How Small Business Are Reaching Their Full Potential With Priority Matrix

Video presented by Erica Beaulieu

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Is your small business working hard to reach its fullest potential? Tune in to learn learn how Priority Matrix will help you streamline projects, have short and effective meetings, and switch context less often to save you time!

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Video transcription (30:21.84) Stop scroll

2.48s email from myself directly and that will
4.64s include
5.60s a recording of this webinar so you can
7.60s either watch it again or you can forward
9.52s it on to anybody else in your
10.96s organization who may get benefit out of
13.44s this
14.80s i'm going to turn my camera on here just
16.32s for a minute so i can introduce myself
18.00s my name is erica and thank you so much
20.16s for joining me today for this webinar
22.80s we can expect this presentation to last
25.12s about 20 to 30 minutes kind of depending
27.76s on the amount of questions that we get
29.92s at the end so i've blocked off
32.24s plenty of time at the very end where we
34.32s can either share questions through the
36.08s chat box or you can actually ask them
38.08s directly and i'll be happy to answer
39.52s those for you
40.96s so with that being said let me go ahead
42.96s and i'm going to turn my camera off
45.04s again just to make sure we get a good
46.88s connection
48.08s for the screen share portion of this
51.68s but before we dive into the live demo i
54.40s actually have a short presentation put
56.40s together that i would like to share with
58.32s you all just to kind of set the stage
59.92s and help us understand what we're going
1:2.08 to be looking at today
1:4.64 so with that being said
1:6.88 let's go ahead and
1:9.28 start this presentation
1:11.68 okay perfect so at this point you all
1:13.76 should be able to see my screen and
1:15.68 hopefully you're able to hear me okay if
1:17.92 for whatever reason during this
1:19.52 presentation you feel like
1:21.52 there's technical issues issues you
1:23.52 can't hear me or you can't see something
1:26.56 just go ahead and drop a chat into the
1:28.72 comment box and i'll keep an eye on that
1:30.96 because i want to make sure that
1:32.24 everybody's able to see and hear
1:34.40 everything during this presentation
1:37.84 alright so for today's webinar we are
1:40.32 looking at how small businesses are
1:42.72 reaching their full potential with
1:44.48 priority matrix
1:50.80 priority matrix is designed for the
1:53.44 small business owner and employee who
1:56.08 wears lots of hats with constantly
1:58.64 changing priorities and a high number or
2:1.68 rather increasing number of incoming
2:3.92 emails
2:5.92 working in a small business myself i can
2:8.00 definitely relate to the feeling of
2:10.16 number one wearing a lot of hats and
2:12.64 just kind of having a lot on your plate
2:14.64 and with that being said all of those
2:16.64 priorities are you know realistically
2:19.12 constantly changing so for the small
2:21.44 business who doesn't really have a good
2:24.48 software or situation in place to help
2:26.96 their employees and leaders
2:28.96 manage all of these priorities changing
2:31.44 priorities and an increasing number of
2:33.68 incoming emails
2:35.36 it can absolutely be challenging to make
2:38.24 sure deadlines aren't being missed
2:40.80 hit those deadlines on time and you know
2:43.44 have a clear way for communication
2:48.96 priority matrix is here to support those
2:51.68 employees and leaders who want better
2:53.92 communication
2:55.44 leaders that strive for improved
2:57.28 visibility and owners that need
2:59.76 automated processes to keep the business
3:2.00 running
3:3.20 at kind of the pace that it's going at
3:5.12 so as a small business likely
3:7.52 the goal is to continue growing and with
3:10.00 that being said in my opinion just from
3:11.92 working with so many small businesses
3:13.68 who pick up priority matrix and getting
3:16.32 a system in place kind of right off the
3:19.12 bat is definitely the most effective way
3:21.44 to go about it because you can imagine
