Hyperfocus- Turning a Liability Into a Superpower

Video presented by Pablo Diaz-Gutierrez

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Create your uninterrupted focus time with Priority Matrix. Switch context less often, and stick to your daily routine with Priority Matrix for Office 365.

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Video transcription (33:4.32) Stop scroll

0.32s thank you so much for joining my webinar
2.72s today my name is erica i'm gonna go
5.28s ahead and turn my camera on just for a
7.04s couple minutes to introduce myself
9.60s again thank you all so much for hopping
11.28s into this webinar today i'm expecting it
13.68s to take probably around just 30 minutes
16.32s or so give or take a little bit and then
18.48s at the end i'm actually going to save
20.00s time to do a question and answer so we
22.00s can take you all off you kind of talk
24.24s through those questions that you have
26.16s this is also being recorded so right
28.32s after this meeting ends i'm going to
30.56s send you all a follow-up email with the
32.72s recorded meeting so you can watch it
34.64s again if you have to drop off halfway
36.80s that's perfectly fine too you can also
39.20s share the recording with anybody else in
40.88s your organization who you think this
42.64s might be helpful for so again my name is
45.28s erica thanks so much for joining and
47.20s let's go ahead and get started
50.00s unfortunately i'm gonna have to turn my
51.92s camera off for the duration of the
53.92s webinar just to make sure that we can
55.76s have a really good
57.52s connection for the screen share and
59.36s whatnot
1:0.72 um
1:2.40 but with that being said
1:4.40 let's go ahead and dive in here so
1:7.76 you all should oops
1:10.00 somebody said let's see the audio isn't
1:12.80 working
1:14.24 thank you for letting me know is anybody
1:16.72 else
1:17.60 on
1:18.80 this webinar having trouble
1:21.04 hearing me alex i do see
1:23.68 your comment does somebody else mind
1:26.22 [Music]
1:27.44 dropping in so what's going on is you
1:29.60 guys should be able to hear me however
1:32.40 you shouldn't be able to use your audio
1:34.40 right now because you guys are all muted
1:37.20 by default
1:38.96 okay frankie all right perfect thank you
1:41.04 all for letting me know um alex again
1:42.80 just to kind of repeat that um you guys
1:45.20 are actually all muted by default and
1:46.96 then at the end when we do the q a
1:49.12 that's when i'll be able to actually
1:50.56 take you off mute and i'll be able to
1:53.20 communicate so how hopefully that kind
1:54.96 of clears the air
1:58.40 all right let me go ahead and i will
2:0.40 pull up the screen share again
2:4.80 okay perfect so the title of this
2:7.68 webinar today is hyper focus turning a
2:10.88 liability into a superpower
2:13.60 and this webinar is specifically
2:15.20 designed for priority matrix users who
2:18.00 have adhd
2:19.68 so i'm going to give you a little bit of
2:21.12 a backstory of how i actually came to
2:23.28 doing this webinar
2:24.96 and it's kind of an interesting story so
2:27.28 let's go ahead and get started
2:30.00 so first off i want to start by defining
2:32.64 what is hyper focusing and this is
2:35.36 defined as a clinical phenomenon of
2:37.92 locking onto a task in patients with
2:40.24 adhd who have difficulty of shifting
2:42.96 their attention from one one subject to
2:45.04 another especially if the subject is
2:47.44 about their interests
2:49.20 so when it comes to having a productive
2:51.28 work day
2:52.40 you know you can kind of imagine that if
2:54.48 you feel like you are you know hyper
2:56.24 focused on something however you're
2:58.32 locked on to a task that's a distraction
3:0.88 or it's not something that's you know
3:2.88 helping you be productive in your
3:4.64 workday that can definitely cause a
3:6.80 challenge for you
3:8.40 and with priority matrix one of our
3:10.48 biggest goals
3:11.68 is to help people understand their
3:13.68 priorities
3:14.88 and understand what needs to get done
3:16.88 first by providing less distractions for
3:19.52 them to kind of focus on you know really
3:22.48 what needs to get done and again cut out
3:24.72 the distractions that make them into
3:26.48 place
3:27.36 when you're jumping from different
3:28.80 platforms checking your emails checking
3:31.28 you know things out online we want to
3:33.36 cut out those distractions so you can
3:35.28 hyper focus on what's really important
3:37.76 again turning what some people may feel
3:40.32 is a liability into a real superpower so
3:43.20 you can actually get more done than you
3:45.52 know other people may be able to do
3:49.84 so how did we land on this topic it may
3:52.56 feel you know kind of kind of random
3:55.20 actually that priority matrix is
