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Start the year off strong! Join our exclusive webinar to help you start the year off strong. We'll provide tips and guidance on everything you need to have a productive and effective 2024.

Have goals you want to achieve? We'll highlight tips to actually tackle those goals with Priority Matrix.

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3.00s all right good morning everyone we'll go
5.16s ahead and get started um my name is hwi
7.76s I'm co-founder of affluence the company
9.36s behind party Matrix thank you so much
11.16s for being here today um I do want to let
13.04s you know that this webinar is recorded
15.00s and so we'll be sharing the recording
16.32s with everyone afterwards and then also
18.76s in the chat section there's a place for
20.56s you to um send some messages if you have
23.12s any questions whatsoever during the
24.76s webinar um please send a message there
26.64s and I'll do my best to address them
29.00s during the webinar
30.48s and so thank you for your time this
32.08s morning I know that you know it's just
33.72s the beginning of the year but one of the
35.16s things I wanted to do today is actually
36.76s talk about how to achieve personal goals
39.08s it's uh something that's top of mind for
40.68s me I'm thinking about my goals I'm
42.44s thinking about what I want to achieve
43.76s this year and so therefore I figured
45.88s it'd be a very appropriate topic to
48.44s address um as we start this year strong
51.68s strong so with that we'll get started
54.36s and so you should see able to see my
55.92s screen and so I want to um talk about
59.08s the goals for today help you understand
1:1.12 the basics of pry Matrix I will make the
1:3.44 assumption that the vast majority of you
1:5.88 are relatively new to PR Matrix and so
1:7.88 I'll be talking about the basics of the
1:10.44 the fundamentals behind the philosophy
1:12.56 of patrix how to use the application and
1:14.48 so forth but then the second part um
1:17.40 that's different from my other webinars
1:18.72 is I'll be talking a little bit more
1:20.48 about the personal aspect of pry Matrix
1:22.68 because I think that at the end of the
1:24.40 day it boils down to you as an
1:26.40 individuals um as your goals with you
1:28.92 know whatever goals that you have for
1:30.32 this year what are the things you want
1:31.44 to achieve how do we actually put that
1:33.52 into pry Matrix and use it to ensure
1:36.44 that we actually meet those goals that
1:38.20 we want to achieve and then lastly I
1:40.32 want to talk about some tips and tricks
1:41.88 using prod Matrix and of course you know
1:43.92 any experience that I have in terms of
1:45.92 using the system I've talked to
1:47.64 thousands of customers over the year and
1:50.12 so I've seen sort of every single
1:51.88 possible challenges that that out there
1:54.56 when it comes to prioritization and task
1:56.16 management so feel free to ask me
1:58.12 questions um if there's anything along
2:0.24 the
2:1.16 way so one of the things I want to talk
2:3.44 about first is the challenges that our
2:5.00 customer face and so one of the things
2:6.76 that I've seen over and over again is
2:8.64 that team members have trouble
2:10.28 understanding what's priority right now
2:11.88 and it is so fascinating because more so
2:13.92 than ever before we have a lot of
2:15.28 software out there but at the same time
2:17.36 you have no idea what your teammates are
2:19.16 working on um what are the things that
2:21.12 they consider important and then at the
2:22.96 same time they may not know what are the
2:24.44 things you consider important and so
2:26.24 this lack of transparency makes it
2:28.84 particularly challenging for
2:30.36 organizations that are actually trying
2:31.76 to be more productive How Could You
2:34.20 prioritize if you don't know the
2:36.20 priorities of all the individuals across
2:38.04 your
2:39.32 organization and then second of all um
2:41.76 because we're responsible for so many
2:43.52 different aspect of so many different
2:45.44 project nowadays it's difficult to keep
2:47.88 track on the status of work across these
2:50.60 areas of responsibilities um I don't
2:52.52 think you ever really have Specialists
2:54.88 anymore um in fact everyone has to be in
2:57.40 charge of so many
2:58.76 different competing Pro so many
3:1.36 different projects with competing
3:2.60 priorities right we have only limited
3:4.28 time and so I think understanding where
3:6.72 things stand and how they all fit
3:8.72 together is really really
3:10.80 challenging and then lastly emails and
3:13.28 meeting are just causing far too much
3:14.76 contact switching um one of the things
3:16.40 I've seen over and over again is that
3:18.56 people are struggling with tying
3:21.92 everything together you know you're
3:23.16 getting an email from somebody and then
3:25.40 you also get a message from them via
3:27.08 teams and you get a text message and
3:28.88 then you see them in theall away and how
3:30.52 do you bring all this together so then
3:32.24 you have one Central place to track all
3:34.60 the tasks that you have to do and so one
3:36.32 of the things that we see over and over
3:38.88 again why people come to party Matrix is
3:41.00 that they struggle with email
3:42.36 prioritization and so hopefully I will
3:43.96 just show you how to prioritize your
3:46.08 emails um so that you can actually be on
3:48.40 top of the most critical
3:50.20 emails so what is party matrix it's a
3:53.00 comprehensive email priority in project
3:54.96 management software to help teams manage
3:57.04 emails conduct efficient meetings and
3:58.64 get real-time status up updates on
4:0.04 critical projects and priorities so I
4:2.04 want to um emphasize again that part
4:4.36 Matrix is actually a communication tool
4:6.92 what it does is it helps you understand
4:9.72 what are your priorities at any point in
4:11.52 time and then not only able to know um
4:13.92 what your personal priorities are but
4:15.48 also all your team members
4:17.40 priorities so how does PR Matrix help
4:20.00 with those three challenges that I first
4:21.60 brought up one we use What's called the
4:23.64 four quadrant methodology to promote
4:25.40 effective prioritization so I'll go into
4:27.44 the details on the four quadrant
4:28.92 approach but it makes it very very
4:30.72 Visual and very easy to be able to see
4:33.96 what are the things you should focus on
4:35.48 and so that aspect um I think is what
4:38.52 differentiates party Matrix from every
4:40.44 everything else secondly party Matrix
4:42.80 provide views such as the one-on-one the
4:44.56 agenda the timeline to help you
4:46.56 understand what needs to be done within
4:47.68 the right context and context is really
4:50.44 important because when you're working on
4:52.60 something it might be for a project but
4:54.92 it might also be for a person as in like
4:56.84 a client or your manager Etc so how how
4:59.64 do you understand what are the things I
5:0.84 need to work on for each of those
5:2.80 contexts and so P Matrix gives you the
5:4.52 different ways to see that information
5:6.92 across all of your
5:8.96 projects and then lastly party Matrix is
5:11.32 probably the deepest integrated solution
5:13.20 in the Microsoft teams and Outlook
5:15.04 ecosystem um and so if you do use
5:17.28 Outlook or teams party Matrix actually
5:19.92 integrates so well in that that you
5:21.28 should it's a no-brainer in terms of
5:22.72 using the system it is not required to
5:24.96 use prod Matrix to have Microsoft um to
5:28.16 be part of Microsoft ecosystem but PR
5:30.48 Matrix helps with that context switching
5:33.48 if you do use
5:35.16 that so what makes PR Matrix better it's
5:37.88 a Microsoft 365 security certified
5:40.00 solution and we're the only one as far
5:41.80 as I know that's certified um on the Mac
5:44.32 App uh I'm sorry on the web app the
5:46.80 Microsoft teams app as well as the
5:48.20 Outlook app and one of the things that
5:50.04 we're doing and we're in investing more
5:52.12 time into is actually using AI to help
5:54.92 you achieve your goals um this is an
5:56.96 area of work that you know we're still
5:59.08 thinking about and and trying to ensure
6:1.52 that we use AI sort of responsibly but
6:4.04 also at the same time actually make it
6:6.36 productive because there's just so many
6:7.92 things that it can do um and so how do
6:10.12 we help you achieve those goals and this
6:11.48 is an open conversation we want to have
6:13.16 with you I also what I like about PR
6:16.72 Matrix 2 um is that it provides this
6:19.12 people Centric collaboration and so one
6:20.64 of the things I want to show you is what
6:22.32 we call the one-on-one view where you
6:24.48 can actually see what are the things you
6:25.84 have to do for your manager or what are
6:28.40 the things your direct reports have to
6:30.92 do for you regardless of the projects
6:33.48 regardless of um you know whether it
