Empowering Templates for the Overloaded Project Manager

Video presented by Erica Beaulieu

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As a project manager, the last thing you need is more work, especially repetitive chores that drain your energy and leave you frustrated and bored. Let me show you how to use our most powerful project templates, so you can start getting value out of Priority Matrix ASAP!

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Video transcription (35:5.60) Stop scroll

2.88s okay
3.84s perfect
10.24s all right so today's webinar topic is
13.76s specifically designed for project
15.92s managers
17.68s and the the title that i put together is
20.32s empowering templates for the overloaded
23.44s project manager
24.88s so
25.68s basically what i've done is i've done my
27.68s best to connect with a bunch of
29.44s different project managers who are
30.96s currently succeeding with priority
32.80s matrix
33.92s and i was able to kind of pick and
35.36s choose from all that information that
37.20s they were nice enough to actually share
38.72s with me
39.92s you know what were the similarities
42.00s across all of these project managers and
44.48s how they're using priority matrix
46.80s and with that information i was able to
48.72s create priority matrix templates
51.60s so the idea for today's webinar is
55.12s i'm going to share with you some of the
56.96s custom templates that i've created again
59.28s based off of specific feedback
1:2.40 from project managers
1:4.32 and i can actually export these
1:6.00 templates and share them with you
1:8.32 and you can import them into your own
1:10.40 priority matrix to make getting started
1:12.40 super easy i'm going to go over all that
1:14.88 information in detail with you but again
1:17.68 today's webinar topic is empowering
1:20.64 templates
1:21.68 for the overloaded project manager
1:26.24 so i have a short presentation put
1:28.00 together for you all i think it's just
1:29.60 about you know six or seven slides just
1:31.76 to kind of give you this introduction
1:34.08 and then we'll dive into the actual demo
1:36.08 so what are the goals for today's
1:38.16 webinar and what is the agenda kind of
1:39.84 look like
1:41.12 i want to go over together some of the
1:43.12 current challenges faced by a project
1:45.36 manager again i've done my best to kind
1:47.92 of gather information firsthand from
1:50.00 project managers using priority matrix
1:52.40 and use all that feedback to kind of
1:54.48 fuel my webinar today with that being
1:56.88 said disclaimer i'm definitely not um a
2:0.00 full-on expert of project managers and
2:2.88 you know i 100 i can admit that i don't
2:5.76 know the the ins and outs exactly of
2:7.76 what your day looks like
2:9.36 so with that being said
2:11.52 i've done my best today to put together
2:13.28 helpful information about project
2:15.36 managers and priority matrix
2:17.52 but if you're like you know thinking of
2:19.60 something on your side that you think i
2:21.52 can improve from for my next
2:23.28 presentation or just suggestions
2:25.20 information i would love to hear all of
2:27.92 that this is actually the first time i'm
2:30.88 doing a webinar on this topic so any
2:33.12 feedback you can share with me um helps
2:35.20 us all out down the line
2:37.68 i'm going to do a quick walk through of
2:39.36 a day in the life of a project manager
2:42.08 we're going to look at how priority
2:43.68 matrix can help and how project managers
2:46.64 are currently using priority matrix
2:49.44 next up we're going to look at the
2:50.96 templates i created
2:52.80 and that kind of goes hand in hand with
2:54.48 the short demo i expect this to take
2:56.72 about 15 maybe 20 minutes probably not
2:59.68 quite that long
3:1.44 and then at the end we're going to do a
3:2.80 q a and i'm actually going to share with
3:4.72 you the resources you can expect to get
3:6.80 from me in a follow-up email to help you
3:8.80 kind of carry on this path of using my
3:10.96 templates
3:12.40 so hopefully that looks good to you all
3:14.96 now we can kind of you know get past
3:16.96 this intro phase and start looking at
3:18.96 the information here
3:21.84 so what are common challenges of a
3:24.48 project manager when they're not using
3:26.96 priority matrix
3:28.88 and hopefully we have some pms on the
3:31.04 call today and you know most likely i'm
3:33.52 guessing that this can actually resonate
3:35.76 with you quite well so some of those
3:37.76 challenges include
3:39.20 a lack of communication
3:41.36 and a lack of clear goals
3:43.44 those can both kind of come from not
3:45.60 having a central system to work together
3:48.32 you know share updates and basically
3:49.92 share expectations for the project
3:52.64 we have set unrealistic deadlines and
3:55.36 this can come into play when you don't
3:57.20 have
3:58.00 kind of a timeline tracking system where
4:0.96 you can use a gantt chart kind of lay
4:2.64 out the duration of each project in each
4:4.88 task
4:6.16 and an alignment with budgeting
4:7.84 allowance maybe the project manager has
4:10.16 allocated a bunch of resources to get
4:12.48 this project done on time but then the
