Crush the new year; Align your priorities and set your goals with Priority Matrix for Office 365

Video presented by Pablo Diaz-Gutierrez

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Crush the new year with an effective way to align priorities, set goals, and collaborate in a central space. Start the new year right with Priority Matrix for Office 365.

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Video transcription (26:56.36) Stop scroll

0.32s hi everybody thanks so much for joining
2.32s this webinar today my name is erica and
4.80s i'm so happy to have all of you here
6.64s today
8.32s during my time with priority matrix i've
10.32s been lucky enough to see how priority
12.56s matrix can help everybody align their
14.72s priorities and with it being at the
17.04s start of a brand new year what better
19.44s time to actually use priority matrix to
21.76s set your goals and not only that but we
24.24s want to help you use priority matrix to
26.48s dominate the new year
28.80s during this presentation that's exactly
30.64s what we're going to be looking at and i
32.08s hope you can all take a little bit of
33.60s value away from this presentation and
35.92s really jump in and get started with
37.76s priority matrix
41.28s so again happy new year i hope everybody
43.68s was able to
45.20s relax enjoy the holidays and travel if
48.00s that's something you are wanting to do
50.48s i know we're all back in the office and
52.48s for me the new year is one of my very
54.80s favorite times to
56.64s set my goals align my priorities with
59.44s with my teammates and really start off
1:1.36 with my best foot forward
1:3.60 looking into the new year and letting
1:5.68 priority matrix help me plan everything
1:8.40 that i need to get done immediately and
1:10.80 also map out those long-term goals with
1:12.80 my team as well
1:16.32 before we get started i want to help you
1:18.08 understand what today's agenda looks
1:20.16 like
1:20.88 so first and foremost i want to help you
1:22.72 all understand just kind of generally
1:24.40 what is priority matrix so you know what
1:26.72 to expect for the rest of the
1:28.48 presentation
1:30.40 we're going to take a look at why should
1:32.24 we get started with priority matrix
1:34.16 today
1:35.36 how you can actually download priority
1:37.44 matrix
1:38.72 a couple of tips and suggestions for how
1:41.04 you'll be able to dominate the new year
1:42.96 with priority matrix and lastly i'm
1:45.68 actually going to do a live demo and
1:47.36 then we'll go over some of the most
1:48.72 common questions that we typically get
1:53.12 so what is priority matrix
1:56.32 you can think of priority matrix as a
1:58.32 project in task management software
2:1.04 however it does a whole lot more than
2:2.96 just that so i don't really think that
2:4.80 that description gives it the justice
2:7.20 that it deserves however it is a nice
2:9.28 way to kind of bundle it up
2:11.20 and you know quickly explain what pm is
2:14.72 however on top of project and task
2:17.04 management priority matrix is also an
2:19.84 email management and meeting support
2:22.08 tool
2:23.12 as well as a tool that helps people with
2:25.12 their automated processes um kind of
2:27.76 tying that back with
2:29.44 the meeting and email support all of
2:31.20 that done can actually all of that can
2:32.96 actually be done by using priority
2:35.28 matrix for that automated process
2:38.64 there's also a lot more that goes into
2:40.40 the software and a whole lot more and
2:42.80 other use cases that you can tie into it
2:45.04 however this is just kind of a quick
2:46.72 introduction as to what you can kind of
2:49.28 start to think of priority matrix is and
2:51.92 how it will support you
2:55.44 so the question is why are we all here
2:57.68 today and
2:59.12 why should we actually get started with
3:0.88 priority matrix today rather than wait
3:3.60 or you know revisit it in a couple of
3:5.60 months
3:6.88 so the way that i like to think of this
3:8.56 is
3:9.28 it's a brand new year what better time
3:11.52 to kind of let those old priorities fade
3:13.84 out and build stronger prioritization
3:16.84 skills this is a really popular time for
3:19.76 personal and team growth and in order to
3:22.64 succeed either on your own or with a new
3:25.20 team
3:26.00 it's really important to start with a
3:27.68 great foundation and getting a powerful
