How to Use Priority Matrix to its Fullest Potential Within Microsoft Teams

Video presented by Erica Beaulieu

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Are you rooted in the Microsoft Teams ecosystem, and eager to learn all the ways Priority Matrix integrates? From the full Priority Matrix web application, to personalized 1:1 meetings in your chats, Priority Matrix can do it all. Tune in to learn best practices, and most the powerful ways to use Priority Matrix and Microsoft Teams!

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Video transcription (27:6.64) Stop scroll

2.00s started here
4.24s a couple of things that i always like to
5.84s share before we start with the
7.12s presentation
8.40s number one i am recording the session so
10.72s if you have to drop off early or you
12.64s would like to share it with any of your
14.08s colleagues i'm gonna send a follow-up
15.68s email right after it ends with the
17.20s recorded webinar
19.28s number two at the very end of my
21.44s presentations i like to save plenty of
23.52s time for questions i'm happy to answer
26.00s anything that may come up
27.68s or we can just kind of have an open
29.28s discussion i would love to hear how
31.20s you're going to be using priority matrix
32.96s what your goals kind of look like
34.96s and kind of so on and so forth from
37.04s there so
38.48s feel free to either just kind of
40.24s remember your questions write them down
42.08s during this webinar or you can drop them
44.24s into the chat and at the very end i will
47.04s circle back and kind of read over those
49.04s and we can answer them together
52.40s if for whatever reason during this
53.92s presentation you think that there's some
56.32s technical difficulties happening maybe
58.16s you can't see my screen or you're not
1:0.16 able to hear me okay
1:2.64 just drop that into the chat i'm going
1:4.40 to keep an eye on it just to make sure
1:6.16 that everything is going smoothly
1:9.68 so with all of that being said let's go
1:12.16 ahead and get started today
1:13.92 so again thank you all so much for
1:15.76 joining me and the topic for today's
1:18.80 webinar is
1:20.32 how to use priority matrix to us to its
1:23.28 fullest potential within microsoft teams
1:27.52 so to kind of unpack that a little bit
1:29.60 more
1:30.40 over the past couple of years that here
1:32.48 at appfluence we've worked really hard
1:34.56 to
1:35.60 make priority matrix accessible through
1:38.64 the platforms you're already using
1:41.12 and for a lot of organizations over the
1:43.36 past couple of years you know two and a
1:46.72 half years or so
1:48.40 we've seen a huge number of
1:50.48 organizations switch over to start using
1:52.88 teams really heavily and also outlook
1:55.68 365.
1:57.68 so
1:58.40 when we saw that transition starting we
2:0.56 did our best to kind of keep up with
2:2.00 that and
2:3.28 get priority matrix integrated into
2:5.20 microsoft teams
2:6.64 to make it really easily accessible
2:8.72 allow you to keep working in that
2:10.08 platform while also kind of stepping up
2:12.16 your prioritization and team
2:14.08 collaboration
2:15.76 aspects
2:17.20 so that's what we're going to be talking
2:18.64 about today which is
2:20.64 all of the different ways that priority
2:22.48 matrix integrates with your microsoft
2:24.72 teams and kind of the best practices
2:26.64 there
2:29.44 if during this webinar you feel like you
2:31.52 could benefit from more of kind of just
2:33.68 a basic introduction i am going to do a
2:36.00 little bit of that but i have
2:37.60 pre-recorded intro webinars on our
2:39.76 youtube channel and i'm also hosting
2:42.08 another one on friday if you would like
2:43.76 to join live
2:45.04 and that's going to kind of help you
2:46.24 build a better foundation of the basics
2:48.40 of getting started
2:51.76 so what is the priority matrix approach
2:54.48 we've done our best to provide a visual
2:56.80 prioritization method to help you
2:59.28 understand what your priorities are at a
3:2.00 quick glance
3:3.36 i am lucky enough to talk to a lot of
3:5.52 our first time users and with that i get
3:8.40 to hear a lot of kind of their feedback
3:10.08 and first impressions
3:11.76 and one of the great things that i
3:13.20 consistently hear from our users is
3:16.24 how they're drawn to priority matrix
3:18.16 because of its unique
3:20.00 prioritization method using the four
3:22.08 quadrants
