Introduction to Priority Matrix: How to prioritize tasks and emails

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- Teamwork Amplified: From project templates to seamless delegation, you'll ace collaborative projects. Leading teams to success will become second nature.

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2.28s good morning everyone we'll go ahead and
4.04s get started thank you so much for being
6.16s here today uh my name is hiwin I'm
8.00s co-founder of affluence the company
9.40s behind prod Matrix I want to let you
11.56s know that this webinar is recorded and
13.96s I'll be sharing the recording with
15.72s everyone afterwards so we actually have
18.16s a website if you go to
20.04s webinars we typically upload and then um
23.76s paste a webinar there and then if you go
25.96s there you'll also see a lot of other
27.36s recordings as well so if you have
29.64s trouble accessing the um recording
31.88s please be sure to check and the other
33.68s thing I want to mention is there's a
34.72s chat section uh inside the webinar here
37.96s if you have any questions or comments
40.04s during the webinar please share them in
42.16s the chat I'd be happy to take a look and
45.12s respond to them after the webinar um
47.52s after the presentation and the demo with
50.52s that we'll get
54.08s started today's webinar is on the
56.24s introduction to promatrix so we'll be
58.68s covering the basics of part Matrix um in
1:1.16 particular help you understand what the
1:3.32 software is what it can do and then show
1:5.80 you how to become more effective and
1:7.40 efficient at prioritizing task projects
1:9.36 and emails help you envision what your
1:11.56 work and life success may look like and
1:13.68 then also uh
1:15.32 leverage uh the 20% of the features in
1:17.80 PR Matrix that would give you 80% of the
1:20.28 benefits I think that's my number one
1:21.96 goal today which is to show you how to
1:24.44 get started real quickly real easily and
1:28.32 really hone in on on the features that I
1:31.44 think will drive value and then lastly
1:33.76 provide you some tips and tricks to help
1:35.20 you prioritize better starting today um
1:37.52 I think the most important thing in all
1:39.24 of this is that when you get out today's
1:41.72 webinar you can go open up your pry
1:43.92 Matrix get started um immediately and
1:47.08 actually start prioritizing your task
1:49.04 and if you're not able to do that if
1:50.72 you're not getting there then you know
1:52.56 definitely something something is wrong
1:54.48 with um either the the setup or whatever
1:58.24 it is in which case please reach out to
2:0.72 us and we'd be happy to provide any
2:3.00 guidance necessary for you to get
2:7.00 started so why do you even prioritize um
2:9.96 there's three reasons why customer come
2:11.64 to PR Matrix the first is to be better
2:14.00 at keeping track on the status of work
2:15.76 across many areas of responsibilities
2:18.12 the second is to create alignment across
2:20.08 team members so that everyone knows
2:21.68 what's important and then thirdly to
2:23.96 take back control of your emails and
2:25.80 meetings I think for all of us here
2:27.76 today one of the challenges we face
2:29.92 constantly is how much effort we have to
2:31.72 spend to look at all the emails that we
2:34.16 get and then how many meetings aren't
2:35.96 actually that productive so um my goal
2:39.32 is to show you how to use some of our
2:41.64 Integrations to actually tackle those
2:44.52 spe uh particular specific challenges
2:47.68 and then one of corollary that you might
2:49.52 want to ask yourselves and given that
2:51.36 you're here today you're probably
2:52.52 thinking about how do I prioritize my
2:54.64 time better so I want you to think about
2:56.52 what happens if you don't prioritize
2:58.68 better what if you keep the status quo
3:1.60 now for the vast majority of us it's
3:3.64 probably not that big of a deal except
3:5.72 in a few uh scenarios first you might
3:9.16 start losing sight on what's important
3:10.84 and you end up working on the wrong
3:12.44 things one of the things that I
3:14.56 absolutely hate is if you end up working
3:17.72 and spending all your effort on
3:19.60 something that you know um takes quite a
3:22.28 bit of time and and resources and then
3:25.56 realizing at the very end that it didn't
3:28.04 matter so working on the wrong things
3:30.20 and doing the wrong things right I think
3:31.88 is the worst use of resources that we
3:33.48 can have and then um secondly you feel
3:36.52 busy but you're not meeting your goals
3:38.56 so I think looking busy or you know for
3:42.28 lack of better words pretending to be
3:43.72 busy or even actually being busy but not
3:46.88 actually working on critical tasks I
3:49.32 think is a waste of resources for
3:50.92 everybody and I think unfortunately from
3:53.04 a team management standpoint if you're
3:55.24 the manager and you're seeing your team
3:56.88 members being so busy and you're they're
3:59.04 working on all sorts of stuff yet at the
4:1.32 same time you're not meeting the goals
4:3.24 that you have then clearly the
4:5.32 prioritization is off right and so
4:7.08 that's one of those things where it's a
4:8.72 red flag for us to a to um investigate
4:12.68 and go further and ensure that
4:14.24 everyone's on the same page and then
4:16.28 lastly if you feel completely
4:17.84 overwhelmed by emails and meetings I
4:19.48 mean this is something that I feel
4:21.08 challenged with every single day I get
4:23.60 so many emails on a constant basis it's
4:25.56 just so hard to ensure that you don't
4:27.64 drop those most important emails so
4:30.32 again if you feel like these are the the
4:32.36 challenges that you would face if you
4:34.16 don't improve your processes then that's
4:36.76 exactly what P Matrix is intended to
4:39.44 help so what is part Matrix um it's a
4:42.40 comprehensive email priority and project
4:44.40 management software that helps at three
4:46.40 different levels at the individual level
4:48.32 which I would say is the most important
4:50.32 it helps you prioritize your most
4:52.12 important tasks and emails that's pretty
4:53.52 much it if you are the only person using
4:55.76 petrix within your team or within your
4:57.84 organization and you're able to
4:59.88 prioritize your tasks and emails then I
5:1.92 think we've done a good job what happens
5:4.96 though is that as you become better and
5:6.60 better at prioritization you start
5:8.52 realizing wait a minute I wish my team
5:10.84 could be on the same page right how do I
5:12.92 know everyone's priorities and therefore
5:15.20 petrix helps at the team level so then
5:17.80 everyone's aligned on key
5:19.88 projects and then as you use promatrix
5:22.68 across the team over longer and longer
5:25.44 period P Matrix creates a single source
5:28.08 of Truth to help every be align on all
5:31.12 critical projects but ac spanning across
5:33.48 time so being able to look back at the
5:35.44 history of changes looking back
5:37.40 decisions on why we change due dates and
5:39.56 so forth or discussions around key tasks
5:43.24 that's when the magic really happens and
5:44.88 petric provide value for your entire
5:49.08 team so what makes p Matrix better than
5:51.52 a lot of the other competing solution um
5:53.40 it's the only Microsoft 365 security
5:55.44 certified solution across web app teams
5:58.00 app and Outlook app we're deeply
6:0.20 integrated into teams Outlook co-pilot
6:2.64 um in fact we're probably the most
6:3.80 integrated solution in the Microsoft
6:5.96 ecosystem and then thirdly party Matrix
