How executive assistants can stop drowning in emails and meetings; Priority Matrix for Office 365

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Priority Matrix with Office 365 simplifies your inbox, so you can focus on what matters the most. Learn how executive assistants can manage large email loads without missing a beat, while keeping their executive on top of all the important bits.

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Video transcription (28:44.56) Stop scroll

0.00s well thank you everybody so much for
1.60s joining today my name is erica and i
4.32s really really appreciate your time
6.56s a little bit of background about me i've
8.40s been with priority matrix for just under
11.12s six years now and so i've been lucky
13.12s enough to work firsthand with a lot of
14.96s our ongoing customers and kind of our
17.52s first hand users and so
19.60s i've been able to talk to them and you
21.60s know really see what the struggles are
23.52s without priority matrix and
25.92s you know learn how priority matrix can
27.84s support people in specific roles
30.96s and so for today we're actually going to
33.12s be focusing on how priority matrix
35.28s supports somebody in the executive
37.36s assistant role
39.12s so the title of today's webinar is stop
41.84s drowning in emails and meetings with
44.48s priority matrix for office 365.
48.16s what we're going to do is look at again
49.76s how priority matrix supports the
51.92s executive assistant specifically using
54.24s it hand in hand with
56.40s your office 365 apps such as microsoft
59.28s teams and outlook 365.
1:5.60 all right so i want to start off this
1:7.12 webinar by sharing your quote with you
1:9.20 to kind of you know help you understand
1:11.04 why our users are you know so adamant on
1:14.08 using priority matrix so a partner at a
1:16.56 fortune 500 company told me i'm sick of
1:19.04 spending all days in meetings and being
1:20.88 swamped in emails
1:22.56 so while this person wasn't exactly an
1:24.56 executive assistant this is something
1:26.32 that would absolutely resonate with nea
1:29.28 and you know it kind of goes very well
1:32.08 hand in hand with the meeting of this
1:33.92 webinar which is how to stop
1:36.64 you know drowning in emails and meetings
1:38.72 and and how priority matrix can help
1:40.56 with that so hopefully this quote you
1:42.80 know resonates with you you can relate
1:44.48 to it
1:45.60 and it will help you kind of understand
1:46.96 what we're looking at today
1:49.04 so a quick overview of today's webinar
1:52.32 first i want to help you understand kind
1:53.92 of generally what priority matrix is
1:56.96 we're going to look at challenges faced
1:58.72 by executive assistants
2:0.80 i'm going to show you how you can
2:1.84 actually get started we will do the live
2:4.32 demo for probably about 15 to 20 minutes
2:6.72 it's a little bit shorter today since
2:8.32 it's a very focused
2:10.32 kind of demo that i want to give you and
2:12.48 then at the end we'll do a q a i have a
2:14.80 couple prepared common questions and
2:16.80 then um you know if you come up with
2:18.88 questions throughout this webinar feel
2:20.72 free to either write them down and save
2:22.40 it till the end or drop it into the chat
2:24.56 box and i can kind of answer that for
2:26.48 you at the end
2:29.92 so what is priority matrix hopefully you
2:32.72 guys have all had the chance to kind of
2:34.72 explore our website or maybe watch some
2:36.72 of my past webinars but if you haven't
2:39.52 and you have no idea what priority
2:41.12 matrix is
2:42.72 you can kind of think of it as a project
2:45.04 and task management software
2:47.52 but you know what does that exactly mean
2:49.20 that that could cover a lot of different
2:51.04 topics and so for today
2:53.36 we're going to understand it how
2:55.12 priority matrix helps our users have
2:57.76 fewer and more effective meetings
3:0.80 and how it supports you with email
3:2.48 prioritization again both things that
3:5.12 executive assistants are you know pretty