3:57.12 focusing so closely on adhd users but to
4:0.56 give you a little bit of backstory so
4:2.72 over the past couple of years priority
4:5.12 matrix has been voted across several
4:7.28 different platforms
4:9.12 different resources online number one
4:11.52 application for adults with adhd
4:14.80 and
4:15.76 you know just kind of right off the bat
4:17.44 priority matrix is a project in task
4:20.16 management software that helps people
4:22.32 really prioritize and see what they need
4:24.24 to get done so again for those people
4:26.56 who may have trouble focusing or have a
4:29.20 hard time you know working on what
4:31.04 matters the most priority matrix can be
4:33.44 super helpful for that
4:36.00 so over the last couple of months um
4:38.88 we've really put a lot in place to
4:41.20 actually kind of dig through this and
4:43.20 understand why is priority matrix
4:45.44 helpful for people with adhd and how do
4:48.08 we really help them
4:50.08 so
4:50.80 pablo who's actually our cto has been
4:53.52 working really closely with people in
4:55.44 roles such as therapists directors
4:58.00 marketing leaders and other
4:59.60 inspirational people who were actually
5:2.00 available to connect with him one-on-one
5:4.40 and they all personally deal with adhd
5:7.04 on a day-to-day basis
5:9.44 so pablo had asked them a series of
5:11.68 interview questions ranging from how
5:13.76 they chose their career path
5:15.76 to what it's like working in a corporate
5:17.68 environment with adhd and how are they
5:20.24 most most productive
5:22.40 with that day-to-day work routine
5:25.60 i think he hosted it's probably you know
5:28.32 upwards of
5:29.52 five to six interviews at this point and
5:32.24 they're all super interesting topics
5:35.52 and i will actually share those
5:37.04 interviews with all of you
5:39.36 i'll send a follow-up email out to you
5:41.44 because it's actually really interesting
5:43.04 to kind of dig in there and learn more
5:45.12 about their tips and tricks
5:47.28 but you know most importantly reading
5:49.52 through all of these interviews that
5:51.04 pablo conducted i was able to collect
5:53.12 some tips from these professionals
5:55.60 on how they can really make it through a
5:57.84 day and be productive
5:59.68 so by piecing that information together
6:1.84 i was able to create this presentation
6:4.16 which will hopefully resonate with all
6:5.92 of you today
6:7.20 um and again you know just make it
6:8.96 easier for you to get through your
6:10.24 day-to-day and ultimately be more
6:11.92 productive
6:14.80 so first and foremost what did we learn
6:17.44 from conducting these interviews again
6:19.44 with these people who struggle with adhd
6:21.92 on a day-to-day basis
6:24.00 so tips for a productive work day number
6:26.88 one a consensus was set aside your most
6:29.44 productive hours to focus on
6:32.08 high impact tasks so for me personally i
6:35.60 would say you know hours at 7 00 a.m to
6:38.72 a 10 or 11 they're definitely not my
6:41.36 most productive hours just personally
6:43.28 speaking
6:44.32 in the afternoon from about one to three
6:47.76 i would say that's personally when i am
6:49.92 able to focus the most
6:52.00 and get those big ticket items done so
6:54.64 that is when i like to set aside you
6:57.04 know time to work on those really high
6:58.96 impact tasks
7:1.04 the morning hours are when you know you
7:3.36 can work on kind of the smaller tasks or
7:6.00 if you're kind of flip-flopped from
7:7.52 myself maybe you work on the big project
7:10.00 in high ticket items in the morning and
7:12.32 save the smaller things till the end of
7:13.84 the day
7:16.00 number two for having a productive work
7:18.00 day um people found that it really helps
7:20.56 to stick to a daily routine an example
7:23.28 of that would be at the start of the day
7:25.36 writing down top three priorities or
7:27.76 goals and review them at the end of the
7:30.24 day to make sure that you were able to
7:31.76 get those done
7:32.96 so that could be your first step in the
7:34.88 daily routine it's going into your
7:36.96 priority matrix and typing out three
7:39.04 priorities and goals that you need to
7:40.88 get done
7:42.80 and number three is take control and
7:44.56 make your own daily rules
7:47.36 with this day and age it's honestly so
7:49.28 incredible that people are able to work
7:51.12 from home and you know work remote and
7:53.68 kind of make their own daily routine
7:56.16 maybe they like to work out in the
7:57.52 morning or you know take their dogs out
7:59.60 or spend some family time in the morning
8:1.60 and then get around to working a couple
8:3.36 hours into the day
8:4.88 whatever it might be and whatever helps
8:7.20 you focus
8:8.56 the most throughout the day we want to
8:10.88 support you and we want to encourage you
