Individual Contributors Scorecard for Success

Video presented by Erica Beaulieu

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Take control of your day as you master your priorities, lettings your managers stay up-to-date hassle-free. Avoid wasting time preparing for weekly reports and one-on-one meetings, and instead get to the point of what you need to share.

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Video transcription (29:32.16) Stop scroll

2.00s i want to let you know that at the end
3.28s of this webinar we're going to have you
5.20s know at least 10 or 15 minutes for a
7.76s question and answer so as we're going
9.68s through all of this please either drop
11.60s your questions into the chat box and
14.32s i'll go through those at the very end
15.76s read them out loud and answer them or
17.76s just kind of jot them down to remember
19.28s them and then at the very end of the
20.72s webinar i will actually take you all off
22.96s from you and
24.56s we can go ahead and actually talk and
26.08s answer those questions
28.08s so what to expect for this webinar i
30.08s think that
31.20s my part of this presentation will
33.20s probably be a quick quick little
35.44s introduction i have a powerpoint
37.20s prepared for
38.48s kind of the agenda in the intro part and
40.48s then the live demo will probably just be
42.96s about 10 or another 15 minutes it'll be
46.00s fairly short and to the point i've done
47.92s my best to hopefully make this
49.28s interesting and not you know too drawn
51.76s out and boring for you all um
54.32s so yes with that being said let's go
56.40s ahead and get started here i'm going to
59.36s turn off my camera for
1:1.44 just the remainder of this presentation
1:3.36 part to make sure we can get a super
1:5.60 clear screen share together
1:11.28 perfect perfect
1:13.76 okay and if for whatever reason that
1:15.76 there seems to be any technical problems
1:18.08 you can't hear me or you know you're not
1:20.00 able to see my screen just go ahead and
1:21.68 drop that into the chat but we should be
1:24.08 good to go um but i do always like to
1:26.16 kind of preface that just in case
1:27.92 something something is going wrong that
1:29.60 i'm not aware of
1:31.60 so
1:32.48 for today's webinar what we're going to
1:34.56 be focusing on
1:36.08 is how individuals can succeed with
1:39.20 priority matrix so the title we have is
1:42.16 the individual contributors scorecard
1:44.80 for success
1:46.80 and so that is exactly what we're going
1:48.56 to be focusing on today
1:52.00 so what our challenges face to buy an
1:54.72 individual contributor
1:56.64 a little bit of background for this is
1:58.64 i've been with priority matrix for
2:1.36 almost six years now and
2:3.84 during those six years i've spent the
2:5.76 majority of my career here actually
2:7.92 talking to our new customers our current
2:10.40 users and you know really learning
2:12.96 inside and out what our user base looks
2:15.44 like
2:16.32 and i recently kind of played with some
2:18.56 numbers and we came to understand that
2:20.88 about 75
2:22.96 of our users
2:24.64 are actually individuals kind of using
2:27.04 it by themselves so
2:28.88 when i found out the information i
2:30.48 thought okay well
2:32.16 you know i really need to put something
2:33.52 together specifically for those
2:35.44 individual users because
2:37.68 you know those are the people that often
2:39.60 have more on their plate than anybody
2:41.68 else more deadlines to hit and honestly
2:44.88 it can be incredibly challenging to keep
2:47.12 all of that information organized
2:49.52 without a system to help you do that
2:52.56 so what do the challenges look like that
2:55.04 i've personally seen that the individual
2:57.68 contributor can face
3:0.16 these include input from multiple
3:1.92 directions so likely you have managers
3:5.04 emailing you calling you sending you
3:7.12 teams updates
3:8.72 kind of giving you input on new
3:10.24 deadlines new things you need to be
3:11.76 working on and
3:13.68 with all of that streamlining
3:15.20 streamlining and from different places
3:17.04 and it's really challenging to keep
3:18.96 track of that
3:21.12 with that being said when something
3:22.80 changes unless you have a system that
3:25.04 allows you to very easily modify what
3:27.12 you need to be working on again it can
