Introduction to Priority Matrix: How to prioritize tasks and emails

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Video transcription (58:11.48) Stop scroll

1.24s all right good morning everyone we'll go
3.72s go ahead and get started um first of all
6.44s uh I want to let you know that this
7.68s webinar is recorded and so we'll be
10.40s sharing this recording with you after
12.28s the call and then second of all um in
14.64s the chat section there you can send me
16.76s any questions that you may have during
18.72s the webinar and I'd be happy to address
21.12s it um and so um if I don't get to them
24.52s during the webinar I'll get them to at
25.88s the end of the webinar after the
27.08s presentation part and with that I'll get
29.56s started
31.76s my name is hi I am co-founder of
33.92s affluence the company behind pry Matrix
36.72s uh my goals today is uh pretty
39.24s straightforward so first I want to make
42.48s sure that you get an understanding on
44.24s the basics of party Matrix and then
46.36s provide you a framework how to get the
48.16s most out of the software and then help
50.24s you envision what your work and life
51.96s success U may look like with pry Matrix
55.28s so I've talked to thousands of customers
57.16s over the years and one of the things
59.16s that I think is most important is that
1:1.16 we figure out how to make it work for
1:2.92 you on an individual basis because
1:5.24 that's the core of all of this and so
1:7.20 hopefully you're here today because
1:8.60 you're interested in learning about
1:9.96 patrix you're interested in learning how
1:12.08 to become more effective at prioritizing
1:14.96 um task and
1:16.76 emails and just be able to focus your
1:19.56 time on what matters most and so
1:22.56 hopefully as I'm going through this
1:24.08 webinar in the back of your mind you're
1:25.92 thinking how to apply this to your own
1:28.52 work um from the go cuz you know that's
1:31.64 the goal right I want you able to walk
1:33.20 away from today's webinar being able to
1:34.84 execute
1:39.40 immediately one thing I want to
1:41.12 highlight is um are the challenges that
1:44.04 customer face so one of the things
1:46.52 that's really interesting is that one
1:49.20 team members are always having trouble
1:51.44 understanding what's priority right now
1:53.24 and when I talk about team members here
1:54.88 I'm talking about groups of people
1:56.40 working together to try to fulfill some
1:58.28 sort of goal but yet at the same same
2:0.12 time they're having trouble
2:1.36 understanding what's priority across the
2:2.72 organization and what I mean by that is
2:5.84 when you talk when you think think about
2:7.44 how when you talk to your manager or to
2:9.40 your direct reports do you think
2:11.00 everyone's aign and the reality is a lot
2:13.72 of people struggle there because there
2:15.08 are so many priorities so many conflicts
2:17.64 um that happens on a routine basis and
2:20.64 that's completely natural and then
2:22.32 second of all it is very very hard to
2:25.36 actually keep track on the status of
2:27.04 work across so many areas of
2:28.88 responsibilities no longer are we
2:30.88 responsible for one thing I feel like
2:32.48 with technology more so than ever we're
2:34.76 actually responsible for so many
2:36.40 projects and tasks and initiatives at
2:38.40 the same
2:39.44 time and then finally emails and
2:41.76 meetings are just causing far too much
2:43.36 context witching um despite all this
2:45.92 these advances and Technologies around
2:47.88 communication I I find that more often
2:50.40 than not you're actually just switching
2:51.76 software and so then how do you
2:54.08 understand what is it that you need to
2:55.48 work on and then you're spending more
2:57.20 time looking at where all these tasks
2:59.12 are coming from than actually spending
3:1.16 time executing on
3:2.96 them so party Matrix is intended to
3:5.96 solve these challenges and so what pry
3:8.08 Matrix is is a comprehensive email
3:10.00 priority in project management software
3:12.00 to help teams manage emails conduct more
3:13.88 efficient meetings and get real-time
3:15.32 status updates on critical projects and
3:17.56 priorities we emphasize the word
3:19.48 priorities often and a lot because at
3:22.48 the core of it that's what PR Matrix is
3:24.48 designed to do help you understand what
3:27.48 it is that you need to work on at any
3:29.24 point in time
3:30.32 time so how does party Matrix help with
3:32.80 these challenges that I talked about
3:34.60 first we use something called the four
3:35.92 quadrant methodology which I'll go into
3:37.76 more details to help promote effective
3:40.16 prioritization so unlike a traditional
3:42.40 task management software where you're
3:43.96 talking about list or just Tim line or
3:46.16 whatever pry Matrix uses the quadrant um
3:49.04 to really hone in on what are the things
3:51.28 that are important and
3:53.16 Urgent and then pmatrix provide
3:55.36 additional views such as the one-on-one
3:57.16 the agenda the timeline to help you
3:59.36 understand what needs to be done within
4:0.72 the right context and when I talk about
4:2.76 context I'm talking about the context of
4:4.96 time the context of priorities the
4:7.44 context of people and so those are the
4:9.44 things that you can think about
4:11.00 everything in party Matrix can be
4:12.44 flipped and view from different angles
4:14.68 and different perspectives to help you
4:16.56 understand um where you should best
4:18.28 Focus your
4:19.60 efforts and then party Matrix has
4:21.80 probably one of the best Integrations in
4:23.28 Microsoft teams and Outlook uh for
4:25.48 Effective email and task partiz now you
4:27.88 don't need teams and you don't need look
4:29.80 to use our software but if you do use
4:32.16 those um application then patrix
4:34.64 definitely is immensely impactful uh in
4:37.84 terms of context
4:39.84 switching so what makes petric better uh
4:42.64 than competing solution first we're the
4:44.68 only solution that's Microsoft 365
4:47.28 security certified on our web app
4:49.12 Outlook app and teams app at the same
4:51.16 time and one of the things that I'm
4:52.88 really excited about is actually we're
4:54.24 leveraging AI um with a focus on
4:57.08 prioritization and goals management to
4:59.16 help you you get achieve whatever goals
5:2.04 is that you want to do and then we
5:3.96 provide what I call people Centric
5:5.44 collaboration and that's so what that
5:7.00 means it's not just about projects it's
5:8.52 not just about tasks but if you're
5:10.52 thinking about using prod inrix Beyond
5:12.80 yourself Beyond managing to your
5:14.68 priorities pry Matrix provide you really
5:16.72 good visibility on the priorities of
5:18.80 your team and then finally party Matrix
5:21.56 is available as a standard SAS solution
5:23.40 but as also a hipa compliance solution
5:25.72 for the healthcare and Life Sciences
5:27.28 people as well as Azure Azure government
5:29.80 Cloud for the state and local government
5:31.96 so if you're interested in our
5:33.04 Enterprise solution or some of the other
5:34.40 Solutions definitely reach out to us um
5:36.52 support at and we'd be
5:38.36 happy to walk you through
5:39.96 them so what makes prod Matrix
5:42.16 particularly effective what it does is
5:44.28 actually helps to determine what do you
5:45.68 need to work on now what do you need to
5:47.60 work on later and then what are the
5:48.96 things you should perhaps delegate and
5:50.88 then secondly pry Matrix um helps you
5:54.08 helps provide one place where everyone
5:56.80 can go to to understand what needs to be
5:58.56 done uh and the reality is priorities
6:0.56 are constantly shifting right you're
6:2.00 working on so many projects so many
6:3.44 things that's happening people are
6:5.08 updating stuff here and there um so what
6:8.44 you need is one central place to go to
6:11.12 and have an understanding on the status
6:13.72 of it all and party Matrix is intended
6:16.24 or can be used for exactly that
6:20.16 purpose so let's talk about the
6:22.12 fundamental behind party Matrix um the
6:24.20 philosophy behind PR Matrix rather
6:25.76 there's a famous quote attributed to
6:27.84 former President Eisenhower what is
6:30.00 important is seldom urgent and what is
6:31.48 urgent is seldom important now what I
6:33.56 really like about this quote is that it
6:35.32 splits everything that we have to do
6:36.68 into the two dimensions of importance
6:38.48 and urgency so instead of just thinking
6:41.04 in terms of a list right where you have
6:43.12 a list from the top to the bottom and if
6:44.60 you start on that list you work at the
6:46.04 top or you work at the bottom Etc
6:48.56 instead take that list of all the things
6:50.68 you have to do and split it into the two
6:53.36 dimensional Matrix of important and
6:55.76 Urgent important and not urgent um
6:58.04 important but not not important not
6:59.84 urgent and then not important not urgent
7:1.52 so if you think about everything you
7:2.96 have to do how do you fit it within that
7:5.84 that framework now what's really
7:7.64 interesting is this exercise is hard by
7:10.60 the way it is not trivial it is not easy
7:13.56 and in fact I would argue that is the
7:15.88 reason why party Matrix is effective
7:18.28 because it forces you to actually think
7:20.56 about higher Dimensions than just a list
7:23.16 and so if you're using task management