8:12.96 to kind of make that own daily routine
8:15.44 and again
8:16.48 being in a corporate environment can
8:18.48 make it a little bit tougher right if
8:20.00 you have to go into the offices at a
8:21.84 certain time
8:23.12 but actually in these interviews those
8:25.44 professionals we were able to connect
8:26.88 with actually share pointers as well as
8:29.36 to
8:30.32 how you can still kind of control your
8:32.08 day and make that daily routine even
8:34.32 when you're in the office every single
8:36.32 day
8:39.20 another thing that i was able to
8:41.04 understand from reading through all
8:42.64 these different interviews that we
8:44.08 conducted is understanding your
8:47.20 prioritization style so again circling
8:49.76 back to something that i briefly just
8:51.20 touched on
8:52.48 which is
8:53.76 you know when are you the most
8:55.36 productive
8:56.64 the most common approach to this is
8:58.88 starting the day with something small
9:0.72 and light maybe it's emails just quick
9:2.88 tasks that you can kind of check off
9:4.16 your to-do list
9:5.68 and then use this momentum to tackle the
9:8.00 larger tests the consensus was that this
9:10.96 is the most common prioritization style
9:13.76 and personally this is what resonates
9:15.52 with me and how i kind of go about my
9:17.68 day-to-day
9:19.76 the second understanding was that some
9:21.60 people actually like to start with the
9:23.28 largest biggest task
9:25.76 making sure you get this done right off
9:27.92 the bat so you can you know rest assure
9:30.08 that every single day they're getting
9:32.00 something important done each day and
9:34.88 then you would say the smaller task for
9:36.72 the end of the day when you kind of
9:38.00 start to trail off and maybe become a
9:39.92 little bit more distracted
9:42.00 this from our understanding of these
9:44.32 interviews was
9:45.84 um not as common but again still
9:48.80 something that still a way that people
9:50.88 like to prioritize and structure their
9:52.48 day
9:53.52 so hopefully for all of you on this
9:55.92 webinar today when you look at this
9:58.08 you're either like hey you know the
9:59.52 first one is definitely me or the second
10:1.44 one is definitely me
10:2.88 because that's going to kind of help you
10:4.32 bridge the gap into having a more
10:6.00 productive day today
10:10.32 so with all that being said
10:12.64 how has priority matrix really helped
10:15.36 our adhd users and why is it becoming
10:18.88 such a popular application with this
10:20.72 crowd
10:22.48 number one
10:23.68 priority matrix utilizes
10:26.40 kind of a layout of four quadrants
10:28.80 and what these quadrants allow you to do
10:30.88 is very easily highlight your top
10:32.88 priorities
10:34.24 so when it comes to getting started in
10:36.08 the day and when you're really able to
10:37.76 focus on what to get done that focus is
10:40.40 put towards working on the top
10:42.40 priorities and setting aside other
10:44.24 distractions
10:46.96 the priority matrix reminders with
10:49.20 deadlines is actually really helpful to
10:52.64 make sure you can kind of stay on task
10:54.80 you're able to set deadlines and
10:56.80 reminders recurring if needed for every
10:59.36 single task so if you're like feeling
11:1.76 that you're a little bit off track or
11:3.84 you're worried about forgetting about
11:5.28 something priority matrix has your back
11:7.28 there because
11:8.72 when you set these reminders and
11:10.08 deadlines you're definitely not going to
11:11.52 forget about anything you need to get
11:13.36 done
11:14.80 i also have in parentheses you can mute
11:16.64 these when needed
11:18.16 with all this being said it's definitely
11:19.92 very critical to be able to have some
11:21.76 quiet time we don't always need pop-ups
11:24.08 onto our screen or emails coming through
11:26.24 so i'm going to show you how you can
11:27.60 actually mute these email notifications
11:30.40 when you need to do that
11:33.60 and lastly priority matrix helps you
11:35.68 focus on what you need to get done by
11:37.68 switching contacts less often so you can
11:40.40 stay focused in one place
11:42.56 i know for me when i'm working in
11:44.40 priority matrix and i'm incredibly
11:46.56 focused however the second my phone goes
11:48.72 off or an email comes in or something
11:51.68 pops up on my screen it's like okay you
11:54.32 know here's a distraction that i go to
11:56.24 my email and then maybe i start browsing
11:58.16 through it when that's not really what i
11:59.68 need to get done
12:1.68 by getting everything into just one
12:3.52 place you're able to focus a lot better
12:6.32 and you know all those distractions that
12:8.40 come with switching contacts can
12:10.16 hopefully kind of be put to the side