3:29.12 be hard to keep track of those updating
3:31.44 and changing responsibilities
3:35.12 additionally i've seen
3:36.88 individual contributors get absolutely
3:39.36 swamped with emails and again without
3:42.32 priority matrix
3:43.92 people
3:44.88 people kind of fall back to leaving
3:47.12 emails unread or
3:48.96 maybe flagging them to try and keep
3:50.56 track of them but at the end of the day
3:52.72 you know they slip through the cracks
3:54.24 there's no real way to prioritize those
3:56.24 emails which is really the most
3:58.00 effective way to keep track of all them
4:1.28 and lastly it's difficult to keep track
4:3.28 of you know understanding hey what i
4:5.20 need to work on right now what do i have
4:7.44 to do today what are the next things i
4:9.52 need to work on and what are my personal
4:11.36 ideas and just kind of thoughts that i
4:12.80 need to keep track of to ensure that i
4:14.56 successfully complete all of these tasks
4:17.76 so as you can see the individual
4:19.44 contributor has a lot of
4:21.36 responsibilities they have a lot on
4:23.04 their plate and people expect a lot out
4:25.28 of them
4:26.24 but again it can be challenging to
4:28.00 accomplish all this without a great
4:29.84 system in place like priority matrix
4:32.64 and bear with me while i continue to say
4:35.12 individual contributor because it's a
4:37.28 little bit of a tongue twister so if i
4:39.52 stutter over my words there will uh
4:42.08 we'll get through it together
4:44.32 all right perfect so
4:46.08 i want you all to understand that
4:47.92 priority matrix is here for you the
4:50.32 application is here to make your day
4:52.08 easier and
4:53.44 our support and sales executives just
4:55.52 like myself are going to be here to kind
4:57.44 of help you through it every step of the
4:59.20 way
5:0.48 so
5:1.68 why do we have so many users that are
5:4.24 individual contributors and how does
5:6.56 priority matrix help them
5:8.56 number one it makes it super easy to
5:10.64 track your new priorities
5:13.28 whether it's coming through meetings or
5:15.52 phone calls or emails and very easily to
5:17.92 get those prioritized
5:19.92 and you can also very easily reference
5:22.16 back and see your completed ones review
5:24.80 what you finished last week use that
5:26.48 information to help you plan for your
5:28.16 next priorities
5:29.84 priority matrix works as a little
5:31.68 history and audit trail for you
5:34.24 so it's super easy to keep track of all
5:35.84 these moving parts
5:38.00 we also have an integration with outlook
5:40.00 365 which we're definitely going to look
5:42.00 at today and it's going to help you keep
5:43.92 track of all those incoming emails from
5:46.48 your team your management um you know
5:49.28 those clients you're working with we're
5:50.96 going to show you how you can very
5:52.56 easily prioritize all of them
5:56.24 i'm going to show you how you can
5:57.52 effectively set up your projects and
6:0.56 kind of group similar priorities
6:2.16 together and why priority matrix makes
6:4.48 that so easy and we're also going to
6:6.64 look at notifications so you don't have
6:8.96 to worry about remembering everything
6:11.04 you have to get done
6:12.48 priority matrix is going to work as your
6:14.56 own little personal assistant and notify
6:16.80 you when you need to shift gears and
6:18.96 start working on something new
6:23.76 so when you start using priority matrix
6:26.40 you're able to actually continue working
6:28.40 in the platforms you already know and
6:30.24 trust so if your organization is office
6:33.20 365 focus if you're working in teams in
6:35.76 outlook 365 already the great news is
6:38.80 you're going to be able to integrate
6:40.16 priority matrix right into there and
6:42.08 keep working in those systems
6:45.68 if you're not looking to use priority
6:48.08 matrix through office 365 that's awesome
6:50.96 as well you're able to download the
6:52.88 desktop application for mac in windows
6:56.16 also on your mobile device you can use
6:58.32 the mobile app or we also have a web
7:1.36 application available for desktop and
7:3.60 mobile
7:4.72 so as you can see there's actually a lot
7:6.72 of different places that you can be
7:9.52 using priority matrix and in fact we
7:11.92 encourage you to use it on multiple
7:14.16 platforms you know if you want to try it
7:16.16 out on
