Effectively manage emails with Outlook 365 and Microsoft Teams

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Stop wasting time digging through your emails, and spend time working on what really matters. Priority Matrix for Outlook 365 is the most effective email and project management solution for people in your role. Learn how on this webinar.

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Video transcription (38:2.16) Stop scroll

0.00s turn my camera on just for a minute or
2.08s two here and then i'll have to turn it
3.76s back off actually just to make sure that
5.76s i can have a good screen share without
7.84s any delays
9.68s um but again my name is erica thank you
12.48s so much for joining this webinar
14.72s i've been with affluence for almost six
17.60s years now which is kind of crazy to say
19.92s um you know time really flies
22.24s but during those several years with
24.64s working it um with the company i've
27.52s actually had the opportunity to talk to
29.44s a lot of our first-hand customers
31.60s our long-term users and
33.92s you know something that we've started to
36.24s understand is that email management is
39.44s it's a huge challenge for a lot of
40.96s people whether their inbox is just
42.96s getting bombarded with emails
45.60s or they're just having a hard time
47.36s prioritizing them keeping track of all
49.44s the action items that are sent through
51.20s emails
52.48s i'm sure a lot of those things can kind
54.00s of resonate with most of us on the call
56.40s today so with that being said that's
58.80s going to be kind of the base of the
1:0.80 webinar today is
1:2.56 effectively managing your emails and by
1:5.60 using priority matrix with your office
1:7.68 applications
1:9.36 so i'm going to flip my camera off again
1:13.28 and i'm actually going to start um
1:15.52 screen sharing so this session is being
1:17.92 recorded i'm going to send it out to all
1:20.08 of you
1:20.96 right after the meeting ends and so if
1:22.80 you do have to check out early it's no
1:24.40 problem but hopefully we can all stay
1:26.08 together until the end where i can
1:28.00 answer your questions
1:30.80 so just to kind of recap what we're
1:32.56 going to be looking at is effectively
1:34.16 managing your emails with outlook 365
1:36.96 and microsoft teams using all of these
1:39.76 applications hand-in-hand with priority
1:42.08 matrix
1:43.20 streaming it through your team's
1:44.72 platform specifically
1:47.12 so again email management this is a you
1:50.24 know when i hop on calls with customers
1:52.48 i'm like hey you know what what are you
1:53.76 all struggling with today what can we
1:55.36 look at
1:56.56 if not the first thing you know it's
1:58.96 definitely the second thing that people
2:0.32 say is email management my inbox is
2:3.20 flooded i'm receiving dozens of emails
2:6.32 every single day and i'm struggling to
2:8.00 keep track of them and respond in a
2:10.56 timely manner
2:13.76 so with that being said the first thing
2:15.92 that i typically ask people is well you
2:18.00 know hey hey tim or hey samantha what
2:20.88 what are you currently doing to manage
2:22.88 your emails and again over several years
2:26.00 of continuously asking this question
2:28.64 several times a day
2:30.48 i hear three common things the first one
2:33.04 is well i typically flag my emails or i
2:36.72 leave them unread
2:38.32 both of these strategies are there to
2:41.20 you know bring those emails to the
2:43.12 person's attention so they're not just
2:44.80 entirely forgetting about them
2:47.12 and lastly a lot of the times people try
2:49.20 to move
2:50.48 these emails to different folders
2:52.56 so again i'm almost positive that this
2:55.28 resonates with everybody on this meeting
2:57.52 today because
2:59.04 if you're not using priority matrix or
3:1.36 you know let alone a solution
3:2.88 specifically for email management this
3:5.44 is kind of what you're left with and
3:7.92 that's okay i mean
3:9.68 you know outlook has been around for a
3:11.52 very long time and people are just doing
3:13.60 their best but ultimately what it comes
3:16.00 down to is
3:17.68 those solutions are just not effective
3:19.60 which is why we're all connecting today
3:21.44 because i really want to be able to help
3:23.28 you
3:24.00 find a better way to manage your emails
3:27.60 so again what those approaches lead to
3:29.68 is an overwhelmed inbox when you leave
3:32.16 all of your important emails unread i
3:34.56 know at least for me that would look
3:36.16 like hundreds of unread emails
3:38.48 and what happens is that i'm not seeing
3:41.36 prioritized emails and i'm not able to
3:44.00 easily share these with my teammates or
3:45.92 easily get reminders and notifications
3:48.80 about these emails which leads to people
3:50.96 forgetting about them
3:52.64 in turn potentially forgetting to
3:54.80 respond to your clients
3:56.80 and then oftentimes digging through your
3:58.48 inbox looking for emails when somebody's
4:0.64 like hey did you respond
4:2.80 what's the status of this invoice we're
4:4.64 looking for
4:5.76 it's just kind of it's honestly just
4:7.84 kind of a giant mess again
4:10.00 you know not to rag on anybody today
4:11.92 that that's why we're all here today is
4:14.64 to kind of put those habits on the back
4:16.96 burner
4:18.00 involve priority matrix a little bit
4:20.00 more and you know more effectively
