How to Provide your Manager Real Time Progress Updates Without Emails

Video presented by Erica Beaulieu

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Would your manager benefit from having one location to see all of your progress updates, in one place, at their convenience? You are not alone, which is why Priority Matrix is designed for the manager and teammates who need better visibility, and real time status updates (no, emailing does not count!). Learn how Priority Matrix can support you, and your manager, today!

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Video transcription (25:3.64) Stop scroll

2.24s send all of you a follow-up email with
4.88s the recorded session to watch again
7.52s share with your teammates or you know if
9.36s you have to drop off for some reason
11.04s don't sweat it you'll be able to catch
12.96s right back up where you left off
16.64s so without further ado let's go ahead
19.84s and get started
21.84s we can expect this webinar to last about
24.48s 25 to 30 minutes
26.96s depending on how long the q a lasts at
29.92s the very end
36.48s perfect so at this point you all should
38.40s definitely be able to see my screen and
40.32s it looks like it is projecting just fine
42.56s so
43.44s again the topic for today's webinar is
46.08s how to provide your manager real-time
48.72s progress updates on your work
51.28s without emails now i know that that
53.92s webinar topic is
55.92s maybe a little bit longer than the
57.44s typical one that we see but
59.76s it really is a challenge that a lot of
1:2.48 people face and it's absolutely a
1:4.80 solution that priority matrix can
1:6.80 provide for you
1:9.28 so what do i see a lot of the times i
1:11.60 have been with affluence for it'll be
1:13.92 six years in just a couple of weeks so
1:16.56 it's safe to say i've been able to talk
1:18.40 to a lot of our first time users and
1:21.68 they come to me with a similar challenge
1:23.84 which is
1:25.04 you know i'm sending my manager a lot of
1:27.60 emails and they're sending a lot of
1:29.60 emails back to me
1:31.20 and it's really challenging to provide
1:33.04 progress updates and
1:35.04 they really don't have the visibility
1:36.80 they need to get all of those status
1:38.96 updates and comments from me
1:41.60 so
1:42.64 uh you know similar challenge across a
1:44.48 lot of the organizations i work with and
1:47.12 priority matrix supports those
1:49.36 organizations in a very similar way
1:51.92 which is what we're going to look at
1:53.20 today
1:56.80 so priority matrix will essentially make
1:59.60 your status updates simplified and
2:2.64 priority matrix is designed for the
2:5.04 manager who needs more visibility with
2:7.76 fewer meetings
2:9.28 i know that sounds just about impossible
2:11.44 to achieve but i think you'll be pretty
2:13.12 happy to see the way that priority
2:14.80 matrix can help you with this support
2:18.24 priority matrix is designed for the
2:20.48 teammate who has a lot on their plate
2:22.72 and frequently shares critical updates
2:25.60 and kind of in a hole it's designed for
2:27.68 the organization who is rooted into
2:29.84 office 365. i'm going to get more into
2:32.80 the office integrations in just a minute
2:34.88 but
2:35.68 you know for those of you who are deeply
2:37.92 rooted into office it's just kind of
2:39.84 another little check box you can check
2:42.40 off with priority matrix because i know
2:44.64 that is a big need for a lot of
2:46.56 organizations
2:49.76 so the priority matrix approach is here
2:52.88 to allow you to give item level progress
2:55.76 updates at your convenience
2:58.48 and you know i know for a lot of people
3:0.72 like i mentioned that oftentimes looks
3:2.48 like going to your email or maybe going
3:4.80 to an excel spreadsheet to update you
3:7.04 know a task you're working on
3:8.96 and that's definitely great it's better
3:11.20 than not providing any status updates at
3:14.00 all but
3:15.28 the organized approach that priority
3:17.04 matrix provides
3:18.40 lets you kind of take these item level
3:20.16 progress updates to an elevated level
3:23.04 in a more organized and effective
3:24.80 fashion
3:27.04 from a manager's perspective you're
3:28.72 going to be able to zoom in on a per
3:31.60 user basis to see okay
3:33.92 what have i delegated out to my
3:36.32 teammates and for this specific person
3:39.68 what is a status update for the
3:41.20 priorities we're working on together
3:45.60 you're also going to be able to create
3:47.36 shared tasks automatically that will
3:50.00 notify your manager with any type of