3:7.04 much faced with every single day and it
3:9.04 carries a huge weight for them
3:11.68 for what their responsibilities look
3:13.44 like so
3:14.72 that's what we're going to focus on
3:15.92 today but if you kind of want to wrap it
3:18.32 up and have you know an overall
3:20.48 understanding of how you can describe pm
3:22.64 is you can call it project and task
3:24.64 management software but we do a lot more
3:27.04 than just that
3:30.56 another quote i want to look at today
3:32.56 which is from a partner at a
3:35.52 upscale
3:36.64 retailer featuring um
3:39.04 contemporary furniture essentially and
3:41.76 what they told me was i'm a priority
3:43.44 matrix user who's looking to organize
3:45.44 and otherwise unwieldy outlook so again
3:48.72 you know this challenge is faced by
3:51.36 essentially everybody in all sorts of
3:53.68 different roles but specifically faced
3:55.52 by the executive assistant having a
3:57.60 really overwhelmed inbox and not only
4:0.80 theirs but they're often dealing with
4:2.48 the inbox of an executive or a direct
4:4.88 report as well and i want to show you
4:7.12 how you can
4:8.64 you know use our system to manage that
4:11.52 inbox
4:16.96 so how do we actually get started with
4:18.72 priority matrix you can install the
4:21.44 desktop application for mac windows and
4:24.32 we also have a mobile app you can
4:26.08 install
4:27.20 additionally and you know i would say
4:29.12 more commonly at this point is either
4:31.12 using the web application at
4:34.96 and most popular is using the microsoft
4:38.00 teams integration and the integration
4:40.16 with outlook 365.
4:42.24 in today's webinar i'm actually going to
4:44.00 show you how we can piece together using
4:46.32 priority matrix with outlook
4:48.40 microsoft teams and how those two
4:50.72 integrations will support you with
4:52.08 better meetings and
4:54.40 well managed inbox for yourself and your
4:57.04 executive
4:59.52 you can also use these integrations on
5:1.76 your mobile phone as well so it's not
5:3.60 limited to just the desktop versions
5:8.72 so as we kind of start to pick this
5:10.72 apart and i show you why priority matrix
5:13.12 is so helpful for the executive
5:14.96 assistant as i mentioned i've you know
5:17.76 been lucky enough to talk to our users
5:19.60 firsthand a lot of us being eas and
5:22.72 common challenges that i see them being
5:24.72 faced with before they use priority
5:26.96 matrix is difficulty managing top
5:29.60 priority emails
5:31.20 not only theirs but the executive's
5:33.04 inbox as well it's super challenging if
5:35.36 you don't have a good system in place
5:37.20 for this
5:39.44 another challenge is last minute
5:41.20 schedule changes because what are they
5:42.88 supposed to do are you supposed to send
5:44.64 an email for an update um maybe shoot it
5:47.04 through a text message or even schedule
5:49.28 a last-minute meeting to let the
5:51.20 executive know about the last minute
5:52.88 changes
5:53.92 i mean you know realistically
5:56.16 everybody on this meeting today is
5:57.52 probably thinking no that's the last
5:59.20 thing that should be done but
6:0.80 unfortunately it's um you know kind of
6:3.20 the only option for a lot of people so
6:5.68 that's definitely a common challenge and
6:8.08 then lastly is managing several
6:10.32 calendars
6:11.68 you know taking care of your own
6:13.12 schedule can be hard enough and then
6:14.80 when it comes to managing the calendar
6:16.56 for somebody else an executive assistant
6:18.80 can you know feel incredibly overwhelmed
6:21.60 and
6:22.32 not really know what to do unless they
6:24.32 have a system like priority matrix
6:28.88 so lastly before we dive into the demo
6:32.08 i want to leave you with our last quote
6:34.56 today which is actually from an
6:36.40 executive assistant and what she told me
6:38.96 is we keep getting distracted by all the
6:41.44 new things that pop up we need to figure
6:43.60 out a way to stay on task
6:46.16 and that's exactly what priority matrix
6:48.56 is going to do and next up i'm actually