7:25.00 software you're using um to-do and all
7:28.88 these uh
7:29.84 other list that actually just tracks all
7:32.64 the the stuff that you have to do and
7:34.20 then you're finding that you're
7:35.28 constantly struggling to track what it
7:37.68 is that you should work on at any moment
7:39.40 or you're finding that you're working on
7:40.68 things that's not delivering the result
7:42.44 that you want that's this is the core
7:45.00 problem the the core problem is we're
7:46.80 not looking at in the proper Dimension
7:49.16 where it is that we need to focus our
7:50.52 time and so what pry Matrix does is we
7:53.96 take everything that you have to do from
7:55.68 a task perspective and we split it into
7:57.92 those Dimensions that I talked about
7:59.40 about so on the top left quadrant you
8:1.44 have the things that are due now that's
8:2.84 the important and Urgent these are the
8:4.16 things that you should be focusing your
8:5.56 effort on right now at this moment and
8:8.32 typically we could would consider these
8:10.00 as fires and if that's all you're
8:12.00 spending your time on then you're just
8:13.32 constantly firefighting so that's not a
8:14.76 good thing and then secondly on the top
8:17.76 right quadrants that's the important but
8:19.64 not urgent those are the things you
8:21.24 should plan for what that means is
8:23.44 you're in the back of your mind you
8:24.80 should be putting up the effort to to
8:27.48 determine how you allocate resources um
8:30.80 what you should start working on in
8:32.20 order to actually meet those goals and
8:34.04 then the stuff on the bottom left the
8:35.56 delegate those are the things that
8:37.08 perhaps someone else can do a better job
8:38.72 than you right um so you can think about
8:42.36 that's what your executive assistants
8:43.84 your direct reports um sometimes it's
8:46.04 just things that got to be done but
8:48.60 they're not so critical towards your
8:50.28 goal and so it's not easy to to T things
8:53.48 out and determine where they fit within
8:54.96 this picture but that's what I encourage
8:56.96 you to do so as you're using patrix
8:59.68 think carefully about the stuff that
9:1.04 you're putting into each of these these
9:2.60 quadrants um and then finally the inbox
9:4.88 that's where everything starts and so
9:6.68 what I like to do personally is I like
9:8.12 to create stuff in the Inbox and then
9:9.64 from there I determine which of the
9:10.96 other quadrants they go into sometimes
9:12.96 they never make it out of the Inbox and
9:14.64 that's perfectly fine right it means
9:16.48 it's something that may never have to be
9:17.84 done I just want to get out of my head
9:19.56 so as you use pry Matrix one of my
9:22.28 recommendations to you is do not have do
9:25.24 not let quadrant one get overcrowded and
9:27.56 overwhelm you because if you do and if
9:29.80 everything's important and Urgent then
9:31.20 nothing is and just reme remember that
9:34.08 as a a very important part of thinking
9:36.04 about prioritization
9:38.12 So within this framework um her Matrix
9:42.40 creates alignments because it forces you
9:45.16 to prioritize from the very beginning
9:47.32 and again I'm not going to go and
9:49.32 downplay it I think that you know
9:51.92 imagine how much time you're putting
9:53.92 into executing all these tasks and and
9:56.28 working towards your goal I would argue
9:58.20 that you know half the effort the
10:0.00 hardest part is actually determine what
10:1.84 needs to be worked on and what needs to
10:3.48 not be worked on and so the um
10:6.24 interesting thing is that success from
10:8.24 using pry Matrix isn't about finding
10:10.60 what everyone agrees on it's about
10:12.44 discovering the disagreement on when
10:14.36 something should be a priority but it
10:15.76 isn't and so one of my recommendation
10:18.20 for customers is that if you use prod
10:21.04 Matrix project it on the big screen when
10:23.64 you have your important meetings so then
10:25.56 everyone can look at it and say okay you
10:27.52 know what I see the priorities I
10:29.64 understand this you know within the
10:30.84 context of the bigger picture and then
10:33.00 when you have disagreement there that's
10:34.84 where all the magic happens right
10:36.64 because you or your manager or other
10:38.80 Executives may look at it and say you
10:40.20 know what actually we should actually be
10:41.68 prioritizing this or no we should not be
10:43.60 prioritizing this and so if you're
10:45.32 ruthless about it that's how you know
10:47.40 you're going to spend the right time and
10:49.76 effort on the right
10:52.56 task as mentioned the webinars are
10:54.80 recorded and so we'll post it on the
10:56.28 website afterwards and then if you have
10:58.08 any questions reach out to us support
11:0.04 or high and
11:2.44 then with that I'm going to go ahead and
11:3.60 jump into the application itself and
11:6.04 like I said if you have any questions
11:7.80 during the webinar um go ahead and send
11:9.80 in the chat and then also for those that
11:11.40 are watching this webinar and recording
11:13.96 if you have any questions please feel
11:15.28 free to reach out to me or us um we'd be
11:17.52 happy to address the questions that you
11:19.60 may have the goal here is to help you
11:22.60 help you get a a strong understanding of
11:25.44 what pry Matrix is about so then when
11:27.36 you're walking away from this webinar
11:29.04 you can get started right away and my
11:30.52 recommendation is it's not too late to
11:32.72 get started right and so start jotting
11:34.72 down your priorities um so as I'm doing
11:37.16 this please please um think about your
11:41.72 uh the things that you have to do and
11:43.64 start planning out in pry Matrix now if
11:45.60 you have any questions just send it in
11:47.64 the chat and then when I get a chance I
11:49.72 will take a look at the chat and read
11:51.08 through the questions and then answer
11:52.32 them thank you all right I'm going to
11:53.72 jump to the
11:56.48 product all right so now I have have I'm
11:59.32 going to open pry Matrix and so here I
12:1.80 have pry Matrix open on the web app um
12:5.40 and so as mentioned pry Matrix is a a
12:7.96 SAS solution but we have um the app in
12:12.00 our on iOS on Android on uh windows on
12:16.36 Mac um as well as through the website
12:18.48 and so if you go to and click on
12:20.44 web app that's how you access the web
12:21.92 app or you can also go to PRM
12:23.92 and so when you open PR Matrix you'll
12:26.32 see that front and center is the
12:29.08 quadrant right so whenever you open a
12:31.48 project every project has um the
12:34.04 quadrant associated with it and so as
12:35.56 you can see when I look at this Matrix I
12:37.88 can see that this Matrix is this project
12:40.20 is called my team priorities here that's
12:42.56 the the name of the project and so I can
12:44.44 have many many different projects again
12:46.76 every project has its own quadrants
12:48.52 associated with it and down further
12:51.28 within the um project itself there's the
12:54.48 four quadrants and here I have quadrant
12:56.84 one is the fires the do now do later
12:59.84 delegate and inbox and as you can see
13:2.88 when I started I just created a couple
13:4.40 of tasks here in my inbox I'm going to
13:6.12 do an example task I'm going to go and
13:8.24 say followup with webinar
13:12.24 participants and then not only that
13:14.28 instead of actually just typing the task
13:15.96 I'm going to say do tomorrow at 2
13:19.12 pm and then I create a task in for the
13:21.48 Matrix and so what happens is pry Matrix
13:23.92 will go and generate that task and then
13:25.96 now on the right hand side this opens up
13:28.40 what's called the item details and this
13:30.04 is where you're adding additional
13:31.24 information about the task uh the task
13:33.88 themselves so for example again I have
13:36.08 my task name right that's the task that
13:37.76 I created doe tomorrow 2 p.m uh and
13:40.60 because I said doe tomorrow 2 p.m. our
13:42.60 system automatically interprets that for
13:44.16 me and set the due date for me in my
13:45.88 local time and so when you use part
13:48.08 Matrix I highly recommend that you do
13:49.76 this every item that you create go ahead
13:52.16 and type the do and then whatever it is
13:54.48 do tomorrow um do next week do next
13:57.20 Tuesday do in one month Etc when you do
14:0.56 that party Matrix will generate those
14:2.20 due dates and when you have due dates
14:3.76 then you get reminders and the whole
14:5.80 goal again is for you to work on the
14:8.36 right things and one of the the things
14:10.60 that's so fascinating is that the reason
14:13.12 we get distracted it's because the
14:15.52 non-important but urgent things are the
14:17.64 things that are constantly popping up
14:19.60 right that's the text message that you
14:21.20 get that's the new emails that's coming
14:22.96 in that has nothing to do with anything
14:24.92 that is relevant but guess what you saw
14:26.84 the email so now you're reading it or
14:28.84 that's why you know we get so distracted
14:30.48 by social media and news and so forth
14:32.48 because they're the things that's
14:33.60 popping up and so when you think about
14:35.68 that to game of gamify the whole thing
14:38.64 um and to trick your mind into focusing
14:40.80 on the right things make sure you set
14:43.00 the due dates make sure you set