3:23.92 and when i say small business i'm
3:25.76 meaning anything between you know 10
3:27.76 employees to
3:29.28 100 employees
3:31.12 and i've worked with a fair amount of
3:32.80 organizations with 100 employees that
3:35.60 roll out priority matrix and
3:37.92 start to use it as their pretty much
3:39.68 their one central system for
3:41.52 collaborating and prioritizing and i've
3:43.92 seen them succeed in ways that honestly
3:46.64 i could never imagine seeing until i was
3:48.72 able to work with them firsthand
3:51.20 with that being said i also love to have
3:53.60 the opportunity to connect with leaders
3:56.40 and company owners who have a vision for
3:59.28 their company and they're looking to get
4:1.28 a system in place before they onboard
4:3.44 all of their employees
4:5.76 the reason that this process can be so
4:7.60 helpful to have in place is because then
4:9.92 when a new employee is onboarded the
4:12.40 ground rules are kind of there and it's
4:14.24 understood that priority matrix is
4:16.40 indeed that central space for
4:18.00 collaborating so when the company grows
4:21.12 you have the streamlined process this
4:23.04 kind of standardized understanding of
4:25.68 where that communication and
4:27.20 prioritizing is happening
4:33.12 so how does the priority matrix approach
4:35.92 support small businesses
4:38.64 our approach offers an effective and
4:41.04 visual approach to managing priorities
4:43.84 that surfaces contextually relevant
4:45.92 information while users are in meetings
4:48.80 responding to emails or focusing on
4:51.44 projects
4:54.48 like so many companies over the past
4:56.40 several years and
4:58.48 when i say so many companies i mean
5:0.48 essentially everybody that i talk to
5:2.40 these days
5:3.60 you're likely using the office ecosystem
5:6.32 more than ever maybe you're in the
5:8.24 process of rolling it out or maybe it
5:10.08 was adopted when everybody was
5:11.84 essentially sent home
5:13.68 and
5:14.80 organizations needed a central space for
5:16.96 communicating
5:20.40 priority matrix is a 100 percent
5:22.72 integrated with these office 365
5:25.12 applications such as microsoft teams and
5:28.16 outlook 365.
5:30.32 but something so unique about priority
5:32.40 matrix is that you're actually still
5:34.16 able to collaborate externally without
5:36.84 barriers so what i mean by that is
5:39.52 you're going to be able to work with
5:40.96 number one people outside of your direct
5:43.36 team or your direct department and
5:45.84 number two kind of more importantly
5:48.48 you're going to be able to collaborate
5:49.84 with people outside of the organization
5:52.08 entirely
5:53.44 this is really unique to priority matrix
5:55.60 because believe it or not some of the
5:57.52 best project management tools out there
6:0.00 do not allow people to work beyond their
6:2.48 department or
6:4.08 you know
6:5.04 given that they can't even collaborate
6:6.80 with people outside of the organization
6:9.36 and
6:10.48 that's kind of crazy in my opinion
6:12.08 because a lot of important collaboration
6:13.92 happens jumping between team to team or
6:17.04 working with your clients and external
6:18.72 collaborators so
6:20.48 while we do integrate with office
6:22.40 there's not going to be any barriers in
6:24.16 terms of collaborating externally
6:26.80 if this is something that piques your
6:28.40 interest let me know and we can touch on
6:30.16 this a little bit more at the end of the
6:31.84 presentation
6:36.24 so what are we going to look at today
6:38.40 during the actual live demo portion of
6:40.88 this presentation
6:43.20 for today's presentation i'm going to be
6:45.12 touching on the best practices for small
6:47.52 businesses using priority matrix
6:50.72 and what those best practices include
6:52.96 are streamlining recurring processes
6:56.88 how you can manage recurring tasks
6:59.04 effortlessly
7:0.56 increase visibility to align priorities
7:3.84 and how priority matrix will help you
7:6.00 have effective and focused meetings
7:9.20 so those are some of the four best
7:10.88 practices in priority matrix for small
7:13.20 businesses and i'm gonna break every
