Introduction to Priority Matrix: How to prioritize tasks and emails

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Video transcription (56:9.28) Stop scroll

2.96s all right good morning everyone thank
5.72s you so much for being here today uh my
7.28s name is high win I'm co-founder of
8.76s affluence the company behind party
10.20s Matrix hopefully you're here today
12.16s because you're interested in learning
13.40s more about party Matrix and um so this
15.60s webinar will be an introduction to pry
17.24s Matrix I'll be doing my best to cover
19.72s several goals first thing I want to
21.88s mention is that this webinar is recorded
24.52s and so um I'll share the recording with
26.48s everyone afterwards and then at the same
29.12s time there's a chat section here so
31.84s during the webinar if you have any
33.72s questions whatsoever please share them
36.08s and I'll do my best to address them
37.92s after my demo and then of the
39.80s presentation as well it's a good chance
42.72s for you to ask me about features tips or
44.96s anything that would make more make you
46.56s more efficient and more effective at
48.04s using patrix with that I'm going to go
50.72s ahead and get
53.92s started our goals for today um help you
57.12s understand the basics of pry Matrix I
58.72s think that's very important that you can
1:0.68 walk away from today's webinar knowing
1:3.52 how to use the product at the uh most
1:5.60 basic level but also at the most
1:7.04 productive level and then help you
1:9.00 become more effective and efficient at
1:10.92 prioritizing task project and emails and
1:13.64 so I do highlight the difference between
1:15.64 effective and efficient right efficient
1:17.32 is doing things more quickly but
1:20.04 effective is doing the right things and
1:22.08 so when we talk about prioritization we
1:23.96 also talk about prioritizing different
1:26.16 types of activities and so petrix does a
1:28.20 fantastic job of helping you
1:30.40 differentiate between tasks as well as
1:33.32 emails and then help you envision what
1:35.76 your work and life success may look like
1:37.92 with PR Matrix um and then lastly one of
1:40.48 the things that has been on the top of
1:42.12 my mind even now has been my goals for
1:44.68 2024 and how to use prod Matrix to
1:47.48 ensure that you meet those goals one of
1:50.04 the things that I find really
1:51.20 interesting uh and you've probably seen
1:53.28 so many stories of this too is that you
1:54.96 know in January everyone is so gung-ho
1:57.00 about um their priorities all the things
1:59.20 they want to do in 2024 and then you
2:1.56 know they're talking about it and then
2:2.92 by February right right now um You'
2:5.04 already starting to forgot uh to forget
2:6.92 about all those goals that you had so
2:9.24 how do you use something like pry Matrix
2:11.00 to ensure that you actually work on
2:13.04 those things that you care most for this
2:14.52 year and so I'll share you I'll share
2:17.00 with you um some of the T tricks that I
2:19.44 have to ensure that you work on the
2:21.36 right
2:24.56 things so one of the things I want to
2:26.56 highlight are the challenges that I've
2:27.88 seen over and over again with customers
2:29.88 that I talked to the first is that team
2:32.16 members seem to always have trouble
2:34.04 understanding what's priority right now
2:35.72 one thing that's so interesting is it
2:37.08 doesn't matter what your team sizes you
2:38.48 could be a team size of five or you
2:40.12 could be a team size of 50 um within a
2:42.84 particular group and you actually have a
2:45.00 hard time understanding what's
2:46.44 everyone's working on and then at the
2:48.32 same time you don't know where you fit
2:50.56 in within the the big picture and so you
2:52.80 have all these meetings just to get
2:54.44 together to talk about priorities and
2:56.20 then afterwards um nothing is actually
2:58.36 done about it and so one of the things
3:0.12 that I think I see over and over again
3:3.12 is that you know we're working with more
3:4.96 and more projects more multiple areas
3:7.56 responsibilities right no longer are we
3:9.80 working on just one project or one type
3:12.24 of task um more um we're all you know
3:15.76 inundated with so many different things
3:17.16 until at the same time how do you keep
3:18.92 track on the status of work across all
3:21.36 these areas
3:23.04 responsibilities and then thirdly uh
3:25.24 emails and meetings are just causing far
3:26.96 too much contact switching ironically
3:29.08 over the last couple of years there's
3:30.72 been an explosion on the amount of tools
3:33.44 that's out there for you to communicate
3:35.96 to prioritize to manage projects and so
3:38.04 forth and yet at the same time you're
3:40.16 still getting emails you're still
3:41.52 getting messages here and there you're
3:43.20 still in meetings um and so you know
3:45.92 we're actually not doing a better job of
3:49.48 tracking all the work we have to do
3:51.24 instead which is switching between more
3:52.68 and more tools and so that's a constant
3:55.36 problem that I've seen across all our
3:58.68 customers so what is PR Matrix PR Matrix
4:2.60 is a comprehensive email priority and
4:4.96 project management software that helps
4:7.40 at all three levels at the individual
4:9.40 level we help you prioritize your most
4:11.56 important task in email at the team
4:13.88 level we help you be align with your
4:16.76 co-worker so everyone's on the same page
4:19.52 with respect to the priorities of your
4:21.44 most important projects and then at the
4:23.32 organization level we actually create
4:25.16 what I call the single source of Truth
4:27.16 to become more effective and more
4:28.40 efficient so what that means is if you
4:30.56 know what your priorities are and then
4:32.08 your team knows what your priorities are
4:33.52 and the whole organization knows what
4:35.00 their everyone's priorities are then
4:37.36 imagine how much more effective and more
4:39.24 efficient you be right you're not
4:41.00 spending time working on things that
4:43.80 don't matter because you know how it
4:46.04 reflects within the entire organization
4:48.16 so that's the Hope um that you know I
4:50.68 I'm hoping that when you're here today
4:52.52 and you're listening to this uh webinar
4:54.92 or you're watching this afterwards on
4:56.56 the um on the recording I want you to
4:58.84 think about the these three goals and
5:0.60 that um if you're using per Matrix you
5:3.08 should be able to achieve these things
5:5.08 right here and if you're not then
5:6.68 something is wrong right so reach out to
5:8.76 us if you're not meeting these goals
5:11.12 because the point is the software is
5:12.96 designed to exactly help you tackle
5:15.76 this so how does petrix solve those
5:18.92 problems that I mentioned earlier um
5:21.16 first we use what for the for we use
5:23.16 What's called the four quadrant
5:24.44 methodology to promote effective
5:26.36 prioritization so I'll go into details
5:28.24 around that philosophy
5:30.00 secondly part matrics provide different
5:31.72 views such as the one-on-one the agenda
5:33.84 the timeline to help you understand what
5:35.92 needs to be done within the right
5:37.68 context and so when we talk about so
5:39.76 many different projects that's on our
5:41.36 plate at any point in time what you want
5:43.28 to know is hey what's my priority within
5:45.56 this particular context right um if I'm
5:47.64 working with another person what are my
5:49.36 priorities for that person what if I'm
5:51.52 working on a certain type of category of
5:53.28 projects what are my priorities across
5:55.00 these
5:55.80 projects and then thirdly given all
5:58.00 these tools that we have party Matrix
6:0.20 provides what's one of the most
6:1.40 integrated solution in the Microsoft
6:3.64 teams and Outlook ecosystem and so what
6:5.88 we're able to do is actually tie
6:7.64 everything together so then when you're
6:9.32 using Outlook and when you're using
6:10.80 teams it's almost a no-brainer to use it
6:12.48 with patrix because we can actually pull
6:14.64 all that into one Central plays and then
6:16.84 you know exactly what you need to work
6:19.80 on so what makes Pro Matrix better is
6:22.32 that it's the only project email and
6:24.04 meeting management software that's
6:25.32 Microsoft 365 security certified across
6:28.36 uh teams Outlook and web at the same
6:30.44 time and one of the things that we're
6:32.16 investing in is actually to help you
6:34.48 achieve your goals um so we're building
6:36.80 everything for for our business
6:38.28 customers everything from checklist to
6:40.52 templates and so forth that actually
6:41.88 meets your specific needs and so we're
6:43.60 trying our absolute best uh to help you
6:47.00 um actually become more efficient and
6:48.40 more effective and so um one of the
6:50.04 things I I want you to take away from
6:51.68 today's webinar too is that again if
6:53.68 you're using print Matrix and you're
6:56.04 struggling and and if you're finding
