8.40s presentation today
11.44s so again thank you all so much for your
13.36s time this presentation will probably
15.52s take about 25
17.68s minutes or so i would guess it's my
19.44s first time doing it so i'm not exactly
21.60s positive but i think that's what we can
23.52s kind of account for today
26.72s so today's session is tips for priority
29.52s management for teams who are using
31.84s office 365.
34.24s it's been a really fun week with the
35.76s webinars that i've been doing starting
37.44s with a basic introduction
40.16s moving on to the advanced intro and then
42.80s today we're really going to be focusing
44.64s on some best practices for
47.20s teams who are looking for
49.28s basically doing priority management
51.12s together
52.16s specifically those in the office
53.60s ecosystem
55.20s so i see some familiar faces and names
57.44s who have joined all through the
59.12s presentations today
1:0.88 really incredible you've been able to do
1:2.48 that and hopefully it's a really
1:4.24 comprehensive group of webinars that
1:6.80 you've been able to watch kind of back
1:8.24 to back
1:9.68 i think it's cool that we have people
1:11.60 attending all of them
1:14.88 so
1:15.84 i have been in a user-facing role here
1:18.56 at affluence for six years including
1:21.44 customer service customer success and
1:23.76 now kind of in the sales leadership
1:25.44 position
1:26.72 but regardless of the role i've been in
1:29.12 i've been able to
1:30.72 speak firsthand to our users and learn a
1:33.44 lot about what the challenges look like
1:35.04 before they start using priority matrix
1:37.36 and
1:38.64 in terms of priority management
1:41.04 while you're working on a team
1:43.12 some of the common challenges i see
1:45.68 that really kind of back the general
1:48.00 challenges of priority management for
1:50.32 groups is
1:51.68 number one
1:52.88 limited visibility
1:55.20 it's um kind of goes without saying
1:57.04 which is you know if you're not able to
1:58.64 see what your teammates are working on
2:0.88 then
2:1.76 of course there's going to be an
2:2.88 alignment with priorities because those
2:5.44 just kind of go hand in hand so that's
2:8.40 the first really common challenge that i
2:10.32 see
2:11.28 the second thing is priorities being
2:13.12 tracked across multiple platforms
2:15.76 so you know maybe you have
2:18.32 one project in planner and the other
2:21.28 project is just being talked about
2:22.88 through emails but
2:24.56 maybe on that email you forgot to see
2:26.40 see somebody believe it or not i see
2:28.32 that happening all the time so
2:30.64 that's better than not having any
2:32.96 visibility but you know it really is
2:35.28 critical to have everything in one
2:36.96 central place to truly ensure that all
2:39.68 of your priorities are aligned as a team
2:43.28 lastly a really common challenge that i
2:45.76 see is status updates which are not
2:47.68 streamlined so again maybe they're
2:49.84 coming through emails through meetings
2:52.80 just through quick phone calls or text
2:54.88 messages
2:56.16 again
2:57.04 a status update is better than none at
2:59.84 all but to truly be aligned as a team
3:2.64 and keep your priorities managed
3:5.12 those updates and progress updates
3:7.20 really need to be in just one central
3:8.88 place
3:10.24 so
3:11.04 you know i can almost guarantee that
3:12.80 some of us on the meeting today are
3:16.96 nights with our team so those challenges
3:18.80 stand true to us
3:20.40 and while i definitely don't wish that
3:22.40 upon anybody because it can be super
3:24.32 challenging
3:25.44 um i'm happy to have you here today
3:27.60 because i think that you're gonna get a
3:29.76 lot of good takeaways from some of the
3:31.20 tips that i'm able to share with you
3:36.48 so what is the priority matrix approach
3:38.96 and why are we really able to help
3:40.80 organizations align
3:42.64 excuse me align their priorities so well
3:46.64 the first thing that priority matrix
3:48.32 does is it allows for visibility for all
3:50.72 levels of management so this really
3:53.04 comes down to
3:54.40 you know deciding how you're going to
3:56.08 onboard the organization and who's going
3:57.92 to be using priority matrix and we'll
4:0.24 touch on that in the next slide
4:2.64 but if your entire organization is using
4:4.80 the system it really does allow for
4:7.28 visibility from the top down
4:9.76 and
4:10.64 again then you just get to decide who
4:12.40 has access to which projects
4:14.88 again we're going to touch on that again
4:16.40 later in the presentation but overall it