6:8.84 helps you focus on prioritization that
6:10.84 being the number one thing um that you
6:14.24 know we think we can deliver value on
6:16.32 it's not just about tasks it's not just
6:18.00 about you know writing down your to-do
6:19.80 list it's not just about emails or
6:21.40 meetings or something like that I think
6:23.36 if you use petric just think about it as
6:25.92 a way to ensure that you are working on
6:29.12 the right things and then helping that
6:31.88 communicate that to the rest of your
6:33.24 team
6:33.96 members we also provide people Centric
6:36.72 collaboration um which means being able
6:38.72 to understand what it is that you need
6:40.04 to work on for a specific person and
6:42.32 then lastly patrix is available as a
6:44.32 standard SAS solution but also as a hipa
6:47.00 compliant solution for healthcare and
6:48.44 Life Sciences as well as an Azure
6:50.28 government Cloud solution um we also
6:52.20 have private Azure deployments that can
6:53.96 be deployed anywhere in the world one of
6:56.64 the things I also want to show you real
6:59.32 um today as well is some of our basic AI
7:2.20 Integrations that is intended to help
7:4.68 you specifically be a little bit more
7:6.60 productive and so um I'll try to show
7:8.76 you how to leverage that on a day-to-day
7:13.92 basis what makes patrix particularly
7:16.44 effective in my opinion is helps you
7:18.12 determine what you need to work on now
7:20.04 what you need to work on later what you
7:21.56 need to delegate and providing one
7:23.28 central place for everyone to know what
7:25.20 needs to be done the reason I wanted to
7:27.00 bring this up is because um customers
7:29.28 some sometimes you know they'll use
7:30.96 patrix for a while and then they start
7:32.96 to forget to use patrix and you'll
7:35.28 experience this yourself too it happens
7:37.28 with every single piece of software
7:38.84 every single process every single system
7:41.00 right U you go and you get really
7:42.72 excited in the beginning you're like
7:43.96 okay I'm going to write down all these
7:44.96 things I have to do but then what
7:46.56 happens is that you start forgetting um
7:48.84 you you know you go back to your status
7:50.60 quo and so you go back to checking your
7:52.32 emails you go back to just writing down
7:54.56 your to-do list and then working on
7:56.56 things without really a methodical
7:58.24 process the reason I want to bring of
8:0.20 this slide is this is one of those those
8:2.48 things that helps you remind yourself on
8:5.56 why you need to use PR Matrix
8:7.80 because um you'll start feeling uh like
8:10.68 you're losing control of your time and
8:12.92 and your resources and so when you go
8:15.12 back to petrix you realize okay I'm
8:17.84 going to Center myself and this is how I
8:19.80 will determine what I need to do now
8:22.32 what I need to do later what I need to
8:24.32 delegate and that's pretty much the
8:26.32 reason why you came to PR Matrix in the
8:28.80 first place so keep this in the back of
8:31.08 your mind whenever you lose focus
8:33.44 whenever you lose um a sense of of wise
8:37.48 it that you need to use the software
8:38.96 think about this
8:41.36 SL so let's talk about the fundamentals
8:44.00 behind prot Matrix so there's a famous
8:45.84 quote attributed to former President
8:47.28 Eisenhower what is important is seldom
8:49.24 urgent and what is urgent is seldom
8:51.04 important now what I really like about
8:53.04 this quote is it helps us um understand
8:55.88 that there's not one dimension there's
8:57.76 not just one thing that you look look at
8:59.96 when you determine what you need to work
9:1.28 on but instead you're looking at the two
9:3.00 dimensions of importance and urgency
9:6.28 right so um let me ask you a simple
9:8.20 exercise take out a piece of paper and
9:9.80 start writing down the things you have
9:11.00 to do so right after this call start
9:13.40 doing that imagine you have 10 or 15
9:15.52 things on your plate my next question
9:18.60 for you is what do you work on first do
9:21.72 you start at the top of the list because
9:23.20 you wrote that down first or do you
9:24.92 start at the bottom of the list because
9:26.00 you wrote that down last right and then
9:28.32 if you have to add something thing to
9:29.76 the list where do you add it at the top
9:31.48 of the bottom of the list and this is
9:33.08 the challenge that all of us face which
9:35.16 is when you have a to-do list there is
9:37.88 no sense of purpose no sense of um no
9:41.04 reason why you have to work on one thing
9:43.44 or another so instead of having a to-do
9:45.80 list what you have is a to-do Matrix so
9:48.92 you take each of those 15 tasks or
9:50.76 whatever and then you put it into four
9:52.52 distinct buckets the dimensions of
9:54.36 important and urgency what are the
9:56.16 things that are important and Urgent
9:57.96 what are the things that are important
9:58.92 and not urgent what are the things that
10:1.40 is urgent but not important and then
10:3.00 what's everything else why do you even
10:4.52 work on anything that's not important or
10:5.96 not urgent right so what happens instead
10:8.96 is you have What's called the Eisenhower
10:10.44 matrix it's a simple but powerful time
10:12.44 management framework and by categorizing
10:14.84 all the things you to do into these
10:16.24 various buckets it makes it so much
10:18.32 easier for you to focus on what it is
10:20.12 you need to work on so one of the things
10:21.92 I like to do when I start my day is I
10:24.32 always look at my Matrix and see okay
10:27.20 where should I focus my time where can I
10:29.40 spend my efforts and what happens is I
10:31.72 remind
10:33.32 myself my goals and what it is and so
10:36.52 instead of having that to-do list you
10:37.96 have these four quadrants and what
10:39.92 happens is it helps you prioritize your
10:41.72 task and make the most out of your time
10:44.12 so how it works inside promatrix is to
10:46.68 actually take those action items that I
10:48.72 mentioned and put it into these four
10:50.24 buckets the important urgence are the
10:52.20 things you should do now the important
10:53.96 but not urgent are things you should
10:55.12 plan
10:55.96 for and so uh when you do an exercise
10:59.48 this very very simple exercise it forces
11:2.04 you to prioritize it forces you to think
11:4.44 about your
11:5.56 priorities so here's the next
11:7.96 part do your Matrix and then ask all
11:12.28 your co-workers to do the exact same
11:14.08 thing and then walk around the office
11:15.96 and start comparing notes and what
11:18.40 happens is that you will start finding
11:20.92 discrepancies that you didn't know were
11:23.76 there imagine being able to see your
11:26.28 your manager's priority list and then
11:28.16 being able to see your Cod workers
11:29.64 priority list and being able to see your
11:31.00 direct reports priority list that's
11:33.32 where the magic happens being able to
11:34.88 compare notes and say wait a minute I
11:36.36 didn't realize that you thought that you
11:38.08 know this was high priority or this was
11:40.00 low priority or you know realizing that
11:42.08 you're working on the wrong
11:44.04 things so the four quadrant Eisenhower
11:46.56 Matrix creates alignment across your
11:48.80 team because it forces you to prioritize
11:51.32 from the very beginning um so in my
11:53.84 opinion you know half the battle half
11:56.48 the work is deciding what it is you need
11:58.40 to work on and so when you do this
12:0.32 particular exercise if you use almost
