Creating Quiet Time in a World of Noise; Creating Productive Working Habits

Video presented by Pablo Diaz-Gutierrez

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Are constant notifications derailing your day? Do you sometimes find it hard to focus at work because of all the distractions? Is working from home making it hard to get things done? Join this session to learn some tips to quiet your day and be able to be on when you need to be.

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Video transcription (29:6.96) Stop scroll

2.24s thank you everybody so much for joining
4.40s my webinar today
6.40s i actually did just start the recording
8.48s so for any of you who can't attend the
10.72s whole webinar or would like to watch it
12.56s at a later time or pass it on to
14.08s somebody
15.28s on your team i will definitely send a
17.04s follow-up email right after the webinar
18.88s ends
20.00s with this recorded session so again
22.72s thank you all so much for joining me
24.32s today my name is erica and
27.04s we can expect this webinar to last
29.04s probably about 30 minutes depending on
31.20s how the q a goes at the very end
33.84s the first
35.12s 15 to 20 or so minutes is going to be me
37.84s walking you all through a quick
39.36s presentation first and foremost and then
41.52s actually a live demo of the application
44.80s and then like i said at the very end i'd
46.56s like to actually open up the floor kind
48.48s of have a discussion with you all hear
50.56s how you're using priority matrix and
52.64s answer any questions that you might have
54.32s about the system
56.72s so with all that being said again i
58.40s thank you all so much for your time
59.76s today i'm gonna do my best to kind of
1:1.52 keep this short and to the point um
1:4.32 but with that being said
1:6.40 let me go ahead and
1:8.32 share my screen with you all
1:10.32 if for whatever reason you're not able
1:12.16 to see my screen or you can't hear me
1:14.80 please please please let me know
1:17.12 i think we should
1:18.64 be good to go just going to make sure
1:21.84 having my headphones connected
1:24.16 all right and then it is intentional
1:26.32 that you are all muted but like i said
1:29.04 at the very end i can actually take
1:30.96 everybody off mute and
1:33.20 we will be able to communicate
1:35.92 and kind of chit chat about the
1:37.60 presentation today
1:39.44 so at this point you should all be able
1:41.12 to see my screen um and hopefully you
1:44.00 can all hear me okay
1:46.56 so let's go ahead and get started
1:49.12 with today's webinar
1:51.20 so the topic for today is it creating a
1:54.08 quiet time in a world of noise
1:56.96 creating productive work habits with
1:59.60 priority matrix
2:3.12 so whether you're working from home or
2:6.00 in the office or maybe you have that
2:7.76 cool hybrid mix of kind of going back
2:9.92 and forth there are bound to be
2:12.08 workplace distractions
2:14.24 some of those distractions can look like
2:16.08 cell phone notifications and internet
2:18.32 browsing
2:19.36 meetings and context switching and
2:22.00 looking through your emails
2:24.24 with all of these different distractions
2:26.80 kind of coming in left and right all
2:28.80 throughout the day it can definitely be
2:30.88 hard to
2:32.32 you know kind of focus on those top
2:33.92 priorities and really what focus on what
2:36.16 matters the most
2:37.84 i can definitely admit that i'm guilty
2:40.48 of this if i leave my priority matrix
2:42.88 and start reading
2:44.40 you know an article about sales or you
2:46.88 know whatever it might be it's
2:48.56 definitely hard to stay on topic um you
2:51.36 know without browsing the web or picking
2:53.44 up my phone or something so
2:55.52 you know i'm sure a lot of us on this
2:57.04 meeting today can relate that
2:59.28 when you're able just to work in one
3:1.36 central space and seeing everything you
3:3.76 need including meetings and emails and
3:6.24 your priorities
3:7.76 those distractions can definitely be
3:9.76 silenced
3:11.12 but that's not an easy thing to achieve
3:13.52 without a system like priority matrix
3:15.52 that does help you get everything in one
3:17.44 place so that's kind of what we're going