6:51.04 going to show you the live demo so we
6:52.56 can kind of start to piece all of this
6:54.72 together
7:0.32 all right so
7:2.40 give me just one second here to get the
7:5.04 demo set up
7:6.48 perfect
7:8.56 so what we're all looking at now is my
7:10.64 priority matrix directly through
7:12.32 microsoft teams and for whatever reason
7:14.80 if
7:15.52 you're not able to see this or you think
7:17.20 you're looking at the wrong wrong screen
7:18.88 drop something into the chat but i'm
7:20.56 fairly certain we should all be looking
7:22.48 at my screen with my priority matrix
7:25.28 pulled up
7:28.16 so if you're brand new to priority
7:30.08 matrix first and foremost i want to help
7:32.00 you understand kind of the general
7:33.52 layout of the system
7:35.76 so we have set up priority matrix to
7:38.72 allow you to basically create projects
7:42.00 but these projects are not just a place
7:43.92 for you to keep track of what you need
7:45.44 to get done but more importantly as an
7:47.76 executive assistant it's a space that
7:49.76 you're able to share with that person
7:51.84 who you're working closely with that
7:53.92 direct report the ceo the president
7:57.44 maybe it's several people that you're
7:59.12 keeping track of their inbox and keeping
8:1.04 track of their schedules
8:3.44 once you create these projects in
8:5.36 priority matrix this is now going to be
8:7.68 that central space
8:9.52 where you're able to do all of your
8:11.20 collaborating and work together
8:14.16 something i do want to mention is these
8:15.92 projects are not automatically shared
8:17.76 with anybody so you are welcome to
8:19.84 create a new project and keep it private
8:22.32 just for yourself or you can in fact
8:24.72 decide to you know share with whoever
8:27.04 may need to have access and visibility
8:28.96 into these projects
8:31.60 so again these become that central space
8:33.84 to collaborate with whoever you need to
8:36.00 work together
8:37.76 in turn helping you send less emails
8:39.92 helping you have better communication
8:42.08 and you know easily share these last
8:44.08 minute updates which we'll take a closer
8:46.00 look at in just a minute
8:48.88 so these projects here are examples of
8:50.96 how i've personally seen executive
8:52.96 assistants set up their priority matrix
8:55.36 which is kind of highlighting those
8:57.44 challenges that you know they're facing
8:59.12 without this system
9:0.96 and so what you're able to do is you
9:2.88 know you may potentially want to create
9:4.72 a project for those meetings that are
9:7.52 confirmed that you're setting up for the
9:9.36 executive
9:11.04 you would likely want to have a project
9:13.28 for the top priority emails that you're
9:15.28 handling for them
9:17.36 and then i've also seen it really common
9:19.68 to
9:20.72 create a project
9:22.64 which will allow you to share those last
9:24.56 minute schedule changes whether it's a
9:26.64 meeting that's canceled a meeting that's
9:28.08 bumped up an hour whatever it is we want
9:30.32 to give you that space to share those
9:31.92 last minute changes effectively and send
9:34.00 that vp
9:35.12 pretty much immediate notifications
9:37.84 so if you're feeling a little bit lost
9:39.44 and don't really know how to get started
9:41.12 in pm as an executive assistant i would
9:43.68 say you know pick one or two of these
9:45.04 projects
9:46.08 modify it to be your own and that's
9:47.68 going to be a great place for you to get
9:49.28 started
9:52.48 so when we open up one of these projects
9:54.96 and on the right hand side you can see
9:56.88 where it says members so here's myself
9:58.64 and then i have two other people and
10:0.48 we're we are using my colleague pablo
10:3.12 here as the example who would in this
10:6.16 example be my executive
10:8.88 so the idea is
10:11.52 again as an executive assistant you're
10:13.36 likely running the calendar and
10:14.96 scheduling meetings for somebody else
10:17.52 and so
10:18.56 when you're able to you know confirm
