Standardize Your Workflow with Priority Matrix Templates

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Simplify recurring processes, and save time for what matters, by using Priority Matrix templates. Easily streamlines processes, and create consistency across systems with Priority Templates. You will not want to miss this webinar!

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Video transcription (21:50.00) Stop scroll

2.32s this webinar ends i'm going to follow up
4.00s with each and every one of you with
5.68s number one this recorded webinar to
7.84s watch again or share with your
9.28s colleagues
10.32s and i'm also going to include a link to
12.08s my other upcoming webinars
14.24s we're doing something super exciting
15.92s next week on wednesday at 11 a.m
19.20s mountain standard time
21.52s which is
22.56s going to be more of kind of an open
23.84s discussion where we basically just join
25.84s to answer questions hear your use case
27.92s and kind of get to know each other as a
29.44s community
30.56s so that will be happening next week but
32.96s we also do have kind of more structured
34.96s webinars like what we're going to be
36.24s looking at today so
38.32s for the duration of this webinar i'm
40.32s going to have you all muted but at the
42.56s very end
43.76s we're going to have plenty of time for a
45.36s q a so please please write down your
47.28s questions and save them
49.04s because i'd love to hear your thoughts
50.64s and answer any questions you might have
52.48s about using priority matrix templates
57.12s so with that being said i'm going to go
58.80s ahead and share my screen and we'll kind
1:0.80 of jump in and get started with the
1:2.72 webinar today
1:5.84 so again i can't thank you all enough
1:7.76 for showing up today and giving me you
1:9.60 know 20 to 30 minutes of your time that
1:11.76 means so much to me and
1:14.00 hopefully you get some powerful
1:15.60 takeaways during this webinar today
1:19.04 so today what we're going to be looking
1:21.12 at is how you can standardize projects
1:24.48 and save time with priority matrix
1:26.88 templates
1:28.64 this topic has been such a big ask over
1:31.12 the last couple of months and i've been
1:32.96 getting continuous feedback from my
1:34.96 other webinars that people are really
1:36.64 dying to learn more about
1:38.88 why they should be using templates use
1:40.96 cases for using templates and not only
1:43.36 that but you know how they can actually
1:45.52 use this functionality to set them up
1:47.68 and share these templates with their
1:49.20 teammates so we're going to touch on a
1:51.28 little bit of the value of these
1:52.80 templates today but i am also going to
1:54.96 break it down and show you how you can
1:57.28 actually get started using these
1:59.52 templates
2:4.32 so who is priority matrix designed for
2:7.84 priority matrix is set up for the leader
2:10.56 who
2:11.68 strives to save time
2:13.60 managers who want standardized metrics
2:16.16 across the board
2:17.68 and teammates who manage recurring
2:19.76 projects and tasks without priority
2:22.96 matrix i've seen a lot of different use
2:25.60 cases as to how people
2:27.84 typically try to set up recurring
2:29.60 processes and a lot of the times it can
2:31.84 look like an excel spreadsheet or maybe
2:34.16 an email that gets sent out every single
2:36.32 time a new project is brought on or this
2:38.80 recurring process has to take place
2:41.60 and
2:42.48 as you all know recurring processes
2:44.80 are definitely not limited to one
2:47.20 organization or one role it happens
2:50.16 throughout the entire organization and
2:52.40 it happens all the time ranging from a
2:55.36 sales process to
2:57.12 onboarding employees to invoicing to
2:59.92 quarterly goals
3:1.68 pretty much everybody i talked to has
3:4.16 this in common which is the need for
3:6.64 templates
3:8.00 and surprisingly
3:9.84 a lot of other project management
3:11.68 software's don't offer this to their
3:14.40 users which is really crazy to me
3:16.88 because like i said
3:18.40 i've seen the value really blow up
3:20.32 across organizations and templates
3:23.28 are such a big ask and they're needed so
3:26.16 heavily right now so i'm really excited
3:28.56 to kind of show you how these can fit
3:30.16 into your day-to-day
3:35.20 so how does the priority matrix approach
3:37.68 support organizations who want better
3:40.08 communication and improved project
3:42.72 management
3:44.96 our approach offers an effective and
3:47.28 visual approach to easily create and
3:49.76 share custom templates
3:52.08 manage recurring tasks effectively and
3:55.12 standardize metrics across streamlined
3:58.00 projects
3:59.52 another thing that i want to touch on