14:44.20 reminders with patrix and that allows
14:46.24 you to actually um all the tasks that
14:48.80 are truly important to surface back up
14:51.12 into your alerts in PR matric and then
14:53.12 you can actually focus on them so keep
14:54.92 that in mind as you use patrix to to
14:57.12 ensure you use those capabilities
14:59.48 let's go back to the item details here
15:1.16 so now I have that task there's a couple
15:2.92 things I can do from the item detail
15:4.76 perspective I can star it what starring
15:7.20 does is actually pops it to the top of
15:8.88 the list again this is just another way
15:11.08 of adding um a a tag that would go and
15:15.16 signify to myself rather more so than
15:17.44 anybody else that this is something
15:19.08 important and so when I start something
15:21.56 I actually get a special star report um
15:23.84 so then I know that I'm actually working
15:25.16 on those tasks and so if you think about
15:26.84 it if you're working on a lot of
15:28.36 different things a lot of different
15:29.56 projects with a lot of different people
15:31.48 starring is a way to actually um reduce
15:34.48 the amount of noise there is so then you
15:36.32 can focus on the key
15:38.08 signals and then below that you have add
15:40.40 icons when I click on add icons here I
15:42.28 get a small list of icons that I can
15:43.76 choose from one of the um series of
15:45.92 icons I really like is the are these
15:47.80 colors so red yellow and green so if you
15:50.72 let's just say for example I'm going to
15:51.96 go ahead and choose green here one thing
15:53.68 that's nice about it and when it's you
15:55.00 see how I I selected that and it
15:56.60 actually shows up in the quadrant too
15:58.36 one thing that's nice about it is it's
15:59.80 visual right and so if you have a lot of
16:1.52 different things that behind schedule or
16:2.84 something like that you can change it to
16:4.56 red and then when every anyone else
16:6.08 looks at this matrix it's so easy to
16:8.52 spot the areas that are having problems
16:11.48 um and now if you go further down
16:13.32 there's an owner and so when I created
16:15.48 this task in this demo account I'm the
16:17.48 owner and so my avatar shows up but if I
16:19.72 want to assign it to somebody else I can
16:21.44 click on this and I assign it to another
16:23.04 person and so you see now that person's
16:25.68 um Avatar is replaced as mine and she's
16:27.96 the owner
16:29.08 now every task can have only one owner
16:31.12 and that's on purpose because we want to
16:33.08 understand exactly who's responsible for
16:34.96 it and then that icon actually shows up
16:37.32 here as well but you see how despite me
16:39.76 changing the owner I'm still a follower
16:41.80 of this task so when this task is
16:43.52 updated I do get notifications for it
16:45.64 and so I can go and add additional
16:47.20 followers if needed the whole idea here
16:50.28 is to add um people who who are relevant
16:53.16 to this task and that's how we'll we'll
16:55.32 look at this data later and determine
16:57.84 okay what are the things I need to do
16:59.32 for somebody you know for X for X person
17:1.96 Etc and then next to it you have
17:3.88 progress 0 to 100% straightforward
17:6.08 effort how much time it takes it's not
17:7.76 all tasks are created equal and then I
17:9.72 mentioned the difference between due
17:11.52 dates and reminders let me explain that
17:13.12 a bit more when I say something is due
17:15.64 let's just say due in two weeks but if
17:17.40 it's going to take me a few days to get
17:18.80 started and they waited until the due
17:20.40 date to get started I'm going to be far
17:21.80 too late so the whole idea around dates
17:23.80 and reminders is okay this is due in two
17:26.20 weeks but remind me on a weekly basis
17:28.68 now let me show you how I like to set
17:30.32 reminders when I have a task that's
17:31.80 important again I set due dates and then
17:34.04 I go down to this chat here and I say
17:36.16 Remind me
17:38.44 daily and you see how the uh the text
17:40.88 turned green what's happening is our
17:42.80 system again uses natural language and
17:44.96 it interprets that and now it set a
17:46.52 reminder for me due in one day and it's
17:48.64 going to send me a daily reminder until
17:50.20 I get this done so again it's a way to
17:53.00 ensure that the most critical things are
17:55.00 constantly popping back up into your um
17:57.72 into your list and so I like that a lot
18:0.56 and it's uh a couple examples of how I
18:3.28 like to use it let's say I have to
18:4.76 follow with a customer in a year just
18:7.20 think about it how how would you do that
18:9.04 today if you have to do something in a
18:10.96 year right so the way I would do it I
18:14.00 would go and set a due date due in one
18:16.04 year and then I would set a reminder in
18:18.28 11 months and so now what's happening
18:21.88 what would happen is that I can just
18:23.40 forget it and then in a year magically
18:25.76 this pops up like oh hey I got to get
18:27.92 started uh start thinking about it so
18:29.96 then when the due date comes I can
18:31.32 actually do the appropriate things so
18:34.16 keep that in mind but if we talk about
18:35.84 the critical features of party Matrix
18:37.60 that I think um are most impactful those
18:40.76 are these two are actually the ones I
18:42.68 recommend the most due dates reminders
18:45.28 okay so when you use party Matrix make
18:47.16 sure you put tasks in the appropriate
18:48.40 quadrants and then set those two uh
18:51.36 parameters down further you have the
18:53.20 chat section and so this is where you
18:54.72 can actually have conversation with
18:56.08 other people who's in this task it's
18:57.92 also serves as a history a record of all
19:0.24 the changes very very
19:2.52 important over time you have the note
19:5.40 section it's not intended to be rich
19:7.16 text that's what your Google Docs and
19:8.96 your Microsoft Word is for but this
19:11.16 where you can add some information
19:12.32 around the task you can also create
19:13.64 subtasks as needed and then finally you
19:15.72 have the resources section this is where
19:17.60 you can attach files links documents Etc
19:22.08 and you can actually link party Matrix
19:23.96 task together to create dependencies all
19:26.36 from all from here so that's what item
19:29.20 details is and so whenever you create a
19:31.00 task you have the item details but as
19:32.76 you can see I can actually even um
19:35.40 ignore the vast majority of the things
19:37.08 in the item details if I'm new to party
19:39.40 Matrix the way I would focus my time is
19:41.64 I would just create tasks in The Matrix
19:43.24 itself I set the due date here and then
19:45.76 with that I just focus all my time on
19:49.20 prioritizing the task and then not worry
19:51.24 too much yet around the item details but
19:53.44 for those who want to be uh Power users
19:55.92 or want to really get the most out of
19:57.36 primatrix this is where you add all
19:59.16 those extra details now let's go back to
20:1.68 the the quadrants themselves as you can
20:3.68 see I have the task created here in the
20:5.08 inbox I could have created in any of
20:7.00 these quadrants but now I can go and I
20:9.20 can just drag and drop and so what's
20:11.04 really nice about that is I can
20:13.20 reprioritize very easily and as you can
20:15.16 see look how visual this is I can
20:17.44 immediately when when I start my day I
20:19.56 look at this and I know exactly where I
20:21.08 need to focus my time right this is my
20:23.00 goal I'm going to get this done today um
20:24.88 the second thing you can do is you can
20:26.08 actually resize the quadrant too so then
20:27.96 if you really want to focus on quadrant
20:29.56 one you just do this and now all the
20:32.16 task that you have in quadrant one is
20:33.64 just so much more prominent as well the
20:36.56 other thing you can do with party Matrix
20:37.84 is actually you can look at all this
20:39.12 information from a different um uh view
20:42.40 so here at the very top I have the
20:44.16 Matrix view but I can actually switch
20:45.80 over to the list view I know we're not
20:47.80 supposed to put in list but then if you
20:50.64 sometimes you go to the list View and
20:52.40 what I like about the list view is it's
20:54.56 very good at helping me sort things by
20:56.40 due dates and so
20:59.08 here thinking about the dimensions of
21:1.00 urgency um whenever items are overdue
21:3.68 they turn red and so it's very very
21:5.48 Visual and then not only that I can sort
21:7.64 by each of these columns I can sort by
21:9.20 the quadrants the icons I can sort by
21:11.64 the owner the item name Etc so the list
21:14.60 view has its purpose and of course you
21:16.28 can still create task from here one
21:18.24 thing I want to mention is that um with
21:20.32 all of this you actually have the option
21:21.72 to click on filter when you choose
21:23.96 filter prodct Matrix provide extremely
21:26.32 powerful ways for you to dive into the
21:28.56 data um and so I won't go into the
21:30.32 details but if you need to see finished
21:32.16 task that were done last month or you
21:34.56 need to see who's assigned to what
21:36.76 that's what the filters is for and so
21:38.28 the filters apply to all these different
21:39.96 views and so it really helps you
21:41.80 generate a report on what it is that you
21:43.56 need sometimes it just boils down to hey
