How Individual Contributors Manage Their Priorities While Supporting Multiple Organizations

Video presented by Erica Beaulieu

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Do you hold roles at multiple organizations, and find it impossible to see all of your priorities in one place? Tune in to learn how individual contributors are succeeding with Priority Matrix by managing all of their priorities in just one central location!

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Video transcription (15:13.36) Stop scroll

10.40s hello everybody thank you so much for
12.64s joining my webinar today my name is
15.28s erica and let's go ahead and get started
17.92s with today's presentation
21.28s i'm going to go ahead and share my
22.40s screen here to show you all just kind of
25.36s a short introduction as to what we will
27.52s be looking at today for this webinar
32.24s perfect
33.52s all right so today's topic is how
35.76s individual contributors manage their
38.32s priorities while supporting multiple
40.88s organizations
42.48s and yes this topic is fairly specific
46.16s and what kind of brought me to creating
48.72s this presentation for you all today was
51.68s actually speaking with one of our users
53.76s a couple of weeks ago
55.84s and what this use case looked like was
58.64s our user was working for two different
1:1.36 marketing firms and he also had his own
1:4.08 marketing company that he was getting up
1:6.00 and running
1:7.44 and while he was working as an
1:9.04 individual contributor he had a lot on
1:11.44 his plate supporting these three
1:13.12 different marketing firms
1:15.20 and was looking to use priority matrix
1:17.28 to manage all of these priorities
1:19.52 but as you can imagine it's really
1:21.52 important to keep those priorities
1:23.12 separate at times
1:24.96 so you can just focus on the specific
1:26.96 firms or organizations that you're
1:28.80 working on
1:29.92 but it's also equally as important to
1:32.00 have that high level overview to
1:34.80 be able to fully understand
1:37.52 you know what what you're working on for
1:39.28 that day and everything that you have on
1:41.12 your plate so that's kind of what we're
1:42.96 going to be looking at today
1:47.52 priority management made easy with
1:50.24 priority matrix
1:52.08 why is priority matrix such an effective
1:54.96 management solution for individual
1:56.88 contributors who have a lot on their
1:58.64 plate
1:59.76 priorities and emails are going to be
2:1.84 available for you in just one central
2:3.92 space so although you have priorities
2:6.48 across multiple roles or multiple
2:8.64 organizations
2:10.24 we're going to help you see that all in
2:11.60 just one central space
2:14.56 we're going to help you see deadlines
2:16.16 with your different organizations in
2:17.92 just one automatically generated
2:19.84 calendar for you so
2:21.76 again you have a lot on your plate you
2:23.52 likely have meetings across all those
2:25.84 different organizations and we're going
2:27.76 to help you see that in just one
2:29.52 calendar
2:31.92 we have a special functionality by
2:34.48 called agenda by priority matrix which
2:36.96 is automatically created
2:38.96 and it's going to include your
2:40.32 priorities emails and your meetings
2:43.04 across all of your organizations
2:45.52 so again like i briefly mentioned we
2:47.68 definitely understand the importance of
2:49.44 keeping those priorities separate which
2:51.28 i'm going to show you how to do that
2:53.36 but also at times there's definitely a
2:55.20 time and place for seeing all of your
2:56.80 priorities in one central place
3:1.92 the priority matrix approach we've done
3:4.72 our best to make it very easy to
3:6.72 understand what your top priorities are
3:9.04 and maybe what you can postpone for a
3:11.04 later date
3:12.40 priority matrix supports a very
3:14.48 effective visual approach for managing
3:16.48 these priorities with the four quadrant
3:18.48 method
3:19.92 a lot of our first time users actually
3:22.40 connect with me firsthand and i get to
3:25.12 hear a lot of feedback from them and
3:27.12 this feedback often includes the comment
3:29.28 of hey you know i really like priority
3:31.20 matrix because
3:34.72 of the four quadrant method rather than
3:37.12 just giving you a giant to-do list
3:41.28 i'm gonna the priority matrix approach