12:2.56 nothing else in petric and all you do is
12:5.08 just bucke tize your task into the
12:6.72 quadrants I think you'll find a lot more
12:8.72 clarity in your work and that's a good
12:10.36 start so success from using promatrix
12:13.32 isn't always about finding out what
12:15.28 everyone agrees on that's the obvious
12:17.00 stuff right but it's about discovering
12:18.84 disagreement on what should be a
12:20.20 priority when it isn't and if you find
12:22.64 that you know once a month or whatever
12:24.84 when you have these team meetings and
12:26.52 you discover that there's a misalignment
12:29.00 in priorities across your team then you
12:31.40 know that part Matrix has added a ton of
12:36.64 value a couple of key tips and then
12:39.12 we'll jump into the demo one um if
12:42.52 everything's important and Urgent then
12:43.88 nothing is important and Urgent and
12:45.92 that's a key takeaway because if you do
12:48.20 that exercise I mentioned and you you
12:50.00 took those 15 things and you categorize
12:51.80 them into buckets and then quaden one
12:53.64 has all 15 items then you've done
12:55.72 nothing in terms ofing the problems that
12:58.48 you have right and so in my uh opinion
13:1.40 you should never have more than 25% of
13:3.52 your task and important urgence be very
13:6.20 very critical on yourself um and ensure
13:9.24 that you know the things in cadant one
13:10.96 and cadant 2 are actually things that
13:13.44 actually truly matter then use prod
13:16.36 Matrix to sync up on goals with team
13:18.08 members one of the things I like to do
13:20.12 is if you have your personal priority
13:21.96 list ask everyone else that you work
13:23.80 with to have their priority list and
13:25.80 again when I say priority list here I do
13:27.44 mean a priority priority Matrix so it's
13:29.40 not just a list but it's about a matrix
13:31.52 where you do categorize these by
13:32.88 importance and urgency and then when you
13:34.56 have your team meetings just start
13:36.48 comparing notes and you either project
13:38.64 um your Matrix on the screen or your
13:40.44 co-worker Matrix on the screen and then
13:42.56 if you use a team uh if you're using Pro
13:44.92 matri with the team have a project
13:46.84 called team priorities and then project
13:49.36 that on the screen during your team
13:50.72 meeting so if you have a staff meeting
13:52.16 on a weekly basis it is so powerful and
13:54.80 so useful just to have everyone be on
13:57.12 the same page
13:59.28 one of the things I always ask people to
14:1.44 do is regularly reassess and adjust your
14:4.24 strategies party Matrix at the end of
14:6.24 the day is just a piece of software um
14:8.28 you know and and you've all of you have
14:10.88 probably seen so many pieces of software
14:12.60 you've probably started more software
14:15.12 than um than you can count right I mean
14:18.04 on on the on your hands so what happens
14:20.60 is that we get really excited about
14:22.40 software but we don't focus enough on
14:25.28 adjusting our strategies and actually
14:27.64 focusing on just using the soft Ware to
14:29.80 tackle the problems that we have and so
14:31.68 when you use prod Matrix make sure that
14:34.20 you reassess constantly on how to best
14:37.12 use py Matrix and ensure that you're
14:39.44 actually focusing on the key
14:42.36 results um one of the things i' I've
14:44.80 seen um customers struggle with is that
14:47.96 again you get started with P matrix real
14:50.68 strong but then you start forgetting and
14:52.44 then you start going back to your old
14:53.84 ways so if you have trouble checking
14:56.00 prodct Matrix on a constant basis either
14:58.00 being weekly or or or daily then make
15:0.60 sure that you do everything to bring P
15:2.56 of Matrix to the front and center which
15:4.40 is install our desktop apps or turn on
15:6.60 notifications install your apps inside
15:8.40 teams and all that with the sole purpose
15:11.08 of it being there to remind you what you
15:13.56 need to work on so these are key tips
15:16.64 that I think are actually very very um
15:19.00 useful to to maximize your success and I
15:21.68 I hope that you leverage this my goal in
15:24.48 all of this uh more important than you
15:26.60 using promatrix software itself is that
15:29.16 you come out of this webinar really
15:31.08 thinking about your priorities and how
15:33.40 you're managing them and then hopefully
15:35.60 um you become a little bit more
15:36.96 effective at prioritizing your task with
15:39.52 that I do want to remind you one more
15:41.80 time that the webinars are posted on
15:44.12 webinars and we cover a
15:46.24 lot of other topics as well and then if
15:48.64 you have any questions reach out to help
15:50.64 and then let's jump into
15:53.28 the product and show you how to actually
15:54.80 put this into
15:57.56 practice so here I have my party Matrix
16:0.56 open um so as you can see this is the
16:2.72 web application if you go to
16:3.96 click on web app then
16:6.20 you'll able to access our application
16:8.76 and as you can see front and center in
16:10.72 pry Matrix is the four quadrants that I
16:13.08 mentioned the do now the do later the
16:14.72 delegate in the inbox so instead of
16:16.72 having that to-do list right that you
16:18.44 typically see in your task management
16:20.32 software we force you to prioritize
16:22.80 within these four quadrants and now um
16:25.44 let me give you a sense of the structure
16:27.28 of PR Matrix on the left left hand side
16:29.68 are what's called projects so you can
16:31.72 think of projects as um different
16:34.28 matrices so for example for me I have a
16:37.12 personal priority project I'm a team
16:39.44 priority project I have a goal for 2024
16:42.44 and then below that you might have other
16:44.16 types of projects for different
16:45.40 initiatives that you have the whole idea
16:47.84 though is that everything has a four
16:49.52 quadrants associate with it so that
16:51.48 allows you to prioritize your personal
16:53.80 task then your team task and then um you
16:57.16 know your goals for for the year or a
17:0.60 particular initiative that you're taking
17:2.24 charge so such as you know improving
17:4.64 your um operational efficiency or
17:6.88 building a new website or growing your
17:9.16 team Etc so I have the personal priority
17:12.64 project selected and so when I select a
17:14.92 project I have the four quadrant and
17:17.40 then on the right hand side here is the
17:18.92 details around the project itself so for
17:20.84 example I can invite team members to the
17:22.88 project or I can customize the name of
17:25.72 the quadrants or the colors of the
17:27.24 quadrants but let's just say I want to
17:29.56 create a task so I click on add item
17:31.52 here I'm going to say follow up with
17:34.08 webinar participants okay um and so
17:37.68 that's my my task but in patrix one of
17:40.72 the things I can do is actually I can
17:42.12 just type when it's due so I would say
17:44.56 do tomorrow 2 p.m and so when I click
17:48.04 add here what happens is patrix uses
17:50.44 natural language processing and takes
17:52.44 that due tomorrow 2 p.m. set the due
17:54.48 date for me and uses my local time to
17:56.76 set the due date now here's the
17:59.92 thing after you create this task in PR
18:2.64 Matrix on the right hand side is What's
18:4.08 called the item details it has the
18:5.64 information around the task itself and
18:7.36 then a series of
18:8.64 metadata I want to highlight two things
18:10.80 real quick one due dates and two
18:14.24 reminders these in my opinion are the