21:46.48 it's my quarterly review I need to prove
21:48.64 I need to generate a report to my
21:50.48 manager to show them all the things I
21:52.28 have to do guess what you go to the
21:53.76 filter change the date and then change
21:56.04 to finished task and then now you have
21:58.16 report that you can actually show your
21:59.48 manager and say hey by the way these are
22:0.68 all the things that I did very easy to
22:2.56 meet your performance goals if you use
22:4.20 per Matrix that way and then you have
22:6.68 the calendar view and so again tasks I
22:8.76 do have due dates show up here what's
22:10.64 nice about this is again you can sort of
22:12.28 plan your week within the perspective
22:14.80 within the context of this project and
22:16.24 then if I have a task I can actually
22:17.60 just drag and drop to rep prioritize
22:19.92 them and so you see how what's neat is
22:21.76 that input a matrix I can actually
22:23.44 select the task and the item details
22:25.40 will update and then not only that
22:27.12 there's a record of all the changes and
22:28.84 so when I change that due dates party
22:30.96 Matrix tracks that for me it is so
22:33.16 helpful because you know if my coworker
22:35.56 starts moving things around and I'm like
22:37.36 hey wait a minute I thought we set the
22:38.60 due date for you know so and so date why
22:40.72 did it change well py Matrix gives you
22:42.44 that record it is very useful if you're
22:44.84 trying to have a full understanding and
22:46.68 keep everyone align and then next to
22:48.92 that you have the Gant chart view um and
22:50.84 so if you don't need to use gchart it
22:53.76 still gives you a very good perspective
22:55.32 on timeline it's useful if you need to
22:57.68 look across much larger time span than
23:0.24 just a month or a week and then if you
23:3.00 do set dependencies between tasks then
23:4.92 you'll see the dependencies links and so
23:6.72 forth here and you can print this a
23:8.00 again chart so these are the different
23:10.40 views you have in P Matrix now let me
23:12.12 show you how you can customize a matrix
23:14.28 one thing that's really interesting is
23:16.12 um there's nothing that prevents you
23:18.12 from using protom Matrix as a different
23:21.28 uh in a different way in a different
23:23.00 format than that Eisenhower Matrix and
23:24.92 so we realized this early on so but if
23:27.40 you so that's why we give you this
23:29.24 option if you go up back to the top of
23:31.64 the Matrix view you click on edit
23:33.08 project here you open What's called the
23:35.28 project details the project details has
23:37.88 the project name again I can start the
23:40.56 project and as you can see when I start
23:42.60 the project it pops to the top of my
23:44.64 list on my left hand side here in my
23:46.68 list of project the star project pop to
23:49.04 the top of my list right so in my real
23:52.08 work account I have something like 300
23:54.20 projects and so as you can imagine 300
23:56.48 projects I can't I I don't have time to
23:58.48 go through each of them so I star the
24:0.40 ones that are important to me and then
24:1.92 they always are at the top of the list
24:3.36 and so I can actually jump to those and
24:5.28 then always know exactly what tasks are
24:6.96 important and not only that um the rest
24:8.80 of the projects are actually sorted by
24:11.20 when they're updated and so if you have
24:12.84 projects that no one touch well it would
24:14.88 be way at the bottom and then if someone
24:16.84 start modifying the projects and
24:18.44 changing dates or adding tasks and so
24:20.28 forth it'll pop it to the very
24:22.28 top so now let's go back to the project
24:24.68 detail so I have my project name I have
24:26.44 the star um I have the members associate
24:29.08 with it and so again I can add
24:30.92 additional people to my project and so
24:33.76 when you create a project first maybe
24:35.48 it's just yourself right and so no one
24:36.88 else sees that project but then
24:38.12 afterwards you say okay you know what I
24:39.96 want my manager to see this then you add
24:41.88 your manager to the project and now they
24:43.36 can see your Matrix and then vice versa
24:45.44 if you're managing a team you want the
24:47.52 whole team to be on the same page with
24:49.24 respect to your team priorities well you
24:51.84 create a project called team priorities
24:53.80 and you invite all your co-workers into
24:55.68 one View and now everyone can share this
24:57.96 and have a really really good discussion
25:0.48 around what's important what's not one
25:3.12 thing I'd like to say as well is that um
25:6.64 party Matrix provide what's called
25:8.24 asynchronous updates and so what I mean
25:11.16 by that is this imagine if you didn't
25:13.52 have any software like party Matrix in
25:16.20 order to understand the priorities
25:18.44 across your team what do you have to do
25:19.64 you have to have meetings and you have
25:21.24 to sit down together at the same time
25:23.84 and then talk about everything and that
25:26.24 is such a waste of time and it's even
25:28.72 harder when you're working with people
25:30.36 who are remote right you're not sitting
25:31.68 in the same office they might be in a
25:33.48 different location but even a different
25:35.24 time zone and now it's extremely
25:37.24 difficult to be on top of everything
25:39.00 instead with something like pry Matrix
25:41.12 anyone can go and update their
25:42.76 priorities at their convenience and then
25:45.32 for you you just go into this Matrix you
25:47.56 look at it like okay I see everyone's
25:49.36 priorities at any point in time and I
25:51.28 have a full history of everything that's
25:52.72 been changed and so that is what I mean
25:54.80 by asynchronous you can do it at your
25:56.96 leisure um and it's so much more
25:59.24 effective because priorities can get
26:1.04 updated overnight you wake up in the
26:2.56 morning you look at your Matrix and you
26:3.88 know exactly what's going on so think
26:6.56 about the members as the people who are
26:8.92 who can go see everything in this
26:10.40 project and can modify this project um
26:12.60 above it you saw this user group this is
26:14.16 a way to set up departments and so forth
26:15.96 so then you know all your sales people
26:17.84 all your marketing people engineering
26:19.36 can actually have user groups associate
26:20.88 with it down here with the quadrants
26:22.92 what's neat is that um we have default
26:25.60 names for the quadrant but you can cust
26:27.64 cize it and so as you can see here I
26:30.08 change the do now um and I add the word
26:32.40 fires to it but let's say as you use PR
26:35.04 Matrix you want instead of using the
26:36.76 delegate you want to call this files or
26:39.56 documents or resources or something like
26:41.52 that right so so you can think how um of
26:44.36 how you can actually get rid of
26:46.52 redundant uh quadrant names in PR Matrix
26:49.40 and use it in a way that reflects how
26:51.32 your organization thinks and then not
26:54.00 only that I can change the color as well
26:56.00 so you know sometimes what happens with
26:58.48 colors it's it's not so obvious but if
27:0.80 you use the right colors within your
27:2.36 organization it's a good way to organize
27:4.40 information and so for example maybe
27:7.04 everything related to accounting is some
27:8.92 color everything related to engineering
27:10.40 is another color or everything related
27:12.88 to a certain customer is one color and
27:15.52 so color just provides this additional
27:17.36 layer of of visuals now the colors don't
27:20.00 change anything in per Matrix aside from
27:21.76 the fact that you know you can easily
27:23.08 glance at it and see what kind of
27:25.04 project it is so every quadrant can be
27:28.20 customized every uh quadrant colors can
27:30.68 be
27:31.68 customized so that's these are some of
27:34.16 the basic things within the the uh
27:36.64 project themselves now let me show you
27:38.44 something that's really neat let's just
27:40.56 say that you create a project and it is
27:44.04 a client on boarding project and what I
27:46.88 mean by a client onboarding project is
27:49.16 whenever you bring on a client you have
27:51.16 to do 15 things for them you know you
27:54.24 have to collect their information you
27:56.04 have to go and um build some sort of
27:57.84 report and so something is due a day
27:59.92 something is due in a week something is
28:1.20 due in a month what's really neat about
28:3.48 that is if you have to create this over
28:6.36 and over again party Matrix lets you
28:8.00 build templates and so let's just say
28:10.84 that you spend some time creating a
28:12.48 project called a client template from
28:15.16 that client template you create the task
28:16.80 and you set the due dates then you go to
28:18.60 the project details click on the cpses
28:20.96 and choose save project as template when
28:24.76 you do that it allows party Matrix
28:26.80 allows you to generate a new project
28:28.60 from that template it captures all the
28:30.68 information that you have the quadrant
28:32.28 names the item names the due dates all
28:34.64 you have to do is set the new due date
28:36.16 and then everything else will get
28:37.32 created for you it is immensely helpful
28:39.68 as a timesaver and what's neat about it
28:42.16 too is that the priorities are all
