How consultants Help Clients Reach Their Goals with Microsoft Teams and Priority Matrix

Video presented by Erica Beaulieu

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Learn how consultants can use Priority Matrix for Teams to seamlessly collaborate with clients. Fewer emails, and more productive communication and teamwork. We'll also review our specialized licensing options for users just like yourself, everything just got a whole lost easier for you! Come to learn and ask questions in this interactive session.

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Video transcription (25:56.48) Stop scroll

2.32s with your teammates and you know anybody
4.72s else who's also working as a consultant
6.96s like yourself
8.48s so again my name is erica thank you so
10.56s much for joining this webinar today and
13.92s essentially what we'll be looking at
15.52s today is how consultants can help
17.76s clients reach their goals with microsoft
20.32s teams for priority matrix so
23.36s there's a lot that's kind of gone into
24.80s this webinar planning which is
27.36s talking to a lot of different
28.40s consultants and kind of hearing the
30.32s challenges that they're currently facing
32.56s learning about why they're having these
34.56s challenges when they're working with
35.84s clients using a specific software and
39.04s what we've actually been able to do is
41.60s change priority matrix a little bit on
43.52s the functionality side but
45.84s more specifically modify how you can
47.84s actually set up your account and you're
49.52s licensing it to make priority matrix
52.96s really
53.84s valuable for consultants working with
56.24s clients and especially multiple clients
58.72s at the same time
1:0.24 and so what i'm going to show you today
1:1.60 is kind of everything we've done to
1:3.04 modify priority matrix specifically for
1:5.36 consultants
1:6.88 and i hope you like it so i look forward
1:8.72 to hearing your feedback
1:10.80 at the very end of this presentation
1:13.28 you can expect this to take probably
1:15.28 about 15 to 20 minutes on my side and
1:18.48 then at the very end i'm actually going
1:20.00 to open this up to have kind of more of
1:22.08 an open discussion
1:23.68 i would love to hear your use case and
1:26.08 kind of learn more about you know what's
1:28.16 interesting you about priority matrix um
1:30.80 and also of course answer any questions
1:32.64 that you might have so
1:34.24 during this presentation please kind of
1:36.08 jot down those thoughts and write down
1:37.76 any questions you have and that's
1:40.48 definitely my favorite part of the
1:41.84 webinar is kind of connecting with you
1:43.44 all at the end
1:45.20 again having that discussion and
1:46.64 answering any questions
1:48.48 so with that being said
1:50.48 i'm going to go ahead and turn
1:53.04 off the camera here and kind of start
1:56.00 with my
1:57.20 presentation that i prepared for you all
1:59.44 so again thanks so much for your time um
2:2.24 and let's
2:3.36 go ahead and get started so at this
2:4.96 point you should be able to see my
2:6.88 screen and hopefully you can hear me
2:9.28 okay if for whatever reason you suspect
2:11.20 there's any technical difficulties
2:12.88 happening on your side um just send me a
2:15.20 little comment in the chat but we should
2:16.80 be good to go
2:18.00 i also saw that we have pablo here as
2:20.00 well who's
2:21.36 one of my teammates our cto and kind of
2:23.68 the brains behind all of this so he'll
2:25.60 be here for any
2:27.20 technical support or any questions that
2:29.12 you may have
2:31.28 so again the topic for today's webinar
2:33.36 is how consultants can help their
2:35.20 clients reach their goals
2:37.04 by using a priority matrix for microsoft
2:39.84 teams so let's kind of unpack what i
2:42.08 mean by that
2:44.88 as i mentioned over the past couple of
2:46.72 months we've been working really closely
2:49.20 with and a handful of different
2:50.64 consultants and during that process i've
2:54.00 had the opportunity to learn first hand
2:56.96 what challenges consultants are facing
2:59.84 when they don't have a good system in
3:1.52 place it to collaborate and work
3:3.60 together
3:4.96 so
3:5.84 i'm sure a lot of us on this webinar
3:7.60 today can hopefully kind of relate to
3:9.28 these challenges
3:10.80 um
3:11.92 and what those kind of look like is
3:14.24 number one lots of emails