3:30.48 project and task management tool in
3:32.56 place
3:33.44 can definitely be that foundation that a
3:35.36 lot of people are looking for
3:38.08 this is also an incredible time and it's
3:40.48 really lucky for you all to be getting
3:42.16 started with priority matrix right now
3:44.56 because i'm personally really
3:46.80 vamping up my webinars in january i have
3:50.00 10 on the calendar already and so
3:52.96 you all are going to be offered more
3:55.36 support than anybody else has ever
3:57.28 gotten simply because
3:59.12 of the wide variety of webinars that i'm
4:1.12 hosting in the upcoming months so this
4:3.28 will absolutely support your adoption
4:5.52 process and make it just that much
4:7.20 easier to get started
4:10.96 so how do we actually get started with
4:12.80 priority matrix what you're going to
4:14.88 need to do is download it for your mac
4:16.96 your windows those are your desktop
4:19.04 applications
4:20.56 you can also download our mobile app for
4:22.72 iphone and android however more
4:25.04 popularly than using the desktop
4:27.36 applications
4:28.88 is people are commonly using the web
4:30.96 application now as well located simply
4:33.52 at
4:36.40 that web app can be used on your mac
4:38.32 your windows and also your mobile
4:40.84 device really importantly to understand
4:43.76 as well you can integrate priority
4:45.68 matrix with your microsoft teams
4:47.92 your outlook 365
4:50.08 and a lot of your other office apps as
4:52.24 well and we'll definitely take a look at
4:53.60 that
4:54.84 today all of these priority matrix
4:57.52 applications are going to automatically
4:59.12 sync so you don't have to worry about
5:1.60 an alignment across the different
5:3.04 platforms or updating in several places
5:5.60 we've got you covered on that
5:9.60 so again like i said over the past
5:11.76 several years of spending my time with
5:13.92 priority matrix and i've learned a lot
5:16.16 about how people are really easily able
5:18.40 to succeed with it and what works the
5:20.24 best
5:21.28 on top of that like we looked at this is
5:23.44 the brand new start of a new year 2022
5:26.88 and what better time to really dominate
5:29.20 a new system and get comfortable with it
5:31.20 than this brand new year setting your
5:33.76 goals and aligning your priorities
5:36.32 so a couple ways we're going to be able
5:37.92 to help you really exceed this year
5:40.16 is by creating one central space for
5:42.40 your collaboration
5:44.08 nothing kills context more than jumping
5:46.48 between multiple spaces and that's what
5:48.72 we want to help you eliminate doing
5:51.60 we're going to help you have shorter and
5:53.04 more effective meetings with our
5:54.40 automated meeting processes
5:56.64 and we're also going to help you very
5:58.32 easily prioritize your emails
6:1.76 with all this being said at priority
6:3.52 matrix will help you spend time on what
6:5.44 matters the most allowing you to get
6:7.76 more done impress your manager impress
6:10.16 your bosses and you know ultimately
6:12.08 hopefully get that raise that we're all
6:13.52 hoping for in the new year
6:16.80 all right with all that being said let's
6:18.72 actually take a look at the priority
6:20.72 matrix application
6:23.92 for today's demo we're actually going to
6:25.68 be looking at priority matrix directly
6:27.76 through the teams integration
6:30.24 you definitely don't have to use it here
6:32.00 however if your organization uses the
6:34.32 office environment i would absolutely
6:36.80 say go ahead and get started with pm4
6:39.68 teams
6:41.92 so looking at kind of the general layout
6:43.92 of priority matrix for all of you that
6:46.24 are brand new to help you understand a
6:48.88 general layout of kind of what this
6:50.72 system looks like
6:53.12 priority matrix is going to support you
6:55.04 on a personal level and also a team
6:57.20 collaboration level
6:58.88 you're able to either keep your projects
7:1.20 private or you're able to actually share
7:3.68 them with your teammates
7:5.68 a great example of this would be is when
7:7.68 we're setting goals i know for myself
7:11.44 typically around this time of the year
7:12.88 whether it's before the holidays or just
7:14.64 right after i like to use one of our
7:17.52 pre-made templates here the smart goals
7:20.80 priority matrix template