3:19.36 to look at today is hopefully
3:22.00 sidebarring all these workplace
3:23.92 distractions
3:25.36 so we can all work on really what
3:27.44 matters the most
3:31.12 hopefully priority matrix is going to
3:33.44 help you take control of your day this
3:36.16 is going to be you know a little bit of
3:38.00 what we of what we look at today which
3:40.08 is turning off those unnecessary
3:42.16 notifications
3:43.68 for those of you who love the priority
3:45.52 matrix mobile app as much as i do um you
3:48.32 know the notifications are incredible if
3:50.72 you're away from the desk or
3:53.28 you know using priority matrix primarily
3:55.68 on your phone i love those notifications
3:58.32 but there's definitely a time and place
4:0.88 when they just need to be silenced they
4:2.88 need to be turned off and that's
4:4.16 definitely something you're able to do
4:7.04 priority matrix is going to help you
4:8.72 switch context less often by getting
4:11.04 everything into one
4:12.84 place it's also going to help you block
4:15.36 off your day so when you want to either
4:18.24 work on those top priorities or kind of
4:20.32 work on those smaller tasks priority
4:22.88 matrix is going to show you exactly how
4:24.56 to approach that
4:26.08 and with all of this being said whether
4:27.92 it's a huge project you're working on or
4:30.56 emails or miscellaneous tasks here and
4:32.72 there
4:33.52 i'm going to help you understand how to
4:35.60 focus on your top priorities and how
4:37.84 priority matrix will support you with
4:39.76 all of that
4:43.20 so
4:44.08 i've been doing a little bit of research
4:45.76 and i've actually had the opportunity to
4:47.76 talk to a couple different kind of
4:49.60 productivity coaches and learn
4:52.32 the two common trends as to how people
4:54.80 typically like to structure their
4:56.32 working hours
4:58.00 so the most common approach is to start
5:0.56 the day with something small and light
5:2.88 and then use that momentum to tackle
5:4.80 larger tasks
5:7.20 the other option that people like to do
5:9.20 is
5:10.08 it's kind of a funny term but it's
5:11.84 considered eating the frog and what what
5:14.64 we mean by that is
5:16.16 starting the day with your largest
5:18.32 biggest tasks making sure you get one
5:20.96 very important thing done each day
5:23.44 and then save the smaller tasks for the
5:25.52 end of the day because they may be less
5:27.68 important and if they drift into the
5:29.36 next day it's not going to be the end of
5:31.52 the world
5:33.28 for me personally i kind of go back and
5:35.84 forth on this just depending on the day
5:38.32 during the middle of the week i would
5:39.84 say are my most productive days and
5:42.72 i like to actually start the day with
5:44.24 some of the larger things planning my
5:46.40 webinars um you know having those long
5:48.96 meetings with the clients that i've been
5:50.96 working with
5:52.48 for a long duration of time whatever
5:54.64 that looks like um again sometimes i
5:57.04 like to to start the day doing that but
5:59.44 i can also definitely relate to starting
6:1.36 with smaller things start off light and
6:3.12 then kind of getting into the groove
6:5.68 and working throughout the day after
6:7.36 that
6:8.24 so again these are just kind of two
6:9.92 common ways that people structure their
6:11.60 days um at the very end i would love to
6:14.56 kind of hear your feedback and see how
6:16.40 do you all like to structure your days
6:18.16 and you know how are you the most
6:19.76 productive
6:22.56 with that being said if you are kind of
6:24.48 the type of person that likes to have
6:26.08 your whole day planned out so maybe at
6:28.00 the start of the day you do want to
6:29.92 tackle those larger projects and tasks
6:32.96 when you use priority matrix there's
6:34.88 also
6:35.84 um there's also a technique called time
6:37.92 boxing which basically allows you to
6:40.48 plan 15 to 25 minutes of focus
6:43.60 and then also ensuring that you get to
6:45.44 take a five to ten minute break between
6:47.60 those focus times
6:50.00 i know for me sitting behind a computer
6:52.40 or even standing sometimes
6:54.72 it can get exhausting it strains the
6:56.72 eyes it might not be the most
