How Attorneys Prioritize Tasks and Manage Projects with Priority Matrix

Video presented by Pablo Diaz-Gutierrez

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Priority Matrix helps attorneys visualize the timeline of their clients needs and upcoming projects, and schedule their time accordingly. With automatically generated gantt charts and email management support, Priority Matrix will support your firm like never before.

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Video transcription (25:1.44) Stop scroll

2.08s momentarily i'll go ahead and share my
4.40s screen
7.76s okay perfect
14.00s setting a couple things up all right
15.68s perfect so you should all be able to see
18.88s my screen at this point and hopefully
20.56s you can hear me well if for whatever
22.40s reason you're not able to see it or
24.24s you're not able to hear me
26.08s clearly
27.20s just let me know go ahead and drop that
28.88s into the chat i will be keeping an eye
30.64s on that
31.84s during the presentation
33.76s but let's go ahead and make this full
35.20s screen
37.04s and we'll dive in here so
39.12s a couple of things i like to mention
40.96s before i actually start the session
43.76s number one that this is being recorded
46.24s and it will be emailed to you right
47.76s after the meeting ends
49.52s so you can watch it again or you can
51.60s actually share that link with your
52.88s colleagues if you think this would be
54.24s helpful for them
1:0.56 right now i do have everybody on mute
1:2.96 and at the very end of the session
1:5.60 if we do have any questions i will be
1:7.84 able to take you off you and i can
1:9.84 actually answer those for you
1:12.08 alternatively
1:13.60 um if you have questions that come up
1:15.44 during the actual presentation
1:17.68 like i mentioned i'm always keeping an
1:19.44 eye on the chat on the right hand side
1:21.28 of my screen so
1:23.52 please drop those questions in there and
1:25.92 as i see them come up i will happily
1:28.08 pause and answer those for you
1:30.08 actually just during the webinar so we
1:31.68 don't have to wait until the very end to
1:33.28 answer all of them
1:36.88 so today's
1:38.40 webinar topic is how attorneys
1:41.20 prioritize tasks and manage projects
1:44.88 specifically with priority matrix for
1:47.28 office 365.
1:49.52 so
1:50.48 a little bit of a disclaimer i'm
1:52.40 obviously not an attorney i'm not an
1:54.64 expert on what attorneys do so
1:57.84 throughout the presentation of this
1:59.36 webinar you know i'm definitely not
2:1.52 trying to say i know everything about a
2:3.52 day-to-day of an attorney because i most
2:5.52 definitely don't
2:7.20 what i am trying to say is
2:10.08 over the last couple of months i've seen
2:12.08 a really big influx of attorneys and law
2:14.56 firms actually using priority matrix and
2:18.08 with that i've been able to connect with
2:19.68 a lot of them one-on-one to
2:22.56 learn a little bit more about how
2:23.92 they're actually using priority matrix
2:26.72 to manage their day-to-day
2:29.04 so throughout all those meetings i've
2:30.80 been taking notes and
2:33.04 learning more and more piece by piece
2:35.12 from everybody that talks to me that's
2:36.80 an attorney using pm
2:39.04 and i put together a presentation for
2:42.08 other attorneys to just kind of
2:43.68 understand
2:45.12 how people in similar roles to them are
2:47.28 are in fact succeeding with priority
2:49.04 matrix
2:50.40 so i've done my best to deliver this in
2:52.80 a way that makes sense and it's kind of
2:54.64 clear cut for everybody and hopefully
2:56.96 put some
2:58.88 pieces in place to actually help you get
3:0.72 started with priority matrix
3:5.36 so what i've learned is the top
3:7.20 priorities as an attorney are pretty
3:9.84 similar from person to person that i'm
3:11.76 talking to
3:13.28 number one
3:14.40 every single attorney says they need a
3:16.24 strong communication line with their
3:17.92 clients
3:19.20 this is often happening through emails
3:22.00 and i'm going to circle back to this
3:23.28 topic in just a couple of minutes
3:26.24 the second top priority that i typically
3:28.32 gather from from attorneys are time
3:30.56 management their schedules are so packed
3:33.84 from when they get into the office often
3:36.32 six seven a.m and a lot of the times
3:38.64 they're the last to leave the office
3:40.80 they're so swamped with work
3:42.88 very busy hard-working people so time
3:46.16 management is definitely definitely
3:48.08 important for them
3:49.44 when they get a little bit of blank
3:50.80 space on their calendar priority matrix
3:53.04 can help them understand where they can
3:55.36 spend the extra 10 to 15 minutes to
3:57.92 really get the most out of their day
4:1.52 lastly for those attorneys that are able
4:3.84 to work with an assistant
4:5.92 having a simple way to delegate and
4:8.24 receive status updates is definitely a
4:10.16 top priority for these attorneys
4:19.84 so what is the priority matrix approach
4:22.96 and basically why is priority matrix
4:25.36 able to help attorneys and their
4:27.12 day-to-day projects and tasks
4:30.96 priority matrix helps attorneys have a
4:33.04 visual understanding of their top
4:34.96 priorities
4:36.48 and with the office 365 integrations
4:39.20 they're able to see everything in just
4:41.28 one central place
4:44.00 priority matrix also provides a system
4:46.32 for seamless collaboration if you are in
4:48.80 fact working with an assistant
4:51.20 and lastly priority matrix allows for
4:54.80 smooth email management to ensure
4:57.52 stronger client relationships
5:2.08 so how do you actually get started with
5:3.76 priority matrix the first thing you're
5:6.00 going to want to do is install priority
5:8.32 matrix for your office 365 applications
5:11.76 this includes microsoft teams and
5:14.24 outlook 365.