7:15.52 single one of them down and give you an
7:17.28 example directly through the priority
7:19.68 matrix application
7:23.28 so with that being said
7:24.96 let's go ahead and
7:27.04 i'm going to move this over here
7:30.64 let's take a look at the live priority
7:33.44 matrix application
7:35.68 so right now you all should be able to
7:37.60 see
7:38.56 my priority matrix and
7:41.12 i have it directly integrated into
7:43.04 microsoft teams
7:44.64 so as i mentioned just a couple minutes
7:46.72 ago
7:47.76 over the past couple years the biggest
7:50.00 request that we got was the fact that
7:52.08 people needed priority matrix to run 100
7:55.20 through teams
7:56.40 and now when i talk to new organizations
7:58.80 exploring priority matrix it's
8:0.64 absolutely one of their first
8:1.84 credentials
8:3.44 and without this integration you know we
8:5.68 wouldn't be able to support the
8:6.96 organizations that we do so we're
8:8.56 definitely super happy
8:10.16 and proud of the fact of how well
8:12.08 priority matrix integrates into the
8:14.48 office apps
8:17.12 so if you haven't had the chance to do
8:18.88 this yet you can install priority matrix
8:21.28 just by going down to your apps option
8:23.36 in the bottom left corner
8:25.52 click on that search for a priority
8:27.52 matrix and then always always pin this
8:30.48 open
8:31.44 and that's going to allow you to surf
8:33.44 through your team's application
8:35.68 and it priority matrix isn't going to go
8:38.00 anywhere so it's going to be super easy
8:39.84 for you to access
8:43.60 so for those of you who are seeing
8:45.12 priority matrix for the very first time
8:47.20 today i want to help you understand just
8:49.36 some of the basics of
8:51.20 kind of the general concepts of what
8:52.88 we're looking at here
8:55.04 so in the middle of my screen this is my
8:57.04 full priority matrix app that i have
8:59.76 pulled up here
9:1.76 i like to highlight the fact that i'm on
9:3.68 the my projects tab
9:5.60 and then i clicked on these four
9:7.12 quadrants here
9:9.28 so this is going to become that central
9:11.60 space where maybe you're working with
9:14.08 your executives maybe you're working
9:16.32 with your teammates specifically or
9:18.64 maybe the organization allows for a lot
9:20.80 of visibility and these projects are
9:22.72 essentially shared with everybody
9:26.08 priority matrix it creates a central
9:28.56 space where you're able to track your
9:30.72 own priorities
9:32.32 have this ability to see what your
9:33.92 teammates are working on and also
9:37.04 delegate tasks out and communicate to
9:39.68 each other as well
9:41.60 so anything under the sun when you think
9:43.52 of team collaboration can likely be done
9:45.68 in priority matrix
9:48.00 these projects can be shared with nobody
9:50.48 they can be shared with the entire
9:51.92 organization or you can pick and choose
9:54.32 user by user who needs to see which
9:56.88 project
9:58.16 i like to highlight that fact because in
10:0.24 small businesses sometimes there's
10:1.92 individual contributors that don't
10:3.92 necessarily need to share projects with
10:5.84 everybody on the team
10:7.36 so keep in mind you're welcome to keep
10:9.28 these projects private for as long as
10:11.36 you need
10:15.92 so the first best practice that i would
10:17.68 like to go over for people using a
10:20.40 priority matrix at small businesses
10:23.44 is the concept of standardizing
10:25.84 recurring processes by using customized
10:29.28 templates
10:31.44 an example that i like to use is
10:33.52 onboarding because i know that that's
10:35.28 relatable for small businesses because
10:37.44 likely they're growing and they're
10:39.04 constantly adding more employees
10:41.92 so we're going to go ahead and use this
10:43.36 as our example
10:44.84 today so again what we're looking at
10:47.20 here is the concept of creating a
10:49.44 customized templates
10:51.76 so this is a template that i actually
10:54.08 set up myself simply by creating a new
10:57.20 project
10:59.44 adding a title that makes sense for this
11:1.44 process
11:2.48 and actually adding all of those action