3:17.12 lots of emails going out and equally as
3:19.84 many emails coming in and what that can
3:22.56 often lead to is
3:24.32 difficulty sharing and receiving updates
3:26.40 with clients and a lot of the times we
3:28.64 can send out tons of emails but
3:31.04 who's really to say if they've been read
3:33.28 if they've even been noticed maybe they
3:35.04 went straight to the to their trash
3:37.36 um and i kind of laugh when i'm saying
3:39.12 that because it really is such a real
3:41.04 problem and i'm sure a lot of us can
3:42.72 kind of relate to that
3:45.28 with that being said other challenges
3:47.12 include no real way to kind of
3:49.12 standardize client projects or metrics
3:52.80 so a lot of the times these consultants
3:54.80 are working with their clients and they
3:56.88 have similar goals in mind but when it
3:59.36 comes to emailing and meetings and excel
4:1.68 spreadsheets
4:2.88 it can definitely be challenging to say
4:4.48 okay here's what we need to get done
4:6.08 here's the time frame and here's how
4:7.76 we're going to do it but when you use
4:9.84 priority matrix it
4:11.76 makes it a whole lot easier to basically
4:13.60 create a customized template that you
4:15.84 can reuse time and time again with these
4:17.76 different clients and not only one
4:20.08 template i didn't mean to make that kind
4:21.68 of sound just like one you can create
4:24.24 multiple different templates to
4:25.92 continuously use with different clients
4:27.76 for different use cases
4:30.96 in addition to that lastly there's a lot
4:32.64 of different shifting client demands and
4:34.96 so it's very important for the
4:36.40 consultant to be able to update this
4:38.08 kind of on the fly and have you know a
4:40.40 real-time interactive system
4:42.64 where not only the consultant can see
4:44.32 these changes but it's also reflected
4:46.16 back to the client just to continuously
4:48.08 make sure that they're all on the same
4:49.60 page and working together
4:53.60 so again we've worked really hard in the
4:55.84 last couple of months to
4:57.84 not necessarily rewrite priority matrix
5:0.16 because our current users are still
5:2.00 using it exactly as they were before but
5:4.64 what we've done is we've put a lot of
5:6.24 thought and
5:7.52 kind of work into
5:9.28 designing another version if you will of
5:12.00 priority matrix specifically for
5:14.24 consultants based off of everything that
5:16.40 we've been able to learn
5:19.68 so one of those things that i just
5:21.12 mentioned is
5:22.40 it can be really hard to understand
5:25.28 if um if if your clients are basically
5:27.92 kind of receiving that information that
5:29.60 you're sharing with them
5:31.12 it can also be hard to understand if you
5:33.12 know they're actively working on the
5:35.20 stuff that you give them or if it's kind
5:37.12 of just you know being ignored or not
5:38.80 really noticed so
5:40.96 and you can kind of group all that under
5:42.64 metrics to see the growth and the
5:44.56 success that you're having with those
5:46.32 clients
5:47.52 and what we've created is the priority
5:49.44 matrix activity report and what happens
5:52.08 here is when a consultant is working
5:53.92 with a client through these projects
5:56.24 and that sentence will probably make a
5:58.24 lot more sense after i kind of go
5:59.76 through the live demo
6:1.68 but with that being said what this
6:3.28 activity report allows the consultant to
6:5.68 see is
6:6.96 is the client actively working in
6:8.72 priority matrix are they making any
6:10.80 updates
6:11.84 are they making any changes in here and
6:14.24 with that being said not only does it
6:16.16 help the consultant understand if the
6:18.00 client is on track but it also helps
6:20.88 them understand if it's time to you know
6:23.04 maybe kind of let them go and remove
6:24.64 them from that priority matrix license
6:27.52 which it's
6:29.04 easier than ever for the consultant to
6:30.96 do
6:32.00 with our new account model to add and
6:34.16 remove clients as needed on the fly
6:36.48 basically
6:40.00 so what are the new features that we
6:42.24 have made specifically for our
6:43.84 consultants using priority matrix
6:46.88 we've made it really easy for the
6:48.88 consultant to share specific projects
6:51.68 with their clients with that being said
6:53.68 i'm going to show you a couple of things