6:58.32 comfortable way to work
7:0.16 and so i really do place such a big
7:2.88 emphasis on taking those breaks whether
7:4.96 it's
7:5.76 just walking around your house getting a
7:7.52 cup of water petting your dogs or you
7:10.32 know stepping outside for some fresh air
7:12.56 i think those breaks really make at
7:14.40 least my day way more effective and so i
7:17.60 definitely love the structure of kind of
7:19.28 time boxing
7:20.80 focusing really hard and then taking
7:22.72 those nice breaks in between
7:26.56 priority matrix is going to help you see
7:28.80 your top priorities without those
7:31.04 distractions
7:32.96 again we're going to help you easily
7:34.72 understand your top priorities
7:37.52 you can see your emails and your
7:39.60 meetings and your priorities in one
7:41.68 place you'll be able to tune out the
7:44.00 extra noise
7:45.28 and with priority matrix agenda you're
7:47.92 going to be able to see exactly what's
7:49.76 next up for the day and the week without
7:52.16 having to shuffle through all of those
7:53.76 platforms or stress out about forgetting
7:55.92 about an email or something like that
7:59.92 so next up we're going to get into the
8:1.76 priority matrix demo but i want to kind
8:4.00 of give you just a short little agenda
8:5.68 or heads up about what we're going to be
8:7.36 focusing on for probably the next 10 10
8:10.80 minutes or so and then like i said we'll
8:12.72 open it up for that discussion and any
8:15.36 questions that you might have
8:18.08 so i'm going to show you how you can use
8:20.40 kind of time blocking to your advantage
8:22.16 to really set up your schedule ahead of
8:23.92 time
8:24.80 and i'm also going to show you what
8:26.24 those reminders and notifications will
8:28.48 look like when it's time to kind of
8:30.08 switch gears
8:31.60 and you know how priority matrix will
8:34.08 remind you about that
8:36.00 we're going to see the priority matrix
8:37.84 to-do list which again is kind of that
8:39.60 agenda that i mentioned
8:41.60 and
8:42.32 most importantly in my opinion is how to
8:44.56 see everything in one place
8:46.80 and in order to accomplish that we're
8:48.72 going to look at the outlook integration
8:50.88 a chrome integration and the team's
8:53.60 integration primarily and with those
8:56.00 three different integrations with
8:57.76 priority matrix you really are able to
9:0.32 get everything into one place in other
9:2.56 words less context switching and less
9:4.80 distractions kind of flying in from left
9:6.80 field throughout the day
9:9.92 with all that being said it's now time
9:12.16 to switch gears into the priority matrix
9:14.56 demo so again thank you all for hanging
9:17.04 in for kind of that quick introduction
9:19.04 to kind of lay the groundwork for what
9:20.72 we're looking at today but you know for
9:23.28 most of you looking at the live demo is
9:25.60 probably what brought you here today so
9:28.80 let's go ahead and jump into that
9:32.16 so for those of you who may actually be
9:34.80 brand new to priority matrix i want to
9:37.36 kind of
9:38.48 lay the foundation of exactly what we're
9:40.48 looking at right here
9:42.32 so on the left hand side of my screen
9:44.96 i have a priority matrix pinned open
9:47.52 here
9:48.56 and again for those of you who may not
9:50.64 have seen the screen before
9:52.40 i want to point out that this is my
9:54.08 priority matrix integrated directly into
9:57.04 the team's platform so we have like the
9:59.52 chats channels calendar all the regular
10:2.08 teams things
10:3.60 and then priority matrix is pin to open
10:6.96 you don't have to use priority matrix
10:9.12 through microsoft teams but kind of
10:11.44 going along with that theme of getting
10:13.04 everything into one place
10:15.44 if you do have access to the team's
10:17.28 environment i would most definitely say
10:19.68 get started here
10:21.28 with that being said we do have the
10:22.88 desktop application which i've got down
10:24.80 here and the mobile app as well as a web
10:28.16 application so there's definitely a
10:29.92 couple places you can use it again if
10:31.68 you're not comfortable in the team's
10:34.40 team's ecosystem
10:37.44 so what are we looking at in the middle