10:20.56 that meeting and get it into priority
10:22.48 matrix as soon as you share this project
10:25.44 with your executive
10:27.20 you are now both going to be able to see
10:29.60 everything that's in this project and
10:32.24 you're really easily able to send
10:35.12 immediate notifications so we will
10:37.84 actually create a new task and we'll say
10:40.64 okay so a confirmed meeting for the vp
10:43.12 is maybe
10:44.16 they have
10:45.36 um let's say stakeholders
10:48.24 in the office
10:50.64 meet with them due
10:54.72 friday at 8 a.m
10:57.84 all right so now that i've put this
11:0.40 action item in this project pablo would
11:3.12 technically be able to see this but we
11:4.88 want to take it a step further and we
11:6.72 actually want to notify them
11:8.96 so what i'm going to do is delegate this
11:11.12 task to the person who i'm scheduling
11:13.28 this meeting for
11:14.56 and now what happens is number one
11:16.56 they've got a notification that i
11:18.56 schedule this meeting for them number
11:20.88 two when they use agenda the agenda view
11:24.16 and priority matrix
11:25.84 this meeting is now going to show up
11:28.08 it's something that they're aware of
11:29.68 that needs to happen on friday and i'll
11:31.52 show you that agenda view in just a
11:33.20 minute
11:35.76 it's now super easy to communicate with
11:38.88 my executive
11:40.32 because what we can do is i can actually
11:42.32 use this chat box to communicate with
11:44.56 them and again if any changes happen i
11:46.96 can modify that due date and now they're
11:48.96 going to be getting direct notifications
11:50.80 and updates when i change this item
11:56.16 this is you know definitely a best
11:57.76 practice for like we looked at before um
12:0.64 for a common challenge that executive
12:2.48 assistants face which is scheduling
12:4.64 meetings and managing that calendar
12:7.44 priority matrix is going to create a
12:9.92 calendar view for you so your executive
12:13.12 can rely on the priority matrix calendar
12:15.68 or you can actually sync this with their
12:17.68 outlook calendar so they can have
12:19.28 everything in that central space if they
12:22.08 choose to have it be through outlook
12:26.72 so that that's going to be the first
12:28.08 example of again how you can manage
12:30.08 their calendar
12:31.92 and you know kind of keep them up to
12:33.20 date with any last minute changes and
12:34.88 upcoming meetings they need to be aware
12:36.56 of
12:38.16 also in terms of having more effective
12:40.16 meetings what we've done is we've set up
12:42.32 what's called the one-on-one view
12:44.64 what happens with the one-on-one is you
12:46.56 can choose the executive who you're
12:48.56 working with or you know down the line
12:50.48 anybody on your team who's using
12:52.24 priority matrix with you
12:54.48 and what's going to happen is the system
12:56.80 actually automatically generates the
12:58.56 shared priority list so now
13:1.04 any meetings that you've scheduled for
13:2.64 them any emails you've prioritized which
13:5.04 we'll definitely circle back to and take
13:6.80 a closer look at in just a minute but
13:9.04 really any priorities that are relevant
13:10.96 between yourself and this one other
13:12.48 person are now going to show up on this
13:15.04 one-on-one view
13:16.80 so the idea is you no longer have to
13:19.36 spend your valuable time looking through
13:21.68 emails looking through text messages
13:23.52 looking through meeting notes to say you
13:25.60 know what do we need to talk about today
13:27.44 what are the updates we need to share
13:29.76 priority matrix is automatically
13:31.84 creating this meeting agenda for you
13:35.04 as an executive assistant there's often
13:37.36 times a lot being dropped on your plate
13:39.12 last minute so during these meetings you
13:41.04 may be getting more things that you need
13:43.04 to handle for the executive so
13:45.68 what you can actually do is you can add
13:47.68 a new shared task
13:49.68 you may want to set yourself as the