6:55.04 like project tags and different ways to
6:57.28 color code those projects so
6:59.52 when it comes to only wanting to focus
7:1.68 on one client that's going to be super
7:3.44 easy even if you have you know 40 50
7:5.92 clients in there each with 10 projects
7:8.88 no doubt that can sound super
7:10.72 overwhelming but with the features i'm
7:12.72 going to show you it's you know all
7:14.64 going to make a lot more sense
7:17.36 we've also made it possible to ensure
7:19.52 our client privacy so again one of the
7:22.08 things consultants told us time and time
7:24.16 again was
7:25.92 there is absolutely no chance that our
7:28.48 clients can see what i'm working on with
7:30.16 somebody else and that was you know of
7:32.16 course we would respond and say
7:34.48 makes perfect sense we're absolutely
7:36.16 going to ensure that client privacy for
7:38.08 you um and so that's what we've
7:40.00 basically been able to do and again i'm
7:41.60 going to touch on all of this in my demo
7:45.12 lastly we've
7:46.40 created pricing specifically designed
7:48.56 for consultants working with kind of a
7:51.44 changing group of clients
7:53.68 and i'm also we've also designed
7:55.76 specific templates to kind of streamline
7:57.52 those client projects and things like
7:59.20 the reports that i showed you
8:1.20 to basically be able to compare all the
8:3.52 clients you're working with and kind of
8:4.96 see the results that are coming out of
8:6.80 your consulting with them
8:10.48 so next up i'm actually going to break
8:12.48 into the priority matrix demo so just a
8:15.12 little snippet at what we're actually
8:16.80 going to be looking at
8:18.32 the demo portion is
8:20.32 probably going to be a little bit
8:22.00 shorter compared to other webinars i've
8:24.40 done
8:25.28 for those of you who have attended it i
8:27.44 usually spend about 20 minutes walking
8:29.60 through the application but what i'm
8:31.68 going to show you today is pretty
8:33.04 straightforward so it's going to be a
8:34.96 little bit quicker but essentially what
8:36.88 we're going to look at is
8:38.80 kind of the experience as a consultant
8:42.00 and also as the client so i have two
8:44.64 different accounts set up and i'm going
8:46.00 to show you what it looks like from each
8:47.84 perspective which is going to be kind of
8:49.44 neat to look at
8:52.72 i'm going to show you how you can kind
8:54.64 of get started as a consultant by using
8:56.80 custom templates like we talked about
8:58.72 project tags color coding those projects
9:1.36 and
9:2.16 with all that being said there's
9:3.44 definitely going to be a couple just
9:5.04 kind of best practices takeaways for
9:7.84 using priority matrix as a consultant
9:12.24 all right so thank you all so much for
9:15.04 sticking with me to this portion i know
9:17.44 a lot of the times when i show the
9:19.44 presentation a lot of people are
9:20.72 thinking hey you know this really isn't
9:22.32 what i signed up for i didn't want to
9:23.60 see a powerpoint um and i really
9:26.16 appreciate everybody sticking with me to
9:28.80 probably what brought you all here today
9:30.24 which is actually seeing the priority
9:32.00 matrix demo
9:33.84 so without further ado let's kind of get
9:35.76 in here
9:37.36 and talk about what is on my screen
9:39.60 right now
9:41.04 so
9:41.84 as you can tell priority matrix right
9:44.00 now is running through my team's
9:46.24 platform
9:47.68 for those of you who aren't using
9:49.84 microsoft teams that's perfectly okay we
9:51.84 have a web app and a desktop application
9:54.88 with that being said if you do have
9:56.72 access to the teams
9:58.40 to the microsoft teams application we
10:0.64 absolutely suggest getting started using
10:2.80 it in there just to kind of keep
10:4.48 everything in one central location to
10:6.40 make your day today easier
10:10.56 a little tip i always suggest is i like
10:12.80 to pin my priority matrix app open so
10:15.92 when i'm utilizing the different
10:17.36 functionalities and teams it's always
10:19.04 going to stay there and be super easy to
10:21.36 access again
10:23.68 so what are we looking at here on my
10:25.68 screen
10:26.88 in the middle of my screen these are
10:28.40 going to be all of my projects so for
10:30.64 those of you who are brand new to
10:32.56 priority matrix and may not really know
10:34.32 how it works the idea essentially is to
