Email Management Masterclass with Priority Matrix

Video presented by Hai Nguyen

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We all struggle with emails. Join us in this webinar to get tips and tricks on how to use Priority Matrix to gain absolute control over your emails.

-We'll cover how to prioritize emails, set due dates, delegate them and set reminders.
-We'll cover how to forward emails into Priority Matrix inbox and projects
-We'll cover how to use PM integrations with Outlook and Gmail

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Video transcription (41:9.64) Stop scroll

3:37.72 good morning everyone we'll go ahead and
3:39.60 get started first of all I want to let
3:41.80 you know that this webinar is recorded
3:44.16 and so we'll be sharing the recording
3:45.84 with you afterwards and then second of
3:48.36 all um in the chat section there in the
3:50.68 webinar you can actually type comments
3:52.68 or questions so if you have any
3:55.08 questions whatsoever during the webinar
3:57.36 please share them there or if you have
3:59.88 comments around your use cases that'd be
4:1.72 great as well and then I'll try my best
4:4.16 to address those near the end of the
4:6.80 webinar and with that we'll get started
4:9.16 on today's webinar topic which is email
4:11.52 management so hopefully you're here
4:13.28 today because you're looking for a
4:14.84 better way to prioritize your emails and
4:17.08 and task and so our Focus um will be
4:20.80 relatively straightforward which is on
4:22.68 the email management side of party
4:24.76 Matrix my name is hi I'm co-founder of
4:27.64 affluence the company behind party
4:29.08 Matrix
4:30.60 this webinar is intended to be a little
4:32.68 bit more um not an introduction to party
4:35.60 Matrix because you probably seen some of
4:37.64 or other recordings there and so we
4:40.32 won't be talking about the basics of the
4:42.28 um application and just the email
4:44.44 management
4:45.64 side my goals are pretty straightforward
4:48.24 help you understand how to prioritize
4:49.80 emails and turn them into task how to
4:52.16 attach emails into existing task help
4:54.80 you understand how to delegate emails
4:56.40 and ensure that your co-workers actually
4:58.00 get them and work on them and so you'll
4:59.72 get a status update on them and then how
5:1.80 to forward emails into PR Matrix how to
5:4.00 use pry Matrix for both Gmail and
5:6.08 Outlook and then create rules so then
5:8.20 specific emails are seamlessly added to
5:10.12 the appropriate projects so as you can
5:12.28 tell it's all around emails
5:17.16 today so what is party matrix it's a
5:19.68 comprehensive email priority and project
5:21.52 management software to help teams manage
5:23.28 emails conduct efficient meetings and
5:24.76 get realtime status updates on critical
5:26.88 projects and priorities in fact um
5:29.52 emails is one of the reason why
5:30.68 customers come to party Matrix because
5:32.64 you know that's the bane of our
5:33.64 existence in some ways which is I get so
5:35.60 many emails every single day I get a
5:37.52 couple hundred emails and so you know I
5:40.32 flag them a lot um but I find it
5:42.68 extremely challenging to be on top of
5:44.52 them and so which part Matrix I'm able
5:46.48 to actually convert them into tasks with
5:48.68 actual due dates and reminders and so
5:50.32 forth and that helps tremendously with
5:52.68 prioritization and so I'll try to share
5:54.60 some of my best practices with you today
5:56.56 as well and as mentioned if you have any
5:58.96 specific questions please ask uh because
6:1.84 that's the best way for me to engage
6:3.28 with you and make sure that this webinar
6:5.72 is
6:6.88 relevant so what makes petrix better
6:9.64 than other Solutions we're the only one
6:11.56 that's um only soft software application
6:13.88 that's Microsoft 365 security certified
6:16.36 in Outlook teams and web app um we are
6:19.56 adding a lot of AI
6:21.28 capabilities around project management
6:23.24 and general and then party Matrix is
6:25.60 also available um as part of several
6:27.60 Solutions SAS Hippa comp Cent for
6:30.00 healthcare and Life Sciences as well as
6:31.84 Azure government Cloud for state and
6:33.80 local
6:36.56 government so as you recall if you
6:39.04 started using PR Matrix already you see
6:40.88 that front and center in patrix
6:42.56 everything revolves around the four
6:44.00 quadrant methodology and that's sort of
6:46.12 the philosophy behind PR Matrix and so
6:48.00 we tend to
6:49.12 take everything that you have and we we
6:51.92 try to fit it into a 2X two Matrix um
6:54.64 the most basic fundamental Matrix that
6:57.08 we have is the Eisenhower Matrix and the
6:59.24 way way you describe that is in quadrant
7:1.00 one you have the important and Urgent
7:3.88 tasks right in the quadrant two the plan
7:6.28 quadrants are the important but not
7:7.60 urgent task so the whole idea is instead
7:9.88 of having one long
7:11.36 list just like your emails right instead
7:14.04 of having one you know email inbox with
7:18.20 literally hundreds or thousands of
7:19.88 emails in it imagine if you're able to
7:21.96 take that all of those emails and
7:24.20 actually sort them into these various
7:26.36 Dimensions that makes a lot more sense
7:28.88 and that's the point um which is I think
7:31.28 that we get really lost in things when
7:33.92 it's unorganized when it's just one list
7:37.20 and it's kind of meaningless and so what