7:22.96 to really help me list out everything
7:25.04 that i hope to get done and achieve this
7:27.04 year
7:28.16 for a lot of people this is something
7:29.60 that they want to share with their team
7:31.68 share with their managers i'm right
7:33.20 there with you that's typically what i
7:34.72 like to do
7:35.92 but i also want you all to understand
7:37.76 these projects can be kept private just
7:40.24 for your own personal um you know task
7:42.80 and project management you don't have to
7:44.48 share them with anybody else
7:49.04 another general thing i want you all to
7:50.88 understand is that if you do decide to
7:53.52 go ahead and share these projects with
7:55.36 your teammates
7:57.12 this is how it's actually going to
7:58.56 become that central space where you're
8:0.88 able to share the project
8:3.04 i'll go ahead and do that and a quick
8:4.56 example here
8:6.00 we'll add a couple people to this
8:7.68 project
8:9.28 and when you go ahead and do that it's
8:10.80 actually giving them total visibility
8:12.88 and access into this project
8:15.28 where we can now go in and we can
8:17.44 actually delegate this task to somebody
8:20.00 we're able to communicate and we're able
8:22.00 to set our deadlines
8:23.68 anything under the sun that kind of
8:25.36 falls under team collaboration you're
8:27.60 actually going to be able to do as soon
8:29.20 as you share that project
8:31.20 with your teammates
8:33.68 so that is you know just a two minute
8:35.68 introduction as to kind of how the
8:37.44 system is going to work
8:39.44 but for today thinking about
8:42.24 getting started with priority matrix at
8:44.56 the very start of this brand new year
8:47.12 i'm going to show you a couple best
8:48.48 practices and quick tricks to really
8:50.56 help you succeed as you jump in here
8:55.28 so when people typically get started
8:57.36 with priority matrix it's something that
8:59.28 i've learned to understand is it can be
9:1.68 really hard understanding
9:3.68 where to begin
9:5.76 so with that being said i see a lot of
9:8.16 people trying to
9:10.24 integrate all of their projects bring in
9:12.32 all their data anything they've been
9:13.92 working on for the past several years
9:16.40 and that can feel a little bit
9:17.92 time-consuming and honestly a little
9:19.84 overwhelming so this first best practice
9:23.44 that i would suggest is actually just
9:25.84 bringing in
9:26.96 maybe one two or maybe three projects
9:30.56 to help you kind of get started and see
9:32.56 how the system will work
9:35.36 one of those projects i always suggest
9:37.20 doing is setting one up to track your
9:39.12 top priority emails i briefly open this
9:42.16 project and we'll take another look at
9:43.76 it in just a minute
9:45.28 um but you know that's something we can
9:46.88 all relate to is needing better email
9:49.36 management and needing that space to
9:51.04 track our top priority emails
9:53.92 so go ahead and create that project
9:56.80 simply for emails
10:1.12 another project you may want to create
10:3.12 like we looked at before is setting a
10:5.20 place to track your goals whether you
10:7.36 use our smart goals template you can
10:9.36 integrate from our website you can set
10:11.52 something up brand new but again
10:14.16 you know setting your goals is
10:15.36 definitely a huge thing for people at
10:16.96 the start of the year and this is a
10:18.80 great way to get familiar with priority
10:20.80 matrix and let the system you know kind
10:22.80 of support you through the next several
10:24.96 months or several years
10:28.08 on top of that if you're looking for
10:29.60 three projects you know maybe as a
10:31.84 manager you kind of do the the day plan
10:34.00 template for managers against something
10:35.76 you can integrate um a swot analysis to
10:38.80 kind of help you again plan your
10:40.16 activities and strategy strategize
10:43.20 again what we want to do is really just
10:45.28 focus on
10:46.56 one to three
10:48.24 major projects that you're working on so
10:51.04 you can focus on that and not spend too
10:52.80 much time bringing in all of your old
10:54.56 data
10:57.76 so that is going to be my my um quick
11:0.80 tip number one is bring in a couple key
11:3.28 projects and don't try to dump
11:4.96 everything in right off the bat
11:9.20 another thing that you know we're
11:10.56 definitely all aware of is that for