11:4.80 items that need to take place every
11:6.72 single time
11:8.00 we onboard a new employee for this
11:10.56 example
11:12.64 you can even go in and you can delegate
11:15.44 tasks to people on your team
11:17.68 depending on who's responsible for that
11:19.60 portion of onboarding
11:21.68 you can add deadlines
11:23.60 and then what you'll be able to do is
11:25.44 you can save this project as a template
11:29.28 go ahead and create as many templates as
11:32.00 you need to fully cover all of the
11:34.96 recurring processes that are happening
11:36.88 in your company
11:39.12 what happens when you're able to use
11:40.56 templates is you save so much time you
11:43.44 no longer have to continuously create
11:45.92 the same project over and over
11:48.48 you can share these templates with your
11:50.48 teammates to create a type of
11:52.32 standardization
11:54.24 and then what happens is these templates
11:56.32 generate reports for you
11:58.24 so as a leader in the organization
12:0.72 you're able to compare onboarding or a
12:3.60 sales process or invoicing whatever it
12:6.16 might be
12:7.20 when these templates are exactly the
12:8.80 same it creates standard metrics
12:11.44 to review in the automatically generated
12:13.68 report
12:15.76 in order to access these templates that
12:17.84 you've created and customized
12:20.08 when you go to add project
12:22.40 rather than doing a blank project which
12:24.80 would basically be creating a project
12:26.88 from scratch
12:28.16 you will go to my templates
12:31.44 these are templates that you've created
12:33.68 and saved or your teammates have created
12:36.80 saved and shared with you
12:40.24 alternatively if you're not quite ready
12:42.24 to create your own templates we do have
12:45.20 this tab which is called public
12:46.88 templates and these are templates that
12:48.96 we have created to help you get started
12:52.00 to have a centralized place with kind of
12:54.40 the standardized processes that may be
12:57.20 recurring so feel free to explore these
12:59.76 and import them as needed to help you
13:1.60 get started seamlessly
13:5.12 hopefully that makes sense at this point
13:6.96 if you have any questions about using
13:8.96 templates write those down and i would
13:11.20 love to touch on them again at the very
13:13.20 end of this presentation
13:18.64 in terms of recurring processes another
13:20.96 thing that typically comes up is
13:24.48 how do i set a recurring deadline
13:27.60 for you know tasks that happen over and
13:29.92 over again so i'm going to open up this
13:32.32 one which talks about managing logging
13:34.64 credentials
13:36.00 again as a small business employee owner
13:38.88 or leader
13:40.16 we are all likely wearing a lot of
13:42.24 different hats and being able to
13:44.80 automate these processes of having
13:46.64 recurring tasks can take a huge load off
13:50.00 of our employees
13:51.60 because these aren't just manual things
13:53.04 that don't need to be done every single
13:54.96 day manually and when we can use
13:57.84 these
13:58.88 automated processes that priority matrix
14:1.20 offers it's going to save you time and
14:3.76 help you focus on everything else that
14:5.76 you need to get done with a lot on your
14:7.68 plate every single day
14:10.64 when you set up a new task we'll use
14:12.48 this one make sure no error codes show
14:14.48 up for users you can go to the right
14:17.60 hand side and you're able to set your
14:19.92 deadline
14:21.12 so looks like this deadline was set for
14:22.88 march 1st
14:24.32 and at the bottom where it says
14:26.08 recurrence you're able to choose how
14:28.16 frequently this task needs to be
14:30.08 reoccurring
14:32.88 what happens with a recurring task we'll
14:35.44 see here i'm going to mark this item as
14:37.44 completed in other words i'm saying okay
14:39.60 i've already done this for the month
14:41.68 give this just a moment and this task is
14:44.16 actually going to pop directly back up
14:46.08 into the project
14:48.24 so again and it's going to have the new
14:50.16 deadline in place which would be april
14:52.32 1st since i said this to be recurring