3:23.28 which is definitely different than a lot
3:25.28 of other project management solutions
3:27.36 which focus on just kind of a giant list
3:29.60 format
3:30.80 we use the four quadrants which is very
3:32.96 unique and we'll definitely take a
3:34.64 closer look at that today
3:37.76 priority matrix increases visibility for
3:40.08 your leaders by allowing you to share
3:42.16 entire projects maybe just the top
3:44.56 priorities they need to look at
3:46.40 and giving them that access and
3:47.76 visibility when they need it to you know
3:50.48 make sure everybody's on the same page
3:52.24 at their convenience
3:55.28 priority matrix has also provided a
3:57.68 central space for communication by
4:0.08 allowing you to collaborate on either a
4:2.24 project level or a task level
4:5.28 helping you stay out of those emails so
4:7.84 when your whole organization or entire
4:9.76 department is in priority matrix with
4:11.68 you
4:12.56 we've gotten really positive feedback
4:14.48 that people are actually able to cut
4:16.08 back on their emails 100
4:18.24 as long as everybody's using priority
4:20.08 matrix together
4:22.88 lastly priority matrix has also done a
4:25.20 really good job at helping organizations
4:27.28 have shorter and more effective meetings
4:30.00 we're going to take a look at
4:32.08 the one-on-one view today which is
4:33.92 designed for
4:35.52 um kind of like well one-on-one meetings
4:38.72 um we're going to focus on that there's
4:40.64 a couple other things in priority matrix
4:42.72 that are designed for meeting support
4:45.28 um but again i don't know if i'll be
4:47.68 able to touch on that today so
4:49.28 definitely tune into the intro webinar
4:51.44 on friday to learn more about
4:54.84 that so what do the office 365
4:57.92 integrations look like with priority
4:59.92 matrix number one you're able to use it
5:2.72 priority matrix 100 through your
5:4.96 microsoft teams application
5:7.20 we're going to take a close look at that
5:8.64 today you're also able to use it with
5:11.20 outlook 365 for email management we can
5:14.40 also take a quick peek at that today
5:17.12 and then another really unique aspect
5:19.76 about priority matrix is how deeply
5:22.00 rooted it is with sharepoint
5:25.04 so a lot of people ask well you know
5:26.88 when i upload files to my priority
5:28.80 matrix where is that stored
5:30.96 and we do have an option to have you
5:33.68 store those files within sharepoint so
5:36.08 when you need to look at all of the
5:37.76 files that you're that your team has
5:39.60 shared with you the priority makes your
5:41.92 matrix ones are also going to be
5:43.36 integrated into there
5:46.16 that's not the only integration we have
5:47.76 with sharepoint and again we're going to
5:49.20 take a look at all of that today
5:51.44 but one really unique thing that i do
5:53.28 like to point out about priority matrix
5:55.92 with office 365
5:58.64 is that you are still able to
6:0.00 collaborate with your external
6:1.84 collaborators through priority matrix in
6:5.04 office 365.
6:7.04 if that's something that piques your
6:8.32 interest let me know i'm happy to touch
6:9.92 on that um it's kind of a whole topic in
6:12.48 itself that i do have a separate webinar
6:14.96 on
6:16.00 because it is such a big need which is
6:18.16 you know external collaboration while
6:20.08 also you know trying to stay out of your
6:22.40 email so we can touch on that would love
6:24.72 to hear if that is of interest to you
6:26.48 and i can always do another webinar on
6:28.24 that topic
6:32.16 all right so what are the best practices
6:34.16 with priority matrix for microsoft teams
6:38.48 and everything that i'm showing you i
6:40.16 think it's just like the next
6:42.00 it looks like four to five slides are
6:44.80 just a quick preview and then i'm gonna
6:46.80 actually hop into the full application
6:48.80 and do
6:49.76 a live demo but i just kind of want to
6:51.36 gear you up for you know the basics of
6:53.36 what we're looking at
6:54.80 so number one we do have a full featured
6:57.68 web application
6:59.28 integrated into microsoft teams which is
7:1.84 what i have on my screen here today and
7:4.40 we are going to take a closer look at
7:5.84 this
7:8.08 the next thing that we're going to look
7:9.36 at is how you can use priority matrix
7:12.00 directly through your team's chat on the
7:14.40 left hand side we have a picture of the
