Introduction to Priority Matrix: How to prioritize tasks and emails

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Video transcription (57:26.80) Stop scroll

1.20s all
2.04s right good morning everyone thank you so
4.68s much for being here today uh my name is
6.64s hwin I'm co-founder of affluence the
8.56s company behind promatrix I want to let
11.08s you know that this webinar is recorded
13.76s and so we'll be sharing the posting
15.12s afterwards and then in the chat section
17.72s um I'd welcome any questions you know
19.36s this is your chance to ask me any
20.72s questions you have around using
22.24s promatrix best practices Etc I'll try my
25.12s best to cover the basics of of P Matrix
27.16s but I know that you know everyone's use
29.16s cases are unique so feel free to
31.52s leverage the chat and uh whenever
34.20s appropriate I'll answer those questions
37.08s with that we'll get
41.92s started
43.60s right our goals for today one help you
46.56s understand the basics of pry Matrix two
48.80s provide you a framework to get the most
50.52s out of pry Matrix with the least work
52.56s and then help you envision what your
54.24s work and life success uh would look like
56.64s with patrix um hopefully you're here
58.84s today because you're looking at a way to
1:0.92 become more effective and more
1:2.28 productive at prioritizing your tasks um
1:5.24 your email and so um hopefully that I
1:7.96 will do my best to address those
1:10.08 questions and then when you walk away
1:12.24 from the webinar I want you to be
1:14.36 excited about the potential petric and
1:17.00 how it can affect your day-to-day um
1:19.40 workload
1:21.00 management one of the things I always
1:23.32 want to emphasize is the challenges that
1:26.12 customers face and so I've talked to
1:29.48 thousands of customers literally over
1:31.12 the years um I've seen every uh use case
1:35.28 in almost across every vertical and one
1:38.32 of the things that seems to be recurring
1:40.12 are the following three challenges first
1:43.00 team members have trouble understanding
1:44.72 what's priority right now now we all
1:47.00 understand that at a at the end of the
1:48.36 day it's a personal thing right task
1:50.16 management priority management it starts
1:52.28 with you as an individual the challenges
1:55.00 that you face but at least when it's in
1:57.52 your mind you know what it is it's
1:59.40 really hard hard to understand what your
2:0.76 teammates are working on what they
2:3.24 consider priorities and so that's a
2:4.76 challenge that a lot of people struggle
2:6.36 with and then secondly um over the last
2:9.24 couple of years one of the things I've
2:10.96 seen is that all of us are taking on
2:13.48 more responsibilities than ever before
2:15.84 you know we don't really have
2:17.32 specialization as much as we used to and
2:19.72 so it's really difficult to keep track
2:21.40 on the status across all those eras
2:24.24 responsibility so many projects that's
2:25.96 happening at any point in
2:27.60 time and then um for better or worse
2:31.36 over the last couple of years more and
2:33.00 more tools have surfaced up in terms of
2:35.92 chat and communication and so forth but
2:38.12 one of the things that I've discovered
2:39.48 is that it's causing challenges around
2:41.56 too much Contex switching now not only
2:43.84 do you have meetings and emails now you
2:45.64 have you know Microsoft teams or slack
2:48.36 or all these other project and task
2:50.44 management software and so um everyone's
2:52.76 struggling with actually piecing putting
2:55.28 all this together across all these um
2:57.88 these software and so you're switching
2:59.16 context
3:1.96 constantly so Prometric is designed to
3:4.72 tackle these challenges and more um what
3:8.08 it is it's a comprehensive email
3:10.36 priority and project management software
3:12.32 to help teams focus on um prioritizing
3:15.76 emails conduct more efficient meetings
3:17.40 and get real-time status update on
3:19.04 critical projects and priorities now we
3:20.88 use the word priorities a lot uh in you
3:23.88 know I obviously say it a thousand times
3:25.60 in a webinar like this and the reason we
3:27.88 talk about priorities is because it's
3:29.92 not just about tasks priorities is about
3:32.24 understanding what it is that you need
3:33.72 to work on within the bigger context
3:36.36 right there's many many things that you
3:38.52 have to do at uh any point in time but
3:41.96 what is the one thing that um would make
3:45.12 the biggest impact and so we talk about
3:46.96 priorities constantly for that reason
3:49.32 and hopefully when you walk away from
3:51.40 this webinar you'll understand how party
3:53.00 Matrix helps you understand what single
3:56.56 task or what um or the you know 25% of
3:59.84 task that you should be working on at
4:1.56 this very
4:3.00 moment so how does p Matrix tackle those
4:5.72 three problems that I mentioned first we
4:7.64 use something called the four quadrant
4:9.04 methodology to promote effective
4:11.16 prioritization I'll go into details um
4:13.92 in just a little bit on what the four
4:15.08 quadrant methodology is and then
4:17.00 secondly party Matrix provide views such
4:18.80 as the one-on-one agenda timeline to
4:21.20 help you understand what needs to be
4:22.52 done within the right
4:24.32 context and then finally P Matrix
4:26.64 provide deep Integrations into software