7:39.24 happens in such a list is you end up
7:41.48 working on the things that are Urgent
7:43.40 and what I mean by that is the things
7:44.76 that are that just pops up right the
7:47.72 last email that you receive is the first
7:49.60 email you respond to that's just how it
7:51.48 works and so the whole idea is how do we
7:53.64 actually take control of this and
7:55.80 prioritize the emails and then obviously
7:58.24 the most um
8:0.00 that the next layer to that is how do
8:1.96 you actually delegate these emails to
8:3.64 other people and then ensure that others
8:5.96 also work on the right emails and then
8:7.72 making sure that you actually set due
8:9.08 dates and reminders and so forth so keep
8:11.32 in mind that everything that I show you
8:13.08 around email Integrations pulls back
8:15.52 into per Matrix and ensure that you
8:17.52 actually organize them into these
8:21.60 quadrants the webinars are posted on
8:24.52 webinars and so if you're
8:26.60 interested in the other webinars where
8:28.20 we also have them there and then also a
8:30.12 slide note tomorrow I'll be doing a
8:31.84 webinar on custom templates so if you
8:34.64 have workflows um onboarding processes
8:37.64 or whatever that have a lot of recurring
8:39.36 tasks we have pretty Advanced
8:41.16 capabilities around um templates and so
8:44.12 I'll be covering that tomorrow but as
8:46.52 mentioned the webinar from today will
8:48.28 also be posted there all right with that
8:51.24 I'm going ahead and jump into P Matrix
8:52.96 and walk you through these emails
8:54.28 Integrations as mentioned you know I
8:56.52 will not be covering the basics of
8:58.32 petrix and so I'll be jumping real fast
9:1.08 into the email management side if you
9:2.96 have questions around the basic of PR
9:4.68 Matrix make sure you watch our other
9:6.00 webinars okay so as you can see this is
9:8.28 our web app front and center is the four
9:10.40 quadrants everything that I have should
9:12.00 fit within these four quadrants so let's
9:14.36 go ahead and imagine if I have an email
9:17.80 that comes to me and I want to organize
9:19.52 it into this quadrant what I do I'll go
9:22.08 ahead and open Outlook here when I have
9:24.52 Outlook open um this is my list of
9:26.60 emails right and so Outlook tries to
9:28.28 organize a little bit you can see you
9:30.16 know now they have these uh subfolders
9:32.24 called focus and others and so forth and
9:34.12 you can do some sort of organization but
9:36.24 the challenge remains that if you have
9:37.68 an email um and then you can't respond
9:40.28 it today and you need to ensure that you
9:41.76 respond to later what do you do
9:44.24 typically you flag them which is what I
9:45.80 do as well um the problem is if it's
9:47.68 five flag emails it's fine it's a 100
9:49.68 flag emails it becomes really really
9:51.76 difficult to be on top of them so with
9:53.56 PR Matrix what you can do is you can
9:55.20 convert any of these emails into task
9:57.04 I'm going to give you an example right
9:58.28 here so let's just say I have an email
10:1.44 that I open here now I'm on Outlook for
10:4.12 web um and in here I have the option to
10:7.64 install an app and so if you haven't
10:9.44 done this already make sure you do it
10:10.96 click on the app store go add app and
10:13.48 then search for party Matrix for
10:15.36 Outlook I have P Matrix already
10:17.56 installed I can actually click on this
10:19.32 option here and when I do I have two
10:21.80 choices the first is open PR Matrix and
10:24.00 the second is prioritize email and so as
10:26.48 you can see if I click prioritize email
10:29.60 what happens is the right hand side
10:31.16 opens up what's called the item details
10:33.32 I'm sorry the email capture box um and
10:36.36 so what do allow me to do is actually
10:38.04 convert this email into a task it grabs
10:40.12 the subject and makes that a task name I
10:42.44 can edit it but here's the next part it
10:44.76 actually lets me go and choose what
10:47.36 project um it belongs in and so I have a
10:51.28 project selected here I can choose what
10:52.80 quadrant so let's just say if this email
10:54.72 is very important and I want to make
10:56.40 sure that I I know that it's important
10:58.52 right I goad and choose quadrant one
11:0.48 here and we set a due date for Friday
11:4.24 and with that if I click capture email
11:6.92 um what happens is it opens up what's
11:10.68 called the item details and so now this
11:13.48 task has been converted into a task
11:15.72 inside pry Matrix um and then the item
11:17.88 details I have a lot more information I
11:19.56 can add to the task itself so now um I
11:23.68 set up the task name right if I want to
11:25.84 make sure that this is important it pops
11:27.56 to the top of my list I start it and so
11:29.84 inside PR Matrix it'll go to the top of
11:32.00 each of my quadrants and then below that
11:34.08 I have ownership progress effort
11:36.40 reminders and due dates and so you see
11:38.88 how the due dates is here but let's just
11:40.72 say I want to set a reminder I can
11:42.40 actually go choose a reminder and then I
11:45.04 can choose remind me
11:47.00 tomorrow um and then I'll go ahead and
11:49.68 choose 12:00 pm
11:52.76 here and so that's how I would set a
11:54.88 reminder okay and I actually also can
11:56.60 make this reminder recurrent like one
11:59.20 time or on a daily basis until I get the
12:1.64 task done and so that's how I set a
12:3.28 reminder and so tomorrow at 12:00 p.m.
