Introduction to Priority Matrix: How to prioritize tasks and emails

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Video transcription (45:27.88) Stop scroll

1.88s good morning everyone let's go ahead and
3.68s get started uh thank you so much for
5.48s being here today first of all I want to
7.56s let you know that this webinar is
9.40s recorded and so I'll be sharing the
11.04s recording with everyone afterwards and
13.20s then second of all um there's a chat
15.20s section here in the
16.56s webinar where you can actually ask your
18.64s questions so I'd be happy to answer any
21.44s questions you may have around use cases
23.60s or capabilities um and then you know
26.36s I'll answer at the end of my
27.76s presentation and demo and with that
30.36s we'll get started today's webinar is on
33.12s the introduction to
37.52s patrix uh my name is hi hiwi I'm
40.40s co-founder of affluence a company behind
42.12s py Matrix so uh I've talked to thousands
44.40s of customers over the years seen every
46.68s single use cases that you can imagine so
49.12s my goal for you today is pretty much
51.08s help you understand the basics of
52.80s promatrix help you become more effective
55.40s and efficient at prioritizing task
57.48s project and emails help you envision
1:0.28 what your work and life success may look
1:2.56 like with patrix and then using patrix
1:5.04 to achieve your 2024
1:11.24 goals there's three reasons customer
1:13.68 come to your P Matrix the first is to
1:15.88 help be uh be better at keeping track on
1:18.20 the status of work across many areas
1:20.32 responsibilities so what that means is
1:22.16 you're working on so many different
1:23.48 projects you're you have many hats at
1:25.92 any point in time how do you know how
1:28.16 things are going um how does you know
1:30.76 how do you know how things are going
1:32.48 with your co-workers or your colleagues
1:34.04 your managers your direct reports and
1:36.12 then second of all to create alignment
1:38.40 across team members so everyone knows
1:40.08 what's important and then thirdly to
1:42.32 Take Back Control of emails and meetings
1:44.72 um if you're like me uh you get a lot of
1:47.32 emails every single day and because of
1:49.60 that you're
1:51.24 constantly distracted um by all these
1:54.68 inquiries that's coming in and guess
1:57.44 what the last email in is the the first
1:59.56 email that you respond to right and so
2:1.56 we're all subjected to that now I
2:4.32 understand that many of you here today
2:6.76 and many of you listening to the webinar
2:8.16 recording afterwards are probably new to
2:9.60 pry Matrix but I I'm pretty sure pretty
2:12.32 certain that I can say that a lot of us
2:14.32 face these similar challenges in terms
2:15.96 of prioritizing and in terms of
2:17.96 understanding what we need to work on
2:19.88 and the second part is that a lot of
2:22.08 people um a lot of our customers have
2:23.88 tried so many different software and
2:25.80 have always struggled with bringing it
2:28.60 all together and bble to have one
2:30.60 central place to prioritize their task
2:33.76 and so what party Matrix is designed to
2:36.16 do is it to be a comprehensive email
2:39.16 priority and project management software
2:41.60 the reason it's that um that we try to
2:44.52 be all of those in one central place is
2:46.36 because we can't look at how we
2:48.68 prioritize our task without looking at
2:51.20 the emails that are coming in without
2:52.88 looking at the task that we have to work
2:55.16 on at any point in time and without
2:57.20 looking at the projects and initiative
2:58.92 that's on our plate
3:0.44 at the end of the day pry Matrix helps
3:2.48 the individuals the teams and the
3:4.24 organization at the individual level it
3:6.72 helps you prioritize your most important
3:9.16 task in email this applies to every
3:11.56 single one of us so um even if you don't
3:14.00 use p matrics in a team environment it
3:16.04 will help you understand your own work
3:18.72 and keep you sane honestly at the team
3:21.60 level it helps you be aligned on key
3:24.20 projects so one of the um more than a
3:27.36 decade ago promatrix started as a
3:29.20 software solution for individuals and
3:31.84 what we discovered was that we helped
3:33.80 individuals understand the priorities
3:35.64 and so they start realizing wait a
3:37.36 minute I know what my priorities are how
3:39.64 can I communicate this to others and so
3:41.84 that's how the team aspect of part
3:44.00 Matrix came about and so now if you know
3:46.48 what your priorities are and your
3:48.04 co-workers know what their priorities
3:49.76 priorities are when you come together
3:51.92 you can actually see um you can sort of
3:54.52 Imagine sort of Van diagram to see how
3:57.24 these two sets of priorities actually
3:58.96 merge together where are you align where
4:1.32 are you not align and then finally at
4:4.00 the organization level what part Matrix
4:6.44 does is creates a single source of Truth
4:8.64 to help everyone become more effective
4:11.28 and more efficient so now that you are
4:13.92 lying with your co-workers you can
4:15.76 imagine what about um how priorities are
4:19.52 across departments across teams and
4:21.52 across time right so more so than ever
4:24.08 before you know we and um employees have
4:27.92 turnover uh we go on leave and so forth
4:30.88 and so if we don't use something like
4:32.36 promatrix one of the challenges I've
4:33.92 seen over and over again is that all the
4:35.88 priorities that sort of in your brain
4:37.44 and then in your co-worker brain well
4:39.24 when they're they leave it leaves with
4:41.08 them so by using something like party
4:43.68 Matrix you actually have that
4:45.84 understanding of how priorities have
4:47.48 evolved over time and then if someone
4:49.48 new comes in and takes over a task they
4:51.72 know exactly what decisions led to that
4:54.12 point so that's what you can think of
4:56.60 prrix as as a software to help you have
4:59.24 every stage of
5:1.64 your um your work and so um I do want to
5:5.04 emphasize from my perspective the
5:7.24 individual is the most important right
5:9.40 because if we can't help you then then
5:13.32 what's the point um and so if you use
5:15.24 part Matrix this is your first time ever
5:16.88 looking at P Matrix make sure that it
5:19.24 works for you to help you understand
5:21.60 what you need to work
5:23.68 on what makes Prometric better than a
5:26.32 lot of other Solutions out there is that
5:27.80 it's the only Microsoft 36 security
5:30.16 certified solution for teams Outlook and
5:32.80 web application all three of those um
5:35.12 we're leveraging AI more and more to
5:37.20 help both teams and individual achieve
5:39.16 their goals we actually some really
5:40.56 exciting work including Integrations
5:42.52 with Microsoft co-pilot and other um AI
5:46.12 U Solutions so if you're interested and
5:48.56 if your organization supports some of