5:17.36 if you haven't already i always suggest
5:19.60 watching the introduction to priority
5:21.92 matrix webinar
5:23.52 i host these weekly and we also have
5:25.68 recorded sessions on our youtube channel
5:28.72 and
5:29.52 the intro and the advanced intro help
5:31.92 you understand the fundamentals of
5:34.56 using priority matrix
5:37.12 kind of the thought process behind it
5:39.44 how you can actually get started walking
5:41.68 you through the basic features and use
5:43.76 cases
5:45.04 it's definitely definitely important to
5:46.64 watch this introductory session if
5:48.48 you're brand new to pm
5:50.56 because without it it may be a little
5:52.24 bit challenging to get started
5:55.44 another step for effectively getting
5:57.84 started with pm is to attend live
5:59.76 webinars like we're doing today and be
6:2.16 sure to save your questions at the end
6:3.76 so i can answer them for you kind of on
6:5.52 demand
6:6.64 instead of having to send us a follow-up
6:8.32 email with all those questions
6:12.80 so what are we going to be looking at
6:14.40 during the priority matrix live demo
6:16.96 which is actually just going to be
6:18.40 following the slide
6:20.64 i'm going to show you how you can manage
6:22.16 your priorities with the four quadrant
6:23.84 method
6:24.72 and how i'm seeing attorneys doing that
6:26.64 successfully right now
6:28.72 we're going to look at email management
6:30.40 via outlook c5 to in fact improve your
6:33.76 communication with your clients
6:36.88 i'm going to show you how priority
6:38.40 matrix will basically tell you what to
6:40.72 work on when your schedule has that
6:42.48 flexibility
6:44.00 and lastly for those of you that do work
6:46.00 with an assistant i'm going to sprinkle
6:47.52 in a couple
6:48.96 tips on using pm with another person
6:52.72 during the duration of this entire
6:54.32 webinar we're really going to be taking
6:55.92 a close look at all best practices that
6:58.80 in fact i've seen attorneys using to be
7:1.76 successfully using priority matrix
7:5.68 so at this time i'm going to transition
7:7.60 into
7:8.56 kind of the live web or the live demo
7:11.20 portion of this webinar
7:13.92 this is a really great time to drop any
7:16.48 questions into the chat box that you
7:18.00 might have right now i'd be happy to
7:20.16 take a couple moments to answer those
7:21.92 for you all
7:23.12 i'm going to take a sip of water and
7:24.96 then i'll get into the live demo portion
7:27.60 of the webinar
7:34.40 perfect
7:36.00 so what we're looking at here this is my
7:38.80 priority matrix and
7:41.76 it is integrated 100 into
7:45.44 my
7:46.72 microsoft teams application
7:49.20 so for those of you that are just seeing
7:50.80 priority matrix for the first time and
7:52.72 maybe you haven't had the chance to
7:55.76 actually attend the intro session yet to
7:58.88 install priority matrix you're just
8:0.56 going to go to apps in the bottom left
8:2.48 corner
8:3.92 you're going to oops
8:5.52 you're going to
8:7.44 search for a priority matrix and then
8:10.24 excuse me once you get the app installed
8:12.72 you can actually just pin it open
8:15.68 so now you're going to be able to access
8:17.20 the full priority matrix application
8:20.16 without even having to leave microsoft
8:22.32 teams which is really helpful um
8:24.48 especially for those people that have a
8:26.00 slam packed calendar and just don't
8:28.08 really have time to toggle through
8:30.32 different platforms
8:33.52 kind of the basic foundation of priority
8:35.68 matrix is to allow you to create
8:37.60 projects
8:40.08 me which can be kept for your own
8:43.04 personal
8:44.56 project
8:46.16 and task management or
8:48.48 you will be able to share these projects
8:51.20 with your assistant and with your
8:52.72 colleagues if that would be helpful for
8:54.48 you
8:56.48 i'm going to open up this project here
8:58.88 which is called client one
9:1.20 you'll notice the way that i have these
9:2.96 projects set up first and foremost is
9:5.04 broken down based off of different
9:6.80 clients
9:8.72 so
9:9.52 the reason i have it set up this way is
9:11.36 again simply because this is how i've
9:13.60 seen other attorneys setting up their