10:39.36 of my screen these are called projects
10:42.56 and for those of you who are maybe
10:44.32 individual contributors or don't really
10:46.48 have set in stone projects specifically
10:48.96 that you have to work on
10:50.72 i don't want to scare you away with that
10:52.56 terminology because
10:54.40 you can also think of projects as
10:57.20 just kind of a central space where
10:59.04 you're able to group
11:0.64 all of your similar tasks and priorities
11:3.12 together so don't be scared of the word
11:5.36 projects um i know for me like when i
11:8.40 think about using priority matrix i'm
11:10.64 definitely not
11:11.92 using it in the typical project
11:14.24 management way i use it as just a space
11:17.28 to create
11:18.56 kind of a central location for similar
11:20.96 priorities
11:24.96 all right so the first thing i want to
11:26.88 look at today in terms of the projects
11:29.04 that i have laid out today are
11:32.16 first and foremost the importance of
11:33.84 getting your emails prioritized into
11:36.40 priority matrix so i opened up this
11:39.52 important emails project
11:41.60 and
11:42.40 for those of you who are brand new to
11:43.84 priority matrix i always suggest that
11:45.92 first and foremost creating a space or
11:48.32 project to track those important emails
11:52.40 you can rename these quadrants which is
11:54.16 definitely a best practice that i like
11:55.76 to point out to everybody so when you do
11:58.40 open up this project and you're ready to
12:0.32 tackle your emails it's in a language
12:2.24 that makes sense to you in terms of
12:4.56 getting back to those people or taking
12:6.48 action on the emails
12:8.96 so then the question is all right well
12:10.56 how do i actually integrate my emails to
12:12.40 get everything into one space
12:15.60 you're going to be able to use the
12:17.68 priority matrix and outlook integration
12:20.48 which for a lot of our users is you know
12:23.68 if not the most
12:25.84 like heavy usage for them it's
12:27.76 definitely up there with why people are
12:29.60 attracted to priority matrix
12:32.24 so what you're going to be able to do is
12:33.84 open up that email
12:35.68 and you can use the priority matrix
12:37.60 integration to get these emails into
12:40.64 that project that you've set up for
12:42.48 important emails so i'm actually going
12:44.64 to rename this and call it
12:46.88 email for webinar just so we can find it
12:48.96 together really easily
12:51.44 prioritize it into the correct pro
12:53.44 quadrant we'll put it into quadrant
12:55.04 three just for today
12:56.88 and you can pick your due date so again
13:0.00 when it comes to working on what's most
13:2.00 important today i scheduled this email
13:4.32 to be due a week out from today so you
13:7.20 know in other words it's probably not
13:9.12 super urgent and my priority matrix is
13:11.68 going to help me understand what my top
13:14.00 priorities are for the day and for the
13:15.76 week
13:17.04 so
13:17.92 i always suggest starting the day with
13:21.04 maybe spending 20 minutes in your inbox
13:23.28 taking a look through everything that's
13:24.80 unread
13:25.92 um and prioritize them into your
13:28.08 priority matrix projects
13:30.56 so here's the email that i just
13:32.24 integrated we can open it up and in the
13:35.12 notes you're going to see the whole
13:36.48 entire body of this email
13:38.96 you have your deadline set and any files
13:41.36 that were attached will also be uploaded
13:43.28 here
13:44.40 so now what's really special about this
13:46.16 is
13:46.96 when i'm ready to handle my emails again
13:48.96 i don't have to get distracted by going
13:50.88 to my inbox seeing other emails that may
13:53.52 have come in through the day i can say
13:55.52 hey here's everything i need to get done
13:57.36 first and then if i have extra time
13:59.76 maybe i do circle back to my inbox but
14:2.24 this is everything that's top of mind
14:4.40 right now
14:6.56 a little side note as well
14:8.72 kind of going off topic but again a best
14:10.80 practice that i like people to
14:12.08 understand and probably a question that
14:14.40 will come up later on is
14:17.04 you don't always have to create a brand