5:50.08 those other initiative reach out to us
5:52.04 and we can tell you more about that and
5:53.88 then thirdly we provide what I call
5:55.44 people Centric collaboration in addition
5:57.52 to helping you prioritize your tasks and
5:59.48 your project and all that people Centric
6:1.88 collaboration means it helps you
6:3.72 understand what it is that you need to
6:5.04 work on for somebody like if you are
6:7.28 talking to your manager you can pull up
6:9.36 PR Matrix and understand exactly what
6:11.12 are all the tasks that you're
6:12.16 responsible for or if you have direct
6:14.32 reports you can see directly everything
6:16.80 that they're working on and get the
6:18.24 real-time status of those
6:20.32 tasks party Matrix is also available as
6:22.88 a standard SAS solution which is what
6:24.48 I'll be showing you but also we have a
6:26.44 HIPPA compliance solution an Azure
6:28.64 government cloud ution as well as manage
6:30.44 private Azure deployments the neat thing
6:32.28 about this is it works deeply within the
6:34.28 Microsoft ecosystem regardless of which
6:36.84 of those solution you
6:38.68 choose what makes party Matrix
6:41.16 particularly effective is it helps you
6:42.80 determine what you need to work on now
6:45.84 what are the things you should work on
6:47.56 later and what are the things you should
6:49.36 delegate um if anything you know imagine
6:52.40 how many things you have to do at any
6:53.68 point in time how do you decide what to
6:56.56 work on and then not only that when you
6:58.88 talk to others how do you communicate to
7:0.80 them what it is that you need to work on
7:2.84 at this moment and then what is it that
7:4.44 you need to plan on for later and so uh
7:7.84 my understanding and and my take on all
7:10.04 of this is that priorities are
7:11.92 constantly shifting now let me tell you
7:13.76 the truth if
7:15.44 you don't have many task if your
7:19.52 priorities never change party Matrix
7:22.20 won't be that helpful honestly but if
7:24.56 your priorities are constantly shifting
7:26.56 and every single day you might get an
7:28.20 email from a client or your manager is
7:31.44 assigning you something new or you
7:33.28 realize that you know um all these
7:36.08 different projects are competing for
7:37.36 your time and you don't have enough
7:38.52 resources to get them to tackle them
7:41.08 that's when party Matrix is valuable
7:43.36 because it offers the one place where
7:45.60 everyone can go to to know what needs to
7:48.00 be done and so I always think that if
7:51.08 you have a thousand things to do but the
7:54.08 resources to tackle a p only a portion
7:56.32 of that that's when prioritization is
7:58.44 most critical
8:0.80 let's talk about the concept behind part
8:2.40 Matrix so there's a famous quote
8:3.80 attributed to former president Eisen
8:5.28 Hower what is important is seldom urgent
8:7.48 and what is urgent is seldom important
8:9.52 what I really like about this quote is
8:11.12 that it helps us understand the context
8:13.36 of everything that we have to do instead
8:14.96 of thinking about your to-do list what
8:17.04 you want to think about is your to-do
8:19.80 Matrix and that's what part of Matrix is
8:21.84 all about instead of having working on
8:24.56 something that's you know again if you
8:27.04 have 10 things to do do you start at the
8:28.52 top of the list or the bottom this right
8:30.64 so instead of looking from that
8:31.76 perspective you look at the task as with
8:34.40 the dimensions of importance and urgency
8:36.96 what tasks are important and Urgent what
8:39.08 tasks are important but not urgent and
8:41.08 so the important and urgent things are
8:42.80 in Quadrant One the do now the important
8:45.24 but not urgent are the things you should
8:46.56 plan for the not important but urgent
8:49.84 are the things that you could delegate
8:51.04 to others and then you should never even
8:52.96 write down the things that are not
8:54.16 important and Urgent and not urgent
8:55.80 because that's just a waste of of time
8:58.04 so the way it works with part Matrix is
8:59.92 instead of having a to-do list you have
9:1.68 to put everything within the four
9:3.64 quadrant
9:4.68 framework it is hard by the way it is
9:7.76 not easy this is the hardest part about
9:10.24 using Patric and this is the hardest
9:11.96 part about prioritizing because what we
9:14.36 do is we force you to prioritize from
9:18.00 the beginning and so a lot of us sort of
9:20.56 you know go go about our day you know
9:23.16 having a list of things we want to do
9:24.96 but never actually spending time
9:26.60 deciding hey if am I working on the
9:28.72 right thing
9:29.88 um and and is that the right thing
9:33.08 compared to the entire objective within
9:35.44 my team within my organization right and
9:37.76 so from my perspective what I want to do
9:40.68 is I want to identify what are the
9:42.72 things that are actually valuable um and
9:45.44 then how it fits in within the bigger
9:47.20 picture and so I would say that if you
9:50.24 struggle with patrix I'm sorry if you
9:52.48 struggle with
9:53.84 prioritization even doing this on on a
9:57.48 piece of paper as in even if you
9:59.76 prioritize all the work you have to do
10:1.52 on a piece of paper and never use a part
10:3.88 Matrix software I think you'll walk away
10:6.36 with
10:7.28 value
10:8.96 so the four quadrant eyes onhow Matrix
10:11.88 creates alignment within your team
10:14.20 because it forces you to prioritize from
10:16.64 the start right you don't wait until you
10:20.00 know a month a year later and then
10:22.68 deciding whether or not you know the
10:24.28 things you're working on is valuable or
10:25.76 not I would argue that the worst use of
10:29.40 our time is to do an excellent job on
10:33.00 something that doesn't matter um and so
10:36.00 I you can probably think for a half
10:37.84 second around all the things that you've
10:39.96 seen you do or your organization do or
10:42.68 others do where they spend so much time
10:44.84 and effort executing perfectly and then
10:47.20 no one looks at it I've heard you know
10:49.12 horror stories of entire reports
10:52.24 initiatives where people spend so much
10:54.32 time building and not a single other
10:56.52 person looked at it and so just think
10:58.12 about all that effort lost because that
11:0.28 particular project is not high priority
11:2.68 within the larger
11:5.16 organization so the success from using
11:7.80 Prometrics isn't necessarily about
11:9.84 finding out what everyone agrees on
11:11.68 that's easy it's about discovering the
11:13.68 disagreement on what should be a
11:15.28 priority when it isn't and so I hope you
11:17.72 take this um take this as a takeaway
11:21.88 from today's webinar and again if
11:23.56 nothing else apply this to your own
11:25.76 daily practice and you'll find a lot of
11:27.44 value but if you walk around the office
11:30.64 and you each have your own party Matrix
11:32.76 and you to start comparing notes you're