14:54.72 monthly
14:56.48 this is an amazing option for those of
14:58.64 you who have maybe a weekly monthly
15:1.28 quarterly or even annually process
15:4.16 that you need these types of reminders
15:5.92 to come up in your priority matrix but
15:7.68 you don't want to have to go recreate
15:10.16 the task every single time
15:13.92 another thing that i would like to show
15:15.52 you is the option for setting recurring
15:17.36 reminders again small business owners
15:20.40 leaders and employees
15:22.08 have a lot on their plate and having
15:23.60 these gentle reminders can be super
15:25.52 helpful for everybody
15:27.84 so i'm going to go ahead and add
15:29.28 somebody else to this task saying okay
15:31.76 you know now we're working together on
15:33.36 this
15:34.16 and then i'm going to say remind
15:35.84 everybody daily until
15:39.44 complete
15:42.32 what i did is i used a conversation
15:44.40 command these are all commands that you
15:46.64 can use to update this task you can
15:49.28 always use the interface as well but i
15:50.88 think that the reminders are super easy
15:52.80 to set by using the commands
15:55.04 so what i've done is i set a reminder
15:56.96 for everybody on this item every single
15:58.88 day until we complete this item or i
16:1.76 could say remind me in four hours
16:4.80 there's a lot of different reminders you
16:6.32 can set for yourself but again small
16:8.64 businesses these people have a lot on
16:10.64 their plate so these gentle nudges to
16:12.64 remind people what they need to be
16:14.00 working on can really be make it or
16:16.16 break it for the small businesses using
16:18.32 priority matrix
16:22.08 those two best practices kind of go hand
16:24.24 in hand which is standardizing it and
16:27.12 taking away the manual work of recurring
16:29.60 projects
16:30.80 processes and recurring tasks by using
16:34.24 templates and
16:36.48 recurring deadlines and reminders
16:44.24 the second best practice which i would
16:46.00 like to show you is the option to give
16:48.88 kind of a high level of visibility for
16:51.92 those people using priority matrix with
16:53.84 their teammates
16:55.12 i want to take you to the search view
16:57.44 which is most commonly used by managers
17:0.00 and leaders in the organization who need
17:2.48 to make sure that their teammates are
17:4.32 not letting items slip through the
17:5.92 cracks again working in a small business
17:8.40 we have so much on our plate and it can
17:10.88 be pretty overwhelming and we're only
17:13.68 human we make mistakes and sometimes
17:15.60 things do get forgotten about or they
17:17.28 slip through the cracks priority matrix
17:19.84 absolutely make sure that happens less
17:22.00 frequently but from a management
17:24.24 perspective you're going to get the
17:25.60 visibility you need from the search view
17:29.04 this is going to show you everything in
17:30.88 your priority matrix across the board
17:33.76 and then what you're able to do is you
17:35.52 can decide which teammate you need to
17:37.60 zero in on
17:39.60 so now what i've done is i felt i'm
17:41.36 filtering items that i'm only
17:43.60 responsible for and i can see these
17:45.60 based off of my upcoming deadlines
17:48.00 and then i can see overdue items as well
17:51.12 so without priority matrix leaders and
17:53.76 small businesses often rely on excel
17:56.08 spreadsheets
17:57.60 emails
17:58.72 constant meetings
18:0.56 but with all of those kind of and i
18:2.56 think of them as little octopus arms
18:4.32 reaching out in all these different
18:5.84 directions
18:7.04 there's no central space to see
18:9.12 everything that their teammates are
18:10.56 working on until you use priority matrix
18:13.68 then that challenge is diminished
18:15.28 because you can see
18:16.64 everything in one place and you have
18:18.80 that visibility that you need
18:23.20 another view that stands out a whole lot
18:25.52 to
18:26.40 small businesses is the my team view
18:29.28 what happens here is this allows
18:31.04 managers to understand where people on
18:33.20 their team are spending their time so it
18:35.28 breaks it down based off of recent