7:16.24 one-on-one view which is designed for
7:19.36 more effective and shorter meetings with
7:21.52 a specific person
7:23.44 and then just to the right of that i'm
7:25.36 showing you how you can actually access
7:27.04 your projects through a team's chat
7:29.28 again just a quick glimpse you don't
7:30.88 need to understand it fully right now
7:32.40 i'm going to circle back and touch on
7:33.92 all of these
7:37.76 the next thing that we're going to look
7:38.96 at is action cards for context so when
7:41.60 you're chatting with somebody in
7:43.20 microsoft teams and you're like hey you
7:44.96 know what's the status of that action
7:46.72 item that we talked about you can
7:48.56 actually integrate that um that task
7:51.52 right there into your chat so you can
7:53.36 have all the contacts you need without
7:55.04 even having to leave the chat
7:58.80 priority matrix also allows you to
8:0.88 prioritize a comment within
8:3.20 a chat or a channel i'm going to really
8:5.68 dive in deepwatch for that again with
8:8.00 during my presentation but just kind of
8:9.76 a quick glimpse there
8:12.32 you can also use priority matrix through
8:14.24 your team's channels for posting
8:16.00 connectors or notifications while also
8:19.04 accessing those specific projects for
8:21.04 each channel you're working in
8:24.72 lastly you're also going to be able to
8:26.72 view all of your emails calendar events
8:29.36 and files
8:30.48 directly through priority matrix for
8:32.32 microsoft teams and that touches up
8:34.32 really heavily on the sharepoint aspect
8:36.48 of this
8:38.48 so without further ado let's go ahead
8:41.04 and actually kind of break off and take
8:43.20 a look at the priority matrix app itself
8:48.96 so thank you for staying tuned um
8:50.80 hopefully that was kind of a helpful
8:52.32 intro for you know setting the stage for
8:54.48 what we're gonna be looking at in the
8:55.92 next you know five to ten minutes or so
8:59.12 um and so yeah let's go ahead and get
9:0.88 started
9:2.48 so here on my screen this is my priority
9:5.68 matrix app and it is integrated into
9:8.40 microsoft teams
9:10.00 so this is the most upfront you know
9:12.08 probably most common place for people to
9:14.24 use priority matrix and likely where you
9:16.64 will be spending a lot of your time
9:18.96 once you do adopt pm into teams
9:22.80 so i have priority matrix open on the
9:25.04 left hand side
9:26.48 and then i always suggest pinning it
9:28.24 open just so it's super easily
9:29.84 accessible for you
9:32.00 for those of you that may be seeing
9:33.52 priority matrix for the very first time
9:35.92 i want to explain that priority matrix
9:38.80 creates a system for you and your
9:40.64 teammates to
9:42.08 track similar priorities
9:44.72 you're able to share these projects with
9:46.48 each other
9:47.68 where you can actually go in and you can
9:50.08 delegate tasks
9:52.16 you're able to communicate
9:54.40 you can share progress updates
9:56.64 set reminders set deadlines anything you
9:59.20 need to do with your teammates you're
10:1.28 able to do directly within priority
10:3.68 matrix through teams
10:5.68 now that was my hit 30 minute intro to
10:8.48 pro rather 30 second intro to priority
10:11.20 matrix again if you're looking for a
10:13.28 more in-depth introduction join my
10:15.28 webinar on friday where i spend 30
10:18.08 minutes just breaking down all the
10:19.60 basics of getting started
10:22.24 i wish i had time to do that today
10:24.48 unfortunately though this webinar does
10:26.88 need to stay kind of on topic and just
10:29.36 focus on using priority matrix and all
10:31.92 the different places through microsoft
10:33.68 teams
10:34.56 so that's what we'll kind of branch off
10:36.24 into now
10:38.16 so
10:39.04 when you use the full featured priority
10:41.04 matrix integration through microsoft
10:43.28 teams you're able to do everything
10:45.44 including
10:46.56 generate reports and work with your
10:48.96 teammates
10:50.08 you know anything you need to do through
10:52.16 pm you can absolutely do through this
10:54.32 full-fledged web application
10:58.80 some of the um i was so there's there's
11:1.68 kind of a lot to unpack here on the
11:3.36 screen if there's questions about you
11:5.36 know more specifically what priority
11:6.96 matrix can do definitely write those
11:8.64 down and i'm happy to answer those for
11:10.32 you at the end