3:43.68 also supports organizational methods to
3:46.56 group similar projects together and
3:48.56 that's definitely something that we're
3:49.76 going to be looking at during this
3:50.96 presentation
3:52.80 again it's also going to give you that
3:54.48 high level overview to understand the
3:56.72 daily to-do list
3:59.44 these are all functionalities that stand
4:1.44 out to people right off the bat and
4:3.44 they're really you know part of the main
4:5.12 reason about what makes priority matrix
4:7.68 so unique and effective especially for
4:10.16 the individual contributor working
4:12.00 across multiple organizations
4:17.28 like many of you out there
4:19.44 a lot of the
4:20.72 organizations that we have been
4:22.24 supporting over the last couple of years
4:24.32 have become deeply rooted in the office
4:26.40 365 ecosystem
4:28.96 so
4:29.84 to your luck priority matrix absolutely
4:32.40 integrates 100 with microsoft teams
4:35.44 with outlook 365 and with sharepoint
4:38.64 so again working for multiple
4:40.64 organizations you already have enough on
4:42.40 your plate and so we wanted to make it
4:44.56 as easy as possible to
4:46.80 get everything into one place for you
4:48.88 that being the office ecosystem they are
4:51.12 already using every day and you already
4:53.12 trust
4:57.52 so what are we going to be looking at
4:58.96 during the priority matrix demo today
5:1.44 i'm going to start off by giving you
5:2.72 just kind of a basic overview so for
5:4.72 those of you who are seeing priority
5:6.40 matrix for the first time
5:8.64 you can kind of understand the
5:9.92 foundation
5:11.20 i'm going to show you something called
5:12.64 project tags which support project
5:14.80 organization
5:16.64 we'll look at the automatically created
5:18.56 agenda for you to see all of your
5:20.40 priorities on kind of one plate
5:23.20 and then we're also going to look at how
5:24.88 you can kind of separate the priorities
5:27.28 based off of the multiple organizations
5:29.28 you're supporting
5:31.36 so with that being said let's go ahead
5:32.88 and get started with the demo portion
5:40.96 you can expect this demo to last you
5:43.12 know probably about 10 minutes it's a
5:44.88 little bit on the shorter side just
5:46.32 because it is
5:47.60 such a specific webinar today but this
5:50.40 information that you're going to get in
5:51.76 the next few minutes is going to be
5:53.20 incredibly valuable and helpful for you
5:57.44 so first and foremost i want you all to
5:59.60 understand what we're looking at today
6:2.88 so right here on my screen this is
6:4.64 priority matrix integrated into the
6:7.36 microsoft teams platform
6:10.16 and then i have it pinned open so i
6:11.76 always suggest pinning priority matrix
6:13.76 open for our first time users
6:17.60 at the top of my screen i like to
6:19.36 highlight that i have the my projects
6:21.44 tab selected and this is going to give
6:23.84 you entry into
6:25.92 you know basically the entire priority
6:28.24 matrix application where again you're
6:30.48 going to be able to track priorities
6:32.16 across the multiple organizations that
6:34.08 you're supporting
6:37.04 you're able to create new projects and
6:39.28 then within each project that's where
6:41.04 you can track your priorities and all
6:43.20 the tasks they need to get done that
6:44.88 fall under kind of this major topic here
6:49.12 so that's going to be kind of the basic
6:50.64 introduction um
6:52.40 hopefully that can kind of help you get
6:53.92 your footing if you're looking for more
6:55.92 of a basic intro be sure to check out
6:58.32 some of my pre-recorded introduction
7:0.16 webinars or try to attend my upcoming
7:2.72 ones i typically do them about twice a
7:4.56 week
7:6.56 so the first best practice that i want
7:8.24 to show you when it comes to managing
7:9.92 priorities across multiple organizations
7:13.36 and priority matrix is the idea of using
7:16.00 project tags
7:18.08 so here you can see a couple project
7:20.00 examples that i put together for you all
7:22.40 and it clearly shows you know two
7:24.32 different firms that i would be working
7:25.84 with both made up companies by the way
7:27.76 so we have abc marketing and eb
7:30.64 marketing firm
7:32.88 so you know at the start of the day
7:34.24 sometimes it is really great to see all