6:57.96 that for some reason you know you're not
6:59.40 not actually tracking the right things
7:1.68 then again that's a problem that needs
7:3.68 to be addressed and so patrix is
7:5.64 extremely adaptable and so it's a matter
7:7.88 of how to figure out to make it work
7:9.88 within your specific needs um and then P
7:12.56 Matrix also provide what I call people
7:14.16 Centric collaboration so one of the
7:16.20 things that I find you know really
7:18.56 interesting with a lot of project
7:19.92 management software out there and it
7:21.20 doesn't matter where you get it from
7:22.20 because there's thousands right what
7:23.76 happens is you're taking project you're
7:25.16 taking task and so forth but then when
7:27.00 you really think about it when you're
7:28.40 working on something
7:30.28 you're also doing something for other
7:31.92 people and so what I mean by that is you
7:34.12 know when you have a meeting with your
7:35.52 manager you need to talk about all the
7:37.08 things that you have to do for your
7:39.36 manager across all of your projects it's
7:42.08 not just one and then vice versa when
7:44.04 you're in a meeting with your direct
7:45.56 reports you want to know what are they
7:47.60 working on what are the priorities
7:49.00 across all of those projects and so pry
7:51.00 Matrix actually gives you all these
7:52.60 different views that allow you to see
7:54.44 the things you have to do with the
7:55.60 people first and uh point of view and
7:58.64 then lastly Matrix is available as a
8:0.40 standard SAS solution which is obviously
8:2.12 what I'm I'll be showing you today but
8:3.84 we also have a HIPPA compliant solution
8:5.80 for uh Healthcare and Life Sciences an
8:8.08 Azure government Cloud for state and
8:9.64 local governments as well as manage
8:11.44 private Azure deployment so if you're in
8:13.92 any of these other spaces that you know
8:15.72 you're interested in learning more about
8:17.08 our Enterprise solution either in um in
8:19.84 education nonprofit or um else elsewhere
8:23.52 please reach out to us support at
8:25.24 or high at
8:27.04 and we'd be happy to talk so what makes
8:29.88 SP Matrix effective is that we help you
8:32.52 understand what needs to be done now
8:34.32 what needs to be done later and what are
8:36.00 the things you should delegate and then
8:37.56 lastly part Matrix offer one central
8:39.80 place where everyone can go to to know
8:42.40 what needs to be done and actually that
8:44.64 key the reason why I highlight that is
8:46.84 because it's so important to understand
8:49.52 that you're using patrix correctly so
8:51.76 again if you are managing A Team all you
8:54.04 have to do is to put the appropriate
8:56.28 information inside petric so then when
8:58.64 anyone has a trouble understanding what
9:1.44 they need to work on or what they they
9:3.60 don't know what the priorities are for
9:5.00 the team they just go to P Matrix and
9:7.36 they know exactly what the priorities
9:9.32 are and if you manage to do that then
9:11.52 you know you're using patrix
9:13.72 correctly so let's talk about the
9:15.88 philosophy behind P Matrix um there's a
9:18.08 famous quote attributed to former
9:19.60 President Eisenhower what is important
9:21.68 is seldom urgent and what is urgent is
9:24.08 seldom important what I really like
9:26.04 about this quote is that it TS us out
9:27.64 the dimensions of importance and urgency
9:30.92 instead of looking at your long task
9:32.84 list right so again if I ask you uh to
9:35.24 do an exercise right now write down all
9:36.92 the things you have to do and so you
9:38.44 start drawing them down and so you have
9:39.92 five things 10 things 15 things now the
9:42.44 next question I have for you is what do
9:44.24 you work on first do you work on the
9:46.28 thing that you wrote at the top of the
9:47.84 list or do you work on the things at the
9:49.72 bottom of the list and then if you have
9:51.16 to add more tasks where do you add it at
9:52.80 the top of the list or the bottom of the
9:54.04 list right and so instead of having one
9:56.76 linear list what we do is we take all
9:59.36 these tasks that we have and split it
10:1.44 into four buckets the first bucket is
10:4.48 the important and Urgent bucket right
10:5.92 these are the things that you have to
10:7.28 get done and you got to do now and then
10:9.44 the second the important but not urgent
10:11.16 are the things you should start planning
10:12.48 for because in
10:14.28 reality um if you have any spare time
10:17.28 and if you're not fighting fires in the
10:19.00 Quadrant One do now um then you want to
10:21.72 be planning for Quadrant two the things
10:23.64 that you should work on next and then
10:25.48 the things that are not important
10:26.92 perhaps you could delegate to others and
10:28.76 then lastly in the inbox is where you
10:31.12 actually capture all the ideas and all
10:33.76 the things you could do or you don't
10:35.64 know how it fits within the bigger
10:37.80 picture um so one of the things that I
10:39.88 want you to do um you know at during
10:42.72 this webinar or after this webinar or
10:44.40 just part of your exercise of your team
10:46.32 is actually ask everyone to do this
10:49.76 exercise which is to write down the
10:51.40 things they have to do and then put it
10:53.40 into the appropriate quadrant right so
10:55.28 imagine if your manager writes down his
10:57.92 or her priorities and then you know they
11:0.04 have it in the propriate quadrant and
11:1.64 then you write down yours and then your
11:3.36 coworker write down yours and then guess
11:5.08 what look at each other's sheets and
11:7.12 compare notes right you can do this on a
11:9.00 piece of paper you don't have to use PR
11:10.40 Matrix and so when you compare notes
11:13.60 that's when the magic happens so when
11:15.88 you use the uh the Eisenhower Matrix as
11:18.04 in the four quadrants what it does is it
11:20.44 force you to PRI prioritize from the
11:22.36 very beginning and then it actually
11:24.52 forces you to surface up um the
11:27.68 discrepancy Within the the team right
11:30.88 and so success from using promatrix
11:33.32 isn't about finding what everyone agrees
11:35.36 on it's discovering disagreement on what
11:37.96 should be a priority when it isn't and
11:40.36 that is actually a key Insight in all of
11:43.04 this which is a lot of times I feel like
11:46.72 we stumble around on the work that we do
11:49.32 right you know you start your day you
11:51.00 start working on things is it the most
11:52.92 important thing I don't know it's just
11:54.52 one of those things that you do um and
11:56.40 so uh what happens is that you lack this
12:0.24 visibility from what everyone else is
12:2.52 thinking about what's important and so
12:4.52 by using patrix everyone's on the same
12:6.60 page and so now you never have an issue
12:10.36 of
12:11.96 misunderstanding what it is that you
12:13.68 should be working on and because P
12:15.68 Matrix is so visual in terms of the four
12:17.96 quadrant methodology to understand
12:19.48 priorities there is no mistake when it
12:21.72 comes to prioritization and so when you
12:23.64 have a meeting and you're projecting
12:25.40 patrix on the big screen you can just go
12:27.84 through the things in quadrant one and
12:29.44 guess what if you see something in
12:30.72 another quadrant that belongs in
12:31.88 quadrant one just drag it over and so
12:34.44 that's the point and so um with that I
12:37.92 actually want um to walk you through the
12:40.24 product show you how to use it show you
12:42.20 the capabilities I think are most
12:43.76 important but I do want to mention that
12:45.64 we do record the webinars and we post it
12:47.68 on the website at webinars
12:50.28 there's a couple of other webinars that
12:52.00 I also have that I do recommend for
12:53.84 those um that want a deeper dive later
12:56.04 which is email management so we actually
12:58.64 I be showing some Basics here but if you
13:0.72 like the stuff around email management I
13:2.68 have a more dedicated webinar to that
13:4.16 and then also the templating templating
13:6.32 system which is really neat as a way to
13:8.72 actually uh create recurring workflow
13:11.28 inside pry
13:12.44 Matrix okay now I'm going to jump to the
13:15.24 product as I mentioned if you do have
13:17.20 questions send them in the chat or send
13:19.40 them send me an email afterwards and I'd
13:21.32 be happy to answer them all right let me
13:24.60 bring up my party Matrix okay so now I
13:27.60 have the web app in part Matrix open now
13:30.36 patrix works on almost every single
13:33.44 platform we have the web app which
13:35.52 obviously mean you can access from any
13:36.96 computer um we also have native Mac app
13:39.64 native desktop uh Windows app we have
13:42.08 Microsoft teams app we have Outlook app
13:44.04 we have Android iOS um it integrates
13:47.28 inside Outlook as well we have
13:49.56 extensions for Gmail for Chrome for Edge
13:53.16 um we have extensions that works with
13:54.80 Microsoft co-pilot and so forth so I