11:12.32 i'm gonna kind of transition into a
11:14.40 different screen here which is focusing
11:16.48 on how you can use priority matrix
11:18.88 through a microsoft teams chat
11:22.80 so over the past couple of years like i
11:25.68 mentioned at the start i have had the
11:27.68 opportunity to talk to a lot of
11:29.68 organizations who
11:31.20 aren't only new to priority matrix but
11:33.52 are new to microsoft teams as well
11:36.32 and
11:37.12 i can guarantee this resonates with at
11:39.44 least a couple of you on this meeting
11:41.12 today which is
11:42.72 the fact that people
11:44.24 constantly tell me you know hey
11:46.08 microsoft teams is working really well
11:48.08 for us to communicate you know schedule
11:50.48 meetings share files
11:52.40 but a common challenge that people have
11:54.64 with teams is
11:56.56 if you're in a chat or if you're in a
11:58.48 channel with several people
12:0.48 these conversations get lost so if i'm
12:3.52 talking to somebody and we're chatting
12:5.28 back and forth with a million comments
12:8.08 you know and then we pause and come back
12:9.84 to and have another conversation later
12:11.92 that day
12:13.04 these comments here are basically lost
12:15.68 in space and you know completely
12:18.16 forgotten about
12:19.76 so people have challenges with tasks
12:21.68 falling through the cracks
12:23.36 not being able to share status updates
12:26.08 easily and just really no visibility to
12:28.64 see it you know what the latest is on
12:31.12 those tasks that were discussed
12:34.56 so look no further or worry no longer
12:37.60 because what you're going to be able to
12:39.28 do
12:40.32 now that you're using priority matrix
12:42.16 with teams is
12:43.92 when you're chatting with your teammates
12:45.44 and something comes up and you think hey
12:47.04 you know that is great we really need to
12:49.12 keep track of this and i need to share
12:51.12 progress updates on it
12:52.96 what you can simply do is hover over
12:54.96 that comment
12:56.64 click on these three dots
12:58.56 cruise to the more actions
13:1.04 and
13:2.32 click on create item
13:4.64 so what we're doing here is we're taking
13:6.72 this comment we are prioritizing it into
13:9.76 one of our priority matrix projects
13:11.92 which
13:12.72 we very quickly took a look at at the
13:14.56 start of this demo
13:16.40 you can schedule your deadline
13:18.40 so just a quick note about this for me
13:20.56 if i'm thinking
13:22.00 okay this is a really important task it
13:23.92 doesn't necessarily have a due date but
13:25.52 i don't want to forget about it i'll
13:27.60 plug in that due date as a little
13:28.96 reminder so the system can do its job
13:31.36 and remind me when i need to circle back
13:33.12 to it
13:35.04 so where did this comment just go it
13:37.20 went into my priority matrix project
13:39.76 that i intentionally chose
13:41.84 that my teammates do have visibility to
13:44.80 i'll circle back to that in just a
13:46.40 minute but the idea is this comment is
13:48.64 now prioritized
13:50.40 we can have a specific discussion about
13:53.68 this task that we now created set
13:56.56 deadlines delegated it's kind of thrown
13:59.28 into the collaborative system now with
14:1.04 my teammates and it's no longer
14:3.44 just left as kind of a you know
14:5.28 miscellaneous comment that could very
14:6.96 easily be forgotten about
14:10.88 so that is absolutely best practice
14:12.88 number one for using priority matrix
14:15.28 through your chat i get really good
14:17.68 feedback about that and i would
14:19.12 absolutely suggest testing it out
14:21.68 it allows you to continue to use what
14:23.76 teams has provided which is a chatting
14:25.60 platform but kind of step it up a little
14:27.44 bit further to you know be more
14:29.68 prioritized and actually collaborate on
14:32.56 these tasks
14:35.36 the next best practice that i want to
14:37.12 show you is still using priority matrix
14:39.52 through the chat here
14:41.04 but what i've done is i've pinned the
14:43.36 priority matrix one-on-one view
14:46.08 into this specific chat
14:48.16 for those of you that are still getting
14:50.00 used to teams and just so you know you
14:52.24 can click on this little plus icon
14:54.56 it might go a little bit slow for me you
14:56.80 can click on priority matrix or any of
14:59.36 the other systems you may be using
15:2.00 where you can begin to kind of customize