4:19.28 does provide for as much visibility as
4:21.44 you need
4:22.88 priority matrix allows teams to manage
4:25.52 all of their priorities in just one
4:27.60 place due to the flexibility of the
4:29.68 system so that will mitigate the problem
4:32.08 of updates coming through emails and
4:34.64 multiple different platforms
4:36.80 because hopefully you'd be able to see
4:38.16 it in just one place at that being
4:40.08 priority matrix
4:43.04 it'll also allow you to share and
4:44.64 receive status updates daily again just
4:47.04 in one
4:48.00 place
4:48.96 and then centralize notifications to
4:51.04 keep everybody on the same page whether
4:53.04 it's something as small as setting a
4:54.56 reminder or maybe a huge deadline is
4:57.52 approaching
4:58.88 whatever it is we want everybody to see
5:1.20 those updates
5:2.72 and be on the same page by being able to
5:5.60 really stick within microsoft teams and
5:7.92 then using the priority matrix added
5:11.60 so that's kind of how i like to sum up
5:13.44 what the priority matrix approach is for
5:16.24 helping teams that keep their priorities
5:18.56 and their projects aligned
5:22.56 so what are some of the tips for getting
5:24.64 started i know that a lot of the times
5:27.36 people can see priority matrix and think
5:29.36 wow you know this is really going to
5:30.72 help our organization but then the next
5:33.12 question is like how do we actually get
5:34.96 started how do i get my team to use it
5:37.52 so first and foremost i would say if you
5:40.48 haven't already
5:41.92 add priority matrix to your microsoft
5:44.40 teams
5:46.80 if you are serious about deploying this
5:49.04 as an enterprise solution you can
5:51.52 actually have your it install priority
5:54.72 matrix to teams and outlook
5:57.12 at a very high level and do that for
5:59.20 everybody then it takes away the burden
6:1.20 of people having to do it individually
6:3.44 definitely an option to keep in mind
6:6.64 the way that i see teams being most
6:8.56 successful is when they get onboarded
6:10.56 together what that looks like sometimes
6:12.64 is
6:13.36 maybe just joining these live webinars
6:15.76 as a group or for our enterprise
6:18.00 customers we're able to set up group
6:20.24 training sessions and one-on-one
6:22.08 sessions for the super users
6:26.08 establishing expectations for priority
6:28.40 matrix usage can also be really helpful
6:31.52 what i mean by that is basically just
6:33.28 saying it you know everything we're
6:35.20 working on needs to go through priority
6:37.04 matrix instead of any other
6:38.96 communication platforms
6:42.00 one thing that my boss and founder of
6:44.88 the company shared with me several years
6:47.20 ago when i was new to priority matrix
6:49.60 because to be honest i was using it
6:51.52 totally incorrectly i was deleting
6:53.12 things i had no idea what i was doing
6:55.12 using system
6:56.64 so he said hey erica something to keep
6:58.80 in mind
6:59.84 is if it's not in priority matrix then
7:2.40 it basically doesn't exist and at the
7:4.88 time
7:5.92 you know i thought that was such a funny
7:7.20 thing to say because i really didn't
7:8.80 understand the power of priority matrix
7:11.92 but now i look back and i'm like wow
7:14.00 that's such a true thing to say and i
7:16.08 feel like it should be said more
7:18.56 so to kind of wrap that back up to
7:20.56 expectations
7:22.00 the idea is if your whole team is using
7:24.24 priority matrix you should really be
7:26.00 putting everything into there
7:28.32 just to make sure it's all tracked in
7:30.16 one central space
7:33.52 lastly a great tip for getting started
7:35.44 is just attending these webinars to
7:37.60 learn more about the basic features and
7:40.40 best practices
7:42.00 every single week i host new webinars on
7:44.16 all sorts of different topics so check
7:46.08 those out
7:47.12 they're going to be one of your best
7:48.72 resources for continuously learning more
7:55.44 all right so
7:56.80 how does priority matrix actually
7:58.64 support task management for teams in a
8:1.84 previous slide we looked at the priority
8:3.92 matrix approach which was just kind of
8:5.76 general concepts as to how priority
8:8.00 matrix supports teams
8:10.48 but what we're looking at here on this
8:12.48 slide you can actually kind of think of
8:14.24 this as an agenda for what i'll be
8:16.08 showing you in the live demo portion of
8:18.40 the webinar
8:20.00 so i'm going to show you how you can
8:21.44 easily manage high priority tasks and
8:24.40 high priority projects
8:26.40 i've set up a couple examples to show