14:19.28 new action item from these emails
14:22.40 you can also attach
14:25.12 the email to a task that you already
14:27.36 have
14:28.24 saving you kind of the problem of having
14:30.48 duplicated tasks just go ahead and keep
14:32.88 attaching it to the similar space you
14:34.96 already have created
14:36.80 questions about this please write them
14:38.48 down and i would love to answer them for
14:40.08 you at the end
14:41.68 because i know again that this is a
14:43.36 really big use case for probably a lot
14:45.04 of us on the call today
14:48.16 all right so that's kind of best
14:49.44 practice number one is it first and
14:51.28 foremost making sure you get your
14:52.72 important emails into priority matrix
14:56.16 in just a few minutes i'm going to show
14:57.68 you a view that kind of sums everything
14:59.52 up into one agenda for you which is
15:2.32 probably on a question that's top of
15:4.72 mind right now so i just want to say
15:6.24 that is that view is coming but there's
15:8.24 two other things i want to show you
15:9.60 before that
15:11.52 so going along with the theme of the
15:13.28 importance of getting everything into
15:14.88 one place to avoid outside distractions
15:17.28 coming in
15:18.56 i also want to quickly show you how you
15:20.48 can use one of our best integrations we
15:23.20 have which is actually the chrome
15:25.12 integration
15:26.72 so people use the chrome extension for
15:29.36 all sorts of things
15:30.88 for me i'm constantly browsing at the
15:33.28 internet trying to improve
15:35.60 our sales process you know our customer
15:37.52 success tactics so we can best serve you
15:39.92 all um and there's a lot out there
15:42.32 online a lot of suggestions a lot of
15:44.16 resources and so
15:45.92 you know friday afternoon if i'm kind of
15:47.76 browsing the web and i find a lot of
15:49.68 articles that i may not have time to
15:51.68 read right now but i do want to circle
15:54.32 back to
15:55.84 again create that project for articles
15:58.08 or resources that you want to keep track
15:59.92 of
16:0.88 and now i'm bringing over this
16:4.40 chrome web page just a miscellaneous
16:6.48 sales article that i may want to read
16:8.32 later on
16:9.76 so
16:11.04 when you install the chrome extension
16:13.20 it's going to show up right here just
16:14.72 like this
16:15.68 and it's honestly so easy
16:18.00 you can just click on it you'll say
16:20.32 create new item
16:22.48 you can choose the project you want to
16:24.48 prioritize it into
16:26.48 rename the article if you want to
16:29.36 if you need to delegate this to somebody
16:31.20 on your team you can also do that for me
16:34.08 i'm going to choose
16:36.64 the account that i have opened right now
16:39.36 um
16:40.80 i'm going to just put it in my inbox but
16:42.32 i have a couple examples to show you and
16:44.48 then basically you just say send to
16:46.08 priority matrix so again you can just
16:48.96 very quickly grab all these articles
16:50.96 that might be important for you to
16:52.32 review
16:53.44 put them into your priority matrix and
16:55.36 now you have them stored to read
16:57.20 whenever you're ready
16:58.96 i've put due dates on this example just
17:1.04 because you know these resources may be
17:3.28 super important for me to review even if
17:5.28 i don't have time to do it right now
17:7.28 again priority matrix is going to remind
17:9.44 me when i need to circle back and review
17:11.68 those resources
17:13.60 so at this point we have our important
17:15.92 emails prioritized we have our articles
17:19.12 and resources prioritized so we're
17:21.84 really getting to that point where
17:23.28 hopefully everything important is in
17:26.16 priority matrix
17:28.32 and next up i want to show you kind of
17:30.08 that concept of time blocking
17:33.04 so again for those of you who really
17:35.36 like to have a structured day-to-day but
17:37.44 may not have the best system to do that
17:39.44 right now
17:40.48 again you can definitely copy this
17:42.56 concept which is my project called
17:45.84 this week's working hours
17:48.80 so what i've done here is i've created a
17:51.52 couple tasks and i'm going to show you
17:53.44 something really cool in a minute but