12:6.12 I'll get a
12:7.24 reminder uh to make sure that I start
12:9.40 working on the stuff I need to do to get
12:11.12 this email done the other thing I can do
12:12.88 is actually I can delegate this email to
12:14.92 somebody else so I can go ahead and
12:16.72 delegate to a coworker so now what I've
12:19.16 just done is I've taken an email instead
12:21.72 of just flagging it I've converted to a
12:24.00 task I've set a due date for me and then
12:26.56 I set a reminder there's a big
12:27.96 difference between due date and reminder
12:29.88 let me give you an example let's say
12:31.96 that I want to follow up with a customer
12:34.16 and I want to do that in two weeks but
12:36.40 in the meantime I have to actually do
12:38.04 some some leg work for it right so maybe
12:40.44 some research or something like that so
12:42.24 what I want to do is I actually want to
12:43.48 set a reminder for me to get started a
12:46.16 day or a week or something
12:48.24 beforehand so this is how you trick your
12:51.00 brain into ensuring that you work on the
12:53.88 most important emails and let me explain
12:56.12 how that works what happens is that we
12:58.40 tend to to be pulled into the Urgent
13:0.28 task right the the last email in is the
13:2.52 first email out as I mentioned earlier
13:5.28 so by setting reminders with patrix what
13:8.44 happens is patrix Will constantly remind
13:10.92 you say on a daily basis or weekly basis
13:14.00 so then it actually becomes top of mind
13:16.12 so then everything that's actually
13:17.68 important is always popping up to the
13:19.92 top of your list and so then you
13:21.76 actually know that you can uh you know
13:23.52 that those things are happening and you
13:24.80 actually can spend the time and
13:25.84 resources on that so definitely leverage
13:29.16 the reminder capabilities and leverage
13:31.20 due dates um because that's probably the
13:33.52 most powerful thing about promatrix
13:35.52 which is ensuring that actually I'm also
13:38.32 managing the time Dimension right okay
13:42.60 so now I have that and now within the
13:44.28 item details you can see there's a
13:46.20 history of all the changes that that's
13:48.00 happening um the content of the emails
13:50.76 so as you can see it actually copies
13:52.36 this content of the emails here into the
13:54.16 note section now as can you can also see
13:57.00 that you know it's sort of just mangled
13:58.84 together but here's the thing the actual
14:0.96 email is also uploaded for me right here
14:3.56 in the EML so what happens is my
14:6.72 cooworker who got delegated this
14:8.44 particular email can actually click on
14:10.36 this email file and open it on her
14:12.92 computer and buil a respond to the
14:15.20 customer so if you have an external
14:17.76 email that's coming in and you're
14:20.04 converting it into a task which PR
14:21.56 Matrix It ensures that your co-worker
14:23.48 can actually see it but here's the neat
14:25.36 part which is if you had just forwarded
14:28.04 this email to your coworker there's no
14:30.84 sense of you wouldn't have been able to
14:32.76 set a due dates you wouldn't have been
14:34.08 able to set a reminder you wouldn't have
14:36.08 been able to set subtask um Etc and so
14:38.72 what part Matrix are able to do all of
14:40.28 those things and not only that it's in
14:42.08 the appropriate quadrants in the
14:43.56 appropriate project now let me show you
14:45.52 where it looks in my if I go back to
14:47.16 part Matrix here you see that task right
14:50.24 here right here was that email that I
14:52.28 just created and so created the task
14:54.64 this was the um the item name here uh
14:58.32 and then from there it's assigned to the
14:59.96 person I have the due date reminders
15:2.16 everything get synced over into my pry
15:4.48 Matrix and now if I'm on my phone I'm in
15:7.04 Microsoft teams I'm on my desktop app
15:9.36 this information is present and again if
15:11.56 you go to the resources section that EML
15:13.96 file is here so now let me go back to
15:16.60 Outlook for one more uh moment so now
15:19.56 you've seen how we can actually convert
15:21.16 an email to a task but what happens if
15:23.56 you want to actually convert an email
15:25.28 into an existing you want to add the
15:27.08 email to an existing task well part
15:29.16 Matrix is the only integration that I'm
15:31.48 aware of that lets you do that let me
15:32.72 show you how to do that so now let's
15:35.48 just say I have the same email that's
15:37.16 coming in and it's from again the a
15:39.00 customer but I already have a task open
15:41.56 for that customer right and so it's a
15:43.52 followup so instead of actually creating
15:45.84 another task what I want to do is
15:47.36 actually I want to attach an existing
15:48.80 task so I'm going to click on open
15:51.04 patrix when I choose to open patrix now
15:53.72 what's going to happen is it lets me
15:55.88 search for all of my task inside patrix
15:58.32 and so so you can see how it actually
16:0.16 loads all of these tasks that I have and
16:3.00 I actually can search for the item name
16:4.64 here otherwise it will actually show you
16:6.64 show you the latest task that that comes
16:8.80 that come in and now what you can do is
16:10.96 you can hover over an existing task and
16:13.60 choose
16:14.88 attach and so what that does is it
16:16.96 actually takes the email and attach it
16:18.60 to an existing task now you can also see
16:20.96 that you actually get two options have
16:22.56 the option to link and the option to
16:24.36 attach attach means actually attach the