4:28.68 you already use such as Microsoft teams
4:30.24 and outlook for Effective emails and
4:32.84 task
4:35.20 prioritization so what makes patrix
4:37.28 difference um first it's the only
4:39.56 project email and meeting management
4:41.12 software that's Microsoft 365 security
4:43.44 certified for the web app teams app and
4:46.08 Outlook app so if you're looking at
4:49.24 party Matrix for your organizations or
4:51.04 for your team or whatever it is um one
4:53.64 thing that you can walk away
4:54.96 understanding is that pry Matrix is
4:56.52 vetted by
4:57.92 Microsoft um constant ly as a solution
5:1.24 that works extremely well um for these
5:4.16 um for the purposes that we talk about
5:5.92 today and then secondly prod Matrix is
5:8.16 actually deeply integrated into the
5:10.32 Microsoft ecosystem and in fact um
5:12.44 there's so many exciting things that
5:13.64 we're working on on the AI side as well
5:16.00 as Integrations with the Microsoft
5:17.60 intelligence system that allows you to
5:19.40 be more productive not just today but
5:21.48 also in the future and then one of the
5:23.68 things that um really that I like about
5:26.88 PR Matrix is this people Centric aspect
5:29.76 of it um one of the things that I I like
5:32.40 to emphasize is that when you work on
5:34.20 something you know you usually work on
5:35.76 it for somebody right you're not doing
5:37.36 it in some Silo environment it's either
5:39.48 a task that you do for yourself or for
5:40.96 your manager or for your colleague or
5:42.72 your family members Etc and so patrix
5:45.36 can actually take all these things that
5:47.44 you're working on and try to give you
5:48.84 some sense on who it is that you're
5:50.28 working for and then finally party
5:52.08 Matrix is available as a sass solution a
5:54.80 hipu compliance solution for healthcare
5:56.56 and life sciences and an Azure
5:58.60 government Cloud solution so um PR
6:0.96 Matrix has thousands of paying customers
6:3.32 across the globe and we serve almost
6:6.60 every single vertical every single
6:8.12 industry and we have customers ranging
6:10.16 from
6:11.68 um Pharmaceuticals to state governments
6:14.88 to educational institutions Etc so we
6:17.68 have we have seen pretty much everything
6:19.08 so if you have any questions around some
6:20.92 of our Enterprise offering please feel
6:22.52 free to reach out to us either supported
6:24.60 or highed
6:26.16 and I'd be happy to go into more details
6:27.84 there and so with that
6:30.12 I want to talk about the fundamentals
6:31.64 behind promatrix so this a quote um
6:34.24 attributed to former president eisenh
6:35.88 Hower what is important is seldom urgent
6:38.12 and what is urgent is seldom important
6:39.88 and the reason I always bring this quote
6:42.44 up is because it talks it encompasses
6:45.36 the U the philosophy behind patrix so
6:47.56 well which is every single day you me
6:51.04 every single person that you interact
6:52.64 with are bombarded by task and new work
6:56.12 and so forth and a lot of time it's
6:58.84 urgent as in hey could you do this could
7:1.12 you do that Etc but it's not really
7:3.28 important as in if I get this done does
7:5.80 it move my goal goals forward do I
7:8.84 achieve what I need to achieve in order
7:10.60 to hit my objective for the quarters or
7:13.28 my personal goals Etc and those are
7:16.36 actually on completely different
7:17.80 dimensions so instead of having a single
7:20.52 task list the challenge for you then is
7:23.04 figure out where does it fit within the
7:25.52 two dimensions of importance and urgency
7:28.32 so if I ask you right now take out a
7:31.00 piece of paper and start writing down
7:32.56 the 50 things you have to do and I say
7:34.64 50 because it's ridiculously hard
7:36.64 because you know all of us have so many
7:38.12 things that's on our plate but now if
7:40.28 you look at that long list where do you
7:42.08 start right when you start in the
7:43.80 morning you start at the top you start
7:45.72 at the bottom you start somewhere in the
7:46.84 middle and so instead um what pry Matrix
7:50.88 does is it forces you to take this list
7:53.72 of action items and split it into these
7:56.52 buckets called the do now the plan the
7:58.52 delegate and the the inbox the inbox is
8:1.04 where everything starts this is where
8:2.68 okay I have this 50 items in this list
8:5.08 now let's take this and parse it and say
8:7.48 what are the things I have to work on
8:8.84 now because it's important and Urgent
8:10.92 what are the things I should plan for
8:12.36 because it's important but not yet
8:13.96 urgent and then what are the things I
8:15.56 can delegate to others and the do now is
8:19.60 essentially firefighting so if you have
8:21.64 a lot of tasks in the do now quadrant it
8:23.32 means you're constantly fighting fires
8:25.12 that's not a good thing in fact if you
8:27.08 use prod Matrix more and more hopefully
8:29.64 your due now starts collapsing and you
8:32.04 have fewer and fewer things there and
8:33.80 instead where you're should you should
8:35.36 really spending your time is on the
8:36.76 planned the planning side um and then
8:39.08 the delegate are the things that maybe
8:41.76 someone else can do a better job for um
8:43.72 it could be your direct report but at
8:45.16 the same time it could be um a third
8:47.48 party or something like that where they
8:49.48 can actually do some of these more