17:55.60 these tasks can represent what you need
17:57.68 to work on maybe just today or maybe for
18:0.48 the week you kind of want to have a
18:2.16 recurring schedule again time blocking
18:4.96 setting yourself up to work on the most
18:7.36 important things during your most
18:8.96 important um or rather most productive
18:11.92 working hours
18:13.68 so
18:14.72 what i've done and what i suggest you
18:16.64 all do is kind of break down your day to
18:19.04 represent everything that you want to
18:20.56 work on
18:21.68 this task that i just opened
18:23.12 miscellaneous tasks for example is set
18:25.44 for 4 to 5 pm so the last hour of my day
18:28.48 kind of tying up loose ends and for me i
18:31.28 like to do that every single day
18:33.52 so this is what i wanted to show you is
18:35.44 that you can set this kind of schedule
18:38.24 to be recurring i have it set for
18:40.84 weekdays so i'm going to bounce over to
18:43.20 the calendar view
18:44.80 just to show you how clearly my day is
18:47.20 blocked off now so if i'm ever feeling
18:49.84 off track or i don't know what i need to
18:51.52 work on what should i be doing right now
18:54.16 i can jump to my calendar
18:56.56 i have everything really clearly blocked
18:58.56 off now
19:0.08 so what i wanted to show you which is a
19:2.48 really neat trick for these recurring
19:4.40 tasks is if i mark this as completed
19:7.76 you'll see it's now gone
19:9.60 i'm finished it for the day we're good
19:11.12 to go it's not going to show up on my
19:12.56 to-do list for today anymore
19:14.96 but you'll now see that it actually
19:16.88 popped back up and it's due for tomorrow
19:19.44 so again i just want to show you really
19:21.36 quickly when i get back to my calendar
19:23.28 view
19:24.40 now maybe we'll go to the weak view just
19:26.24 to see it a little bit more clearly i'm
19:28.56 already preparing my day for tomorrow as
19:31.44 i finish off what i want to work on
19:33.60 today
19:34.64 if i need to change this and maybe i
19:36.32 need to and i know that i have a really
19:38.40 big workload for tomorrow for emails
19:40.80 i can change this to reply to emails and
19:43.60 again i already have my day up and
19:45.36 running for tomorrow before i even
19:47.60 finish off today so that's a really
19:49.28 special kind of feature and tactic to
19:52.00 keep in mind
19:56.56 two other projects that i have here are
19:58.56 kind of my daily goals or the weekly
20:0.64 to-do list template which
20:2.96 again can kind of incorporate those
20:4.56 miscellaneous tasks that you may either
20:6.56 need to work on as an individual or with
20:8.56 your team
20:10.24 so the last thing i'm going to show you
20:11.68 all and then we'll open it up for that
20:13.20 discussion where i'd love to hear your
20:14.80 thoughts and your feedback about all of
20:16.48 this
20:17.84 but very or rather two more views here
20:20.64 but they kind of come hand in hand so as
20:23.12 i mentioned you know notifications can
20:25.68 either be super helpful or they can
20:27.52 really get on your last nerve and i kind
20:29.60 of laugh when i say that because
20:31.92 i feel very strongly about how helpful
20:34.48 alerts and notifications can be
20:36.80 but i also can definitely you know have
20:39.12 my fair share of annoyance when they
20:40.80 just need to focus and i don't want
20:42.40 everything kind of jumping in at me
20:45.60 the alerts through the teams platform
20:47.60 are
20:48.40 very subtle yet very helpful so when i
20:51.28 have a due date that occurs or in terms
20:53.84 of working with my team
20:55.68 and any updates from them all come into
20:57.76 the alert section where i can kind of
20:59.52 click through it at my convenience to
21:1.20 see what has become due
21:3.68 if you're looking for notifications are
21:5.44 a little bit that are a little bit more
21:7.76 kind of noticeable or you know popping
21:10.32 up whenever they happen
21:12.24 when you're using the desktop
21:13.68 application like i have down here i'll
21:15.68 show it really quickly
21:17.60 these are going to be more of your push
21:19.36 notifications
21:20.96 so it's kind of an interesting concept
21:23.12 that i like to share with people which
21:24.72 is