16:27.08 email itself and link means to actually
16:29.64 just create a link to the email and so
16:32.48 it opens an Outlook now why would you
16:35.00 want to do that it's just a matter of of
16:37.20 preference and it's also a matter of um
16:39.96 email policies and so forth so when you
16:42.68 upload an email into party Matrix it
16:44.44 actually uploads into our system right
16:46.64 and maybe you don't want to upload into
16:48.00 your system instead you just want to
16:49.40 link it and so that's how it would work
16:51.56 but if you link it then your coworker
16:53.24 may not able to um to open the email
16:57.00 obviously so that's how you attach email
16:59.08 to an existing task one thing that you
17:1.16 also notice is party Matrix will try to
17:4.16 tell you if there are duplicate tasks
17:6.28 that already exists for this particular
17:8.28 email so when you create the a task from
17:11.60 pry Matrix um pry Matrix will go and say
17:14.60 hey this might already exist and the
17:16.72 reason the a it's able to do that is
17:18.76 because your coworker might be CCD with
17:21.56 you on a particular email and so if
17:23.72 that's the case our system will go and
17:25.84 tell you hey you know your co-workers
17:27.72 already converted this listen to a task
17:29.52 maybe you shouldn't so that's part of
17:31.80 our intelligence systems that's there to
17:34.00 help detect that to ensure that you're
17:35.64 not creating duplicate task so that's
17:38.00 how you convert an email into a task
17:40.16 using Outlook now let me show you some
17:42.84 configuration you can do inside Outlook
17:45.60 if you click on this gear icon here you
17:47.48 can go to settings and you have a couple
17:49.44 of choices first it uses the message
17:52.24 body as item notes so you saw how
17:54.12 earlier it took the body of the email
17:56.08 here and added to the notes you can turn
17:57.88 that on or off now the reason why you
18:0.92 might want to turn off is for maybe
18:2.56 again email privacy so you're still able
18:5.04 to convert an email into a task inside
18:7.84 pry Matrix without uploading the email
18:10.36 without uploading the content of the
18:11.84 email and all that does is it actually
18:13.80 links back to the email that you have
18:16.04 inside Outlook and then it'll open your
18:18.08 outlook itself right um You can attach
18:21.16 the original message which means the the
18:23.64 EML file to the task itself and then of
18:26.64 course you can actually link to the
18:28.40 email as as well so that's these are
18:30.52 some of the options that you have inside
18:33.12 um Outlook so that's how you get to it
18:36.16 so now let me show you a couple of other
18:37.72 things around email Integrations with
18:41.16 Outlook party Matrix has um pretty deep
18:44.80 Integrations with a couple of other
18:46.68 things so let me show you something
18:47.88 called the inbox so imagine if you
18:50.84 create a task but you don't know what
18:53.24 project it belongs in yet right you can
18:55.16 think of it as like sort of like a cat
18:56.68 all and that's what the inbox is so here
18:59.08 inside pry Matrix I open the Inbox and
19:2.24 you see how I have a couple of tasks
19:3.60 here for inbox in fact I by the way I
19:6.00 also use the inbox to uh create very
19:9.00 very basic tasks so for example it's
19:10.76 something I want to do something I want
19:12.52 to read um a web page I want to look at
19:15.12 Etc I actually create that task inside
19:17.52 the inbox because it doesn't belong in
19:19.12 any specific project and then I can just
19:21.28 add have it be in this list and again
19:23.52 this is sort of my catch all list but if
19:27.24 you go to the inbox at the very top
19:29.36 you'll notice something called The
19:30.80 Secret inbox now if you click on this
19:34.00 what happens is you get a uh very
19:37.16 specific email address right here you
19:38.88 see um I can do that and then if I right
19:41.20 click on this I can choose and copy
19:43.08 email address so this is your secret
19:46.72 inbox address if an email comes to this
19:49.64 address it will show up in your inbox so
19:52.12 let me give you a use case on why you
19:53.64 want to do this um for me personally
19:56.64 when I'm on my phone I sometimes I'm
19:59.36 browsing and and again I'm looking at my
20:1.32 emails and then some email comes in
20:3.08 that's very important um and it can come
20:5.04 from any inbox I have multiple inboxes
20:7.28 my personal inbox my work
20:9.04 inbox I'm sorry my work emails my
20:11.24 personal emails Etc and so what happens
20:13.88 is when I have an email that comes in I
20:16.00 want to for it into my pry Matrix um but
20:18.88 maybe the email is my personal email but
20:21.00 my pry Matrix is my work email well the
20:23.24 secret inbox doesn't care so what that
20:25.36 allows you to do is you can actually
20:26.88 create that as a contact
20:28.88 inside your phone and then whenever you
20:31.92 you have an email that comes in you
20:33.60 forward it into pry Matrix using that
20:35.88 way so I'll show you how it works so
20:37.96 here I'm going to go
20:39.32 ahead and take an email um actually I'll
20:42.64 just send a new email here I'll paste
20:44.72 that address that I copy okay and then
20:46.96 I'm going to say this is a test email um
20:51.68 created during webinar and then here's
20:54.80 what I'm going to do I'm also going to
20:56.24 say um do
20:59.52 today uh remind
21:3.12 me in one week okay so what I'm doing is
21:8.52 I'm creating a brand new email but again
21:10.24 this could have been a forwarded email