8:51.36 mundane action items that's not relevant
8:53.36 to your goal I mean a very rudimentary
8:56.04 example of that is restaurants right why
8:57.64 do restaurants exist it's because we
8:59.24 want to delegate the cooking and the
9:0.56 cleaning to somebody else is not because
9:2.52 you can't do it but that's because it's
9:4.48 just better someone else does a better
9:6.84 job at that now you can extrapolate that
9:9.20 same analogy to the work that you have
9:11.44 to do and that why that's why you have
9:14.40 um so many software systems out there
9:16.92 that does specific tasks because that's
9:18.64 what maybe some of these things you can
9:19.80 delegate to so look at everything you
9:22.44 have to do from this perspective what
9:24.12 are the things you should be spending
9:25.48 your time on which is again the the
9:27.28 quadrants one and two the do now and the
9:29.20 plan for and then what what are the
9:31.00 other things that you can drop so do
9:33.44 this exercise when you get a chance
9:35.20 again taking all the tasks that you have
9:36.72 prioritize them into these these buckets
9:38.88 and then here's the the next part take
9:41.64 this quadrant all these tasks you have
9:43.72 these quadrants and walk around the
9:45.08 office and start comparing notes and
9:47.44 this is where the magic happens with
9:49.60 with um PR Matrix what happens is that
9:53.68 in your mind you have your priorities
9:57.20 but guess what your teammates your Co
9:59.12 co-workers your managers your direct
10:0.56 reports your Executives may also have
10:3.40 their own list of priorities and the
10:5.32 question is does it match is there
10:8.08 alignments and if there's always
10:10.72 alignment and you walked around the
10:12.08 office and everyone agrees on every
10:13.84 priorities then you're the Unicorn out
10:16.24 there and very very few have achieved
10:18.76 that so what's really interesting is
10:21.92 that success from using prot Matrix is
10:24.92 exactly around identifying the
10:28.04 disagreement and it is not obvious at
10:30.44 all because you know um when people use
10:32.96 a task management software or priority
10:35.04 management software they think they're
10:36.28 just tracking the tasks that they have
10:37.60 to do which is perfectly fine but that's
10:40.28 not valuable because you can use any
10:42.36 software for that so the way party
10:44.76 Matrix helps in a way it different
10:47.44 differentiates from everything else is
10:49.32 that it shows you and your co-workers
10:52.28 immediately what the discrepancies are
10:54.76 because when your manager looks at your
10:56.32 four quadrants and they look at the do
10:57.96 now and the plan for and they're like
10:59.72 wait a minute you know shouldn't this be
11:1.48 here and shouldn't that be there Etc
11:4.04 then suddenly you can actually have
11:5.40 meaningful discussions around it so one
11:7.68 of the one of the things I've seen
11:10.28 really successful customers do is that
11:12.64 when they have meetings they project
11:14.64 party Matrix onto the big screen why
11:17.48 it's because then everyone can look at
11:19.24 it and everyone can see what the
11:20.56 priorities are and it is so clear what
11:23.76 you should be focusing your time on what
11:25.52 you should be focusing your effort on
11:27.44 and then instead of actually going down
11:30.04 the list and talking about things that
11:31.36 don't matter talk about the things that
11:33.32 matter and then um focus on the
11:36.88 discrepancy so this is not obvious by
11:39.88 the way and so I hope that when you walk
11:42.08 away from from this webinar and when
11:44.24 you're using PR Matrix you're really
11:45.84 leveraging it for this particular
11:47.56 purpose which is using per Matrix as
11:49.76 that communication tool if you put
11:52.36 nothing in party Matrix except for only
11:54.48 the most critical priorities and then
11:56.48 using it as a way to have more effective
11:59.48 meetings then you know I I'd be happy to
12:2.36 to see that because that means you're
12:3.40 going to get a lot of value out of it so
12:5.40 the four quadrant Eisenhower Matrix
12:7.28 create alignment because it forces you
12:9.20 to prioritize from the beginning you
12:10.92 don't get to you don't get to walk away
12:13.12 with that list right you have to put
12:14.80 into these
12:17.28 buckets as mentioned this webinar is
12:19.76 recorded and we do have previous
12:21.32 recorded webinars at webinars
12:24.08 that's our contact information as well
12:26.20 um and so with this I'm going to go and
12:27.84 jump into the product presentation to
12:29.84 show you how to actually put this into
12:31.92 practice as I mentioned if you have
12:34.12 questions during the webinar please send
12:35.80 it in the chat and then I'll open it and
12:37.96 I'll take a look at it and I'll try my
12:39.36 best to answer
12:41.88 it okay let's jump into the application
12:44.40 itself so here I have the party Matrix
12:47.68 application open um if you look at this
12:50.96 screen the thing that should look front
12:53.04 and center to you is the four quadrants
12:55.36 you can see how I have a project called
12:57.40 my team priorities and then then I have
12:59.16 four quadrants now the terminology I
13:0.96 have here in the quadrants this is the
13:2.76 do now this is the the things I should
13:5.12 plan for this is the one I delegate and