12:14.72 another tip that these professionals
12:16.80 that we were able to connect with shared
12:18.88 is it time boxing which
12:21.60 is a technique that a lot of people find
12:24.16 to be super helpful
12:25.76 keeping in mind though it's definitely
12:27.60 not going to be the solution for every
12:29.44 single project or task you work on but
12:32.16 at the right place in time it can
12:33.44 definitely be super helpful
12:35.76 the idea of this is to plan 15 to 25
12:38.64 minutes of focus and then take five to
12:41.28 ten minute breaks between focus time
12:43.92 and what do these breaks look like
12:46.08 not being on your phone or scrolling
12:48.00 through social media what i like to do
12:50.32 is maybe step outside get some fresh air
12:53.12 walk around the house stretch out a
12:54.64 little bit maybe get some water make
12:56.40 some tea or coffee
12:58.00 you know keep your mind in the game
13:0.16 hopefully continuing to think about what
13:2.08 you're working on in kind of a light
13:4.08 aspect and then get back to work after
13:6.56 five to ten minutes
13:8.24 with priority matrix it's very easy to
13:10.40 kind of schedule this out
13:12.48 we do have an integrated calendar so
13:14.88 again it is super easy to kind of block
13:16.72 off time and help you stay on pace with
13:18.88 this and that's something that we'll
13:20.00 look at today
13:24.16 all right so this is just kind of a
13:25.92 brief overview of what we're about to
13:28.08 look like look at in the priority matrix
13:30.56 demo so i'm going to show you how you
13:32.40 can use our quadrants for task
13:34.08 prioritization
13:36.24 i'm going to show you a couple
13:37.36 strategies for setting your daily goals
13:39.52 and making sure it's easy to complete
13:41.28 them through priority matrix
13:43.76 i'm going to show you how you can plan
13:45.36 your day based off of your most
13:46.80 productive hours and then we're also
13:49.04 going to take a look at managing
13:50.40 notifications and reminders
13:53.52 so thank you all for sticking with me
13:55.28 until now
13:56.56 this is the good part where we actually
13:58.24 get to take a look at the application
14:0.00 and again as your questions come up drop
14:1.92 those down and then at the end we'll be
14:3.76 able to communicate and i can definitely
14:5.36 answer all these for you
14:14.08 all right so what do i have on my screen
14:16.72 here
14:17.84 this is my priority matrix and i have it
14:20.32 integrated directly into my team's
14:22.56 platform
14:23.92 so one of the things that i was really
14:25.44 harping on previously is switching
14:27.84 context less often so you can stay more
14:29.92 focused so for those of you who work in
14:32.96 the microsoft teams environment every
14:34.72 single day add priority matrix in there
14:37.36 and no doubt this is going to make it
14:38.80 easier for you to stay focused
14:41.20 for those of you who aren't quite in the
14:43.44 team's environment yet you can
14:45.28 definitely download the desktop
14:46.56 application or use the web app at
14:49.16 prioritymatrix.com they're all going to
14:51.20 be very similar
14:53.76 so to kind of give you a general
14:55.44 understanding of the layout of priority
14:57.60 matrix i i can assume that a lot of you
15:0.00 on this meeting today might actually be
15:1.84 brand new and you might not be familiar
15:4.24 with how the system kind of works so
15:6.40 let's look at that and then we'll we
15:8.48 will focus back in on you know specific
15:11.12 tips for using this on a day-to-day
15:13.52 basis
15:15.52 so the general structure of priority
15:17.52 matrix is based off of projects
15:19.84 and these projects are here to help give
15:22.16 you a space to group similar priorities
15:24.72 together so for me as a salesperson and
15:28.48 a customer success manager a lot of my
15:31.12 projects revolve around clients that i'm
15:33.28 working with and tickets and emails that
15:35.36 come in so that's what my projects look
15:37.52 like depending on your role in the
15:39.68 organization your projects are going to
15:41.44 look a little bit different and that's
15:43.76 definitely okay
15:45.20 we offer i think we have
15:47.52 90 templates at this point which you can
15:50.24 actually import into your priority
15:52.24 matrix to help you get started
15:54.40 this weekly to-do list template is
15:56.72 actually something that i imported um
15:59.04 again we have those just to help you get
16:0.80 started so if you're not sure what
16:2.64 projects to create utilize the templates
16:4.96 for sure and it's really going to help
16:10.32 so
16:11.28 something that i had talked about
16:12.96 previously in this webinar is
16:15.68 a tip for being successful with adhd
16:18.96 which is
16:20.08 creating your daily goals so i'm going
16:22.40 to go ahead and open up this project