18:37.04 activity
18:38.24 for everybody in the organization that's
18:40.32 using priority matrix
18:43.92 so that's going to be you know if you
18:45.92 will kind of best practice number three
18:48.24 going after templates recurring
18:50.56 deadlines and then using priority matrix
18:52.72 for the visibility you need so you don't
18:55.12 have to waste time juggling multiple
18:57.12 platforms having unnecessary meetings
19:0.16 and kind of wasting time throughout the
19:1.76 day because you're going to have
19:3.68 everything you need in just this one
19:5.76 central space
19:10.24 another thing i would like to add on to
19:12.64 kind of the concept of visibility then
19:15.12 we'll move on to meetings and then we'll
19:17.28 finally get around to the q a
19:20.56 what i like to show people is
19:23.20 the idea of creating a dashboard project
19:26.24 the reason that this is helpful for
19:28.16 small businesses is because
19:30.72 again everybody has a lot on their plate
19:32.64 there's likely a whole lot of projects
19:34.80 created in priority matrix and giving
19:37.44 leadership a space where they can get
19:39.36 the levels of visibility they need is
19:41.84 really helpful so i'm going to apply a
19:44.80 filter here
19:46.08 and we're going to call it it
19:50.00 so now what we've done is we filtered to
19:52.16 only see it
19:54.00 related projects in our priority matrix
19:58.08 what this dashboard view allows leaders
20:0.40 to do is say okay here's everything that
20:3.76 our business is working on related to it
20:7.12 and these are actual project names
20:10.56 so when i click on this link on the
20:12.24 right hand side it's going to redirect
20:14.40 me to that project so what this allows
20:17.28 leadership to do in a small business is
20:19.92 either stay at the high level and get
20:22.00 project level updates review those and
20:24.72 move on to the next thing because as we
20:26.64 all know when you have a lot on your
20:28.56 plate there's simply not enough time in
20:30.32 the day
20:32.48 if you do have that bandwidth and you
20:34.40 want to drill down to see the action
20:36.24 items in each it project you can
20:39.12 absolutely get that visibility and super
20:41.44 easily just by clicking on that link
20:43.68 so that's going to be best practice
20:45.28 number four is utilizing visibility and
20:48.00 priority matrix and not only this but
20:50.88 creating those dashboard projects to
20:52.64 stay organized
20:54.24 and have different levels of visibility
20:56.32 that you need
21:0.40 last but definitely not least is the
21:3.04 concept of
21:4.48 helping small businesses have short and
21:6.88 effective meetings
21:8.80 granted those meetings are not going to
21:10.72 go away we're still going to have to
21:12.64 have them every single day but we might
21:15.52 as well make them short effective and to
21:17.84 the point so again we can kind of get
21:19.92 back to work and continue working on
21:21.84 what's necessary for the organization
21:25.92 with that being said that's going to
21:27.44 bring me to what i want to show you
21:28.88 which is the one-on-one view
21:31.84 so what happens here as an owner of a
21:34.40 small business you're likely checking in
21:36.56 on the majority of your employees with
21:38.64 either a weekly one-on-one meeting
21:40.80 monthly or maybe it only needs to be
21:42.96 quarterly if you're using priority
21:44.72 matrix
21:45.92 but in order to ensure you have a short
21:48.24 and effective one-on-one meeting
21:50.56 when you use this priority matrix
21:52.56 feature the system automatically creates
21:55.44 a shared priority list
21:58.24 between yourself and this one person
22:0.48 that's in this meeting with you
22:2.64 here we can review all of our shared
22:4.64 priorities
22:6.08 we would be able to see all of our
22:7.84 shared emails at the bottom here coming
22:9.92 from your sharepoint and most
22:12.32 importantly in my opinion is you can add
22:14.64 a new shared task
22:16.40 so we'll just say review hr documents
22:19.84 and we'll say this is going to be due in
22:21.68 seven hours i can create this new task
22:24.72 it's automatically shared between the