6:37.24 came from emails or whether it came from
6:40.44 like a a personal goals Etc so how do
6:42.40 you actually see everything in one
6:43.72 central place and ensure that you work
6:45.48 going on the right things and then
6:46.84 finally party Matrix is available as a
6:48.48 standard SAS solution which is what I'll
6:50.04 be showing you but also if your
6:52.04 organization is looking for a HIPPA
6:53.76 compliance solution or one that hosted
6:55.92 on Azure government Cloud we also have
6:58.48 those
7:0.52 um so what makes patrix effective is
7:2.52 that it helps you determine what you
7:4.28 need to do now and then what you need to
7:7.16 do later as in after you're done with
7:9.80 the things you have to do now and then
7:11.20 what are the things you delegate um at
7:13.08 the end of the day party Matrix offers
7:14.76 the one place one place where everyone
7:17.96 within your team your organization can
7:20.32 go to to know what needs to be done and
7:22.40 that is so important and I want to
7:24.16 emphasize that's why promatrix is
7:26.56 effective and so if you're using
7:28.08 promatrix and you're able to do this
7:30.64 then you know that you're using
7:32.16 Prometric correctly and if you're not
7:34.76 able to do this then you know what are
7:36.56 the things you should do in order to be
7:38.96 more effective at using Prometrics so
7:41.40 hopefully um I want to let this sink in
7:43.60 a little bit just just try your best to
7:46.40 think that part
7:48.08 Matrix the goal of all of this is that
7:50.76 it provides the one place to see
7:54.80 everything so let's talk about the
7:56.72 fundamental behind protom matric and so
7:58.52 there's a famous quot quote attributed
7:59.96 to former President Eisenhower what is
8:2.04 important is seldom urgent and what is
8:3.72 urgent is seldom important um what I
8:6.32 really like about this quote is that
8:8.84 instead of thinking about everything we
8:10.08 have to do as a one long list what
8:12.44 happens is if you take all the tasks
8:14.24 that you have to do and think whether or
8:16.16 not this is important and then secondly
8:19.08 whether or not it is urgent if it's
8:20.92 something that's important and Urgent
8:22.20 then probably something that you want to
8:23.56 tackle right away right that's the fires
8:25.44 you have to fight if it's something
8:26.92 that's important and not urgent that's
8:28.68 the stuff that you have to start
8:29.96 thinking about and planning for and then
8:33.08 interestingly the thing that are urgent
8:35.40 but not important those are the things
8:37.08 that come and bother us all the time
8:39.36 right it's that last email that came in
8:41.60 um it's someone knocking on your door to
8:43.36 tell you something that is actually not
8:46.04 really instrumental to fulfilling your
8:48.52 goals but they go in and they break your
8:50.80 attention and so forth and so one thing
8:52.80 that's really interesting is if we don't
8:55.60 go and separate all the things we have
8:58.00 to do into these different dimension
8:59.16 itions then we're always going to be
9:0.96 working on the things that are Urgent
9:2.32 the things that are last in right that
9:4.44 becomes a last in first out mentality so
9:6.84 instead of doing that um what happens is
9:10.28 you want to go and take everything that
9:12.08 you have to do and split it into those
9:14.56 four buckets the important and Urgent
9:17.56 goes to the do now the important but not
9:19.60 urgent goes to the plan the important
9:21.88 but not urg the urgent but not important
9:24.00 are the things perhaps you could
9:25.04 delegate to others and then instead of
9:26.96 having ever track anything that's not
9:28.76 important not urgent instead you have
9:30.56 the inbox which is where you have
9:32.72 everything that you want to do but you
9:35.00 don't know where they fit within the
9:36.40 bigger picture so one of my
9:39.08 recommendation as you use patrix um and
9:42.20 as you think about how to manage your
9:43.92 task and so forth always be considerate
9:47.64 of where you're putting your task so
9:50.16 then if someone was were to look at your
9:51.88 Matrix they know exactly what it is
9:53.80 that's on your list and what you
9:55.60 consider to be priority and one exercise
9:58.28 that I really like to ask users to do um
10:1.08 and customers to do is
10:3.44 that you know take out a piece of paper
10:5.80 and start writing down everything that
10:7.36 you want to achieve this year um or this
10:9.60 this coming quarter and then from there
10:12.04 split it into these 2 by two Matrix you
10:14.12 don't even have to use pry mrix you just
10:15.68 have to go and put it onto a piece of
10:17.48 paper and then ask your co-workers and
10:19.96 your teammates and your managers and the
10:21.96 people you work with all the time to do
10:23.52 the exact same exercise then start
10:25.92 comparing notes and that's where the
10:28.32 magic happens with promatrix what
10:30.64 happens is that promatrix surfaces up
10:34.64 all these disagreements with respect to
10:37.08 prioritization now if you go and you do
10:40.08 this exercise and everyone is in a
10:42.28 complete agreement like you know you
10:43.76 compare notes with your manager and your
10:45.28 direct reports and it all says the exact
10:47.20 same thing you guys are golden um in
10:49.24 fact that would also make you a unicorn
10:51.20 because I've R rarely seen that to be
10:53.24 the case but instead what happens is
10:55.92 when you do this exercise and you start
10:57.72 comparing notes you'll realize that wait
10:59.64 a minute I thought something was
11:1.04 important but my coworker didn't and
11:2.92 then vice versa right and so when you
11:5.08 have a conversation on what it is you
11:6.76 need to work on it is so easy um to be
11:10.56 able to go and talk about the dis the
11:12.52 things that you disagree on and that's
11:14.52 the magic of pry Matrix um it creates it
11:17.92 it forces you to create alignment
11:19.96 because it forces you to prioritize from
11:21.60 the very beginning the last thing you
11:23.44 want to do is to work on something
11:25.76 that's not important and and then spend
11:28.28 all your time in effort and working on
11:29.96 that and then 3 months from now when you
11:32.28 go and you have you know alignment
11:34.12 checkup you realize wait a minute I've
11:36.08 been working on the wrong things and
11:37.56 that's wa that waste of effort is the
11:39.44 destroyer of our productivity and so I
11:42.96 strongly encourage you to do this
11:44.56 exercise strongly encourage you to think
11:46.76 about your priorities and then compare
11:48.80 notes with your co-workers um again you
11:51.00 know if you got nothing else from this
11:52.72 webinar and if you did this exercise
11:54.88 even if you don't use patrix I think you
11:57.16 will find that your 2024 will be a lot
11:59.52 more productive in terms of time
12:2.20 management so I do want to mention that
12:4.56 the webinars are recorded and we post
12:6.24 them on the website
12:7.80 webinars um I also wanted to say that uh
12:10.48 you know please reach out to us if you
12:11.84 have any feedback or uh any questions we
12:15.00 want to engage with you we want to to
12:17.48 talk to you about your challenges and
12:19.60 then see how party Matrix can adapt to
12:21.64 those challenges and so with that I'm
12:23.72 actually going to jump over to the um
12:25.60 application and show you how to use
12:27.88 patrix how to actually apply
12:32.28 this okay so now I have my produ Matrix
12:35.24 open um so this happens to be the web
12:37.24 app and so if you use patrix you'll know
12:39.72 that you know patrix works on pretty
12:42.08 much every single platform out there we
12:43.88 have web app Mac app desktop app
12:46.08 Microsoft teams app Outlook app mobile
12:48.60 apps Etc so um here I happen to have the
12:51.12 web app open as you can see I have my
12:53.60 list of project on the left hand side
12:55.72 and so you can think of projects as um
12:58.44 anything from area area of
13:0.72 responsibilities right these are the
13:2.12 things you're responsible for so for
13:3.64 example if you're in charge of a
13:5.40 marketing team you might have a project
13:7.48 that would be marketing and and called
13:10.52 marketing and that's all your goals for
13:12.56 this quarter or this this year um it the
13:16.00 project might also be an initiative so
13:18.32 for example let's say if you're in
13:20.40 manufacturing and one of your initiative
13:22.64 is actually to upgrade all your
13:24.76 equipment in order to streamline your
13:26.64 efficiency then you might have a project
13:28.44 that say upgrade equipment for you know
13:31.12 q1 2024 something like that and then of
13:34.12 course on a more personal level you
13:36.00 might have a project that's for your
13:37.76 goals for this year and so that's one of
13:39.48 the things that I want to talk about how
13:40.64 to show you to do that but as you can
13:43.08 see with my list of projects here in the