21:26.16 a lot of times people say well i love to
21:29.04 use the teams integration but i want
21:31.28 these notifications to be a little bit
21:32.88 more in my face
21:34.64 so you can actually run the desktop
21:36.56 version in the background
21:38.32 and when something happens a little push
21:40.16 notification will pop up on the side
21:42.80 again you can also have it running on
21:44.40 your phone and that's going to give you
21:46.16 mobile notifications
21:49.60 all right so lastly and
21:52.08 one of the most important things in my
21:53.76 opinion to kind of tie everything
21:55.76 together and then we're going to turn
21:57.52 the microphone over to the audience here
21:59.60 but the priority matrix agenda this is
22:3.12 so so so helpful for those of you who
22:6.40 just simply want a little bit of
22:7.84 guidance on what do i need to be working
22:10.32 on right now and what i have coming up
22:12.64 for my week
22:14.40 so agenda is going to take into account
22:16.80 all those great projects that you've set
22:18.56 up for yourself
22:19.84 and then it's going to say okay erica
22:22.00 here's everything that you have
22:23.84 scheduled to be due today tomorrow the
22:27.28 next day and the next seven days are
22:29.68 completely broken down for you
22:32.08 so here's emails that i need to get back
22:34.16 to today my time blocking that i've
22:36.56 already scheduled and it's also showing
22:38.96 me meetings here's the webinar that
22:41.04 we're in today and for all of you
22:42.88 consultants out there definitely hop on
22:44.88 the webinar later today specifically
22:46.88 designed for that kind of um job
22:49.44 basically so
22:51.04 again if i was ever not sure what i need
22:54.08 to work on today agenda has my back it's
22:56.80 going to show me
22:58.08 what i need to get done today based off
22:59.84 of my deadlines that i've set for myself
23:5.28 all right so jumping back to my short
23:7.52 little presentation here key takeaways
23:10.08 the priority matrix integrations are
23:12.08 going to be
23:13.12 very critical to help you get everything
23:15.12 in one place
23:16.48 where you will then be able to see all
23:18.40 of your priorities with let's context
23:21.28 switching
23:22.88 again i want to emphasize that although
23:25.28 i showed priority matrix through the
23:27.04 teams integration today you can use
23:29.28 priority matrix on all platforms or just
23:32.16 stick to one that you feel most
23:33.52 comfortable working on whatever is best
23:35.92 for you
23:39.36 all right so what i would like to do now
23:41.52 is i'm going to make the screen a little
23:43.68 bit smaller and
23:45.76 let's see i would like to open up this
23:48.24 discussion for either a q a or here's a
23:50.88 couple prompted questions that
23:53.20 i would really really love to hear your
23:55.52 feedback which is
23:57.12 what distractions affect you the most on
23:59.20 a day-to-day
24:0.48 and
24:1.28 with that being said which aspects of
24:3.20 priority matrix are helping you stay on
24:5.28 track or if you're new to using priority
24:7.44 matrix what do you think is going to be
24:9.44 super helpful for you
24:11.76 so
24:12.64 i'm looking at the
24:14.88 participant list here and for any of you
24:17.76 who have questions or would like to
24:20.40 again kind of help me open up this
24:22.00 discussion and just share a little bit
24:23.60 more about your use case go ahead and
24:25.84 raise your hand and i can actually take
24:28.80 you
24:29.60 off mute and we can
24:31.76 kind of begin to talk together
24:35.12 while i wait for more questions to come
24:37.28 up i did see
24:40.00 a question come up in the chat which was
24:42.40 i'm unable to sync my priority matrix to
24:45.12 teams any recommendations
24:47.84 so
24:49.12 let's see
24:50.16 um
24:52.96 evangelina i'm not sure i completely
24:56.48 understand your question
24:59.20 it could kind of go
25:1.04 one of two ways which was you're not
25:3.04 able to get priority matrix into your
25:5.68 team's application
25:7.76 if that's what you mean
25:9.60 i'm kind of curious if it's because of
25:12.16 security
25:13.36 blocking it maybe you need to get it
25:15.28 approved by
25:16.88 your it department or you just simply