10:36.88 create different projects and in this
10:38.96 case
10:39.84 it would be projects that you're going
10:41.12 to be sharing with your clients as well
10:44.64 so whether that looks like a new
10:46.64 onboarding or revenue review or a
10:49.52 strategy map
10:50.96 whatever types of projects you're
10:52.48 working on with your clients you're
10:54.08 going to be able to represent those
10:55.52 within your priority matrix
10:58.48 so
10:59.84 this view that we're looking at here
11:1.76 would be from the perspective of a
11:3.76 consultant and we can understand that
11:6.72 because i've set up basically two
11:8.32 different examples
11:9.92 and this would reflect working with two
11:12.56 different clients the consultants that
11:14.88 we've spoken with are working with as
11:16.96 many as you know 40 or 50 clients at the
11:19.52 same time so this is a pretty
11:21.60 lightweight example but it's going to be
11:23.28 really easy for you to
11:25.60 kind of duplicate on your side
11:27.12 regardless of how many clients you're
11:29.04 working with
11:32.24 so one thing i kind of want to point off
11:34.56 point out right off the bat
11:36.96 so when you you know basically let's say
11:39.04 it's monday morning and you open your
11:40.64 priority matrix and you know today
11:43.04 you're basically just going to be
11:44.32 focusing on one client
11:46.72 and the question
11:48.00 usually comes up which is
11:49.84 all right well how do i kind of get rid
11:51.28 of that extra noise and only focus on
11:54.16 projects for that client the solution
11:57.04 for that in priority matrix is super
11:59.28 easy which is actually just adding a
12:1.60 project tag so in this example i've used
12:4.24 company a and company b
12:6.40 for the two different
12:7.92 client examples essentially but what
12:10.40 you'll be able to do is you can
12:12.32 basically just search for that project
12:15.36 tag
12:16.40 and what you can do is you can then say
12:19.04 all right show me all my projects that
12:20.88 are just relevant to client a for
12:23.12 example
12:25.28 the project tags don't have to stop
12:27.04 there at kind of a a base level you can
12:29.52 tag them for revenue or onboarding or
12:32.80 strategy map
12:34.16 and then what you could do is kind of
12:35.52 compare across your different clients if
12:37.36 you wanted to and see similar projects
12:39.76 rather than everything related to one
12:41.84 client
12:43.68 so that's just kind of a quick look at
12:45.36 one of the best practices i always like
12:47.20 to share when it comes to working with
12:48.96 clients which is
12:50.32 really being able to separate projects
12:52.64 with these project tags
12:55.68 the other thing you may have noticed is
12:57.92 that i went ahead and i color coded
12:59.76 these projects so
13:2.00 maybe that's not for a lot of people but
13:4.24 honestly at a glance it does really help
13:6.32 to kind of color code the project so
13:8.24 then you're really easy it's really easy
13:10.24 to see
13:11.12 all right here's all the projects for
13:12.64 this client
13:13.84 they kind of have that similar color
13:15.36 scheme again the whole point of priority
13:17.68 matrix is to make everything organized
13:20.32 and easier for you to use so go ahead
13:22.64 and play around with the color coding it
13:24.48 can you know definitely be helpful the
13:26.56 more projects and the more clients that
13:28.32 you're working with
13:31.76 another thing that i also need to point
13:34.48 out which is you know very critical for
13:36.72 kind of the concept of consulting
13:38.64 consultants working with clients
13:41.04 which is the idea of the consultant gets
13:44.24 to choose which client sees which
13:46.80 project so of course you're not going to
13:49.76 want to share company a's projects with
13:52.32 company b
13:53.68 and that's actually one of the really
13:55.04 cool things about
13:56.72 using the new account setup which is
13:59.44 when i share a project with let's say
14:1.52 client a
14:3.04 they are not going to be able to see
14:4.96 anything related to the other clients
14:7.44 not their name none of their projects
14:10.00 everything is 100 private and that's
14:12.96 completely up to the consultant as to
14:14.88 how they set it up
14:16.48 and after this kind of live demo portion
14:18.80 i'm going to circle back and show you