4:14.80 budgeting team comes in and it you know
4:17.12 somehow there was a major unalignment
4:19.12 with that which
4:20.88 fortunately is probably bound to slow
4:22.48 down the project
4:24.24 so when you use priority matrix you are
4:26.56 actually able to collaborate with your
4:28.24 own team not only that you can actually
4:30.48 collaborate with different departments
4:32.24 as well so that can absolutely help keep
4:34.72 everybody on the same page
4:37.28 and lastly just kind of a general lack
4:39.20 of accountability so we kind of all know
4:41.44 how it goes during a meeting
4:43.52 maybe we talk about x y and z that will
4:45.60 get done you know kind of vocalize some
4:48.40 other things that our teammates are
4:49.60 working on but at the end of the day if
4:51.52 there's not a system to
4:53.28 have a
4:54.48 sort of accountability and follow up
4:56.16 with each other things do slip through
4:58.16 the cracks um and you know you guys
5:0.32 definitely aren't alone if that's
5:1.60 happening to you
5:2.80 that's why priority matrix is such a
5:5.12 success because we do help people with
5:7.36 these common challenges
5:14.32 all right so what is a day in the life
5:16.56 of a project manager typically look like
5:19.68 again based off of my research and my
5:22.40 meetings that i was able to conduct with
5:24.00 project managers using priority matrix i
5:26.88 started to understand that the first bit
5:29.12 of the day
5:30.56 a common term is kind of eat the frog
5:33.12 meaning
5:34.08 project managers have
5:36.08 so much on their plate they have to get
5:37.92 so much done during the day and in order
5:40.64 to ensure that they're able to get the
5:42.32 top priority things done without running
5:44.48 out of time
5:45.76 they oftentimes tackle that right at the
5:48.00 beginning of the day
5:49.76 the next thing that consumes a lot of a
5:51.60 project manager's time is group meetings
5:54.24 making sure the projects are finishing
5:56.16 on time collaborating with different
5:58.08 departments stakeholders external
6:0.00 collaborators group meetings i think i
6:2.96 saw a quote that it took up like 60 or
6:5.20 70 percent of a project manager's day
6:8.88 the next thing that they have to do is
6:10.72 actually get in there manage those
6:12.24 projects and you know connect with the
6:14.48 people who are working on this project
6:16.48 make sure all questions are answered and
6:18.72 everybody's ultimately on the same page
6:21.84 lastly they can kind of try to relax at
6:24.00 the end of the day you know rest assured
6:26.00 that everything is on track and then
6:28.32 repeat the next day
6:30.00 um
6:31.12 so again hopefully this can kind of
6:32.80 resonate with the project managers on
6:34.72 the meeting today
6:36.16 um and everything that we are looking at
6:39.20 here especially group meetings
6:41.68 i'm going to show you a really cool
6:43.04 functionality that priority matrix has
6:45.60 to help you guys have shorter and more
6:47.12 effective group meetings
6:51.28 so i wanted to take a second and just
6:53.36 give a quick shout out to all the
6:54.72 project managers out there you all are
6:56.96 the ones that keep keep things moving
6:59.20 keep projects um you know kind of going
7:1.52 along the track that they need to be on
7:3.52 and you kind of keep everything together
7:5.36 so quick shout out to you all thanks for
7:7.92 you know stepping into that role
7:10.00 the more i learn about it the more i
7:11.44 understand honestly just how difficult
7:13.84 that position can be so
7:16.40 we all hear you in the sunset it's not
7:18.48 an easy position to be in but i hope
7:20.96 that the information i can share with
7:22.72 you today makes your day today just a
7:24.48 little bit easier
7:29.60 all right so
7:31.04 priority matrix to the rescue
7:34.00 what do i mean by this what i'm going to
7:35.84 show you today
7:37.20 during the kind of live demo
7:39.20 presentation part of this is how you can
7:41.84 save time with our pre-created templates
7:45.52 i believe that i've set up
7:47.44 i think i've set up five templates and
7:49.44 i'm going to go into detail on three or
7:52.08 four of them today those are simply
7:54.32 templates that i created myself on our
7:57.92 website affluence.com we have 89
8:1.04 pre-created templates that you can
8:2.72 actually just import super easily and
8:5.04 i'll tell you more all about i'll tell
8:6.88 you more about all of that
8:10.16 you can import and you can actually
8:12.00 customize these templates as needed so
8:14.00 if you see a template that i'm using
8:15.52 today but you know that you want to
8:16.88 modify it just a little bit you can
8:18.64 absolutely do this
8:20.40 and with all that being said when you do
8:22.64 use either my templates that i've made
8:25.28 something from our website or your own
8:27.52 customized templates you're really able
8:29.84 to start
8:31.04 standardizing and streamlining task
8:33.20 tracking and project management
8:37.60 all right so a quick kind of look at
8:40.16 what templates i've created that we're
8:41.92 going to go over today and then next up
8:44.00 we're actually going to get into the