21:11.72 and I'm going to go ahead and click
21:13.76 Send so what happens is that by Saving
21:16.76 this inbox address I can use it as a
21:19.04 place to easily allow me to convert to
21:21.72 create new emails from an existing email
21:24.12 new emails Etc and one thing you'll
21:26.24 notice is that I actually in the body
21:28.40 itself actually type what's called
21:30.32 commands so the way part Matrix works is
21:32.72 we
21:33.52 actually um add natural language
21:36.64 processing in a couple different places
21:39.08 to make it easier for you to actually
21:41.48 set dates and reminders and so forth so
21:43.52 let me show you how that
21:44.92 works if I go back to my um party Matrix
21:48.68 here oh by the way I'll go back to the
21:50.76 inbox to show you that the email comes
21:52.56 in it does take a few minutes because it
21:54.64 actually gets sent to your system and
21:55.88 then gets processed but it'll show up in
21:57.64 your inbox box in a little bit so let me
21:59.72 go and jump to an existing project here
22:2.92 so earlier you saw how I converted this
22:5.24 email into a task and then to create a
22:7.04 reminders I clicked on the reminder one
22:9.28 thing I can do too is I can just say
22:11.40 remind me daily um in the comment itself
22:14.64 and so what promatrix does is whenever
22:16.84 the text turns green here it means that
22:18.52 our system interpreted as a natural
22:20.44 language and so when that happens it
22:22.88 actually sets a reminder for me um and
22:25.08 then I can also say you know do in two
22:28.08 weeks or something like that directly
22:29.52 here inside the chat for promatrix so by
22:32.44 leveraging that same command system in
22:34.96 the forwarded email I can set due dates
22:37.56 I can actually set reminders I can even
22:39.68 delegate to other people so let's go
22:41.64 back to the inbox let's see if that came
22:43.04 in oh there it is you see how this email
22:45.52 came in this is the one that I just
22:47.20 created from Outlook and because in the
22:50.28 notes section here I said do today and
22:53.04 remind me in one week you see it
22:54.84 actually set the due date for me and
22:56.36 then in one week I have reminder and so
22:58.48 imagine how powerful that is if you
23:0.20 don't use this already or you're not
23:2.12 aware of this it is so helpful when
23:4.68 you're on the go when you're out and
23:6.64 about and you get an email and guess
23:9.76 what you know you can't just flag them
23:11.68 on the phone especially if you're trying
23:13.16 to consolidate and have one central
23:14.88 place to organize everything you simply
23:17.00 take your phone click open that email
23:19.96 click forward type you know inbox prod
23:22.96 Matrix or whatever it is again that's
23:24.72 the name of the contact that you create
23:26.56 my recommendation is to call it inbox
23:28.72 party Matrix um because if otherwise if
23:31.72 you type party Matrix I might send an
23:33.20 email to our support instead which you
23:34.76 don't want to do so that's why I like to
23:36.48 use the name inbox prod Matrix and so I
23:38.68 would literally type inbox on my phone
23:41.24 and then right in the body I would say
23:43.56 something like these commands do today
23:45.92 or you know do in one week remind me
23:47.92 daily I love doing that and now you know
23:50.96 when I go back to P Matrix it reminds me
23:54.56 so helpful I use this all the time um
23:57.64 and in terms of capabilities it's I
23:59.00 think it's one of my
24:0.68 favorite okay so that's how the email
24:3.52 inbox works and so you can imagine that
24:6.04 same inbox address Works in any email
24:9.24 system as well so there was nothing
24:11.44 special about Outlook um where I had
24:14.28 that email um inbox address so let me
24:17.20 show you how it works in Gmail then if I
24:19.88 go to Gmail I can do the exact same
24:21.68 thing I can also save that contact as an
24:23.96 address and then I can say this is an
24:26.84 email
24:28.40 from
24:30.48 Gmail okay and I'm going to say do in
24:33.12 two weeks remind me daily and I'm going
24:36.56 to go ahead and click Send okay so now
24:39.32 I've just created an email from Gmail as
24:41.72 well but party Matrix also has the
24:44.32 ability for you to actually use your
24:45.96 Gmail integration as well so um if you
24:49.84 go to Gmail and you click on get add-ons
24:52.72 you can choose pry Matrix and so in this
24:54.84 case I don't have an email that I can
24:56.88 open to show you but when you have an
24:58.80 email selected you can click on the
25:0.88 extension here and party Matrix open up
25:2.84 on the right hand side allowing you to
25:4.68 convert that email into a task just like
25:6.88 what you saw in Outlook the capability
25:8.88 is a little bit um it doesn't have as
25:11.36 many features as the Outlook
25:12.96 Integrations due to the nature of Gmail
25:15.36 add-ons uh but essentially that's how
25:17.36 you can do this uh do that within Gmail
25:20.40 itself so that's pretty
25:22.56 straightforward so there's no um so
25:25.24 that's how you can convert any email
25:27.16 into a Tas an Outlook and Gmail that's
25:29.36 how you forward an email into pry Matrix
25:31.76 inbox now let's just step back for a
25:34.72 second and talk about some other use
25:36.96 cases what if you don't want to send an
25:39.60 email to your inbox instead you want to
25:41.88 send your email to a specific project
25:44.84 well guess what pry Matrix has an email
25:47.84 address for every single project that
25:50.76 you have so let me show you how that