28:44.12 aligned right and so so when you have a
28:47.36 new client you don't have to worry about
28:48.96 creating all the different things and
28:50.24 worrying about what are the things I
28:51.72 need to work on today and tomorrow and
28:53.04 so forth all the tasks are created for
28:54.56 you um and not only that your coworker
28:56.68 going to have access to of the same
28:57.92 template too making it so much easier
29:0.08 for everyone to share their knowledge
29:2.12 together and so as you can see when you
29:4.16 click on these menus there's a lot more
29:5.80 options I'm not going to go into details
29:7.76 for those but you know as you use protom
29:9.52 Matrix more you can explore that you
29:12.40 don't need most of these when you get
29:15.12 started initially right all you have to
29:17.00 do do is go in here to the member
29:19.68 section invite the appropriate members
29:21.88 to make sure you create a project name
29:23.92 that makes sense and so I recommend that
29:26.12 you have a project that's like my team
29:27.72 priorities I recommend that you have a
29:29.64 project that's my personal priorities
29:31.88 and I also recommend one that's on
29:33.48 initiatives right so for example if you
29:35.20 have a a major initiative or something
29:37.16 that you are working on um a personal
29:39.56 goal even and would go create a project
29:41.96 for that so then you can capture that
29:43.20 task
29:44.76 so that's how a matrix works and that
29:48.60 you saw the item details you saw the
29:50.28 project details let me show you how to
29:51.88 create projects as mentioned I have
29:54.40 something like 300 projects so I'm very
29:56.84 good at Crea creating projects um so to
29:59.08 create a project you go to the project
30:0.72 list and if you click on the project
30:2.12 list I have a couple of options I can
30:3.96 jump to some of my projects I can show
30:6.20 all my projects and I can also choose
30:8.48 create projects so I'll go show all my
30:10.60 projects and so you see when I go to
30:12.72 show all my project this is the list of
30:14.72 project I have in this demo account
30:16.56 there's a couple things that that's
30:17.92 useful here there's a filter section
30:19.84 again you can use filter as a way to
30:22.16 organize the information you have within
30:23.84 your projects if you have one or two
30:25.92 projects this is not the useful
30:27.96 obviously but if you have a 100 guess
30:30.08 what PR Matrix allows you to actually um
30:32.96 group find Project based on user group
30:35.28 like I said engineering Marketing sales
30:37.84 um you can sort projects by tags and so
30:41.44 and and all that um but to add a project
30:43.60 you click on ADD project now when I
30:45.68 click on ad project I get to this view
30:47.84 so now there's a couple of options that
30:49.40 I have the most obvious one is a blank
30:52.24 project so if I want to create a blank
30:53.72 project I click on blank project I just
30:55.40 type in my project name right so my
30:57.48 personal U priorities or my Initiative
31:0.00 for this quarter Etc and then from there
31:2.40 I can just choose what quadrant colors
31:4.44 it is and click add projects very very
31:6.40 straightforward now I'm going to click
31:8.16 back and I'm going to CH show you some
31:9.88 of the other options you have you have
31:12.16 the option to create a project from
31:14.08 public templates these are templates
31:16.08 that we've created that we share with
31:17.52 you for free um that you can just choose
31:20.08 from one of these and then you know for
31:21.76 example if you're a manager you wanted
31:23.64 to create a 30 60 90day plan well very
31:26.48 straightforward you just choose that
31:27.80 option and so it what it does is just
31:29.76 renam the quadrants for you in some
31:32.04 cases we actually generate some pre uh
31:34.08 some task for you
31:35.88 too but that's that's how you can choose
31:38.96 one one of our templates um if you click
31:41.48 on it you get a little bit more details
31:43.32 in fact we have hundreds of templates
31:45.80 that you can choose from on our website
31:48.28 but these are some public templates
31:49.76 that's available and then you can also
31:51.68 choose my template well as I mentioned
31:54.20 earlier once you create a project you
31:56.04 can actually save that project as a
31:57.92 template when you do it shows up right
31:59.80 here so that could be employee on
32:1.88 boarding that could be client onboarding
32:3.68 that could be um an engineering process
32:6.52 of some kind that you're doing over and
32:8.12 over again so anything that's repetitive
32:10.80 it's perfect to create a my template um
32:13.48 a custom template for yourself and your
32:15.80 organization and the last option that
32:17.88 you have is create with AI and this is a
32:20.68 really neat thing that we've done
32:22.12 recently all it does is it takes a goal
32:24.72 that you have and then generate a bunch
32:26.32 of tasks for you so for example you know
32:28.56 if you look look at this we actually
32:29.92 have a couple projects for you here that
32:32.24 you can choose from but literally type
32:34.60 in your goal get a promotion or get a
32:37.36 raise or negotiate something Etc so I'll
32:40.40 let you play with that but if you get a
32:42.12 chance go create a project choose an AI
32:44.60 project type in a goal and see what our
32:46.52 system spits out um we're constantly
32:48.64 improving it and so if you have feedback
32:51.36 share that with us especially you know
32:53.28 actually I had a feedback from a
32:54.36 customer that says uh Hey the the output
32:56.88 is was terrible like I had nothing that
32:58.60 I needed which is perfectly reasonable
33:1.04 and so um in that case what we want to
33:3.12 figure out is huh you know what is it
33:5.16 about the the goals that the customer
33:6.92 has that our system didn't do a good job
33:9.00 of but at the same time we had other
33:10.36 customers who actually got extremely
33:12.08 good ideas and suggestions by our AI on
33:14.52 the things they need to do so um I do
33:17.92 implore you to try it out and then give
33:19.60 us feedback because that's how we can
33:21.48 improve all this together so that's how
33:23.48 you create a project now let's go back
33:26.32 into PR Matrix and I'm going to switch
33:28.36 gear a little bit and I'm going to talk
33:29.68 about email management um in fact a lot
33:32.12 of customers come to py Matrix because
33:33.84 they struggle with email so let me open
33:35.72 my outlook here on the web now if you
33:38.56 have Outlook definitely install the
33:41.16 party Matrix for Outlook extension um
33:43.48 which works on your outlook for web
33:45.76 Outlook for uh desktop for Mac for
33:48.40 Windows for iOS Etc um and when you
33:52.68 install PR Matrix for Outlook what it
33:54.60 does is it gives you um let me see I'll
33:57.88 show you how it looks so when the App
34:0.24 Store to install py matrix by the way
34:1.72 you click on the App Store search for py
34:3.40 Matrix and then by clicking this add
34:5.64 apps and then when you have party Matrix
34:7.08 install it shows up right here and so
34:8.96 you can see I can click on py Matrix and
34:11.24 I can choose prioritize
34:13.00 email now on a daily basis I get a
34:15.68 couple hundred emails per day um so for
34:18.24 me uh I'm I'm not able to answer all of
34:20.92 them obviously but I try my best to
34:23.36 prioritize the ones that I can't get to
34:25.68 right away right sometimes some emails
34:27.48 are easy and you just respond to it and
34:29.44 get it done right that's the getting
34:31.16 things done methodology um but some
34:34.40 emails requires a lot more work and in
34:36.68 fact I might have to delegate to
34:37.88 somebody else and so what happens with
34:39.84 protom Matrix is that it allows me to
34:41.36 turn any email into a task and so when I
34:44.04 click on on that um party Matrix
34:46.96 extension in Outlook and choose
34:48.96 prioritize email this right panel opens
34:51.56 up in Outlook and as you can see what it
34:53.96 allows me to do front and center is
34:55.92 capture the email
34:57.44 all that means is turns this email into
34:59.24 a task and the reason why I turn an
35:2.00 email into a task is then I can set due
35:4.08 dates I can set reminders I can delegate
35:6.52 and so on and so what happens is the
35:8.92 email subject become the name of the
35:11.20 item and then I can go and change it as
35:13.64 needed right because maybe instead of
35:15.28 saying monthly or whatever the subject
35:17.20 is I can actually again type my due
35:19.04 dates in here or I can type some other
35:20.72 information just give me
35:22.44 contacts um in fact you know I was
35:24.80 talking to the customer where um what
35:27.04 happens is they just get a lot of client
35:28.44 emails and so from those client emails
35:30.44 they need to go and prioritize the task
35:32.56 so then they can make sure that they
35:34.24 respond to the customer and guess what
35:36.16 flagging is great if you have five flag
35:38.60 emails but flagging is not so great if
35:40.96 you have a hundred flag emails or
35:42.36 hundreds of flag emails that's
35:43.68 accumulated over time and so that's not
35:46.04 sufficient you're going to drop
35:47.28 important emails so the way it works
35:48.96 with prod Matrix is then instead of
35:51.08 actually just flagging I choose the
35:52.72 project it goes in I choose what