11:12.24 managers this is a really common time to
11:14.56 start exploring growth for the team
11:17.28 likely a new budget was just approved
11:19.36 it's time to scale up the team and this
11:21.60 can be considered a major project and
11:23.60 that great fit for priority matrix which
11:25.76 is exactly why i brought in this
11:27.76 template just to let you all know that
11:29.76 we have a lot of support for managers
11:32.96 different resources and different
11:34.64 templates to help you get started
11:37.92 so now that we've talked about bringing
11:39.68 in a couple key projects and how is it
11:42.16 actually best to get started
11:44.48 so as i go ahead and i open up one of
11:46.56 these projects here will use the one
11:48.32 that's looking at my top priority emails
11:52.48 in a project we're going to have
11:54.40 miscellaneous action items that are
11:56.16 helping us keep track of the priorities
11:58.16 and things we need to get done
12:0.72 like we quickly looked at on the right
12:2.72 hand side this is going to be where you
12:4.32 set up all of your details and i know
12:6.88 that this can look like a lot but i
12:9.52 specifically want to bring your
12:10.88 attention to the due date and the
12:13.36 reminders
12:15.12 when you put a due date on one of your
12:17.04 items priority matrix through teams and
12:20.32 any other place you have pm added
12:23.68 you're going to be able to utilize this
12:25.36 due date in so many different ways
12:27.12 number one you're actually going to get
12:29.04 a reminder when the due date
12:31.84 and when your scheduled reminder
12:34.32 actually occurs
12:35.84 so if you have both of these put on here
12:38.16 coming directly through the home view in
12:40.48 teams
12:41.52 you're definitely going to be notified
12:43.52 so between a reminder and a due date you
12:46.64 know you can pretty much rest assured
12:48.48 you're not going to overlook this task
12:50.40 and if you have assigned this to
12:52.16 somebody else they're also not going to
12:54.48 forget about it
12:56.24 so that would be my best to practice tip
12:59.36 number two
13:0.80 whenever you create a task
13:3.04 make sure you throw on a due date and a
13:5.04 reminder if you'd like kind of that
13:6.80 second level of notifications
13:12.56 so kind of shifting gears and again
13:14.88 hopefully this makes sense kind of the
13:16.40 general layout but i want to take you
13:18.24 all to
13:19.52 the notification system that we have so
13:22.48 best of practice number three
13:25.20 would be starting your day with either
13:27.20 looking at the alerts
13:29.28 the alerts are going to show you all
13:31.20 updates from your teammates
13:33.44 due dates that have occurred reminders
13:35.68 that have occurred anything that really
13:37.68 needs your attention
13:39.44 personally this is where i start my day
13:42.88 and it really kind of helps me get on
13:44.64 track especially if you have teammates
13:46.56 that are working remote or working in
13:48.40 different time zones like we do
13:50.88 very easy way to see all the updates
13:52.88 from your teammates again in just one
13:55.28 central location
13:57.04 so you don't have to jump from emails to
13:58.88 meetings to phone calls and get them all
14:1.52 right here
14:4.32 kind of going hand in hand with that is
14:7.28 where i actually start my day is in the
14:9.92 agenda
14:11.44 what happens in the agenda is if you
14:13.84 remember i said you know make sure you
14:15.52 set your due dates and the agenda view
14:18.08 here is going to show you for the next
14:20.48 seven days including today
14:23.36 everything that priority matrix sees as
14:25.84 being due
14:27.44 so that's going to include meetings that
14:29.28 you have scheduled through teams like i
14:31.04 have this example today
14:33.20 for tomorrow it looks like i have a
14:34.72 couple emails i need to take care of
14:37.44 so as you can see you're able to see
14:39.36 your meetings your emails your
14:41.92 priorities
14:43.36 and then circling back to the updates
14:45.20 from your teammates
14:46.88 again all in one place so the way that i
14:50.16 see this is you know at least for me and
14:52.72 for a lot of the companies that i work
14:54.72 with
14:55.60 that's kind of what the day-to-day
14:57.20 revolves around for a lot of people is
14:59.52 what are my teammates working on and