13:45.52 middle is the four quadrants and so
13:47.28 that's front and center in everything
13:49.48 that we do in pry Matrix again the goal
13:52.32 is not to have things in the list if you
13:54.52 have things in the list where do you
13:55.88 start at the top or at the bottom right
13:57.64 or some random thing in in the middle so
13:59.64 that doesn't work and so instead when
14:1.64 you think about putting task in PR
14:3.48 Matrix you have to decide where do they
14:6.28 belong and if you don't know then you
14:8.40 may put them in Quadrant 4 the down here
14:10.72 and then afterwards start moving them
14:12.72 around to the appropriate quadrants as
14:14.88 you're prioritizing your task um one of
14:17.96 the things that I think is actually um
14:19.92 I've seen some great success with our
14:22.08 customers is that they'll go and they'll
14:24.32 create a project that track their team
14:26.56 priorities right and so that if you're a
14:28.32 manager and you have let's say five or
14:30.12 six direct reports or something like
14:31.64 that and you have a project and you
14:33.32 track all your priorities and then guess
14:35.76 what when you have a meeting on a weekly
14:37.52 basis a staff meeting project party
14:40.48 Matrix onto the big screen and now you
14:42.24 can walk through those priorities and
14:44.96 only focus your attention on the top
14:47.64 part of the Matrix right the things that
14:49.20 are important and Urgent and the things
14:50.44 that are important and not urgent and
14:52.08 then you're able to save your time and
14:53.72 not waste it talking about things that
14:55.44 don't matter so those are some some of
14:58.44 the things things that I think have are
15:0.28 very success um make it very successful
15:3.32 in terms of task management okay so now
15:7.24 I have this Matrix and then what happens
15:9.28 is let's say I want to add a task so I'm
15:11.48 going to go ahead and add a task and say
15:13.16 follow up with webinar participants okay
15:17.56 and so this is how you create a task in
15:19.52 inside PR Matrix but the second thing I
15:21.76 can do is actually I can put the due
15:23.32 date directly in here so I can say due
15:24.96 tomorrow at 2m so what happens is with
15:27.72 PR Matrix um the moment I create that
15:30.24 task on the right hand side I see what's
15:32.16 called the item details so with the item
15:35.24 details I'm actually able to add
15:36.76 additional information around this task
15:38.56 so here's the task name here's the
15:40.28 project it belongs in and let's say this
15:42.20 is something that's important I can
15:43.52 start it and when I start it pops to the
15:45.56 top of the list and then I can also add
15:47.56 an icon to it so let's just say if I do
15:50.16 this icon I'll do an email icon here and
15:53.36 then down here I have owner for example
15:55.96 I might want to delegate it to somebody
15:57.52 else I can do that directly from here um
15:59.96 there's progress efforts reminders and
16:2.12 due dates and so as you can see because
16:4.04 I said due tomorrow at 2 p.m. part
16:6.56 Matrix automatically interpret that
16:8.00 using natural language and so it sets a
16:9.68 due date for me but here's the
16:11.20 difference between due date and
16:12.40 reminders um and let's just say you have
16:15.12 something that's due in two
16:17.00 weeks but if you wait for two weeks to
16:19.28 get started maybe you're not going to
16:21.24 able to get that done because you know
16:22.64 maybe that task takes several days so
16:24.72 instead what you also want to do is you
16:26.52 want to actually set a reminder so that
16:28.04 it pops to the top of your list over the
16:30.48 next two weeks so then you remember to
16:32.60 actually work on them so let me show you
16:33.84 how I do that so let's just say this is
16:35.88 due tomorrow um at 2 pm and someone say
16:38.28 remind me in three hours okay so when I
16:41.28 do that part Matrix will actually pop it
16:43.36 to the top of my list in three hours so
16:45.52 then it's top of mind for me to actually
16:47.56 go and actually work on it in order to
16:49.72 follow up with the webinar participants
16:51.32 for
16:51.96 example below that I have chats notes
16:54.76 and resources the chat is actually you
16:57.32 can think of the chat as a history of
16:59.20 all um the changes that I make but it's
17:1.84 also a place where I can have a
17:3.48 conversation with my my co-workers
17:6.48 around this task so let's say that I do
17:8.92 assign this to Eugenia um I can say hey
17:11.88 make sure to follow up with the webinar
17:18.00 participants um and so when I do
17:19.80 something like that Eugenia can actually
17:21.28 go and see that conversation and respond
17:24.20 to it and so you probably you know you
17:26.76 probably use something like Microsoft
17:28.12 team or slack or some chat software
17:30.80 collaboration software within your
17:32.04 organization and you know that you talk
17:34.12 about all sorts of stuff the problem in
17:36.28 general is that context is not there
17:39.36 right so you might have the s a
17:40.76 conversation with your manager on five
17:42.96 different topics inside your chat and
17:45.04 then guess what in six months or in you
17:47.72 know in six months when you need to
17:49.12 review on all those conversations you
17:51.48 had it's impossible because you've
17:53.28 talked about all sorts of stuff in your
17:55.08 in your chat so instead patrix provide
17:57.56 this chat Within the context of the task
18:0.12 and so what's nice about it is that it's
18:2.32 specific to this task and then when you
18:4.56 invite somebody else that's new to to
18:7.36 the um project and they need to see the
18:10.28 context and they need to see the
18:12.16 decisions made and the changes made they
18:14.68 can see that in the chat section so I
18:17.80 love using the chat section I use it all
18:20.32 the time um in order to ensure that you
18:23.32 know we have a conversation within the
18:24.80 context I don't like talking about tasks
18:27.68 outside of cont context because that
18:29.48 makes it very difficult to again to
18:31.24 bring others in and then the other thing
18:33.40 is one of the tips that I have for using
18:35.28 PR Matrix is always set due dates and
18:38.08 always set reminders um that's my goal
18:40.60 with everything that I put into the
18:42.00 system I set a due dates and so that due
18:44.72 date tells me okay I need to make sure
18:46.88 that I actually respond or update to
18:48.84 this task and then I always set
18:50.56 reminders and not only that I set
18:51.84 recurring reminders so let me give you
18:53.40 an example let's say if I need to follow
18:56.40 up with a customer in a month what I
18:57.96 would do is I would say um I'll give you
19:0.08 an example here do in one month right
19:3.20 and then what I would also do in patrix
19:5.04 is I'll say remind me weekly and again
19:9.04 this is literally what I always do on a
19:11.44 daily basis and now on a weekly basis I
19:13.92 get a ping from PR Matrix in my home
19:16.08 view that tells me hey I need to follow
19:18.28 with this customer and I'll do that over
19:20.12 and over again for every single one of
19:21.84 my important
19:22.96 task the note section in PR Matrix is
19:25.48 where you can put subtasks as well as
19:27.12 additional information around the task
19:28.68 itself it is not intended to be rich
19:31.40 teex and all that you know you have your
19:33.48 Microsoft Word you have your Google Docs
19:35.32 and so forth you can link those into PR
19:37.48 Matrix under the resources section so
19:39.52 instead the notes inside you know a task
19:42.28 is just additional metadata um maybe you
19:45.04 want to describe what the task is but
19:46.80 you can also create subtask here and
19:49.64 then the resources section is where you
19:51.20 can attach documents um even emails um
19:54.28 that's actually a really neat capability
19:55.96 inside PR Matrix the ability to attach
19:58.00 email emails to existing task so how
20:0.48 many times have you had you know tasks
20:2.80 that are associated with an email that a
20:4.68 client sends you right and so with
20:6.80 patrix you can actually do that and so
20:8.68 I'll be showing our email integration um
20:11.80 shortly so also you can actually link
20:14.80 existing tasks together with patrix and
20:16.88 so when you do that you can actually
20:18.20 build dependencies and have Gant charts
20:20.04 created automatically for you so patrix
20:22.68 gives you the flexibility to incorporate
20:25.08 all sorts of resources into the task
20:27.16 itself so that's pretty much it on an
20:30.12 item detail basis and when I created
20:32.96 this task I put it down here and guess
20:34.52 what it's just all drag and drop in
20:36.08 terms of prioritization and so imagine
20:38.40 now when I have a project like this and
20:40.32 a coworker comes in here and looks at
20:42.76 this project they can see exactly what
20:44.76 my priorities are um and then if we have