4:1.12 right now is the concept of
4:3.92 creating these templates to standardize
4:6.64 projects i like to use the example of
4:9.68 onboarding
4:10.96 because with the amount of organizations
4:13.12 i've been able to work with here over
4:15.12 the past six years with affluence i've
4:17.76 started to understand that onboarding
4:19.44 new employees is
4:21.12 happening in every single organization
4:23.44 and it's a perfect example for using a
4:25.60 recurring process
4:28.24 my last bullet point here which is
4:30.08 standardized metrics
4:32.32 what i mean by that is
4:34.00 when you have a recurring process and
4:36.96 you have a set in stone template that
4:39.04 you use
4:40.40 the priority matrix productivity insight
4:43.12 reports
4:44.32 are going to be really easy to compare
4:46.56 across the board
4:48.64 when all of your projects are exactly
4:50.56 the same so setting metrics and
4:53.36 expectations and most importantly goals
4:56.16 become crystal clear
4:58.00 when all of your projects essentially
4:59.92 have the same process and you're not
5:2.24 trying to mix and match what you've done
5:4.40 for your past projects
5:10.08 like so many companies over the past
5:12.16 several years you're likely using the
5:14.48 office ecosystem more than ever
5:18.16 priority matrix is deeply rooted into
5:20.72 microsoft teams and outlook 365. so you
5:24.64 can switch context less often and keep
5:27.36 working inside the platforms you already
5:30.00 know and trust
5:31.92 while we do integrate with your office
5:33.84 365 applications likely heavier than any
5:37.36 other project management solution you're
5:39.36 using
5:40.40 you'll be happy to know that you can
5:42.00 still collaborate externally if needed
5:45.04 within priority matrix
5:49.52 another quick example here for this use
5:52.00 case is consultants we've been working
5:54.64 really heavily in the consultant
5:56.32 vertical over the past couple of months
5:58.64 and we've come to understand that their
6:0.88 checklist for a system looks like
6:3.28 something that integrates with office
6:5.12 365
6:7.52 a system that allows you to create
6:9.44 templates for recurring processes
6:12.24 and it almost most importantly is a
6:14.88 system that will allow these consultants
6:17.28 to collaborate with
6:18.84 consultants and again that you would be
6:21.20 surprised by the fact that the majority
6:24.40 of project management solutions we are
6:26.56 compared to
6:28.40 don't allow organizations to work with
6:30.96 external collaborators such as clients
6:33.60 in the example of a consultant
6:35.84 with priority matrix you're not going to
6:37.60 be up against those barriers and if this
6:40.00 resonates with you i would love to
6:41.44 answer your questions at the end or
6:43.12 speak to you one on one
6:45.04 about how you can use pm with those
6:47.52 external collabs
6:52.48 so the next thing i'm going to
6:53.68 transition to is actually the live demo
6:55.76 of priority matrix which
6:57.68 most likely is what brought you all here
6:59.52 today
7:1.44 so what are we going to look at during
7:2.96 the priority matrix demo
7:5.28 i'm going to show you how to create and
7:7.52 utilize custom templates
7:9.92 alongside that we're going to definitely
7:11.76 touch on some of the best practices with
7:14.16 those custom templates and we're going
7:16.64 to look at how you can set recurring
7:18.48 deadlines and reminders
7:20.96 so the whole concept of this demo today
7:24.00 is not simply how you'll be using
7:26.64 priority matrix but why this system is
7:29.28 going to be so beneficial for you and
7:31.12 your teammates to help you save time
7:33.92 help you create a standardized process
7:36.64 and make your day today easier than you
7:39.20 ever imagined it being
7:43.44 so with all of this being said let's
7:45.92 transition to my priority matrix
7:48.16 application
7:53.84 all right so what are we looking at
7:55.92 right now
7:57.68 this is my priority matrix and i haven't
8:0.56 integrated 100
8:2.80 into the team's platform
8:4.96 you don't have to use priority matrix
8:7.20 within teams we do have a desktop
8:9.76 application and a web application which
8:12.56 really works wonderfully so you know
8:14.72 feel free to use priority matrix in a
8:16.96 spot that's going to be best for you
8:19.12 and the system will sync automatically
8:21.60 back and forth so test it out wherever
8:23.36 you would like
8:25.76 if in fact you do use priority matrix
8:28.00 via teams be sure to pin it open so it
8:30.48 stays available for you whenever you're
8:33.04 working somewhere else in teams
8:36.32 at the top of my screen i have the my
8:38.56 projects tab selected
8:42.08 so what does this mean this essentially
8:44.00 opens up the entire web application