7:17.20 all these different places and continue
7:19.36 using it there you know by all means be
7:21.52 our guest go ahead and do that it can
7:23.20 actually be one of the most effective
7:24.80 ways to use priority matrix
7:28.16 i also want you all to know that they're
7:30.64 going to sync automatically so you don't
7:32.48 have to worry about your data
7:33.92 mismatching or you know updating it in
7:36.24 multiple places
7:40.56 so with all this being said with kind of
7:42.80 that quick introduction about how
7:44.64 individual contributors are succeeding
7:46.80 with priority matrix let's look at how
7:48.88 you can actually get started so we just
7:51.44 talked about where you can actually
7:52.80 download priority matrix and use it on
7:55.36 so that's definitely going to be the
7:56.80 first step that's going to prompt you to
7:59.20 start your free trial which will allow
8:1.04 you to test it out without any
8:2.56 limitations for the first two weeks
8:6.00 during that time we definitely suggest
8:8.08 attending as many webinars as you feel
8:11.04 would be helpful for you in the month of
8:13.12 february i think i'm hosting you know
8:15.04 maybe about 10 webinars all about very
8:18.32 unique use cases and in fact some of
8:20.32 those are just going to be kind of basic
8:22.00 introductions for kind of the new users
8:24.24 here
8:25.36 and we also encourage you to try and
8:27.52 stick to your new process
8:29.44 you know i've seen it a lot of potential
8:31.68 success across you know pretty much
8:33.76 everybody who starts using priority
8:35.52 matrix but
8:36.96 the most challenging part is
8:39.68 kind of adopting this new process and
8:42.24 you know building it into your
8:43.60 day-to-day without giving up and kind of
8:46.08 referencing back to those old processes
8:48.16 that you were working in previously that
8:50.40 weren't working for you so stick to it
8:52.72 just know we're going to be here to help
8:54.32 you every single step of the way
8:58.64 so for today's um
9:0.96 live demo i'm going to first and
9:2.80 foremost just give you a quick overview
9:4.80 of the priority matrix kind of
9:6.64 foundation walk you through what's on my
9:8.64 screen and how you can you know kind of
9:10.72 understand the basics of it
9:12.96 i'm going to show you how you can very
9:14.72 easily manage your priorities
9:17.04 and manage your emails
9:19.44 we're going to look at how you can
9:20.80 review your current and upcoming
9:22.64 priorities
9:24.08 um resource management so you know kind
9:26.40 of balancing all those different things
9:28.08 you need to work on
9:29.52 and then lastly like i said we're going
9:31.28 to have plenty of time for that q a at
9:33.36 the end
9:36.56 so uh very shortly here we're going to
9:38.80 be looking at actually the live demo i'm
9:40.96 going to pull up my priority matrix but
9:43.44 just to kind of preface preface the use
9:45.60 case that we'll be looking at today
9:48.16 so like i said we support users across
9:51.04 all different verticals
9:52.72 all different organizations
9:54.88 and when it comes to the individual
9:57.04 contributor there's a lot of different
9:59.20 you know types of roles that benefit
10:1.28 from priority matrix
10:3.20 i wanted to kind of pick a specific use
10:5.36 case for us to focus on today just so we
10:7.44 can kind of see it through the same lens
10:9.52 together
10:10.56 and i wanted to walk us through a day in
10:12.96 the life of a content writer
10:15.44 these content writers
10:17.12 most definitely have a whole lot on
10:19.04 their plate and most of the time they're
10:21.20 just kind of working by their self and
10:23.12 so i thought that this would be
10:25.60 you know a comfortable way to kind of
10:27.28 look at priority matrix through the lens
10:29.28 of a relatable individual contributor
10:32.88 so
10:33.68 let me go ahead and pull up my pm here
10:36.48 and we'll transition to the live demo
10:39.36 so again thank you all for you know kind
10:41.76 of sticking with me through that
10:43.04 introduction the next 10 or 15 minutes
10:45.92 or so will be looking at priority matrix
10:48.96 kind of more in this live demo and then
10:50.96 we'll do the q a at the very end
10:55.36 so what are we looking at here this is
10:57.68 my priority matrix and i do have it
11:0.08 integrated directly into my team's
11:2.48 platform so again you don't have to use