18:16.60 two MO two most important features when
18:18.80 it comes to using promatrix on a
18:20.40 personal level the reason is a following
18:23.64 when you create a task right and you
18:26.76 don't set a due date and maybe that task
18:29.44 is important then how do you know
18:31.00 whether or not it's urgent or not so
18:32.92 you're not able to properly categorize
18:35.40 things by importance and urgency if you
18:37.64 don't have a good sense of time so in my
18:40.52 opinion every important task that you
18:42.56 have should have a due date for
18:44.16 precisely that reason it puts something
18:46.64 tangible on your calendar one of the
18:48.96 challenges all of us face is limit the
18:51.36 time to work on the things we need to
18:53.08 work on um so you've probably heard
18:54.92 about time boxing where you know you go
18:57.16 and you dedicate specific hours of your
19:0.04 day to work on something that's
19:1.44 important well if we don't set a du
19:3.76 dates and we don't set reminders for
19:5.60 ourselves we will start forgetting and
19:7.48 the truly most important the most
19:9.16 important task that we have will start
19:11.00 falling to the back burner and we keep
19:12.84 on working on things that are Urgent so
19:15.64 when you use PR Matrix i' strongly
19:18.28 strongly recommend setting due dates for
19:19.84 everything that's important and then
19:21.96 secondly you can set what's called
19:23.24 reminders now the difference between due
19:25.84 dates and reminders is very subtle but
19:27.56 very important let's just say if you're
19:29.80 working on um a very very important
19:32.04 project and that project is due in 3
19:34.40 weeks but that project will take you 3
19:36.52 days to get done right just the amount
19:38.12 of work that is involved so if you set
19:40.16 the due due date for three weeks from
19:41.92 now and then the due date comes and you
19:43.56 realize wait a minute there's no way I
19:45.20 can get this done on this day then you
19:48.20 realize okay you know what I needed to
19:50.32 actually remind myself prior to that so
19:52.92 the way it works with reminders is
19:54.52 reminders will send you notifications to
19:56.88 say hey this is um
19:59.16 start working on this make sure that uh
20:1.56 you know you actually this is Front
20:2.80 Burner move this to your front burner so
20:4.84 you can actually start working on those
20:7.04 critical tasks so one of the things I
20:8.96 like to do is when I set a due date here
20:11.64 I will go and I'll say remind me daily
20:14.96 so now on a daily basis party Matrix
20:17.20 will send me a reminder to ensure that I
20:18.92 work on this task so when I follow up
20:21.08 with a customer for example I tend to do
20:23.80 do in one month and then remind me
20:25.96 monthly so what happens is that when the
20:29.52 month comes and the duee date comes if I
20:32.08 forget to do it on another month my the
20:35.08 party Matrix will send me another
20:36.96 reminder this is a way to trick your
20:39.64 brain let me
20:42.00 explain when you start your day um this
20:44.88 morning for example what did you do you
20:46.88 probably checked your emails right and
20:48.48 so if you check your emails guess what
20:50.88 you're looking at the last email in
20:52.76 because that's at the top of the list
20:54.16 and so you look at that email and you
20:55.64 decide whether or not you want to
20:56.64 respond to it but the reality is is your
20:59.08 most important emails likely is not that
21:2.00 last email and so we are constantly
21:4.52 pulled away from our most important work
21:7.04 by the things that are Urgent so the way
21:9.32 to trick our brain is to actually ensure
21:11.96 that your most important tasks are
21:13.80 always triggered and that it's coming
21:16.28 back on a on a daily basis or weekly
21:18.88 basis or whatever so it becomes top of
21:21.12 mind this is something that I do all the
21:24.04 time I always set these recurring
21:25.80 reminders so then those recurring
21:27.60 reminders will ensure that I'm thinking
21:30.16 about it the task in the back of my
21:32.40 brain um and so you know I'm just even
21:34.84 looking at party Matrix looking at all
21:36.40 my alerts and notifications I see things
21:38.88 that may be overdue or coming up soon
21:41.84 and ensure that I work on it so I highly
21:44.56 recommend that so again if you are using
21:46.76 Prometric on a personal basis I
21:49.20 recommend these two features if you use
21:51.60 nothing else you know aside from putting
21:53.60 the the task into the appropriate
21:55.00 quadrants and all that I think you'll
21:57.00 find that this to be the most effective
21:58.88 way to ensure you work on the right
22:1.04 task now one thing I do want to mention
22:3.24 too is that you might not want to write
22:5.36 you know every little thing in party
22:7.32 Matrix I think that just can overwhelm
22:9.44 you real fast so when you create a task
22:11.76 in party Matrix focus on tasks that you
22:14.04 can have control over where you can make
22:16.20 a choice and a decision right so um
22:18.96 that's that the most basic level is that
22:21.24 if you're prioritizing then you only
22:23.80 should prioritize things that you can
22:25.60 prioritize um for example you know
22:28.00 you're going to grab lunch or do grab
22:31.40 eat dinner or do all those things those
22:33.40 are things you always have to do
22:35.12 therefore there's no sense in terms of
22:36.88 prioritizing them okay so now on the
22:40.12 right hand side let me show you some of
22:41.36 the other features and item details you
22:43.08 can star a task what starring does is it
22:45.56 actually puts the tasks at the top of
22:47.08 the list so for me personally I I star
22:49.96 maybe three to five task um in a in a
22:52.84 particular project and then overall I'm
22:55.80 able to see all my star task and then
22:58.60 below that I have the ability to add an
23:0.20 icon um I've seen customers make good
23:2.04 use of red yellow and green just as a
23:4.36 way to visualize that you know this is
23:6.16 on schedule or behind schedule and um
23:9.60 down below you have the option to
23:11.24 delegate to somebody else so the way it
23:13.20 works in per Matrix is you might have a
23:15.04 personal project but you might have a
23:16.44 team project where you have multiple
23:18.24 people responsible for various tasks so
23:20.32 if you click on the owner you can
23:21.56 actually change owner to another
23:22.96 coworker so let's just say if I need to
23:24.80 assign this to another person I just
23:26.84 click assign now somebody else who
23:29.52 responsible for it their Avatar takes
23:30.92 over the task and so it makes it a very
23:32.80 visual way to see the um the priorities
23:35.84 and then you have progress efforts
23:37.28 reminder due dates as I mentioned and
23:39.48 then below that you have something
23:40.68 called the chat and what I like about
23:42.40 the chat is it's a way to have a record
23:45.12 of all the changes that happens within
23:47.36 the task so as you can see I was able to
23:49.92 interact with the chat for example I
23:51.68 type you know remind me daily I can go
23:53.84 in here and type other commands such as
23:56.12 you know assign to a coworker or I can
23:59.16 say um do in three weeks or something
24:1.68 like that and again our natural language
24:3.40 helps takes over and uh and uh processes
24:8.00 those time for you in the notes section
24:10.48 that's where you can add additional
24:11.80 information around the task itself for
24:14.04 example um you know maybe I want to give
24:16.12 some details around this particular