11:34.68 going to find that you'll either achieve
11:36.48 alignment real quick or you're going to
11:39.12 discover so many disagreements that you
11:40.64 weren't aware
11:41.96 of I do want to mention that the
11:43.96 webinars are recorded and so uh we we
11:46.44 post all them on to webinars as
11:49.36 well and then I also have a couple of
11:51.56 other webinars around more specific
11:53.80 topics uh including email management as
11:56.64 well as using templates in petric I
11:59.08 won't most go into all the details
12:0.72 around the software today but the whole
12:2.80 goal here is to give you a really high
12:4.84 level understanding on what are the
12:6.72 things you can use within petrix that
12:8.84 gives you the most value um also there's
12:11.64 additional types of webinars that's more
12:14.16 tailored toward people who are
12:16.04 completely new to the software as then
12:18.24 as well as to people who are very
12:19.96 Advanced with the software so definitely
12:22.36 check those out as well so with that I'm
12:24.96 going to go ahead and walk you through
12:26.32 the pre uh the product along with you
12:29.28 some uh suggestions here all
12:31.64 right as mentioned there is the chat
12:34.12 section inside the webinar so if you
12:35.80 have any questions please send them
12:37.20 there and I'll take a look at them okay
12:39.32 here I have party Matrix open um as you
12:42.20 can see front and center is the four
12:44.76 quadrant and by the way this again is
12:47.04 something that is so important in patrix
12:49.48 um you've probably seen a lot of
12:50.76 different you know task and project
12:52.48 management software where you know you
12:54.96 have a list and you can start writing
12:56.32 things down or you have a board where
12:57.64 you put things uh um things down on the
13:0.08 board and you can drag and drop them PR
13:2.04 Matrix is no different from that the
13:3.84 difference for us is focusing on the
13:6.80 four quadrants as the most important
13:9.24 part of understanding how to prioritize
13:11.60 your task and so on my leftand side here
13:14.12 I have my list of projects you can think
13:16.76 of projects as anything from my personal
13:19.56 priority list or my team priority list
13:22.44 or various initiatives I'm working on or
13:25.20 maybe you're you're working with
13:26.64 multiple clients or customer and you
13:28.00 might have a project for each of your
13:29.40 client and customer so you have projects
13:31.84 that might be lasting for years you
13:34.00 might have a project that lasts only a
13:35.56 month um or you might have something
13:37.44 that's recurring so those are the
13:38.72 different types of projects so do you
13:40.72 don't have to think about projects as
13:42.08 being an actual project in the
13:44.24 traditional project management sense
13:46.60 within the project you have the four
13:47.88 quadrants do now do later delegate
13:50.56 inbox so let's just say I start my day I
13:54.08 look at my part Matrix and I decide okay
13:56.08 what are the things I need to work on
13:57.32 today as an example right now now I want
13:59.84 to follow up with webinar participants
14:3.32 okay so that's a task a simple task that
14:5.40 I have to do after this webinar which is
14:7.16 what I will do and then afterwards I'm
14:9.20 going to say do tomorrow at 2 pm okay
14:13.36 and when I create a when I add a task
14:15.28 like that what it does is it creates a
14:17.36 task in Matrix and our system
14:19.48 automatically understands the due date
14:21.60 and set that due date for you so now on
14:23.28 March 1st I a task at do at 2 pm to
14:26.76 follow with webinar participants
14:29.72 so now the right hand side is What's
14:31.56 called the item details which is where
14:33.76 you can add additional information
14:35.80 around the task itself is it required to
14:38.28 modify all this no but the item details
14:41.64 let you put in information to help
14:44.52 remind you um or assign to others Etc to
14:48.36 actually make the task more complete so
14:51.32 here's a couple things that I want to
14:52.92 you to take away one um there's
14:55.48 something called starring a task so
14:57.32 let's just say something's very
14:58.40 important point you want to Star it the
15:0.44 way it works with starring is that when
15:1.84 you star task it actually Pops to the
15:4.96 top um of your quadrant right and so
15:8.28 when you have one task it doesn't really
15:10.16 matter but when you have 30 then you
15:12.12 want to say within each quadrant what
15:13.72 are the things I'm working on at this
15:15.36 moment in time so I like to always star
15:18.20 my active task what I'm focusing on at
15:20.68 this moment and then below that you have
15:22.72 icons which you can go and choose sort
15:24.56 of an icon that visualize what the task
15:26.72 is I've seen customers use um the colors
15:29.96 to a lot of great success just because
15:32.36 you know red yellow and green just makes
15:34.08 it very visual for you to see whether or
15:36.48 not things are going well or not and
15:38.36 then below that you have ownership let's
15:40.08 say you need to assign this task to
15:41.40 another person and then you have the due
15:43.28 dat which is what I I set when I was
15:45.92 creting the Tass in the first place but
15:47.60 then next to it is
15:49.04 reminders now due dates and reminders
15:51.32 are very different and this is probably
15:54.16 the most valuable feature inside PR
15:56.16 Matrix and I really want to emphasize
15:58.36 that you should be using this so let's
16:0.44 just say if you're working on taxes and
16:3.60 it's due April 15th right so you set the
16:5.88 due date April 15th April 15th comes
16:8.32 about and then you realize wait a minute
16:10.36 I don't have anything so how can I
16:11.80 actually get this done today so what you
16:14.72 want to do is you want to remind
16:16.28 yourself like maybe a week prior um or
16:19.28 on a recurring basis so then it's
16:21.04 actually top of mind and you can start
16:22.60 preparing for it so you can think about
16:24.84 anything that you have to do you have a
16:26.68 due date and then you can say um you can
16:29.76 set these reminders that actually comes
16:31.40 back and notifies you hey I should start
16:33.80 working on this okay so the way it works
16:35.72 in PR Matrix is I can actually just type
16:37.52 down here remind me daily so what I've
16:40.80 just done is I've set a due date and
16:43.08 then if I don't finish the task on a
16:45.40 daily basis the system will send me a
16:47.28 reminder to ensure that I actually get
16:49.40 it done it is so valuable to use these
16:52.36 two capabilities um on a for me I have a
16:55.64 lot of tasks open so I have around 300
16:58.12 projects
16:59.20 um I have tens of thousands of action
17:1.56 items that I follow across our company
17:4.64 if I were to actually have to open every
17:6.56 project to look at what task I have to
17:8.00 work on it would be virtually impossible