3:52.24 progress update that you share
3:54.32 so
3:55.20 in priority matrix there's a couple
3:57.04 different layers of visibility
4:0.00 whether you're just simply sharing a
4:1.60 project or maybe you're saying hey
4:3.92 here's a really important priority i
4:5.92 want my manager to get updates for this
4:8.40 and notifications
4:10.16 i'm going to zoom in on all of this and
4:12.32 you know kind of show you this in more
4:13.76 detail during the duration of this
4:15.68 webinar
4:18.40 so kind of circling back and touching on
4:20.24 the office 365 integrations a little bit
4:22.80 more
4:24.24 priority matrix integrates
4:26.32 very closely with microsoft teams you're
4:29.44 actually able to use the entire
4:31.52 web-based application
4:33.44 through microsoft teams
4:35.68 we also have an outlook 365 integration
4:38.56 for the email management aspect
4:40.88 and all of this it can be utilized
4:43.04 through your mobile device as well
4:46.32 about two and a half years ago and i'm
4:48.48 sure this can speak to a lot of us on
4:50.48 the webinar today
4:52.08 many organizations adopted microsoft
4:54.24 teams for the first time
4:56.48 and
4:57.36 it definitely proved to be super
4:59.12 effective for you know essentially
5:1.12 everybody who started using it
5:3.12 but what people needed was just a little
5:5.28 bit more
5:6.60 prioritization um
5:8.80 more of a kind of an organized way to
5:10.56 share projects and track status updates
5:13.36 so we took it upon ourselves to
5:15.20 integrate pm right into office 365
5:18.64 because we want to help you switch
5:20.80 contacts less often but have everything
5:23.12 you need in one space
5:25.20 so we figured let's just make that
5:27.52 microsoft teams and help people access
5:30.16 priority matrix right there
5:32.16 that's what we're going to be looking at
5:33.52 today that will be the platform we're
5:35.28 using for the webinar today
5:38.96 so the next slide up is going to
5:40.56 actually be transitioning into
5:43.04 the live demo but just to kind of lay
5:45.44 the the ground
5:47.36 just the the ground foundation of what
5:49.04 we'll actually be looking at during the
5:50.56 live demo today
5:52.56 i'm going to share a little bit of just
5:54.16 kind of a basic overview to
5:56.72 help the first time viewers kind of
5:58.72 understand how priority matrix works
6:0.72 what we're looking at and what to expect
6:3.84 that's probably going to take the first
6:5.68 i would say two to three minutes
6:8.16 the next portion of the webinar is going
6:9.92 to dive into the specific views where
6:12.64 number one a teammate can share status
6:15.36 updates with their managers and then
6:17.36 kind of flipping the script
6:18.96 showing the manager
6:20.72 the functionalities that they can rely
6:22.96 on to really easily see
6:25.20 their personalized daily agenda the
6:27.60 agenda for their teammates those
6:29.12 important status updates
6:31.12 and you know kind of everything that
6:33.20 we've talked about leading up to this
6:34.80 point i'm gonna re-highlight that in the
6:36.96 live demo
6:38.56 so without further ado let's go ahead
6:41.04 and change screens and start taking a
6:43.04 look at pm
6:49.44 i had to mute myself there because i
6:51.20 sneezed a couple of times but i didn't
6:53.04 want to
6:53.92 blow out all of your eardrums
6:56.64 okay so
6:58.80 now that we've transitioned
7:1.36 into actually looking at priority matrix
7:3.52 through microsoft teams
7:6.56 i want to kind of point out first and
7:8.16 foremost what's on my screen here
7:10.40 so on the left hand side at the very top
7:12.56 you'll see that i have priority matrix
7:14.56 opened
7:15.52 and i also have it pinned there so i
7:18.32 highly suggest doing this
7:20.48 you can actually move this guy around
7:22.48 too i like to have it at the top because
7:24.32 of course i spend a lot of time in here
7:26.16 but just kind of a cool trick that
7:27.92 actually i recently figured out about
7:29.84 teams
7:31.76 so pin it open that'll allow pm to stay
7:34.08 there for you
7:36.24 and then in the middle of my screen here
7:38.64 this is basically the full-fledged
7:41.04 priority matrix web application
7:43.44 integrated into teams
7:45.84 so i have the my projects tab selected
7:48.88 we're also going to explore one-on-one
7:50.72 in my team later on
7:52.56 but for now just for the basic intro
7:54.48 let's stick to the my projects tab
7:58.08 i also have the four quadrants selected
8:0.40 so the reason i'm kind of pointing this
8:2.00 out is because for the first time