9:15.28 projects
9:16.48 and it seems to be a really good setup
9:18.32 for them so
9:20.00 as an attorney getting started with
9:22.16 priority matrix i would say set up just
9:24.32 two or three projects representing maybe
9:26.56 the major clients that you're working
9:28.00 with right now
9:32.96 when i open up this project this now
9:35.28 represents all of the tasks and all of
9:37.60 the priorities that i would need to get
9:39.76 done for this client being their
9:42.00 attorney
9:44.00 a couple things i like to point out just
9:46.16 one of the
9:47.28 kind of first tips for best practices is
9:50.56 keeping in mind that you can always
9:52.24 rename these quadrants
9:54.32 so this will be taking place here on the
9:56.40 right hand side of my screen
9:59.76 where you can actually just highlight
10:1.12 the name and retype it in
10:3.68 now i've seen attorneys using the
10:6.40 quadrant titles in many different ways
10:10.16 but this is a common set up that i see
10:12.80 kind of surfacing time and time again
10:15.36 which is grouping your urgent tasks
10:17.28 together and then also giving you a
10:19.04 space to kind of map out your next steps
10:22.96 attorneys are also constantly using
10:25.60 different documentation
10:27.60 files emailed back and forth between
10:29.68 their clients
10:30.96 so this is a great place to keep all of
10:32.80 your important files for one client
10:35.36 and then lastly as a place to integrate
10:37.76 all of the emails from the specific
10:39.84 client that you definitely need to keep
10:41.76 track of
10:43.84 this is just an example you know by no
10:45.76 means you have to do it this way but um
10:48.08 this might be a helpful way just to kind
10:49.68 of help you get started using pm
10:54.56 now i'm going to open up one of these
10:56.72 tasks here to talk a little bit more
10:58.40 about how you can set up all of your
11:0.00 different priorities
11:2.64 so
11:3.36 number one you just double click in here
11:5.20 and then you type your task name and
11:7.68 then this represents something that in
11:9.60 theory you need to get done or keep
11:11.28 track of for this client that you're
11:12.80 working with
11:15.04 you can then go in here and you can set
11:17.20 your deadline
11:19.20 these due dates are gonna uh appear a
11:21.76 couple different places but this is
11:23.44 gonna be how priority matrix will help
11:25.44 you understand what you need to get done
11:27.12 on a day-to-day basis
11:30.32 you are able to write out all of your
11:32.88 item notes again just kind of on a
11:34.72 personal level to keep to
11:36.88 help you keep track of things you need
11:38.40 to get done regarding this
11:40.84 priority and you can also upload files
11:43.92 so this is going to be a safe space to
11:46.16 upload files we are not able to access
11:48.40 them and priority matrix does
11:50.96 hold ourselves accountable to a very
11:52.88 high level of security so
11:55.28 you should feel safe uploading any um
11:58.08 you know privacy documents and anything
12:0.08 you need to keep track of you can upload
12:1.68 right here
12:4.88 one kind of um well i guess the second
12:7.20 best practice that excuse me for a
12:9.28 moment
12:17.92 sorry about that i'm just working
12:19.28 through a little cold here and i am
12:21.60 keep coughing so i figured i'd just put
12:23.60 myself on mute while i do that um
12:26.40 and spare you guys from hearing that
12:28.88 just a little heads up if i do go on
12:30.72 mute it's simply just because i'm
12:31.92 getting a little sip of water or i'm
12:34.08 coughing
12:35.28 um so i'm not not leaving you hanging
12:37.68 just muting myself for a quick second
12:39.84 there
12:41.12 okay
12:42.88 so i was going to say another best
12:44.72 practice that i want to share with you
12:46.40 all as an attorney using priority matrix
12:49.84 what i've seen it to be really helpful
12:52.08 is using what we call item tags
12:55.36 so here in the middle of my screen or
12:57.76 rather on the right hand side where my
12:59.36 mouse is hovering over
13:1.44 i have the tag document
13:4.84 added the reason i did this is because
13:7.60 this priority is in reference to forms