24:17.64 followup or I can actually create
24:19.76 subtask one of the neat things that we
24:21.92 have in part this thing called fill with
24:23.76 AI so let me see let me show you what
24:25.36 happens when I click F fill with AI what
24:27.76 happens is our AI system um will
24:30.08 actually go and take a particular task
24:33.32 and start filling out some of the
24:34.44 details for you so I'll show you in
24:36.36 another example on how to use that
24:37.88 filled AI to create the your subtask
24:40.88 that might be relevant and then lastly
24:42.96 you have the resources section which
24:44.40 where you can add files links um as well
24:46.92 as emails that might be relevant to any
24:49.24 specific
24:50.40 task so let me jump to a different
24:52.76 project now let's just say if I want to
24:54.68 go to another team project uh so you see
24:57.44 how I opened my team priorities and when
24:59.40 I do that I have the ability to um you
25:3.04 can see how the color actually have
25:5.00 changed and also I use different
25:6.72 quadrant names so when you select a
25:8.84 project on the right hand side there's a
25:11.08 project details and this is where you
25:12.48 can change the project information you
25:14.68 can also star a project which pushes to
25:17.12 the top of the list and then you can
25:18.84 invite team members to specific projects
25:21.68 so if you were using part Matrix in your
25:23.92 team if you're a manager and you have
25:25.76 three or four direct reports you can go
25:27.80 and create a the team priority project
25:29.68 invite three or four team members here
25:31.36 and now everyone have uh can access PR
25:34.08 Matrix and see exactly what everyone's
25:36.28 priorities
25:37.24 are one of the things I want to
25:39.12 emphasize is that make sure that you
25:41.60 assign people the appropriate task so
25:44.48 then it becomes very visual when you
25:46.04 open up PR Matrix and you projecting
25:47.68 this on the big screen you can see what
25:50.00 everyone's priorities are what are the
25:51.48 things that are in q1 Q2 uh and then
25:54.84 what are the things that's in the back
25:56.28 burner right and so when you're having
25:58.08 that discussion it is so easy to
26:1.00 pinpoint the discrepancy because you
26:3.24 know your cooworker might look at and
26:4.64 say wait a minute I thought you know I
26:6.28 thought we were going to work on this
26:7.32 particular task or somebody else may
26:9.36 said hey why are we working on this this
26:10.96 shouldn't even be a priority so think of
26:13.44 party Matrix as a communication tool
26:15.64 that helps everyone be on the same page
26:18.16 similarly you might have a project that
26:20.08 helps you communicate your priorities to
26:21.68 your clients um or to your manager so to
26:24.88 show them hey these are the things we
26:26.52 consider priorities you know make sure
26:28.40 we're on the same page so imagine being
26:30.36 able to understand
26:31.92 exactly what your clients consider to be
26:34.36 top priorities um that just creates a
26:36.80 much more seamless experience with when
26:38.56 it comes to
26:40.04 communicating and if you want to uh
26:42.08 change the name of the quadrants you can
26:43.48 go down here and do that you can click
26:44.84 on each of these quadrant names and
26:46.52 change the quadrant so let me give you
26:48.24 an example why you might want to do that
26:50.16 um in some scenarios instead of using
26:51.92 the isenhower Matrix you might want to
26:53.84 use prod Matrix to map a different kind
26:55.68 of process so um there's many particular
26:59.16 approaches when it comes to four
27:0.40 quadrant methodology that includes
27:2.36 things like instead of using the
27:3.80 dimensions of importance and urgency you
27:6.20 might want to use the dimensions of
27:8.28 impact and effort right what are the
27:10.24 tasks with the most impact and the least
27:12.36 effort well guess what if you were
27:14.08 trying to prioritize your work those
27:16.32 kind of Dimensions might be very useful
27:18.56 so here uh with promatrix we've created
27:21.44 dozens of templates for you and from
27:23.64 those templates you can actually just
27:25.12 use them because it's just a way to
27:27.04 recategorizing all the quadrant names
27:29.04 and so forth and it just helps you
27:30.96 communicate your um your tasks and your
27:33.84 priorities much more
27:35.80 efficiently now when you use promatrix
27:38.20 and you start building up your own
27:41.12 methodology and your own approaches
27:43.04 that's specific to your organization you
27:45.60 can go to the top right here and then
27:47.36 you can save that as a template this is
27:50.24 really neat Let me Give an example let's
27:52.00 just say if you're an HR and if you're
27:54.64 an HR and you have a particular process
27:56.96 for onboarding your employees well you
27:59.84 can create a promatrix project create
28:2.56 maybe the 10 or 15 tasks that you have
28:4.80 that every employee um new employee
28:7.04 should follow then afterwards you go
28:9.40 ahead and save that project as template
28:11.40 now when you have a new employee instead
28:13.08 of actually creating a blank project
28:15.08 from scratch you can actually create a
28:17.08 project from that template and all the
28:19.96 tasks will get created and then all the
28:22.24 due dates will automatically get
28:23.48 propagated for you it's a fantastic way
28:26.84 to save your uh save time and effort on
28:29.36 repetitive task and you're able to
28:31.20 actually build processes around py
28:33.20 Matrix
28:34.84 itself okay so now um let me show you
28:37.84 how to create a project because you you
28:39.84 saw how I can have different types of
28:41.48 projects to create a project you simply
28:44.00 click on Project here create project and
28:46.56 when you go create a project you have
28:48.12 several options the first is you can
28:50.00 always create a blank project right and
28:51.80 so here you can uh you type in the
28:54.16 project name that you desire and then
28:56.24 you can actually choose the the
28:57.76 different templates that we have so we I
28:59.68 have you know whatever seven templates
29:1.80 here that I can choose from basic prod
29:4.00 Matrix means Eisenhower Matrix but you
29:5.76 can see how I can choose a couple of
29:7.24 other methodology and then I can choose
29:9.08 a color coding so very very basic very
29:12.36 simple but I can also choose from what's
29:15.64 called public templates now if I click
29:17.60 on public templates these are other
29:19.48 templates that we have that we uh we
29:21.60 share with you that you can use at no
29:23.60 cost you simply choose one of these
29:25.52 other templates that we have and it
29:27.60 actually f an additional information
29:29.32 that's relevant to your particular needs
29:33.04 and then if you save those templates
29:35.12 like I mentioned where you can have your
29:36.76 HR templates or your employee onboarding
29:39.00 templates or your client onboarding
29:40.68 templates you can click on my templates
29:42.76 and then choose one of these templates
29:44.76 instead and then lastly you're able to
29:47.08 use what's called create with AI so this
29:49.44 is actually one of the U features that
29:51.48 we have that's relatively new but what
29:53.44 it allows you to do is for you to type
29:55.48 in your goal and our system will build
29:57.84 out the task for you so imagine if your
30:0.52 goal this year is to you know um get a
30:3.52 promotion you can type this into your
30:7.24 goal creation um your AI here and then
30:11.44 click next and what happens is prrix