8:28.24 you what a dashboard view would look
8:29.92 like which is commonly used by
8:31.76 executives and leadership roles to see
8:34.64 basically all of your projects rolled up
8:36.72 into one view
8:39.52 i'm going to show you how you can
8:40.88 include all of your teammates into
8:42.32 critical projects with something as
8:44.08 simple as just project sharing
8:46.64 we're going to look at setting reminders
8:48.48 and deadlines so nothing is forgotten
8:50.32 about um this is going to take place
8:52.48 through the alerts in the agenda screen
8:54.48 that we offer and lastly
8:57.28 i'm going to show you how to access a
8:59.04 high level overview to understand the
9:1.20 progress of
9:2.64 all of the tasks that you're working on
9:5.04 that can be accessed through a workload
9:6.80 management and through a search view
9:9.36 so those are going to be kind of the
9:11.04 four
9:11.84 major topics that we look at today
9:13.84 during the live demo portion
9:17.68 i have two more slides here for you all
9:19.52 and then we'll jump into the live demo
9:21.92 but
9:22.88 i like to kind of set the stage by just
9:24.88 showing you what you can expect to see
9:27.12 in the next couple of screens once i
9:28.80 switch to my priority matrix
9:31.28 when i use the term the terminology of
9:33.76 seeing all of your to do's in one place
9:37.12 we take it a step further than just
9:39.52 allowing you to have projects in one
9:41.28 centralized location by actually
9:43.28 providing you with a customized agenda
9:46.24 which will help you understand what you
9:47.76 have do
9:48.72 every single day and also what your
9:50.40 teammates have to do every single day as
9:52.24 well
9:53.04 really unique and a special view to
9:54.96 priority matrix
9:57.20 and the next step we take it even
9:59.28 further than that it's not just only
10:1.20 senior priorities but it's also going to
10:3.44 be seeing your calendar events your
10:5.20 files and your emails
10:7.28 all in one central location
10:10.24 this is really unique to using priority
10:12.32 matrix through teams and
10:14.48 with all of that being said we can now
10:17.04 transition into
10:19.12 the live demo portion
10:21.20 so if you have any questions um i am
10:24.40 taking a peek at the chat box right now
10:26.16 i haven't seen any come up
10:28.24 but if you have questions so far this
10:30.08 would be a great time to drop them in
10:31.92 and i can kind of take a few moments to
10:33.76 answer them for you
10:35.92 if there's no questions yet then we can
10:38.80 proceed but i'll give you all just a
10:40.40 moment to
10:42.16 drop any questions in there if you
10:43.60 happen to have any
10:48.72 all right so
10:51.20 one of the biggest concepts that i've
10:53.36 learned about using priority matrix from
10:56.64 basically seeing how all of our
10:58.80 organizations are using it is
11:1.52 the idea of
11:3.68 setting up your priority matrix in a way
11:6.24 that supports
11:8.08 people in different roles within the
11:10.48 organization
11:12.40 so you can imagine when priority matrix
11:15.36 is deployed at an organization of let's
11:17.44 say 200 people that's going to include
11:21.12 ceos
11:22.40 founders directors managers
11:25.84 all the way down to those individual
11:27.28 contributors
11:28.40 and all of those roles are definitely
11:30.40 equally as important
11:32.32 but what it really comes down to is
11:34.88 setting a priority matrix in a way that
11:36.80 supports everybody
11:39.44 in kind of their own unique way for the
11:41.52 role that they're in
11:43.60 so you'll see here that i have i i've
11:46.24 set up this example to kind of reflect
11:48.80 how i see sales teams using it but um
11:51.60 that's just because that's kind of how i
11:53.20 understand it the best but um you know
11:56.00 the structure that i'm going to show you
11:57.60 today is definitely relevant to all
11:59.76 types of groups and departments that use
12:1.84 it
12:3.52 so i've set up what we call a dashboard
12:5.76 view here
12:7.04 and the way that this dashboard view
12:9.60 kind of ties into having effective team
12:12.24 collaboration in this system
12:14.56 is because as a director of
12:17.20 a department or of an organization
12:20.40 you know most likely on a day-to-day
12:22.32 basis you're not going to have the
12:23.76 bandwidth to look at every single
12:26.08 priority that's happening
12:28.40 in all of the projects so
12:30.88 the reason that this dashboard view is
12:32.72 so powerful is because each one of these
12:35.76 items here
12:37.28 is actually representing an entirely