14:20.08 what that account setup looks like but i
14:22.32 just kind of want to square that up
14:23.76 right off the bat because i know that
14:25.04 that's super important for
14:27.52 the consultants who are using priority
14:29.44 matrix
14:32.40 so kind of shifting gears here
14:34.88 again this is my priority matrix running
14:37.20 through teams but a lot of the times
14:39.52 just kind of going off of the
14:40.80 conversations we've had is
14:43.20 the consultant will say all right well
14:45.68 you know not all my clients are actually
14:47.60 using microsoft teams and
14:49.84 so what does it look like from their
14:51.20 perspective how do they access priority
14:53.44 matrix
14:55.12 it's going to be just as simple as your
14:56.96 client going to
14:59.60 which is our web application so what
15:2.16 that means is they don't have to
15:3.28 download anything they definitely don't
15:4.96 need to be using teams at
15:8.48 they log in
15:10.16 and then what they'll be able to see is
15:12.72 only the projects that you've shared
15:14.72 with them
15:16.08 so kind of shifting gears here now what
15:18.64 we're looking at would be the
15:20.40 perspective of your client from company
15:22.88 a logging in and again only seeing those
15:26.00 projects that you've shared with them
15:27.68 only seeing information shared between
15:29.36 the two of you nothing at all relating
15:32.48 to other clients will be showing up on
15:34.96 their priority matrix
15:39.44 so let's see i can kind of put these
15:41.68 side by side but i mean it's pretty
15:43.52 straightforward with the idea being the
15:46.08 consultant will be able to manage all of
15:48.64 their
15:49.92 clients within priority matrix
15:52.32 while being able to very specifically
15:54.24 choose which projects are shared with
15:56.16 who
15:58.48 the other thing that i want to point out
16:0.24 which i mentioned kind of at the start
16:2.16 of this presentation was the idea of
16:4.64 creating different templates so
16:7.28 i'm going to go in here and you can kind
16:8.72 of see how i work through this which is
16:10.96 opening up
16:12.08 my
16:13.12 filters
16:14.32 getting rid of company a and actually
16:16.80 going back to my consultant project tag
16:19.52 so
16:20.24 as you can see it's very easy to kind of
16:22.00 toggle back and forth to decide which
16:24.00 projects you want to see for the time
16:26.08 being
16:28.96 so something you'll notice is i have my
16:31.36 new employee onboarding for company b
16:33.68 the onboarding for company a and the
16:36.64 reason that i actually have this
16:38.64 onboarding example here is because we
16:41.28 were recently working with one of our
16:43.04 consultants and they had specific
16:44.96 metrics they needed to meet which was
16:46.80 either
16:47.68 you know onboard x amount of new
16:49.60 employees or bring their revenue up to a
16:52.08 specific amount
16:53.76 and those metrics were the same for all
16:55.68 of the clients that they were working
16:57.12 with
16:58.32 which
16:59.12 goes to show how important it would be
17:1.04 to have kind of a streamlined process
17:3.04 and use the same
17:4.88 metrics or project for each new client
17:7.76 they bring on it's going to make it so
17:9.76 much easier for those consultants to
17:11.52 track the progress and track the growth
17:13.84 if everything is the same across all the
17:16.08 clients they're working with
17:18.64 so with that being said i set up an
17:20.88 example here so when you're a consultant
17:23.60 and you bring on a new client what you
17:25.36 can do is you can basically go to add
17:27.52 project
17:29.60 and down here you'll see my templates so
17:32.80 i have a bunch of different templates
17:34.32 here from different examples that i've
17:35.84 done but you will be able to see
17:38.40 new employee onboarding template so it's
17:41.04 just really as easy as that if i were to
17:43.60 bring on a new
17:45.12 client tomorrow and i was going to work
17:46.80 on onboarding their new
17:48.96 employees i could just click use
17:50.64 template
17:52.16 and basically what happens is it's just
17:53.84 going to activate this project for me
17:56.16 all of my items will be there all of the
17:58.00 deadlines i set will be there so again
18:0.40 across all of the clients i'm working
18:2.40 with the onboarding process will be the
18:4.40 same
18:6.64 and again that's kind of a generic