8:45.20 demo section of this
8:47.20 so
8:47.92 first and foremost i understand that
8:49.92 having a gantt chart specifically with
8:52.24 dependencies for kind of timeline
8:54.56 planning is incredib incredibly critical
8:57.36 for the project manager so i've set up a
8:59.28 template to reflect this
9:1.28 i'm also going to show you how you can
9:2.96 collaborate with your teammates
9:5.60 and people outside of your team as well
9:8.32 i'm going to highlight how you can work
9:9.84 with external collaborators like those
9:11.76 stakeholders those contractors all while
9:14.40 staying in priority matrix
9:16.72 and i also want to show you how easy
9:19.04 priority matrix makes file sharing so
9:22.80 i believe i was able to connect with
9:24.72 three or four different project managers
9:27.12 leading up to this presentation and
9:30.16 one specific template that everybody had
9:32.72 without fail was
9:34.64 a very packed project with important
9:37.04 files and um
9:40.24 that's why i found it so important to
9:41.76 include that today it's a pretty basic
9:43.84 template but um just to kind of get that
9:45.92 idea out there for you that you can
9:47.68 definitely share and store important
9:49.52 files in these templates
9:52.48 all right so without further ado let's
9:54.80 get into the demo portion of this
9:56.64 webinar
9:58.08 again thank you so much for sticking
9:59.60 with me um
10:0.96 i know that this probably isn't the most
10:3.36 exciting thing you have on your schedule
10:4.96 today but i really hope that you do have
10:7.12 some good takeaways and i can hopefully
10:8.72 make your day today a little bit easier
10:13.68 all right so for those of you who are
10:15.92 brand new to priority matrix i'm going
10:18.16 to hop in pretty quickly and we're going
10:20.16 to start looking at these different
10:21.44 templates but before i do this
10:24.72 i want to make sure that we're kind of
10:26.16 all on the same page with what's on my
10:27.84 screen
10:28.96 so i'm using priority matrix through the
10:31.36 teams application for the duration of
10:33.28 this demo i would say that's probably
10:35.76 where
10:36.56 i don't know 85 or 90 percent of our
10:38.96 users do like to use priority matrix
10:41.60 these days
10:43.44 if you're not a team user don't worry
10:45.04 you can download the desktop application
10:46.96 like i've got down here or you can use
10:49.04 the web app which will be identical to
10:51.60 the team's integration
10:53.28 and
10:54.08 personally that's where i spend most of
10:55.44 my time working is through the web app
10:57.12 or the team's integration
11:0.64 so i have priority matrix open and i
11:2.88 have it pinned here just so it always
11:4.56 kind of stays put and if i click
11:6.08 somewhere else i don't have to re
11:7.60 relocate it and open it
11:9.68 so what's on my screen here
11:12.24 priority matrix gives you a space to
11:14.24 create projects that represent all the
11:17.04 major things that either you're working
11:19.12 on personally or as a project manager
11:22.08 most likely this information is shared
11:23.76 with your teammates or those external
11:25.68 collaborators
11:28.00 so i want you all to understand that
11:29.84 when you create a project
11:32.32 you don't have to share it with anybody
11:34.24 and in fact it's not automatically going
11:36.24 to be shared so the reason i say that is
11:38.72 because for our new users here on the
11:40.88 webinar i really want you to feel
11:42.48 comfortable to be able to get in here
11:44.00 and test it out without having a concern
11:46.32 that people can see what you're working
11:47.76 on
11:48.56 it's up to you to decide when and who
11:50.72 you would like to share these projects
11:52.40 with
11:55.28 so what do i have set up here for us
11:58.00 today
11:59.28 the big theme of this presentation is
12:2.08 looking at how you can either use my
12:3.92 templates that i built for you or create
12:6.16 your own templates
12:8.32 so kind of starting from scratch walking
12:10.96 you through a little bit of
12:12.24 functionality and then we'll dig into
12:14.00 the templates that i've created
12:17.28 when you hit add project this is how you
12:20.32 will either go about creating a blank
12:23.28 project
12:24.56 which you can then save as your own
12:26.88 custom template which i'll definitely
12:28.88 show you in detail in just a minute
12:31.04 or down here where it says my templates
12:34.56 these are actually going to represent
12:36.48 the templates that you've already
12:38.48 personally created or your teammates
12:40.96 have shared with you so these are the
12:42.16 custom templates that your team is
12:43.68 likely using
12:46.00 right over here when i could click on
12:47.92 public templates these are the 89
12:50.48 different templates that i was telling
12:52.24 you about you can actually click on it
12:54.16 and you can import them directly into
12:56.16 your priority matrix so that's really
12:58.48 neat it makes getting started super easy
13:1.52 with priority matrix
13:4.48 alright so backtracking here back to
13:6.48 kind of my project list and the
13:8.16 templates that i've created
13:10.80 so