4:22.40 manage those emails and be able to find
4:24.64 what you're looking for quicker
4:27.84 hopefully so far you know everybody on
4:30.16 this meeting is probably kind of shaking
4:32.08 their head like yep you know that that's
4:34.24 definitely me
4:35.44 um and we're here to fix that so don't
4:38.16 get too down about it um that that's the
4:40.56 hardest part of the webinar is just to
4:42.32 kind of accept that maybe you're in that
4:44.40 boat and let's move on something a
4:46.16 little bit more positive
4:47.92 so
4:48.72 you know what makes priority matrix
4:50.48 different why are we able to help so
4:52.48 many people in similar positions to
4:54.56 yourself
4:56.72 when you use priority matrix and with
4:59.36 microsoft teams in office 365
5:2.56 you're able to prioritize your emails
5:5.28 alongside your meetings and other tasks
5:8.72 so there's a couple views specifically
5:10.56 designed to show you
5:12.32 really everything that's on your plate
5:14.32 and that will include the emails so
5:16.00 we're gonna show you how well let me let
5:18.32 me keep that thought on the back burner
5:19.92 we'll circle back to that
5:22.40 i'm gonna show you how to use
5:23.76 notifications
5:25.20 due dates and reminders directly through
5:27.92 microsoft teams and priority matrix so
5:31.04 again even if you're like okay i need to
5:33.12 follow up with
5:34.72 you know with mike in three months
5:37.52 you're not going to forget about that
5:38.80 because priority matrix will send you
5:40.88 several reminders to kind of gear you up
5:43.36 to circle back to that email
5:47.04 again with priority matrix once you get
5:49.20 your emails into the centralized
5:51.20 location you're easily able to share
5:54.48 updates with your teammates and also
5:56.40 share emails with them without having to
5:58.32 forward it back and forth
6:0.08 causing an even bigger traffic jam in
6:2.00 your inbox
6:4.16 lastly kind of circling back to the
6:6.48 first option but you're going to be able
6:8.56 to get everything you need in just one
6:10.80 place
6:11.84 so when your manager is like hey erica
6:14.24 you know what's the status with those 10
6:16.16 emails we sent out it's not hang on give
6:18.88 me a second to dig through my inbox it's
6:21.68 here we can actually see these on our
6:23.44 automatically created meeting agenda and
6:26.08 we can kind of get through that meeting
6:27.52 with all the updates we need to see
6:32.08 so today i'm going to show you how you
6:34.08 can use priority matrix microsoft teams
6:37.44 in outlook 365 in unison
6:40.64 you know the office 365 apps are so
6:43.28 heavily used but i don't think people
6:46.32 totally understand how priority matrix
6:48.48 can work is kind of that linking factor
6:51.12 so you can actually spend your whole day
6:52.80 in teams
6:54.08 and be able to see
6:55.76 your priorities your emails and your
6:57.52 meetings and really how how well these
7:0.00 three tools can work together in just
7:2.48 one platform you're not going to have to
7:4.00 jump back and forth
7:5.60 so again that's i'm going to show you
7:7.12 how you can kind of button everything up
7:9.44 use them together in one place
7:14.72 i wanted to share this quote with you
7:16.48 all which
7:17.68 i actually what just received from one
7:20.56 of the ceos that i've been working with
7:22.32 but what he told me is that priority
7:24.32 matrix is user-friendly having all tasks
7:27.68 in one place allowed our team to stay
7:29.92 organized and efficient
7:32.24 and this is not something that's easy
7:34.16 for people to achieve when they're using
7:36.64 you know 10 different platforms so again
7:39.28 looking at using priority matrix with
7:41.20 your office tools that's exactly what
7:43.36 this leader did it to kind of come to
7:45.36 this quote
7:46.80 and be able to honestly share this with
7:48.40 me and feel confident that we are
7:50.16 supporting them this way
7:54.96 so to get started and then the next step
7:57.20 we're actually going to look at the
7:58.88 priority matrix demo but i want you all
8:1.36 to understand that you can download
8:2.96 priority matrix
8:4.64 to actually integrate it with microsoft
8:6.72 teams
8:7.92 you'll want to add the outlook extension
8:10.40 and then you're good to go you don't
8:11.68 need to install it anywhere else but you
8:14.40 can in fact use it on your windows your
8:17.28 mac
8:18.08 we do have a web and a mobile
8:19.68 application as well
8:21.52 so feel free to you know be kind of
8:23.12 crazy install it across all those
8:24.96 platforms i use it everywhere um
8:28.56 i definitely use it on my mobile device
8:30.32 i love having access when i'm kind of on
8:32.24 the go but again most importantly what
8:34.56 we're focusing on today first and
8:36.32 foremost
8:37.36 is getting it installed to your office
8:39.44 365 applications
8:44.48 all right so as i promised we are going
8:46.88 to switch to the priority matrix live
8:49.60 demo here in my opinion the most
8:51.68 important part of this whole
8:53.68 webinar so you can actually get a real
8:55.44 feel for how this will be working for
8:57.12 you
9:1.20 okay
9:2.32 so what we're looking at here this is my
9:5.44 priority matrix
9:7.20 and i have it running directly through
9:9.20 microsoft teams
9:11.20 i always suggest pinging it open because
9:13.36 i like my priority matrix app to stay
9:15.36 open for me so if i jump somewhere else