30:13.84 Will generate all the tasks help you
30:15.76 prioritize it set the due dates for you
30:18.00 in order for you to meet your goal so um
30:20.76 after this webinar I recommend that you
30:22.72 try it out uh you if you have you know
30:25.20 some particular initiative that that's
30:27.60 in um on your mind right now that you
30:30.00 wish there was a way to uh s streamline
30:33.88 or improve or actually tackle try this
30:36.88 and then party Matrix will show you the
30:38.56 task and then you can use it as a
30:39.92 starting point it's not going to be
30:42.16 perfect it's not intended to be perfect
30:44.12 but it's a really good starting points
30:45.72 so that's how you create projects and so
30:47.36 the way it works in patrix is that you
30:49.44 can actually have a lot of projects and
30:51.28 so in my main work account my real work
30:53.52 account I have something like 300
30:55.48 projects and that's okay um because I
30:58.36 just have different initiatives I'm
30:59.60 working on there's different types of
31:1.04 projects that our company has that
31:2.88 covers everything from different
31:4.48 applications to customer service to
31:7.28 goals and and so forth so when you use
31:10.16 PR matrix it's perfectly normal for you
31:12.60 to have 5 10 15
31:15.04 projects in my recommendation um I I
31:19.12 think you should have at least four
31:20.64 projects to start you should have a
31:22.36 personal priority project you should
31:23.96 have a team priority project that you
31:25.32 share with your co-workers you should
31:27.08 have a goals for 20 24 um or you know
31:29.92 whatever it is you could do go for this
31:31.28 quarter and the reason I I have that
31:34.08 particular project is because party
31:36.48 Matrix is very good at reminding you
31:39.12 what you need to work on and so for me
31:41.36 you know I have so many things on my
31:43.44 plate that I need a constant reminder to
31:46.76 make sure that I'm working on the right
31:48.24 thing so I I have a goals for 2024 and
31:51.04 within it I will have my short-term
31:52.60 goals my long-term goals and I would
31:54.88 write it down and I'll set recurring
31:56.52 reminders and you saw how did do that
31:58.32 right so you set those recurring
31:59.68 reminders so on a on a weekly monthly
32:2.28 basis you're reminded of your goal that
32:5.16 You' set from the very beginning that's
32:7.48 one of those reasons where you know so
32:10.08 so many of us fail to meet our goals is
32:12.68 that you know we are very gung-ho about
32:14.92 it from the very beginning we'll go and
32:16.76 we say hey we're going to do all these
32:18.04 things but then it doesn't become top of
32:20.52 mine because there's a thousand things
32:23.16 that's going on at any point in time
32:24.68 right just two weeks after you set your
32:26.64 goals there's already you know a
32:28.52 thousand new emails three new
32:30.40 initiatives and so many meetings you've
32:32.12 had in between so therefore you're going
32:34.00 to completely forget what it is you
32:35.48 wanted to do in the very first place so
32:37.40 for me setting that goals creating those
32:39.80 recurring reminders is a way to ensure
32:42.64 that what I want to do is top of my mind
32:45.76 um and then your the last project that I
32:48.00 think you should have is something
32:49.56 around a particular initiative that you
32:51.36 care about so if um if you're a new
32:54.12 manager then maybe you might have an
32:55.56 initiative on improving uh or meeting
32:59.04 your whatever your goals for the first
33:0.44 90 days or something like that or if
33:2.52 you're a director of operations you
33:4.56 might want to be a streamlining your
33:6.52 process so have something that again is
33:10.28 top of mind for you that you're working
33:11.76 on on a constant basis so I would
33:13.80 definitely have at least four of those
33:15.08 projects but as you can see once you
33:17.68 really get accustomed to PR Matrix you
33:19.64 can have a lot of other projects just
33:21.80 think how every project has a a four
33:24.32 quadrants associated with it and that
33:26.04 allows you to understand what your
33:27.32 priorities are for everything there now
33:29.96 let me switch gear a little bit and talk
33:31.36 about um email management so pry Matrix
33:35.12 um a lot of customers come to py Matrix
33:37.56 to use our email management um software
33:40.84 and the reason people do that is because
33:43.00 that's where you know we tend to all
33:45.20 struggle the most uh I get a few hundred
33:47.64 emails per day sometimes it's just so
33:49.96 hard to actually stay on top of it um
33:52.20 let me you know let me ask you a
33:53.28 question like let's just say you get a
33:54.56 really important email how do you um how
33:57.88 you mark it at some point you can flag
33:59.52 it that usually works you can set a
34:1.48 reminder that that sometimes works the
34:3.96 problem is if you have five flag emails
34:6.24 that's easy you have 50 flag emails then
34:8.92 now what do you do um and so for me if I
34:11.72 flag my emails it works for a little bit
34:14.64 but if I'm responding to that email in
34:16.16 the same day then that's fine but if I
34:17.96 need to respond to that email in 3 weeks
34:19.96 it's virtually impossible because it'll
34:21.60 be get lost within the entire uh email
34:24.36 chains all the other emails will come in
34:26.40 and take over so so with PR Matrix we
34:29.16 have an Outlook extension that lets you
34:31.80 prioritize your email so I'll show you
34:33.84 how it works let's just say I have
34:35.80 particular email that I get right here
34:38.20 if you go to the apps here inside
34:39.88 Outlook you can install pry Matrix turn
34:42.36 email into task which is an extension
34:45.36 that is part of your P Matrix and so you
34:48.24 if you need to install that you simply
34:49.96 click add apps and then search for p
34:51.76 Matrix and what happens is I can click
34:53.80 on prod Matrix here and I can choose
34:55.60 prioritize email
34:57.76 so party Matrix allows me to take any
35:0.36 email that I get in Outlook and but to
35:2.80 capture that email and turn into a task
35:5.00 I can actually change the item name here
35:7.44 so let's just say if a customer sent me
35:9.36 an email and I need to prioritize email
35:11.64 I can type in you know whatever
35:12.96 information is relevant I can choose
35:14.88 what project it goes in and I can choose
35:17.12 what quadrant it goes in so this is a
35:20.40 way to ensure that I'm not going to
35:22.84 forget the email and that I prioritize
35:25.00 it in the right place but here's another
35:27.96 um powerful use of of this particular
35:30.24 extension which is the ability to assign
35:32.64 it to another person so let's just say
35:35.72 if you get an email and you need to
35:37.00 assign to your coworker instead of just
35:39.20 forwarding that email to somebody and
35:41.48 then again if you forward an email
35:42.92 there's no accountability right you
35:44.60 can't set due dates you can't um set
35:47.04 priority level you can't organize it
35:48.76 into a project you can't set reminders
35:51.44 so just think about how um all you're
35:54.24 doing when you forward an email is
35:55.72 you're passing the puck to the next
35:57.04 person without adding accountability so
35:59.60 instead with prod Matrix you're able to
36:1.56 prioritize the email put in the
36:3.80 appropriate quadrants assign to the
36:5.44 person set a due date right and so for
36:8.48 example I'll set a due date here and I
36:10.36 go ahead and click capture