15:4.24 the chats that you're working in
15:7.60 what's cool about using the priority
15:9.60 matrix one-on-one view is you could even
15:13.52 go to every single person that you have
15:15.68 a chat with in teams
15:17.68 and pin their one-on-one view open
15:21.20 so now what happens for all of you
15:22.80 managers out there
15:24.64 if you feel like you're constantly
15:26.16 getting into meetings with your
15:27.44 teammates to get these status updates
15:29.52 and have these one-on-one reviews
15:32.16 this is going to be
15:33.84 most likely your saving grace because
15:35.84 you can now like i said add this to
15:38.16 every single chat you have
15:40.40 the system remembers the last person you
15:42.72 chose so as soon as i pick this demo
15:45.28 user if i click somewhere else and i
15:47.20 jump back to it the system will
15:49.12 automatically generate my one-on-one
15:51.36 with this
15:52.84 person what i'm able to see now is
15:56.48 all of my shared priorities across all
15:59.36 of our projects
16:1.60 relevant to myself and this one person
16:3.84 so again for all of you managers who are
16:5.92 creating tasks and delegating them to
16:8.16 your teammates
16:9.44 and then you just need to see the status
16:11.36 on all those high priority items
16:13.60 one-on-one view has you covered it
16:15.36 automatically creates that agenda for
16:17.44 you
16:19.36 another really wonderful aspect of this
16:21.36 is if i click on add share task
16:24.16 i can actively
16:25.84 prioritize
16:27.28 a task so we'll just say review webinar
16:29.60 notes kind of random but easy enough and
16:31.76 we're going to say
16:33.28 do in 8 hours
16:35.44 automatically shared i can add all of my
16:38.08 item notes
16:39.36 again prioritize it into the correct
16:41.44 project
16:42.56 quadrant
16:43.68 hit add
16:45.44 we're going to see that this is at now
16:47.44 it's added to our shared priority list
16:49.52 so again
16:50.56 you know if there is a system that's
16:52.24 going to make sure nothing slip slip
16:54.16 through the cracks it's this one-on-one
16:56.16 view
16:56.96 because i have my due date it's now a
16:59.20 shared priority so if i make a status
17:1.52 update my manager would automatically be
17:3.84 notified
17:5.12 it's here in this agenda it's going to
17:7.04 stay here so next week when we connected
17:9.92 i can go through all of the shared tasks
17:12.00 that we recently created
17:16.00 at the bottom this is touching on the
17:18.16 sharepoint integration it's going to
17:20.00 show you every single shared email that
17:22.40 you have with this person
17:24.56 any shared file and all of your upcoming
17:27.68 meetings that you're both involved in
17:30.16 so if you're looking for contextual
17:32.24 details to have an effective meeting
17:34.56 this view is going to be your go-to and
17:36.72 your best option
17:40.32 lastly using priority matrix through
17:42.88 your chats i also want to point out that
17:45.52 if you feel like you're constantly
17:47.20 working on a project with another person
17:49.76 or constantly referring to it
17:51.76 just go ahead and pin that priority
17:53.60 matrix project into your chat
17:56.32 where now i can jump to it really
17:58.32 quickly without having to go to the full
18:0.16 priority matrix application
18:3.28 and might i add that any status update i
18:5.76 share here or any change i make is going
18:8.72 to sync automatically back to my full
18:10.88 priority matrix app so don't worry about
18:13.36 having to make updates in multiple
18:15.20 places
18:19.52 okay kind of pausing there to give you a
18:21.44 minute to write down your questions and
18:23.12 kind of digest all of that
18:26.56 moving on to what i wanted to show you
18:29.28 which is now focusing on using priority
18:32.00 matrix within your channels
18:34.88 so in these channels i often see people
18:36.96 breaking it up by teams by departments
18:39.20 by projects whatever it might be but
18:41.36 it's likely a group of people
18:43.36 using these channels together
18:46.08 and
18:46.80 more common than not when priority
18:49.20 matrix is adopted it kind of follows the
18:51.76 same pattern as the channels
18:53.84 in terms of who's working on which
18:55.60 projects together
18:58.56 so very similar to what i showed you in
19:0.72 the chat you can pin those relevant
19:3.20 projects right to the top of your
19:5.20 channel so