16:24.96 and we'll use this as the example
16:27.28 so this is kind of checking off two tips
16:29.92 that i wanted to share with you at the
16:31.36 same time which number one is using the
16:34.16 quadrants
16:35.44 to you know support your needs support
16:38.00 you and the way that you like to
16:39.52 prioritize your goals and action items
16:42.80 for the day
16:44.96 when you create a new project the
16:47.28 quadrants are going to read do now do
16:50.32 later delegate and postpone
16:53.36 for this specific project i actually
16:55.60 suggest renaming your quadrants so you
16:58.00 can do that on the right hand side just
16:59.76 by highlight highlighting it and
17:1.68 renaming it so i'll give you just a
17:3.92 little modification here just so you can
17:5.92 see how easy it is
17:7.60 i added the option for notes in the
17:9.44 bottom right corner
17:12.16 so again that's going to be the kind of
17:13.92 the best practice number one utilizing
17:16.08 the quadrant so at a quick glance you
17:18.00 see you can see
17:19.36 what you need to get done today high
17:21.52 priority and what's a lower priority
17:25.44 with that being said this project is
17:27.36 structured with the idea of setting your
17:29.28 daily goals so here are today's goals
17:33.04 and here's the completed goals
17:35.44 in priority matrix you can really easily
17:37.84 move your tasks around
17:41.12 and you can also actually check them off
17:43.52 if they are are a distraction and you no
17:45.68 longer want these older goals on your
17:47.84 screen
17:48.80 you can definitely do that
17:50.48 the structure that i've been working
17:52.00 with and suggesting to people is
17:54.24 for a week straight just bump those old
17:56.80 goals over to the right hand side
17:59.60 so they are still on your screen
18:2.00 and what's cool about this is it can
18:4.08 kind of give you the confidence to know
18:5.76 hey every single day i'm
18:7.76 completing these three goals and it'll
18:9.84 give you that you know kind of reminder
18:11.76 that you are being successful and you
18:14.24 can go back and continue to remind
18:16.24 yourself what you've completed for the
18:17.76 week and then go through and check all
18:19.60 those off and kind of start fresh
18:21.60 again that's just kind of my take on it
18:23.28 how i've seen it be super successful
18:25.20 play around with it and find the way
18:26.80 that works best for you
18:29.44 but the way that this works is now for
18:31.28 today i can look at this and whether
18:33.60 it's the start of the day when i want to
18:35.20 start with these smaller goals or the
18:36.96 end of the day again depending on how my
18:39.44 productivity looks on it on a daily
18:42.08 basis
18:43.28 now i can go here and understand these
18:44.96 are the goals that i need to get done
18:46.88 for today
18:51.76 all right so that again is kind of the
18:54.08 the first two tips and tricks i want to
18:56.00 share use the quadrants to prioritize
18:58.32 and then use these projects or one
19:0.40 specific project to make sure you can
19:2.16 set your daily goals
19:6.00 let's see it looks like maybe i'm
19:7.92 missing a project here okay perfect so
19:10.56 here's the other one that i wanted to
19:12.08 show you which is
19:13.68 giving you the opportunity to actually
19:15.92 block off your day so this would be a
19:18.24 different project that i would
19:19.36 definitely suggest creating which i've
19:21.76 called in this case my working hours
19:24.48 in parentheses productive time slots
19:27.20 so what you can do here is again you can
19:29.84 rename the quadrants to really help you
19:32.24 understand
19:33.44 what you need to be working on in your
19:35.60 productive hours and what you need to be
19:38.32 working on for the less productive time
19:40.64 working on those smaller tasks
19:43.52 in the top right corner you'll see that
19:45.28 there's actually
19:47.20 a place to view your calendar on a
19:49.84 project basis
19:51.68 so when i click on this
19:54.56 what's happening is now i can actually
19:56.80 see
19:57.60 this time blocked off on my calendar and
20:0.24 if i switch it to my day view
20:2.80 now we're really zoomed in and i can see
20:4.88 okay from 8 to 10 this is when i should
20:7.36 be working on my you know
20:9.52 high ticket high priority longer tasks
20:12.80 and then in the afternoon these are the
20:14.32 smaller tasks this is a very broad
20:17.04 example but what you all can actually do
20:19.52 is you can say okay from 8 to 10
20:22.32 i'm gonna be working on x y and z and
20:24.32 you can actually list those out same for
20:27.12 the afternoon or again flip-flopping it
20:29.20 depending on when you want to work on
20:31.20 your different priorities
20:33.36 so this is going back to the idea of