20:47.08 disagreement we can have that that
20:48.80 really important conversation and then
20:50.92 the other thing I also like to do is I
20:52.44 also like to resize the quadrants so
20:54.56 let's just say you know when I start my
20:56.08 day I want to focus just on the the q1
20:58.16 one stuff I would resize this and now
21:0.36 you see how I can have more real estate
21:2.56 dedicated to my quadrant
21:5.32 one so now let's talk about creating
21:8.40 projects as we've just talk about
21:9.84 talking about creating tasks so since
21:12.04 today's webinar is really around
21:13.76 managing your goals for 2024 let me show
21:16.44 you how I would approach managing my
21:19.20 goals for this year so I'm going to go
21:21.12 click on projects I'm going to go show
21:22.60 all projects and now choose add project
21:25.52 um now when you add a project in part
21:27.20 Matrix you get several choices the first
21:29.72 is you can always do a blank project a
21:31.48 blank project means it's a basic part
21:33.68 Matrix the the project have nothing in
21:35.84 them but we also have templates um
21:40.04 available for you and so when you get a
21:42.12 chance you can go to here and explore
21:43.76 the different templates that we have and
21:45.52 it's it's actually customizing party
21:47.36 Matrix to your specific workflow and
21:49.68 then party Matrix also lets you create
21:52.36 your own workflow templates and so if
21:54.48 you become more advanced with patrix you
21:57.52 can actually build out your own PR
21:59.52 Matrix with custom quadrant names custom
22:2.32 task and so forth and then save that as
22:4.04 a template so then when you launch a new
22:6.04 project in PR Matrix you can actually
22:7.40 use one of those templates and then of
22:9.16 course we have create with AI which
22:11.20 allows you to turn a goal into a series
22:13.92 of task and so when you use party Matrix
22:16.56 um definitely check out this feature so
22:19.76 maybe your goal could be how to get a
22:21.68 promotion in 2024 right you could
22:23.84 actually type that here and our system
22:25.52 will actually build out some suggested
22:27.60 task for you in order for you to achieve
22:29.12 that goal but I'm going to go ahead and
22:30.76 choose a blank project because I want a
22:32.68 a project that just tracks some of the
22:34.64 stuff that I want to do this year so
22:36.68 goals or 2024 okay um and then with that
22:40.68 I'm going to go ahead and choose a color
22:42.20 I'll go add
22:43.64 project so now when I do this you see
22:46.24 that I have again um my my list of
22:49.92 project on the left hand side and then I
22:52.48 have my quadrant in the middle and
22:54.60 instead instead of item details on the
22:56.72 right hand side I have the project
22:58.48 details so the project details list my
23:2.08 project name I can also start this
23:4.08 project so when I start the project you
23:5.68 see how it jumps to my uh the top of my
23:8.72 list here that allows me to get to this
23:11.20 project very very easily and so I truly
23:13.72 recommend that you have you know if you
23:16.00 have like five or six projects or
23:17.80 something like that have two or three
23:19.32 starred ones and so that allows you to
23:21.44 ensure that you know it's always on the
23:23.20 top of your list and then you're always
23:24.80 looking at them um and then within the
23:27.16 project details I can invite additional
23:29.16 team members since this is my personal
23:31.28 project I might not want to invite
23:32.68 anybody and so here the quadrant names
23:35.76 and so here it uses the the Eisenhower
23:38.12 Matrix but I'm going to go ahead and and
23:39.96 change it so instead of using do now I'm
23:42.40 going to say um
23:44.96 my longterm
23:48.52 goals and then here I'm going to do my
23:52.00 short turn
23:55.28 goals and then I'm going to say on
23:57.84 instead of uh the quadrant 3 delegate
23:59.60 and said things I
24:2.84 will not
24:5.76 do and then ideas okay so now what
24:9.36 instead of actually using the Eisenhower
24:10.88 Matrix I've just customized this entire
24:13.04 Matrix to be more appropriate for my
24:15.28 goals for 2024 so for example my
24:17.80 short-term goal might be um
24:20.28 to read a
24:23.04 selfhelp book every month okay so
24:26.04 imagine if if I wanted to create a task
24:28.08 or something like that and so the idea
24:30.32 here is that when you work on creating a
24:33.80 a project for managing your goals in
24:36.12 20124 put down things that you want to
24:39.04 achieve um and then what I'll do is I'm
24:42.16 going to go and do a remind me monthly
24:45.48 here in the chat section so now on a
24:47.76 monthly basis I'll automatically get a
24:49.80 reminder to make sure that I'm actually
24:51.48 going to work on this goal so as you
24:53.56 know you know the problem that we have
24:55.60 typically when we set our goals is we're
24:58.28 very ambitious at the beginning of the
25:0.00 year because we want to do all these
25:1.64 things and so forth but then what
25:3.24 happens what happens is that you have so
25:6.00 many things going on you start
25:7.40 forgetting what those goals are so the
25:10.08 way it works with the pr Matrix is when
25:12.08 you create that task set that reminder
25:15.36 so when you get that ping on a monthly
25:17.88 basis around achieving whatever is you
25:20.16 want to achieve it will be extremely
25:22.28 helpful to help you achieve your goal
25:24.36 right and then the second is on the
25:26.00 long-term goals that's where you create
25:28.32 again you know some of the things that
25:29.68 really matters to you and then set a
25:31.72 constant reminder so I recommend that if
25:34.16 you do create a project for goals for
25:36.68 2024 make sure that you set a reminder
25:39.84 um on a recurring reminder in fact so
25:42.36 then you know you actually will go back
25:44.20 to it and you you'll think about it now
25:46.72 down here things I will not do um this
25:48.92 is just something that I've discovered
25:51.16 on my own when I work on my when I work
25:54.12 on my goals um I actually build out
25:56.68 documentations on the things I want to
25:58.40 do and then also the things I don't want
26:0.44 to do and that Revelation is to me um
26:3.72 very helpful because it helps me
26:6.12 understand the dimensions of how I think
26:9.24 about my work and so uh I let me try to
26:12.44 think if I can give you an example but
26:15.28 for example when I think about the
26:17.68 things I want to do I always think about
26:20.20 what are the things I don't want to do
26:21.80 that's related to that and so I you know
26:23.92 as you work on your goals I recommend
26:26.24 that you you think of it as what I
26:27.92 called anti-g goals right and so that
26:30.08 could just be when you want to be a more
26:32.08 productive or more U positive person
26:34.88 right then you also want to say I don't
26:37.08 want to be involved in gossip as an
26:39.08 example and then finally I always have
26:41.40 an idea section what I like about the
26:43.16 idea section is it allows me to track
26:45.32 all the things I want to do and then I
26:47.36 don't have the pressure of actually
26:48.76 committing to it but it's just all my
26:50.72 thoughts and so forth and then from
26:52.04 there I can actually drag it to the
26:53.64 appropriate goals as needed so my
26:56.40 recommendation for this is to have this
26:58.80 information in there go back to the chat
27:1.16 section and every month update it right
27:3.76 so for example if I do have this read a
27:5.68 self- health book every month on a
27:7.32 monthly basis when this this reminder
27:9.60 comes up I'll go in here and I'll type
27:11.76 an update and you know I could even say
27:14.80 didn't find a book this month got to
27:16.52 find a book next month right but then I
27:18.00 want to track that and prod Matrix will
27:19.88 give you a history of all of that and so
27:22.16 over the course of a year you can go
27:23.60 back and actually review it um and
27:25.40 you'll find that you know this will be
27:27.08 extremely helpful for you to achieve
27:29.08 those short-term and long-term goals
27:31.96 okay now I'm going to switch gear a
27:33.68 little bit and talk about email
27:34.88 management um let's go back to actually
27:37.12 thinking about how to use part Matrix to
27:39.04 make sure that you you know don't drop
27:40.76 any important emails this year so this
27:42.68 is probably the number one reason why
27:44.60 customer comes to your prod Matrix which
27:46.28 is they struggle with email
27:48.92 prioritization and um this H happens to
27:51.28 me too I get you know a couple hundred
27:53.08 emails a day um so it's very very
27:55.68 difficult for me to go and and
27:58.08 prioritize all of them um now you know
28:0.60 granted you if you can flag an email
28:2.80 right and you can even set reminders for
28:4.68 emails nowadays the problem is if I have
28:7.40 five flag emails it works fine but if I
28:9.88 have 50 flag emails or 100 flag emails I