13:51.52 owner and then what you can do is you
13:53.12 can actually create this new action item
13:56.32 during this meeting so you don't have to
13:57.76 worry about forgetting about it so let's
14:0.00 say
14:1.12 maybe you need to reply to tim
14:3.92 from company x2 book new meeting
14:8.64 and maybe the executive wants you to get
14:11.04 this done by new due monday at let's say
14:13.76 11am that's going to be the cutoff you
14:16.16 can choose the project that you need to
14:18.16 prioritize it into
14:20.16 we'll say this is going to be delegated
14:22.32 because it's assigned to me
14:24.40 and now what happens is
14:26.32 when i create this new action item you
14:28.64 can see that it's added to our
14:30.24 one-on-one view so again i'm not going
14:32.40 to forget about this because priority
14:33.92 matrix is going to send me these
14:35.20 reminders and during our next meeting
14:37.76 this will automatically be added to that
14:39.60 media agenda
14:43.28 so kind of circling back to recap before
14:45.52 we jump on to the next topic which is
14:47.28 going to be
14:49.20 the email management aspect of it but
14:51.68 number one you're able to easily
14:53.44 communicate new meetings and schedule
14:55.44 changes by
14:56.88 using these projects as that central
14:58.72 space to work together and number two
15:1.28 the one-on-one view is going to make
15:2.64 your personal meeting super easy because
15:4.96 it creates that media agenda for you so
15:7.60 you can make sure you're not forgetting
15:9.04 about anything and you don't have to
15:10.64 spend your own time preparing for those
15:13.36 meetings
15:18.16 all right so moving on to you know in my
15:20.48 opinion what may be the most important
15:22.64 part of this webinar
15:24.56 which is the outlook integration
15:27.36 so as an executive assistant you are
15:29.84 definitely going to be managing your own
15:31.84 inbox and that can be hard enough alone
15:34.88 but when it comes to also managing the
15:37.52 inbox for somebody else that executive
15:40.96 whoever it might be whatever role
15:42.64 they're in is going to be looking to you
15:44.96 to say hey erica what are my most
15:47.68 important emails that i need to get
15:49.20 around to today
15:51.04 and
15:51.92 i've seen people attempt to do this
15:53.60 through
15:54.40 leaving something unread maybe moving it
15:57.28 into a folder for the executive or
15:59.28 flagging it but ultimately what happens
16:2.00 is this this really just it honestly
16:4.56 isn't helpful because
16:6.24 what happens is if you leave a hundred
16:8.32 emails unread or let's say even 10
16:11.28 that executive still has no idea when
16:13.68 they need to get around to it
16:15.60 truly what the highest priority email is
16:18.40 and it you know
16:19.84 it's just simply not helpful but when
16:22.24 you use priority matrix what you can do
16:25.04 is number one you can prioritize this
16:27.36 email into the correct project for that
16:30.32 executive
16:31.92 so you'll pick the project name that you
16:34.40 previously set up in your priority
16:36.80 matrix teams integration
16:39.52 you can delegate it to somebody right
16:41.36 off the bat if you know for sure you
16:43.76 want them to get notified about this
16:45.60 email
16:47.12 here's all my teammates here so i could
16:49.04 choose my executive i'll leave it
16:50.80 assigned to myself for this example
16:53.60 you can choose the quadrant where you
16:55.76 need to prioritize this and so let's say
16:58.08 this is going to be an immediate task
17:0.08 that we need to focus on i'm going to
17:2.00 rename this i'm going to say webinar
17:4.24 email example just so we can find it
17:6.48 super easily
17:7.92 and now we can pick my due date
17:10.40 so when i hit create action item now i
17:13.28 can circle back to my priority matrix
17:16.32 and
17:17.20 thinking it through or looking at this
17:19.44 through the lens of the vp now they're
17:21.84 able to open up this project
17:24.72 here are their top priority daily emails
17:27.28 that you've already prioritized for them