19:6.56 as you need to share these project and
19:8.64 task updates you don't need to go back
19:10.56 to the full priority matrix app you can
19:12.56 do all of that right here
19:17.04 a very common question that i get about
19:19.60 priority matrix is notifications
19:22.56 so you are going to get notifications
19:24.88 directly through the priority matrix
19:26.96 application and you can refer on the
19:29.52 refer to those 100 disappear through
19:31.92 this guide
19:33.52 but
19:34.56 for those of you who spend the most of
19:36.72 your time working through
19:38.40 channels which i know a lot of us do
19:40.96 a lot of the times we do like to see
19:43.04 notifications coming right through this
19:44.80 channel so we don't feel like we need to
19:46.88 keep hopping back to this guy up here
19:49.52 and making sure we're not missing
19:50.96 anything
19:53.60 this is called a
19:55.92 priority matrix connector card
19:58.32 and basically what it does is this is a
20:0.48 notification
20:1.84 and what i've done is i've gone into
20:3.76 this specific channel clicked on the
20:6.08 three dots
20:7.60 and i've selected connectors
20:11.12 hopefully this doesn't take too long to
20:12.88 show you but what i like to do is i go
20:15.20 to configured
20:17.28 if you haven't configured anything yet
20:18.96 you can do it through search type in
20:20.40 priority matrix and start your
20:21.84 configuration there
20:23.68 but then
20:24.72 what we can do is we can basically hit
20:26.48 configure and now what you're doing is
20:28.72 you're saying
20:29.92 i want to see notifications for
20:32.64 these specific items maybe these
20:34.64 specific projects keep me updated about
20:37.52 this type of status update
20:39.92 and you can set up multiple connectors
20:42.08 as you saw i had two configured
20:44.96 so now
20:46.32 and the specific setup that i have if
20:48.64 anybody in this project makes a change
20:51.52 to it and i'm going to do that right
20:53.12 here we'll just say new test item due in
20:56.48 four days
20:58.56 when i add that task again any type of
21:1.28 change that's made because that's how i
21:2.96 have my connector set up
21:5.44 it's going to post directly to this
21:7.12 channel so here it is so now anybody
21:9.92 who's working in this channel at this
21:11.60 time is going to see these status
21:13.68 updates again
21:15.28 here at priority matrix we are doing our
21:17.44 best to keep everybody on the same page
21:19.60 and make those status updates easy to
21:22.32 see and accessible no matter what
21:24.72 these connectors are going to be your
21:26.40 saving grace for that
21:31.28 i think that that covers what i wanted
21:32.88 to show you through the channels again
21:34.40 don't forget you can also pin those
21:36.32 projects up here just like we did in the
21:38.48 chat as many as you need you're not
21:40.00 limited to just one you can pin as many
21:42.96 as you need
21:46.64 one thing that i did forget to show you
21:49.20 in the chat
21:50.64 which you can actually do this in the
21:52.32 channels as well is utilizing what we
21:54.40 call action cards so if i'm chatting
21:56.88 with my manager i'm like hey you know
21:58.48 can we talk
22:0.00 about the latest like software update or
22:2.96 something you know what whatever it
22:5.04 might be
22:6.08 i can go in here it's my little typo
22:8.96 and send that comment to this person and
22:11.20 then maybe there's a priority matrix
22:13.68 action item that i would like to refer
22:15.28 to specifically
22:17.04 i clicked on the four quadrants here
22:18.64 which represents priority matrix
22:21.20 here's the item that i just created so
22:23.04 this is a great example
22:25.12 click on it hit send and now i'm
22:27.92 referencing this item to
22:30.32 everybody in this chat everybody in the
22:32.24 channel if i were to send it there
22:34.32 now everybody has this contextual
22:36.32 evidence we're on the same page we can
22:38.16 talk about it or i can even click open
22:40.72 item and it will redirect me to this
22:42.72 item in the project so again these are
22:44.80 called action cards
22:46.40 the idea is just to get right to the
22:48.24 point talk about what needs to be
22:49.68 discussed and have your priority matrix
22:51.68 items to back up that conversation
22:56.40 lastly and i promise this is the last
22:58.80 thing that i'll show you and then we'll
23:0.40 open it up for questions