13:57.08 just want to mention that you know for
13:58.52 those who are sort of confused around
14:0.40 how pry Matrix works the neat thing is
14:2.88 it's accessible no matter where you are
14:4.80 and that's actually really important
14:6.04 when it comes to understand priorities
14:7.28 so what that means is that you can have
14:8.80 people out in the field um they they
14:11.88 know they can see all their project they
14:13.56 can see all their tasks they can see
14:14.76 their assignments they know exactly what
14:16.48 they have to do and then people back the
14:18.08 office still have that same visibility
14:20.24 anyways so here I have the web app open
14:23.12 uh as you can see front and center is
14:25.44 the four quadrants right I have the do
14:27.72 now the do later the delegate the Inbox
14:30.36 and let me explain the structure of pry
14:31.88 Matrix here on the left hand side are
14:34.20 projects so these this is my list of
14:35.96 projects as you can see I have you know
14:38.08 a decent number of projects here a few
14:39.64 dozen um in my real account I have more
14:42.24 than 300 projects and PR Matrix is
14:44.52 extremely powerful and flexible and I
14:46.24 can actually manage all three your
14:47.56 projects without really struggling at
14:49.92 all in terms of understanding U what I
14:52.16 need to work on because as you can see I
14:54.44 actually prior prioritize my project as
14:56.64 well so I star the ones that are are
14:58.92 active right the ones that are most
15:0.20 important those are the ones that
15:1.60 project that I star and the way it works
15:3.44 is when I have a project selected on the
15:5.56 right hand side is my my project details
15:8.44 so this is information around the
15:10.92 project itself so here the the project
15:13.28 I've selected open is my personal
15:15.20 priorities so imagine this is imagine
15:18.20 yourself doing this you have a project
15:20.28 in PR Matrix called my personal
15:21.92 priorities and you have the four
15:23.52 quadrants and within that um you have
15:26.00 additional information that you might
15:27.24 want to add so for example I can see I
15:29.28 can invite people to this project so
15:31.64 then these other people can also access
15:33.48 my priority list if needed I can
15:35.40 actually go and change the color um of
15:38.04 the quadrants I can actually change the
15:39.56 quadrant name so instead of do now maybe
15:41.48 I want to call it something different
15:42.92 instead of delegate I might want to call
15:44.44 it something different and so those are
15:45.68 other things you can do with P Matrix
15:47.56 and then lastly one of the things I like
15:49.24 to do within the project itself is
15:51.12 actually starring it so essentially I I
15:54.76 I like to have around five to 10 star
15:56.44 project at any point in time and these
15:58.16 are the one is at the top of the list
15:59.84 right um but then if something that's
16:1.44 not active you just unstar it and then
16:3.28 it it goes down and it's assorted by
16:5.52 modification dates and and so forth so
16:7.80 that lets you to see and easily access
16:10.48 the projects that matter at this moment
16:12.00 in time okay now let's go back to the
16:14.84 quadrant itself as as you can see right
16:17.04 now my Matrix is blank right so what I
16:19.12 want to do is maybe I want to create
16:20.48 some task now what are tasks inside prod
16:23.32 Matrix task well we call them items but
16:25.60 the items can be anything it could be
16:27.76 something you have to do
16:29.16 um it could be a resource a file a
16:31.16 document that you need to review it
16:32.88 could be a link it could be um something
16:35.16 from SharePoint um it could be something
16:37.16 that you want assign to other people so
16:39.24 as an example I'm going to go ahead and
16:41.24 say follow up with
16:45.84 webinar
16:47.84 participants okay that's something that
16:49.84 I will do after this call and then I'm
16:52.08 going to go ahead and say do at 2 pm
16:55.00 okay and so as you can see I have the
16:57.52 task here but I also type in two du at 2
16:59.96 p.m. P mutrix actually uses what's
17:2.00 called natural language and so we try to
17:4.00 interpret that and set the due date for
17:5.88 you so go ahead and click add and now
17:8.60 the task is created um and now my
17:10.88 project details is replaced with item
17:13.08 details so what an item details is it's
17:15.40 just additional information around the
17:17.24 task itself now I'm sure you've you know
17:19.24 probably used various task management
17:20.84 software or um to-do list before and so
17:24.44 it's very similar what happens is you
17:26.00 always sort of add additional metadata
17:28.16 to to the task um that adds additional
17:30.76 color to the information that you have
17:32.88 so in this particular case the item
17:34.52 details show me what project it belongs
17:36.24 in and I can hover over this and move it
17:38.20 to a different project if needed I can
17:40.48 actually also star it too so starring
17:43.56 here does the exact same thing which is
17:45.60 within the quadrant itself it pushes to
17:47.64 the top of the list so I like to Star my
17:50.64 most active or my most important task
17:53.44 within any particular quadrant you know
17:55.84 so obviously you want to focus on
17:57.92 quadrant one one but at the same time
17:59.72 you might have star items within the
18:1.36 other quadrants as well so you know that
18:3.80 okay when I'm in quadrant 2 these are
18:5.68 the things I want to think about and so
18:7.64 I like to use star a lot um actually
18:9.88 that's one of those things where I'm
18:11.44 using more and more and so I do
18:13.04 recommend to are to customers as well to
18:15.24 use that below that you can add icons
18:17.52 and so if you click on icons you'll see
18:18.92 some choices here a lot of it comes down
18:21.24 to personal preferences and from my
18:23.40 perspective there's just two types of
18:24.96 icons that I think is actually really
18:26.44 valuable for for most folks in
18:28.88 which is the numbers as a way to easily
18:31.00 show um a different priority level and
18:34.68 then finally you also use something like
18:36.36 color so red yellow or green as a way to
18:38.64 signify maybe you know this is on
18:40.20 schedule or not be not on schedule Etc
18:42.92 one tip that I have um around using
18:45.92 numbers is instead of trying to say you
18:47.72 know we have nine different priority
18:49.16 level I would use just three numbers one
18:51.36 three and nine and actually there's some
18:53.04 research around this that I've worked on
18:54.96 uh many many years ago around
18:56.60 prioritization and it just shows that
18:58.04 actually by using 1 three and N you
19:0.80 actually think less you have to you know
19:3.04 you don't have to worry about whether
19:4.56 something is a priority five or six or
19:6.32 something like that you just got to
19:7.76 decide is it a three or is it a nine and
19:9.32 it's a little bit easier to do that so
19:11.00 that's something that you can use if you
19:12.72 want to use some visualization on the
19:15.44 priority at each task level so as you
19:18.16 can see down below that I have owner one
19:20.48 of the things that prrix allow you to do
19:22.04 is very easy delegation um s Prometric
19:26.36 was designed very very long time ago
19:28.80 as the product that works at the
19:30.44 individual level right and so what we do
19:32.20 is we help we helped individual
19:34.60 prioritize their task and then over time
19:36.76 part Matrix evolved and then it allows
19:39.92 it allow to uh you to actually delegate
19:42.40 your task to others and so now everyone
19:44.56 can be on the same page and so when you
19:46.20 think about delegation here it's really
19:48.48 about just assign it to another person
19:50.48 so there's a different owner but when I
19:52.64 assign to somebody I remain a follower
19:55.72 and so what that means is that I will
19:57.52 get status up update as this task is
19:59.36 updated and then you have progress 0 to
20:1.88 100% you have effort how much you know
20:4.04 not all tasks are created equal and then
20:5.88 you have due dates and reminders which
20:7.56 are in my opinion the most important
20:10.20 features in petric so I I want to pause
20:13.88 here and emphasize that you know if
20:16.48 you're new to PR Matrix and you create
20:18.64 task in PR Matrix set due dates and set
20:21.12 reminders it is so so important and
20:24.32 here's the reason why if you think about
20:26.60 prioritization and you think about
20:28.36 importance and urgency yes you can say
20:31.04 this is a star task yes you can say that
20:33.00 this is the quadrant one but if you
20:34.52 don't set due dates how will you
20:36.08 actually get around to it right how do
20:38.12 you know when you need to get it done
20:39.60 because it could be important but is it
20:41.00 going to be done tomorrow or is it going
20:42.28 to be done in two years and so that is
20:44.40 so critical as part of your own uh
20:48.04 methodology around prioritization so you