8:47.04 for priority matrix
8:49.92 within this view
8:51.44 we right now are looking at my projects
8:54.24 and projects become a central space
8:56.80 where you're able to either track your
8:58.64 own priorities
9:0.16 or set up these projects to collaborate
9:2.72 with your teammates
9:4.56 work together and when i open up a
9:7.28 project we're going to see what this
9:9.12 looks like
9:11.36 so essentially what you're able to do is
9:13.68 use the quadrants to prioritize
9:15.76 everything that you need to get done
9:18.00 within these quadrants are your standing
9:20.16 tasks that either you're gonna work on
9:23.28 leaving yourself as the owner for this
9:25.12 item
9:26.00 or as we talked about you are able to
9:28.16 delegate these tasks and include
9:30.48 followers to your priority matrix
9:32.72 projects
9:35.04 what's special about using the system is
9:37.84 you now have one central space where
9:40.16 you're able to number one
9:41.84 gain visibility to understand the status
9:44.40 of these projects and these priorities
9:47.60 use our workload management reporting to
9:51.12 ensure that each person has an even
9:53.20 workload throughout the week and
9:54.72 throughout the team
9:56.40 and you're now able to communicate
9:59.52 and set deadlines effortlessly without
10:1.76 having to refer back to your emails
10:3.76 constantly
10:6.40 so this is a little snippet of kind of
10:8.24 the general concept of priority matrix
10:10.96 if you're looking for more of a deep
10:13.04 dive on the basics be sure to join my
10:15.76 introduction to priority matrix webinar
10:18.56 which i'm hosting tomorrow friday the
10:20.88 11th at 8 am mountain standard time
10:25.76 so let's circle back to the whole idea
10:28.08 of this webinar today now that we've
10:30.16 laid the ground rules for kind of how
10:32.72 priority matrix works
10:35.04 looking at templates
10:37.68 so
10:38.40 when you're getting started with
10:39.68 priority matrix you're going to find
10:41.28 yourself adding it projects
10:44.64 so when i click on add project you're
10:47.12 going to see that i have the option to
10:48.96 either create a blank project
10:52.00 which i'm going to go into detail in
10:53.68 just a minute
10:55.04 or at the bottom you're going to see
10:56.80 where it says my templates
10:58.96 and these are going to be templates that
11:1.12 you've already set up and saved it to
11:3.52 kind of your template archive sharing
11:5.60 those with your teammates
11:8.16 we're going to circle back to this and
11:9.52 it's all going to make more sense in
11:10.96 just a moment but i also want to point
11:13.28 out our public templates
11:15.44 so if in fact you are ready to get
11:17.76 started templating but you're not quite
11:19.92 sure how you want to approach it
11:22.40 and you're not quite sure you're ready
11:23.92 to create your own templates yet there's
11:26.24 no problem just install some of our
11:28.56 public templates to help you get started
11:33.84 so let's go kind of move forward with
11:36.00 this example of setting up a template so
11:39.36 we'll go ahead and say okay blank
11:41.12 project we're starting from scratch
11:43.52 let's call this invoicing again because
11:45.92 i know that this is a common follow-up
11:48.32 or rather let's say
11:50.24 um let's set it as annual
11:53.84 or let's say
11:55.68 monthly goals
11:57.20 for the team
11:59.76 a couple different ideas there couldn't
12:1.20 make up my mind with the example i
12:3.28 wanted to go with
12:4.80 so project name plain and simple title
12:7.28 it there and then ignore all of this and
12:9.92 just hit add project
12:13.68 so a couple of things to keep in mind
12:16.56 when it comes to setting up templates
12:19.92 by default you have the quadrant set up
12:22.80 to kind of help you prioritize based off
12:24.96 of what you need to get done now what
12:26.40 can be delegated and what can be
12:28.24 postponed
12:29.84 when people set up their custom
12:31.52 templates
12:32.64 oftentimes it entails renaming these
12:35.04 quadrants so for the monthly goals
12:37.60 going off of this example we'll just say
12:39.68 short-term goals
12:41.20 or rather
12:42.56 daily goals
12:46.56 daily goals and then we'll say
12:49.68 so many typos we'll say weekly goals
12:53.60 maybe we'll say
12:56.08 bi-weekly goals
12:58.32 and then we'll say ideas for next month
13:1.28 maybe goals but we're not ready to
13:2.88 implement them
13:5.68 so
13:6.40 you'll see in just a minute these
13:7.84 quadrant headers are going to update and
13:10.16 now we've kind of taken the first step
13:11.84 to customizing this template
13:15.20 the next thing we could do is kind of
13:16.96 lay out ground rules for how we like to
13:19.04 approach the daily goals so we could say