35:54.52 quadrant it goes in okay okay so I'll go
35:57.68 ahead and choose quadrant uh three here
36:0.64 and then in fact I can assign to
36:2.04 somebody as well so what's really neat
36:3.96 about this is instead of just thinking
36:5.76 of an email as something that I have to
36:8.04 respond to maybe I need inputs from
36:10.20 other other team members and instead of
36:12.20 forwarding to them which then creates a
36:14.28 whole mess of more forwarded emails and
36:16.24 everyone's confused within the context
36:18.32 of what's going on instead you assign it
36:20.72 to them in patrix now when they go into
36:22.44 their patrix they'll see it they can
36:24.28 respond to in patrix they can set due
36:26.24 dates and now you have a conversation
36:28.36 around that email so I'm going to go
36:30.48 ahead and choose another person um I can
36:33.08 choose the due dates so now the person
36:34.56 knows when to take a look at this email
36:36.52 or it'll pop up in their reminders and
36:38.56 then I click capture
36:40.20 email and you as you can see the moment
36:42.48 I did that the right hand panel replaces
36:45.44 with my item details everything I see
36:47.84 here should be familiar to you from the
36:49.80 item details that show initially I have
36:51.72 the item name I can star it I see the
36:54.32 owner um I see the due dates because I
36:56.48 said said it and I have a chat section
36:58.68 and guess what I go back into my P
37:0.44 Matrix and it should be there now what's
37:2.28 really neat too what makes p p Matrix
37:4.52 unique is that one it uploads that email
37:7.80 here into P Matrix so what's nice about
37:10.96 this is Eugenia my my co-worker who I
37:13.04 signed this to can open on her email and
37:15.72 so she doesn't have access to my email
37:17.40 because somebody sent me the email but
37:19.16 by up by creating a task which part
37:21.00 Matrix and assign to somebody that
37:22.44 person can now open that as well and
37:24.52 respond to that email if needed um and
37:27.08 not only that pry Matrix is also unique
37:29.00 in letting you do another thing which is
37:31.28 attaching a task to an existing I'm
37:34.28 attaching email to an existing task so
37:36.96 instead of choosing PRI prioritize email
37:38.96 I'm going to open patrix and actually
37:41.92 when I do that you see how my P Matrix
37:44.24 action item shows up here I can search
37:46.40 for the appropriate item and then hover
37:49.04 over that task and attach and that's it
37:51.88 so now I can actually organize all my
37:53.88 emails into one central place so so
37:57.40 useful um especially if you have you
38:0.12 know somebody who's sending you multiple
38:1.68 emails and it's all related to one task
38:4.00 and there's multiple people on your side
38:6.08 who's working on this task by attaching
38:8.24 to an existing task everyone has the
38:10.20 same context and know exactly what it is
38:12.68 that they need to work on so I highly
38:14.60 recommend that now patrix also works
38:16.84 with uh we also have a Gmail extension
38:19.16 it's not as power as powerful as our
38:21.16 Outlook extension but it does help you
38:23.08 capture email per Matrix also has an
38:25.56 inbox address so what's really neat is
38:27.92 that if I go back to my pry Matrix here
38:31.24 you see how that email that I created as
38:33.08 a task shows up here assigned to the
38:35.24 right person and then the email is
38:37.04 associated here and and the due dat is
38:39.20 generated but now what I can also do is
38:41.68 I can go to my inbox and party Matrix
38:44.36 has what's called The Secret inbox
38:45.88 address and so you might have seen this
38:47.60 with a couple of other apps which is you
38:49.96 can copy an email address from P Matrix
38:52.00 save it as a contact and when you get an
38:54.00 email you can forward it into the secret
38:56.64 inbox and they'll show up in your pry
38:58.48 Matrix and then you can organize it
39:0.00 later I use this quite often um on my
39:3.24 phone especially when I'm out or about
39:4.92 and I see an email and I have you know I
39:7.44 see it on Apple Mail for example I can't
39:9.44 go and prioritize that easily I fold it
39:12.32 into my prod Matrix and then the body I
39:14.36 just say do tomorrow and then remind me
39:17.36 daily and now guess what it pops up into
39:19.68 my prod Matrix and I get a reminder and
39:21.56 so I don't drop important emails um for
39:25.12 that reason especially things that are
39:27.32 farther out you know I can't I'm not
39:28.84 going to get to it today I'm going to
39:29.92 get to it in a few weeks or something
39:31.20 like that um so that's what extremely
39:33.12 useful so check out that secret inbox
39:35.24 the way that my Approach here is you
39:37.60 copy the inbox address save it as a
39:39.56 contact on your phone um You can call it
39:42.64 you know inbox part Matrix or something
39:44.48 like that so that's a pretty neat
39:46.52 feature what's nice about that is it
39:48.60 works with everything so if you don't
39:50.92 use Outlook you use Gmail or you use any
39:54.00 email program in fact um you can say
39:56.48 that inbox and now you can generate any
39:58.08 task from um from anywhere and by the
40:0.56 way every project and every quadrant in
40:3.84 part Matrix has an email address so
40:5.96 that's even more powerful because here
40:7.92 I'm sending to my inbox but imagine if
40:10.32 actually I know exactly where it needs
40:11.84 to go right I can actually generate all
40:13.52 those rules in in your email program and
40:16.24 automatically create task when PR
40:18.36 Matrix I'm going to switch here again
40:20.32 and jump to Microsoft teams to show you
40:21.84 some of the capabilities I think is
40:23.12 pretty cool um if you use Microsoft
40:25.04 teams go to the App Store here install
40:27.52 party Matrix um and then afterwards
40:30.04 you'll see party Matrix here on the left
40:31.60 hand side you right click and you choose
40:33.36 pin and as you can see once I print
40:35.68 party Matrix I open it it looks exactly
40:37.76 like the web app and now I have the full
40:39.96 party Matrix SAS application inside
40:42.12 teams I don't even have to switch
40:43.76 context I don't even have to go to part
40:45.32 um I see everything I have
40:47.64 here the only difference is some of the
40:48.92 menu items moved and so it's either
40:51.04 hidden in here or it's up here right so
40:53.92 you still have the quadrant list you
40:55.32 still have the ability to switch to the
40:56.80 home view where you get all your alerts
40:58.84 and so forth so I won't go into the
41:2.20 details here but as you open this you'll
41:3.96 see exactly what you have to do I really
41:6.28 like our integration inside teams
41:8.04 because it works so well and I don't
41:9.88 have to open more applications I already
41:11.68 have enough applications and and tabs
41:13.68 open that I don't need more so I like
41:15.76 that for that reason now the there's a
41:17.64 couple things that we do in my inside
41:19.32 teams that's really unique one when I
41:22.40 have a conversation with somebody let's
41:24.00 say my direct report um I can actually
41:26.44 to the one-on-one so the one-on-one is
41:28.88 pry Matrix view to help me see
41:31.44 everything my direct report is working
41:33.08 on when I open this view look at this
41:35.48 here I see everything that Eugenia is
41:37.40 working on right across all of priority
41:40.72 Matrix every single project everything
41:43.04 that I work with her on shows up here in
41:45.52 this list I don't even have to open PR
41:47.48 Matrix I don't have to go through every
41:48.76 single project I just go to this View
41:50.80 and I see everything I whenever I
41:53.16 struggle to find something um for that I
41:56.56 assigned to somebody this is where I
41:58.24 would go I would go to the 101 view
42:0.08 select the person and then I can
42:2.16 actually just search for that task
42:3.56 directly from here right I can combine
42:5.08 with filters I can find anything I need
42:7.28 but the other neat thing is how quickly
42:9.04 and easy it is for me to create shared
42:10.64 task I can actually click on ADD share
42:12.64 task and when I do and I say hey could
42:14.84 you do XYZ it assigns it to the person
42:18.04 and adds me as a follower again I want
42:20.24 to mention why you want to be a follower
42:21.72 is so then when that task gets updated
42:23.56 you get notified and so if you're a
42:25.44 manager and you're delegating a lot of
42:27.08 tasks this thing is a major timesaver um
42:30.68 and not only that I really like this
42:32.64 place for you to have meetings and so
42:34.64 when you have your one-onone meeting
42:36.08 with your manager or your direct reports
42:38.40 open up prod Matrix go to the oneone
42:40.24 view and then as you're talking about
42:42.00 different things create the task
42:43.32 directly so many times I've heard you
42:45.64 know customers complain about how they
42:47.40 have a meeting they came up with a bunch
42:48.76 of ideas on things to do and then two
42:50.44 weeks later they have a followup and
42:52.12 none of those things were written down
42:54.00 right and so party Matrix skips that for
42:55.88 you by making it so easy to create tasks
42:58.68 directly from here so definitely explore
43:0.76 this feature because I think I think
43:2.28 it's
43:3.00 awesome um and so to get to that
43:5.00 one-on-one view you click on this plus
43:7.08 and then you choose party Matrix and