20:50.72 understand where it is you need to put
20:51.76 your effort so in my opinion when you
20:54.48 use PR Matrix always set due dates on
20:56.60 the most important task and set
20:58.12 reminders and now the difference between
20:59.72 due dates and reminders is following
21:1.56 let's just say if you have to work on
21:3.64 taxes taxes is due April 15th right you
21:6.68 set due date April 15th great April 15th
21:9.52 comes around you get a notification and
21:10.92 part Matrix you're like oh taxes are due
21:13.76 are you going to get that done um you
21:15.96 may not and so imagine if a task
21:18.92 actually takes you hours or days of work
21:21.44 prior then you want to make sure that
21:23.48 it's actually setting you a reminder so
21:25.72 you can click on reminder here and then
21:27.64 choose a date and so forth but the way I
21:30.08 like to do it in part Matrix is I like
21:32.12 to use our natural language so instead
21:34.52 of actually just saying um typing or
21:37.56 clicking on the reminder button I would
21:39.20 say remind me daily so what I've just
21:42.28 done is that I've created a task uh and
21:45.72 then what I did next is actually set a
21:48.40 recurring reminders until I finish this
21:50.68 task and so as you can see the text
21:52.40 turned green this means that party
21:54.24 Matrix actually understood that again as
21:56.76 a natural language and you could type
21:58.36 things like remind me weekly remind me
22:0.32 monthly remind everybody daily something
22:3.24 like that to ensure that everyone who's
22:5.56 following this task get the proper
22:7.20 notifications I strongly strongly
22:9.72 recommend the reminder system I think
22:11.36 it's so powerful as a way to ensure that
22:15.20 is top of mind for you okay so due dates
22:18.48 reminders um you can set recurring due
22:20.52 dates and so forth too of of course in
22:22.84 there uh and then below that you have
22:24.72 chats notes and resources chat as you
22:27.56 can see is where you can have a
22:29.08 conversation around the item itself now
22:31.40 with one person obviously you're not
22:33.32 chatting with anybody but the chat
22:35.36 section becomes a place where you can
22:36.80 type in commands or you can see uh the
22:39.44 changes of the task as part of History
22:41.84 so you see how when I created this task
22:44.60 you know I set the due dat and then I
22:46.32 added the tag and so it actually has an
22:48.44 audit trail of all the changes and it's
22:51.24 so useful you know if you think about it
22:53.40 you know if you just made all these
22:54.72 changes today sure you remember why you
22:57.12 change things but imagine if six months
22:59.36 from now you're trying to review a task
23:1.04 and you're like wait a minute you know
23:2.48 what was the original due date did I
23:3.84 change the due dates um were there some
23:6.56 notes attributed with it you know etc
23:8.52 etc PR Matrix keeps track of all that
23:10.92 record for you and it is so useful um on
23:14.36 a per item basis because it helps you
23:17.00 track all of those changes and then
23:19.08 secondly if you want to you know to
23:21.76 assign a task to somebody else like
23:23.68 let's just say if you have a task and
23:25.56 you have you know multiple conversations
23:27.56 with multiple people in one central
23:29.80 place and then you have a brand new
23:31.72 person that's bringing on to the team
23:33.32 and you need them to take over the task
23:35.80 well guess what if you have to have a
23:37.32 meeting just to go over everything that
23:40.24 person may not even know the the full
23:42.16 context but by using the chat section
23:44.84 they can look back in here they can
23:46.32 review back to the very very beginning
23:48.28 of the task and see all the changes all
23:50.96 the record all the conversation and so
23:52.64 forth extremely useful the second thing
23:55.60 I like about the chat is that with it is
23:57.72 with within context um so you probably
24:0.28 use Microsoft teams you use outlook for
24:2.60 sending your emails back and forth all
24:4.20 the time and you can see how we have so
24:6.08 many different places where we have
24:7.56 communication right so by using the chat
24:10.08 within the context of an item it's
24:12.16 actually stays relevant within that
24:14.04 context because you know inside teams we
24:16.72 have conversations around 15 different
24:18.48 things at any point in time and again
24:20.96 it's great that you you know you can
24:23.00 remember it today but you're not going
24:25.12 to able to remember six months from now
24:27.84 the notes section is where you can add
24:29.04 subtask and also um bullets and so forth
24:32.08 it is not intended to be You Know Rich
24:34.64 text and so forth you can use you know
24:37.00 Microsoft Word or Google docs for that
24:39.12 but this is where you can add a little
24:40.76 bit of information that helps you track
24:43.00 the status of various tasks and then the
24:45.64 resources section is where you can
24:47.36 attach links files documents websites
24:51.36 and all that other uh information that
24:53.80 might be relevant to this task one of
24:55.76 the neat things about Prem Matrix is our
24:57.36 email integration so what that allows
24:58.92 you to do is you can actually attach
25:0.60 emails to task and then at the same time
25:2.96 you can attach you know SharePoint
25:4.60 documents and so forth all in here
25:6.84 patrix also lets you link different
25:9.28 tasks together and so that's allowing
25:11.84 you to link existing patrix item create
25:14.24 dependencies in order to build Gant
25:15.68 charge Etc as needed so speaking of
25:18.68 email let me show you quickly how to
25:20.52 attach an email and how to prioritize
25:22.32 email so for example here I have Outlook
25:25.04 open okay so this is outlook on the web
25:27.32 but of course you might have outlook on
25:28.80 desktop as long as you use Outlook 365
25:31.08 per Matrix is there so let me give you
25:32.68 an example I'll close this and I'll show
25:34.00 you how it works let's just say I get an
25:36.04 email in and let's just say I have a lot
25:39.00 of emails and actually that's a very
25:40.36 true statement I get a couple hundred
25:41.80 emails a day and so for me email
25:43.92 prioritization is so critical mostly
25:46.44 because the easy emails sometimes I can
25:48.76 respond to and sometimes I star them and
25:50.92 all that but if I need to follow up with
25:54.32 somebody in like 3 days or 4 days if I
25:57.76 to start it is not sufficient I won't
26:0.08 remember there's just too many things
26:1.44 going on at any point in time so what PR
26:3.48 Matrix allows me to do is convert an
26:5.12 email into a task so I click on this um
26:8.92 right here there's uh py Matrix and
26:11.44 there's an option that says py Matrix
26:12.88 and the name is turn email into task you
26:15.48 just click on that and if you don't have
26:17.12 this installed already you simply click
26:18.84 add apps and choose prot Matrix um for
26:21.28 Outlook and so turn email into task and
26:24.04 then I have two options I can prioritize
26:26.20 email or open PR Matrix I'm going choose
26:28.40 prioritize the email a right hand side
26:31.20 panel opens up and what this allows me
26:33.00 to do is turn this email into a task
26:35.48 directly from Outlook I don't have to go
26:37.80 anywhere it's very easy all I have to do
26:40.00 is Click capture email but I can also
26:43.96 change the item name right it takes a
26:45.92 subject but I can change it as needed I
26:47.84 can choose what project it goes in and I
26:49.92 can choose what quadrant it goes in so
26:51.88 let me give you some examples where this
26:53.24 is powerful let's just say if you're in
26:55.68 sales and what happens you work with ext
26:57.56 external customers right and so now you
26:59.88 get a customer that actually sends you a
27:1.40 message and you want to track it as part
27:3.08 of your sales pipeline you can see how
27:4.68 easy it is for you to prioritize that
27:6.64 customer email and making sure that you
27:8.68 follow up and set the due dates as
27:10.36 needed and then the other thing you can
27:12.08 do is actually can also delegate this
27:13.96 email to somebody else which is really
27:15.88 neat because most of the time you know
27:18.68 we get an email sometimes we respond to
27:20.32 it but at the same time we might need
27:22.00 information from other people in fact
27:23.60 this happens to me every single day
27:26.12 where I have to assign an email to
27:27.96 another person because I need some sort
27:29.92 of information and then that person
27:31.72 responds to me and then I can go and
27:33.12 respond to the customer as needed and so
27:34.92 the owner uh is the person who actually
27:37.04 you know their avatar shows up but then
27:38.80 at the same time it allows you to be a
27:41.20 follower on this so then when there's a
27:42.72 status update on the email you know and
27:45.08 of course set your due dates don't
27:47.08 forget to set that due dates on those