22:26.40 two of us i can prioritize it
22:29.52 we could add item notes as needed
22:33.28 and when we hit add this new priority
22:35.76 will now be added to our one on one view
22:38.56 which is again incredibly helpful
22:40.16 because after the meeting
22:41.84 the owner or manager feels confident
22:44.56 that everything was tracked the person
22:47.12 working on these tasks does not have to
22:48.96 spend time jotting things down after the
22:51.20 meeting
22:52.08 everything is prioritized and we're all
22:54.16 good to go on the same page
22:56.24 so nothing is slipping through the
22:57.68 cracks
23:2.24 all right so bringing my presentation
23:4.80 back to center stage here
23:10.40 i'd like to wrap this up with a quick
23:12.08 little overview for everybody and then
23:14.32 what we can do is actually open up the
23:16.00 floor for a discussion and
23:19.20 we can kind of go over those q and a's
23:21.92 that you might have so overall priority
23:24.72 matrix helps at small businesses
23:27.36 increase visibility
23:29.12 have better communication
23:31.20 more effective meetings and overall
23:34.16 helping you focus and work on what are
23:37.20 ultimately the highest priorities
23:39.12 without letting anything slip through
23:41.04 the cracks
23:43.36 i've worked with dozens of small
23:45.12 businesses again probably around the 100
23:47.92 user mark and in my opinion this is a
23:50.80 really sweet spot for priority matrix
23:54.00 what i'm able to do at that level is i
23:56.24 can connect with groups of people
23:58.56 management different teams
24:0.64 you know those kind of super users that
24:2.88 want to know everything about priority
24:4.64 matrix i have that bandwidth to work
24:6.96 really closely with those organizations
24:9.68 and at times we've actually been able to
24:11.76 do a little bit of customization work in
24:13.84 priority matrix whether it's with
24:15.44 reports
24:16.56 different functionalities that are
24:17.92 making or break it for them but i love
24:20.48 working with the the small business
24:22.64 organizations
24:24.64 and
24:25.84 if this kind of you know speaks to you
24:27.68 and you think priority matrix would be
24:29.28 helpful for you all i would love to
24:31.60 connect with you one-on-one and see what
24:33.28 we can do to support your organization
24:39.44 so at this point what i'm able to do is
24:42.08 i'd like to kind of open up the floor
24:44.00 for a discussion if any of you would
24:46.40 like to kind of dump into the chat box
24:49.68 either any of your questions that you
24:51.52 might have or
24:53.12 i would love to hear
24:55.44 your
24:56.32 responses to some of these questions
24:57.84 that i have here on the screen so for
25:0.40 those of you in the webinar today i'd
25:2.08 like to ask
25:3.20 how do you think priority matrix will
25:5.36 support your small business
25:7.84 or what systems is your team currently
25:10.24 using for task management
25:12.80 these are questions that i have for you
25:14.56 all but i would also be open to hearing
25:16.80 your questions and answering those for
25:18.48 you today
25:29.04 while we wait for those responses i want
25:31.76 to point out that next week i'm hosting
25:34.08 several additional webinars and
25:36.88 number one i would love to hear your
25:38.40 feedback on which topics would be
25:40.32 helpful for your small business
25:42.64 and number two in my follow up email i'm
25:45.12 going to provide a link to register for
25:47.52 those webinars so be sure to check them
25:50.00 out register for them and even if you
25:52.08 can't attend i'm going to send you a
25:54.00 follow-up email with the recorded
25:56.16 webinar to watch at your convenience
26:4.16 looks like we have somebody typing here
26:5.84 so i'm going to hang tight for a couple
26:7.60 more minutes and
26:9.20 don't be shy definitely speak up i would
26:11.28 love to hear your thoughts on kind of
26:12.80 this webinar and additional topics i can
26:14.80 cover to help you
26:16.88 if there are no other questions and
26:19.76 nothing else comes up here
26:22.32 what we can do is i can kind of wrap up
26:24.08 this webinar but rez i do see your