17:10.44 so what I do is for my most important
17:12.36 task I do exactly what I've just shown
17:14.24 you here I set due dates I set reminders
17:16.76 that's recurring and I set star and
17:18.92 guess what I won't always get to those
17:21.04 tasks every single day but when I forget
17:23.36 them the next day I'll get a
17:24.92 notification again it's like hey I
17:26.48 actually I should work on that so this
17:28.88 is how you trick your
17:30.84 brain what happens is that we are all um
17:35.52 for lack of better words subjected to
17:38.88 the shiny things and what I mean by that
17:40.60 is that the last email in is the email
17:43.48 that we're going to respond to first
17:44.84 right that's just the way it is with our
17:46.20 brain so urgent things are always um
17:49.20 pulling on us and so by using Prometrics
17:52.08 and by using these reminder system what
17:54.28 it does is it tricks your brain into
17:57.40 seeing that's most important things over
17:59.20 and over again so if you've used any
18:1.56 task management software or if you have
18:3.76 you know flagged your emails or things
18:5.40 like that you'll notice that you know if
18:7.60 it's within a day or two of you flagging
18:10.04 that emails you're will to get back to
18:11.80 it but if it's been like two weeks or
18:13.60 three weeks or two months or three
18:15.00 months you'll find that you completely
18:16.88 forgotten about it so that's why you
18:18.88 have to use reminders it is very very
18:20.92 crucial for anything that's you know
18:22.76 more than a few days away and what's
18:25.32 nice about that too is it actually gets
18:26.80 it out of your brain um so it frees up
18:29.04 your brain to to focus on other things
18:30.80 and on the task at hand okay so that's
18:33.16 how it works in item details um as you
18:35.44 look down more there's a chat section
18:37.36 which is where you saw how I type a
18:38.88 message there but it's also where I can
18:40.80 communicate with my team memb so what
18:42.92 that means it's you can think of like a
18:44.44 an email thread or a conversation for
18:47.24 every single task you can actually have
18:48.64 a whole history of everything you talked
18:50.72 about um and again it's V it's valuable
18:54.24 somewhat at this moment in time when you
18:56.44 know you're first using party Matrix but
18:58.32 but then in a year or two you might want
19:0.68 to look back at some of these tasks and
19:2.56 understand all the decisions made and
19:4.48 all the conversation within the context
19:6.60 of this task right and so every item has
19:10.48 a conversation associated with it so
19:12.52 instead of you having all these meetings
19:14.40 where you've talked about a thousand
19:15.56 different things and then later on you
19:17.28 don't remember all the decisions made
19:19.80 prod Matrix makes it one central place
19:22.36 where you can track all of that the note
19:25.28 section is where you can add subtask and
19:27.72 um and bullets and then the resources
19:30.12 section is where you can have documents
19:32.20 files um emails uh all attached in one
19:35.52 central place that's relevant to this
19:37.76 particular item now one thing that's
19:40.80 really valuable about the way part
19:42.80 Matrix integrate with the Microsoft
19:44.12 ecosystem is that in the resources
19:46.32 section you can actually attach emails
19:48.80 from your outlook you can also attach
19:50.72 links to SharePoint um you can also
19:53.00 attach other party Matrix tasks and tie
19:55.08 them together to build dependencies so
19:58.48 everything in patrix has a a link that
20:0.80 you can use as part of the resources so
20:3.28 that makes it really um useful to
20:6.48 actually look at the bigger picture and
20:8.88 see how all these things tie together
20:12.00 okay so as you can see I'm not showing
20:14.32 you every capabilities in terms of the
20:16.52 item details but again I do want to
20:18.24 emphasize that every task that you
20:20.32 create and every important task that you
20:22.32 create in part Matrix you should have a
20:24.88 due date you should have a reminder and
20:26.80 you should star them if they're the acve
20:28.44 ones okay so here again let's go back to
20:32.04 the big picture so we Zoom back out
20:34.40 we've talked about the item we talked
20:36.72 about the Matrix now let's look at our
20:39.36 list of projects as you can see in my
20:41.56 demo account here I have a few dozen
20:43.12 projects I can actually go to another
20:45.08 project for example my team priorities
20:47.28 or I can go to something like goals for
20:50.12 um for this particular uh quarter um or
20:53.72 I can go to a project that I created for
20:55.52 goals for
20:56.56 2024 now I when I I open this project
20:59.00 one thing you'll notice right away is
21:0.56 that the colors of the quadrants are
21:2.56 different and then not only that the
21:4.20 quadrant names are different pred Matrix
21:6.64 gives you a lot of options to customize
21:9.52 so I talk about the isenhoward Matrix
21:12.04 you know as the core of our software but
21:14.72 in
21:15.60 reality everyone works in different ways
21:17.80 and so as you use prodom Matrix more you
21:20.00 can actually build out all sorts of
21:22.48 customization that is useful for you as
21:25.00 an individual but also useful for your
21:26.80 team so here for example I have the
21:28.92 project goals of 2024 I change the
21:31.36 quadrant name to my long-term goals
21:33.84 short-term goals things I will not do in
21:35.60 ideas so if you have actually some goals
21:38.24 for this year I recommend that you go
21:40.36 ahead and create a pry Matrix project
21:42.64 and then from there customize it and
21:44.48 here's how you customize it when you
21:45.84 select a project for the first time on
21:48.08 the right hand side is What's called the
21:49.72 project details and so in the project
21:52.24 details I can say the project name I can
21:54.36 click on this to change it I can star
21:56.44 the project and just like
21:59.16 items when I start a project it pops at
22:1.12 the top of my list here um and then
22:3.12 below that I have members so these are
22:4.76 the people inside the project so I can
22:6.48 invite additional team members to my
22:8.84 project and so maybe it's one project
22:10.52 it's for myself my team project might
22:12.72 have two or three people in it um or a
22:15.48 project I work with another um another
22:18.08 colleague might have additional people
22:20.08 or different people in it and so party
22:21.52 Matrix gives you the ability to control
22:24.16 who gets to see what project and then
22:26.28 down here you can actually click on each
22:28.08 of these quadrants and actually change
22:29.44 the names and then click on the color
22:31.20 here to change the color of the
22:32.24 quadrants I like the colors uh to
22:34.88 signify different categories of projects
22:37.00 so for example if you
22:39.24 were um managing uh you know client