23:3.92 going back to the full priority matrix
23:6.80 application
23:8.80 so i wanted to show you just really
23:10.48 quickly let's see
23:13.12 where is that item that i'm looking for
23:17.12 i'm going to go to the feed
23:19.12 to find the comment that i prioritize so
23:21.68 i can show it to you all
23:25.44 let's see
23:26.88 here it is
23:28.32 so
23:29.20 if you remember when we were in the chat
23:31.04 i showed you how you can prioritize a
23:33.12 comment i just wanted to show you really
23:35.36 quickly what that's going to look like
23:36.80 for you
23:39.28 so here it is
23:40.88 it adds this little blurb icon just so
23:43.60 you can find it really easily and again
23:46.16 now what i may be able to do is i can
23:48.00 actually delegate this to somebody i can
23:49.92 say hey can you
23:51.52 look into this for me whatever i need to
23:54.56 do as you can tell it's now prioritized
23:56.72 i can delegate it really easy to go
23:58.56 about my business better than having to
24:0.48 dig through my chat to find it
24:4.08 what i wanted to show you before i got
24:5.84 sidetracked with that was lastly a
24:8.32 little bit more about the sharepoint
24:9.76 integrations
24:12.00 here in my search view i can see every
24:14.16 single thing in priority matrix
24:16.72 which is great because i can type in
24:18.48 like a keyword
24:20.48 and it's going to show me anything
24:22.48 relevant to that
24:23.92 in my priority matrix but at the bottom
24:27.12 a very special integration with teams in
24:29.20 sharepoint is the ability to search
24:31.68 through all of your emails
24:34.00 all of your meetings and all of your
24:36.08 files that are stored on sharepoint
24:39.04 so you know
24:40.72 the idea of having to jump to multiple
24:43.04 platforms to find what you're looking
24:44.64 for
24:45.52 is now a thing of the past
24:47.76 because i'm searching through all of our
24:49.28 sharepoint data and for those of you who
24:51.92 are familiar with that means that's
24:53.68 where all of your team's information is
24:55.52 stored
24:56.72 so we're searching through a huge
24:59.04 variety of different platforms
25:1.28 all in just one place and
25:3.68 i can tell you this for sure there's
25:5.84 actually no other way to
25:8.72 um to to do this kind of search
25:10.88 perspective without using the priority
25:13.44 matrix search view it's very unique to
25:15.28 this and very helpful
25:17.92 if something stands out and you're like
25:19.60 okay you know this is a really important
25:21.20 meeting for example i would like to send
25:23.84 it to priority matrix so i can
25:25.44 prioritize it and then discuss it with
25:27.76 my teammates
25:29.36 any of this information here can be
25:31.12 prioritized immediately
25:35.36 so i know that there's bound to be
25:37.44 questions at this point it's kind of a
25:39.36 fun topic for me to go over because
25:42.80 i know it's something that interests
25:44.24 people but a lot of the times in demos i
25:46.16 don't have as much time as i want to to
25:48.32 go over it just because you know it took
25:50.40 up 30 minutes to go over all of that
25:52.56 it's really specific
25:54.32 but also really great to know because it
25:56.64 can you know really elevate how you use
25:58.96 priority matrix
26:1.36 so
26:2.24 with all that being said enough of me
26:4.08 talking i would love to hear any
26:5.92 questions that you all might have so i'm
26:8.08 gonna keep an eye on the chat if you
26:10.32 want to drop it in there
26:12.24 i'm also going to keep an eye on your
26:14.08 reactions if somebody raises their hand
26:16.72 or you know sends any type of emoji i
26:19.44 can take you off mute and i can actually
26:21.28 answer your questions for you
26:34.48 if there's no questions coming up right
26:36.40 here that's you know pretty pretty
26:38.08 normal people typically don't really
26:40.00 know what what to ask until they get in
26:41.84 there and start playing around with it
26:43.20 so that's perfectly fine
26:45.84 i do want to remind you one more time
26:48.16 that i have a bunch more webinars
26:50.00 scheduled for this week and most
26:51.60 importantly the introduction i feel like
26:53.28 that could help a lot of us on the
26:54.72 meeting today just kind of get our
26:56.08 footing
26:57.12 and understand a little bit more about
26:58.88 the general usage of priority matrix
27:2.48 with all of this being said i am going
27:4.32 to stop