9:17.76 in teams it's still going to be super
9:19.44 easily accessible and quick to find
9:22.88 for those of you who are looking at this
9:24.40 and you're like all right i literally
9:25.92 have no idea what's happening on the
9:27.44 screen i just want to figure out how to
9:29.36 manage my emails
9:31.92 we're absolutely going to get to that
9:33.52 point but i want to kind of lay a
9:35.76 foundation of simply what's on my screen
9:38.00 here so i can start connecting the dots
9:41.76 priority matrix allows you to create
9:44.00 different projects
9:45.92 which you can either use by yourself as
9:48.40 a personal task management solution but
9:50.96 more commonly
9:52.32 people use this with their teammates
9:53.92 with their direct reports
9:55.68 to be able to collaborate what i mean by
9:57.92 collaborate is give visibility share
10:0.32 status updates communicate set deadlines
10:2.88 and
10:3.76 all in all in this one central space
10:6.96 so these are different projects that
10:9.84 i've actually singled out because this
10:12.08 is how i see our customers
10:15.20 using priority matrix for specifically
10:17.92 for email management granted if i were
10:20.56 to take off this filter there would be
10:22.48 dozens of other projects that are not
10:24.64 email related so keep that in mind this
10:27.36 is not a tool only for email management
10:30.32 you can use it for all of your projects
10:32.24 and all of your tasks but again
10:34.72 today what we're focusing on is
10:38.32 the email management aspect of all of
10:40.40 this
10:43.68 so again these are just some kind of
10:45.60 miscellaneous projects that i've set up
10:47.36 number one i see a lot of people
10:49.36 tracking their leads
10:51.60 whether it's leads that are coming
10:53.12 through tickets um leads that are coming
10:55.52 through a shared inbox a personal inbox
10:58.72 a lot of organizations like to get all
11:0.80 of those leads into this one project so
11:3.28 they can easily delegate them out
11:6.08 and kind of share status updates super
11:7.84 quickly
11:9.28 another option is kind of from the
11:10.96 engineering or i.t side of it for
11:13.44 customer feature
11:15.04 requests whether it's from
11:17.36 you know internal employees or external
11:19.92 users we want to get that into just one
11:21.84 place for you
11:23.68 lastly you know meeting requests maybe
11:26.08 you want to
11:27.36 get all of your emails that are people
11:29.04 asking to meet with you in one place
11:31.76 so again these are all
11:33.36 miscellaneous examples based off of how
11:35.60 i've seen people be successful but you
11:38.00 know please set up your projects in a
11:39.76 way that makes sense for the types of
11:41.84 emails that you're getting
11:45.52 so when we open up one of these projects
11:49.04 you're going to see these four quadrants
11:51.44 and i promise in just a minute we'll get
11:53.04 to the outlook extension but again we're
11:54.88 just kind of laying the foundation here
11:56.80 so you know what to expect when you
11:59.12 start using this tool
12:0.88 so again this would be the example
12:2.48 saying customer feature questions um you
12:5.04 know to share with my engineers with my
12:7.28 sales team whoever it might be we want
12:9.60 to get them in this project so we can
12:11.36 all work together
12:13.84 so super quickly i'm just going to add
12:15.76 i'm going to simply add two people to
12:17.28 this project showing you all that now
12:19.60 we're we're in the central space
12:21.36 together these people are now able to
12:23.20 see this project
12:25.12 and i can actually go in here and i can
12:26.88 delegate to them
12:29.12 so this would be an example of an email
12:31.60 that i've already integrated in i've
12:33.84 assigned it to somebody we have our due
12:36.24 date set and now i can say hey bella can
12:38.32 you
12:39.04 handle this for me
12:41.84 one more thing i want to point out is
12:43.68 the quadrants
12:45.20 these quadrants are they're customized i
12:48.16 went on to the right hand side and i
12:50.32 changed them to be very specific for
12:53.36 this project again feel free to do the
12:56.00 same i know everybody has different
12:57.68 types of emails
12:59.20 they're going to prioritize them in a
13:0.64 different way so set up your project to
13:2.88 support your personal needs and give you
13:5.36 that success
13:6.56 of email management
13:8.64 so
13:9.84 all right everybody's probably wondering
13:11.92 you know we understand the foundation
13:14.08 show us the outlook integration how we
13:16.08 can actually get emails into priority
13:18.84 matrix so i'm switching to my outlook
13:22.08 here
13:23.04 in the top of my toolbar
13:25.76 you're going to see the priority matrix
13:27.84 extension and the send to project is
13:30.72 where you're going to focus
13:32.48 so we're going to want to click on this
13:35.36 honestly very importantly to keep in
13:37.20 mind is to pin this open i had somebody
13:39.36 just ask me yesterday here i feel like i
13:41.84 can't use this extension if i have to
13:43.60 open it every single time good news is
13:45.92 you don't have to do that you just have
13:47.76 to pin it open and then if i click on a
13:49.60 different email you'll see that it's
13:51.44 just updating but it is staying open for
13:53.44 me
13:54.56 so we'll go back to this first example
13:57.12 so
13:58.00 in terms of manually prioritizing your