15:1.36 what do i have to get done
15:3.12 so between these two views if you start
15:5.36 your day there you know you're really
15:7.60 bound to be on track
15:9.68 so again that is my
15:11.52 big takeaway number three this is a very
15:14.56 powerful place to start your day and
15:16.24 start your year
15:19.68 so when it comes to changing habits
15:21.60 email management is definitely something
15:24.00 to be aware of a lot of people struggle
15:26.24 with it so
15:28.08 from here on out you know at least for
15:29.76 the next two to three weeks so whenever
15:31.92 you get an important email try to
15:34.24 prioritize it into priority matrix which
15:36.96 is exactly why right off the bat i said
15:39.76 let's create that space to track our
15:42.32 most important emails
15:45.68 when you use the priority matrix
15:47.44 integration for outlook
15:49.28 you're pretty much immediately able to
15:51.28 select that email
15:52.96 and you can turn it into an action item
15:55.52 either for yourself or to delegate to a
15:57.52 teammate
15:58.80 so we'll use this as an example i'm
16:1.12 going to change the name and call this
16:2.56 new task for webinar just so we know
16:5.20 exactly where to find it
16:8.16 so again you can look through your
16:9.60 projects decide where you would like to
16:11.68 prioritize this email
16:13.68 put it in the correct correct quadrant
16:15.76 representing the priority level
16:18.32 and like i was preaching before you want
16:20.48 to go ahead and set your due date
16:23.76 when you hit create action item and we
16:25.84 go back to that project
16:28.08 we're actually going to be able to see
16:29.60 that email that we just integrated so
16:32.00 again we know for sure we're not going
16:34.32 to forget about this because we have our
16:35.84 due date and if it helps we can actually
16:38.24 throw on a reminder as well just to have
16:40.56 two layers of a heads up that hey we
16:42.64 need to handle this email at this time
16:46.96 what you can also do is rather than
16:49.84 creating a brand new task from this
16:52.00 email is you can look through your
16:53.68 similar ones and if you need to you can
16:56.40 actually just attach this email to a
16:58.24 pre-existing item again to keep
17:0.48 everything super organized and linked
17:2.24 together for all those similar emails
17:4.80 and items
17:7.28 so my big takeaway number four is to
17:10.16 change those email management habits
17:12.96 don't put yourself through the same
17:14.48 stress and difficulty that you had last
17:16.72 year of having
17:18.48 you know an unorganized messy inbox get
17:20.88 on top of it right away and i can
17:23.12 guarantee you you will feel a difference
17:25.04 your management your teammates and your
17:27.36 clients are all going to appreciate and
17:30.08 love the new email management style
17:35.36 last but definitely not least would be
17:37.92 best to practice tip number four which
17:41.12 is let priority matrix or rather i
17:44.48 believe you might be at best practice
17:46.32 tip number five
17:48.08 either way i want you all to let
17:50.24 priority matrix
17:51.92 help you have more effective meetings
17:55.76 we all know that with the new year
17:57.28 starting there's a lot of meetings um
18:0.00 you know a lot of
18:1.76 updates for the new year and the things
18:3.60 you need to discuss
18:5.76 you know our our calendars are likely
18:7.68 slammed and when you let priority matrix
18:10.56 help you with your one-on-one meetings
18:13.12 you're really easily going to be able to
18:15.04 see it number one your shared priorities
18:17.76 with your teammates specifically one
18:20.40 teammate in this case
18:22.24 and even better you can actually create
18:24.48 a new task so let's just say
18:27.20 set new year's goals
18:29.52 and we'll say this is actually going to
18:31.20 be due friday
18:32.80 at 8am
18:35.20 we'll pick the shared project between
18:37.28 pablo and myself
18:39.28 and we'll say this is due now and i'll
18:41.60 set myself as the owner
18:44.40 so as you can see whether it's setting
18:46.40 new goals
18:47.76 um you know working with new clients and
18:50.24 filling new orders
18:51.84 whatever it looks like and whatever you
18:53.68 discuss in these one-on-one meetings you
18:56.32 can very easily prioritize that item get
18:59.28 it on your calendar make sure it's not