11:4.48 it here it's a great place to use it if
11:6.72 you're already kind of engulfed in that
11:8.48 office environment
11:12.00 what we're looking at here on my screen
11:14.08 are different projects
11:15.84 and
11:16.64 i really want to make sure i can specify
11:19.36 this for everybody on the meeting today
11:21.68 because
11:22.80 a lot of the times when i say projects
11:25.52 especially when i'm talking to the
11:26.80 audience of our individual contributors
11:29.36 it can be a little bit of it can be a
11:31.84 little off-putting and i can relate to
11:33.84 this one thousand percent when i say the
11:36.08 word projects because
11:38.16 when i look at how i personally use
11:39.84 priority matrix and i don't really have
11:43.04 you know
11:44.00 specific projects that i'm working on
11:45.92 it's more so just groups of similar
11:48.24 priorities
11:49.68 same goes for how a content writer may
11:52.48 be using priority matrix it's going to
11:54.80 be a little bit different than like the
11:56.24 construction industry or project manager
11:58.48 where they have very set in stone
12:0.16 projects
12:2.00 i want you all to understand that my
12:3.68 terminology of project should not be
12:5.60 something that scares you away just
12:7.44 think of it as
12:8.80 grouping your similar priorities
12:10.88 together
12:11.92 but what we're going to call those are
12:13.76 projects so hopefully that kind of helps
12:16.24 shake out any fear that you might have
12:17.84 when i say projects because i definitely
12:19.76 don't want to scare anybody away when i
12:22.08 say that
12:25.12 in terms of getting started as an
12:27.12 individual contributor in this example i
12:30.16 always suggest number one setting up a
12:33.44 project for those important emails
12:36.48 i would say you know if anything that's
12:38.24 going to be the easiest way to get
12:40.16 started and you know definitely one of
12:41.68 the most important things that we need
12:43.20 to keep track of at this day and age is
12:45.44 all those emails coming in
12:47.60 so create that project by hitting add
12:49.84 project and title it something along the
12:51.68 lines of important emails however you
12:53.52 personally want to name it is fine
12:56.80 i would also say think about you know
12:59.04 three or four different groups of
13:0.64 similar priorities you're working on and
13:2.80 create projects to represent those
13:4.80 groups of tasks
13:6.56 in this case again through the lens of
13:8.64 the content writer i've created a space
13:11.52 for current blog content we might be
13:14.24 working on
13:15.52 old content that we definitely want to
13:17.20 keep track of maybe we want to circle
13:19.36 back to it
13:20.48 and a new project that we're working on
13:22.64 which would be interviewing all these
13:24.08 different sales people and understanding
13:26.24 how they feel about working from home
13:29.28 again as the individual contributor
13:31.20 these are all things that this person
13:32.88 would be responsible for and it's super
13:35.20 important to have this one location to
13:37.20 track all these moving parts and all
13:39.12 these priorities that we need to work on
13:41.60 as an individual contributor
13:46.16 so what i'm going to do now is i'm
13:47.84 actually going to open up one of these
13:49.76 projects to kind of show you what it
13:51.28 looks like inside of here
13:53.92 so within each project
13:56.40 we allow you to use the four quadrants
13:58.80 to very easily
14:0.84 prioritize or just kind of group
14:2.88 together you know what you need to get
14:4.56 done
14:5.36 so again through the lens of this
14:6.88 content writer it's very easy to see
14:9.36 okay here's what i'm ready to post
14:11.60 here's what i've already posted on my
14:13.12 blogs we need to check the stats for it
14:15.52 kind of so on and so forth so i
14:17.84 definitely want you all to understand
14:20.16 that you can rename these quadrants
14:23.20 so again like i said you know individual
14:25.28 contributors come in all different roles
14:27.36 i'm a salesperson and
14:29.44 you know i consider myself definitely an
14:31.44 individual contributor and my projects
14:33.36 look a whole lot different than this one
14:35.52 yours will likely look different as well
14:37.52 unless you know maybe we do have content
14:39.60 writers on here today and that would be