8:3.84 viewers and those of you who are
8:5.12 following along on your side
8:7.52 i want you to be able to you know kind
8:9.28 of get to the screen that i'm on just
8:10.80 for starters
8:13.52 all right so in terms of using priority
8:15.60 matrix as a teammate
8:17.68 and as a manager
8:19.68 the idea and the goal of pm is to create
8:23.12 one central space
8:25.04 where you track your projects you track
8:27.28 your priorities and and you collaborate
8:29.84 and have the visibility you need
8:32.24 so
8:33.20 to kind of sidestep really quick
8:35.52 when i use the terminology project and
8:38.16 sometimes i see people's faces light up
8:40.32 and they're like perfect i'm a project
8:42.48 manager i definitely work on projects
8:45.36 on the other hand sometimes when i say
8:47.04 the word project
8:48.80 i see a lot of confusion um some some
8:51.28 people actually similar to how i use
8:53.44 priority matrix
8:55.12 i don't necessarily work on a set in
8:56.88 stone project so
8:58.96 i can absolutely relate to all of you
9:0.64 who may be kind of thinking that right
9:2.24 now
9:3.12 but don't worry at all because
9:6.08 another way of thinking of what we call
9:8.32 you know quote unquote a project and is
9:10.72 just a place to track similar priorities
9:13.76 so don't get scared off by that
9:16.00 um and just kind of roll with it for now
9:17.92 and i and i think you'll kind of start
9:19.44 to understand what i mean by that
9:23.20 so again standing in the shoes of a
9:25.68 teammate and a manager using priority
9:27.76 matrix together
9:29.28 you're going to create these projects
9:31.52 and these projects will then be shared
9:33.68 with
9:34.88 whoever is appropriate for this project
9:38.08 so you simply add project members
9:41.44 and
9:42.32 this is where i really want to be super
9:44.32 clear about kind of the level of
9:46.16 visibility and and how this plays into
9:48.84 notifications because it becomes really
9:50.88 critical for the manager who needs to be
9:52.96 getting
9:53.84 updates and notifications for the status
9:56.80 changes
9:58.80 okay so and again if you have questions
10:1.28 feel free to jot them down i can answer
10:2.96 them for you at the very end
10:5.60 when you look to the right hand side you
10:7.28 can see project members so here's myself
10:9.84 the little picture there and then i have
10:12.00 three of my teammates added as project
10:14.24 members
10:15.44 so
10:16.32 as soon as you add a project member or
10:19.20 several members what you're doing is
10:22.16 you're giving full access and visibility
10:25.20 and collaboration rights into this
10:26.88 project so
10:28.56 just recently my engineers were working
10:30.64 on a project they shared it with me so i
10:33.20 could be in the loop with our new
10:34.48 features we're working on
10:36.72 that allowed me to go in there click on
10:39.20 every single item
10:41.04 comment if i wanted to
10:43.20 you know it's there's no limitations as
10:46.00 soon as you share the project with
10:47.60 somebody
10:48.72 which is great because that's one of the
10:50.56 whole concepts of priority matrix is to
10:53.44 create a fully functioning collaborative
10:55.52 space for everybody in the project
11:0.00 so then the next question that i
11:1.44 typically get would be okay well if i
11:4.00 share this project with 10 people
11:6.56 and then i continue to create new action
11:8.96 items so let's just say
11:10.88 updating
11:12.48 we'll say updating website seo just as
11:15.36 an example
11:17.52 so when i add this task into my priority
11:20.24 matrix
11:21.44 those three other people who i share
11:23.12 this project with can absolutely see
11:25.28 this
11:26.32 and follow along with any changes that i
11:28.56 make
11:29.36 but something i really like to highlight
11:31.28 at this point is
11:33.36 nobody's actually gotten a notification
11:35.60 specifically about this item although
11:37.52 they can definitely see it in this
11:39.04 project
11:40.56 so this is when we kind of get into the
11:42.72 nitty-gritty focusing on the topic of
11:44.72 this webinar which is
11:46.72 how will my manager actually receive
11:48.88 immediate notifications for these top
11:51.28 priority items
11:53.76 so the key here is to just simply add
11:57.36 anybody to this item as a follower who
12:0.88 needs to be basically signed up for
12:2.96 notifications for progress updates
12:5.68 in other words add your manager to any
12:8.08 priorities that they for sure need to
12:10.16 see status updates for
12:12.80 so now what happens is let's say time