18:8.32 example when it comes to how you and
18:10.64 your team are actually using priority
18:12.84 matrix this is one of the things that i
18:15.04 would love to hear kind of at the end
18:16.64 during that discussion is
18:18.72 maybe what templates we could actually
18:20.56 create for you all or you know what type
18:23.20 of streamlined process you can imagine
18:25.44 using in priority matrix
18:30.00 so hopefully that kind of gives you a
18:31.60 good comparison as to what it would look
18:33.44 like from the consultant side verse
18:35.36 being a client and only seeing those
18:37.36 specific projects to you know their
18:40.00 company essentially so i'm going to jump
18:42.64 back to my presentation here
18:44.80 and then it'll almost be time to kind of
18:47.04 open this up and i look forward to
18:48.80 hearing your questions
18:50.88 but one of the biggest differences we've
18:53.36 made for our consultants using priority
18:56.56 matrix is again focusing on the
18:59.04 importance of being able to separate the
19:1.44 core users
19:3.04 so it would be yourself as a consultant
19:5.92 and your co-workers also working in that
19:8.48 consulting space those are going to be
19:10.96 your core users
19:13.52 second to that is going to be the
19:15.36 clients or in other words your guest
19:18.48 users
19:19.92 so when it comes to the guest users
19:22.32 you could add for example 100 of your
19:24.96 clients
19:26.24 they are not going to be able to see
19:27.76 each other have any access there's going
19:30.08 to be
19:30.96 literally no correspondence or you know
19:33.84 sharing across any of those clients i
19:35.92 can't see anybody else you're working
19:37.92 with
19:39.28 and i know i'm really harping on that
19:41.20 concept but it is a question that comes
19:43.44 up time and time again and we've started
19:45.76 to really understand the importance of
19:47.76 that so i want to make sure that that
19:49.92 aspect of it is super clear that you're
19:52.32 able to separate your core users your
19:54.64 teammates and your guest users in other
19:57.60 words the clients that you're working
19:59.28 with
20:0.72 with that being said you can also modify
20:2.64 your modify the clients as your guest
20:4.72 users on the fly so
20:6.64 if one day you have a client using
20:8.24 priority matrix and the next day they're
20:10.00 kind of ready to be released and work on
20:11.92 their own it's literally just as easy as
20:14.32 going into your account and removing
20:15.84 them and adding the next person there's
20:17.84 total flexibility in that aspect
20:22.64 so then the next really exciting part is
20:25.36 the new consultant pricing that we've
20:27.44 created
20:29.04 so again you can imagine that you know
20:32.00 all of the different verticals and
20:33.60 companies that we've specifically worked
20:35.52 with use priority matrix
20:38.00 you know in a little bit of a unique way
20:40.40 but one of the most unique things we've
20:42.40 seen over the past several months and
20:44.48 you know probably even several years is
20:47.44 how important the pricing structure is
20:49.76 for consultants because like we talked
20:52.08 about you know each consulting team is
20:54.24 going to have a different amount of
20:55.44 clients coming and going
20:57.36 they're going to need a lot of
20:58.48 flexibility
21:0.16 so we've done our best to update kind of
21:2.32 this pricing structure to represent the
21:5.12 flexibility of the core users again that
21:8.24 would be you and your teammates or the
21:10.24 other consultants
21:11.84 and the client accounts
21:13.92 and then the way that that works is
21:15.76 basically with each client you can
21:17.92 create as many projects as you need
21:20.72 it just determines how many clients can
21:23.12 be listed as a guest user
21:25.68 basically so
21:27.28 quick example just in case that isn't
21:29.20 clear
21:30.40 if i were to sign up for the 79
21:33.04 per month option the consultant one
21:35.52 there would be one core user which would
21:37.84 be myself
21:39.20 and then i could add up to 25 client
21:41.76 accounts
21:42.80 or in other words guest users
21:47.68 so i hope that all makes sense
21:49.92 so far i'm going to
21:52.32 actually kind of
21:54.00 minimize my screen here so i can see you
21:56.32 guys all
21:57.44 on the right hand side
22:0.16 so at this point i have a couple