13:10.08 in other words an important document for
13:11.84 this client
13:13.04 i've also done the same thing for this
13:15.04 priority and i've done the same thing
13:17.92 for
13:19.52 priorities that are related to documents
13:21.92 for other clients as well
13:23.92 so you might be asking why am i doing
13:26.00 that the reason is because there's a
13:28.88 view which i'm going to show you in just
13:30.48 a moment actually i'll just jump to it
13:32.40 right now which is called the search
13:35.20 view
13:36.24 so
13:37.36 put yourself in the shoes of an attorney
13:39.92 working with
13:41.28 multiple clients and let's say it's
13:43.44 friday morning and you're like okay well
13:45.20 what are the outstanding documents that
13:47.04 i need to process for all of the clients
13:49.36 that i'm working with
13:51.84 the search view is going to show you
13:53.36 everything across all of your priority
13:55.60 matrix projects
13:57.36 but what you can do is you can in fact
13:59.28 it filter by tags
14:1.44 so now i'm going to go to the bottom
14:3.12 right of my screen
14:5.04 i'm going to type in document
14:7.04 and now i'm only seeing priorities
14:10.40 that have that item tag document on it
14:13.60 again just to kind of zero in focus on
14:16.00 what i need to see
14:17.60 and now i can see important documents
14:19.68 across all of the clients i'm working
14:21.52 with
14:24.24 hopefully that kind of resonates with
14:25.76 you i've seen that be incredibly helpful
14:28.16 for attorneys using pm and something to
14:30.56 keep in mind is you're not limited to
14:32.72 just one
14:34.08 tag per action item
14:36.72 you can add as many tags as you need in
14:38.72 order to help you kind of feel like
14:40.32 you're staying organized and keeping
14:42.16 track of everything super easily
14:48.40 kind of going with the idea of having a
14:50.40 view that shows you
14:52.48 a wide context of different things in
14:55.12 your priority matrix
14:57.36 so just to kind of center us again this
14:59.52 is back to my project view
15:1.84 and then i'm going to click on the home
15:3.52 view in the top left corner
15:6.40 from the home i'm going to jump to my
15:8.32 agenda
15:9.76 so
15:10.88 circling back to that theme of of course
15:13.20 an attorney has a jam-packed today they
15:16.24 often don't have any extra time to even
15:19.36 have a chance to look at what they need
15:20.96 to work on
15:22.32 but when they use agenda by priority
15:24.96 matrix this is going to show them again
15:27.76 across all of their different client
15:29.52 projects and it shows you on a daily
15:31.76 basis so here's yesterday
15:34.24 here's today here's tomorrow
15:36.64 again a breakdown of seven days straight
15:39.28 and it will show them what they
15:40.96 specifically have due for today
15:44.16 so let's say i'm attorney i have
15:47.12 an extra 30 minutes at the end of my day
15:49.44 today being thursday and i'm like okay
15:51.52 well what do i still need to get done
15:53.44 for today
15:54.48 and maybe what do i have on my plate for
15:56.32 tomorrow
15:57.44 you don't have to jump from emails to
15:59.68 meeting notes to
16:1.52 you know client notes you have all of
16:4.08 your priorities right here so you know
16:6.24 exactly what you need to get done by the
16:7.92 end of the day
16:11.76 so lastly but in my opinion most
16:14.24 importantly especially working as an
16:16.00 attorney using priority matrix
16:18.72 i want to touch on the aspect of email
16:21.28 management
16:23.12 so an attorney a couple weeks ago
16:25.20 actually
16:27.12 showed me their inbox and they were like
16:29.04 erica
16:30.08 look at all this craziness that i have
16:32.96 i have so many emails coming in from all
16:35.20 of my clients and
16:37.68 honestly it's hard to keep track of them
16:39.76 since
16:41.04 you know emails that you receive and
16:42.56 you're like hey i need to reply to this
16:44.56 right now let's just do it
16:46.32 those emails are not the hard ones that
16:48.72 that are challenging to keep track of
16:51.84 the challenging emails are those that
16:54.24 maybe need
16:55.36 um
16:56.72 a collaboration with somebody else or
16:58.72 maybe you need to follow up in a couple