13:12.00 one of
13:13.04 the large themes that i started to
13:15.12 understand about project management like
13:17.20 i mentioned previously is the importance
13:19.12 of setting up a gantt chart with
13:20.96 dependencies so i'm going to open up
13:23.20 this product development project
13:26.40 a couple things i want to point out
13:28.00 right off the bat
13:29.36 so i have shared this project with my
13:31.20 team members
13:32.56 which is really great because now this
13:34.56 becomes that central space where we're
13:36.32 able to collaborate and make sure that
13:38.40 the project development phase or rather
13:40.72 the product development phase
13:42.80 is all kind of aligned with you know
13:44.32 what we think needs to be done first and
13:46.00 what can be kind of set on the back
13:47.76 burner
13:50.00 i also want to point out in terms of
13:52.56 templates
13:54.08 there's a couple things you want to keep
13:55.60 in mind when you're creating your
13:57.20 personal template
13:59.12 so you'll see in this case
14:1.36 the quadrant names i want you to look at
14:3.76 those but look on the right hand side
14:5.68 because this is where you actually
14:7.60 rename the quadrants to be specific for
14:9.92 your needs
14:11.12 so each template you can you create can
14:13.52 be you know completely unique in the
14:15.36 sense that you can set up the quadrants
14:17.28 to be the perfect fit for your project
14:20.72 really easy to rename you'll just do
14:22.24 that over here on the right hand side
14:25.60 so when you're setting up your custom
14:27.84 template and you're like okay you know
14:30.48 all i need to do is just rename the
14:32.32 quadrants and that's going to be helpful
14:34.24 for me to have kind of ready to go every
14:36.40 time i start a new project similar to
14:38.32 this
14:39.20 that is perfect what you'll do when
14:41.60 you're ready to save a project as a
14:43.52 template is just go to the right hand
14:45.44 side
14:46.48 and simply click save project as
14:48.32 template it's it's honestly as easy as
14:50.16 that
14:51.84 another thing i want to point out though
14:54.16 is the fact that you can add so much
14:56.48 detail to these templates
14:58.48 if there is a process you have to take
15:0.48 every single time you start a new
15:2.16 product development or every single time
15:4.16 you start a project with a new
15:5.60 stakeholder and you take the same steps
15:8.00 one through ten every single time as a
15:10.08 project manager
15:11.68 like i've done in this example i've gone
15:14.40 in and i've added several action items
15:16.80 to this template
15:18.56 and you'll see
15:19.84 when i open up an item i've even gone as
15:22.56 far as delegating it to a specific
15:24.56 person
15:25.44 and for each one of these items i've set
15:27.92 a start date and a due date
15:30.40 so with all that being said
15:33.28 when i saved my project as a template if
15:36.56 i were to skip forward let's say a month
15:39.12 and a half and i opened this project
15:41.36 again
15:42.48 as a template basically i went to new
15:45.04 project and opened this template it's
15:47.84 going to number one automatically share
15:49.84 that project with everybody who i've
15:51.76 shared this project with already
15:54.40 it's also going to go ahead and it's
15:55.84 going to actually delegate these items
15:57.60 to the people that i've assigned them to
15:59.60 in this template
16:1.60 most importantly in my opinion is the
16:3.44 start date and the due dates and any
16:5.28 reminders you have are going to
16:7.12 automatically update to represent the
16:9.92 current date so if it's march 1st and i
16:12.16 open this template
16:13.76 this would be a start date of you know
16:15.92 march 1st and then six days later it
16:18.16 would be due
16:19.36 so it all updates in real time you don't
16:21.60 have to worry about updating any of the
16:23.84 start dates or due dates
16:27.36 so that's kind of you know
16:29.84 a lot of stuff they need to understand
16:31.52 about the project templates is you can
16:33.92 stay kind of as lightweight as you want
16:35.76 if you just want to rename the quadrants
16:37.52 and save that template or you want to
16:39.12 get in and completely fill it out even
16:41.28 go as far as delegating items
16:43.36 you're good to go with that the
16:44.64 templates will save exactly as you
16:46.56 created
16:48.64 the purpose of this specific template
16:51.12 and again i just kind of use product
16:52.88 development as
16:54.40 an example because i think it might be
16:55.84 relatable for a lot of us on the call
16:57.60 today
16:58.64 but i want you to keep in mind in terms
17:1.04 of using the priority matrix scan chart
17:3.44 which is what i just opened up
17:5.68 i'm going to zoom out a little just so
17:7.12 we can kind of see how this is laid out
17:9.60 if you're thinking right now on your
17:11.20 side of the screen well i don't
17:13.36 necessarily deal with product
17:14.80 development as a project manager my you
17:17.36 know kind of day-to-day looks a little
17:18.64 bit different that's perfectly fine um
17:21.84 just keep in mind that
17:23.52 you can create a template where you