14:0.08 emails you're going to open it up
14:2.48 hit send to project on the right hand
14:4.56 side you'll see that the subject of the
14:6.48 email is now turned into the item name
14:8.88 i'm going to put webinar example just so
14:10.64 we can all stay on the same page and
14:12.32 find this email easily together
14:16.32 where we see projects and these projects
14:19.12 are coming from the ones you created
14:21.52 through microsoft teams
14:23.76 so another you know kind of
14:25.20 misconception people have is that well i
14:27.76 thought i was going to be working 100
14:29.76 through outlook
14:31.12 you're going to be prioritizing your
14:33.04 emails through outlook but you you're
14:35.60 actually going to be spending the
14:36.72 majority of your time working through
14:38.40 teams
14:40.96 again we can pick the quadrant where
14:42.72 we'd like to prioritize this
14:46.16 we can pick our due date so let's say
14:48.00 hey you know i'm definitely going to get
14:49.44 back to this person by monday
14:51.44 i hit create action item that's
14:54.48 a slowed down example once you get
14:56.40 familiar with it you'll be able to fly
14:58.32 through
14:59.20 all these different emails prioritize
15:0.88 them all super quickly just in a couple
15:2.72 minutes
15:4.48 so i get back to microsoft teams
15:7.52 and here's what it's going to look like
15:8.96 for us so i open up my customer leads
15:11.28 project
15:12.40 and here it is here's the example that
15:14.64 we just created together
15:17.36 on the right hand side this is all of
15:19.68 our context so if i'm like this is
15:22.80 actually super relevant for my teammate
15:25.44 to be aware of i add her to the item
15:27.92 she's now been notified
15:30.88 in the notes depending on your security
15:33.60 preferences you can have the whole
15:35.36 entire body of the email copied in here
15:38.40 or you cannot bring it along like i've
15:40.64 done in this example totally up to you
15:44.24 again i can say hey bella can you review
15:46.32 this email for me
15:48.48 and set up
15:50.16 let's just say we need to set up a
15:51.52 meeting i can send that comment to her
15:54.32 so now i'm communicating with bella i've
15:56.56 got my due date set so i'm not going to
15:58.40 forget about it my team is aware that
16:0.88 i'm on top of this lead that we're
16:2.32 working with
16:3.68 and what's great is if i mark this item
16:6.56 is completed it's going to go away
16:8.32 meaning i finished this task no longer
16:10.80 important for me but if at any time
16:13.68 maybe it's a
16:15.04 a weekly review or the customer is like
16:17.36 hey i never heard back from you whatever
16:19.20 it is
16:20.56 you can always go back here and you can
16:22.64 see your finished items and this is
16:24.88 going to work as a log of everything
16:27.44 that you've done on this item
16:30.08 what's super cool and becoming more and
16:32.40 more popular
16:33.76 with priority matrix is to use this as a
16:36.08 system to see how long it's actually
16:38.00 taking you to respond to these emails
16:40.40 and close them out
16:42.00 so at the bottom you'll see it just took
16:44.48 a few seconds since creation that's kind
16:46.96 of a funny example because we worked
16:48.72 through that really fast but maybe it's
16:50.80 a couple hours maybe it's a couple days
16:53.28 or a week
16:54.64 you're gonna be able to see that and
16:56.72 then you can start to understand how
16:58.24 quickly your team is responding to those
17:0.40 customer emails
17:2.24 and you know any type of email for that
17:4.24 matter
17:5.20 at the end of the week you're actually
17:7.28 able to generate a report to see the
17:9.52 average time it's taking you to close
17:11.44 out these items from the date of
17:14.08 creation so that's kind of cool
17:18.40 so that's just one example of an email
17:20.48 that we prioritized now think about it
17:23.12 from the bigger picture any customer
17:25.36 emails tickets
17:27.04 um orders inquiries whatever your
17:30.24 company does and whatever types of
17:32.56 emails you're getting
17:34.08 put them all into priority matrix into
17:36.16 the correct project
17:39.12 the big question is okay great i put all
17:42.16 my emails into priority matrix but i
17:44.16 still don't understand how that's
17:45.92 helping me more than just putting them
17:47.84 into outlook folders
17:50.24 it's helping you because number one
17:52.00 you're going to get a reminder when your
17:54.08 due date occurs so you're not going to
17:56.08 forget about this email you can also
17:58.80 schedule reminders as well
18:1.04 maybe you want it every single day until
18:4.24 you complete this task that's definitely
18:6.24 an option for you
18:7.76 when you leave emails unread in outlook
18:9.92 unfortunately nobody's reminding you to
18:12.32 pay attention to that email and circle
18:14.08 back to it
18:15.92 so again the alerts are going to be
18:17.60 working in your favor so you don't
18:19.28 forget about these emails
18:22.48 next up i would love to show you the
18:24.32 agenda view this is so
18:27.12 amazingly helpful for myself and for all
18:30.08 of our users because what happens here
18:33.44 and again this is a huge question is how
18:36.16 is this actually helping me why am i
18:38.08 putting my emails into priority matrix
18:40.96 you're doing this because agenda will
18:43.12 show you