17:0.08 of days something is pending
17:2.72 the ones that don't require your
17:4.24 attention immediately are the ones that
17:6.08 slip through the cracks
17:8.56 so
17:9.28 when you use the priority matrix and
17:11.52 outlook integration
17:13.68 you can now grab an email and you can
17:16.72 actually prioritize it into your
17:18.88 priority matrix projects so here's the
17:21.68 new client request
17:23.52 let's say it's relevant to client one
17:26.48 put it into our emails quadrant
17:30.00 pick our due date and then we hit create
17:32.72 action item
17:35.44 it's going to give you a little preview
17:36.88 of the task that you just created maybe
17:39.36 we need to go in here and we'd like to
17:41.04 set a reminder for ourselves for
17:42.80 tomorrow
17:44.08 let's say um 1 p.m tomorrow
17:48.56 let's see did you do okay we have our
17:51.04 due date set we're going to just do it
17:53.04 once
17:54.08 and we're good to go so now we have a
17:56.24 reminder in place as well
17:59.44 when i go back to my priority matrix
18:1.44 i'll show you all what this email looks
18:3.04 like since we have now integrated it
18:5.76 here it is we have a reminder and we
18:8.00 have a due date in the notes you can see
18:9.92 the whole body of this email
18:12.96 so again
18:14.40 if i were to
18:16.00 jump back to my agenda view here and i
18:19.20 was like okay well what's everything
18:21.20 that i have on my plate for tomorrow and
18:23.52 for today
18:25.36 it's gonna update for us and
18:27.60 here's a great example because it does
18:29.76 include a bunch of emails that i know
18:31.68 i'm going to need to circle back to
18:33.20 tomorrow ranging across all the clients
18:35.76 that i'm working with
18:38.88 so just a little recap of what we've
18:40.56 looked at so far there is one more thing
18:43.12 that i want to show you guys and then
18:44.56 we'll open up the floor for questions
18:47.28 so far we've looked at the ability to
18:49.44 create priorities
18:51.52 add tags how you can actually search for
18:54.88 those tags
18:56.56 what you can work on when you have a
18:58.16 little bit of blank space on your
18:59.60 calendar and how you can easily manage
19:1.84 your emails
19:4.48 hopefully that's all been helpful up to
19:6.08 this point but i definitely do want to
19:7.92 touch on the concept of using priority
19:10.40 matrix with an assistant
19:12.48 i've seen a lot of attorneys bringing on
19:14.40 assistance over the last couple of
19:15.92 months and oftentimes their question is
19:18.16 well how do i involve them in priority
19:20.88 matrix as well
19:25.04 the answer to that is going to be first
19:27.36 and foremost you'll want to share these
19:29.04 projects with your assistant by simply
19:31.12 adding them as a project member
19:34.08 once you've added your assistant as a
19:35.68 project member
19:37.04 he or she will then be able to
19:39.44 access this project entirely and have
19:41.84 visibility in here
19:44.56 let's say there's a new file we need to
19:47.68 process
19:49.36 and this is going to be something that
19:50.88 your assistant is going to handle for
19:52.88 you
19:55.12 add that priority and then on the right
19:56.80 hand side what you're going to want to
19:58.08 do is actually delegate this to them
20:0.80 and then we can say hey bella can you
20:3.52 handle this task for me by monday
20:6.88 send that comment we'll say this is
20:8.80 going to be due monday at 5 pm so monday
20:11.36 end of day
20:13.92 we have our due date set now and then
20:15.76 we'll just add a little checklist of
20:17.92 things
20:18.72 or maybe steps she needs to take to
20:20.64 correctly process this
20:22.64 um
20:23.44 file so now i can see see notes for more
20:26.40 info
20:27.28 on processing this file
20:31.76 all right so what happens now bella has
20:34.16 now been notified in her priority matrix
20:36.80 that i've delegated this task to her
20:40.00 and on the flip side
20:42.08 maybe she has a couple questions she's
20:44.64 got it done she provides a status update
20:47.28 for me all of those updates from my
20:49.36 assistant will in fact be coming into
20:51.76 this alert section for me
20:54.16 where i can then click through
20:56.08 and make sure on the same page