20:36.80 time blocking again
20:39.28 really easily helping you visually
20:40.96 understand what you need to be working
20:43.20 on and one in alignment with when you
20:45.76 are the most productive
20:50.48 so another thing that i promised that we
20:52.16 would look at is how priority matrix
20:54.64 really actually helps you stay on task
20:57.28 when maybe you're feeling distracted and
20:59.12 you're not quite sure what you need to
21:0.64 get done
21:2.72 the agenda view in priority matrix is
21:5.28 going to show you today and the next
21:7.52 seven days of all of your upcoming
21:9.52 deadlines and what you need to get done
21:11.92 so once you start to use priority matrix
21:14.32 more heavily and you expand it from just
21:16.96 your daily goals to
21:18.72 you know integrating emails
21:20.64 putting all of your priorities into this
21:22.56 one central space
21:24.32 agenda is going to help you understand
21:26.64 again everything you need to get done
21:28.24 today in the next seven days
21:30.48 so if you're ever feeling like you're
21:32.00 going down a wormhole focusing on the
21:34.40 wrong thing i can totally relate to this
21:36.96 jump to your agenda put yourself back on
21:39.36 track and rest assured that you're not
21:40.88 forgetting about anything you don't need
21:42.80 to worry or stress that something's
21:44.88 slipping through the cracks because as
21:46.56 long as it's in your priority matrix
21:48.48 you're going to see it right here
21:50.32 and you're not going to forget about it
21:55.04 in terms of alerts
21:57.12 the notifications that you set for
21:59.20 yourself such as deadlines and reminders
22:2.24 and down the line if you start using
22:3.92 this as a team collaboration tool as
22:6.08 well
22:7.12 all of those
22:8.48 alerts are going to come to actually the
22:10.64 alert section right here
22:13.12 so these are examples of items that have
22:15.36 become overdue maybe they have new
22:17.60 updates from my teammates this is a
22:19.68 really great space to go to if you want
22:21.76 to see you know what what maybe became
22:24.80 overdue when you are not online looking
22:27.52 at your priority matrix
22:30.40 you're also going to be getting email
22:32.16 reminders and notifications by default
22:34.96 and this is what i was talking about
22:36.72 when i said you may want to mute them so
22:39.20 those distractions are not you know kind
22:41.60 of in your face when you're really
22:42.96 trying to focus
22:45.28 so i just brought my webpage onto the
22:48.24 screen
22:49.36 which you can see this is
22:51.12 affluence.com backslash accounts
22:53.44 backslash unsubscribe
22:55.76 if anybody's interested in this let me
22:57.44 know i can send you the link to this or
22:59.44 you can just find it under your accounts
23:1.36 page
23:2.80 but essentially this is where you can
23:5.04 manage your email preferences so if
23:7.68 you're feeling really overwhelmed and
23:9.84 not wanting to get these updates into
23:12.32 your inbox and just turn them off maybe
23:14.72 you just want to turn it off for the
23:16.08 afternoon and then
23:17.68 take them back on that's definitely
23:20.00 doable you can modify these as many
23:22.32 times as you would like
23:28.40 all right so i think that that does
23:31.12 cover the handful of tips and tricks
23:33.44 that i wanted to share with you all to
23:35.52 again help you stay focused and not only
23:38.32 that but focus on things that you
23:40.32 personally need to get done every single
23:42.72 day
23:43.52 so i'm going to jump back to my
23:44.80 powerpoint here
23:47.04 turn this on and then next up we'll
23:48.80 actually do the q a
23:50.48 but a couple key takeaways here so
23:53.68 with priority matrix we want to help you
23:55.76 see everything in one place
23:58.16 and what this will allow you to do is
23:59.68 have less distractions less contact
24:2.08 switching means more focus
24:4.80 when you set your daily goals and you
24:6.80 prioritize them you can rest assured
24:9.36 that you're working on what really
24:11.04 matters and also everybody loves to get
24:14.08 things done that they said they would do
24:15.68 so taking that box to complete it or
24:18.56 bumping it to quadrant two it's a great
24:20.80 feeling i love to do it every single day
24:22.96 um and it's a great way to start and end
24:25.20 your work day
24:27.60 lastly you know like we talked about
24:29.52 using your most productive hours to work
24:31.36 on what really matters the most
24:33.60 and let priority matrix help you
24:35.44 schedule this maybe you do this after
24:37.68 your daily goal setting or maybe you do
24:39.44 this at the end of the day and say okay
24:41.76 tomorrow from my most productive hours
24:44.40 i'm going to work on x y and z
24:46.56 and during my more distracted times