22:42.76 projects you might have the client
22:44.24 project be one color and then if you
22:46.56 have uh internal project from marketing
22:49.04 or engineering they may have different
22:50.52 colors so then when you look at your PR
22:52.24 matrix it's very visual for you to see
22:53.84 what it is that um requires your
22:56.44 attention so to create a new project in
22:59.04 PR Matrix is very straightforward you
23:0.64 click on this um icon up here choose
23:4.20 create project and now you have several
23:6.36 options the first is you can always
23:8.32 create a blank project very
23:9.76 straightforward you just type in the
23:11.04 project name choose a color theme click
23:13.72 add project right and if you choose
23:15.32 basic party Matrix that's the Eisenhower
23:17.24 Matrix that we talked about the do now
23:18.68 do later delegate and postpone but if
23:21.08 you click on template you actually have
23:22.52 a couple of other choices and so
23:24.36 anything that's sort of a 2 x two Matrix
23:26.68 can be used inside the petric Software
23:29.40 System um also what I can do instead
23:32.04 when I create a new project is I can
23:33.52 choose from what's called public
23:34.88 templates so if you go to public
23:36.52 templates what we've done is we've
23:38.04 created several types
23:39.80 of U matrices and we put it here for you
23:42.60 to choose from in fact we have several
23:45.08 hundred types of templates everything
23:47.52 that you can imagine in terms of
23:48.92 quadrant names and you can think of all
23:50.72 these different dimensions of like
23:52.24 importance and urgency but also efforts
23:54.64 versus impact um or anything that's
23:57.40 that's you know you've seen in Business
23:59.04 Schools or business strategy um Etc so
24:2.72 prod Matrix lets you use those quadrants
24:4.60 very easily and then you also have the
24:6.72 option to create from AI which is where
24:8.96 you can put in goals so let's just say
24:10.44 you you want to get promoted this year
24:12.64 right you could say you know my goal is
24:15.44 promote get promoted to senior project
24:17.52 manager you type that here you click
24:19.76 forward and pry Matrix will build out a
24:21.56 series of tasks for you for you to
24:23.52 achieve your goal and then lastly you
24:25.68 can actually choose from your own
24:27.28 templates
24:29.12 one of the most powerful capabilities in
24:30.76 party Matrix is the ability to turn any
24:32.76 party Matrix into a recurring template
24:35.92 that you can use at any point in time
24:38.20 let me give you an example let's just
24:39.84 say you use prod Matrix for the first
24:41.48 time and you help on board employees
24:45.04 well you can go create a blank project
24:47.56 in P Matrix create all the tasks you
24:49.84 have around employee onboarding such as
24:52.60 hey these are the three things you have
24:53.80 to do this week these are the four
24:55.04 things you have to do this month these
24:56.44 are the documents and training material
24:58.16 should you should read and it's due at
25:0.20 different dates then you save it as a
25:2.24 template in part Matrix and now whenever
25:4.88 you have a new employee you just go to
25:6.80 create from your template choose that
25:8.96 and then you can say the start date and
25:10.52 party Matrix will populate all of that
25:12.64 for you it is very useful if you have
25:14.96 recurring tasks and it's it's useful for
25:18.20 recurring initiatives or you know if you
25:20.60 were let's just say you work in the tax
25:23.60 industry and you have to have a series
25:25.28 of tasks for your clients every single
25:27.04 year you just choose a per Matrix
25:29.68 project set the start date as January 1
25:32.04 and then everything will be created for
25:33.60 you and all the due dates will update
25:35.00 for you
25:36.12 accordingly so that's how you can create
25:38.24 projects inside P
25:40.32 Matrix so now let me um show you a
25:43.16 couple of other ways in which you can
25:44.84 use patrix and look at the data in a
25:47.72 different way so I'm going to choose
25:49.76 another project here so again as you can
25:53.16 see this one uses effort and impact um
25:56.60 The Matrix is the front and center but
25:58.96 you can actually look at all your task
26:1.80 with other views so for example you can
26:3.56 switch over to list view right some of
26:5.44 you are more familiar with with the list
26:7.28 View and some people prefer the list
26:8.72 view um and what's really interesting is
26:11.04 that when you work with somebody else
26:13.40 using PR Matrix you can be in The Matrix
26:16.32 view somebody else can be in the list
26:17.96 view somebody else can be in the
26:19.88 calendar view somebody can else can be
26:22.28 in the Gant chart View and all your data
26:24.08 still sync together and so what's neat
26:26.36 about that is that people can look at
26:28.16 the data in their own ways and patrix is
26:31.08 just a way to visualize that information
26:34.20 so every project has each of these
26:36.88 various views and then the last view
26:38.72 here is actually the report system where
26:41.44 you can actually see what are the things
26:43.40 people work on what are the things uh
26:45.36 where you've been spending your time on
26:46.80 every single project so that's how you
26:49.16 can actually um look at the reports on a
26:51.88 pro project
26:54.00 basis the other thing that I want to
26:56.20 talk about is the people Centric aspect
26:58.40 of party Matrix as mentioned earlier you
27:0.80 know if you have one project right it's
27:3.52 easy to know what everyone's working on
27:5.28 but what if you have five or 10 projects
27:7.72 and you have a meeting with your manager
27:9.60 and you're trying to find out what are
27:11.16 all the things you worked on instead of
27:13.00 having to go through every single
27:14.20 project what part Matrix does is it
27:16.16 gives you what's called the one-on-one
27:17.44 view so I go to here I choose the
27:19.20 oneon-one and then what I can do is I
27:21.40 can select a person and from this
27:23.52 oneon-one view when I select a person I
27:25.72 see everything I have in common with
27:28.16 that person it is so useful because when
27:32.88 I'm let's just say I'm I'm meeting a
27:34.60 direct report I can pull up this view
27:36.96 see everything that person's working on
27:39.12 I can see what are the things that are
27:40.68 overdue what are the things that are
27:42.16 modified um I can sort by each of these
27:44.68 and then when I'm come up with new tasks
27:46.64 that I need to assign to the person I
27:48.36 can click add share task create the task
27:50.84 here and it automatically assigns it to
27:53.36 my my colleague and add me as a follower
27:56.76 so when there's a an update to that task
27:58.88 I get notified and I can choose what
28:0.56 project it goes in so if you have a lot
28:2.64 of one-onone meetings or you work in a
28:4.80 cross functional team this is a very