36:11.88 email now when I've done that it opens
36:14.52 the item details just like what you saw
36:16.72 in our um web application and down here
36:20.32 I can go and I can type in the comments
36:22.76 as needed I can go to notes um or I can
36:25.80 actually set those reminders right so I
36:27.72 can say remind everyone daily and so now
36:31.68 what I've just done is I've set a
36:33.56 recurring
36:34.68 reminder to ensure that everyone who's
36:37.36 on this particular task will get
36:39.64 notification um and respond to this
36:42.76 customer I think the way where per
36:46.12 Matrix for Outlook shines the most is
36:48.92 for responding to emails that for
36:51.92 reminding you to respond to emails that
36:54.08 you can't respond to today but that you
36:55.80 need to respond to in the future so you
36:58.48 know for me again sometimes I have to
37:0.24 follow with an email in 3 weeks or four
37:2.48 weeks if I just leave the emails as
37:4.96 flagged it's just not going to work and
37:6.52 so I would set these recurring due dates
37:9.16 and recurring reminders so I can open up
37:11.04 that email again and actually get to it
37:13.60 the neat thing is um in the resources
37:15.64 section that email is uploaded for me as
37:17.88 well so my coworker can open this item
37:20.52 click on this email file open the Emil
37:23.08 file and respond to the email files
37:25.56 needed one of the things that makes per
37:27.80 Matrix for Outlook extremely unique and
37:29.92 I'm not aware of any other application
37:31.52 that does this is the ability to attach
37:33.60 email to existing task so instead of
37:36.12 actually just going in and and creating
37:38.68 new tasks from email imagine if you got
37:40.84 a followup from a customer and now you
37:43.48 know you might have a task already in
37:45.32 place and within that task you have your
37:47.40 PowerPoint you have your presentation or
37:50.28 documents or other resources well check
37:52.88 this out you can open a PR Matrix click
37:55.00 on open PR Matrix instead of prioritize
37:57.16 email
37:58.16 and what you can do is you can take this
38:0.08 email and then search for the
38:2.16 appropriate task and then click on this
38:4.24 attach so what it does it adds this
38:7.04 email as a resource to an existing task
38:10.60 and it is very very useful if you have a
38:13.20 conversation with a customer or multiple
38:15.92 email chains that's relevant to a
38:17.88 particular task and be to tie it all
38:20.24 together in one central place this is a
38:22.24 very unique feature in patrix I'm not
38:24.20 aware of anybody else that has this so
38:26.32 if you have a lot of emails and you
38:27.88 struggle with a lot of email management
38:29.92 and you're trying to you know pass
38:31.20 emails back and forth within your team
38:33.64 this is the application to
38:35.40 use one of the things that's really nice
38:38.08 too about py Matrix inside Outlook is
38:40.88 the ability for you to add P Matrix here
38:43.12 on the left-and side so if you are
38:46.12 always in Outlook um make sure you click
38:48.60 on this um button down here and add part
38:51.56 Matrix again and once you do you can pin
38:54.08 prod Matrix on the left hand side here
38:56.12 and check this out if I click on party
38:57.88 Matrix I can open the entire application
39:1.52 directly inside Outlook so we're a
39:4.44 universal app for the Microsoft
39:6.20 ecosystem so what that means is you can
39:8.28 access part of Matrix no matter where
39:9.80 you are within the Microsoft Office
39:11.28 Suite and be able to access all your
39:13.40 task be able to access um all your
39:15.68 priorities without having to leave the
39:17.84 application so now if I jump to
39:20.00 Microsoft teams check this out I have
39:22.56 the exact same thing too so inside
39:24.80 Microsoft teams I have my entire
39:26.32 application
39:28.08 so I have PR Matrix installed here in
39:30.00 teams again if you need to you can go to
39:31.56 an app search for patrix then you right
39:33.72 click and pin PR Matrix in teams you
39:35.88 might have to ask your it to approve the
39:37.84 application for your organization but
39:39.76 it's a very straightforward process and
39:41.76 once you do you can see that you can
39:43.40 access party Matrix within teams within
39:45.92 Outlook and never having to leave any of
39:48.20 those applications so one of the
39:50.72 challenges I see customer face all the
39:52.68 time is that you know there's just too
39:54.92 much Contex switching right there's just
39:56.40 too many applications that you're using
39:57.80 at any point in time so that's why I
39:59.96 recommend you do install parries
40:2.36 everywhere and so then no matter what it
40:4.44 is that you're doing you can access all
40:6.12 your different
40:7.24 tasks there's a couple of neat features
40:9.84 inside teams that makes p Matrix unique
40:12.28 so if you go to the chat here you can
40:14.68 install What's called the one-on-one
40:16.16 view what the one-on-one view does is it
40:18.36 lets you add the one-on-one to
40:20.72 co-workers that you work with as an
40:22.64 example um let's just say you have three
40:24.92 or four direct reports you can go and
40:27.08 add the oneone view for every direct
40:29.00 report that you work with in the chat
40:30.88 here in teams and when you open that
40:33.08 view that tab you can actually see all
40:35.96 the tasks you have in common with them
40:37.64 across your entire part
40:40.36 Matrix it is so useful because when you
40:43.44 have those meetings you can actually
40:45.92 just hone in on exactly the issues at
40:49.20 hand no matter what project these tasks
40:51.36 are located in so instead of having to
40:53.52 open PR Matrix go to the different
40:55.60 projects and finding the task have and
40:58.20 this single view creates what I call the
41:0.68 people Centric view right it flips all
41:3.04 your data around and finds data you have
41:6.08 find task you have in common with
41:7.64 co-workers so this could be your direct
41:9.52 reports but this could also be your
41:10.84 manager this could be another colleague
41:13.08 that you work with across multiple
41:14.96 projects at the same time and what's
41:16.88 nice about this too is you you're able
41:18.56 to create share task directly from in
41:20.84 from this conversation allowing you to
41:22.76 create a task assigned to the other
41:24.24 person without even having to go to PR
41:26.56 Matrix and so can see how I can say you
41:28.88 know call Sue
41:31.64 tomorrow um again 2: p.m what this does
41:35.44 create the task assign to the person
41:37.36 invite you as a follower so you get
41:39.04 updates create the task set the due
41:41.68 dates um and then you can just choose
41:43.56 what project it goes
41:44.88 in so that's as simple as that so this
41:48.52 saves you so much time and effort as you
41:50.76 use Pro Matrix more and more okay so I'm
41:54.44 going to go back to P Matrix and show
41:56.08 you a few final Fe features and then
41:57.88 we'll wrap it up now when I open patrix
42:0.96 again here in inside the teams app it
42:2.92 looks just like the the web app you
42:4.60 don't need the teams app to use our our
42:6.48 application we also have desktop app for
42:8.64 mac and windows so the interface is very
42:10.52 similar no matter what platform you're
42:12.08 on but one of the things you'll notice
42:14.00 is there's something called the home
42:15.40 view if you click on this home view this
42:18.00 is where all those notifications come in
42:20.44 so I mentioned about how you can set the
42:22.84 due dates and reminders and so forth and