26:26.00 question which is could you address the
26:28.08 integration of outlook and task to
26:30.08 priority matrix yes i would absolutely
26:32.64 love to do this
26:35.76 so what we can do if i'm able to exit
26:38.32 out of my presentation
26:40.88 i'm going to pull up my outlook here
26:43.60 and
26:44.80 priority matrix is absolutely very
26:46.88 heavily used for the email management
26:49.12 aspect
26:50.40 of you know kind of task prioritization
26:53.20 so the way that this is going to work
26:54.72 for you all is you're able to install
26:57.44 the integration to outlook and
26:59.84 essentially what happens is
27:2.08 from here you're able to grab an email
27:5.12 you can prioritize
27:6.48 it into your priority matrix so let's
27:9.68 find
27:12.32 let's find one of the projects that
27:13.68 we're working on let's go with the it
27:15.84 well let's go back here
27:18.32 and we'll put it in manage logging
27:20.40 credentials for employees just so we can
27:22.48 kind of actively you know find where
27:24.32 we're putting this email
27:25.84 prioritize it into the correct project
27:28.00 in the correct quadrant
27:30.24 and you can pick your due date
27:32.64 if you needed to right off the bat this
27:34.80 is really common for executive
27:36.24 assistants or shared inboxes you could
27:38.96 actually delegate this email to somebody
27:40.72 else on your team if right away you
27:42.64 wanted to get their attention
27:44.88 when we hit create action item you get a
27:47.84 little preview of this task
27:50.08 where indeed you can continue to provide
27:52.40 updates if needed
27:54.40 maybe i want to say invite bella
27:57.28 now i can add her as a follower and if i
27:59.76 click away from this email and then come
28:1.92 back to it this task will still be here
28:4.40 for me so you can essentially work 100
28:6.88 through outlook for a little bit of time
28:8.56 if you need to
28:10.80 when we go back to teams and i open up
28:12.96 the project where i put this email
28:15.44 here it is
28:16.48 it's now prioritized
28:18.64 what's great about it again is i have my
28:21.20 deadline set so even if i totally space
28:23.52 out and forget about this email it's
28:25.68 going to be there for me
28:27.52 and priority matrix will in fact remind
28:29.60 me
28:30.96 that i need to get it done
28:32.72 what's really cool about getting your
28:34.48 emails prioritized is when you work in
28:37.12 views
28:38.16 such as your agenda view
28:40.80 which priority matrix will show you
28:42.80 tasks that you have due based off of the
28:44.80 day of the week
28:46.32 not only will it be tasks or priorities
28:49.12 but you're also able to see those emails
28:51.60 that you need to circle back to and
28:53.04 handle for that day as well
29:0.08 the second follow-up question was if i
29:2.24 move the email to an archive folder
29:5.20 will microsoft still be able to or will
29:8.16 priority matrix still be able to link to
29:10.16 the message
29:11.28 so the answer to that is actually gonna
29:13.68 be
29:14.72 no and i might have to double check on
29:17.20 that for you but
29:18.72 if i were to move this email
29:22.32 in outlook away from my inbox
29:26.00 this task will still be here in priority
29:28.72 matrix but the link on the right hand
29:31.84 side that typically would take me back
29:34.08 to that email to handle it this link
29:36.56 will not work for you
29:38.84 so you know i i definitely get that
29:41.36 feedback a lot but the idea is once
29:43.52 you're prioritizing your emails into
29:45.68 microsoft teams you no longer need to
29:48.48 move them so frequently to different
29:50.56 folders in outlook so
29:53.28 i hope that answers your question let me
29:55.20 know if you have any follow-ups about
29:56.88 that
30:0.48 res thank you so much for those
30:1.92 questions those i'm sure were beneficial
30:4.08 to a lot of people on the meeting today
30:8.80 all right well thank you all for your
30:10.56 time today you know i can't thank you
30:12.08 enough for stepping aside from your busy
30:14.64 day today and taking some time to meet
30:16.48 with you with me i'm going to send you
30:18.72 all a follow-up email