14:41.92 that would be awesome it would
14:42.88 definitely be giving them kind of a leg
14:44.72 up on how to get started here but again
14:47.36 keep in mind you can rename these
14:49.12 quadrants to be the perfect fit for how
14:52.00 you want to prioritize your items
14:55.76 it's very easy to move them around and
14:58.20 re-prioritize when needed and the great
15:1.28 part about using priority matrix kind of
15:3.36 alone is you're in charge of all of this
15:5.76 so if something needs to be adjusted you
15:8.40 know by all means get in there and
15:10.08 change that up because this is totally
15:12.08 here for your prioritization
15:14.48 not intending to help anybody else
15:16.24 except yourself
15:19.68 within each item when you're using this
15:22.24 as a single user a couple things that to
15:24.96 be very aware of
15:27.12 you're going to be able to set your due
15:28.80 dates this is going to be part of kind
15:31.20 of that notification system i said we
15:33.12 would look at so that allows priority
15:35.52 matrix to remind you when you need to
15:37.92 work on something or when a due date
15:39.76 occurs
15:41.60 you can also use our reminder system
15:44.00 again this is just kind of a way to set
15:46.08 yourself up for success so you're not
15:47.68 going to forget about any of these items
15:49.44 that you need to work on
15:52.80 there's a couple other things on the
15:54.24 screen here but i don't really want you
15:55.76 to focus on them too much because using
15:58.00 due dates and reminders as an individual
16:0.48 contributor are definitely going to be
16:2.08 the most effective
16:3.68 um kind of part of this interface over
16:6.08 here so you know focus on that when
16:7.68 you're getting started don't worry about
16:9.92 looking too much into anything else here
16:11.76 on the screen
16:14.80 so again these projects are for the
16:17.44 individual contributor that space where
16:19.44 you're able to easily track all of your
16:21.28 priorities and create new tasks as
16:23.76 needed we'll just say new tasks do in
16:25.84 three hours for example just so you can
16:27.76 see how quick and how easy it is to add
16:29.84 these action items
16:33.44 in terms of email management so
16:36.40 at the very start of this webinar i
16:38.16 mentioned we do have an integration with
16:40.24 outlook 365.
16:42.32 i'm going to pull my screen over here
16:44.40 for us all to kind of look at together
16:48.24 here is my outlook for mac
16:50.56 it's the outlook integration is going to
16:52.64 work for the windows desktop app outlook
16:55.36 web application and even outlook on your
16:57.52 phone as well so be sure again to
16:59.68 install it on any and all platforms you
17:1.92 would like to use this on
17:6.16 all right so what do we have here on my
17:8.16 screen so you would actually just open
17:10.32 up the email that you want to prioritize
17:13.92 once you get the outlook integration
17:15.76 installed you can just click send to
17:18.08 project
17:20.00 here you're going to see all of your
17:21.60 projects come up we're going to put this
17:23.04 in important emails and i'm actually
17:24.96 going to rename this and call it um
17:28.24 we're going to call it email for webinar
17:30.00 just so we can all find this together
17:31.76 super easily
17:33.20 you can prioritize it into the correct
17:35.12 quadrant and again i'm a big advocate
17:37.68 for setting due dates for basically
17:39.68 everything because that's when you're
17:41.12 allowing priority matrix to do its job
17:43.44 and
17:44.40 clearly see what is due today and what
17:46.40 can wait a little bit longer
17:49.20 so as you can see it's very easy to just
17:51.12 kind of buzz through your emails and
17:52.96 quickly prioritize everything and then
17:55.68 when we get back into microsoft teams
17:59.04 here's the email that i just integrated
18:0.80 in that example
18:2.96 so if you kind of take a step back and
18:4.80 you think about your inbox
18:7.28 it most likely feels overwhelming you
18:10.00 probably have a bunch of unread emails
18:12.24 and
18:13.04 honestly you might not you might not
18:14.96 know what you need to get around to
18:16.24 first so take a second when you first
18:18.88 install priority matrix to go through
18:20.80 those top priority emails
18:23.04 put them into a project where now i can