28:6.96 useful capability so this is what I call
28:8.84 people Centric and instead of looking at
28:11.44 it from a project perspective you can
28:13.56 look at you can go through this list and
28:15.36 change the people that you work with and
28:17.40 just see directly what it is that
28:19.00 they're working on and if you want to
28:21.80 know and ensure that you know people are
28:23.80 not falling behind on their task this is
28:26.12 a fantastic place to look at it as well
28:29.16 now I want to shift gear a little bit
28:30.56 and talk about email management U that's
28:32.36 probably one of the number one reason
28:33.72 why uh customer come to patrix so patrix
28:36.64 is really deeply integrated into the
28:38.84 Microsoft teams ecosystem so for example
28:41.00 let's just say here I I get an email
28:43.48 let's say I get an email and from this
28:45.64 email I need to do a certain task for a
28:49.76 customer right I could respond to the
28:51.84 email right away that's usually not a
28:54.00 problem but sometimes I might have to
28:55.84 assign the email to another person or I
28:58.16 might have to set a due date to this
28:59.68 email because I'm not ready to respond
29:1.52 to at this moment so what I can do is I
29:3.96 can open py Matrix here so this is the
29:6.56 apps within Outlook itself if you don't
29:9.12 have patrix for Outlook yet click on add
29:11.48 apps and search for patrix but here I
29:13.96 have it install and it's called pry
29:15.76 Matrix turn email into task I click on
29:18.24 this option and I have the option to
29:20.08 prioritize
29:21.72 email so if an email comes in instead of
29:24.80 actually just flagging the email I open
29:27.16 the um per Matrix for Outlook here and
29:29.72 what I can do is I can turn this email
29:31.76 into a task I can choose what project it
29:34.04 goes in I can assign it to another
29:37.16 person I can assign to another person I
29:39.28 can set a due date and then I click
29:40.80 capture email what it does is it
29:42.88 converts that email into a task and as
29:45.56 you can see the moment I do that this
29:48.36 becomes an item detail so it looks just
29:50.72 like inside my web
29:53.52 application um and then what this allows
29:56.32 me to do is when when I have to answer
29:58.52 that email I actually can um when the
30:2.40 the due date is there I can actually go
30:4.68 and open that email directly from inside
30:8.40 my PR
30:11.40 Matrix so the other thing you can also
30:13.96 do with Outlook is actually attach
30:17.00 emails to existing task and you can even
30:20.08 access the entire party Matrix
30:21.60 application within Outlook itself so if
30:23.92 you go to down here to more apps you can
30:26.20 again search for PR and you can actually
30:28.24 install party Matrix inside Outlook so
30:30.92 you don't even have to go to our web
30:32.36 application um you can access the entire
30:34.96 web app directly here all you have to do
30:37.36 is pin it so then it's it's there just
30:39.56 like another Microsoft
30:41.16 application similarly if you go into
30:44.00 Microsoft teams you can search for prod
30:46.36 Matrix and then install prod Matrix here
30:48.16 on the left hand side pin it and now you
30:50.68 can access all the pr Matrix inside
30:52.84 teams we also have really deep
30:54.84 Integrations within everything inside
30:56.96 team especially relating to
30:58.76 conversations and all that so I can go
31:1.20 to a conversation here with a coworker
31:3.52 open the one-on-one View and see that
31:6.40 same one-on-one view um that I mentioned
31:8.92 earlier directly here inside teams with
31:11.88 every single one of my co-worker the way
31:14.04 I would add it is just click on this
31:15.56 plus icon choose party Matrix and add
31:18.00 the one-on-one view additionally m u we
31:20.88 integrate with Microsoft teams to allow
31:22.68 you to convert any conversation into a
31:25.68 task so for example let's say a CO
31:27.24 worker send you a message you can
31:28.80 actually just hover over this and choose
31:30.52 to create party Matrix action item
31:32.60 directly from any teams
31:35.08 conversation as you can see party Matrix
31:37.28 allows you to actually send what's
31:38.80 called action cards as well so that's
31:40.40 pretty useful if um let's just say you
31:42.68 assigned someone a task and then you see
31:44.44 that you know they didn't respond to it
31:46.08 patrix allows you to send these tasks
31:49.20 through Microsoft teams and then letting
31:51.00 your coworker open it respond to it as
31:54.00 needed so we have additional
31:56.24 Integrations um with everything else in
31:59.44 the Microsoft ecosystem including
32:1.60 planner you can pull in planner task you
32:3.28 can pull in to-do task um we actually
32:5.60 also Integrations with Microsoft
32:7.40 co-pilot and then uh Integrations with
32:10.88 Microsoft power apps and workflow so I
32:14.24 the reason I want to bring that up is
32:15.64 that um if you are using prot Matrix and
32:18.76 then as you expand the usage of prot
32:20.72 Matrix across your organization P Matrix
32:23.16 is ready to grow with you in terms of
32:25.20 how you work within the Microsoft
32:28.24 system again I do want to emphasize that
32:31.08 none of that is required the most
32:33.00 important thing about using per Matrix
32:35.00 is simply to create a few projects again
32:38.56 that will show you go back to open per
32:40.24 Matrix here my personal take is you
32:42.84 should create a project that's called my
32:44.48 personal priorities you should create a
32:46.36 project called my team priorities you
32:48.52 should create a project for goals and
32:50.44 then you should create a project for
32:51.68 some key initiative that you're working
32:53.08 on and if you do that and when you
32:55.24 create tasks you simply set the due dat
32:57.20 and reminders I think you're going to
32:58.84 find that part Matrix is very very
33:0.52 effective at helping you just understand
33:4.24 what it is that you're working on and
33:6.36 then my second advice is that when you
33:8.60 have a meeting a team meeting simply
33:10.96 project part Matrix onto the big screen
33:13.88 what happens is that every single one of
33:15.84 us when you know we are working on
33:18.28 something we have those priorities we
33:19.92 have those thoughts inside our brain but
33:21.92 it's not so easy for others to recognize
33:24.16 that and then similarly imagine um if
33:27.96 you needed to know what your co-workers
33:29.84 considered to be their priorities right
33:31.36 you don't want to be sitting in a
33:32.64 meeting room just to talk about that so
33:35.20 by having everyone create their own
33:37.72 Matrix you can actually go in and take a
33:40.44 look at everyone's um party Matrix at
33:42.56 any point in time and see those
33:44.72 priorities asynchronously you don't have
33:46.92 to have a meeting to know instead you
33:49.72 look here and see okay I see that you
33:51.72 know so and so person has these as their