28:12.36 start losing track of them too so with
28:14.40 pmatrix you're able to install the P
28:16.28 Matrix extension so if you have Outlook
28:18.84 all you have to do is go to the App
28:20.24 Store here and then click on add apps
28:23.08 and then search for patrix now when you
28:25.24 add patrix you'll see three options we
28:27.04 have a hiton solution a government
28:28.52 solution and then the blue one is a
28:30.08 standard solution typically vast
28:31.76 majority of people use that and so here
28:34.04 I have it install so then when I have an
28:36.52 email that comes in and let's just say
28:38.04 it's a very important email I can just
28:39.96 click on this option and then I choose
28:41.60 prioritize email so what happens when I
28:44.64 prioritize an email is that I can
28:46.92 actually um this option to capture email
28:49.44 comes up and then I can decide what
28:51.56 project it goes in I can assign it to a
28:54.00 person I can decide what quadrant it
28:56.16 goes in right so for example example
28:58.36 here um go let's see here my goals
29:1.76 for uh 2024 where is it um there's go
29:6.68 for 2024 uh and so then I can actually
29:9.40 choose what quadrant it goes in I can
29:11.28 set a due date and then I click capture
29:13.64 email so as you can see the moment I
29:15.92 click capture email the right hand side
29:18.56 um becomes the item details it's exactly
29:20.56 like the web app and now instead of just
29:22.60 flagging an email or you know setting a
29:24.84 reminder I can do all sorts of stuff to
29:26.84 it I can decide what project it goes in
29:29.56 again I can change it at owners um
29:32.32 delegate it to somebody else I can add
29:34.04 progress I can add subtask and then not
29:36.12 only that what happens is that email is
29:38.08 uploaded into the resources section when
29:40.36 I go back to my my party Matrix task and
29:43.80 so this EML file is accessible to my
29:46.92 co-workers right so if they're on
29:48.44 another computer and they um they can
29:50.68 actually open up the email file and
29:52.56 build to respond to the
29:54.12 customer so the second thing about prod
29:56.44 Matrix um email integration that makes
29:58.16 it unique is the ability to attach email
30:0.08 to existing task so let me give you an
30:2.00 example let's just say if you work with
30:4.08 an external client right and that client
30:6.04 sends you a follow-up email now you
30:7.88 already have an email as a task for them
30:10.36 so instead of actually just creating a
30:12.00 new task what you want to do is you want
30:13.44 to attach that email to an existing task
30:15.60 so prod Matrix is the only software
30:17.44 solution that I'm aware of that lets you
30:19.32 do this very easily so you go to apps
30:22.08 here and you choose P Matrix and then
30:23.84 you choose open prod
30:25.52 Matrix now when I do something like that
30:28.32 um what happens is my prod Matrix list
30:31.28 of items will show up here and then from
30:33.84 here I can actually choose a task that I
30:36.64 have so um actually for some reason mine
30:39.04 doesn't show up here but then I can
30:40.92 actually hover over an existing task and
30:44.28 attach this task to that item and so
30:47.16 this allows me to actually attach
30:48.92 multiple emails and have you know my
30:51.24 documentation my files presentation Etc
30:54.32 all attached to the same task
30:58.04 so I'm going to jump back to my P Matrix
31:0.76 here and so you can see how that email
31:2.52 that I created um is is here inside my
31:5.88 patrix and then if I go to the resources
31:8.20 section you see that there's an email
31:9.76 file so one of the things that I like to
31:12.36 do all the time um is when I'm on the go
31:15.20 for example and then I get an email into
31:18.88 that I see on my phone and I want to
31:20.68 prioritize that email what I can do is I
31:23.08 can actually go my inbox here I capture
31:25.72 my secret inbox address and so when you
31:28.16 use party Matrix all of you um have a
31:31.20 secret inbox address and when an email
31:33.28 is sent to that secret inbox address it
31:35.04 creates a task for you so what I do is I
31:37.56 save the secret inbox address as a
31:39.88 contact and so whenever I get an email I
31:42.36 forward it into my pry Matrix and then I
31:45.16 would say you know do tomorrow or you
31:47.16 know remind me daily or something like
31:48.84 that and now it creates a task for me
31:51.24 when I'm out and about um and you know
31:53.92 for those who have who work on customer
31:57.20 site uh where you might you might be on
32:0.84 the road all the time this capability is
32:3.60 so powerful in terms of prioritizing
32:5.52 your
32:6.48 emails and then I'm also going to switch
32:8.48 gear a little bit and talk about
32:9.56 Microsoft teams again Microsoft teams is
32:11.80 not required to use pry Matrix but if
32:14.04 you do use Microsoft teams and Outlook
32:16.12 definitely install it and so to install
32:18.28 pry Matrix for Outlook you go I'm sorry
32:20.24 pry Matrix for teams you go to the App
32:22.28 Store here search for PR Matrix and then
32:24.60 when you do install it it will show up
32:26.40 here on the left side my recommendation
32:28.12 is you right click on this and then
32:29.64 choose pin and when you pin it P Matrix
32:31.96 is always here on your left hand side
32:33.76 and you're able to see exactly um you a
32:37.48 to access patrix so much more quickly
32:39.44 and so as you can see when I open patrix
32:41.40 on teams it looks exactly like my web
32:44.28 app right I have a project here my goals
32:46.92 for 2024 is synced over automatically I
32:49.92 see all my goals and so forth and so
32:51.88 when you work with multiple people and
32:54.00 you have multiple projects um and you
32:56.00 have a lot of different goals and so so
32:57.24 forth they can be accessing the app
32:59.24 inside teams you can be accessing the
33:1.04 app in on the web app somebody else can
33:3.16 be accessing the map the app on mobile
33:5.60 and you all see the same thing and
33:7.32 that's how part Matrix create that
33:9.24 alignment and again the quadrant makes
33:11.32 it so easy to have a visual way to see
33:14.52 what the priorities are um so that's
33:17.60 what I find extremely helpful with the
33:20.00 system um now you know I'm not going to
33:22.52 walk through the ability to add task
33:25.00 here because it's all the same but let
33:26.48 me show you some other things that
33:27.92 actually is very helpful with prod
33:29.36 Matrix which is the ability to access
33:31.40 different views so we talked about
33:33.20 earlier the quadrant here but imagine if
33:35.32 you have more tasks right so for example
33:37.00 I open another project here we have a
33:38.96 lot more task in one central place so I
33:41.76 can actually switch views to for example
33:43.48 the list view um show all my task but
33:47.16 what this is really helpful for is
33:48.52 actually finding tasks that are overdue
33:50.36 so when I go to the list view I can
33:51.92 actually sort by um due dates or modify
33:54.80 date Etc or by owners so I can see what
33:57.76 are all the things that people are
33:58.96 responsible for now I know that you know
34:1.32 while the four quadrant is our four
34:3.36 quadrant Eisenhower Matrix is our
34:4.76 recommended approach but as you can see
34:6.76 that you can actually change the
34:8.24 quadrant names so then you know maybe
34:10.96 the quadrant four doesn't mean low
34:13.04 priority it just has a different
34:15.28 attribute to it and so when you go to
34:17.00 this view you can sort by those
34:18.80 quadrants and build to see exactly what
34:20.72 are the things that are overdue in the
34:22.56 list form and then of course you have
34:24.76 the calendar view which takes all the
34:26.96 tasks that have due dates and put in the
34:28.28 calendar and then you have the Gant
34:30.20 chart views and so when you have tasks
34:31.88 that are dependent on each other as you
34:33.72 can see here you can actually build
34:35.48 dependencies and and all that inside per
34:37.60 Matrix and Link them together and be
34:39.32 able to access the task directly from
34:40.96 here and so one of the nice thing about
34:42.68 this is it it's a no-brainer it's so
34:44.76 easy to create Gant chart and so if
34:46.24 you're a project manager and you need to
34:47.96 create a Gant chart to see you know the
34:50.04 flow of things over the next three
34:51.76 months or something like that party
34:52.96 Matrix just built this out automatically
34:54.48 when you have due
34:55.64 dates here's there's a couple things
34:57.48 that makes p Matrix unique inside teams
35:0.20 um so if you do use teams and let's say
35:2.64 you go to a chat with somebody right
35:4.48 let's say your your manager that you
35:6.20 talk to all the time right what happen
35:8.56 what happens you can go to the PM
35:9.88 oneon-one View and able to see all the
35:12.04 things you have in common with your