18:25.68 say okay here's everything i need to
18:27.36 read you know soon ish things happen it
18:30.00 can get pushed back a little bit but top
18:32.32 priority things to keep in mind
18:35.44 emails with an action needed maybe i
18:37.12 need to respond or review this blog post
18:39.52 like i was asked to do so on and so
18:41.60 forth set up these email management
18:43.28 projects in a way that makes sense to
18:45.12 you that's going to help you you know
18:46.96 kind of stay on track and handle those
18:48.56 top priority emails first
18:53.44 so thank you all for sticking with me
18:55.36 just one or two more things that i would
18:56.80 like to show you and then we're actually
18:58.40 going to open up the floor for that q a
19:1.76 so again that looking through the lens
19:3.28 of the individual contributor
19:5.60 what happens when let's say it's friday
19:7.92 morning we are all super stoked for the
19:10.40 weekend personally i um count down to
19:12.88 fridays you know who doesn't love a
19:14.80 friday i'm always in a great mood always
19:17.20 super stoked when i wake up and i like
19:19.68 to use fridays as an example because you
19:21.92 know it makes people happy to think
19:23.52 about that so
19:25.12 let's say friday morning you're ready to
19:27.52 get started you know
19:29.44 really crank through the day and finish
19:31.28 things that need to get done today how
19:33.44 does priority matrix help the individual
19:35.60 contributor when that time comes
19:38.72 what i suggest doing is
19:41.04 open up your priority matrix and teams
19:43.12 and go to the home view up here and
19:45.68 click on agenda
19:48.24 what happens when we open up the agenda
19:50.08 view is priority matrix says okay erica
19:53.60 we're looking across all of your
19:55.36 projects and here's everything that you
19:58.16 said you wanted to get done today
20:0.32 here's everything that you actually need
20:2.32 to get done for the next seven days
20:4.48 broken down in a really
20:7.20 clearly visible list here so you know
20:10.00 what's on your plate for today in the
20:11.52 next seven days
20:14.00 if you need more context and you're like
20:15.84 okay well you know where did i leave off
20:17.60 am i almost done with this what's the
20:19.04 status of it just simply click on it you
20:21.84 can modify the due date if for whatever
20:23.92 reason maybe it got pushed back and it's
20:25.76 not due today anymore change it up as
20:28.08 needed directly from the agenda view
20:32.88 what's really special about using
20:34.56 priority matrix is um we have our
20:37.04 priorities to see things we need to get
20:39.84 done today we're also going to see our
20:42.72 upcoming meetings so maybe you have a
20:44.88 meeting with a client or a stakeholder
20:46.72 that you've been writing content for as
20:48.96 long as it's scheduled through teams so
20:50.72 we're going to see it come up right here
20:52.32 on our agenda so here's the webinar
20:54.24 we're actually in together today very
20:56.48 easy to see that
20:58.96 when you have your emails prioritized at
21:1.04 all here's an example that i actually
21:2.88 just created together here on the
21:5.04 webinar and we put a due date for monday
21:7.76 so
21:8.48 to kind of sum it up what i'm trying to
21:10.56 say is we're going to see our priorities
21:12.80 we're going to see our meetings and
21:14.16 we're going to see our emails all in one
21:16.08 place
21:17.36 so for that individual contributor who
21:20.00 has a lot on their plate no doubt i mean
21:22.32 they're kind of the the foundation of a
21:24.08 lot of organizations is you know getting
21:26.56 through a lot of important tasks and a
21:28.96 lot of emails in a short period of time
21:31.60 so
21:32.56 priority matrix is here to help you stay
21:34.72 on track
21:35.68 um you know help you keep everything
21:38.08 prioritized at and kind of you know
21:40.64 hopefully keep your stress at bay so you
21:42.56 don't have to try to remember everything
21:44.80 you need to get done and you know really
21:47.12 rack your brain to
21:48.80 to think about all of that just get into
21:50.96 priority matrix and you know it's really
21:53.12 going to do all kind of that groundwork
21:54.96 for you
21:57.04 one other thing i want to say about the
21:58.64 agenda is that you can actually add an
22:1.04 action item here as well so if you're