25:19.28 can't get it in there
25:20.96 if that's the case
25:22.56 i would definitely suggest starting with
25:24.08 the web application
25:27.20 um let's see okay so you just reached
25:29.28 out to your it perfect i'm gonna follow
25:32.00 up with you personally right after this
25:34.16 webinar and send you a link to our
25:36.96 security certification
25:39.12 i bet you if you show that to it
25:41.52 they'll be able to approve priority
25:43.04 matrix without any questions we have a
25:45.20 ton of security backing our application
25:47.44 which sometimes is the biggest hold up
25:49.44 on the it side so look out for my email
25:52.24 i'll follow up with you personally so we
25:53.92 can kind of be in touch to work through
25:55.76 that together
25:59.76 other common questions that i typically
26:1.76 get include people wondering if we have
26:4.64 a trial period for you all yes we
26:7.52 definitely do it's two weeks where
26:9.76 you're able to really get in there and
26:11.28 test out priority matrix without any
26:13.36 limitations
26:14.80 you can also use it with your team as
26:16.64 well
26:18.64 angie looks like you have a question so
26:20.32 what i'm going to do
26:21.84 is i'm going to
26:23.28 i just took you off mute and so now you
26:26.00 can actually
26:27.12 unmute yourself on your side and then i
26:29.76 should be able to hear you
26:31.76 complete hours okay it wasn't so much a
26:34.16 question it's more discussion on what
26:35.92 affects you the most as far as
26:37.60 distractions
26:39.04 i would think um
26:40.56 for me it's uh cell phones
26:43.52 cell phones yes absolutely
26:45.68 and what do you do about them
26:47.52 without turning them off
26:50.40 right yeah i mean i can 100 agree with
26:53.60 you i think for me that's also the
26:55.52 biggest distraction um you know i'm all
26:58.16 for turning my cell phone off however in
27:0.96 the back of my mind what kind of lingers
27:3.52 with me is well what if there's an
27:5.04 emergency or
27:6.72 you know something happens i like to
27:8.48 have my phone on just in case but yes
27:11.52 those distractions are are definitely
27:13.52 very present every single day okay does
27:16.16 anybody know of any kind of app that
27:18.08 like
27:26.49 [Music]
27:30.56 yeah that would definitely be an
27:32.08 interesting concept and so you know
27:33.68 maybe
27:34.48 this list of people their phone calls
27:36.48 get through but everything else has to
27:38.32 be disputed or something that would be
27:40.40 super helpful just because i want to
27:42.16 make sure that there's no board actions
27:44.32 um because that's awesome yes thank you
27:46.32 for sharing those thoughts angie that's
27:48.16 um i'm sure i can relate to that and i'm
27:50.80 sure everybody else on this webinar
27:52.96 definitely can relate to cell phones
27:54.64 being the biggest distraction for sure
27:57.04 so i'll respond to you here in an email
27:58.80 here in a minute once i um verify your
28:0.80 license and then all right let's see
28:4.40 um any other
28:6.00 questions before i start losing people
28:8.40 here i want to
28:10.56 first and foremost remind you that i'm
28:12.48 going to be sending a follow-up email
28:14.00 with a link to my upcoming webinars
28:16.88 they're a little bit on
28:19.36 um kind of a far few between end right
28:22.24 now just because we're coming to the end
28:23.92 of the month but i do have all my
28:26.32 previously recorded webinars linked
28:28.24 there as well and i'm going to be
28:29.52 booking out a ton more for
28:32.24 march and the end of february so be sure
28:34.40 to check out that link register for
28:36.16 anything that catches your eye
28:38.00 and with that being said
28:40.40 any questions or
28:42.80 you know feedback most importantly on
28:44.64 what you liked about this webinar and
28:46.16 maybe what i can do better to improve it
28:48.40 i would love to hear your honest
28:50.00 thoughts there when i send you my
28:51.68 follow-up email if you respond that's
28:53.60 only going to come back to me personally
28:55.76 so
28:56.48 um again i would love to hear your
28:57.92 thoughts and your questions
29:1.04 if we are all set here i'm going to go
29:2.88 ahead and stop the recording