17:30.32 and they can clearly see their due date
17:32.96 so to kind of take this a step further i
17:35.52 like to suggest people use the icons to
17:38.40 even further prioritize these emails so
17:41.52 now
17:42.40 as the executive looks at this project
17:45.20 they're able to see okay here's the
17:46.72 first email i need to respond to
17:48.88 here's the second priority email that i
17:50.80 need to respond to and if at any time
17:53.36 they have any questions maybe they say
17:55.12 hey erica can you
17:56.88 actually reply to this for me
17:59.44 and then maybe they say remind erica in
18:2.00 one hour
18:3.52 so as you can see it's essentially
18:6.08 seamless to communicate you're very
18:8.56 easily able to prioritize their emails
18:11.12 for them
18:12.24 and it's centralized right so you're
18:14.24 able to communicate share updates and
18:16.72 they do have these deadlines so if for
18:19.04 whatever reason it slips their mind and
18:20.80 they forget about it priority matrix is
18:23.28 absolutely going to remind you and
18:25.60 remind them when they need to circle
18:27.20 back and make sure they've handled this
18:28.88 email
18:31.52 so i mentioned a couple things here
18:33.76 i've mentioned alerts and notifications
18:35.76 a couple of times so i want you all to
18:38.32 understand
18:39.68 that these alerts are actually going to
18:41.44 be coming directly through the alerts
18:44.32 tab in priority matrix
18:47.44 so this is great for
18:49.28 the executive or the executive assistant
18:51.92 to see recent updates from their
18:53.92 teammate and the people using priority
18:56.16 matrix with them so this guy for example
18:58.72 metrics for q1
19:0.72 um
19:1.52 i delegated it to pablo so that's why
19:3.44 it's coming up as an alert because it's
19:5.12 a recent change that has happened it's
19:7.44 going to show you due dates reminders
19:9.20 any type of status updates from your
19:10.88 teammates come right here through the
19:12.56 alerts
19:16.56 another thing that i want you all to be
19:18.64 super aware of and again you know up
19:21.12 there with the outlook integration i
19:22.88 think this agenda view is one of the
19:24.48 most powerful things that priority
19:26.72 matrix offers
19:28.48 and what this is is
19:30.80 the agenda
19:32.40 shows you today and the next seven days
19:34.72 of everything that you need to get done
19:36.88 according to your due dates in priority
19:39.04 matrix
19:40.16 so
19:41.28 why is it so helpful as an executive
19:43.68 assistant you're working diligently to
19:45.76 prioritize the executive's
19:48.72 emails you're working diligently to
19:51.28 manage their schedule and make sure they
19:53.36 know about any upcoming meetings
19:55.92 so when they go to their agenda view
19:58.88 they're very easily able to see here's
20:1.28 what i need to get done today here's
20:3.20 what i have upcoming for friday monday
20:6.08 and again the next seven days and then
20:7.92 they can very easily see anything that
20:9.60 may have slipped their mind and become
20:11.36 overdue
20:12.88 so
20:13.60 while you are doing the groundwork as
20:15.44 the executive assistant preparing
20:17.20 everything making sure nothing is
20:18.80 slipping through the cracks and keeping
20:20.80 it in priority matrix this agenda will
20:23.68 actually be automatically created for
20:26.24 that executive so they can start the day
20:29.44 looking at this view and get on track
20:31.52 based off of all the hard work that the
20:33.04 executive assistant has done to keep
20:35.20 their priority matrix up to date
20:39.92 so all in all i hope i was able to paint
20:42.24 a picture for you all kind of showing
20:44.40 you best practices for number one
20:46.72 creating a central space for visibility
20:49.60 which
20:50.56 isn't going to be through outlook
20:52.08 because priority matrix provides a
20:54.08 better way to
20:55.76 actually
20:57.36 prioritize those emails set deadlines
21:0.16 and allow your executive to actually
21:2.56 have an automatically created agenda