17:25.68 basically have your
17:27.12 gantt chart or timeline completely built
17:29.12 out
17:30.48 so
17:31.28 here we can really easily see the
17:32.88 duration of each task that i put into
17:35.76 this project
17:37.20 and what's really cool is priority
17:38.88 matrix now supports dependencies so when
17:41.68 i move this task up here
17:43.84 we can very easily see how it's going to
17:45.84 delay every single related item same
17:48.48 goes for the last one the final step
17:50.96 here is you know share this with your
17:52.40 stakeholders to review for feedback
17:54.80 if the second to the last step here gets
17:56.64 delayed we can only imagine that it is
17:59.12 going to delay the final step
18:1.68 so when you actually go in to set up
18:3.52 your dependencies
18:5.04 it's very easy to do this you're going
18:7.44 to go to resources
18:10.40 you're going to go to link
18:12.84 item you're going to be able to choose
18:16.00 the item that it is related to
18:18.72 and you can choose the relationship so
18:21.04 i'm going to say
18:22.40 it's blocked by
18:24.24 and then we'll say
18:26.00 planning phase so let's see if i set
18:27.84 this up correctly if you ever need to
18:30.00 modify it you can just click on this
18:31.44 little pencil icon and you can change
18:33.28 the dependency that you've created
18:35.84 so as you can see there's a lot of
18:37.84 different relationships you can set up
18:39.60 between your items but the big idea here
18:42.32 is number one set up a template for
18:45.44 whatever recurring
18:47.04 step by step you have to do with
18:48.64 dependencies get it all set up get it
18:51.04 all good to go so you don't have to
18:53.04 continuously recreate this template
18:57.20 if something changes down the line and
18:58.88 you for whatever reason need to modify
19:0.88 an item name
19:2.24 or you know the kind of timeline that
19:4.64 falls into place changes you can update
19:7.12 it and then you can just simply save it
19:9.28 as a template again and delete the old
19:11.28 template that you had so nothing is set
19:13.28 in stone you can continuously update
19:15.20 these templates as needed
19:17.44 so
19:18.24 the big takeaway from this template is
19:21.28 the fact that we can get so in and
19:23.60 really lay out every single thing we
19:25.36 need to do and even view it on kind of
19:27.84 the gantt chart and this will be ready
19:29.52 for you time and time again as long as
19:31.20 you save it as a template
19:33.12 as i mentioned i can export this for you
19:35.28 all and you can kind of customize this
19:37.36 and use this template to your liking if
19:40.00 that would be helpful
19:43.12 the next example that i want to show you
19:45.12 is
19:46.00 key metrics for stakeholders so as a
19:48.80 project manager you're not only
19:50.96 overseeing the duration of this entire
19:52.96 project and
19:54.56 you know working on it diligently
19:56.08 sitting in on meetings about it and
19:58.00 managing your team
19:59.60 but you may also be in touch with the
20:2.24 stakeholders the people who are waiting
20:4.32 for this project to be completed and
20:6.00 counting on you to get it done on time
20:8.72 so
20:10.00 what becomes really important in this
20:12.08 aspect is having the ability to
20:14.32 effectively communicate with those
20:16.00 stakeholders
20:17.68 so what i've done here is i've set up a
20:19.52 project key metrics for stakeholders
20:23.60 again this is another template that i
20:25.28 can export and share with you this one
20:27.52 is a little bit less in-depth all i've
20:29.60 done basically is i've created
20:32.48 some quadrant names here and again you
20:35.20 just go save project as template
20:37.60 um you could even rename this every time
20:40.16 you open the template you could say key
20:42.08 metrics for and then actually put the
20:44.16 company's name or the stakeholder's name
20:45.84 that's what i would definitely suggest
20:47.20 doing
20:48.40 but
20:49.36 what i wanted to show you in terms of
20:51.04 this specific template is
20:54.00 kind of crossing into another topic of a
20:56.96 webinar that i'm going to be doing on
20:59.20 tuesday the 15th
21:0.96 but i want to just quickly show you
21:3.20 how easy it is to actually share this
21:5.44 information with stakeholders on top of
21:8.24 using a pre-created template
21:10.96 so i'm going to jump to a channel here
21:12.72 actually
21:14.08 and i set up an example under product
21:16.56 development kind of going along with the
21:18.16 theme that we're playing with
21:19.84 so what you can do if you have
21:21.84 stakeholders or contractors in on a
21:25.28 team's channel or chat with you and you
21:28.00 just want to say hey everybody here's
21:30.24 the metrics that we've set up for you
21:32.16 all
21:33.12 kind of just passing on information to
21:35.04 them
21:36.40 you can actually add projects to this
21:39.12 channel in a read-only mode so if i were
21:42.96 a stakeholder looking at this channel
21:45.60 along with other people in this company
21:47.76 actually working on this project
21:50.08 i can actually click on this item
21:52.48 and i can see any notes and i can see