27:48.52 emails that is so important then
27:50.24 reporting Matrix will remind you to
27:52.20 actually um go back and respond to that
27:54.72 email um so I'm going to go ahead and
27:56.88 choose a due dat date I'll choose for
27:58.44 tomorrow and I'm going click capture
28:0.16 email and as you can see this now
28:2.40 replaces with the item details I
28:4.48 mentioned how in the resources section
28:6.64 you see that email is actually attached
28:8.52 here in the resources section of PR
28:10.12 Matrix now there's an EML file there if
28:12.56 I need to assign this to another person
28:14.80 all you got to do is do that and now
28:16.32 Eugenia can go in and take a look at the
28:18.92 email can open the email as needed and
28:20.72 even respond to it but the other neat
28:23.08 thing is that um I can actually you see
28:26.52 how here if once I created that task one
28:28.96 of the things I like to do again is
28:30.44 Remind me daily and now on a daily basis
28:33.60 PR Matrix will send me a reminder
28:35.68 through our our application or through
28:37.44 Microsoft teams chatbot that I need to
28:39.88 work on this email but think about you
28:42.08 know imagine you have to respond to this
28:43.64 email in three months right then setting
28:45.96 a reminder that says remind me monthly
28:47.88 or something like that would ensure that
28:49.60 you actually get back to this
28:51.24 email the other neat thing about pry
28:53.36 Matrix is that it actually allows you to
28:55.96 um attach the email to an existing task
28:58.44 so again let's go to the use case where
29:0.20 you have an external client that sends
29:2.08 you an email and you already have a task
29:4.00 associated with it but now you want
29:5.68 other people to be aware that there's an
29:7.28 updated email well instead of creating a
29:9.32 whole new task from email you can
29:11.36 actually click there um and then just
29:13.60 search for the task for example and what
29:16.08 happens is the task shows up from PR
29:17.72 Matrix and then I just attach the email
29:20.28 to an existing task very very helpful
29:22.84 and you can actually store bunch of
29:25.20 emails in one single task you can store
29:27.08 all documents the SharePoint link Etc on
29:29.92 one Central place um and one of the ways
29:32.12 that you can easily attach various links
29:34.60 and so forth is simply use the edge
29:36.36 extension or the Chrome extension you to
29:38.56 click on the extension and create task
29:41.04 or attach that that document that you're
29:43.56 viewing directly to any prod Matrix
29:46.28 task prot Matrix for Outlook is actually
29:48.92 really neat too because the other thing
29:50.12 you can do is you can actually even
29:51.60 install prot Matrix inside Outlook right
29:55.24 so if you go to more apps here you can
29:56.64 search for Matrix and so party Matrix is
29:58.36 one of the very few Universal apps for
30:0.44 for Microsoft so what that means is you
30:2.52 can have it actually install here pin it
30:4.92 and then check this out I have all of
30:7.56 Party Party Matrix inside Outlook I
30:9.80 don't even have to go into any web app
30:12.16 or or whatever um I access as needed
30:14.56 just like a Microsoft app so now that
30:17.68 we're back inside Matrix let's talk
30:19.48 about a couple of other things that um I
30:21.52 think is actually pretty important let's
30:23.72 just imagine if you want to use part
30:25.36 Matrix for managing your goals let me
30:27.36 give you some tips around that so go
30:28.92 ahead and create a project called goals
30:30.80 for 2024 um and so let me show you how
30:33.76 to create a project let's just go here
30:35.68 and what you do is I'm going to go
30:37.00 create create project and then I have
30:40.64 several options to create project I can
30:42.64 choose a a blank project or I can choose
30:45.84 um a public templates project and so
30:48.40 what happens is a public templates these
30:49.88 are just various templates that we've
30:51.28 created and so in fact we actually have
30:53.00 hundreds of templates that you can use
30:54.88 and what the templates do is that one it
30:57.36 can change the the name of the quadrants
30:59.20 or two it actually can prepopulate some
31:1.56 of the tasks for you like a checklist so
31:3.80 for example if you're a
31:6.20 um you're a sourcing uh you Source
31:10.24 vendors or something like that where you
31:11.76 have to go and ensure that the vendors
31:14.28 go through several um validation steps
31:17.12 and so forth you can actually build
31:18.92 those templates and save that as a
31:20.88 template here and then access those
31:22.68 projects as needed but I'm going to go
31:24.36 ahead and choose a blank project here
31:26.08 you just type in the project name name
31:27.84 you can choose the quadrant colors and
31:29.80 then you can choose the type the type of
31:31.64 template here as well and that's it
31:33.88 that's all you have to do to create an
31:35.00 add a project um but I'm going to go
31:36.96 ahead and go back to this goals for 2024
31:39.36 so one of the things I like to do for
31:40.92 this particular um type of project I
31:43.84 Chang the quadrant name to long-term
31:45.56 goals short-term goals things I will not
31:47.68 do and ideas my whole point here is that
31:51.40 you can name the quadrants whatever it
31:53.52 is that makes it easy for you to
31:56.52 understand where you need to work on
31:58.00 where you need to spend your time so as
32:0.12 you use prod chicks within your
32:1.52 organization what we've seen is we've
32:3.32 seen best practices come out out of the
32:5.72 people who are actually in the days and
32:8.00 um day in and day out in terms of
32:10.52 managing their own tasks within the
32:11.88 organization and so organizations will
32:14.00 actually end up creating VAR types of
32:15.72 metrices save as a template and then
32:18.16 create their own internal guide on how
32:20.96 to best use promatrix and so with
32:23.12 promatrix flexibility it allows you to
32:25.64 actually adapt it to your specific needs
32:28.16 and what's NE about it is it doesn't
32:30.00 matter what kind of project you have you
32:32.00 know you could be a law firm you could
32:34.08 be a Logistic Company you could be
32:36.52 manufacturing you could be in finance
32:38.88 and you can actually adapt the quadrants
32:40.96 to whatever needs that you have but
32:43.48 let's talk about goals for 2024 let's
32:45.80 just say I create a goal here read a new
32:49.32 business book monthly right now if I
32:51.28 just created that as a simple goal I I
32:54.04 know that I'll start forgetting it if I
32:55.88 don't set a due date if I don't set
32:57.20 reminders so what I've done is I set a
33:0.56 recurring reminders remind me monthly
33:4.08 what's really powerful about this is
33:5.84 It's a way to trick your brain into
33:9.08 working on things that are important so
33:12.20 as you know when we think about
33:13.48 important and Urgent task what happens
33:16.04 is that we usually get pulled away from
33:18.52 the important task by the Urgent task
33:21.20 and so when you check your email it's
33:23.16 the last email in right that's the one
33:25.00 that you look at and so it's always the
33:27.48 same which is you know when you get
33:29.24 assigned a task it's that last task that
33:31.20 would assign to you that is always top
33:33.08 of mind so the way to trick your brain
33:35.84 into working on the most important thing
33:37.36 is to actually set these recurring
33:39.20 reminders so then on a monthly basis it
33:41.72 pops back up and so for me if I truly
33:44.28 have a goal that is you know read a new
33:47.00 business book monthly the best way to
33:49.20 ensure that I will actually do it is to
33:51.08 set this recurring reminder and patrix
33:53.36 will ping me on a monthly basis and I
33:55.20 will see that I was like oh yeah that's
33:56.96 that's what I wanted to do and at least
33:58.76 it's top of mind I really really like
34:0.68 this trick so if you're using pram
34:2.32 Matrix for for go management or um
34:4.96 anything that is truly important make
34:6.48 sure you do
34:7.72 that uh and so the way you get
34:10.20 notifications spr of Matrix is in the
34:11.80 home view so at the very top here
34:14.00 there's a home View and if you click on
34:15.60 that what happens is it shows you what's
34:17.52 called your alerts these are where all
34:20.08 the notifications come in so for example
34:22.40 somebody assigned you a task or a task
34:24.76 that you assigned to another person got
34:26.28 updated or a due dat is here or um a
34:29.88 reminder triggers and so on a daily
34:32.28 basis you can look at the alert section
34:34.04 and see where you need to spend your
34:35.68 time and what are the things that's
34:37.16 relevant to you now of course one of
34:40.16 what I like to do is I like to clear all
34:41.84 notifications once in a while because my
34:43.72 notifications list will start building
34:45.24 up and that is why you have those
34:47.20 recurring reminders because you know if