42:24.80 all these ways to trick your brain well
42:27.60 you have to start your day in the home
42:29.28 view so for me personally I always start
42:31.52 my day in the home View and in the alert
42:33.40 section these are all the tasks that are
42:35.32 relevant to me that means either a task
42:38.56 that I've been assigned a task that I
42:40.84 assigned to somebody else that's been
42:42.12 updated or a task um that assigned to me
42:45.44 but you know the due date Trigger or the
42:47.36 reminder trigger right and so being able
42:49.92 to go here and see everything helps me
42:53.76 focus on what are the things I need to
42:55.68 respond to and then my goal is to get to
42:58.40 an alert of zero right which means
43:0.44 you've looked at everything that's
43:1.64 important but sometimes you know you're
43:3.92 not able to go through all that and
43:5.56 you're able to click on here and clear
43:7.00 all
43:8.56 notifications this is where those
43:10.32 recurring reminders are magical
43:13.20 so I actually get a lot of alerts and
43:16.36 honestly I'm not able to go through all
43:18.00 of them so what I do is once in a while
43:20.52 I actually clear all my
43:22.28 notifications then the most important
43:24.52 task will pop back up again because
43:27.16 because I set those recurring reminders
43:29.48 and so for um my advice to you is make
43:33.12 sure you set those recurring reminders
43:35.32 on everything that is truly important
43:37.36 like again your goals or you know an a
43:40.52 critical followup so then patrix will
43:43.32 bring that back up surface that back up
43:45.24 to you and so then you know you might
43:47.08 have a bunch of urgent tasks that are
43:48.52 not truly important and they'll go away
43:50.52 they won't come back again but your most
43:52.20 important Ones Will so that's how the
43:55.04 alert section work there's a lot of
43:57.48 other views inside PR Matrix that's
43:59.76 that's quite useful depending on your
44:1.24 different use cases so if you go to um a
44:4.72 project one of the things you can is you
44:7.52 can actually switch views to the list
44:9.64 view you can go to the calendar view the
44:12.36 Gant chart View and also the reports
44:14.68 view so depending on your specific needs
44:18.16 you might a to leverage some of the
44:19.88 other views we have in prrix if you're a
44:22.12 project manager you might want to go and
44:24.28 look at the Gant chart and we have uh
44:26.72 Gant on a per project basis but we also
44:29.04 have Gant chart across all your projects
44:31.16 right so prri provide you all sorts of
44:33.76 visibility at a local level which is in
44:36.48 a per uh project but also a global level
44:40.04 across all your projects and so if you
44:42.44 ever need to find any specific
44:44.12 information go to the search View and
44:46.40 click on filters here and you're able to
44:48.76 create custom filters that allows you to
44:51.28 access everything that's important no
44:53.36 matter what project it's in okay let's
44:56.68 recap real quick on what it is you
44:59.12 should do today one you should create at
45:2.20 least these four projects that I
45:3.72 mentioned two when you create a project
45:6.68 and you create task make sure that you
45:9.08 set those due dates and those
45:11.20 reminders try our AI for creating um the
45:16.48 uh your goals a project from your goals
45:18.96 and then try our AI for filling with AI
45:22.08 where you have a specific task and you
45:23.76 need to create subtask those are the
45:26.04 basic features that you can try at today
45:28.92 um and I think that if you just share a
45:31.96 team project with your co-workers use
45:34.60 that in in your meetings and project it
45:37.00 on the screen you'll find that your
45:38.96 communication is going to be so much
45:40.76 more
45:41.96 effective I'm going to jump back to my
45:44.00 presentation
45:46.04 here so now it's really up to you um
45:48.80 make sure that you install pmatrix and
45:50.60 if you teams and Outlook I think it's a
45:52.48 no-brainer to install it on those
45:54.12 applications otherwise you can install
45:56.16 PR Matrix on your desktop app as well uh
45:58.92 create those projects that I mentioned
46:1.48 and then invite team members and Pitch
46:3.68 them to them why it's important to focus
46:5.20 on high impact task again I think that
46:7.80 you know the most important reason why
46:9.32 you want to use per Matrix compared to
46:11.40 any other application is the emphasis on
46:14.60 prioritization um ensure that everyone
46:17.24 is communicating what's on their mind
46:19.80 what's important what's urgent and be
46:22.24 sure that everyone's on the same page if
46:24.20 that's what you use part Matrix for
46:25.68 you'll find a ton of value there
46:27.80 when you create the task and prod Matrix
46:29.76 set those due dates and don't drop them
46:32.08 come back to prod Matrix and mark them
46:33.68 as Done Right whenever you're done with
46:35.40 those tasks and then finally ruthlessly
46:37.92 prioritize um if you find that you're
46:41.20 not in control of your time and you're
46:44.04 using part Matrix but you're not more
46:46.12 effective at prioritizing then reassess
46:48.88 your strategy and reach out to us if you
46:50.60 need
46:52.28 help some advice use protom Matrix to
46:55.64 track high impact tasks as I mentioned
46:57.96 you know you don't have to use prod
46:59.40 Matrix to to you know write down your
47:1.40 most basic list or whatever you can but
47:5.20 make sure that your high impact tasks
47:7.20 are tracked and then think of patrix as
47:9.88 a communication tool I think sometimes
47:12.36 you know people get in the weed with
47:14.16 respect to tracking their todos and so
47:16.64 forth but instead just think of patrix
47:19.20 as a way to ensure that everyone is
47:20.96 align and be on the same page and if you
47:23.24 use it for that purpose um and be able
47:25.84 to identify discrepancies and your
47:27.72 priorities you'll find a ton of value
47:30.00 and then lastly make sure you use PR
47:31.76 Matrix to manage your personal goals um
47:33.76 that you saw how I had a project for
47:35.20 goals of
47:36.72 2024 I I find that to be so invaluable
47:40.88 because I need a constant reminder to
47:43.24 make sure that I focus on my most
47:44.92 critical
47:47.64 task so what success should look like
47:50.28 with PR Matrix on a personal level you
47:52.20 should be checking prodom Matrix at
47:53.84 least on a weekly basis if not daily to
47:56.28 remind yourself of your goals and then
47:58.16 you're tracking all your priorities and
47:59.88 at the team level everyone's on the team
48:2.32 understands and are line a key task so
48:4.40 if any team member ever has the question
48:6.72 hey what is it that we need to work on
48:8.12 today or you know are we are we working
48:10.16 on the right things they should be a to
48:11.88 go into the team party party party
48:14.44 Matrix project able to get all those
48:17.04 answers that I um to those questions I
48:19.92 just asked and then lastly if you use if
48:22.68 you use a lot of emails you have a lot
48:24.08 of emails that um are important but
48:26.44 you're finding that you're dropping them
48:28.28 or you're not working on the emails in a
48:29.84 timely manner use our Outlook extension
48:32.52 to prioritize those emails assign them
48:34.84 to appropriate team members and ensure
48:36.88 that you don't drop them and that's
48:39.00 pretty much it if there's any questions
48:41.32 right now please send them in the chat
48:43.00 and I'd be happy to look at it and
48:44.36 answer them thank you