35:13.16 manager and so as you can see I go to
35:14.92 the 101 view here I have my my coworker
35:17.68 selected I can see all the tasks I have
35:19.76 in common with her across all of my PR
35:22.48 Matrix this is what makes patrix so
35:25.60 powerful when it comes to meetings and
35:29.32 so when you have that one-on-one meeting
35:31.16 with somebody instead of having to open
35:33.00 PR Matrix go through each project talk
35:35.24 about the things that you guys have in
35:36.68 common you just open this View and all
35:38.76 of that is aggregated for you directly
35:40.52 here and what's neat is that you can see
35:42.64 all the tasks that are overdue as well
35:44.56 right and all the star tasks pop to the
35:46.76 top and so when you star something party
35:48.52 Matrix makes it so convenient for you to
35:50.52 get to it and so now your meeting can
35:53.12 become so much more productive um
35:54.88 because you talk about the most
35:56.04 important things and then you can look
35:57.72 at all the things that are overdue and
35:59.40 then from there you know either change a
36:1.36 due date or reprioritize right and then
36:4.12 you're able to actually create task
36:5.48 directly from here too you don't even
36:7.24 have to open pry Matrix at all you click
36:9.68 on ADD share task and when you do you
36:11.68 can create the task you can choose the
36:13.16 project it goes in and the neat thing is
36:15.96 it automatically assigns to the other
36:17.52 person and it adds you as a follower so
36:19.64 what that means is when that task gets
36:21.04 updated you're automatically notified
36:23.64 now to get to the one-onone view all you
36:25.32 have to do is click on plus here choose
36:27.36 PR Matrix and then choose the one-on-one
36:30.32 view so I recommend that if you H have
36:33.56 multiple co-workers that you work with
36:35.44 or again if you're managing five or six
36:37.28 people or something like that add the
36:39.52 one-on-one view for every single one of
36:41.68 your coworker and then you know select
36:43.80 them here and now with prrix you're able
36:46.20 to see all the things that they're
36:47.36 working on that related to
36:49.80 you um and as you can see if I go to the
36:52.80 chat with somebody there's a bunch of
36:54.68 things I can do here as well um I can
36:57.00 actually attach party Matrix task from
36:59.24 here so if I go to Party Matrix I can
37:1.24 send party Matrix um action cards here
37:3.92 and then not only that if I have a
37:5.36 conversation with somebody right let's
37:6.88 say you know somebody said could you
37:8.36 send me a report I can actually hover
37:10.24 over this dot dot dot and create part
37:12.08 Matrix task directly from teams
37:14.96 conversation and earlier when we were
37:16.92 talking about context switching that's
37:19.04 the thing that we are trying to solve
37:21.00 with petrix here so you know the last
37:23.92 thing I want you to have to do is you
37:26.04 know someone ask you to do something
37:27.60 that you have to open promatrix find the
37:29.60 project and add the task instead you can
37:32.12 do all of those things from one central
37:33.96 place and so that's the whole goal here
37:36.52 and every time you're able to do that
37:38.16 it'll save you time and effort and then
37:39.96 when you have those meetings and you're
37:41.44 talking about hey we should do XYZ this
37:44.92 it's a no-brainer toble to create all
37:46.44 these tasks in part Matrix very easily
37:48.32 so I'm not showing it today but part
37:50.00 Matrix also integrate with your meetings
37:52.28 so that that what that means is you can
37:53.92 actually add part Matrix tab to your
37:56.08 teams me meeting and so you can actually
37:57.56 build agenda automatically able to
37:59.76 create tasks during your meeting
38:2.64 itself so I'm going to switch back to PR
38:4.92 Matrix for um a few more minutes here
38:7.28 and I want to show you what's called the
38:8.76 home view so earlier we talk about
38:11.20 reminders all the time and we talking
38:12.76 about due dates so how does p Matrix
38:14.72 actually remind you well if you use the
38:16.80 home view so as you can see here my home
38:18.64 view shows a number
38:19.92 84 um and if when I go to here it
38:22.56 actually shows me the number of alerts
38:24.96 that I have that requires my attention
38:27.84 and that's how pry Matrix send you a
38:29.80 reminder so when I have a task that's
38:32.36 due in two weeks when the due dat comes
38:35.00 it'll pop up here in the on top of the
38:36.92 list now when I set those recurring
38:39.20 reminders every time those recurring
38:41.36 reminders trigger it shows up here and
38:44.04 that is how you help your brain bypass
38:47.20 this urgent and important problem as I
38:51.36 as I um mentioned to you earlier we tend
38:55.52 to go and just work on the things that's
38:57.96 last in and first out right what that
39:0.84 means is you you start your day you open
39:3.48 your phone you look at your email and
39:6.04 you're not looking at the most important
39:7.48 email you're looking at the last email
39:9.20 that just came in well to bypass this by
39:13.44 creating those recurring reminders it
39:16.08 keeps on coming back and it pops to the
39:18.36 top of your list constantly and it
39:20.52 reminds you just as I mentioned around
39:22.48 the goals for 2024 and then we have
39:25.00 those short-term goals and the long term
39:26.76 goals and you setting recurring
39:28.00 reminders on that it'll constant remind
39:30.52 you to make sure that you do those
39:32.20 things and trust me the
39:34.60 reminders is such a powerful way to be
39:37.52 top of mind and if something's top of
39:39.80 mind it allows you to actually tackle it
39:41.56 because if it's not top of mind you may
39:43.72 not get it done right then it requires
39:45.28 your brain to think about it and and
39:47.12 we're not good enough for that um and so
39:49.16 that's how i' strongly encourage you to
39:50.88 leverage PR Matrix and make sure that is
39:53.28 why I want to make sure you set due
39:54.88 dates and you set reminders for all of
39:56.56 your task so anyways that's the alert
39:58.56 section here um so my goal typically is
40:0.88 to go through the alerts here so I can
40:2.40 see the things that require my attention
40:4.44 and then when I'm done with that I can
40:5.76 actually clear all notification and then
40:7.40 I'm on the blank slate and then the next
40:9.36 day I might get reminders again um or
40:12.24 you know due date notifications on the
40:14.08 things that are important so make sure
40:16.08 you do that and then as you can see part
40:18.96 Matrix provides a bunch of other views
40:20.76 as well so you can see your agenda you
40:22.76 can see your items our search view is
40:25.04 actually extremely powerful it allows
40:26.92 you to see everything you have to do
40:28.52 across all your projects and you can
40:30.00 build all sorts of filters on it so um
40:32.80 as you can imagine if you're trying to
40:35.00 prioritize your task for your entire
40:36.80 organization you might want to know what
40:39.64 did so and so person work on last
40:43.32 quarter um in various types of projects
40:46.32 so PR Matrix allowed you to actually
40:48.00 build reports on all of those using our
40:50.24 search View and we also have U workload
40:52.76 reports and general reports that allows
40:54.52 you to understand exactly what are the
40:57.00 things that people are working on in the
40:58.84 future so if you're you know if you're a
41:1.52 an agency that needs to prioritize
41:4.08 people time and you want to make sure
41:5.60 that you know the workload is evenly
41:7.40 distributed part Matrix has reports that
41:9.52 actually allow you to see all of those
41:11.12 things so of course those are Advanced
41:12.84 capabilities Ander Matrix beyond the
41:14.60 scope of today's webinar but I want you
41:16.20 to know that all of those are
41:18.56 possible okay so let's do a recap real
41:21.60 quick on the left hand side you list of
41:23.64 project in the middle is the quadrant
41:25.32 view you have the item details the
41:27.32 project themselves are customizable um
41:29.60 email management there's a lot of things
41:31.32 you can do I actually have a webinar
41:32.96 dedicated to email management to show
41:34.96 you all the things you can do so if
41:36.32 you're interested in that make sure you
41:37.56 check that out I also have a webinar on
41:39.60 using templates in pmatrix so with
41:41.76 pmatrix if you build out a matrix with
41:44.00 all the task in it you can actually
41:45.60 build workflows from it so that could be
41:47.96 everything from employee onboarding or
41:49.76 new client onboarding and so if you have
41:51.64 recurring tasks party Matrix will go and
41:53.72 allow you to save a ton of time on that
41:55.76 so that's a separate webinar and you can
41:57.36 check that out on our webinar page but
42:0.04 with that I'm going to jump back to the
42:6.76 presentation so hopefully have given you