34:49.68 you come back from vacation after a week
34:52.60 you're going to see so many
34:53.56 notifications that you know you may have
34:55.76 trouble going through through the whole
34:57.36 list and so you want to say you know
34:59.52 what I want to clean clean slate I'll
35:1.76 clear all notifications and if it's
35:3.36 important enough it'll come back to me
35:5.28 and that's the way it works so if you
35:6.76 clear all notifications here um all the
35:9.12 recurring reminders will start coming
35:10.76 back to you again as needed and then you
35:12.40 can go through that
35:14.28 list and so inside PR Matrix there's
35:16.64 also a couple of other views that you
35:17.96 have so for example you can go to agenda
35:20.08 which shows you a time base view so
35:22.44 these are all the things you have to do
35:24.40 for today tomorrow um the things that
35:27.00 overdue Etc so instead of just thinking
35:29.48 about from the dimensions of the four
35:31.48 using the four quadrant you can actually
35:33.44 look at your parametrics action items
35:35.68 from all the different perspective and
35:37.32 so earlier I mentioned around people
35:40.40 Centric right so for example what you
35:42.52 might want to know is you might want to
35:43.72 find all your items across all your
35:45.72 projects uh but then you might want also
35:48.16 to know what are all the items you have
35:49.64 to do for your manager and so the way to
35:52.44 do that is to use What's called the
35:54.00 one-on-one so if you open this here you
35:56.92 can choose the one-on-one the way it
35:59.36 works with the one-on-one is that all
36:1.20 you have to do is Select another person
36:3.32 so for example I select another person
36:5.04 here and what happens is I see all the
36:7.72 task I have in common with that person
36:11.08 across all of my projects so if you're a
36:14.24 manager and you have five or six direct
36:16.80 reports and you want to know what are
36:18.96 all the things that they're working on
36:20.92 across all the projects and the status
36:22.60 and what are the things that overdue you
36:24.44 go to the oneon-one select each person
36:26.52 and you can see the status of things
36:28.52 directly here and it is so helpful and
36:31.12 so useful and then not only that you can
36:33.44 assign people new tasks directly from
36:35.64 here by clicking add share task and you
36:37.92 can type the task name it automatically
36:39.92 assigns to the other person and invite
36:41.48 you as a follower and you can just
36:42.80 choose what project it goes in so I
36:45.84 really like the one-on-one View and this
36:47.40 is that people Centric view that that I
36:49.32 mentioned um because then you don't have
36:51.44 to worry about you know going to a
36:52.88 project creating a task delegating to
36:55.44 somebody and not only that it actually
36:57.68 allows you to pull in your Microsoft 365
37:1.12 um action items as well so if your
37:3.12 organization give you the appropriate
37:4.64 permission you can actually pull in you
37:6.96 know planner task um emails meetings and
37:10.16 so forth and per also give you that
37:12.76 oneon-one context directly
37:15.44 here okay so um we've talked about
37:19.28 projects we've talked about creating
37:20.72 projects we've talked about customizing
37:22.20 projects we've talked about um creating
37:24.52 items and setting due dates and setting
37:26.72 and delegating them we've talked about
37:28.16 email prioritization I want to switch
37:30.24 gear a little bit and talk about our
37:31.92 Microsoft teams Integrations because I
37:33.40 think that's actually really powerful so
37:35.48 we're probably the most integrated
37:36.76 solution inside teams itself so the way
37:39.32 to get the teams app is of course go to
37:40.92 the App Store in install party Matrix
37:43.28 and then afterwards just pin it right
37:44.88 here um and when you open p Matrix you
37:47.08 see the whole P Matrix application it's
37:49.40 just like what you saw in the web app
37:50.76 just like what you saw on the Outlook
37:52.32 app but there's a couple of neat things
37:55.28 uh is that one you we actually have
37:58.20 Integrations within the chat itself so
38:1.60 for example let's just say if you again
38:4.16 you know manage multiple people you can
38:6.24 go to the chat section here you can open
38:8.36 What's called a one-on-one directly
38:10.40 within Microsoft teams so what's really
38:12.40 neat about this is you might have all
38:14.12 these people that you're talking to you
38:15.92 can install the one-on-one and now it
38:18.20 pre-selects them and so that allows you
38:20.24 to jump to the one-on-one without even
38:22.28 having to open pry Matrix all you have
38:23.84 to do is access your regular teams chat
38:26.64 uh the way you do install that is you
38:28.60 click on this plus choose party Matrix
38:31.40 choose a one-on-one View and select the
38:33.12 person uh one of the nice thing about PR
38:35.12 Matrix too is the ability to actually
38:37.60 add projects from PR Matrix inside your
38:41.04 team's uh conversation as well so let me
38:43.32 give you an example let's just say
38:44.52 you're in a teams Channel and you have a
38:46.56 teams Channel that's like marketing
38:48.16 right you can go and add your project
38:50.68 your party Matrix marketing project in
38:52.96 that team's channel so everyone can
38:54.60 actually just access that project inside
38:56.64 teams without having to leave the team's
38:59.32 uh application so I what I like about
39:2.00 that is it reduces context switching and
39:4.60 so you know how many times you have to
39:6.12 switch applications just to find out
39:7.56 what you need to do well prrix helps you
39:9.44 overcome all of that by providing the
39:11.40 information that you need within the
39:13.00 context itself of the
39:15.52 application um the other thing you can
39:17.36 do with our Microsoft teams app is
39:19.12 actually you can convert any
39:20.20 conversation any messages into a task
39:23.16 and so it's just like how you converted
39:24.40 an email into a task part Matrix let to
39:26.60 take any message that someone sends you
39:28.64 and create a task directly from that uh
39:30.88 the other thing too of course you can
39:32.36 always send patrix action items as part
39:35.88 of a part of a team's conversation and
39:38.12 so sometimes let me give you a use case
39:40.24 here sometimes you know you delegate
39:41.92 something to somebody inside party
39:43.44 Matrix and you didn't hear back from
39:45.00 them right um or you want to give
39:46.60 someone a status update what you can do
39:48.44 is you open up party Matrix and send
39:50.16 them a message here and it pops up like
39:52.40 an action item here letting them access
39:54.24 those petrics item really easily
39:57.16 I'm not going to go uh into details but
39:59.48 um par Matrix also works with your
40:1.08 meetings allowing you to pull up the
40:2.52 agenda inside your teams meeting we also
40:5.32 have Integrations with what's called you
40:7.20 know if you go here you go to apps you
40:8.84 search for priority Matrix uh we have
40:12.72 what's called workflow Integrations that
40:14.32 allows you to create if this then that
40:16.52 environment so then it allows you to uh
40:19.08 say you know when a Microsoft form is
40:21.28 submitted create a task in PR Matrix Etc
40:24.08 and then we also work with co-pilot
40:26.88 and and so forth so these are other
40:28.84 things that you can explore on your own
40:31.36 um when you want to but the point is you
40:34.24 don't have to right the point is pry
40:36.44 Matrix actually just works at the most
40:38.40 basic level allowing you to prioritize
40:40.52 your task and ensure that you're working
40:42.16 the right thing like I said the most
40:43.92 important features in PR Matrix are that
40:45.72 reminders and due dates right everything
40:47.72 else is secondary everything else is
40:49.40 around taking from essentially those few
40:53.24 capabilities and part Matrix where again
40:54.92 you create a task put in the appropriate
40:56.40 quadrants um setting due dates and so
40:58.48 forth that's 80% of the value in prod
41:1.08 Matrix ironically I feel like if you did
41:3.48 nothing else except for that you will
41:5.64 find that you're going to have a lot
41:7.60 better Clarity on the priorities that
41:9.64 you have across your whole team already
41:12.04 but if you want to go from 80% to 95%
41:15.36 then all these other capabilities that
41:16.72 we have is intended to essentially
41:18.88 customize your needs around that um a
41:22.04 couple of things uh you know I usually
41:24.20 get asked what are the commands that you
41:25.80 have you can type in P Matrix we
41:27.32 actually have a help article on that um
41:29.56 we also have connectors that allows you
41:31.12 to pull in other types of other uh
41:33.88 software um items that you might have
41:36.20 jira or to-do or planner Etc you can
41:38.92 pull that into P Matrix and then of
41:40.84 course P Matrix works on edge as well as
41:42.92 Chrome so so you can actually go and