12:39.76 built out project and a group of
12:42.16 priorities
12:44.24 our engineers have actually made a
12:45.76 really cool update recently that makes
12:48.08 it really apparent when a task is linked
12:51.12 into another project
12:53.28 by basically showing you the quadrants
12:55.04 and giving you this little arrow that
12:56.48 says go to project
12:58.80 so
12:59.68 this dashboard view again allows the
13:2.08 director and the leadership role to be
13:5.04 able to get high level status updates
13:7.60 for this project in general
13:10.48 so
13:11.28 oops did not mean to click on that quite
13:13.60 yet backtrack a little bit you'll see
13:16.08 how speedy that happened though which is
13:17.84 really nice
13:20.08 if i were the director of sales and i
13:21.92 wanted to see this and let's say i'm
13:23.92 like how many qualified leads do we have
13:25.92 for the month i could literally just say
13:27.68 how many leads that have we
13:30.32 qualified for
13:32.00 may so far
13:34.72 what's happening is this comment is now
13:37.36 notifying the manager who's in charge of
13:40.24 this
13:41.36 group of basically qualified leads and
13:43.52 overseeing that project
13:45.60 the reason we're able to do this is
13:47.28 because we've delegated what we call a
13:49.44 task to the owner of
13:51.92 the person basically to the person who's
13:54.16 managing the qualified accounts for may
13:57.68 so
13:59.04 again this dashboard view is supporting
14:1.76 directors
14:2.96 high level leadership roles that are
14:5.20 really only focusing on um
14:8.00 project level updates so now they're
14:10.32 able to see all of their projects in one
14:12.72 space without having to jump from you
14:15.36 know multiple different platforms to get
14:17.04 these project level updates
14:20.48 so what i'm going to do is i'm going to
14:21.84 click on go to project
14:24.72 and it's now going to expand the
14:26.72 qualified accounts for may and this view
14:30.40 here is really helpful for managers and
14:32.88 then those teammates who are using
14:34.48 priority matrix together
14:37.36 what we have here is a space where
14:39.04 you're able to break down every single
14:40.96 one of the priorities that falls in
14:43.04 under you know basically the new
14:44.96 qualified accounts for may
14:48.48 so
14:49.36 hopefully that makes sense so far let me
14:51.04 know if you have any questions about the
14:52.56 dashboard view i didn't go over how you
14:55.28 can actually set that up but i have a
14:57.60 bunch of or not a bunch but basically
15:0.56 one short tutorial that actually walks
15:3.20 you through setting up the dashboard
15:4.64 view if that's something that would be
15:5.92 helpful for you
15:8.96 so now in terms of working on an actual
15:11.44 priority list how is this helpful for
15:13.76 teammates and then the manager who's
15:15.60 overseeing this project
15:17.60 let's go in and we'll just create a new
15:19.52 account so we'll just say account one
15:21.28 two three let's say we just qualified
15:23.20 this
15:24.16 we want to keep track of it for this
15:25.68 month
15:27.84 i can add this priority into this
15:30.00 project and then immediately what i
15:31.92 always suggest people do is just add
15:33.76 their manager as a follower so
15:37.04 now what's happening in the position of
15:39.04 a manager is
15:40.64 they can then go to priority matrix to a
15:43.44 couple different views and i'm going to
15:45.04 show you those in just a moment
15:46.88 but those views will show them all of
15:48.56 the important tasks that their teammates
15:50.64 are working on where they've been added
15:53.04 as a follower
15:54.80 so now i can go in here and actually
15:56.88 maybe i go to the notes and i talk about
15:59.84 all of the things that we talked about
16:2.32 on the meeting that i want to keep track
16:4.16 of
16:6.40 there we go so there's a couple examples
16:8.40 and then as i go through and maybe this
16:10.48 is my follow-up checklist or something
16:12.40 like that it will update the progress
16:15.04 and maybe i'm gonna say okay
16:17.12 i need to let's say due in four days to
16:20.00 follow up with this account
16:23.60 so what's fantastic about this is
16:26.72 let's say i qualify 10 more accounts
16:28.96 over the next couple of days
16:31.12 every time i do that we would add the
16:32.88 manager as a follower so now from that
16:36.32 management position even if they're
16:38.16 overseeing multiple projects in priority
16:41.28 matrix
16:42.96 number one they're able to use this
16:45.28 alert section to see all of the recent