21:54.72 the due dates as well you'll notice that
21:56.96 the stakeholders would also be able to
21:58.72 see this in a gantt chart view calendar
22:0.96 and a list format
22:2.88 so again this is a great way to say hey
22:5.44 stakeholders here's everything that we
22:7.68 are going to make sure we get done for
22:9.28 you but they can't actually edit this
22:13.20 while we're on the channel together i
22:15.28 want to show you just one more option
22:17.52 that i added
22:19.36 which again kind of this kind of bridges
22:21.76 into a different topic but i think it's
22:23.52 just as important as looking at
22:24.96 templates which is
22:26.72 the idea that you can actually add
22:29.28 collaborative projects to your channels
22:33.04 so if you have a channel for your
22:34.24 product development team and you guys
22:35.84 are working on a couple projects
22:37.36 together
22:38.40 definitely add the priority matrix
22:40.40 projects to this channel so you don't
22:42.24 have to flip flop back and forth from
22:44.00 here
22:44.88 you know down to the priority matrix
22:47.12 full featured application
22:51.04 all right so again the big takeaway for
22:53.92 this template is the fact that maybe
22:56.48 every time you start a project with a
22:58.96 new company or new stakeholder you have
23:1.44 similar metrics or you at least have
23:3.60 similar topics of quadrants you could
23:5.52 use it save that as a template and then
23:8.56 every time you bring on that new project
23:10.40 you can rest assured you have at least
23:12.40 the outline ready to get started working
23:14.48 with those stakeholders
23:19.68 all right so looks like my filter went
23:22.24 away gonna just apply that again to keep
23:24.64 us focused here
23:27.44 and kind of on a similar topic of
23:29.44 sharing information with stakeholders i
23:31.68 also set up a template with the idea of
23:34.00 timeline planning which you could again
23:36.08 share with your external collaborators
23:38.08 maybe their contractors or stakeholders
23:40.32 and you just want to show them you know
23:42.08 kind of the timeline that you guys are
23:43.60 working on that would again be another
23:46.48 thing you could go in set up that
23:48.32 template and save it for yourself but
23:51.04 making it a little bit more specific to
23:52.64 kind of what you and your team are
23:54.00 working on
23:56.72 lastly in terms of templates
23:59.12 that i'm really going to go into detail
24:0.80 on is the idea that i mentioned in the
24:3.44 presentation part of this webinar which
24:5.36 is
24:6.40 the importance of having a great place
24:8.48 to keep files and also share them
24:11.44 so when i open up this project i called
24:14.16 this important files for and then you
24:16.16 could add your project name active files
24:19.28 pending files and movie files you're
24:21.36 waiting on and old files for reference
24:24.48 so i did definitely acknowledge that
24:26.40 this is kind of a basic template you
24:28.08 know it's not not really mind-blowing or
24:29.84 rocket science here but i think
24:33.04 a lot of us on this call can probably
24:34.64 relate to the fact of digging through
24:37.36 you know digging through your inbox
24:39.36 um looking for files not being able to
24:41.52 find them looking through multiple
24:43.04 different platforms
24:44.64 if you just simply save this project as
24:47.20 a template and use it
24:49.20 and it actually upload files to items in
24:51.92 this project so we'll just say test item
24:55.76 and then hit add
24:57.52 you'll see within each item we can add
25:0.32 resources being a place add files and
25:2.88 you can upload as many files as you need
25:5.44 in fact you can actually link emails to
25:7.44 these items as well
25:9.52 so create that central space and kind of
25:12.24 recurring template that you use for each
25:14.08 project to rest assured all of those
25:16.48 important files will be there and easy
25:18.72 for you to access
25:22.16 so you'll see that i also have a
25:23.84 template set up here for budgeting this
25:26.56 would be the idea of actually working
25:29.68 across teams and working across
25:31.20 departments which you can do in priority
25:33.12 matrix again
25:34.88 a very simple template here but it can
25:36.96 really help people kind of stay on track
25:38.80 and give you that space to work
25:41.12 with another department without having
25:43.20 to do it through emails
25:46.48 so kind of the idea with all of these
25:48.32 templates is
25:49.76 going along with the idea that most
25:52.48 likely
25:53.52 you're using or recurring processes as a
25:56.48 project manager whether it's product
25:58.72 development metrics with stakeholders
26:0.56 something completely different that i
26:2.40 might be really missing the mark on
26:4.64 um
26:5.92 i want you to know that
26:7.76 creating templates is really easy it's
26:11.36 absolutely one of the most common
26:13.04 functionalities that people
26:14.96 really like using it saves them a lot of
26:16.80 time and
26:18.16 imagine if you're using the same
26:19.92 templates for
26:21.52 you know even just six months or a year
26:23.36 straight and you look back