22:3.36 looking at this and you're like okay
22:4.88 well there's something else i need to
22:6.16 get done today you can create a task
22:8.80 right here and then it will just be
22:10.48 added to your agenda which is definitely
22:12.40 super helpful
22:16.80 so
22:17.60 i think that that kind of actually sums
22:19.76 up the best practices that i wanted to
22:21.92 share with you all as an individual
22:23.92 contributor
22:25.52 so just to kind of sum it up super
22:27.20 quickly
22:28.16 create a project for your emails maybe
22:30.56 two projects or three if that's how you
22:32.40 want to break it down
22:33.84 and create a couple of spaces to
22:36.32 prioritize the moving parts that you're
22:38.00 working on again in this case we have a
22:40.24 place for current blog posts
22:42.72 previous posts that we've already done
22:44.56 and we're keeping track of and a new
22:46.72 research phase that we're working on so
22:48.80 that's kind of you know current past and
22:51.60 future that's how i like to break it
22:53.52 down as the individual contributor but
22:55.92 i want you all to feel comfortable to
22:58.16 get in here and
22:59.92 you know set it up in a way that
23:1.44 supports you as best as we can
23:4.16 um play around with it modify it as
23:6.24 needed it's a very flexible tool so you
23:8.96 can always change the project names
23:11.52 you know delete things archive however
23:14.00 you want to go about it it's super
23:15.44 flexible and
23:16.96 like i said 75 of our users are actually
23:20.24 individual contributors so it just kind
23:22.80 of goes to show that you know honestly
23:24.48 maybe the system is
23:26.56 you know most powerfully designed for
23:28.96 those individual users
23:32.16 if you're looking at this from the lens
23:34.00 of being curious about how this works
23:36.00 for a team collaboration uh priority
23:38.88 matrix is absolutely going to be there
23:40.56 for you as well be sure to tune in to my
23:43.04 webinars next week where i kind of dive
23:45.52 in and show you priority matrix through
23:47.36 the lens of a team use case as well
23:51.60 so with all that being said thank you
23:53.52 all so much for sticking around
23:55.52 i'm going to go back to my powerpoint
23:57.28 here and put a couple common questions
23:59.44 on the screen
24:1.60 but while i pull that up i would like to
24:4.08 open up the floor and ask
24:6.00 if anybody has questions there's a
24:8.40 couple ways we can go about this you're
24:10.64 welcome to either drop your question
24:12.56 into the chat box here or you can
24:15.12 actually just raise your hand and i'm
24:17.28 looking at the participant list here and
24:19.04 i'll take you off mute and then you can
24:21.04 ask those questions and i would love to
24:23.20 you know actually chat with you if we
24:24.88 can do that
24:27.52 so i'll keep an eye out on the
24:29.12 participant list and in the meantime i'm
24:32.48 going to go over a couple common
24:33.76 questions that you know typically come
24:35.52 up and i like to make sure i can answer
24:37.20 for everybody right off the bat
24:40.72 so a common concern is you know will my
24:43.52 team know that i'm testing priority
24:45.52 matrix
24:48.32 not everybody you know wants their team
24:50.56 to know if they've downloaded a new
24:52.72 solution and that's that's fine that's
24:55.04 understandable and the answer is no
24:57.04 people are not going to know if you're
24:58.32 testing out priority matrix so you kind
25:0.88 of keep that to yourself and as an
25:2.48 individual contributor it's kind of up
25:4.40 to you to decide which system works best
25:6.32 for you so don't worry about that
25:9.20 in terms of support and training i kind
25:11.60 of briefly touched on this but um
25:14.72 we have a very built out youtube channel
25:17.52 with dozens and dozens of current um
25:20.32 current features
25:21.92 that are listed on there with kind of
25:23.76 short tutorials we're constantly
25:26.16 updating that and adding new videos as
25:28.16 well so that's definitely something you
25:30.00 can rely on
25:31.84 um i'm also hosting a bunch of upcoming
25:34.16 webinars i have a couple i have or
25:36.32 rather i have a several scheduled for
25:38.16 february and i'm working on booking out
25:40.08 the next month of march so if something
25:42.80 comes up and you're like i would really
25:45.04 like a webinar on this topic please