24:48.56 here's the task that we need to work on
24:50.96 as long as you put that into your
24:52.40 priority matrix
24:53.92 if you're ever feeling off task or just
24:55.92 need a little bit of help focusing on
24:57.76 what you need to work on this is going
24:59.68 to be reliable and it will be your go-to
25:2.32 to help really help you stay on track
25:7.04 so with all of this being said i'm going
25:8.96 to stop sharing my screen just for a
25:10.80 moment here i would like to take the
25:13.04 opportunity to
25:14.96 um let's see
25:16.40 ask you guys if you have any questions
25:19.28 so what you can do is you can actually
25:21.28 use the little hand raising emoji at the
25:23.52 top of this meeting
25:25.12 and from there once i see your hand come
25:27.36 up i will give you the opportunity to
25:29.68 take yourself off mute and i can
25:31.76 actually answer those for you
25:34.48 alternatively if you don't feel
25:36.48 comfortable doing that you can actually
25:38.32 drop your question into the chat box and
25:41.44 we can kind of go from there
25:43.44 i'll give you guys a minute to think
25:44.80 about that
25:51.28 while you all may be thinking about your
25:54.00 questions and kind of deciding what
25:55.44 you'd like to ask i'm going to do
25:57.12 another quick screen share and kind of
25:59.20 go over some common questions but i'm
26:1.52 also going to keep an eye on the right
26:3.20 hand side in case something comes up and
26:4.88 you all might have a question
26:7.28 so the first common question i get is
26:10.00 can i test out priority matrix before i
26:12.72 commit to it
26:14.16 absolutely we never want anybody to
26:17.36 commit to priority matrix before they
26:19.36 feel you know entirely comfortable and
26:21.28 ready to move forward
26:22.88 we're going to offer you a free two-week
26:24.64 trial to you know really get in there
26:26.72 and get your feet wet and test
26:28.08 everything out on the platform
26:31.12 once the trial ends that you're going to
26:32.72 have a couple of licensing options
26:34.64 starting at just five dollars per user
26:37.20 per month and going up from there to our
26:39.52 business and our enterprises style
26:41.52 license
26:43.92 in terms of support this is just one of
26:46.32 several webinars that i've done this
26:48.16 month
26:49.12 and i also have a bunch of upcoming
26:50.96 webinars as well so these are really fun
26:53.60 again you can register for them and just
26:56.56 watch the recorded
26:58.32 meeting afterwards or you can attend
27:0.24 live like you're doing today
27:2.08 we also have a really well built out
27:4.48 youtube channel with more resources and
27:7.76 for our business and enterprise style
27:9.60 licenses
27:10.72 we actually offer one-on-one and team
27:12.80 training sessions as well
27:16.00 what we looked at today was very much
27:17.76 focused on a personal success and
27:21.60 you know helping you be successful on a
27:23.92 day-to-day basis for your own tasks
27:26.24 however i briefly mentioned that
27:28.40 priority matrix also supports you in a
27:30.64 team collaboration aspect as well
27:32.96 so if you feel like you need a way to
27:34.96 better work with your teammates or with
27:36.80 your management
27:38.16 you know
27:39.20 shoot me an email i would love to kind
27:41.20 of help you understand what this looks
27:42.96 like on a team aspect as well
27:49.44 oh let's see it looks like we have a
27:50.88 question can you link website to certain
27:53.04 daily tasks example
27:54.88 um yeah absolutely so
27:57.60 when you're in your priority matrix
28:0.00 thank you so much for that question
28:1.36 that's great
28:3.04 within a project let's say my daily
28:5.28 goals here we'll use this as the example
28:9.28 within every single action item and this
28:11.76 is something that i actually kind of
28:13.36 brushed over um side note on friday
28:16.40 i'm hosting an intro to priority matrix
28:18.88 so this might help you guys come kind of
28:20.64 understand more the foundational of this
28:22.88 foundations of pm but
28:24.96 on the right hand side you can add a
28:26.56 link you can link this to a website a
28:28.96 web page
28:31.12 you know anything that you want to kind
28:32.56 of link here you can definitely do that
28:34.72 or you can upload files as well upload
28:37.04 as many files as you need to be relevant
28:39.28 to this task
28:42.80 hopefully that answers your question
28:45.20 let's see
28:46.64 anybody else have questions um you know
28:48.72 don't be shy i have plenty of time to
28:50.88 keep answering these for you all frankie
28:52.96 awesome
28:54.08 frankie what i'm gonna do
28:57.68 is let's see so
28:59.28 i have now allowed your microphone so
29:1.92 now you can actually take yourself off
29:4.08 mute and i should be able to hear you
29:6.08 after that