13:20.88 how are you going to
13:23.28 achieve this daily goal
13:26.96 add that
13:28.56 and then we're going to say
13:31.76 maybe
13:32.88 let's say ideas for
13:36.48 tracking daily goals and then maybe
13:39.28 we'll say in priority matrix because
13:41.12 this is a great place to track your
13:42.64 goals
13:44.16 so as you can see we're just kind of
13:45.92 breaking down a recurring process that
13:47.84 you may want to share with your new
13:49.20 employees who
13:50.64 are just getting started tracking these
13:52.48 monthly goals
13:54.88 a couple other things i would like to
13:56.40 point out so you can leave this as is
13:58.24 and save the template or you can go in
14:0.72 and you can say all right when
14:2.08 somebody's setting their monthly goals
14:4.80 we would like to have this concept
14:6.96 instilled by the first week
14:10.48 next up you can say all right so here's
14:12.48 what comes next and we're going to want
14:14.24 this to be due shortly after they you
14:16.72 know handle the first task here
14:21.60 so from here you can continue to build
14:24.16 out this process so keeping in mind the
14:26.48 concept of onboarding invoicing a sales
14:29.12 process there's likely a lot of steps
14:31.20 that come into play here but we'll just
14:32.64 keep this short for
14:34.40 you know the concept of trying to stay
14:36.40 on track for this webinar today
14:40.24 one more thing i would like to point out
14:41.92 is you can actually
14:43.68 share this project with your teammates
14:45.92 by adding them
14:47.52 to this project
14:49.52 and from here if there's other people
14:51.84 who
14:53.84 need to be responsible for these tasks
14:56.08 again maybe it's people in hr or sales
14:58.72 you can actually delegate these tasks
15:0.88 out to those people
15:2.96 and then wrapping this all up so what i
15:5.68 really want you all to understand is
15:7.52 that when you're setting up templates
15:9.84 let's see it looks like we may have a
15:11.44 question
15:12.48 checking out the chat box
15:14.64 and i'll circle back to that thank you
15:16.24 for your question luis we'll look at
15:17.68 that at the very end
15:19.68 so
15:20.80 what i want you to understand about
15:22.32 setting up templates is
15:24.32 you can go
15:25.52 as in depth as you would like it setting
15:27.76 up recurring steps or you can simply
15:30.48 just rename the quadrants feel free to
15:32.96 play around with it it's completely up
15:34.72 to you
15:35.68 um how you want to go about this
15:38.08 and you can always modify these
15:39.44 templates as well
15:40.88 so when you're ready and you feel good
15:42.72 about this template we can go and say
15:44.80 save project as template
15:47.12 i'm just going to call this a monthly
15:48.96 goals for team and we'll call it
15:50.32 template
15:51.44 so we'll say please use this template
15:54.24 for new employees
15:56.24 for their first
15:58.96 round of
16:0.48 monthly goal setting
16:2.40 just an example again your templates may
16:4.40 look completely different but
16:6.32 we'll just use that all right so then we
16:9.04 hit create template so created
16:11.68 successfully
16:13.20 so let's backtrack a little bit and
16:15.44 we'll pretend okay you know it's time to
16:19.12 um use this monthly goals template so
16:21.68 what we can do is simply hit add project
16:25.44 and we're going to see under my projects
16:28.00 or rather my my templates here it is so
16:30.72 monthly goals for the team i can click
16:33.28 on it
16:34.48 one thing i do like to point out which
16:36.08 is super cool is you can choose the
16:37.76 start date so i'm going to choose this
16:40.00 for the first of april for example
16:43.36 the reason we allow you to choose the
16:45.20 start date is because
16:47.36 these dates that i programmed into the
16:49.60 priorities in the project are going to
16:51.20 update accordingly to when you re-access
16:53.92 this template
16:55.84 all right so i hit add template and
16:58.80 there we go so
17:0.40 you'll see it's very cool the members
17:2.40 are already added the tasks are already
17:4.56 delegated out and our due dates are
17:6.64 going to update once the template hits
17:8.96 that date of the start time when we said
17:11.60 we would like to start using the
17:12.80 template
17:14.08 so honestly it's an incredible process
17:16.80 and very easy to use
17:20.24 and
17:21.04 it can save you so much time when you
17:22.88 don't have to consistently recreate the
17:25.28 same templates over and over
17:27.52 lastly and then i'll circle back and
17:29.12 answer all of your questions
17:31.44 is it i'd like to show you how you can
17:33.92 set a recurring task kind of going along
17:35.92 with the idea of recurring templates