25:47.36 email that to me because more most
25:49.36 likely that's actually relevant to a lot
25:51.44 of other people in addition to yourself
25:53.52 and i'm open to hearing your feedback
25:55.68 and you know setting those up based off
25:57.44 of what our users need
26:1.20 there is a testing period which is going
26:3.44 to give you two weeks of unlimited
26:5.28 access so you can really get in there
26:7.20 test everything out and then to the last
26:9.84 question here
26:11.04 when that trial period ends you are
26:14.08 going to be asked to subscribe
26:16.64 we have a specific licenses set up to be
26:19.76 reasonably priced for the individual
26:21.84 contributor starting around five dollars
26:24.24 per month so
26:25.84 you know we have a bunch of different
26:27.20 licensing options again we've done our
26:29.04 best to make it reasonable for the
26:31.44 single user to get in there sign up and
26:33.76 you know kind of go on their day with
26:35.20 letting priority matrix support them
26:40.16 i don't see any questions coming up
26:42.16 quite yet um with that being said
26:45.68 we do have plenty of time left for
26:47.92 questions so
26:49.36 if if you do think of something in the
26:51.04 next couple minutes just raise your hand
26:52.88 i'm happy to answer that for you
26:55.36 before i start losing people here please
26:57.68 keep an eye out for my follow-up email
26:59.92 i'm gonna be sending number one at this
27:1.84 recorded webinar out to all of you to
27:3.76 watch again or to forward on to your
27:5.84 teammates
27:7.52 i'm also going to send you a list of all
27:9.28 of my upcoming webinars so just like you
27:11.36 did for this one subscribe and if you
27:14.00 can't attend don't worry we're still
27:15.52 going to send you that follow-up email
27:17.52 with the recorded
27:18.84 webinar all right tony it looks like we
27:21.20 have a question from you so i'm going to
27:24.56 let's see i'm going to allow your
27:26.40 microphone so now tony if you can just
27:29.68 unmute yourself on your side we'll be
27:31.44 good to go
27:32.72 yeah so um i saw how you integrated the
27:36.16 emails into your
27:38.00 microsoft 360 what would be the best way
27:40.40 to integrate emails if you had google
27:42.56 accounts or something like that
27:44.96 do you mind it do you mind repeating
27:46.40 that it kind of gave out i heard the
27:48.40 very first start of your question but do
27:50.48 you mind just repeating kind of the last
27:52.24 part of that
27:53.68 yes what's the best way to import emails
27:56.72 like you did with 360 using a different
27:59.52 email account
28:1.68 sure
28:2.48 um and then so my question would be are
28:4.88 you going to be using it through
28:6.80 the outlook platform or would it be like
28:9.20 through gmail instead
28:11.12 gmail
28:12.32 okay yeah so we do have a gmail
28:14.64 integration that's
28:16.00 pretty much identical to the office one
28:18.56 um i don't have an example for you here
28:20.96 today because i don't know how i feel
28:22.88 about sharing my whole inbox on the
28:24.56 screen but um basically you're just
28:26.64 gonna go to your gmail and you're gonna
28:28.88 add it from the add-in section and it'll
28:31.28 show up in your toolbar tony i'll follow
28:34.00 up with you personally and i'll send you
28:35.76 the directions and a little screenshot
28:37.60 of what that's gonna look like for you
28:39.04 but
28:39.76 yes you are good to go it's definitely
28:41.92 possible through gmail as well perfect
28:44.40 thank you
28:46.64 thank you for that question
28:50.80 let's see any other questions
28:54.80 coming up here
28:56.48 all right well i think we are all set
28:58.64 for questions today if anything comes up
29:1.36 when you're testing it out when i follow
29:3.20 up with you please please know that's
29:5.28 actually coming from my personal email
29:7.20 it's not an automated bot or anything so
29:10.16 feel free to just respond to that and i
29:12.24 will be here firsthand to help you get
29:14.64 through kind of this new process and um
29:17.20 again thank you all so much for tuning
29:18.96 in here i hope that this was at least
29:20.48 kind of a helpful little introduction
29:22.32 for you and
29:23.68 i look forward to hopefully seeing you
29:25.28 on my next webinars
29:27.20 so thanks again we're gonna stop the
29:29.36 recording here and