19:1.28 slipping through the cracks
19:3.20 and you'll see it's automatically added
19:4.88 to your shared priority list
19:7.20 while you've actually put it into a
19:8.80 project as well
19:11.04 so again the one-on-one view is going to
19:12.72 help you have more effective one-on-one
19:15.44 meetings
19:17.20 also by showing you all of your shared
19:19.04 emails files and upcoming calendar
19:21.12 events
19:22.32 so you know prior to priority matrix i
19:25.04 hear that people spend hours
19:27.28 backtracking trying to remember what
19:28.96 they worked on and putting together
19:30.72 manual reports
19:32.56 we're not doing this in the new year let
19:34.40 priority matrix handle these meeting
19:36.72 agendas for you
19:41.28 in addition to that not only does
19:43.12 priority matrix support you when it
19:44.96 comes to one-on-one meetings however you
19:47.36 can also use priority matrix for your
19:49.84 team meetings as well so for those
19:52.64 managers who are scaling up
19:54.80 you know your team is growing maybe you
19:56.72 have a team for the first time
19:59.36 when you're scheduling these team
20:0.72 meetings through microsoft teams
20:3.60 be sure to add the agenda by priority
20:6.32 matrix tab
20:8.16 to those meetings what's going to happen
20:10.80 here is
20:12.24 the system automatically generates a
20:14.32 priority list for each person on this
20:17.28 meeting who's using priority matrix
20:20.48 these are all live items here so i can
20:22.88 actually go in and i can check them off
20:25.52 i can create new items to add to my
20:27.92 agenda or i can view my bank of items
20:30.96 that i'm already working on
20:33.60 again this is a great way to expedite
20:35.44 your meetings and you don't have to
20:37.20 spend time
20:38.96 backtracking trying to figure out what
20:40.64 you've been working on the system is
20:42.16 going to do all the groundwork for you
20:45.04 when you actually join the meeting this
20:47.60 agenda will be available where you can
20:49.36 continue to update and create new items
20:52.00 as needed
20:55.12 so that big takeaway would be letting
20:57.68 priority matrix help you have more
20:59.68 effective one-on-one meetings and team
21:2.80 meetings
21:7.04 so i mean after looking at all this it's
21:9.20 no doubt that priority matrix will help
21:11.60 you with email management keep track of
21:13.76 your priorities and with your meetings
21:16.32 but where the challenge is to really lie
21:18.40 is building new habits
21:20.56 i can relate to that firsthand i know a
21:22.48 lot of us can it's really easy to fall
21:24.48 into our old ways
21:26.32 but the biggest thing we need to focus
21:28.08 on is staying true to what we wanted to
21:30.72 get done
21:31.76 you know work to improve those habits
21:33.84 and
21:34.72 ingrain them into our day-to-day until
21:37.20 you know it's just kind of second nature
21:38.96 to look to priority matrix and use it
21:41.12 for everything you're working on
21:44.72 so what is our recap from this
21:46.32 presentation
21:47.60 number one install priority matrix to
21:49.76 the platforms of your choice don't be
21:52.08 shy install them in as many places as
21:54.24 you need
21:55.92 mentally prepare to change your habits
21:58.08 for the better visualizing it you know
22:2.08 positive self-talk these are all things
22:4.16 that are going to help you guys improve
22:5.68 your habits and be able to drop the old
22:7.60 ones that weren't supporting you
22:11.04 you want to pick out a few key projects
22:12.96 like we looked at uh top priority emails
22:16.80 um if you're a manager scaling your team
22:19.60 um analyzing and preparing for the
22:21.44 upcoming projects and i think all of us
22:23.84 can relate to creating a project for
22:25.92 those goals
22:28.96 next up you want to utilize the priority
22:31.20 matrix resources that we're providing
22:33.20 for you whether it's a quick phone call
22:35.20 an email to myself or our support team
22:37.92 or most importantly registering for all
22:41.04 of my upcoming webinars in january and
22:43.20 beyond those are the most powerful
22:45.36 resources that we've ever been able to
22:47.28 provide for our new and current
22:49.76 customers
22:52.24 lastly we want to help you see your
22:54.48 success skyrocket as you become more
22:57.20 organized your team will notice your
22:59.60 managers are going to notice most