33:54.32 priorities and this is where there's a
33:56.24 misalignment when you have a meeting
33:57.88 then you can discuss those
34:0.84 misalignments okay so to wrap things
34:5.04 up um I I want you know if you haven't
34:7.92 signed up for party Matrix already sign
34:10.00 up for py Matrix if you use Microsoft
34:11.96 teams add patrix and teams if you use
34:14.28 Outlook add P Matrix and Outlook
34:16.28 otherwise you can always just go to PR
34:18.12 to access the web app we have
34:20.36 desktop apps you can actually install on
34:22.20 your Windows and Mac machines um so that
34:24.72 allows you to have part Matrix
34:26.36 everywhere the other thing about patrix
34:28.76 is that we actually have really deep
34:31.36 Integrations with email forwarding as
34:33.36 well so I show you how you actually can
34:35.48 convert an email into a task and Outlook
34:37.60 but you also have what's called a secret
34:39.16 inbox address where if you're on the
34:41.36 road right and you're on your mobile
34:42.68 device and you get an email and you need
34:44.16 to prioritize it you can forward it into
34:46.28 pry Matrix and actually turn that into a
34:49.68 task I want to go back to my
34:51.88 presentation real
34:55.88 quick okay so what success with prod
34:59.76 Matrix should look like the first and
35:1.92 most important is that you have one
35:3.88 central place to track all your
35:5.44 priorities again you know if you can
35:8.12 imagine
35:10.16 how you have all your priorities written
35:12.52 down in the project your managers have
35:14.24 their priorties written down in the
35:15.24 project your co-workers have their
35:16.60 priorties written down the project and
35:18.20 so whenever you need to understand what
35:20.04 it is you need to work on you just open
35:21.56 up PR Matrix and look at those projects
35:23.84 that's when you know you use PR Matrix
35:25.36 correctly second everyone on the team
35:28.16 understand and are align on key task if
35:30.20 you don't find any discrepancy that's
35:32.88 great but the value in PR Matrix is
35:36.40 finding the discrepency the things where
35:38.56 you guys disagree on because again you
35:40.56 don't want to be spending time working
35:42.16 on the wrong things right and so the
35:44.04 earlier you surface that the
35:46.04 better if you have a lot of repetitive
35:48.60 procedures make sure you templatized
35:56.84 project and then every time you have
35:58.96 that series of tasks again launch it
36:0.48 from your project there's a webinar um
36:2.80 dedicated precisely to template
36:5.28 management and then lastly important
36:7.96 emails are prioritized and so I find
36:11.36 that to be one of the most powerful
36:12.80 feature within party Matrix just because
36:15.44 you know we just all of us no matter
36:17.16 what get so many emails every single day
36:19.28 and we forget our emails all the time
36:21.80 and so when you create that email and
36:23.88 you create that due dates attach a due
36:25.72 dates to that email and you assign to
36:27.36 people you're can to actually have a
36:28.64 meaningful conversation around that and
36:30.72 then make sure that you never actually
36:32.28 drop those
36:33.88 emails okay with that I conclude my
36:36.24 presentation here if there's any
36:37.72 questions whatsoever I'd be happy to
36:40.04 address them if not you can also send me
36:42.44 a message at high and I'd
36:44.80 be happy to um respond to them thank
36:50.12 you okay let me see if there's any chats
36:53.36 um okay so uh someone asked if party
36:56.16 Matrix would be be useful for a student
36:58.16 who does not receive a lot of emails but
36:59.76 struggle to prioritize assignments
37:1.96 absolutely so as you can see let's just
37:4.28 imagine here I'll go back to party
37:5.72 Matrix for a second and I'll show you um
37:8.36 let's just say if you're a student and
37:9.92 you're using party Matrix well one of
37:11.84 the things you can do is go to here
37:14.12 create a project and just simply create
37:16.16 a project for every single one of your
37:17.80 class work that you have to do so now
37:19.84 you have
37:20.96 projects associate with every single one
37:22.96 of your classes and then within that you
37:24.88 can have your priority list and you
37:26.76 maybe these are the things that you want
37:28.16 to do to overachieve these are the
37:29.92 things you need to achieve and uh and
37:32.00 then all your other ideas so that's a
37:33.56 very very simple use of prod Matrix and
37:35.92 what's again what's nice about the
37:38.24 Matrix system is that it's very Visual
37:40.72 and it's very easy way to see how you
37:44.56 have all these things you have to do and
37:46.16 then where you can best spend your time
37:48.12 and resources to do them um so I I
37:51.64 recommend that you know as you use pry
37:53.36 Matrix think about the quadrant names to
37:55.88 better reflect the way that you think um
37:58.20 I think that you know for me personally
38:0.40 I have so many things that's going on at
38:1.96 any point in time it's very important
38:3.60 for me to get it out of my head and the
38:5.52 best way to get out of my head is to
38:6.80 write it down so you could be doing this
38:8.52 on a piece of paper for you know and and
38:10.72 honestly some people do that a lot of
38:12.44 people do that the major difference with
38:14.72 promatrix is that you do it in a digital
38:16.96 form and then we tie it into your
38:19.96 Microsoft ecosystem we tie that into
38:21.88 your emails and then we provide
38:23.56 historical records and reports on all of
38:25.48 it really that's that's it but if it's
38:28.56 your things you have to do is simple
38:29.96 enough just apply to uh to your um pen
38:33.72 and paper it work just as
38:35.48 well um the SE next question is do team
38:38.28 members see individual priority Matrix
38:40.40 details or only task they are
38:42.40 respectfully assigned to that's a great
38:43.88 question so the way it works in PR
38:45.84 Matrix is you have a lot of permissions
38:47.76 that you can have so for example let's
38:49.80 just say I go back to my list of
38:51.20 projects here um as you can see when I
38:53.60 click on a project and I click on the
38:55.20 project details here I you can see now
38:57.08 my project details there's these things
38:59.12 called members if someone is a member
39:1.76 within a project they can see all the
39:3.84 tasks within the project and all the
39:5.36 details within the project and that's on
39:7.96 purpose so you know it gives you full
39:10.64 transparency and they can go to the uh
39:13.52 feed view here and see the record of all
39:15.68 the changes they have within the the
39:17.36 project right and so you get that
39:19.24 transparency now if you take a pro a
39:21.96 task and you assign it to another person
39:23.92 who's not in the project and you opt to
39:27.16 not invite them to the project then they
39:29.24 only see that task and nothing else but
39:32.04 that task will show up in their inbox so