41:44.80 install our extensions for each of those
41:47.60 uh and then of course this is where we
41:50.04 have U what's called um Power automate
41:52.76 connectors and so this is allowing you
41:54.72 to actually set up all sorts of rules
41:56.24 rules using PR Matrix giving you a lot
41:57.96 of flexibility we also have a lot of
42:0.08 templates and so I mentioned that you
42:1.64 know some of those templates you saw
42:3.12 within the application but you can
42:4.80 actually go and and go to a template
42:6.96 gallery and see all these different
42:8.64 templates that you can
42:10.04 use now I'm going to wrap up by showing
42:12.48 you a couple of things that I think is
42:13.92 actually very very useful with P Matrix
42:16.68 uh which is
42:18.16 one if you start using p Matrix more and
42:21.40 more and that you find you have
42:23.04 recurring tasks what you can do with P
42:25.24 Matrix is actually save things as save
42:27.80 projects as templates as well uh this is
42:30.00 very useful if you have something like
42:31.84 employee onboarding where they have you
42:33.52 know 10 items that employees always have
42:35.88 to work on right and so if you go to
42:37.72 here and you save the project as
42:39.48 template what that allows you to do is
42:41.44 that when you launch a new project
42:43.32 instead of just launching a blank
42:44.68 project you launch a project with all
42:46.76 the tasks all the due dates already in
42:48.52 place and then all you have to do is say
42:50.72 what the start date is and pry Matrix
42:52.40 automatically set those due dates for
42:53.80 you extremely useful if you have
42:56.64 recurring you know series of action
42:58.72 items that you have to do the other
43:1.32 thing you can do with Pro Matrix is
43:3.00 actually switch different view so for
43:4.64 example um I have another project here
43:7.12 open with more task in it instead of
43:9.44 actually just looking at the Matrix view
43:11.24 I can actually go up here and I can
43:12.96 change view to What's called the list
43:14.48 view the list view lets me see all my
43:17.16 tasks but you know also shows the due
43:19.12 dat and I can sort it I like this view
43:21.68 if you want to find out what are
43:23.40 something that's like coming up like as
43:25.60 an ad do that's coming up um or you want
43:28.16 to see things that are overdue because
43:29.80 anything that's overdue just has a red
43:31.56 color here very easy to spot them and
43:34.52 you can click on each of these and
43:35.92 access each task that's needed um you
43:38.36 can also go to the calendar view
43:39.88 anything that has due dates will show up
43:41.40 in the calendar view and so again if you
43:44.36 know follow my recommendation set due
43:46.24 dates and reminders recurring reminders
43:48.48 for all your most important tasks and so
43:50.12 when you go to due dates here you can
43:51.72 see them you can actually just click on
43:53.76 them and access them as needed or drag
43:55.52 and drop them to change the due dates
43:57.64 you can also go to What's called the
43:59.12 timeline view which is the Gant chart um
44:1.28 so what you can do is actually create
44:3.44 dependencies between items and the way
44:6.20 to do that is actually pretty
44:7.20 straightforward you go to the resources
44:9.20 section click link existing item and
44:11.44 then you just choose another item that's
44:13.20 that's relevant to this task and then up
44:15.52 here you can just say that you know this
44:17.20 task is blocked by or blocks or causes
44:19.52 by or causes and so that allows you to
44:21.60 actually link all these items together
44:22.96 and then you can actually build G chart
44:24.84 um from that and what's nice about this
44:27.16 is it's all done automatically uh you
44:29.24 don't even have to worry about
44:30.24 generating this all you have to do is
44:31.72 just set those task and those due dates
44:34.28 right and so if you need to run reports
44:36.72 and actually share information with
44:39.04 external parties or with your manager
44:40.68 Etc party Matrix gives you that
44:42.20 flexibility and have all these views
44:44.28 that you can use um the other thing I've
44:46.52 seen people do is actually if you go to
44:49.80 the project details again you can also
44:51.96 export party Matrix as a CSV and so if
44:55.00 you want to really give somebody else a
44:57.12 a snapshot of your current project you
44:59.24 can export it as CSV then just clean it
45:1.68 up as needed now um there's several
45:5.12 other ways to integrate petrics with
45:7.48 email and so when you think about um
45:9.80 let's just say I'll give you an example
45:11.48 like I'm on the you know I'm on the road
45:14.00 all the time and so I sometimes check my
45:16.88 email on the phone and you know with my
45:19.04 phone I have apple mail so I don't have
45:21.28 Outlook installed there so what I need
45:23.20 to do is if I have an email that I need
45:25.04 to make sure that I respond to I can
45:27.68 fold it into my prod Matrix inbox and so
45:30.64 if you click on inbox here you you have
45:33.12 a secret inbox address and so when you
45:35.48 send an email to that secret inbox
45:37.12 address it creates a task for you here
45:39.04 inside PTO Matrix and then you can go
45:40.96 and prioritize that or delegate that or
45:43.08 do whatever it is that you need to do
45:44.32 afterwards and so if you're interested
45:45.84 in learning that then do check out that
45:48.04 email management masterclass
45:50.48 webinar okay with that I think I've
45:53.44 given you a very very highlevel overview
45:56.08 of the features of PR Matrix I think as
45:58.20 you can tell there's so many
45:59.76 capabilities but I one thing that I want
46:1.92 to emphasize over and over again is
46:4.88 that you don't need to use all of these
46:8.04 features to ensure that you um are
46:11.56 successful with the software in fact I
46:13.36 think that when in the very beginning
46:15.52 the most important thing you want to do
46:17.32 is you want to make sure that you set
46:18.92 when you create these task you put them
46:20.96 in the appropriate quadrants right and
46:22.56 so again if you put in the wrong
46:24.00 quadrant or you need to reprioritize you
46:25.60 just drag and drop as needed and then
46:28.84 make sure you set those due dates make
46:30.28 sure you set those reminders and if
46:32.44 that's all you do I'll be extremely
46:34.32 happy I think that you'll find that is
46:36.32 sufficient for you to track all your
46:38.00 priorities and then the other thing is
46:39.92 um if you do have multiple team members
46:41.96 make sure that you share these projects
46:43.56 with them so then everyone's on the same
46:45.36 page the nice thing about this is that
46:47.36 if you have a share team project
46:49.88 everyone can be on the same page without
46:51.64 having to have meetings right what
46:53.52 happens is we have all these meetings
46:54.96 just to talk about priorities and so why
46:56.84 do you have to do that and so instead of
46:58.88 actually um doing it synchronously where
47:1.60 everyone has to be in the same room you
47:3.48 do it asynchronously so then everyone
47:5.68 can just log into party Matrix at the
47:7.80 appropriate time or whenever is
47:9.12 convenient for them and actually just
47:10.84 look at the party list and have
47:12.12 conversations around that so then when
47:13.80 you're together in the meeting instead
47:16.32 of talking about the status update on
47:19.20 you know things that don't matter you
47:20.80 can just focus on stuff at quadrant one
47:23.12 and then if you find that they're Mis
47:24.76 prioritized task then you can prioritize
47:27.28 them as needed okay with that I'm going
47:29.52 to go back to my presentation real quick
47:31.20 just to wrap things up
47:33.60 um here so um if you haven't already
47:38.44 make sure you sign up for PR Matrix if
47:40.16 you do use teams and Outlook definitely
47:41.96 trying to install them again pry Matrix
47:44.00 is a Microsoft 365 security certified
47:46.08 solution um so you know if sometimes you
47:48.44 need it approval but it should be
47:50.68 relatively straightforward just request
47:52.16 it from it as needed um for you I I
47:55.04 generally recommend that you have create
47:56.80 you create at least three projects the
47:58.92 personal priorities a share team
48:0.40 priorities and key initiative the reason
48:2.48 why I say key initiatives is you know
48:4.32 it's a way for you to track things that
48:6.08 are actually important for you this year
48:8.08 and then of course you know a goal for
48:9.92 2024 is always a really good project to
48:12.00 have and I think if you create a project
48:14.36 like I did you know short-term goals
48:15.88 long-term goals put some task in there
48:17.88 set your recurring reminders you can
48:19.92 actually ensure that you actually work
48:21.48 on those
48:22.36 things um one thing that's not so
48:24.52 obvious is pitch to your co-workers on
48:27.48 why it's important to use something like
48:29.24 patrix to that ensure that everyone's on