26:25.12 on the reports that we create and the
26:27.44 metrics that you've been tracking
26:29.36 if you have that information
26:30.88 standardized and it's the same across
26:32.72 every new project
26:34.32 things get so much easier it saves you
26:36.40 so much time and it keeps hopefully
26:38.56 everything in alignment as your projects
26:40.48 move forward
26:42.80 lastly
26:43.92 i promise this is the last thing i want
26:45.60 to show you but for a lot of you it
26:47.20 might be the most important thing and
26:49.44 then we'll get to the q a is
26:52.72 i'm going to jump to my team's calendar
26:54.56 here so i've set up an example meeting
26:58.00 for this webinar today
26:59.92 and at the very start of my presentation
27:2.00 i mentioned that priority matrix also
27:4.32 has functionalities for
27:6.40 all of you project managers out there
27:8.24 that hope are hoping to have shorter and
27:10.64 more effective meetings
27:13.44 so you're going to go ahead and you're
27:14.72 going to set up your team's meetings as
27:16.64 you would
27:18.08 quick side note when you want to test
27:19.76 out the functionality i'm about to show
27:21.52 you just make sure you add at least one
27:23.92 person i've added pablo here he's um
27:26.56 he's our cto he's a great uh great
27:29.12 sports i'm always spamming him setting
27:31.28 up for these webinars um
27:33.44 but anyways make sure you add one person
27:36.32 and then you'll see this little plus
27:37.92 icon here at the top
27:40.00 i've went ahead and i've added agenda by
27:42.48 priority matrix you guys can add it all
27:44.32 by clicking on that plus icon
27:46.56 but what happens is
27:48.80 priority matrix looks across all of your
27:50.96 shared projects
27:52.88 and this is not limited to just two
27:54.56 people if you have a team meeting
27:56.40 including those external stakeholders
27:59.20 you can still
28:0.56 work you can still create this agenda
28:3.12 and the system is going to create a
28:4.72 little section for each person on this
28:6.64 meeting who's using priority matrix
28:10.00 it's going to do its best to
28:11.28 automatically create this meeting agenda
28:13.20 for you and these are real
28:15.12 priority matrix items so you might
28:17.52 recognize these which were from the
28:19.20 templates that i showed you
28:21.28 so the idea is the system is saying hey
28:23.76 erica here's everything that you most
28:25.44 likely need to talk about with pablo
28:27.12 based off of your shared priorities and
28:28.96 recently modified items
28:31.92 if for whatever reason a you need to
28:35.04 look through kind of your
28:37.28 knowledge base of priority matrix items
28:39.60 these are real items linking back to
28:41.68 your projects where you can search for
28:43.44 them and you can add
28:46.00 the items that you may need to talk
28:47.36 about during this meeting
28:49.12 you can also create new action items
28:51.28 going as far as delegating them to
28:53.20 somebody
28:54.24 um
28:55.28 and also putting them into the correct
28:57.20 project in quadrant and adding your
28:58.88 deadlines
29:0.32 so it's a very collaborative meeting
29:2.00 agenda each person is able to prepare
29:4.56 this way and when i hit join if i were
29:7.20 to actually go and join this meeting
29:9.60 this agenda is still going to be there
29:11.36 for us to look at where we can continue
29:13.92 to provide updates such as okay this
29:16.00 item is completed we finished this one
29:19.60 most importantly during meetings i've
29:21.60 heard a project manager struggle with
29:23.36 the fact that
29:24.72 they talk about a lot of really critical
29:26.96 important items
29:28.56 and they slip through the cracks because
29:30.08 they're not actively being tracked in a
29:32.72 system like priority matrix so
29:35.20 with that being said keep in mind
29:37.12 pretending we're actually in the meeting
29:39.44 you can continue to create new action
29:42.00 items
29:43.44 so after the fact there's no
29:45.28 backtracking there's no worrying that
29:46.96 something was forgotten about it has all
29:49.36 been prioritized delegated and assigned
29:52.08 a due date so you can get back to work
29:54.16 and not have to backtrack and spend your
29:56.00 time
29:56.96 trying to remember everything that you
29:59.04 talked about during that meeting
30:1.84 the last thing that's really amazing
30:3.84 about this is after the meeting ends
30:5.76 each person is going to get a follow-up
30:7.60 email talking about meeting minutes
30:10.24 highlighting everything that was
30:11.84 modified and created during this meeting
30:14.88 so i know for a lot of executive
30:16.32 assistants that can kind of fall on your
30:18.08 shoulders and it's very time consuming
30:20.56 to create and send that meeting recap
30:22.88 email good news isn't that's no longer
30:25.44 going to be on your plate because if you
30:26.96 use agenda by priority matrix it will be
30:29.20 created for you
30:32.40 all right so hopefully this all made
30:35.04 sense in terms of
30:36.96 you know how you can create templates
30:40.40 what you can kind of do in terms of
30:41.84 those templates and also use these that
30:43.76 i've created for you