13:7.48 this is the inbox but immediately you
13:9.88 can see that I can actually change the
13:11.52 name of these quadrants but that's not
13:13.12 that's not the important part the
13:14.40 important part is that everything I have
13:16.08 to do fits within the framework of this
13:18.92 2x two matrix by the way just on the
13:21.68 side um we've had customers ask why
13:23.92 can't you do like 3x4 Matrix and so
13:26.92 forth and M byn Matrix that's not the
13:30.24 point the point is if you have so much
13:32.48 granularity it becomes meaningless right
13:35.40 because now then um you know you start
13:38.16 questioning wait a minute where should I
13:40.92 where should I put something you know
13:43.04 quadrant two I mean two to the right
13:45.76 three to the top Etc then it's too much
13:48.16 thinking too much planning um so there's
13:50.80 a compromise somewhere in between and
13:52.24 the 2 by two Matrix is the perfect
13:54.40 compromise when you look at it from the
13:56.60 the large perspective so keep that in
13:58.24 mind
13:59.80 so here again I have a list of projects
14:2.32 um on my leftand side I have the
14:3.96 quadrant in the middle and then on the
14:5.56 right hand side is called item the item
14:7.60 and the project details when you create
14:9.48 a task in part Matrix it is very very
14:11.28 straightforward you see how I can
14:13.16 actually hover over each quadrant and
14:15.28 then these options called add items
14:17.04 popped up right so when I click on that
14:18.60 it allows me to create a task really
14:19.88 quickly so for example let's just say if
14:22.48 I want to go and follow up with webinar
14:27.68 participants so that's an example of a
14:29.96 task that maybe I want to create and
14:31.40 assign to myself so when I create this
14:33.44 task one of the things I can do is
14:34.60 actually can set the due date for me
14:35.88 automatically I can go and say do
14:38.36 tomorrow
14:39.80 2m. so what promatrix does is promatrix
14:43.12 takes the action item that you create
14:45.52 and then if there's a due date on it
14:47.16 it'll interpret that using natural
14:48.84 language so as you can see when my task
14:51.52 is created on the right hand side the
14:53.16 item details open my task goes the task
14:56.12 name is here and then the due date is
14:58.12 set for me for tomorrow at 2 p.m. I
15:0.76 didn't have to go and click on you know
15:2.80 the calendar and all that when I create
15:5.08 the task um I always always set the due
15:8.64 date here directly and it's just so much
15:11.04 easier because it allows me to sort of
15:13.48 set it and forget it now party Matrix
15:15.04 will remind me to work on this task and
15:18.40 it's very very straightforward um and so
15:20.52 let's go down the list on the item
15:21.96 details here it tells me what project
15:24.00 I'm in it tells me the item name I can
15:26.08 click on this and change the item name
15:27.44 if needed I can star it so the way
15:30.56 starring work is the following when you
15:32.00 star a task it pops to the top of the
15:34.24 quadrant so you can see how I can have a
15:36.72 star task in quadrant one I can have a
15:38.32 star task in quadrant two 3 four Etc um
15:41.32 the when you have star tasks we actually
15:43.60 have special reports on that as well but
15:46.24 I for anything that's important I like
15:48.28 to Star them now one thing to keep in
15:49.88 mind if you star everything and if you
15:52.32 put everything in quadrant one then if
15:54.56 everything is important and Urgent then
15:56.04 nothing is important and Urgent so
15:57.64 starring everything is one way to ensure
16:0.24 that you have zero visibility on what's
16:1.96 important my personal rule of thumb is
16:4.76 never more than 25% of task in quadrant
16:7.48 one and never more than 25% of task in
16:10.00 quadrant two and never more than 25% of
16:12.72 your tasks is starred it's just my my
16:15.80 own personal rule of thumb I actually
16:17.44 don't have that many starred um items so
16:19.88 I reserve that for the most important
16:21.44 things and then on as you scroll down
16:23.60 this list there's a a place for you to
16:25.36 add icons you can see if I click on
16:27.48 icons I can choose ANC
16:29.04 it's intended to be visual q and so it
16:31.24 just adds another dimension to the task
16:32.96 to make it easier for you to see imagine
16:35.28 if it's travel related or um you know in
16:38.08 a phone call or meeting
16:39.96 Etc and then down here it has the owner
16:42.80 the owner is the person responsible for
16:44.76 the task and if you look at the owner
16:46.72 there's an avatar of the owner for every
16:48.92 single task now every task will have one
16:52.64 owner and you can have multiple
16:54.96 followers there can only be one owner
16:57.48 and the reason for that is is because we
16:59.44 want to ensure that there is clear
17:3.00 ownership for everything and this is
17:5.36 again I've had customers ask hey I want
17:7.48 multiple owners because you know these
17:8.76 two people are responsible for this task
17:10.76 our answer is always no and we have no
17:12.84 plans on changing that by the way um the
17:15.00 reason for that is because if you have
17:16.56 multiple owners there's no Clarity on
17:18.60 who should get it done between those
17:20.48 those multiple owners have one person to
17:22.04 be responsible right now that person is
17:23.72 the person who will Mark the tases done