12:14.88 passes and i update the progress
12:17.92 i can go in here and i can say okay this
12:19.84 will be due in one week
12:21.84 um let's say remind me in three days
12:26.40 maybe i jump to the notes and i say hey
12:28.88 i'm working on this
12:30.72 dot maybe you create a little checklist
12:33.84 again just so your manager can know the
12:35.68 exact approach you're taking what to
12:37.84 expect when you're working on this task
12:41.28 and any resources so any files you may
12:43.84 need you know anything under the sun
12:46.40 that you're kind of tracking for this
12:48.64 task
12:49.76 throw in the item details so now it's
12:52.32 happened since i've added followers to
12:54.40 this item they have actually now been
12:57.28 notified
12:58.56 that i'm making all of these changes
13:1.60 so
13:2.88 again it kind of thinking in the shoes
13:4.72 of a teammate who's working in priority
13:7.20 matrix with their manager and other
13:9.52 teammates as well but for the manager
13:11.68 who needs to see the status updates
13:14.88 create the task and simply add that
13:17.28 manager as a follower
13:19.44 across all of your projects and you know
13:21.92 all of the tasks that are relevant to
13:24.48 them to see status updates for
13:27.76 so at this point we've number one we've
13:30.08 given visibility and we've taken the
13:32.40 step to say hey here's all the top
13:34.16 priorities that you know maybe you and i
13:36.24 discussed that you need to see status
13:38.00 updates for
13:39.60 so you've added them as a follower
13:42.00 what's great is and there's a lot of
13:43.92 visibility and a lot of communication
13:46.08 happening and we're definitely not in
13:47.76 our inbox we're not using excel we're
13:50.24 still working right through teams which
13:52.00 is one of the biggest goals for a lot of
13:53.92 people
13:56.72 so hopefully that makes sense setting
13:58.64 the stage for how you can get visibility
14:2.08 and set up those notifications so those
14:4.40 progress updates can flow through
14:7.04 let's shift gears and look at this now
14:9.04 from the perspective of a manager who
14:11.44 wants to see progress updates kind of
14:13.68 readily at their convenience
14:16.08 so there's a couple different views that
14:18.24 i would suggest they use
14:20.16 number one let's hop to the one-on-one
14:22.64 view
14:23.92 so priority matrix is very special and
14:26.96 has a lot of unique functionalities
14:29.60 one-on-one would be the first one that
14:31.68 comes to mind for me
14:34.32 so let's pretend i'm a manager in
14:37.52 priority matrix
14:39.20 and
14:40.08 all of a sudden i'm like hey
14:42.08 what is the status of those priorities
14:44.32 that one of my teammates is working on
14:46.32 i'm going to use demo user here for the
14:48.08 example
14:50.08 the manager would be able to see under
14:51.92 my team anybody who's using priority
14:54.00 matrix with them they can choose the
14:56.00 user they need to check in on and what
14:58.40 happens is
14:59.76 thinking back to all of those projects i
15:1.68 think i had four showing for this demo
15:4.64 across all four of those projects
15:7.44 this demo user or whoever you're you
15:10.48 know trying to check in on
15:12.80 you select that person and the system
15:15.44 automatically generates that shared
15:17.44 priority list so going back to the idea
15:20.16 of creating a task
15:21.92 and adding your manager as a follower or
15:24.64 delegating to them if you want to
15:27.20 but as long as you're both involved in
15:29.20 that priority or task
15:31.20 it will automatically show up in this
15:33.36 one-on-one view so i'm a manager i need
15:36.48 to check in on the status of all these
15:38.40 items or top priorities that this person
15:40.40 is working on
15:42.08 boom it's automatically created i can
15:44.24 filter by deadlines
15:46.08 and i can very easily see the progress
15:48.40 updates the comments the notes the
15:50.96 deadlines
15:52.24 any contextual details that i need about
15:54.56 this task as a manager are right here in
15:56.64 front of me
15:57.76 and again i'm not in my email i didn't
16:0.40 have to schedule a meeting i can see
16:2.00 this all at my convenience
16:6.16 you can also very easily add a shared
16:8.64 task so again i'm a manager and i'm
16:11.52 looking across all these great things
16:13.20 that my team is working on and something
16:15.76 comes to mind okay now we need to work
16:18.40 on this we'll just say update and voice
16:20.48 account number
16:22.40 and then we'll say
16:23.60 you know it's kind of urgent this needs