16:48.48 updates from their teammates so they can
16:51.28 go through
16:52.32 click on every single one of these items
16:54.32 to get a deeper understanding of what
16:57.12 type of progress update or alert has
16:59.52 been shared with them
17:2.80 the other view that i think is
17:4.32 incredibly helpful for all of us to be
17:6.40 aware of is
17:8.48 the agenda view which is going to show
17:10.72 you everything that you have on your
17:13.04 plate across all of your projects
17:16.56 and then switching gears a little bit to
17:18.88 see items that i follow which again
17:21.52 would be items that your teammates are
17:23.52 saying hey this is important for you to
17:25.28 be aware of i want you to get
17:27.04 notifications on this
17:30.48 now the manager would be able to see
17:32.16 okay here's everything that my team had
17:34.48 do yesterday
17:36.00 here's everything that my team has due
17:38.00 for today
17:39.44 so again really special and really
17:41.28 helpful about priority matrix is the
17:43.44 fact that that this agenda view allows
17:45.68 you to look across
17:47.36 all of your projects
17:49.36 and either focus on what you need to get
17:51.20 done or focus on what your teammates
17:53.44 have been working on for the last couple
17:55.20 of weeks
17:57.68 so just to kind of recap because we went
18:0.00 through a couple different levels of
18:2.00 usage the first and kind of highest
18:5.12 perspective here for a team using
18:7.52 priority matrix
18:9.60 is giving your leadership and directors
18:12.40 one central space to track all of the
18:14.80 projects that they're overseeing
18:18.24 that's going to be the highest level i'm
18:20.40 kind of picturing this as like um let's
18:22.96 see if i can think of an analogy like
18:24.72 steps basically so right now you're at
18:26.56 the very top step looking down on
18:28.56 everything
18:30.00 we can open up the project and now this
18:32.24 would be a manager overseeing the
18:34.40 priorities in here looking down to let's
18:36.56 say halfway down the steps looking at
18:38.72 their projects from here
18:40.88 and then on the individual priority
18:42.88 level we can see what each person is
18:44.88 working on and what they have on their
18:46.56 plate within this project
18:49.44 so
18:50.72 i'm going to pause here because it's a
18:52.40 couple different layers that we went
18:54.00 through
18:54.88 would love to hear any questions that
18:56.64 you have about the setup um
18:58.96 feel free to drop that into the chat
19:0.64 i'll wait you know 30 seconds to a
19:2.32 minute to see if anything comes up
19:18.48 all right so a couple other things that
19:20.64 i want to show you all in terms of the
19:22.88 teams who are actually using priority
19:25.04 matrix with office 365.
19:28.48 so
19:29.68 i didn't actually originally intend to
19:32.16 show this to you guys today but i think
19:34.32 that it'll be really helpful to kind of
19:36.56 understand
19:37.68 the concept of
19:39.20 not being limited to using priority
19:41.60 matrix and the full application here
19:45.76 which you can see pinned in my toolbar
19:47.60 but for those of you on the meeting that
19:50.00 are thinking hey you know i actually do
19:51.84 spend a lot of time in my chat and my
19:54.08 channels
19:55.28 how can our team utilize priority matrix
19:57.84 there
19:58.88 the cool thing is you can actually add
20:1.12 priority matrix projects and as many as
20:4.00 you need to a one-on-one chat
20:6.56 you can also do the exact same thing to
20:8.72 your channels
20:10.16 so the reason we've set this up is
20:12.24 because
20:13.44 we didn't want our users to feel
20:16.72 like we're taking away from the way that
20:18.64 they're using teams because we totally
20:21.28 understand that you know a lot of people
20:23.36 do spend most their time in channels
20:25.60 chatting with their teammates
20:28.32 so if that's kind of the shoes that
20:30.24 you're in
20:31.36 and you're like okay well how do i still
20:33.04 utilize priority matrix even if i want
20:35.60 to continue working in my channels
20:38.08 just go ahead go ahead and add the
20:40.40 projects relevant to that channel
20:43.12 um the priority matrix projects if you
20:45.44 will and then what you can do is you can
20:47.28 continue to work through your different
20:48.96 channels and the chats in here
20:51.12 but when you need to switch gears and
20:53.04 look at your priorities maybe you need
20:55.76 to manage them or share a status update
20:58.48 it's going to be readily available for
21:0.16 you right here which is really neat
21:4.72 lastly and of course it's super