42:8.92 a very good overview and deep dive into
42:11.56 the basics of pry Matrix um now it's on
42:13.92 you um if you haven't done it yet sign
42:15.72 up for py Matrix and use our app and
42:17.40 teams on Outlook if applicable again
42:19.32 they're not required but if you do use
42:21.04 them definitely install pry Matrix for
42:22.92 that um I feel like the more places the
42:25.64 more application more uh devices that
42:28.00 use prod Matrix on the better because
42:29.88 then allows you to access all your
42:31.56 priorities whenever convenient again if
42:33.84 you're on the go and you're on mobile
42:35.64 promatrix works just as well um you just
42:37.88 go to prom sign in and
42:39.96 everything you have is there uh and then
42:42.40 if you're brand new to P Matrix I
42:44.16 recommend creating at least three
42:45.56 projects your personal priorities your
42:47.36 share team priorities and key initiative
42:49.36 now of course you know given the goals
42:51.04 for 2024 I recommend that as the
42:53.76 fourth project um to create and again
42:56.88 make sure that you set those due dates
42:58.40 and so forth and then if you're using
43:0.92 planning on using protom Matrix in a
43:2.44 team environment make sure that you
43:4.80 invite the appropriate team members and
43:6.84 Pitch to them on why it's important to
43:8.36 focus on the high impact task as I
43:10.28 mentioned the teams that have a lot of
43:11.76 success they just project part Matrix
43:13.96 onto the big screen and so now you have
43:15.60 one project with your team priorities
43:17.64 and it's so Crystal Clear on what it is
43:20.32 that you need to work on right and then
43:22.08 when you have disagreement you can talk
43:23.60 about it right then you know instead of
43:25.52 actually
43:26.84 postponing all these decisions on
43:28.96 deciding what needs to be done now you
43:30.88 can have that hard conversation from the
43:32.76 start um so when you create task and
43:34.92 part Matrix I do recommend due dates um
43:38.04 make sure that you use the appropriate
43:39.80 quadrants right so then if you have more
43:41.84 than 25% of the things in the the do now
43:45.32 quadrant then something's wrong because
43:47.24 mean you have everything's on fire right
43:49.20 so make sure that you know when you
43:51.20 think about priorities that you don't
43:53.20 overwhelm others um and and you know
43:56.60 declaring that everything's important
43:57.92 and urgent because if everything's
43:59.20 important and Urgent nothing is and so
44:1.20 that's what it means to ruthlessly
44:2.80 prioritize you have to set the clear
44:5.44 line in the sayand okay these are really
44:7.80 critical things we need to work on and
44:9.20 these are things that we can
44:11.68 postpone um so tips for being productive
44:14.28 in 2024 don't forget your long-term
44:16.88 vision and so this is something that I'm
44:19.16 personally aware of myself I always
44:21.80 always put my long-term Vision at the
44:23.64 very top so when I look at it I see okay
44:26.12 this is what I need to work on so make
44:27.88 sure I don't forget that right and so I
44:29.80 recommend that you do the same have a
44:31.48 project that track your goals like I
44:32.96 showed you track your thoughts and
44:34.88 progress through each of those goals so
44:36.52 as I mentioned that's what the chat
44:37.92 section is for so then you know as
44:39.76 you're thinking about your goals as
44:41.36 you're working on these things just send
44:43.20 yourself a chat message inside party
44:45.04 Matrix as your notes and so now later on
44:47.56 in six months you can look back and see
44:50.00 okay you know this is what I thought
44:51.36 about 6 months ago and it's so important
44:53.56 because our state of mind is constantly
44:55.12 changing and I find that for myself I
44:58.44 love it when I can write down my state
45:0.60 of mind and then you know later on when
45:2.80 I'm at a um a low point for example and
45:5.56 I'm not achieving the goals that I want
45:7.48 I can look at my notes and see okay you
45:9.60 know what this is what I was thinking of
45:11.08 back then this is how I actually can
45:12.96 restart my um my motivation to to be
45:17.28 productive Etc uh set reminders show you
45:19.96 always come back and then track the
45:22.12 highest impact things and so this is one
45:24.00 of those things where you know we easily
45:26.56 use prodom Matrix to track everything
45:28.40 and and you might be tempted to do that
45:30.12 but if you're very new to protom Matrix
45:32.12 only track the highest impact things and
45:34.48 that makes a little bit easier for you
45:35.68 to get started and then as I mentioned
45:37.80 write down your anti-g goals you know
45:39.52 things that you vow not to do right um
45:42.16 or uh whatever it is that will help you
45:45.44 understand and see the differences
45:47.00 between your goals and then your anti-g
45:49.52 goals so what success with Prometric
45:52.00 should look like you have one central
45:53.40 place to track all your priorities
45:55.16 everyone on the team team understands
45:56.52 and are aligned on key task repetitive
45:58.84 procedures are templates ties to save
46:0.76 time and effort and then important
46:2.44 emails are prioritized we just get so
46:4.24 many emails if you prioritize them and
46:6.32 you triage them to the appropriate team
46:8.00 members you'll find that prod Matrix
46:9.60 will make your day a lot more
46:11.32 effective and then lastly um I just want
46:13.72 to say Here's to productive 2024 you
46:16.04 know that we have a lot of webinars and
46:17.48 we cover a lot of topics um but because
46:19.88 of today's webinar I one thing that I'm
46:22.32 offering um for for our customers is
46:25.96 that if you're looking to deploy prod
46:28.12 Matrix across your whole organization or
46:30.16 Department we're actually giving a free
46:32.64 Consulting session to help you
46:34.28 brainstorm on ways to be more productive
46:36.12 and so if you're interested in that
46:37.16 reach out to me hi and we
46:38.80 can arrange something like that um but
46:40.84 this is one of those things where you
46:42.68 know if you want to be productive in
46:44.00 2024 then you got to work towards that
46:46.68 right with that I conclude my
46:48.64 presentation I'm going to take a look in
46:50.04 the chat if there's any questions um now
46:52.28 of course you can always send me an
46:53.32 email afterwards hi and
46:55.20 I'd be happy to address them too okay
46:58.08 there's a couple of chat uh a couple of
46:59.96 questions here in the chat so I'm going
47:1.12 to start addressing them if someone chat
47:3.92 send you a message in teams how do you
47:5.64 attach um the message to a task that's a
47:8.60 fantastic question so let me show you
47:10.76 jump back to teams here um so as you can
47:14.32 see inside teams what happens is that
47:17.56 every teams conversation as as you can
47:20.00 see here um when you someone send you a
47:22.32 message in teams right as you I showed
47:24.68 you earlier you can create a task from
47:26.44 PM item but the second thing you can do
47:28.44 is you can also copy link so let's say
47:31.52 if my manager sends me an email and says
47:33.88 or send me a message in in teams and
47:35.64 sayy could you do this or whatever and I
47:38.40 want to attach an existing task I can
47:40.44 click on this dot dot dot copy link and
47:43.60 now with that link copied I can go back
47:46.04 to my pry Matrix here so I'm just going
47:47.88 to jump back to an example here
47:52.60 um example here I can paste that link
47:55.28 here in inside my chat so I can paste
47:57.68 that in the chat or I can paste that in
47:59.52 the resource section um and so I can
48:2.44 actually add
48:3.80 URL uh teams
48:6.32 message and so what's neat with teams is
48:8.96 that every message inside teams has a
48:11.28 link to it and so with part Matrix you
48:13.32 can actually add that as a link here and
48:15.08 when I click on this it'll jump back to
48:16.92 my Microsoft
48:18.32 teams um as you can see I can attach
48:20.88 multiple emails I can attach multiple
48:23.08 files I can attach multiple documents um
48:25.32 then of course I can attach multiple
48:26.60 teams message and then actually the
48:28.44 other thing I want to mention too since
48:29.88 I'm talking about attaching stuff party
48:31.76 Matrix also has um a Chrome extension
48:34.76 and an edge extension so if you're using
48:37.44 another web application let's just say
48:39.52 you know you use an accounting app or
48:41.96 you use some sort of work tracking
48:44.20 application um at your organization and
48:46.40 you want to create a task from that part
48:48.80 Matrix allow you to convert any web page
48:51.00 into a task and so if you install our
48:53.24 extensions you can just click on this
48:55.40 here here and then you can create party
48:57.48 Matrix items directly from any page any
49:0.52 web page and so if you SharePoint again
49:3.60 documents or um Microsoft Microsoft Word