17:25.44 Etc but of course anybody can mark the
17:27.56 tases done but when it comes down to
17:30.20 ownership there's an owner and then you
17:31.96 can click on this plus to invite
17:33.36 followers followers are people who will
17:35.88 get notification when this task is
17:38.04 updated example uh let's say you want to
17:41.52 delegate a task to your uh direct report
17:44.36 to ask them to do something well you can
17:46.12 create the task assign to them and
17:48.00 you're automatically invited as a
17:49.28 follower because you created the action
17:50.64 item when they Mark that task that's
17:52.24 done you get notified or if they update
17:54.96 the task you get notified so if you're
17:57.28 interested in a task add yourself as a
17:59.92 follower then you have progress which is
18:2.08 zero to 100% 100% means it's done um
18:5.08 again it's a very visual way to see okay
18:7.20 you know is this moving along some tasks
18:9.76 are actually better just to have on you
18:11.52 know done or not done but others might
18:14.40 take a while one of the best practices
18:16.68 we have is sometimes you need a review
18:18.92 process what that means is you have a
18:20.56 task and you need someone to actually
18:21.76 take a look at it but it's not
18:23.24 completely done so then you can move the
18:24.76 progress bar to 90% then you assign it
18:27.40 to the person who needs to review and
18:29.24 then they'll go and they'll Mark that
18:30.48 task is done you have effort which is
18:33.00 just a way to
18:34.32 specify how long a task will take not
18:36.92 every task is created equal um so you
18:39.28 know some will take an hour some will
18:40.60 take a day and so it's just a way that
18:42.92 for you to actually generate reports
18:44.72 down the road to see how much effort
18:46.96 you've spent um or how overloaded every
18:49.96 person is you don't need to use the
18:52.00 effort section you don't need to use the
18:53.64 progress section uh the both of those
18:55.52 are optional in terms of getting value
18:57.16 out of per Matrix where what you need to
18:58.96 use in parip though is the due dates so
19:1.92 I highly recommend that every test has a
19:5.08 due date to it you can always change the
19:6.92 due date later but use it because when
19:9.60 you have the dimensions of date and the
19:11.84 dimensions of importance part Matrix
19:14.68 will be a lot more intelligent will help
19:16.28 you identify where you focus your time
19:19.00 one of the things I want to mention is
19:20.68 the difference between reminders and due
19:22.68 dates so let's just say if you're
19:25.80 working on taxes right you can have the
19:28.40 due date of April 14 April 15th but then
19:31.16 if you wait until April 15th you're not
19:32.80 going to get that done so you might want
19:34.32 to remind yourself a month prior to that
19:36.68 so that's the difference and so one of
19:38.24 the things I like to do is whenever I
19:40.20 have a due date I typically set a
19:42.12 reminder um for you know a day in
19:44.52 advance or a few hours in advance or
19:46.96 sometimes even a month in advance so I
19:48.64 literally have a task for example to
19:50.44 follow up with certain customers in a
19:51.92 year and I I would say remind me so for
19:55.16 example this one I have due uh tomorrow
19:57.84 at 2 PM so I can say remind me in 3
20:0.52 hours right so what this is going to do
20:3.32 is party Matrix will go and send me a
20:5.08 reminder in my notification but if this
20:8.36 task was due in two weeks so let's just
20:10.36 say now I'm going to change the due date
20:12.12 to due in two weeks and I'm going to say
20:14.76 remind me daily so now what happens is I
20:18.08 have a task I know that's going to be do
20:19.80 in two weeks but every single day prod
20:21.64 Matrix will send your notification you
20:23.40 can think of all the possible ways that
20:25.12 you can use this to your benefit because
20:28.60 when it comes to
20:29.80 prioritization there's a the difference
20:31.96 between actually knowing what you need
20:34.16 to do and then actually getting
20:35.72 reminders to get it done um and I really
20:39.16 like to set recurring reminders because
20:42.28 I'm I'm busy I have a lot of things on
20:44.16 my plate at any any point in time if I
20:46.52 don't get a constant reminder I'll
20:48.20 forget and not only that sometimes some
20:50.36 team members need to have a constant
20:52.08 reminder so in fact when you assign a
20:54.16 task to your coworker right or your
20:56.56 direct report and say hey could could
20:58.20 you get this done in two weeks remind
21:0.36 everybody daily guess what it's going to
21:2.56 send them a reminder and it brings it
21:4.44 back to the top of mind so just keep
21:6.60 that in mind as a way to leverage part
21:8.64 Matrix to ensure that your most
21:10.68 important tasks are done now if you did
21:12.56 this to every task it's going to be very
21:14.20 noisy you don't want to do that so again
21:16.68 use the reminder uh function in a
21:20.36 careful manner but use it to your
21:22.32 advantage to make sure that the most
21:23.64 important things never get
21:25.16 dropped um and now as we go further down
21:27.72 there's the chat section now you
21:29.24 probably saw how I've been typing some
21:30.92 stuff into the chat chat section such
21:33.08 just remind me 3 hours doing two weeks