21:6.64 important for kind of getting the most
21:8.40 out of priority matrix is the idea of
21:10.88 using the email management aspect
21:14.24 so to kind of sum everything up
21:17.20 um and just make it super apparent as to
21:20.08 how you can really get everything in one
21:22.08 place
21:23.52 you can actually integrate your emails
21:25.60 as well by using the outlook integration
21:29.28 so why is this helpful this email
21:31.84 integration is going to be incredibly
21:33.36 helpful because when it comes to
21:36.16 using views such as agenda and you want
21:38.96 to see everything that's on your plate
21:40.56 for the day
21:41.92 or you know everything that's on your
21:44.72 team's plate for the day including
21:46.88 emails they have to circle back to
21:49.52 once you integrate your emails you're
21:51.04 going to be able to see all of it in
21:52.72 just this one central space
21:57.12 so let's see i'm going to circle back to
21:59.68 the presentation note so we went over
22:1.68 the dashboard view we did project
22:4.16 sharing
22:5.20 alerts
22:6.56 and lastly
22:8.56 what i wanted to show you all is the
22:10.40 ability to use the search view
22:13.20 so why is this helpful from kind of a
22:15.76 team perspective trying to manage
22:17.84 priorities together
22:20.56 this is going to show you everything
22:22.40 across your whole entire priority matrix
22:25.04 everything is included here no matter
22:27.52 who's in charge of the priorities as
22:29.44 long as you're part of the project you
22:31.04 will be able to see those priorities
22:32.80 right here
22:34.96 as a manager using priority matrix
22:37.20 sometimes it's really critical to be
22:38.88 able to zoom in on just one person
22:41.36 and say okay you know what's everything
22:43.52 that bella is working on for
22:45.76 this month or maybe for the week
22:47.84 search view is going to allow you to
22:49.28 apply a filter like i just did there and
22:51.60 now we can go down to today date and
22:54.24 then we'll be able to see all of our
22:55.84 upcoming priorities for that specific
22:58.00 person
22:59.68 and at the bottom here if i can line
23:1.52 this up
23:2.88 we are also going to be able to see all
23:4.80 of our meetings
23:6.64 all of our files and all of our emails
23:9.76 so when it comes to seeing all of your
23:12.32 contacts in one central space and also
23:15.60 being able to collaborate with your
23:17.12 teammates and share and receive progress
23:19.36 updates
23:20.64 priority matrix really has you covered
23:22.64 from head to toe
23:26.24 a couple things that i want to share
23:28.64 on kind of a side note next week i'm
23:30.96 posting it two very specific
23:34.40 topics for webinars
23:36.96 i'm going to be hosting a webinar
23:38.48 specifically about email management so
23:40.80 if you're interested in seeing more
23:42.16 about the outlook integration that's
23:44.24 going to be a perfect go-to for you
23:47.44 and
23:48.24 i'm also hosting a webinar specifically
23:50.16 about meeting management so more about
23:52.40 the one-on-one and then more about
23:54.48 meetings through
23:56.24 microsoft teams and how priority matrix
23:58.56 can support you in that aspect as well
24:2.72 every single week i host an intro in an
24:4.88 advanced intro webinar so if you watch
24:7.36 the session today and you're like well
24:9.04 you know i'm a little confused on just
24:11.04 kind of the basics of pm be sure to
24:13.76 register for the intro and then the
24:15.84 advanced session as well
24:20.24 so that was
24:22.08 a lot definitely um a lot to kind of
24:24.80 take in i know we covered a lot of
24:26.32 different topics so
24:28.32 would love to take a couple moments and
24:30.32 see if there's any questions feel free
24:32.00 to drop into the chat or you can use the
24:34.16 reaction to raise your hand and i'll
24:35.92 actually take you off mute
24:38.08 where we can chit chat about those
24:39.92 questions
24:49.36 if there's no questions coming up right
24:51.44 now that's
24:52.72 not a problem i will be sending all of
24:54.96 you a follow-up email that's coming from
24:57.68 myself specifically so as you continue
25:1.04 to explore priority matrix more and more
25:4.24 you know those questions definitely come
25:5.92 up
25:6.72 as you work through it so
25:9.20 feel free to either respond to my email
25:11.36 that i send you today
25:13.04 or hold on to those questions join the
25:15.28 intro session next week and then ask
25:17.12 them at the very end
25:18.72 and i'm happy to answer those for you
25:22.88 i'm going to go ahead