16:25.12 to be due in two days for example
16:28.48 this task is automatically shared
16:30.40 between myself and this person
16:33.76 i can add my item notes and i can
16:36.40 prioritize it into the correct project
16:39.36 so
16:40.32 just to really highlight this if you
16:42.16 remember
16:43.92 the way that we are going to receive
16:46.24 status updates as a manager to an item
16:49.36 is being a follower on it
16:51.60 so the fact that this view automatically
16:54.48 adds both of us to the item
16:56.56 is it
16:57.76 really it's setting us up for success
16:59.68 and in a way that i've never seen any
17:2.56 other platform do this
17:4.48 because it's added to our priority list
17:6.96 i'm gonna receive status updates now and
17:9.12 i can see it very easily in this you
17:11.68 know more or less meeting agenda that's
17:14.08 created
17:16.72 so that's called the one-on-one view
17:18.16 please be sure to write down any
17:19.52 questions you might have about this
17:23.04 the other thing that i want to focus on
17:25.76 again
17:26.80 kind of sticking in the shoes of being a
17:29.20 manager at this point
17:31.04 so the alert section is going to be
17:34.40 where you kind of get those
17:36.00 notifications and updates on the fly so
17:38.88 as your teammates are working through
17:40.40 their priority matrix
17:42.16 changing deadlines giving progress
17:44.32 updates whatever it might be for all
17:46.64 those items that you've been added to or
17:49.04 maybe you're the owner of
17:51.12 you're going to see those alerts come
17:52.56 right here it's going to be deadlines
17:54.80 and again new tasks even added to
17:57.92 anything that needs your attention will
17:59.92 pop up right here in the alerts
18:2.40 click on the item for more context and
18:4.88 on the right hand side you can see
18:7.28 you know anything you need to relate to
18:9.12 this item
18:11.76 there are several ways you can clear
18:13.20 your notifications as well just so you
18:15.20 can kind of start fresh if you need to
18:19.60 in my opinion more importantly than the
18:21.60 alerts of course those are important but
18:23.76 i always like to make sure i can point
18:26.08 out agenda
18:28.32 so what happens in the priority matrix
18:31.28 agenda view
18:33.36 this system is basically looking across
18:35.76 again all of those four projects that we
18:38.00 are looking at in the example it can be
18:40.16 four projects it can be 400 however many
18:42.80 you have
18:44.32 agenda is going to say okay erica here's
18:47.36 everything that you personally had do
18:49.44 yesterday
18:50.80 here's everything that you have due
18:52.80 today you have to do tomorrow it breaks
18:55.84 down an entire week's worth of deadlines
18:59.60 not only is it showing me my deadlines
19:1.68 but it's also showing me my upcoming
19:3.76 meetings
19:4.80 and any prioritized emails that we've
19:6.88 put in here as well
19:8.96 so this is definitely pertinent to
19:12.64 the individual contributor the teammate
19:15.28 anybody who's using priority matrix can
19:17.52 rely on agenda as kind of your own
19:19.52 personal assistant creating your to-do
19:21.44 list for you
19:24.72 shifting gears a little bit in the top
19:26.48 right corner i want to show you that
19:29.12 what we're looking at here is items i
19:31.04 own so in other words my
19:32.64 responsibilities
19:35.28 shifting gears to items i follow
19:38.80 now what we're doing again if you
19:40.40 remember back to how i explained that if
19:42.64 you create a task
19:44.24 and add your manager as a follower it's
19:46.80 gonna give them a whole lot of
19:48.00 visibility in different spaces
19:50.48 and agenda would absolutely be one of
19:52.56 them because now again
19:54.80 standing in my shoes being a manager
19:57.92 if let's say i'm overseeing 10 people
20:0.24 that report up to me
20:2.08 and all those 10 people are creating
20:4.08 action items and adding me as a follower
20:6.72 to all of the ones that are super
20:8.48 important for me to be aware of
20:10.96 now i can see okay all of those top
20:13.44 priorities out of all of them here are
20:15.44 the ones that are due today
20:17.28 here are the ones that my teammates have
20:18.80 due tomorrow due friday
20:21.12 again i mean i can't i can't emphasize
20:23.68 enough how helpful this view is for your
20:26.08 manager
20:27.52 to not have to switch contacts not have
20:29.52 to send out a million emails and wait
20:31.84 for a response
20:33.12 this visibility of the status updates is
20:35.60 really right right here at their
20:37.20 fingertips