7:36.24 of the projects for all the different
7:38.00 companies you're working for but using
7:40.64 project tags will allow you to filter
7:43.04 down to see only a specific group of
7:45.20 projects
7:47.36 so to make this happen you would click
7:48.96 on a project and then scroll down to
7:51.04 where it says tags
7:52.64 so you can see that i have two applied
7:54.48 here so definitely keep in mind you're
7:56.32 able to use multiple project tags on one
7:58.80 project
8:1.12 so let's say it's thursday morning and
8:3.36 you know right now i just need to focus
8:4.96 on a specific group of projects for the
8:7.76 abc marketing
8:9.68 so just like i did there you can simply
8:11.84 apply this project tag and now it's only
8:15.04 going to show me these specific projects
8:18.80 so super quick trick you know nothing
8:20.80 too fancy about that but it is
8:22.64 incredibly helpful when it comes to kind
8:25.12 of clearing out the noise and helping
8:26.80 you focus on just one specific
8:28.72 organization that you're working with
8:33.20 so across all of these different
8:34.64 projects and organizations we're going
8:36.72 to have you know a pretty wide variety
8:38.64 of different priorities that we need to
8:40.40 work on
8:42.08 so in terms of looking for that view
8:44.40 that's going to help you understand like
8:46.08 hey what do i have on my plate today
8:48.80 across all the different organizations
8:51.04 that i'm supporting
8:53.04 so when i go to the home view
8:55.20 and then i jump to what's called agenda
8:58.88 this is essentially going to show me
9:1.04 you know everything
9:2.88 that i have on my plate for today across
9:5.84 all those different organizations so
9:8.24 here's today here's a priority that i
9:10.32 have due and then tomorrow a couple more
9:12.80 things that we have scheduled for all
9:15.04 these different projects so a couple
9:17.68 things i want to point out right here
9:19.52 these are just you know kind of my
9:21.04 standard priorities you can see what
9:22.72 project they're coming from on the right
9:24.48 hand side
9:25.92 and then you'll also notice this email
9:27.60 icon
9:28.96 priority matrix supports email
9:30.80 management by using our outlook
9:32.80 integration
9:34.00 you're actually able to take emails and
9:36.16 prioritize them
9:38.08 i'm going to touch on that more in just
9:39.60 a moment but i like to point that out
9:41.84 and then the last thing i'll point out
9:43.36 is that it's also showing me my
9:45.20 microsoft teams meetings
9:47.68 so again at a glance if you're looking
9:50.08 to see what you have on your plate for
9:52.48 all the different organizations
9:53.92 including priorities and emails and
9:56.24 meetings agenda is absolutely going to
9:58.88 give you kind of that wholehearted view
10:0.56 that you need
10:4.40 kind of switching gears to a different
10:6.24 note i'm going to jump to the search
10:8.16 view and what happens in the search view
10:10.56 is
10:11.36 it's going to show me basically
10:12.88 everything all my priorities across all
10:16.00 of my projects
10:17.68 so while this is definitely super
10:19.52 helpful again
10:20.96 there are definitely going to be times
10:22.48 where you may only want to see
10:24.48 a specific group of priorities for
10:26.48 certain projects or you know certain
10:28.56 topics
10:30.40 so what you're going to be able to do is
10:32.08 you can actually filter your items and
10:34.48 maybe i'll just type in
10:36.16 let's say
10:37.44 um let's just say google for example
10:39.76 because i think i have an example for
10:41.28 that
10:42.00 so now what we'll be able to do is look
10:43.84 through all of those projects and see
10:46.24 all the priorities that i have that are
10:47.92 related to updating google search terms
10:51.68 you know maybe i just found a really
10:53.04 powerful tool for helping me with this
10:54.88 and i'm ready to knock out all my
10:56.56 similar priorities across the different
10:58.32 marketing firms that i'm looking for
11:0.48 the search view is going to help you
11:1.76 find those relevant
11:3.52 priorities that you can kind of all work
11:5.52 on together
11:9.44 lastly what i would love to show you is
11:11.68 the outlook integration
11:14.08 so what this is going to allow you to do
11:16.72 is prioritize your emails and i want to
11:19.52 acknowledge that when people are working