21:35.04 remind me daily Etc so pry Matrix of
21:37.36 course has buttons that you can press
21:38.72 but at the same time you can sort of
21:40.08 write to it um and whenever you see a
21:42.32 green text it means that our system has
21:43.76 interpreted it so I use it to assign it
21:46.04 to people I use it to set reminders and
21:47.88 so forth but what's really neat about
21:50.08 the chat section is it actually tracks
21:52.32 everything that's happening so there's a
21:53.72 record of all the changes right the
21:56.84 reason it's valuable is if you have an
21:59.16 action item and then you have a due date
22:1.24 and then later on you change the due
22:2.44 date well it's very it's very important
22:4.28 to know that the due date's been changed
22:6.40 or somebody has updated Etc so you can
22:8.96 also use the chat section to communicate
22:10.72 with your co-workers around specific
22:12.48 tasks as well let me give an example
22:15.32 let's just say if a client sent you an
22:17.84 email and with that email asking to do
22:20.68 something and then from your perspective
22:22.60 you need to actually pull in multiple
22:24.56 team members you need to pull in
22:26.04 engineering or customer success product
22:28.64 manager or an executive Etc so if you
22:32.16 just took the client email and you
22:33.92 forward it to everybody right you can
22:36.12 actually use that as a form of
22:37.04 communication and I guarantee that some
22:39.28 of you do this right now and so now you
22:41.60 have an email thread and you talking
22:42.96 about a bunch of different things
22:44.92 great problem is in an email thread you
22:48.28 don't know the status of the task
22:50.08 imagine if the task is marked as done
22:52.52 well how would you know that it was done
22:55.24 or imagine if you have additional notes
22:57.52 that you need to update or you need to
22:59.32 assign um the task to somebody else an
23:2.40 email thread becomes completely
23:4.32 cumbersome and completely useless when
23:6.52 it's more advanced than when your needs
23:8.64 are more than just letting other people
23:10.52 know that there's an email so with
23:12.68 patrix you can look at this as like that
23:15.08 email thread but the difference is
23:17.32 you're able to set due dates set
23:19.44 reminders and everyone can be on the
23:21.40 same page and everyone can have a
23:22.80 conversation around it and talk about it
23:24.68 directly in this chat so then what's
23:27.60 really neat is that let's just say in
23:29.68 six months you have a new coworker that
23:32.24 comes in and needs to take over this
23:33.48 action them guess what they can open
23:35.36 this task they can look in the chat
23:37.16 section and see the full history
23:40.56 everything that's been talked about
23:41.88 everything that's been changed for this
23:43.76 task in particular right um there's no
23:47.08 way they can do something like this with
23:48.60 email there's no way they can do it with
23:50.00 any other system but with patrix and
23:52.20 with our chat system here they can do
23:54.56 that and then what's really helpful too
23:57.24 is if you have have a coworker who's no
24:0.28 longer at your
24:2.40 organization and they've been updating
24:4.36 pry Matrix they have all these notes and
24:6.20 so forth in a year in two years you can
24:9.08 look back in the chat section of that
24:11.40 task and know exactly what decisions
24:13.56 have been made and why they did it so um
24:16.52 I I know it's a very very simple thing
24:18.32 but at the same time the power there is
24:21.24 so um there's it's so powerful of
24:24.28 capability and people don't use it
24:26.36 enough and don't realize how powerful
24:27.96 that it is to have a contextual
24:30.16 conversation about every single task
24:32.96 then you have the note section this is
24:34.68 not meant to you know replace Microsoft
24:36.76 Word or Google Docs or whatever it's
24:38.64 just a place for you to add additional
24:40.08 information about the task itself um but
24:42.76 also you can create subtask so you can
24:44.36 create click on this and create subtask
24:46.60 if you have five subtasks and you marked
24:48.24 one as done then the progress will
24:49.60 update to 20% and then finally you have
24:51.80 the resources section resources is
24:54.44 helpful for you to attach other
24:56.20 information related to this task
24:58.28 for
24:59.08 example um let's just say you run HR and
25:2.88 with HR every every two weeks you have
25:5.16 to go and actually run the process but
25:7.88 at the same time maybe there's
25:9.16 additional documents around hours or um
25:12.64 other regul regulatory stuff that you
25:14.28 have to do well in the resource section
25:16.28 you can actually upload all that
25:17.52 information to one central place so the
25:19.96 way the resource section works is you
25:21.88 it's a place for you to have files
25:23.68 emails links um and that could link to
25:26.76 your SharePoint and in fact PR Matrix
25:28.80 can link all the pr Matrix tasks
25:30.92 together as well so every task every
25:33.40 project in PR Matrix has a link to it
25:35.76 and in fact the reason why it works so
25:37.20 well is because every email in Microsoft
25:40.04 Outlook and every conversation you have
25:42.44 in Microsoft teams also have links so
25:44.80 party Matrix allow you to link all of
25:46.36 that together into one central place now
25:49.40 do you need this resource section mostly