23:1.12 importantly you're going to feel more
23:2.96 organized you're going to be more
23:4.72 successful and everything will just be
23:6.48 easier as it comes once you start using
23:9.04 priority matrix as that central space
23:12.32 for keeping track and collaborating on
23:14.96 everything
23:18.48 so what do some of our common questions
23:20.80 look like can i test priority matrix
23:23.36 with my team
23:24.56 absolutely we offer a free 14-day trial
23:28.24 for you to get started and you can also
23:30.32 include your teammates and this will
23:31.92 give you access to everything in
23:33.84 priority matrix
23:36.64 after that free two-week trial ends
23:38.56 there's a couple different licensing
23:40.24 options that can look like five dollars
23:42.80 per user per month
23:44.48 all the way up to more of an enterprise
23:46.16 style license which is actually more of
23:48.32 a flat rate fee for a site-wide or a
23:50.72 company-wide deployment
23:53.60 all of our licenses are done on an
23:55.52 annual or
23:57.04 multi-year contract so just something to
23:59.36 keep in mind as you explore those
24:1.04 options
24:3.52 does yit need to approve priority matrix
24:6.40 in the new year
24:8.16 this one is kind of a toss up priority
24:10.64 matrix is microsoft 365 certified which
24:14.08 means the microsoft security team did
24:16.16 audit our entire application
24:18.80 so on our side we have the green light
24:20.88 we're actually good to go for the
24:22.80 majority of companies
24:25.04 if for whatever reason
24:26.80 you're having challenges installing pm
24:29.12 for your office apps
24:30.96 that's no problem your it can approve it
24:33.52 and then you should be able to move
24:34.72 forward from there
24:37.76 something we could we quickly talked
24:39.36 about and a big concern from a lot of
24:41.36 people is can my company see my projects
24:44.00 and
24:45.20 to kind of piggyback on top of that is
24:47.36 can
24:48.08 affluence can we
24:49.76 uh can can
24:51.44 can the priority matrix team see your
24:53.52 projects in your data
24:55.20 and the answer to all of that is going
24:56.64 to be no
24:57.84 your company can only see those projects
25:0.40 when you intentionally share them with
25:2.72 each other
25:3.84 and on our side we are not able to see
25:6.08 any of your data so don't be scared off
25:8.32 by those permissions
25:10.00 when the outlook integration asks you
25:13.44 you know hey are we good to go to
25:15.20 install this
25:16.32 we can't see your data it's just simply
25:18.32 to let you integrate with the system
25:21.84 and then another thing we quickly talked
25:23.52 about with support and training again i
25:25.68 do have dozens of webinars coming up be
25:28.40 sure to register for all of those
25:31.12 and for support for enterprise and
25:33.28 business licenses we do offer one-on-one
25:36.16 training or ongoing team training
25:38.16 sessions as well
25:39.84 for everybody else email support is
25:41.68 going to be there
25:43.12 so across the board we've got you
25:44.56 covered you're not going to be left
25:46.32 hanging when you're getting up and
25:47.60 running we're here to help you and here
25:49.52 to help you be successful
25:53.28 so like i briefly mentioned you know
25:55.04 building a new habit is hard
25:57.60 i've been told that it takes 21 days to
26:0.40 form a brand new habit so for those of
26:3.12 you who can actually get started with
26:4.80 your trial today just shoot me an email
26:7.28 and i'll personally extend your trial
26:9.04 for 21 days
26:10.80 to ensure that you can successfully
26:12.96 adopt priority matrix in the new year
26:17.04 as i mentioned be sure to tune in to our
26:18.96 upcoming webinars
26:21.12 and be sure to explore the templates
26:23.04 which i will be happy to email to all of
26:25.12 you right after this webinar is over
26:29.52 with all that being said i hope that you
26:31.52 are as pumped up as i am to completely
26:34.16 dominate the new year
26:35.84 succeed as best as we all can and let
26:38.48 priority matrix do the hard stuff for
26:40.56 you
26:41.28 so you can focus on what matters and get
26:43.52 more done
26:45.20 thank you all for your time today happy
26:46.96 new year and i cannot wait to connect
26:48.72 with you and help you all get started
26:50.48 and find your success with priority
26:53.36 matrix