49:7.48 or Google Docs Etc and so as you can see
49:9.92 you can attach
49:11.32 that
49:14.08 um so the question is whether you get
49:17.32 notifications um with respect to PR
49:20.12 Matrix so there's several ways to get
49:21.72 notifications with PR with PR Matrix um
49:24.40 the most the where we send notifications
49:27.40 typically is in the home view so what
49:29.32 that means is you typically have to go
49:31.24 into your prod Matrix to see the
49:33.56 notifications right and so if you have a
49:35.80 task and you're following it with
49:37.28 somebody and they assign you something
49:39.08 it would show up here in the alert
49:40.56 section now if you use Microsoft teams
49:43.12 what happens is you can actually install
49:44.80 the pry Matrix chatbot so to install the
49:47.40 pr Matrix chatbot all you have to do is
49:50.76 um go down to down here and then click
49:53.48 on get more apps and install prod Matrix
49:55.92 now you have to do this separately from
49:58.16 the app on the left hand side you
49:59.72 actually have to install PR Matrix down
50:1.52 here and when you do there's the pr
50:3.32 Matrix chatbot and what the P Matrix
50:5.56 chatbot does is it sends you
50:7.12 notifications so if someone send you a
50:9.60 task or someone delegates something to
50:11.48 you or you set a reminders it'll pop up
50:14.24 here in the chatbot um inside team so
50:17.00 then you don't have to go into party
50:18.64 Matrix to see that so that's how that's
50:22.04 how you see the task and separate
50:23.60 matrics um what View shows you all the
50:26.40 things in the upper left quadrants so
50:28.64 that's a fantastic question so how let's
50:30.44 say you want to see everything that's in
50:32.08 q1 so the way to do that inside PR
50:34.48 Matrix is let's say you go into PR
50:36.00 Matrix here um that's where you go into
50:38.52 the um let's say there's a couple ways
50:42.00 so I'll show you both if you go to my
50:43.96 items here it shows all the tasks that
50:45.88 you have but what you can do is you can
50:48.04 actually
50:49.56 um should no you do that in the search
50:51.76 view here when you go to the search view
50:54.04 what happens is you click on filter
50:55.96 and then from here you choose quadrant
50:58.12 one so if you want to go and see what
51:1.44 are all the things you have to do in in
51:4.16 quadrant one across all your project
51:5.84 that's how you would do it so simply
51:7.40 again I'll show you again you go to the
51:8.92 search view um click on filters choose
51:11.52 quadrant one and then what's neat about
51:13.12 this is you can do all sorts of stuff
51:14.92 you can actually go and say you know
51:17.08 what are what are the things in Quadrant
51:18.92 One assigned to me or assigned to me and
51:22.96 another person um and so this assign two
51:25.68 part actually allows you to have
51:27.12 multiple um assignes and so it's an or
51:30.60 selector so essentially find me all the
51:32.96 things assigned to this person and this
51:34.88 person um and then not only that you can
51:36.92 actually filter it more by the items
51:39.04 that you follow um you can filter by
51:41.24 dates you can filter by project tags um
51:44.04 Etc so party Matrix gives you infinite
51:45.96 flexibility when it comes to searching
51:47.72 it's actually really really powerful if
51:49.68 you're trying to find information across
51:51.32 specific
51:53.00 dates uh and then can you create
51:54.96 dependency between two tasks that are in
51:56.60 different projects so uh the answer is
51:59.00 no in terms of gantar dependencies but
52:1.96 you can actually link tasks together so
52:4.04 that's another really good question so
52:5.48 let me show you how that works every
52:7.40 task inside promatrix has a link to it
52:11.16 just like every message inside teams or
52:13.12 every email Etc so earlier I showed you
52:15.96 how let's just say if you have this task
52:18.32 here right and let's say you want to do
52:19.92 dependencies you can go to resources and
52:23.04 then you can go link existing item
52:25.92 and then when you do this link existing
52:27.48 item it allows you to choose another
52:30.04 party Matrix task within the same
52:32.72 project and so from here you can go and
52:34.64 say you know a task is blocked by a task
52:37.04 blocked or task is caused by or task
52:39.56 causes and so that's how you build
52:41.20 dependencies but if you want to link to
52:43.64 another item you can actually do that
52:45.32 too by doing the following so um if I go
52:49.36 to another project here I'm going to
52:51.80 click on this I can go and copy link
52:56.80 there's actually a copy link to item so
52:59.24 what this does is actually it cop copies
53:1.64 the link to this item and actually I can
53:3.72 go to the this task in a different
53:5.56 project and paste it here if I paste it
53:8.16 in the chat section you can see how it
53:10.00 actually I pasted a link but the task
53:12.40 name itself from the other project shows
53:14.12 up similarly I can actually go to here
53:17.48 and then I can actually um paste the URL
53:20.92 of um the task here and so I'm able to
53:23.92 do that
53:28.60 I'm able to do that and so now I can
53:30.44 actually link the task together to
53:32.40 another that's in a totally different
53:34.52 project and so if I click on this it
53:36.72 actually jumps over to the other task in
53:38.60 a totally different project now what's
53:40.48 really neat is every project also has a
53:43.36 link and so if you go to here you can
53:45.68 actually copy link the project and if
53:48.24 you go back to part Matrix um you can
53:50.36 actually create a task from that project
53:52.28 link and now what it does is allows you
53:54.76 to create a link to the project itself
53:57.32 so if you have let's just say if you
53:59.48 have a project if you have a bunch of if
54:1.64 you create a project for every client
54:3.16 that you work with as an example and
54:5.08 then you can create a project of
54:6.88 projects and so from there you can link
54:8.76 to all these other projects as well and
54:10.12 so that allows you to click on this and
54:12.16 it allows you to jump to all the various
54:14.40 projects and so forth I don't hopefully
54:16.20 that answer your question but that's how
54:17.52 you can link these things together um
54:19.64 and what's neat about this is if you are
54:22.40 in this particular task and this ask
54:25.44 gets finished then you'll see this
54:26.72 crossed
54:28.08 out um couple of other things be because
54:32.20 you know pry Matrix gives you a lot of
54:34.76 flexibility um we also have different
54:37.20 ways for you to add information to it
54:40.68 and we try to make that as easy as
54:42.08 possible so as I mentioned earlier you
54:44.28 can have an email that uh you can
54:46.92 forward into per Matrix from email but
54:50.12 also every project and every quadrant in
54:52.56 P Matrix has an email address too so you
54:54.84 can build all sorts of automation um a
54:57.28 couple of other things party Matrix has
54:59.96 connectors so if you're looking to um
55:2.64 connect prod Matrix to other apps you
55:4.20 can actually go to patrix connector uh
55:6.68 we also have a Gmail integration uh we
55:8.96 also have Microsoft workflow integration
55:11.44 so if you have you want to go and build
55:14.00 if this then that um kind type of
55:16.04 workflow you do that and also for
55:18.12 Enterprise customers you also have
55:20.20 access to part Matrix in your Microsoft
55:22.12 co-pilot so you probably saw that news
55:24.36 where co-pilot
55:25.56 um is sort of the AI assistant in
55:27.64 Microsoft teams part Matrix is one of
55:29.60 the very very first application that
55:32.00 lets you go and and leverage co-pilot um
55:35.04 to create tasks from your conversation
55:37.24 inside
55:40.40 Microsoft thank you for the questions
55:42.36 here I appreciate that if there are any
55:44.16 additional questions you can send them
55:45.60 now or send me a message inside teams um
55:48.12 and then as I mentioned if you're
55:49.44 looking to deploy PR Matrix across your
55:51.40 organization or your department um and
55:53.72 you know we'd be happy to give you a
55:55.04 free Consulting um call just to give you
55:58.68 ideas on the things that you can do with
56:0.32 PR Matrix uh we're also leveraging PR
56:2.72 Matrix to build out a lot of training
56:5.08 materials for specific use cases so we
56:7.72 really want to hear from you and the
56:9.28 challenges that you face um because we
56:11.40 want to help tailor PR Matrix to those
56:14.20 specific use cases thank you so much for
56:17.12 your time today um happy New Year to all
56:19.44 of you and hopefully you'll become as
56:21.92 productive as you'd like to be and uh
56:24.60 please give me feedback on whether or
56:26.68 not that approach helps you manage your
56:28.48 goals um because I'm always interested
56:30.48 in learning more about that thank you so
56:32.04 much for your time appreciate
56:40.60 it