25:52.04 works when I go to my team priorities
25:54.52 right here what I can do is I can go to
25:57.76 the project details and so if you click
26:0.72 again on select the project that you
26:2.28 have click on edit project and now on
26:4.48 the right hand side this is the project
26:6.04 details right this is where you can edit
26:7.64 information on the project you can
26:9.28 invite people and so forth and so in
26:10.92 this case you can see that I have two
26:12.56 team members in this particular project
26:15.44 so let me give you an example let's just
26:17.84 say if you are working on a project that
26:21.96 involves a bunch of external customers
26:24.68 um and you have multiple team members
26:27.20 involved and you want to organize all
26:29.60 the emails that you get from that
26:31.44 customer and put it inside this this
26:33.72 project instead of sending into the
26:35.32 inbox what you can do now is you can
26:37.00 send it to the project itself if you go
26:39.44 to the top right in the project details
26:41.44 there's an option called get secret
26:44.00 email address now what's nice is that
26:47.76 you can get an email address that will
26:50.64 let you put that a task into any
26:55.60 quadrant and then also a assign it to
26:58.32 any person as well so let me give you an
27:1.68 example let's say I want to get an
27:4.08 address that would go and put an email
27:7.28 into quadrant one and assign it to
27:9.80 Eugenia and a copy address okay so now
27:13.76 what I can do inside Outlook or Gmail or
27:16.48 whatever is when I create this task I
27:19.96 again I have a special address for it
27:21.96 this goes to
27:23.68 q1 uh and I'll sign to Eugenia until so
27:27.96 I'm doing this just again as an example
27:30.16 do tomorrow okay and I click Send so now
27:35.12 what happens is that instead of that
27:37.60 email going into the inbox it actually
27:39.36 gets organized for you into the
27:41.40 appropriate quadrants as well so what I
27:44.28 can do is I can go ahead and save that
27:47.20 particular email and give it the
27:49.40 appropriate name a contact name so then
27:52.24 when I forward the email I know exactly
27:54.24 where it
27:55.16 goes now how do you automate this whole
27:57.60 process let me give you an example for
28:0.00 me personally whenever I get an email
28:1.76 from Microsoft it actually goes into my
28:3.60 Microsoft Project automatically and the
28:5.92 way you do that is using rules so inside
28:9.20 Outlook so let me open Outlook
28:11.80 here so here I have outlook for desktop
28:14.88 open okay so if you don't use Outlook if
28:18.08 you use Gmail if you use other email
28:20.64 software it doesn't matter they all have
28:22.88 rules management system so I'll show you
28:24.60 how to do that in Outlook though if you
28:27.16 go to um outlook here and outlook for I
28:30.96 have it on Mac but you can do it on
28:32.36 Windows and so forth and you go to rules
28:34.92 you can go and choose create
28:37.88 rule so what happens with rule is that
28:41.56 for you can go and and set all sorts of
28:44.40 criteria for all emails from Microsoft
28:47.72 for all emails from customer X for all
28:50.56 emails from your manager Etc um then
28:54.16 what you do is you go down here and you
28:56.16 choose for forward to and then you paste
28:59.32 the address that's it that's all you
29:0.96 have to do and so what that allows you
29:3.60 to create is a bunch of rules that
29:6.48 automate your entire process and so then
29:8.88 every email that goes from client a that
29:11.12 comes to you from client a gets
29:13.36 forwarded into your patrix project for
29:15.96 client a and then client B goes to
29:18.48 client uh Project B and so on and so you
29:21.04 just have to set that up as a rule and
29:22.88 pry Matrix will sort of uh take that
29:25.16 information and put it into the
29:26.28 appropriate quadrant for you
29:28.36 so I think this is actually really
29:30.00 useful especially if you want to use
29:32.60 proty Matrix to manage support tickets
29:35.28 um or to manage uh request or if you are
29:39.48 a service where you know people are
29:41.12 submitting forms and so forth you can
29:43.44 use this as a way to convert emails into
29:45.56 task and then what happens is instead of
29:48.32 everyone going into Outlook and into G
29:51.88 uh your inbox address and look at the
29:54.12 emails they can just go to your party
29:55.68 Matrix and see the tasks that are coming
29:57.20 in in and remember you can assign the
30:1.28 the task too to specific people right
30:4.16 and so if you have multiple customer
30:6.04 service rep you can actually ensure that
30:8.48 um those reps are actually assigned the
30:10.32 the appropriate uh emails based on
30:13.32 whatever rules that you set okay so
30:16.08 that's how rules work now let me show
30:17.68 you how to set up the rules inside Gmail
30:20.04 it's very similar you go to Gmail here
30:23.12 um you go to settings I believe
30:28.52 um see all
30:30.32 settings and then you do uh
30:33.16 forwarding and then from this forwarding
30:35.56 you're able to go and add a foring
30:37.88 address and then you paste in the
30:39.96 address again then you click
30:42.40 next and actually I'm not sure okay
30:45.64 there you go lets me proceed what
30:47.76 happens now is when you choose this in
30:50.28 Gmail um it's actually going to create a
30:54.24 task inside party Matrix that lets you
30:57.60 verify it so when you create the rules
30:59.84 from from Gmail there's an additional
31:1.88 step that you have to follow through but
31:4.52 while I go back to PR Matrix here I want