48:31.68 the same page I think again so many of
48:34.00 us just you know working on so different
48:36.20 things and we're so busy we don't have
48:38.60 time to prioritize it's absolutely
48:40.40 ironic but it's so important to be
48:42.64 aligned and working on the right things
48:44.04 I think the worst thing you can do is
48:46.12 doing the best that you can on the wrong
48:49.08 job right and so you work on a task that
48:51.48 don't matter and so um I think that's a
48:53.96 worst use of time in any scenario and so
48:56.76 hopefully when you use prot Matrix and
48:58.96 you're working on something you're
49:0.28 looking at quadrant one and that's where
49:1.72 you're focusing your
49:3.20 effort and then ruthlessly prioritize um
49:6.32 and I say that because you know if you
49:8.04 don't prioritize your own time somebody
49:10.12 else will and so make sure that you
49:12.20 prioritize everything you need to do
49:14.40 even if you don't use it within your
49:16.28 team or even if you don't share your
49:17.92 priority list with others prioritize
49:19.96 your own time because it is so so
49:22.36 important so a couple of advice um try
49:25.04 to use Matrix to track high impact task
49:27.80 and so again anything with due dates
49:29.92 anything with uh um some sort of you
49:32.88 know where you have a choice that you
49:34.80 can make as then do I work on it or how
49:37.04 I how much time I should put on it
49:38.44 that's very helpful always think of part
49:40.72 Matrix as a communication tool too what
49:43.56 that means is that its P Matrix helps
49:45.72 communicate your priorities to others
49:48.20 right and help others communicate their
49:49.76 priorities to you and so that's how it
49:51.72 works with respect to a communication
49:53.36 tool and then you use prot Matrix to
49:56.28 manage your individual goals I think the
49:58.36 most important thing about um prot
50:1.20 Matrix in general is
50:3.12 that if you can be successful at the
50:5.88 individual level then nothing else
50:7.52 matters and so hopefully you know you're
50:9.68 thinking about what are the things
50:10.96 that's in your brain put it down onto
50:13.68 the software so then it's out of your
50:15.44 head and you can actually um decide what
50:18.28 it is you should focus
50:19.72 on so what success with PR Matrix should
50:22.16 look like is that you have one central
50:23.60 place to track all your priorities and
50:25.52 everyone of the team understands and are
50:27.12 align on key task repetitive procedures
50:29.52 are templatized and important emails are
50:31.44 prioritized and so if you're not
50:33.64 achieving this then you're not using
50:35.96 promatrix to its full potential so go
50:38.00 back to square one and think again how
50:40.24 to use promatrix to make sure that you
50:42.00 achieve these goals and with that I
50:44.72 conclude my presentation and demo here
50:46.76 if there are any questions if you send
50:48.32 them in the chat right now I'd be happy
50:49.96 to answer them otherwise um you can also
50:52.36 send me an email and I'd be happy to
50:53.68 look at them as well
50:56.20 okay um so first question uh is there a
51:0.84 way to create a dashboard project to
51:2.76 show um project
51:6.12 to for project to show project related
51:9.16 information that's that's a great
51:11.12 question so one of if you were to use
51:13.32 let me show you here um make sure that I
51:15.76 try to address this here if you want to
51:17.80 create a project and you want to track
51:19.76 other information this is how I would
51:21.52 approach it so let's just say if I go to
51:23.52 project and then um
51:26.48 I'm going to create a new project and so
51:28.56 I'm going to say
51:32.80 architecture project for
51:36.00 client a okay so go ahead and create a
51:38.64 project something like that um and then
51:40.60 what happens is instead of using
51:42.36 delegate what I like to do here is
51:44.56 actually um I can change this to
51:46.88 information and resources and so now
51:49.52 what you can do is you change that
51:51.52 quadrant name instead of using it for
51:53.24 delegate this is where you put that
51:54.72 information that you mentioned so you
51:57.20 can add meeting notes and all that if
51:59.44 you use SharePoint or Google Docs you
52:1.24 can actually just drag them into here so
52:3.28 you have one central place to track all
52:5.16 that extra metadata for the client
52:7.32 information and so now you have forant
52:8.88 one and two to plan your actual task uh
52:11.88 and then this is where you track that
52:13.08 additional information now of course
52:14.16 within the project itself you can
52:16.44 actually add notes and dates and so
52:18.96 forth but that's at a very very high
52:20.44 level um and then what happens you can
52:22.80 also create a project of projects um I
52:25.44 think that's slightly different for what
52:26.48 you're asking but I'll show you just in
52:28.80 case but let's just say you can create a
52:32.40 um oops I'm going to go blank project
52:34.80 here I'm going to go list of
52:37.52 all architecture Pro U clients okay so I
52:41.20 have another project here that I create
52:43.20 and what I can do is actually I go to
52:46.00 this project I can copy the link to the
52:48.36 to this project and I go to another
52:50.92 project and I can create a task with the
52:54.76 link to the the previous project and so
52:56.32 what I've just created is a project of
52:58.72 projects and so if you have multiple
53:0.40 clients that you're working on you can
53:2.32 use a matric to also um prioritize the
53:6.20 clients as well and so you see how when
53:8.20 I created that task it allows me to jump
53:10.80 to another project so hopefully that
53:12.96 information is useful but the way that I
53:15.20 would track all these other metadata for
53:17.92 a client is to change one of the
53:20.00 quadrant names to be
53:23.68 resources um so is there a way to
53:26.24 automate rules and task you an email uh
53:28.36 so what happens is that in every project
53:31.00 of patrix uh in every quadrant the pr
53:33.80 Matrix there is a uh a unique email
53:37.56 address so one of the things that I like
53:39.68 to do is actually um I've set up rules
53:42.80 where if I get an email from a specific
53:46.44 like for example email from Microsoft it
53:48.12 automatically gets sent into my
53:50.12 Microsoft Project so now when you um as
53:53.24 a recruiter one of the things you can
53:55.16 can do with patrix is you can create
53:58.00 rules so then whatever it is an Outlook
54:1.84 right and that rules trigger it would
54:3.92 forward the appropriate email into
54:6.52 various quadrants inside PR Matrix or
54:8.36 various types of projects so let me show
54:10.52 you how to get the um unique emails here
54:13.60 you can see how I can go and get secret
54:15.68 email address and so when I have a
54:17.16 project selected right I can get secret
54:19.20 email address and I can say um what
54:21.92 quadrant it goes in and and who to
54:23.68 assign it to and so again by creating
54:25.76 those forwarding rules it just helps you
54:27.52 organize the information as needed now
54:29.76 we don't have like a system where you
54:32.48 know automatically send the follow-up
54:34.32 emails and so forth but by um by using
54:38.24 per metric you can again convert an
54:39.96 email to a task and then you have
54:41.56 follow-up email you can attach that to
54:43.88 you know existing item but also we do
54:46.24 follow the thread of the email itself
54:49.12 too um the webinar information yes this
54:53.20 webinar is recorded and so I'll be be
54:55.20 sharing this out um afterwards again
54:58.36 there are a couple of other recordings
55:0.12 on email management as well as
55:1.96 templating system so if you're using if
55:4.68 you're looking to use PR Matrix to
55:6.16 automate workflows definitely check out
55:8.16 the templating system if you have a lot
55:10.12 of emails to manage check out the email
55:12.08 management masterclass
55:14.04 webinar fantastic if there are no other
55:17.04 questions um I'll end here thank you so
55:19.24 much for being here today and again feel
55:20.68 free to reach out to us support
55:22.08 or high
55:23.80 again one of the things that I do want
55:25.68 to emphasize is that at the end of the
55:27.64 day party Matrix will help you
55:29.76 prioritize your task so if you don't
55:31.80 feel like you're doing that then
55:33.04 something is wrong right reach out to us
55:35.32 um if you really need some advice around
55:36.88 that in terms of party Matrix offering
55:39.08 you know we for business and Enterprise
55:41.44 customers we provide coaching as well as
55:44.12 customizations and Technical Support so
55:46.80 if you're at an organizations where you
55:48.76 can make decisions around using
55:50.72 promatrix at a high level for your
55:52.48 department or for your your whole team
55:55.60 um we do have the necessary support to
55:57.36 ensure that you're successful thank you
55:59.80 so much for being here today
56:6.28 bye-bye