18:44.48 all of your due dates for today and
18:46.88 actually the the the upcoming week every
18:49.60 single day broken down of what you have
18:51.68 to get done
18:53.20 so
18:54.00 this would show me
18:55.76 miscellaneous action items that are not
18:58.40 created from emails just kind of brought
19:0.64 up more organically
19:2.72 so priorities are here
19:5.12 emails here we can see this email icon
19:7.92 these are all emails that hypothetically
19:10.08 i have to get back to today and handle
19:12.88 and we're seeing
19:14.48 meetings so here's actually the webinar
19:16.48 that we're in today
19:17.92 i have a couple more webinars coming up
19:19.84 this week which i'll tell you about in
19:21.44 just a minute we can see them added to
19:23.44 my agenda here
19:25.36 so at the start of the meeting i
19:26.72 promised i was going to show you
19:28.64 how we're using emails teams and
19:31.04 priority matrix in one place
19:33.44 this is going to be kind of the start of
19:35.36 that example
19:36.72 we're seeing priorities emails and
19:38.96 meetings
19:40.24 and i can can completely understand
19:42.40 everything that i have to get done today
19:46.40 so again this is agenda this is the
19:48.40 agenda view in priority matrix
19:52.64 i also want to show you something that's
19:54.88 very special
19:56.48 and unique about using priority matrix
19:59.12 through microsoft teams with your
20:1.92 teammates
20:3.68 we jumped the one-on-one view here so
20:6.40 this is actually kind of giving you a
20:8.00 sneak peek into what else priority
20:10.00 matrix can do
20:11.44 which is a meeting support i have pablo
20:14.96 or cto chosen here as my example and
20:18.32 let's pretend i'm getting into a meeting
20:20.00 with pablo monday morning and we're
20:22.00 saying hey what are what are the shared
20:24.32 priorities that we're both working on
20:26.32 let's go over some updates
20:29.04 priority matrix automatically creates
20:31.28 this meeting agenda for me
20:33.28 showing me all of my shared priorities
20:35.36 with pablo so i can quickly buzz through
20:37.76 this list share all my updates and kind
20:39.68 of move on with the day
20:41.76 but again that's kind of a sneak peek of
20:44.08 something i'll be covering later this
20:46.24 month about managing meetings through
20:48.56 microsoft teams
20:50.56 but what i really wanted to show you is
20:52.40 at the bottom where it says office 365
20:55.36 this is going to show you every single
20:57.36 shared email that you have with that
20:59.12 person
21:0.24 so again you get into a meeting with
21:1.92 your manager and they're like hey what's
21:3.84 the status of all eight of those emails
21:5.92 that i forwarded to you or that we were
21:8.00 both cc'd on from you know the
21:10.64 management team
21:12.08 now it's here i have them right here let
21:14.40 me tell you the status instead of
21:16.48 hang on give me an hour to dig through
21:18.96 my inbox and find all those and
21:21.04 hopefully you're able to find them
21:23.20 by searching through outlook you don't
21:25.20 have to do that anymore you can very
21:27.04 easily see it right here through the
21:28.80 one-on-one view
21:30.88 and on top of that
21:32.48 exactly like we did through outlook
21:34.72 which was prioritizing our emails
21:37.84 you can actually do it right here
21:40.56 so what i did to kind of backtrack is i
21:42.40 clicked on the email
21:43.84 i did sent to priority matrix
21:46.40 i can choose one of our shared projects
21:48.56 between pablo and i
21:50.80 let's say this is going to be due at
21:52.56 monday monday at 8 am i need to talk
21:54.88 about this again
21:56.96 put it right here
21:58.56 and now i've created a shared task
22:0.72 between pablo and i it's not only a
22:2.72 shared task though it's an important
22:4.32 email that i know is relevant for both
22:6.24 of us
22:8.24 so that's how powerful it is to use
22:10.24 priority matrix through microsoft teams
22:12.80 we're actually giving you a window into
22:14.80 your inbox so if you never want to go to
22:17.44 outlook again well maybe that's
22:19.60 unrealistic but you know for sure you
22:21.76 can spend a whole lot less time digging
22:24.24 and looking through your emails
22:27.68 lastly what i want to show you all
22:29.92 well not lastly there's actually two
22:31.52 more things that i want to make sure
22:32.80 we're all aware of
22:34.88 the one-on-one view is amazing if you're
22:37.36 looking at shared priorities and shared
22:39.20 emails with a specific person
22:42.56 in terms of having kind of a bigger
22:44.48 picture the search view is going to be
22:46.72 your go-to
22:48.24 again i promised you at the start of the
22:50.40 meeting that i would show you how
22:51.84 priority matrix combines priorities
22:54.24 meetings and emails into one place
22:56.80 this is going to be another example of
22:58.64 that
22:59.60 the search view is showing me everything
23:2.08 in my priority matrix emails and tasks
23:6.24 between myself and all my teammates in
23:8.24 this example and at the bottom
23:11.44 for office 365 we're showing you all of
23:14.88 your upcoming meetings so here's another
23:17.44 webinar that i'm doing actually shared
23:19.84 files
23:21.20 and all of your emails
23:24.16 so let's think about it this way i'm
23:26.48 looking for everything that's relevant
23:28.24 to a client that i'm working with or
23:30.08 maybe a licensed proposal that i sent