43:9.32 then choose one-on-one and as you can
43:10.84 see I can do a couple of other things
43:12.64 embedding into party Matrix for
43:14.24 Microsoft teams a couple of other things
43:16.44 that's really useful in party Matrix um
43:19.68 inside teams you can actually send part
43:21.32 Matrix task too so if you click on this
43:23.76 ellipses down here choose part Matrix
43:25.28 and you can send a task to anybody and
43:27.28 then not only that if somebody if I'm
43:29.28 talking to somebody in inside teams I
43:31.56 can actually just hover over that
43:32.92 conversation click on the ellipses and
43:35.04 create a party Matrix task directly from
43:37.08 any teams conversation and so you can
43:39.52 imagine how this is a timesaver because
43:42.76 what we've just eliminated is that
43:44.32 context switching problem that I
43:45.68 mentioned earlier how you have to go to
43:47.60 another application find a project
43:49.80 create a task assign to somebody party
43:51.72 matric skips all of those and allow you
43:53.36 to work from wherever it is that you are
43:55.32 at this moment in time so we have
43:58.04 additional Integrations I'm not showing
43:59.88 here um for example the chatbot will
44:2.40 give you notifications on when things
44:3.80 are do and so forth and then I want to
44:5.84 show you something that's really really
44:7.40 neat so um a few days ago or last week
44:11.16 the Microsoft CEO um presented about
44:13.92 co-pilot for Microsoft teams and um on
44:17.28 if you saw but we're one of the logos
44:19.40 there and so we're super excited about
44:20.88 that but if you go to co-pilot party
44:23.20 Matrix is one of the very few software
44:25.28 that works with coil and we're one of
44:26.80 the very few that Microsoft 365 security
44:28.84 certified so if you're at a big
44:30.76 organization or you know just an
44:32.80 organization in general that's looking
44:34.20 for ways to become more effective at
44:36.48 everything while pry Matrix works with
44:38.36 co-pilot so this is our our AI
44:40.88 integrated directly into the Microsoft
44:42.80 teams AI allowing you to do so some cool
44:45.52 things so I'm not going to walk into
44:47.40 talk about the details there but if
44:49.00 you're uh looking at a potential
44:50.52 Enterprise solution and really
44:51.68 interested in this ask your it to reach
44:53.76 out to us and we'd be happy to show you
44:55.32 what it's capable of of but you can just
44:57.12 think about how all the time savings it
44:58.96 would create so we're super excited
45:0.20 about that
45:1.32 capability now with that I'm going to go
45:3.60 ahead and wrap it up and jump back to my
45:5.36 presentation and then from there after
45:7.48 that I'll take a look to see if there's
45:8.84 any questions that you have so if you
45:10.36 have any questions go ahead and send it
45:12.12 in the chat right now in the webinar um
45:14.72 and then uh I'd be happy to take a look
45:16.40 at it so I'm going to jump back to my
45:17.68 presentation real
45:20.40 quick so to wrap things up it's up to
45:23.32 you U to use party Matrix and to get
45:26.48 started and and I recommend getting
45:28.16 started right away um there's almost no
45:30.16 reason not to I mean if if anything what
45:32.72 party Matrix does is just a place for
45:34.60 you to jot down the things that you care
45:36.72 about right what are your goals what are
45:39.04 the priorities that the tasks that you
45:40.68 have and then start organize it into the
45:43.20 the quadrants um if you do use teams and
45:45.44 Outlook definitely install our
45:46.60 applications they're not required to use
45:48.68 pry Matrix you can use our web app and
45:50.56 IOS app desktop app and all that um and
45:53.36 then I recommend creating at least three
45:55.36 projects your your personal priorities
45:56.88 your share team priorities and your key
45:58.48 initiative and then invite the
46:0.08 appropriate team members and Pitch to
46:1.80 them on why it's important to focus on
46:3.28 high impact task I'm I emphasize that is
46:6.12 because what happens is um PR Matrix
46:10.24 help you as an individual understand
46:12.04 your priorities but think about how
46:13.72 valuable it is when you're able to show
46:16.28 your priority list to other people and
46:18.36 then vice versa imagine walking around
46:20.80 the office and understanding exactly
46:22.80 what everyone's priorities is uh
46:24.92 priorities are that's that's the magic
46:26.96 of pry Matrix right um so you can be
46:29.12 aligned and and have one central place
46:32.52 to understand what needs to be done and
46:34.72 then whenever you find that disagreement
46:36.52 that's the magic focus on that and then
46:39.52 create items with due dates and
46:41.20 reminders as I mentioned um and don't
46:43.20 drop them make sure you mark them as
46:44.68 done if the reminders show up mark them
46:46.72 as done if you pass the due dates change
46:48.68 the due dates Etc and then I say
46:50.60 ruthlessly prioritize
46:52.64 because if you don't do the
46:54.44 prioritization somebody else as well
46:56.24 right so if you can do it you're in
46:58.88 charge and so that's what I want to
47:0.32 emphasize as a key
47:2.96 takeaway um so some advice uh I
47:6.48 recommend using pry an to track high
47:8.24 impact task if you're getting
47:9.76 overwhelmed with the number of small
47:11.28 things that you have to do don't write
47:12.76 them all down just forget about them
47:14.24 right if imagine how many things you can
47:16.12 drop if you actually just ignore them
47:18.24 that's uh may may not be good good or
47:20.84 bad advice but if you use prod Matrix to
47:23.24 track the high impact task that will
47:25.40 give you the highest value and then
47:28.36 think of party Matrix as a communication
47:30.16 tool communication tool that helps
47:33.00 everyone be align and it is so crucial
47:35.76 to create that alignment within your
47:37.16 team um party Matrix works well for
47:39.88 individuals but works great for teams
47:41.76 and organization and then use part
47:43.64 Matrix to to help you meet your goals
47:45.72 because if we can help you be successful
47:47.72 at whatever it is that you do everything
47:49.48 else would just fall in
47:50.84 place so what success with p m should
47:53.60 look like you have one central place to
47:55.16 track all your priorities everyone on
47:57.16 the team understands and our lineer key
47:59.12 task repetitive procedures are
48:1.08 templatized to save time and effort um
48:3.88 and then uh important emails are
48:5.72 prioritized and triage to the proper
48:7.48 team members and never get forgotten so
48:9.80 one thing I really like I've seen
48:11.68 customer do this and it's so so powerful
48:14.36 is Project prod Matrix on the big screen
48:16.84 if you have meetings where you're all
48:18.16 sitting together and you're plugging
48:19.40 your laptop into your projector and you
48:21.28 can show py Matrix on the big screen
48:23.44 everyone will look at it and like okay
48:24.72 you know what I'm on the same page as
48:26.12 you or no I'm not on the same page as
48:27.60 you it is so helpful and with that I
48:29.96 conclude my presentation here so I'm
48:31.68 going to take a look to see if there are
48:32.76 any
48:37.00 questions um okay so I see a question
48:39.88 what happens how do I sign in if I
48:42.36 invited um do I make my own password so
48:45.36 all you have to do is if you're invited
48:47.40 simply go to Party Matrix uh so for
48:50.72 example you go to click
48:52.88 sign in and then uh sign sign in with
48:56.24 your uh SSO so if you have Microsoft
48:58.92 teams or Microsoft sign in with your
49:1.00 Microsoft account if you have Google
49:2.32 sign in with your Google account if you
49:3.96 don't have either that's when you would
49:6.24 uh create a password and so you can
49:7.92 choose to reset your password and the pr
49:10.08 Matrix will send you a new an email for
49:12.20 you to reset your password but we highly
49:14.16 recommend using our single sign on which
49:16.64 is the Microsoft um Azure active
49:18.52 directory or Google uh for Enterprise
49:20.92 customers we have other options but
49:22.52 those are the two that that works out of
49:24.16 the box uh and then otherwise you can
49:26.40 generate your own password so again I
49:29.08 recommend SSO just because it's so much
49:30.72 easier to deal with how do I get the
49:33.40 create project with AI options so let me
49:35.64 show you how to get to that again so
49:37.44 when you're inside let me show you
49:38.96 inside Microsoft teams here inside
49:40.96 Microsoft teams I open Party Matrix I go
49:43.16 to the my project list I choose create
49:45.96 project and then from here there's an
49:48.76 option create with AI so you should be
49:51.56 able to see this when you're creating a
49:53.32 project on on the desktop um inside
49:56.84 inside the web app or inside the teams
49:58.36 app and then from here that's where you
50:0.12 type your goals and then press next to
50:2.00 actually generate the AI project now
50:4.08 when after you press next it'll take a
50:5.68 few minutes for the project to get
50:7.04 generated and then go ahead you know
50:9.12 after you press it you can proceed with
50:10.96 doing your work in PR Matrix when the
50:13.08 project is created and it's done PR
50:15.16 Matrix will send a popup that says your
50:17.28 project been generated click here to
50:18.92 view it that's how you see it um I see