22:1.84 discussion points listed here which
22:4.64 again i think one of the most important
22:6.72 parts of these webinars is to kind of
22:8.40 hear your feedback um
22:10.88 and especially on this topic of
22:12.56 consultants
22:13.84 there's been a lot of shifting parts and
22:16.00 we've really done our best to kind of
22:17.36 structure this specifically for you all
22:19.60 on the call today so
22:21.60 i would love to hear your thoughts and
22:23.52 hear your questions you know any
22:25.12 feedback on
22:26.40 what you think of kind of this new
22:27.84 structure and you know most importantly
22:29.84 how we would be able to improve priority
22:32.00 matrix for you
22:33.52 based off of you know the changes that
22:35.20 we've already made
22:37.52 so
22:38.40 you all are actually muted right now but
22:40.88 if you go ahead and use the little raise
22:43.04 your hand emoji i can take you off mute
22:45.84 and then i'll actually be able to
22:48.08 kind of communicate and talk to each
22:49.76 other
22:51.84 in the meantime i also want to invite
22:53.76 pablo who i mentioned he's here with us
22:56.00 as well
22:57.04 he's been a huge factor in kind of
22:58.72 helping us you know restructure priority
23:1.36 matrix to be specifically designed for
23:3.52 consultants so pablo if there's anything
23:6.24 that you would like to add and feel free
23:8.08 to kind of chime in here as well
23:12.64 no uh nothing too well i think it's uh
23:15.92 at least for my point of view a very
23:17.52 clear presentation i'd like to see what
23:19.28 the rest of the the
23:20.84 attendees uh
23:22.56 think
23:23.36 we we are planning a new iteration of uh
23:27.04 of this presentation with any learning
23:29.04 that we we can gather from this call
23:31.52 for next week um so if you have any any
23:34.56 specific questions doubts or concerns uh
23:38.00 please don't hesitate to to ask
23:41.28 either raise your hand
23:42.80 or through the chat
23:46.48 yeah exactly and one of the most
23:48.16 specific questions that i have here on
23:50.00 my screen is you know what challenges do
23:53.84 you specifically face with your clients
23:55.76 because the more we understand about
23:58.24 what a day-to-day looks like in the
23:59.84 shoes of a consultant the
24:1.84 easier it is for us to kind of
24:3.28 accurately modify whether it's
24:5.60 functionality or the account setup the
24:7.92 pricing
24:9.36 we are you know here to kind of hear
24:11.68 your feedback and structure it based off
24:13.84 of your needs because again you all will
24:15.92 be the ones using it and hopefully
24:17.68 finding the most value out of the
24:19.20 solution
24:22.16 with that being said we can kind of keep
24:23.76 these discussion questions in mind
24:26.56 but i also have a couple common
24:28.16 questions that i wrote down just in case
24:30.00 these were to come up again i was really
24:33.60 heavily kind of reiterating on the core
24:36.48 verse client users because that is
24:39.20 definitely one of the biggest
24:41.52 question marks or concerns that our
24:43.44 consultants have had so hopefully that
24:45.52 part is kind of clear let me know if
24:47.20 anything comes up in that aspect
24:50.40 along with project access control which
24:52.88 in other words means it can my clients
24:55.44 see what i'm working on with other
24:56.80 clients and the answer is absolutely not
24:59.52 and there's not going to be any
25:0.88 overlapping of this ability in that
25:2.64 sense
25:5.52 finally the last question that i
25:7.04 typically get across all of my webinars
25:9.20 regardless of what the topic is
25:11.52 is what does my training and support
25:13.76 look like
25:14.88 so i am continuously hosting webinars at
25:18.56 least two or three per week for the
25:20.88 foreseeable future so that's going to be
25:23.52 a huge
25:24.72 um kind of training aspect for a lot of
25:26.96 us on the meeting today those webinars
25:29.44 are recorded so after this meeting ends
25:32.24 i'm going to send you all a follow-up
25:33.68 email with a link to my past webinars
25:36.24 that you can watch and my upcoming ones
25:38.00 that you can register for and kind of
25:39.84 watch live
25:43.68 all right so let's see final call for
25:45.92 questions i don't see any
25:48.08 coming up here
25:50.08 so what i'm going to do is i'm actually
25:52.24 going to stop the recording and we can
25:53.92 kind of wrap