20:38.56 at any point throughout the day
20:44.08 last but definitely not least
20:45.92 i want to kind of
20:47.52 show you
20:48.48 what's called the search view so
20:51.20 all the views i've showed you so far
20:52.88 one-on-one agenda alerts and these are
20:55.36 all pretty specific to you know looking
20:57.92 for a certain set of data basically
21:1.20 search view is
21:2.88 global it shows you everything across
21:5.20 all the projects that you're part of
21:8.16 but what you can do is you can begin to
21:10.08 apply filters
21:11.60 so again from a management perspective
21:14.40 it's really helpful to go to the search
21:16.16 view
21:17.04 choose one specific user
21:20.00 and now you can see
21:21.76 even if you're not
21:23.68 listed as a follower
21:25.76 on these items as long as
21:28.48 you're part of these projects
21:30.48 that's giving you enough visibility to
21:32.96 basically see every single thing that
21:35.28 this person has on their plate
21:39.76 so again very helpful you can click on
21:42.48 it and get more context on the right
21:44.16 hand side
21:49.12 let's see i think that that kind of
21:50.88 covers
21:52.00 everything that i wanted to share with
21:53.60 you all today
21:55.28 a quick little best practice for those
21:58.48 of you who have chat set up
22:1.04 inside microsoft teams and you plan to
22:3.76 utilize the one-on-one view with your
22:5.60 teammates
22:6.88 go ahead and add the one-on-one view as
22:9.20 a tab to every single chat
22:12.32 as you can see the system automatically
22:14.08 remembered the last person i chose so me
22:16.96 personally i have a chat with everybody
22:18.56 on my team and i have the one-on-one
22:20.72 view set up so i can quickly jump to it
22:22.64 and check in on our shared priorities
22:26.08 if you are interested in learning more
22:28.56 about
22:30.16 best practices of using priority matrix
22:33.04 throughout microsoft teams and i'm
22:35.04 hosting a webinar on this just next week
22:37.92 i also have a pre-recorded one on our
22:40.00 youtube channel but it's really fun it's
22:42.32 about 30 minutes long and it covers
22:45.04 just so many valuable best practices for
22:48.24 how you can actually use priority matrix
22:51.12 throughout the interfaces of microsoft
22:53.36 teams
22:56.72 there's a couple other webinars that i
22:58.40 would also like to mention
23:0.24 one of them talks about allocating
23:2.40 resources as a manager we have
23:5.84 a workload management report which makes
23:8.08 it really easy to understand the kind of
23:10.80 workload balance across your team
23:13.60 but that's it that's just me kind of
23:15.52 getting off topic
23:17.28 um and kind of giving a shout out to my
23:19.28 upcoming webinars because they all kind
23:20.96 of do tie in together
23:23.28 but
23:24.16 again hopefully this presentation was
23:27.28 helpful to help you understand
23:30.00 you know as a user
23:32.72 how you can create tasks and projects
23:35.76 and rest assured your manager can have
23:38.00 that visibility and get those
23:39.28 notifications that they need
23:41.68 you're going to be able to have fewer
23:43.28 and more effective meetings and when
23:45.44 you're all in priority matrix together
23:48.08 and you know most importantly for a lot
23:49.76 of us and less emails less congestion in
23:52.72 our inbox and a much more organized
23:55.28 place to
23:56.88 you know communicate share progress
23:58.96 updates and just kind of align
24:0.72 priorities
24:4.32 so now what i want to do is
24:6.64 i'm actually going to open this up to
24:10.08 make sure that i can answer any
24:11.44 questions that you all might have
24:13.52 feel free to drop your questions into
24:15.12 the chat box or you can use one of their
24:17.04 reactions to raise your hand and i can
24:18.80 actually take you off mute
24:27.76 i know that for a lot of us who are
24:29.68 testing priority matrix and you don't
24:32.00 really know the questions you have until
24:33.92 you actually kind of get in there and
24:35.36 start playing around with it so
24:37.52 with that being said
24:39.28 i'm going to send you all this follow-up
24:41.12 email right after the webinar ends
24:43.92 so you know feel free to respond it's
24:46.08 coming directly from me so feel free to
24:48.56 respond with any questions that you
24:50.24 might have now questions you have in the
24:52.16 future um you know anything we can do to
24:54.64 support you just let me know again that
24:56.56 email will come from me and it will be
24:58.40 sent directly back to me if you just
25:0.00 respond to it