11:21.28 for different organizations whether it's
11:23.44 multiple companies that you own
11:25.60 maybe a mix and match of ones you own
11:27.36 and other organizations you have a role
11:29.68 in
11:29.94 [Music]
11:31.76 there's going to be likely multiple
11:33.84 different inboxes so the good news is as
11:36.24 long as you have outlook 365
11:38.96 for all of those different inboxes
11:41.04 you're going to be able to go to get
11:42.64 add-ins
11:43.92 and add the outlook extension so i want
11:46.40 to be crystal clear on that that like i
11:48.64 have here a couple different inboxes
11:51.36 you need to open up each one and install
11:53.92 this extension for every single inbox
11:56.00 that you're working on
11:58.40 from here what you'll be able to do is
12:0.32 very quickly prioritize these emails and
12:3.20 put them into priority matrix by using
12:5.60 the outlook extension
12:7.44 so you'd simply click create action item
12:11.36 prioritize it into the project where
12:13.20 you'd like it to go so we'll just say
12:15.44 webinar example
12:17.28 you can choose the quadrant so again
12:18.96 prioritizing it even further and then
12:21.20 you hit create action item
12:23.44 and when i go back to my priority matrix
12:26.00 here
12:26.80 we're gonna see that where i just
12:28.88 prioritize this email i can now find it
12:31.60 in that project so again
12:33.44 this is really common for invoicing you
12:35.84 know emails from clients
12:38.32 updates from maybe your management if
12:40.08 they're not using priority matrix
12:42.32 our goal is to help you get everything
12:44.56 into one space
12:46.32 so when it comes to seeing your
12:48.40 priorities across all of your
12:49.84 organizations you can do that really
12:51.76 easily
12:52.88 but you're also able to focus on just
12:54.96 specific projects
12:58.00 lastly i wanted to show you the priority
13:0.24 matrix calendar view so this is going to
13:2.80 look a little bit crazy just a fair
13:4.56 warning because i have dozens of
13:6.72 projects in here for examples
13:9.28 but this is a really good kind of space
13:11.28 for us to look at the idea of
13:13.60 modifying the calendars that we're
13:15.20 looking at
13:17.20 so i can actually go up here to where it
13:18.88 says projects and what i'll be able to
13:21.52 do is i can deselect any project that i
13:25.12 don't want showing up in this calendar
13:27.04 view
13:27.92 so
13:29.44 well maybe we'll just say uncheck all
13:31.60 and i'll go about it with this approach
13:33.28 and now i can actually select the
13:34.72 projects that i want to show up
13:37.04 so now what's happening is again i'm
13:39.28 looking across all the different
13:40.64 marketing firms in this example that i
13:42.72 may be supporting
13:44.24 and now i'm able to see from this
13:46.16 calendar view all the meetings and
13:47.92 priorities that i have scheduled
13:50.56 from all the different organizations
13:52.24 that i'm working with
13:53.84 i could be even more specific and i
13:56.00 could say okay i only want to see what's
13:58.00 happening for the eb marketing firm
14:0.32 again very easy to filter and find the
14:2.32 information that you're looking for
14:10.64 all right so circling back to
14:12.88 kind of the the final part of this
14:15.20 presentation
14:16.80 if any of you have questions i would
14:18.32 love to hear your thoughts and hear your
14:20.08 feedback but some of the key takeaways
14:22.64 for
14:23.84 this presentation is the concept of
14:26.40 getting everything into just one space
14:28.88 so number one when you need to see
14:30.80 what's on your plate across your
14:32.16 meetings
14:33.12 your emails and your priorities for the
14:35.28 multiple organizations that you're
14:36.80 supporting priority matrix makes it so
14:39.60 easy to do that
14:41.44 number two
14:42.64 when you need to focus on just a type of
14:45.04 priority or maybe just one organization
14:47.68 that you're working for or maybe even
14:49.44 two
14:50.40 priority matrix supports filters to
14:52.48 allow you to find the exact information
14:54.48 that you need
14:55.84 and lastly when you use the outlook
14:58.16 integration you're able to manage your
15:0.64 emails alongside your priorities and
15:2.72 your meetings
15:7.36 so with all of that being said
15:9.60 we can go ahead and wrap up