39:34.76 party Matrix has what's called the inbox
39:37.04 which you go up here and you go click on
39:38.60 inbox so you can think of inbox as
39:41.04 access to task that don't belong in any
39:43.56 specific projects so this gives you the
39:46.36 option to assign people task and not
39:48.84 show them the rest of the project lastly
39:52.08 if you have any project one of the
39:53.52 things you can do is if you go to the
39:55.20 top right here you you can choose to
39:57.52 share project in readon mode so what
40:0.72 this does is it can let other people see
40:3.68 all the tasks at a high level and all
40:5.88 the quadrants they're associated in but
40:8.00 they cannot edit the task nor make
40:10.56 changes um to the conversations Etc or
40:14.80 the notes Etc so um let me give you a
40:17.08 use case let's just say if you're inside
40:18.96 Microsoft teams right so here I open
40:20.84 Microsoft teams Channel and then um
40:23.76 you're an upper management and you want
40:25.32 to share the goals for your department
40:28.12 with the people within this team but you
40:30.04 don't want anyone to edit it obviously
40:32.00 so what you can do is you can choose a
40:34.12 uh a general teams here click on this
40:37.12 plus choose per Matrix you can choose a
40:40.60 project view select a project and then
40:42.96 choose to share the project in readon
40:45.12 mode so what this does is it lets you
40:47.52 share you know your department goals for
40:50.76 example or other resources or guide
40:53.96 within Microsoft teams and not let
40:55.88 others change change it so you can see
40:57.96 how you have all those different
40:59.00 permission level um again if someone is
41:1.96 in a project though they have absolute
41:3.96 full control and full
41:6.20 visibility next question um when you add
41:8.68 files from the desktop can you access
41:10.52 these files from another system is it
41:12.28 link to Microsoft accounts oh that's a
41:14.08 great question so uh you can do both so
41:16.92 what happens is party Matrix gives you
41:18.44 several options so let's just say if I
41:20.96 go back to my party Matrix here and
41:23.48 within a task right let's say within a
41:27.12 task I have some resources if I attach a
41:29.96 file here you can access this file
41:32.68 anywhere you can be on another computer
41:35.00 you could be on the web you could be on
41:36.20 a desktop you could be on mobile and you
41:37.72 can access that task or what you can do
41:41.16 is instead of actually uploading the
41:43.16 file you can actually add a link to your
41:45.60 SharePoint so party Matrix has what's
41:48.00 called Edge extension and Chrome
41:49.68 extension so if you're browsing a file
41:51.92 on SharePoint you can click on this
41:54.00 extension and convert that file into to
41:56.40 a task so now when someone opened that
41:59.52 link then they need to log in with their
42:1.24 Microsoft account thirdly you can
42:4.00 actually use your one drive Integrations
42:6.88 with part Matrix so the account admin
42:9.76 can actually sync to their one drive and
42:12.40 so whenever someone uploads a file it
42:14.88 actually uploads it to the admin's one
42:17.44 drive and that's how permissions is
42:19.36 handled so so then you're able to go and
42:21.92 control access to that particular
42:25.16 file
42:27.00 so um here if you're talking about you
42:29.12 know essentially access to file that you
42:31.32 no longer have a um have permissions to
42:34.36 if you're actually uploading the file
42:36.00 here in the resources section then you
42:38.28 can still access those files as opposed
42:40.08 to SharePoint where it is managed by the
42:42.96 Microsoft account at any point in time
42:45.68 these are a fantastic question thank you
42:47.56 I hope that's clear if not feel free to
42:50.00 ask for any followup and I'd be happy to
42:51.76 look at it um as mentioned you know one
42:54.56 of the things that we try to do is we
42:55.96 try try to give you um some potential
42:58.60 ideas on how to use P Matrix um I do
43:1.16 want to emphasize so much that it boils
43:3.40 down to you as an individual um so if
43:6.80 you can use prod Matrix to prioritize
43:8.64 your task then everything else will fall
43:10.16 into place right because if you're
43:11.76 prioritizing your task well you will
43:14.28 succeed your manager will see that
43:15.72 you're succeeding um and then you know
43:17.84 you'll see that your direct reports need
43:19.60 to see the your priorities and so forth
43:22.12 and then suddenly everything else will
43:23.68 will come together and you'll use petric
43:25.48 at your team and then eventually at your
43:27.24 organization so if you struggle with the
43:30.12 personal aspect of it reach out to us
43:32.24 and you know we'll try to provide you
43:33.40 some advice and guidance on how to best
43:35.52 leverage that but again I I emphasize
43:38.80 that you know if you don't use any other
43:40.68 features in prod Matrix simply create a
43:42.92 few projects again my personal
43:44.72 priorities Etc and then when you create
43:46.80 tasks just set those due dates and
43:48.04 reminders and by the way the way you get
43:49.84 reminders in PR Matrix is here so
43:52.12 there's something called the home
43:53.24 section and what happens is you get
43:55.24 these alerts every every single day
43:56.92 right and so you can actually clear
43:58.44 these alerts by going here and then
44:0.40 those recurring reminders those due
44:1.96 dates will keep popping back up here
44:4.20 ensuring that you're reminded of the
44:6.36 most the most critical task additionally
44:8.68 there's the um the chat bot inside teams
44:12.08 that will send you reminders as well and
44:14.36 so our goal in all of this is to be top
44:17.16 of mind for you on those critical task
44:19.36 and so I hope you take advantage of that
44:21.64 and by the way I love setting the
44:24.12 reminders for tasks that it's a year
44:25.76 away even so I sometimes have to follow
44:28.96 with people within a year I literally
44:31.12 would say do in one year right and then
44:34.92 U for example here again I'll say I'll
44:36.60 show you do in one year remind me in 11
44:41.80 months something like that and so it's
44:44.08 so far out that you know if you were
44:47.56 using a traditional way of of
44:49.64 prioritizing these tasks you might lose
44:51.48 it but with part Matrix it will come
44:53.68 back and it will remind you um and it's
44:55.96 it's even better if you make it
44:57.20 recurring because then you'll get that
44:59.24 recurring reminders until you get that
45:1.24 task
45:2.40 done okay with that I hope this was some
45:5.84 a useful introduction um I hope that you
45:8.44 know you'll walk away excited about how
45:10.32 you can use this to prioritize your task
45:12.40 we have a lot of other resources um
45:14.64 online in terms of you know training
45:16.48 videos and and so forth but thank you
45:19.52 for your time I appreciate
45:24.88 it