17:38.08 it's really easy and straightforward
17:40.48 we'll use this guy over here because i
17:42.40 don't have a due date on it yet
17:45.04 basically when you're setting your dates
17:46.88 you can go in and you can set your
17:48.48 deadline
17:49.68 and then what you can do is recurrence
17:51.68 and we'll say daily for example until
17:54.56 date you can choose that as well
17:56.80 so you'll see when i check this off it's
17:58.64 going to go away period
18:0.72 momentarily but it's going to pop right
18:3.28 back up with the new deadline that i put
18:5.36 in there
18:7.36 there it is perfect
18:9.20 so it's very cool um
18:11.36 it's a great way to go about those
18:12.64 recurring processes and lastly i always
18:15.28 like to show the concept of
18:17.28 setting a recurring reminder as well
18:19.84 so i can say remind me daily until
18:23.36 complete
18:25.52 you'll see that i typed this in as a
18:27.20 command
18:28.40 it's really special and a really cool
18:30.16 way to update these items now it says
18:32.00 reminder set for eric bullio
18:34.32 and it's literally going to remind me
18:36.08 every single day or i can say remind me
18:38.88 every friday
18:40.32 also an option if you're interested and
18:43.52 oops remind me every friday i forgot a
18:46.24 word there
18:47.44 if you're interested in learning more
18:48.64 about these commands and these recurring
18:50.24 reminders we can talk about at the end
18:52.48 or shoot me a quick email and i'm happy
18:54.24 to help
18:56.40 so hopefully that helps you understand
18:58.56 the use cases of templates and recurring
19:0.80 deadlines and you know why these are
19:3.04 going to be so powerful for your team
19:6.80 i do see a question that i want to
19:8.32 answer here and then i'll kind of finish
19:10.08 out the key points but the question from
19:12.56 luis and thank you for asking this is if
19:15.04 the project involves more categories is
19:17.44 it possible to add more than four
19:19.12 sections
19:20.24 so to answer your question louise
19:23.04 it's actually not possible to do that
19:25.36 right now each quadrant is going to
19:28.64 rather excuse me each project
19:30.88 is going to have four quadrants
19:34.16 reason being is because priority matrix
19:36.56 was initially based off of the
19:38.00 eisenhower matrix and that was based off
19:41.28 of four different quadrants and so we
19:42.96 kind of stuck to that trend
19:45.20 that's a great question and it leads me
19:47.04 into showing you a couple different
19:48.80 views
19:49.92 that you can utilize so you can utilize
19:52.00 the quadrant standard four quadrants
19:54.72 the list view
19:56.16 we have an automatically generated
19:58.16 calendar
19:59.68 and we have a gantt chart where you can
20:1.84 actually set up dependencies as well
20:4.96 if you're interested in that i have a
20:6.40 couple tutorials on the gantt chart
20:8.16 dependencies that i would love to show
20:9.84 you
20:11.44 but we do include these different views
20:13.36 because we understand that sometimes the
20:14.88 four quadrants isn't you know the
20:16.64 perfect approach to the project so
20:19.28 definitely feel free to check those out
20:20.96 as well thank you for that question
20:24.64 so key points
20:26.32 it's gonna these templates are gonna
20:27.84 help you minimize manual work with
20:29.52 custom templates you can standardize
20:31.92 recurring processes and deadlines and if
20:34.64 you're interested in learning more about
20:35.92 the reports to analyze these
20:37.52 standardized projects just let me know
20:39.20 and i'm happy to connect with you to
20:40.72 show you those
20:44.00 with all of this being said i would like
20:45.76 to ask are there any other questions
20:47.92 that i can answer for you all today you
20:50.48 know maybe it's about templates maybe
20:52.32 it's about something completely
20:53.60 different in priority matrix let me know
20:56.40 i would love to hear those questions
20:59.76 alternatively at the very end of these
21:1.84 webinars i do like to try and open this
21:3.84 up for a discussion to learn a little
21:6.24 bit more about your use cases
21:8.96 and kind of you know what brought you
21:10.64 here to this webinar today
21:12.88 so if there's anybody in the audience
21:14.88 who wants to participate today and help
21:17.36 me understand you know what what are you
21:20.16 hoping you can use templates for what is
21:22.32 your recurring process look like i would
21:24.72 love to you know kind of hear that input
21:35.84 if there's no questions here then we can
21:38.32 absolutely wrap up this webinar like i
21:40.88 said i'm going to send you all a
21:42.40 follow-up email coming directly from
21:44.48 myself so any questions at all
21:47.76 just