25:52.48 not if you're very new to party Matrix
25:54.40 but if you want to get the most out of
25:55.68 party Matrix the resources section is
25:57.36 really helpful um and again this is
25:59.48 where you can attach emails and so forth
26:1.04 so I'll show you how to attach emails
26:2.40 and prioritize them in just a little bit
26:4.16 so this is the resource section and
26:6.68 that's essentially is um uh the detail
26:10.20 section around the task I've shown you
26:12.08 probably 80% of the capabilities but uh
26:14.76 you know there other information that
26:16.44 you can add add to it and so forth but
26:19.08 if you use some of these features I
26:20.72 mentioned you'll get the most out of it
26:22.32 again my emphasis is use due dates use
26:25.56 reminders make sure you assign to the
26:27.64 apprpriate person you st if appropriate
26:30.20 but don't overdo it now let's step back
26:34.76 further and let's take a look at the
26:36.64 project level um here on my left hand
26:39.12 side you see how I have a list of
26:40.40 projects so I got what 30 projects or so
26:42.76 here um in my real account my work
26:45.68 account I have something like 250 or 300
26:48.24 projects so that's a lot of projects but
26:51.16 part Matrix is meant to handle that um
26:54.24 so what is a project so there's several
26:56.80 types of project the first is what's
26:58.48 called a transient project so you think
26:59.96 of a transient project as uh let's just
27:2.32 say something that has a start date and
27:3.68 an end date so perhaps it could be uh an
27:7.56 initiative that you're working on for
27:8.88 three months that's a transient project
27:11.00 and then you have what's called a
27:11.96 persistent project and a persistent
27:13.92 project is one that lasts forever so for
27:16.04 example in our company we have a project
27:18.72 for every one of our application so our
27:21.12 web app teams app um IOS app Etc all of
27:25.36 them have different projects right and
27:27.04 so those projects don't have an end dat
27:29.64 because they're always growing there's
27:31.68 always task and priorities and so forth
27:33.92 so when you create a project just keep
27:36.60 that in mind is it a persistent one or
27:38.20 is it a transient one doesn't really
27:40.36 matter it doesn't change anything but
27:42.76 that's how you deal with the various
27:43.88 type of projects and so a personal to-do
27:45.96 list is a example of a persistent
27:47.88 project a team priority list is an
27:49.84 example of a persistent project so to
27:52.08 create a project in pry Matrix is very
27:53.68 very straightforward you click on the
27:55.00 project here and then you choose create
27:57.12 project
27:58.48 now when you create a project you have
28:0.28 several options the first you can always
28:2.68 create a blank project so if I click on
28:4.44 blank blank project I can literally just
28:6.12 type in the project name right whatever
28:8.32 that might be um I can add notes to
28:10.56 describe the project if needed
28:11.80 completely optional um and then I can
28:13.84 choose from some basic templates so
28:15.64 these are what seven or so templates
28:18.12 that you can choose from the basic party
28:19.76 Matrix and then I can choose a color
28:21.64 coding so go ahead and I'm going to do
28:24.16 that I'm going to do this is a test
28:26.04 project here
28:28.20 okay and so that's it you see now a
28:30.36 project is created the do now the do
28:31.88 later the delegate postponed now let's
28:33.88 go back to the list the ability for me
28:35.52 to create other type of projects one of
28:37.24 the things I can also do is actually I
28:38.96 can choose from templates other
28:41.44 templates that we've created so I showed
28:43.84 you the the
28:45.20 quadrant um but one of the things that
28:47.16 you can do with prot Matrix is customize
28:48.80 those quadrants you can customize the
28:50.00 quadrant names you can customize the
28:51.20 quadrant colors the reason we let you do
28:53.36 that is
28:55.20 because part Matrix is is a very
28:58.52 flexible tool that helps you communicate
29:0.76 your priorities but at the same time we
29:3.00 understand that within an organization
29:5.16 you have different terminologies that
29:6.72 you might use um or you might have ways
29:9.88 of actually uh coding your list of
29:14.52 action items so for example you might
29:16.04 have you know various colors for your
29:18.00 marketing task different colors for
29:19.60 engineering tasks Etc uh so because of
29:23.16 that flexibility there's actually
29:25.12 several hundred public templates that
29:27.52 we've created with PR Matrix allowing
29:29.52 you to Leverage The Tool in in numerous
29:31.92 ways right you can use it for against uh
29:34.72 swad analysis or uh effort impact
29:37.64 analysis Etc I don't want to go into
29:39.84 those because you know they're very
29:42.12 specific to different type of use cases
29:44.40 Etc but I want you to be aware that PR
29:46.92 Matrix has that flexibility when you go
29:49.40 and create a project you can actually go
29:50.72 to a public template section and in here
29:53.00 we actually have a few templates that uh
29:55.04 we share with users that we've created
29:57.36 over the years you can choose from any
29:58.64 of these as a starting point uh instead
30:0.84 of a blank project or you can actually
30:2.60 also create your own internal templates