23:32.24 out
23:33.44 now instead of looking through meetings
23:35.36 that i have with that person emails and
23:37.92 meeting notes
23:39.36 text messages
23:41.36 the deal is that we're in the search
23:43.04 view and i typed in a keyword here
23:45.68 now i can see every single priority
23:48.16 matrix item that has this keyword
23:51.52 every single meeting so maybe i have a
23:54.16 license review set up with this person
23:56.56 and every single email that has that
23:58.64 keyword
24:0.24 so
24:0.96 what we've done is we've taken
24:2.96 we've honestly taken the headache out of
24:4.80 looking for
24:6.32 you know
24:7.36 all the relevant information across all
24:10.24 the platforms you're working in
24:12.24 and we've given it to you in just one
24:14.16 space and so again like i said if you
24:16.24 want to spend a lot less time in outlook
24:19.68 this is going to be your solution
24:21.92 similar to the one-on-one view you can
24:23.76 actually prioritize your emails again
24:25.92 through the search view
24:27.52 so again you know i i know i keep
24:29.92 harping on this but this is going to be
24:32.32 your kind of your saving grace if you
24:34.56 feel like you're stuck in a pattern of
24:37.20 searching for emails not being able to
24:38.88 find them and forgetting about tasks
24:40.88 that are assigned to you through emails
24:43.52 you don't have to worry about that
24:45.28 anymore when you use priority matrix
24:50.00 so let me check my notes to make sure i
24:52.24 didn't forget about anything
24:54.96 super important that i wanted to share
24:56.80 with you all
24:59.52 okay so i'm going to jump back to our
25:1.44 presentation here very quickly
25:4.24 so some of the key takeaways that we
25:6.00 just looked at and then we'll open it up
25:7.76 for the the q a
25:9.84 we're able to see our emails priorities
25:11.92 and meetings in one place and you guys
25:14.80 are probably like yes we get it you
25:16.64 already said that a hundred times
25:19.04 and honestly i hope that you feel that
25:20.80 way because
25:22.00 that's a huge
25:24.08 you know a huge value proposition for a
25:26.48 lot of people who are using priority
25:28.24 matrix and not only that but it's a huge
25:30.88 time saver it's going to make your day
25:32.56 so much easier when you can go to your
25:34.96 agenda view and see great here's
25:37.20 everything on my plate i don't have to
25:38.72 worry about looking through 10 different
25:40.16 platforms to make sure i'm not
25:41.44 forgetting about something
25:44.16 you're going to be able to switch
25:45.28 contacts less often find what you're
25:47.44 looking for in one place and again you
25:50.24 can very easily
25:52.16 track your emails discuss them and share
25:54.64 them with your teammates
25:56.40 when you use priority matrix with office
25:58.96 365.
26:2.56 so that was a lot i don't know about you
26:4.40 guys but i feel like i kind of need a
26:6.80 breather after dumping all that
26:8.24 information on you i'm gonna stop
26:10.64 sharing my screen for just a second here
26:14.00 and
26:15.28 i think that a question may have come
26:17.84 through in the chat let's see
26:21.76 okay
26:22.88 so
26:24.40 what i'm i have a couple prepared common
26:27.44 questions for you guys in case nothing
26:29.20 comes up
26:30.56 but what i want to do now is to give you
26:32.80 guys the option to
26:34.56 either send a question through the chat
26:38.08 or you can actually raise your hand and
26:40.48 i can take you off me perfect sandro i
26:43.12 see you i'm going to
26:44.96 find you in the participant list
26:47.52 what happens here is
26:49.52 i have allowed your microphone so now on
26:52.00 your side you can actually take yourself
26:53.84 off mute and we can talk to each other
27:0.00 awesome good erica thanks amazing so far
27:3.92 awesome
27:4.80 i will admit i must confess
27:7.44 uh
27:8.96 i miss the part about how to connect
27:10.80 with integrate with the email i'm on
27:14.56 i'm looking at agenda views i'm looking
27:16.56 at all my tasks but i'm i'm gapping out
27:19.04 on the email piece
27:21.52 okay and do you mean
27:23.76 you're not sure how to get emails into
27:25.84 microsoft teams or you're not sure how
27:27.68 to install the extension into outlook no
27:30.72 i've i've got the extension into outlook
27:33.20 now it's getting the email kind of
27:35.04 integration piece
27:36.80 perfect
27:37.92 no problem so
27:40.08 to kind of um you know start you from
27:42.48 the beginning just so i can make sure
27:44.72 you understand this entirely you're
27:46.96 gonna start in microsoft teams and
27:49.76 you're gonna create a couple projects
27:52.08 maybe just start with one or two just to
27:53.84 kind of get familiar with this
27:55.92 okay these projects you can think of
27:57.76 these projects as representing types of
28:0.08 emails that you're getting okay
28:2.88 once you've done that you can jump to
28:4.56 outlook
28:5.60 and
28:6.72 you'll click on an email
28:9.12 and in your toolbar it sounds like you
28:11.12 have it installed so you should see send
28:13.68 to project you should see that option do
28:16.00 you see that in your outlook toolbar
28:19.28 yeah
28:20.32 okay perfect so you'll click on this
28:23.04 and it's going to bring up the priority
28:24.88 matrix extension for you so now what
28:27.60 happens is
28:29.52 first and foremost where it says project