30:46.00 so going back to my powerpoint here
30:48.88 uh just a quick little recap and then
30:50.72 i'm going to open up the floor for a q a
30:54.32 so basically
30:55.68 as we look at templates can save you
30:58.00 time and they can streamline projects by
31:0.48 using recurring processes and not having
31:2.48 to create them every single time
31:4.88 you can either create your own custom
31:6.72 templates and share those with your
31:8.16 teammates or use our pre-created ones
31:10.72 that we've made for you
31:13.84 with all that being said you're not only
31:15.68 limited you're not rather you're not
31:17.52 limited to using it these templates just
31:20.16 with your teammates but you can also
31:22.08 standardize the projects that come into
31:24.08 play with stakeholders
31:25.92 by using it you know the same template
31:28.16 with every single stakeholder you have
31:29.68 to work with
31:30.88 granted you may have to modify it
31:32.48 slightly but for the most part you are
31:34.88 likely following a similar process so
31:36.56 you might as well just make it into a
31:38.16 template
31:40.56 okay so i really hope that this made
31:42.24 sense i know that that's
31:44.16 just a ton of information about these
31:46.24 templates but
31:47.52 at this time
31:48.80 i would love to hear any questions that
31:50.96 you have i'm looking at the participant
31:52.88 list here so feel free to actually just
31:54.72 raise your hand
31:55.92 then i can answer those for you or
31:58.00 alternatively you can drop them into the
31:59.68 chat box if you're more comfortable with
32:1.36 that
32:4.88 i'm going to keep an eye on all of you
32:7.36 on my other screen here in case and
32:9.36 questions do come up
32:11.04 but in the meantime i have a couple
32:12.64 common questions
32:14.88 that i want to go over so
32:17.20 a lot of the times people ask can i use
32:19.04 priority matrix with external
32:20.64 collaborators we kind of already touched
32:22.80 on this but
32:24.08 i want you all to understand that
32:25.68 absolutely yes you can do this like i
32:28.40 mentioned on
32:30.24 tuesday the 15th i believe it's at 1pm
32:33.28 pacific time i'm hosting a specific
32:35.04 webinar about a new pricing model we
32:37.36 have set up supporting people
32:39.52 using priority matrix with external
32:41.44 collaborators
32:43.68 in terms of support our enterprise
32:45.84 customers
32:46.96 have access to one-on-one training
32:48.72 session customized webinars and group
32:50.88 training sessions
32:52.64 for everybody else
32:54.56 you do have access to training sessions
32:56.48 kind of on a case-by-case basis
32:59.12 we have an incredibly well built out
33:1.52 youtube channel and knowledge base with
33:3.28 dozens and dozens of videos that are
33:5.28 constantly being updated
33:7.28 um and as i mentioned i'm also
33:9.28 continuously hosting webinars
33:11.60 i'm shooting for three or four per week
33:14.40 and so as you can imagine that it gives
33:16.64 you the opportunity to cover a lot of
33:19.12 topics and even if you can't attend them
33:21.60 you can still register and get a
33:22.96 follow-up email with the recorded
33:24.64 webinar to watch your convenience
33:28.64 the last question i typically get is you
33:31.12 know how do i test this out is there any
33:32.72 type of trial period i can use
33:35.68 absolutely yes we do offer a free two
33:37.84 week trial that's going to give you
33:39.68 access to all of the functionalities and
33:42.08 priority matrix all of the training and
33:44.00 support that you could possibly need to
33:46.24 really get in there test it out and you
33:48.08 know make sure that this is the right
33:49.36 system for you
33:52.64 so hopefully that you know maybe touches
33:54.56 on some of the questions that you all
33:56.56 may have on
33:58.08 on your side i'm still looking at the
34:0.00 participant list here and i don't see
34:1.60 any questions coming up so
34:4.00 you know hopefully that's a good thing
34:5.52 and that means that my webinar actually
34:7.92 um made sense and i was able to answer
34:9.92 the questions for you
34:12.72 so i still have a little bit of time
34:14.64 left if somebody does have a question
34:16.56 come up
34:17.60 but if not we can actually wrap up this
34:20.00 webinar i thank you all so much for
34:22.40 joining and
34:23.92 um you know sticking with me to the very
34:26.00 end again i would love to hear your
34:28.16 feedback any pointers or suggestions
34:30.32 that you might have
34:31.84 and with that being said i'm going to
34:33.12 send all of you a follow-up email
34:35.28 um with the link to my templates
34:37.92 a pdf that explains how to actually use
34:40.64 templates and create them and also my
34:42.72 upcoming webinars to register for so
34:45.20 it'll be a packed email with a lot of
34:47.20 information but again hopefully it's
34:48.96 helpful i want to be here to you know
34:51.36 make it easy for you all to get started
34:53.20 with priority matrix
34:55.28 um and be here to support you during
34:57.04 that whole process
34:59.12 so thank you all for your time i'm going
35:0.80 to end this recording and close out of
35:3.04 the webinar