21:5.52 priority matrix also helps you have
21:8.16 more effective meetings because again it
21:10.40 automatically shows you everything
21:12.00 that's relevant between yourself and one
21:13.84 other person
21:15.28 and number three it gives you a system
21:17.28 where you can effectively manage your
21:19.76 emails
21:20.80 and you can manage the emails for that
21:22.88 other inbox that you're overseeing
21:31.68 let's see so going back to the
21:33.12 powerpoint here a quick recap which
21:36.16 i kind of actually just went over
21:38.56 um let's see if i missed anything
21:41.04 you can share schedule changes and
21:43.20 updates without having to rely on emails
21:45.92 and then again instant notifications
21:47.60 that won't be overlooked because you can
21:49.76 actually set recurring due dates and
21:51.36 recurring reminders if you're concerned
21:53.76 about something slipping through the
21:54.88 cracks
21:58.32 all right so what i'm going to do here
22:0.32 is i'm going to stop sharing it very
22:2.24 briefly
22:3.44 i'm going to check the chat box to see
22:6.56 if there's any questions that have been
22:8.08 dropped in
22:10.48 i don't see any as of now so if if any
22:14.80 of you have questions
22:16.80 um feel free to actually raise your hand
22:18.96 or drop the comment into the chat and i
22:21.04 can actually give you the power to
22:23.20 unmute yourself and then we can kind of
22:25.60 talk one on one or if you're more
22:27.92 comfortable definitely drop those
22:29.36 questions into the chat box
22:34.88 perfect so i saw a question come in
22:37.60 is there a way to use priority matrix on
22:40.08 emails for my other accounts that are
22:42.24 implemented
22:44.16 yes absolutely and this is actually a
22:46.00 common question that i think we heard
22:47.68 last time as well
22:49.52 um
22:51.12 in iowan i think i think that we've
22:53.12 actually talked about this before so if
22:54.96 it's okay with you
22:56.80 i would like to send you a personalized
22:59.04 email follow up just to make sure we can
23:0.80 kind of get to the bottom of this
23:3.04 but for the others who are listening
23:5.12 today you can absolutely use a priority
23:8.56 matrix through multiple inboxes for me i
23:11.20 have two gmails
23:13.12 um and a microsoft email all coming into
23:15.52 different inboxes through outlook
23:17.84 and the outlook extension works for all
23:19.76 of them you simply just have to install
23:21.76 it on each of those inboxes and again i
23:24.72 will definitely follow up with you
23:26.88 kind of personally to make sure we sort
23:28.48 that out
23:32.80 another common question is do we offer a
23:35.04 free trial to get started yes we
23:37.12 absolutely do it's going to be two weeks
23:39.36 by default but if you need more time to
23:41.28 test this out with your teammates you
23:43.04 know no problem definitely just let me
23:44.80 know and i'm happy to help with that
23:46.96 um the free trial will give you access
23:48.88 to all the integrations and all of the
23:50.96 features in priority matrix
23:55.36 in terms of subscription options when
23:57.60 that free trial ends
23:59.84 we have a pricing starting at five
24:1.68 dollars per user per month all the way
24:3.92 up to um customized enterprise licenses
24:7.20 for
24:8.00 um a company-wide subscription or kind
24:10.00 of a site-wide deployment where we're
24:11.84 able to actually kind of customize you
24:14.00 know security features um training
24:16.32 onboarding so we have a wide variety of
24:18.88 different pricing options
24:22.64 in terms of support and training for our
24:25.52 business and enterprise
24:27.60 licenses we offer customized
24:30.08 onboarding support and ongoing training
24:33.52 for everybody else that you're welcome
24:35.36 to attend my ongoing webinars or uh we
24:38.40 have dozens of resources online on our
24:40.80 knowledge base and our youtube
24:44.84 page and i would say this is one of the
24:47.28 most common questions that comes up
24:48.96 which is can priority matrix be used