50:21.88 that you're saying that you don't see
50:22.96 that option uh go ahead and send us an
50:24.96 email with a screenshot uh so just to
50:28.08 make sure that you have the right
50:29.00 permission and so forth so send an email
50:30.56 to support uh with a
50:33.68 screenshot um of of your application so
50:36.76 we can see why you don't see that option
50:38.76 but this should be standard for
50:40.68 everybody this create with AI option um
50:43.52 again make sure that if you don't see it
50:44.84 on your desktop go to the web app which
50:47.72 is so I'll show you how to
50:50.32 do that so you go to and then you
50:52.88 click on web app you get to this page
50:54.96 and from here here you can try to create
50:56.72 your
50:58.60 project
51:1.92 um so uh good question around concerning
51:5.28 capabilities of participants to alter
51:7.32 project is there safeguards to prevent
51:9.48 accidental changes so with party Matrix
51:12.20 there's a couple of options now when you
51:14.64 have a project and then you invite
51:17.12 someone to as a member to that project
51:19.84 everyone has full access and can edit it
51:22.64 so there is no option to go and say that
51:26.08 you know this person can only edit this
51:27.64 quadrant or this task that's how it
51:29.60 works with permissions there's a couple
51:31.56 things one predy Matrix gives you that
51:33.52 full visibility of all the changes but
51:35.40 two every task has um Version Control as
51:39.36 well so if you made the wrong changes
51:41.12 and someone inadvertently did something
51:42.84 where it wasn't correct you can actually
51:44.88 do Version Control and actually flip
51:46.84 back to a previous version of every
51:48.36 single task and then not only that if
51:50.32 you go to the feed section here there's
51:53.16 there another view but this shows all
51:55.20 the the changes made by by people in
51:58.48 this project and so if someone made a
52:0.40 change and you you're curious to see
52:1.92 what the change was um this is just
52:3.88 provides you a full history on the
52:6.48 project level but again you saw how
52:8.52 every single task has a view as well now
52:11.48 the second thing you can do is actually
52:13.56 uh share party Matrix and read only if
52:16.04 you want them to only be able to see the
52:18.68 task without being able to edit it so if
52:20.68 you go to this option here um actually
52:23.40 if I go to my project detail I click on
52:25.84 this edit project my project details I
52:28.12 click on this ellipses and I can get a
52:30.96 share project in read only mode so this
52:33.64 allows me to share a project with
52:35.12 somebody in read only mode then they
52:36.60 can't edit it they can only look at the
52:38.20 the item details now inside Microsoft
52:40.64 teams you can do that as well so if you
52:43.16 go to a channel for example um imagine
52:45.80 you go to a channel you can actually
52:47.56 click on plus and then you can choose
52:49.76 party Matrix and then you can choose a
52:52.60 full project View and when you share a
52:54.92 party Matrix project here you have the
52:57.36 option to share that project in read
52:59.48 only mode so now someone who's in your
53:2.04 team's organization can actually open up
53:4.44 the promatrix tab inside your channel
53:7.20 and see a project but only in read only
53:9.80 mode an example of this might be let's
53:12.00 say you have a project again let's say
53:14.20 under your marketing team or something
53:16.32 like that or announcements for your
53:17.92 organization or um quarterly goals right
53:20.80 and you don't want anyone else a to edit
53:22.36 it you go and you add that quarterly
53:24.64 goals
53:26.12 as a project inside a teams Channel now
53:28.52 everyone can open that and see the
53:30.88 project but they can't edit it um and so
53:33.08 that's how permissions
53:34.84 works so the next option the next
53:37.56 question is um what email address do we
53:40.56 email when creating a Tas through
53:41.92 Outlook that's a fantastic question so
53:43.56 remember in Outlook you have the option
53:46.04 to install party Matrix addin so if you
53:48.88 have that option and you can install the
53:50.40 addin that's that's probably your best
53:52.64 option but if you want the email address
53:55.24 what here's how you get it let's just
53:57.00 say inside Microsoft teams I'll show you
53:58.92 that here you go to um you go to your
54:4.12 inbox and then you see this option
54:7.12 option here I click on inbox and this is
54:9.80 where I get my secret inbox address so
54:12.16 this is my inbox address that I can copy
54:14.80 as an email address if I click on this
54:16.92 it'll give me the option to copy that
54:18.44 email address and that's the email that
54:20.16 you would send to uh and so from there
54:23.00 whenever you send an email to that
54:24.20 address it'll create a task here inside
54:25.88 pry Matrix it takes maybe a minute or so
54:27.72 but it'll show up here now if you want
54:30.08 the email address for every single
54:31.64 project you see how I can select a
54:33.68 project and I go to a project details
54:36.32 then I click on this uh ellipses and I
54:39.96 choose uh get secret email address so
54:43.84 every project in PR Matrix has a secret
54:45.80 email address in fact you could even
54:47.88 assign a task to somebody as well all
54:50.92 from an email address so it's really
54:52.44 really powerful way to actually assign
54:54.08 task
54:55.84 uh next question is can you remove any
54:57.68 participants yes correct so as a project
55:0.76 admin um you have the ability let's if
55:3.24 you if you create the project you can
55:4.84 actually be uh you can invite people but
55:7.32 then you can also right click on here
55:9.68 and then you can um you can actually
55:12.16 remove people as well so you can edit
55:14.24 project and then you can remove people
55:16.08 from this project and so as you can see
55:18.20 you're the admin here so as an admin
55:20.44 you're able to have the permissions to
55:22.24 do that so yes you're able to add people
55:24.56 to project and you're able to remove
55:26.16 them and when you remove them from a
55:27.40 project it removes them access to the
55:30.32 whole project um couple things you can
55:32.68 actually assign tasks to somebody who's
55:34.64 not in a matrix as well so that's a
55:36.88 that's a use case that's sometimes very
55:38.52 helpful because let's just say you have
55:40.08 a project you don't want everyone you
55:41.92 you don't want someone to see all the
55:43.28 task so you can actually assign to
55:45.00 somebody who's not in the project as you
55:46.68 can see for example this person I
55:48.36 selected here is not in my project but
55:50.84 they can still get the task what happens
55:53.00 is if they don't have access to the
55:54.56 project it will show up in their inbox
55:56.80 and so you can think of inbox as the
55:58.84 catchall for tasks that do not belong in
56:1.56 a project yet and so that's why you have
56:3.56 the email address when you send an email
56:6.04 to party Matrix it starts in that inbox
56:8.28 and then from there you can move it to
56:9.64 the appropriate um projects so I'll show
56:12.24 you how that works for example if I go
56:13.80 to home I'm sorry if I go to inbox here
56:16.44 I select a
56:17.96 project a second task then I hover over
56:21.52 this project right here and just choose
56:23.56 to move to another project and so that's
56:25.68 how I can just reorganize information as
56:27.76 needed sometimes when I for me
56:30.00 personally when I forward an email into
56:31.76 pry Matrix sometimes I don't need it in
56:34.00 any particular project that's a for per
56:36.64 Matrix so I have a place to capture so
56:38.80 then I remember to address it and so um
56:41.92 my inbox does get pretty big but that's
56:44.56 that's totally okay because you know I
56:45.92 have due dates on them so I can see and
56:47.52 I can clean that up once in a while um
56:49.68 the one thing I didn't mention was the
56:51.36 home View and so if you click on the
56:52.96 home view this is where all your alerts
56:55.32 show up by the way so all those due
56:57.12 dates and alerts and that we talked
56:58.84 about like reminders it shows up here as
57:1.24 your alert and so this is your attention
57:3.32 needed right so if there's a number here
57:5.20 it means that there's task that requires
57:6.60 your attention so you can go through it
57:8.68 you can click through it and and get
57:10.32 down to everything that requires your
57:12.24 attention you can also clear the
57:14.16 notifications as well from up here but
57:17.52 in P Matrix there's other views as you
57:19.68 can see you know once you're in the home
57:21.04 view you have your agenda view which
57:23.00 shows you the task that you have for the
57:24.88 this week for today
57:26.60 Etc fantastic so um if there's any
57:30.88 additional questions please don't
57:32.96 hesitate to reach out to me hi at
57:34.52 um I'd be happy to answer
57:37.08 you or support at if you
57:39.20 have you know more generic questions and
57:41.00 so forth I hope that this webinar was
57:44.04 helpful um I hope that you know you walk
57:46.12 away with um some understanding of how
57:48.60 to use pry Matrix to prioritize your
57:50.40 task and emails and so forth and um you
57:53.28 know that's that's all there is to it
57:56.00 thank you very much for your
57:57.84 time thank
58:8.48 you