28:32.64 yeah this is where you'll see the
28:34.32 projects that you've created in
28:36.00 microsoft teams already
28:38.00 beautiful
28:39.28 cool so you'll click the project you can
28:41.84 prioritize it based off of you know
28:44.08 typically how urgently you need to get
28:46.00 back to it
28:47.12 um most importantly you want to click
28:49.28 your due date
28:50.72 and then we hit create action item
28:53.36 and you should then see it back in your
28:55.92 project through teams does that make
28:58.16 sense
28:58.96 it doesn't make sense so essentially i'm
29:0.56 hearing that i just tagged them kind of
29:2.16 one at a time and i guess my follow-up
29:4.40 question would be is a way to kind of
29:5.76 set up rules so that's that emails kind
29:8.16 of from certain places are automatically
29:9.92 going to certain projects
29:12.32 yeah there absolutely is and that's
29:14.40 really one of the biggest use cases
29:16.00 recently is helping people kind of
29:17.52 automate that process and take out the
29:19.44 manual work
29:20.88 so yes you can most definitely 100 set
29:24.16 up outlook rules
29:25.68 so similar emails are automatically
29:28.16 getting integrated
29:29.68 into your priority matrix and and i'll
29:32.24 follow up with you actually and i'll
29:33.60 send you an article specifically about
29:36.08 setting up those rules
29:37.68 okay thanks for your help i appreciate
29:39.28 this great job today
29:40.80 sure yeah thank you thank you so much
29:42.24 for joining um with that being said that
29:44.48 actually it reminds me of one other
29:46.48 thing that i wanted to show you all and
29:48.08 then we'll do more questions
29:50.32 but a really common question is okay so
29:53.68 let's say i'm getting an email from a
29:55.52 customer and then the next day i get
29:57.28 another email and then another email
29:59.20 comes in and they're all you know
30:1.60 they're all closely related
30:3.76 and what people don't want to have
30:5.68 happen is they look at their priority
30:7.44 matrix and there's 10 action items that
30:9.68 are pretty much identical
30:11.68 so to avoid that what you can do is
30:15.44 you would actually utilize the open
30:18.64 priority matrix option
30:21.12 and what we're doing here is
30:23.36 we're getting some insight into our
30:25.60 action items that we already have in
30:28.32 priority matrix
30:30.32 so maybe you go to similar
30:32.48 um and we'll type in license to find
30:35.20 that email that i've already prioritized
30:38.08 so again rather than saying create a new
30:41.12 action item we're saying
30:43.52 let's attach this email to the task i
30:46.40 already have
30:47.92 and you can do this as many times as you
30:50.16 want
30:51.04 so when you look at that action item
30:54.32 in your priority matrix here we see
30:56.40 resources we'd be able to see all of the
30:59.12 linked emails again just to kind of
31:1.12 bundle it together and keep everything
31:3.12 nicely organized
31:6.80 so that was kind of um kind of a side
31:8.96 note there what other questions can i
31:11.36 answer for you all and um if you guys
31:14.08 are you know don't have any questions
31:15.68 that's perfectly fine
31:17.52 i do have a couple
31:19.36 um prepared questions that you know
31:22.32 typically do come up and will probably
31:24.32 be helpful for you guys to understand
31:27.04 so i'll keep you pulled up on my other
31:28.88 screen just in case more questions do
31:30.64 come up
31:32.64 the first common question is can i test
31:34.48 priority matrix with my team yes you
31:37.20 most definitely can do this we offer a
31:39.52 free two-week trial to allow you to
31:42.16 really get in there try out all of our
31:43.68 integrations and you can do with your
31:45.52 teammates
31:47.76 when that trial ends we have a couple
31:49.92 different tiers of licensing
31:52.40 starting at just five dollars per user
31:54.96 per month
31:56.00 um going up to all all the way up to
31:58.16 kind of an enterprise style license
32:0.48 which can really vary depending on the
32:3.20 size and the needs for the team
32:7.76 your it
32:9.28 hopefully doesn't need to approve
32:11.44 priority matrix we have our microsoft
32:13.92 365 certification which means
32:17.44 our application has the same level of
32:19.76 security as your office tools which is
32:22.64 amazing that we were able to get that it
32:24.88 took our company probably about a year
32:27.44 to go through that process so
32:29.52 with that being said a lot of companies
32:31.36 have pre-approved priority matrix which
32:33.36 is amazing
32:35.68 your company is not able to see your
32:37.44 projects in fact for the most part they
32:39.44 don't even need to know that you're
32:40.96 testing it out if you're worried about
32:42.64 that the only time people can see your
32:45.12 projects is when you actually take that
32:47.52 step and share it with them
32:50.40 lastly in regards to support and
32:52.32 training and this is kind of a little
32:54.32 plug for myself and my next upcoming
32:56.32 webinars but
32:57.84 um
32:59.12 throughout the month of january i think
33:1.12 i'm hosting
33:2.48 probably i think it's five more webinars
33:4.88 at this point ranging from
33:7.52 um an intro which will be next friday
33:10.16 all the way to you know how i see
33:12.00 managers and leaders being most
33:14.08 successful with priority matrix i'm
33:16.64 going to send you all a follow-up email