31:6.28 to show you that that email that I sent
31:8.76 to my project showed up here right this
31:11.28 email is go to q1 asign Eugenia it shows
31:13.84 up here and now from here Eugen can see
31:16.60 it and she has a due date and it shows
31:19.04 up her produ Matrix and um you know if
31:22.40 if she has reminders or whatever it'll
31:24.84 pop up and now you can see that from
31:27.32 Gmail here that just pops in this is a
31:30.28 email that says um allowing me to
31:32.32 forward it and pretty much there's a
31:34.20 link here that I click on and when I
31:35.80 click on that it verifies it and now I
31:38.40 can actually set up rules from Gmail to
31:41.08 forward any specific emails that you may
31:43.44 have so that's how you set up rules in
31:45.72 Gmail that's how you set up rules in
31:48.24 Outlook one of the things I want to talk
31:50.32 about is how do you ensure that you work
31:53.68 on the most important emails always and
31:56.32 so again this is what what I I like to
31:58.52 do I like to set the due dates and then
32:1.44 I like to set the reminders and then
32:3.32 what happens is on a daily basis party
32:5.96 Matrix will send me a reminders in the
32:7.88 home view so if you go to the home view
32:10.00 in party Matrix this is called the
32:11.52 alerts and the points of the alert um
32:14.80 system here is to tell you the things
32:16.72 that require your attentions so if you
32:18.88 use pry Matrix you'll see that the kind
32:21.64 of tasks that shows up here are things
32:23.92 like things that have been delegated to
32:25.72 you um things that have a due date uh
32:28.72 that's coming up right now and also
32:31.28 things that have reminders and so when
32:33.20 you have those recurring reminders for
32:35.32 specific emails it'll keep popping up
32:37.72 here in the alert section and by the way
32:40.32 this is this is how I tackle my problem
32:42.36 which is um you know I get so many
32:44.28 emails as I mentioned by setting
32:47.28 recurring reminders for my most
32:49.04 important emails time-sensitive emails
32:52.12 it's always popping up here and then I
32:53.80 don't really have an excuse I'm like
32:55.16 okay I saw you know I saw this yesterday
32:57.20 I saw this two days ago I see it today
33:0.28 then I can click on it and like okay let
33:1.56 me get to it you know and finally deal
33:3.88 with that couple of other things you
33:6.48 notice that actually when these tasks
33:8.40 come in as emails there's an email icon
33:11.12 associated with it right and so party
33:13.24 Matrix will go and detect emails and
33:15.28 actually add this email icon so if you
33:17.64 want to go and find out all the emails
33:19.60 you have in party Matrix I'll show you
33:20.92 how to do that you can go to the search
33:23.00 what the search does is it's a master
33:25.52 list of all the tasks have across all
33:28.00 your projects but if you go to
33:30.28 filter um you can actually go in here
33:33.40 and then see all the things that all the
33:36.40 things that you have across um across
33:40.16 your all your projects and then you can
33:42.12 change it you can change by um due dates
33:45.44 um and then due date uh who what who
33:48.52 it's assigned to what quadrants and so
33:50.68 forth and then at the same time on the
33:53.92 left hand side here you can see that
33:55.96 actually I can sort by icons and so when
33:58.64 I click on this icon it actually sorts
34:0.92 puts all my emails um icons together and
34:4.08 so then you know essentially these are
34:5.84 all my tasks that have um the emails
34:8.64 associated with them and so that's one
34:10.08 way for you to be able to go and find
34:13.20 all the tasks you have that are related
34:15.20 to emails inside party
34:17.24 Matrix and you know that party Matrix
34:19.48 integrates with Microsoft teams and and
34:21.48 so forth so if you do use Microsoft
34:23.12 teams along with Outlook what you can do
34:24.80 is you can add pry Matrix to teams and
34:27.12 then you can actually add the chatbot as
34:29.20 well and if you do add the chatbot to
34:31.12 teams what happens is when those emails
34:33.48 become due or you need um the reminders
34:36.20 come through the chat bot will also send
34:38.64 you a message in teams so it adds
34:40.48 another layer of notifications to ensure
34:43.56 that you actually get to your
34:45.76 emails okay so what I've shown you now
34:49.48 is again how to create emails from task
34:52.40 uh I'm sorry how to create tasks from
34:54.40 emails how to forward emails into PR
34:56.96 tricks um how to actually forward emails
34:59.56 from Gmail how to delegate them how to
35:2.84 see
35:4.04 reminders let me give you some tips on
35:7.68 on how to best leverage pry
35:10.76 Matrix one I always set due dates and I
35:16.16 always set reminders and then two I like
35:20.00 using the star so if you if you use PR
35:23.28 Matrix often and you have tasks that are
35:25.28 really important star them what happens
35:27.80 when you star them is they pop to the
35:29.84 top of the list now of course if
35:31.80 everything is starred then nothing is
35:33.72 right but if for the your most important
35:36.04 emails you star them you set the due
35:38.44 date you set the reminders and you you
35:40.40 know put in quadrant one you're going to
35:42.48 get so many notifications and PR Matrix
35:44.68 you will get to that email um and then
35:48.12 when you don't the due date here will
35:50.00 turn red and so it's very very easy and
35:52.56 very visual um for you to see that the
35:56.08 second thing that I recommend is if you