29:7.36 great can you hear me
29:8.80 yes i can
29:10.00 great well thank you so much for that
29:11.28 little presentation um
29:13.36 and i think you said earlier look i'm
29:15.84 definitely new to teams and and we don't
29:18.56 use it yet we have a small team of four
29:20.88 but i was wondering if we're all set up
29:23.12 on this can we see our individual um
29:27.04 priority and our tasks that we want to
29:28.72 get done can i see somebody else's on my
29:31.20 team
29:32.64 yeah that's that's a great question and
29:34.32 that kind of leads into um you know
29:36.96 looking at this more from a team aspect
29:39.12 so when it comes to sharing projects and
29:42.40 sharing priorities
29:44.24 it sounds like are you you might be in
29:46.00 kind of a management position trying to
29:48.08 check in on making sure people are
29:50.40 completing their tasks on time is that
29:52.00 kind of where this question is coming
29:53.52 from uh just more of like scheduling if
29:56.48 different things need to be going on
29:58.40 everyone's kind of wearing different
29:59.44 hats and so we just want to make sure
30:1.92 we're doing the right thing so not not
30:4.00 just prioritizing individually but as a
30:5.84 team as well
30:7.20 yeah absolutely so the way that that
30:9.12 would look is first and foremost you
30:10.80 would just share these projects with
30:12.56 your teammates
30:14.00 this is the project for my daily goals
30:16.00 this might not actually be what you want
30:17.44 to share with your teammates but we'll
30:19.52 just use that as an example
30:21.44 and as soon as you share a project with
30:23.68 somebody that gives them full access and
30:25.84 visibility into these projects
30:29.28 so when i go to what's called our search
30:31.84 view here
30:33.52 let's say you have 10 projects that
30:35.92 you've shared with your teammates so you
30:38.08 know all five of you are able to see
30:39.76 what's going on what is on each person's
30:41.84 plate
30:42.72 when you go to the search view
30:45.28 and then maybe i want to see hey you
30:47.44 know what is bella working on what does
30:49.20 she have on her plate for the next
30:50.72 couple of days this would allow me to
30:52.96 see every single action item that's
30:54.80 assigned to her and then we can also see
30:57.28 those upcoming due dates so
30:59.36 it's a really powerful way to again make
31:1.44 sure
31:2.16 nobody's being overloaded nothing's
31:4.32 slipping through the cracks and um you
31:6.32 know just kind of helping people stay on
31:7.92 task and get done what they need to work
31:10.08 on
31:11.76 okay great is there also like a little
31:13.84 progress to even i'm just doing it
31:15.52 myself and i have my my daily tasks that
31:19.04 i want to get done and they don't get
31:20.96 done on a specific date can i go back
31:23.28 and see all right these days i didn't do
31:24.96 this
31:26.48 yeah so
31:27.52 to kind of that word that you used which
31:29.52 was a progress option
31:31.44 each item has the option to
31:34.40 kind of update the progress so what's
31:36.72 really cool about this is i'll do it for
31:38.96 two of these items here
31:41.04 if i go back to the search view here and
31:43.92 i click on
31:45.28 the filter option only assigned to
31:47.92 myself
31:49.12 now i can see and make this a little bit
31:51.68 bigger all of my upcoming due dates and
31:53.92 the progress completed so maybe i look
31:55.92 back and i'm like okay you know
31:57.68 yesterday i was super close to
31:59.92 completing this i left it at 90
32:2.40 you could then go back and you know kind
32:4.56 of tie up those loose ends that maybe
32:6.00 you weren't able to finish the day
32:7.36 before
32:10.24 that's great thank you
32:11.68 yeah sure thanks for the question
32:17.12 let's see
32:18.72 perfect well i think that that is going
32:20.48 to do it for the questions unless
32:22.64 anything else comes up but like i said
32:24.56 this is being recorded so i'm going to
32:26.16 send it out to all of you i'm also going
32:28.16 to include the link to review the
32:29.92 interviews that pablo did with the
32:31.68 professionals we were working with they
32:33.20 provide a lot of insight if you need you
32:35.36 know any more guidance on kind of having
32:37.12 a productive work day
32:39.04 with that all being said
32:41.04 the last thing i'm going to send you is
32:42.48 a link to my upcoming webinars if you
32:44.56 want to learn just a little bit more
32:45.84 about the foundation of priority matrix
32:48.56 be sure to join my intro webinar on
32:51.36 friday
32:52.48 and that's going to be a great place to
32:53.76 learn just a little bit more
32:55.76 so thank you all for your time
32:57.68 i'm going to go ahead and end this
32:59.52 recording
33:0.64 if you happen to have any questions