33:19.12 with number one a link to all of those
33:21.36 webinars where you can register again
33:23.20 for free
33:24.48 and i'm going to send you this recorded
33:26.24 webinar so you can share it with your
33:27.92 teammates who you think this may be
33:29.60 helpful for
33:32.40 that's just kind of a snippet of what we
33:34.24 offer um on our youtube page you might
33:37.36 be
33:38.48 already sick of me just after this 35
33:40.88 minute presentation but hopefully not
33:43.44 because for the most part i've actually
33:45.52 created the majority of our youtube
33:48.16 tutorials i do my best to keep them
33:50.72 short just a couple of minutes but they
33:52.64 cover you know dozens of different
33:54.72 topics actually to kind of help you
33:56.88 learn more
33:58.32 and then lastly our business and
34:0.40 enterprise customers actually have
34:3.12 access to customized training um hopping
34:6.40 on you know one on one or team calls
34:8.48 with me
34:9.44 kind of ongoing to make sure that you
34:11.12 know they're up to speed with the latest
34:13.04 integrations and features and whatnot
34:17.84 so with that being said um you know i
34:20.32 want to be respectful of everybody's
34:22.08 time we're coming up on the almost 40
34:24.72 minute mark for this meeting so
34:26.88 last call for questions um happy to
34:29.68 stick around and answer any more that
34:31.52 may come up
34:33.04 if you don't have any right now and they
34:35.04 come up later on
34:36.64 shoot an email to me you can just
34:38.24 respond actually to the email that i
34:40.16 send you david looks like
34:42.24 we have you
34:43.60 for a question so i allowed your mic
34:46.72 um and now you should be able to unmute
34:49.20 yourself
34:56.08 let's see it looked like you were
34:57.52 unmuted for a second there
34:59.84 yeah it's got some out of its own yeah
35:2.88 hey david thanks for joining i'd want my
35:5.20 whole i.t team to probably give up it's
35:7.36 gonna be more than a couple of weeks
35:8.40 with more than a month i may probably be
35:10.48 you know we're going to pay the price to
35:12.72 do it but
35:14.08 what's price for five or ten
35:16.40 there's still five dollars a piece if i
35:18.40 want to get just a department to give it
35:20.64 a whirl before
35:22.40 pulling out the whole company
35:24.96 yeah so
35:26.16 i think i
35:27.36 understood the first part of your
35:28.56 question but if if you feel like two
35:30.40 weeks is not enough time for that trial
35:32.80 that's it of course it's not a problem i
35:35.12 want you to really fully feel
35:36.80 comfortable with it before moving
35:38.32 forward so we can even set you up for a
35:40.88 30-day trial i've done longer than that
35:43.44 in the past if that's needed
35:45.68 um the licensing is on a per user basis
35:49.20 so if you have 10 people
35:51.52 in your department it would be a 10 user
35:54.16 priority matrix license
35:56.96 starting at five dollars per user per
35:59.20 month
36:0.48 does that kind of answer your question
36:2.48 yeah that's fine
36:4.08 okay the only other way people see your
36:5.76 project is is i get the bill and i know
36:7.92 you're like you're charging me nothing
36:10.64 true yeah that would i can't see i can't
36:13.12 see it
36:15.12 yeah that that's a tell tale sign if
36:18.00 you're getting billed for something i
36:19.44 look at the invoices i could say yeah
36:22.48 that's funny david and i'll follow up
36:24.16 with you um kind of separately as well
36:26.08 and i'll send you the link to our
36:27.60 pricing page if you want to explore that
36:29.52 in more detail i'll probably just go and
36:30.88 put myself on a two-day two-week trial
36:33.28 and then mm-hmm with everybody once i
36:35.36 look at it for two weeks i would rather
36:36.88 all together for a month probably
36:39.28 yeah and this is actually this is a
36:41.28 great time to do that because like i
36:42.64 said i've really jam-packed january with
36:45.04 a bunch of webinars
36:50.40 no worries david well you can also watch
36:52.32 them kind of at your convenience as well
36:54.48 i record all of them and they're all
36:56.16 uploaded to youtube right after
36:58.40 yeah i'll shoot this to a couple people
37:0.00 in the department let them look at it
37:1.36 but i think
37:2.56 it could help everybody especially in
37:4.08 january everybody puts off projects you
37:5.68 know thanksgiving till now and then all
37:7.44 of a sudden
37:8.48 it's a emergency
37:11.76 yeah absolutely thanks a lot
37:14.16 yeah thank you so much
37:18.56 perfect well with that
37:20.88 being said i think we'll go ahead and
37:23.84 end the webinar a little bit early today
37:26.24 um you know hopefully you were able to
37:28.08 block off a whole hour so you have you
37:30.08 know 20 minutes left yourself where you
37:32.00 can um you know take a walk outside or
37:34.32 get some more coffee um
37:36.64 but yeah thank you all so much for your
37:38.56 time today i hope that this was helpful
37:40.56 um and you feel like you're able to kind
37:42.72 of get started get up and running with
37:44.64 pm and office
37:46.16 keep an eye out for my email like i said
37:48.48 any questions you have just respond back
37:50.48 to me and um the email is actually
37:52.64 coming from myself it's not automated so
37:54.56 we will be able to stay in touch
37:57.20 and
37:58.00 yeah i'm gonna go ahead and stop the
37:59.44 recording