35:59.24 plan to use proty Matrix to organize a
36:1.08 lot of emails you can create a project
36:3.40 just for email management and so then
36:5.60 when you go to Project here um you
36:7.96 create that project and you know call it
36:9.76 emails or whatever and then you can copy
36:12.36 the inbox address for those emails um
36:15.56 and then save that as your contacts so I
36:18.84 highly recommend that you at least add
36:21.32 your inbox address as a contact for both
36:24.40 your mobile device as well as on your
36:26.00 desktop so so then you have that as a as
36:28.44 um a placeholder but then if you use pry
36:31.72 Matrix and you want to organize all
36:33.72 these emails into all these other
36:35.12 projects then make sure you save the
36:36.72 inbox address for each of those as
36:39.20 well
36:41.28 okay now let me see here I want to make
36:44.00 sure that I covered um everything that I
36:46.84 wanted to cover here as mentioned if you
36:49.56 do have questions make sure that you
36:51.36 send them
36:55.68 um
36:57.64 okay so I let me go back to the slides
37:2.56 here and so I want to just go back to
37:5.52 the goals that we created earlier or we
37:7.56 mentioned earlier and make sure that
37:9.60 I've addressed every single one of these
37:11.64 okay one you understand how to
37:13.64 prioritize the email and how to turn
37:15.08 them into task two you can see how you
37:17.44 can attach emails to existing task three
37:20.36 you see how I can delegate an email and
37:22.80 then from my coworker standpoint what
37:24.88 happens they just have to go to their
37:26.12 alerts as as well and so the whole goal
37:29.00 of pry Matrix is to create one central
37:31.12 place to capture all your priorities
37:33.64 across your teams and your
37:35.80 organizations so you know to fully
37:38.40 leverage it got to make sure that you
37:40.12 know your co-workers are also using
37:42.00 patrix and that you know they they check
37:44.44 their alert section so then they know
37:46.68 that they've got an emails that U that's
37:48.56 due
37:49.92 Etc um you learn how to forward emails
37:52.60 into patrix and then you learn how to
37:55.12 use Gmail and Outlook to create task as
37:57.72 well and then you also learn how to use
38:0.24 rules so then specific emails are
38:2.08 seamlessly added to the appropriate
38:4.28 projects um so what happens is I like to
38:7.16 set different rules uh for for different
38:10.60 use cases just make sure that you keep
38:12.84 them somewhat organized because because
38:14.72 if you you know just are sending every
38:16.68 single email into part Matrix I don't
38:18.60 recommend that because that's just too
38:19.76 many emails too many task and now you
38:21.64 just have another inbox which I don't
38:23.40 think is very useful so it's better to
38:25.36 have the rules deal with only your most
38:28.00 critical emails um so then you can
38:30.36 ensure that you actually get to them
38:34.48 okay so let me
38:37.00 summarize with this presentation
38:43.04 here so what would success with par
38:45.40 matric look like one do you have this
38:47.44 one central place to track all your
38:48.92 priorities and then now also the emails
38:51.44 as well um everyone's on the team
38:53.80 understands and are line on key task and
38:57.48 and by using the email integration and
38:59.92 you know of course you can use it just
39:1.44 for managing your own emails but when
39:3.24 you end up delegating the email to
39:4.92 others it's so so useful it's so much
39:7.36 better than for them an email because
39:9.40 what happens is then it just goes into
39:10.88 their inbox and then if they don't look
39:13.00 at it right away guess what it goes down
39:15.48 down the list and then suddenly that
39:17.16 email is never looked at and now you
39:18.56 have a really important email and no one
39:20.84 answer them but by using pry Matrix
39:23.04 setting that due date setting that
39:24.40 recurring reminders putting in the
39:26.12 appropriate quadrants there's no excuse
39:28.08 for missing that task and so um I do
39:32.20 recommend that if you use PR matrics to
39:35.44 um manage customer tickets or whatever
39:38.08 then use the system to triage the
39:40.24 appropriate person right and you have to
39:43.52 remind your Co your co-workers and the
39:45.44 people you work with that by the way
39:47.60 like you look at the patrix project and
39:50.28 that's where the S uh single source of
39:52.60 Truth is right that's the master uh the
39:55.32 master plan and so when you look at that
39:57.16 you know exactly what to focus
39:59.12 on and that pretty much summarized what
40:1.68 I want to present today on email
40:3.28 management I'm going to take a look to
40:4.68 see if there are any questions and if
40:6.76 there are I'll answer
40:13.16 them okay are there any
40:19.00 questions if not um not a big deal what
40:21.92 I want to mention is that you can always
40:23.80 send us a message um high at
40:25.64 supported
40:27.48 and I'd be happy to uh address that
40:32.52 thank you for the feedback there I hope
40:33.96 this was useful and I hope you start
40:35.32 using the Integrations that we have
40:37.60 again a lot of customers most of our
40:39.68 customers come to party Matrix uh to to
40:42.72 look for ways to better manage their
40:44.32 emails and so it's extremely helpful to
40:47.84 be able to prioritize that and it's so
40:49.52 much better than having one long list um
40:52.56 and flagging is just not sufficient so
40:55.16 thank you for the feedback
40:57.84 I appreciate it now give you your time
41:6.64 back