20:58.32 so all of the alerts and updates and
21:0.24 notifications will just be coming right
21:2.24 through this little alert section again
21:4.08 keeping everything
21:5.60 kind of centralized and easy for you to
21:7.60 view directly through pm running through
21:10.16 your team's application
21:14.48 okay wow so that was a lot of
21:16.16 information that i just shared with you
21:17.84 all i hope that that made it hopefully
21:20.88 at least a little bit of sense
21:22.88 again the way that i came to kind of put
21:25.12 this presentation together was
21:28.00 by continuously getting feedback from
21:29.92 attorneys that are successfully using
21:31.84 priority matrix right now
21:33.92 so essentially i wanted to take all of
21:36.08 that good information put it together in
21:38.32 a presentation and share with other
21:40.00 attorneys who
21:41.36 may be looking for a project in task
21:43.28 management solution
21:45.68 so what are the key learnings here
21:47.76 priority matrix will help you manage
21:49.52 your priorities easily and work on what
21:51.84 matters the most by clearly showing you
21:54.96 all of your priorities in one place
21:58.56 we're going to help you have proactive
22:0.00 email management to improve your
22:1.52 customer relationships
22:4.24 when you can see your emails priorities
22:6.32 and meetings all in one place it's going
22:8.80 to make for improved time management and
22:12.32 test delegation is easy and those
22:14.80 progress updates that are incredibly
22:16.40 necessary will just be shared with you
22:18.32 in one central place
22:22.48 so lastly the next steps
22:25.36 i would definitely suggest register
22:27.52 for my upcoming webinars next week i'm
22:29.44 hosting another intro and also an
22:31.52 advanced intro as well
22:34.08 be sure to install pm for your office
22:36.32 applications
22:37.76 and lastly to start testing priority
22:40.08 matrix with your day-to-day tasks
22:42.56 i don't want you to feel like you have
22:44.48 to get every single thing in priority
22:46.56 matrix right away
22:48.24 we'll definitely get there but just add
22:50.08 a couple projects and a couple
22:51.60 priorities and emails and just to kind
22:54.32 of start getting a feel for how priority
22:56.24 matrix works
22:58.16 sarah i see your question thank you so
23:0.16 much for asking
23:2.56 so it you said would it be possible to
23:4.64 get a copy of the recording
23:6.84 absolutely i'm gonna send everybody a
23:10.00 follow-up email
23:11.36 right when this session ends
23:14.64 and it will have a copy of the recording
23:16.72 and it will also have a link to my
23:18.24 upcoming webinars
23:22.00 you for attending sarah i hope that this
23:23.76 was helpful for you
23:26.56 i see another liberty i can see
23:29.36 you typing so we'll give you just a
23:31.52 moment to ask those questions
23:33.76 i always look forward to seeing your
23:35.28 questions because it really helps me
23:36.96 kind of tailor
23:38.32 my
23:39.20 next webinars to the needs of the
23:41.92 audience so thanks for asking and
23:43.76 sharing the feedback
23:54.48 i'll give you guys just another couple
23:56.08 moments here to get your questions
23:58.80 shared in the chat box perfect
24:1.84 liberty
24:3.12 she said would you please check if we
24:4.72 are set up for priority matrix or do we
24:6.56 have to buy it separately oops sorry i
24:8.64 guess your name is ravi not liberty i
24:10.64 guess it's liberty law office
24:12.88 my apologies but yes
24:14.96 ravi i will check on that for you
24:17.76 instead of a sharing of information on
24:19.76 this webinar i will follow up with you
24:22.16 one on one to let you know the status of
24:25.60 your license and kind of the next steps
24:27.60 to help you get access to the system
24:37.04 cherokee i see you're typing i'll give
24:39.52 you a couple moments here to get your
24:41.44 question up
24:42.88 again really appreciate you all being
24:44.64 here today and sharing your questions
24:46.56 and thoughts and feedback with me super
24:48.32 helpful
24:52.08 okay well it looks like that wraps up
24:54.08 the q a
24:55.52 portion for today
24:57.68 i can't thank you all enough for being
24:59.28 here