24:51.12 with external collaborators and the
24:53.36 answer is absolutely yes we don't
24:56.96 enable any barriers when it comes to
24:59.20 working across departments
25:1.52 with contractors with somebody with a
25:3.36 different domain
25:4.72 all of us on the meeting today we could
25:6.64 actually collaborate through priority
25:8.32 matrix without any barriers
25:11.68 oftentimes when people are working with
25:13.92 external collaborators they actually
25:15.84 like to
25:17.12 use it directly through teams through a
25:18.96 channel or through a chat which is
25:20.56 definitely going to be an option for you
25:27.04 all right so i'm going to stop sharing
25:28.80 there it looks like
25:30.56 you know no questions right now kind of
25:32.80 doing a last call for those questions um
25:35.92 and if nothing else comes up i want to
25:38.56 first and foremost thank you all for
25:40.48 being troopers and kind of sticking it
25:42.16 out through
25:43.28 this entire webinar okay awesome looks
25:45.60 like we have one question
25:47.68 so
25:48.56 what i'm going to do
25:50.16 danielle is i'm going to
25:52.80 allow your mic
25:54.48 and now on your side you can actually
25:56.80 unmute yourself
25:58.40 and we'll be able to
26:0.48 talk okay go ahead let's see if i can
26:2.24 hear you good morning um this is
26:5.52 a really small question um i'm just
26:7.76 curious we i just started using priority
26:10.16 matrix and we have you know the whole
26:12.40 microsoft implementation of
26:14.88 outlook and everything and i'm just
26:16.16 curious because i have my image uploaded
26:19.92 like in the outlook and
26:22.08 teams and everything but then when i'm
26:24.00 in priority matrix
26:25.76 i just see my initial i'm just curious
26:28.40 how to sync all of that
26:31.04 to see
26:32.00 sure it's super small but
26:35.04 no that's you know definitely a great
26:36.88 question and it actually comes up all
26:38.40 the time so
26:39.68 it's actually called your priority
26:41.68 matrix avatar
26:43.44 and it's something that you set kind of
26:45.28 independently from your office 365
26:48.96 picture so i'm actually going to i'm
26:51.04 pulling it up right now
26:52.56 i'm going to drop the link into
26:54.88 the chat box where you can change again
26:57.36 we call it the avatar and then you can
26:59.76 kind of customize so
27:2.00 let's see
27:3.52 i've got that link and dropping it into
27:7.04 the chat so you can actually just follow
27:10.00 this link that i just pasted and then
27:11.68 you can upload the picture that you want
27:13.36 to use
27:14.80 okay
27:16.64 oh okay now it just shows up
27:18.32 automatically
27:20.32 exactly
27:22.96 yep and hopefully that works if you have
27:24.64 any challenges with that let me know but
27:26.24 it should be pretty straightforward
27:29.44 and then i guess if i i'm just looking
27:31.76 for like some introductory
27:34.16 um trainings because i literally just
27:36.48 was introduced to this by my cfo and
27:40.08 right now i just keep calling and asking
27:41.76 him questions so
27:43.92 um
27:44.80 i i just saw this uh invitation like in
27:48.32 my spam last night so i wasn't even sure
27:50.56 what was going to be coming out of it it
27:52.48 went to your spam that's sad
27:56.00 yeah so i actually am hosting a bunch of
27:58.96 webinars for the rest of january and on
28:2.00 friday the 21st i'm hosting at intro to
28:5.68 priority matrix and so that would
28:7.52 definitely be your best bet
28:9.52 um it's going to be a little bit longer
28:11.52 probably more like a 20 or 30 minute
28:14.00 demo by myself and it's gonna you know
28:17.36 walk you through all the basics
28:18.80 everything you need to know to actually
28:20.24 kind of get started and i'll send you
28:22.80 all a follow-up email with
28:25.20 all of the upcoming webinars that i have
28:26.96 scheduled so you can register to any
28:29.44 that you think would be helpful for you
28:33.52 okay thank you
28:35.20 sure
28:38.16 all right well if that does it for
28:40.24 questions we can wrap up this webinar