30:5.36 and so it's actually really helpful
30:6.92 because let's just say again you're an
30:8.52 HR within HR whenever you're on board an
30:10.92 employee you might have 30 things that
30:12.96 they need to do right these are the five
30:14.76 things they need to do in day one these
30:16.56 are the five things they need to do in
30:18.76 the next month and then these are the
30:20.04 training videos they need to watch over
30:21.60 the next three months so imagine if you
30:23.76 created that pry Matrix project now with
30:26.68 that project what you can do is you can
30:28.08 save that as a template so when you have
30:30.04 a new employee you simply launch it from
30:32.08 one your template those 30 tasks will
30:34.12 get created for you you just say the
30:36.12 start date and then all the other due
30:37.84 dates get created for you automatically
30:39.92 extremely helpful if you have repetitive
30:43.16 processes and this could be everything
30:45.12 from employee onboarding client
30:47.36 onboarding um or quarterly reviews Etc
30:51.32 so use the your own internal template
30:53.20 whenever appropriate and then we have
30:55.20 one more option which is created with AI
30:57.48 um this is actually a really neat
30:58.76 capability what it's doing is it's
31:0.72 leveraging your goals and it's
31:2.24 leveraging your job title and job
31:3.88 function and Industry to create projects
31:7.28 for you um the idea is not to go and
31:10.64 actually you know create um perfect task
31:13.60 for you to achieve your goal what it
31:15.04 does is it gives you a starting point so
31:17.00 for example let's say my goal is to uh
31:20.80 get a promotion or my goal is to improve
31:24.64 my quarterly performance or something
31:26.36 like that I can actually type that here
31:27.92 and prot Matrix will create a series of
31:30.16 tasks appropriate for that this is
31:32.08 something I'll let you play with uh
31:33.88 because it's it's pretty neat but one of
31:35.28 the things that um I want you to walk
31:36.84 away from today's webinar is one make
31:39.72 sure you create a project for your
31:41.08 personal task make sure you create a
31:43.20 project for a goal like an AI goal here
31:45.96 and then make sure you create a project
31:47.36 on a key initiative that you're working
31:49.04 on with your manager or your direct
31:50.88 reports or whatever it is so then you
31:52.52 have one central place to track all of
31:55.32 that okay so let's go back back to party
31:59.20 Matrix go back to this view here again
32:1.56 this is my list of projects um and now
32:3.76 let's jump into email management the
32:6.44 reason um actually a lot of customers
32:8.76 come to party Matrix because of email
32:10.28 management that's just it's one of those
32:12.00 things where uh you know I get a couple
32:15.00 hundred emails a day um and so from that
32:17.40 it's very very difficult to stay on top
32:19.28 of it I can't just go and flag them I I
32:21.60 imagine that's what a lot of you do um
32:23.56 flagging is great if you have five
32:25.60 emails five flag emails flagging is not
32:27.72 so great you have 50 flag emails and it
32:29.72 keeps piling up right because then when
32:31.68 you start your day how do you know which
32:32.92 emails to go after so with part Matrix
32:35.24 we're able to take an email and convert
32:37.52 it into a task along with all the other
32:40.16 metadata around it which is due dates
32:42.32 reminders you can delegate it you can
32:44.36 add additional context if needed so let
32:46.28 me show you how that
32:47.64 works so when you're in Outlook um go to
32:50.80 the App Store here and then install PR
32:52.84 Matrix now one of the things that I want
32:54.68 to bring up real quick is you see how we
32:56.68 actually uh you'll see three different
32:59.44 public version of patrix uh you have the
33:1.84 Blue version which is the standard
33:3.16 version which is what most of you should
33:5.00 be using the Hippa is if you're in
33:7.36 healthcare life sciences and the
33:8.56 government Cloud so anyways I'm going to
33:10.28 choose this one right here when you
33:12.48 install say I have an email here and
33:15.12 from this email I want to prioritize it
33:17.00 right so I click on this option and I
33:19.76 click on party Matrix oh there you go
33:21.60 now it's in the right place and you see
33:22.96 I have two choices I have the ability to
33:24.72 open a par Matrix or ability to
33:26.20 prioritize the e email I'm going to go
33:27.84 ahead and click on prioritize
33:29.36 email so what's going to happen is
33:34.04 that party Matrix will open on the right
33:36.36 hand side here and then it lets me
33:39.00 capture the email as a task so you see
33:41.44 what it's going to do is take the
33:42.56 subject of the email and create it as my
33:44.36 task name I can change this as needed
33:46.28 and then the other thing I can do is
33:47.60 actually I can decide what project it
33:49.04 goes in right so for example I'm going
33:51.60 to go ahead and choose a test the test
33:53.80 project that I created earlier and then
33:55.32 I can choose what quadrant it goes in I
33:57.20 can assign to the appropriate person I
33:58.88 can set the due date directly from here
34:0.92 and then that's it I just click capture
34:2.40 email and so you see the moment I click
34:4.28 capture email what it's doing is created
34:6.12 a task and now the right hand side is
34:8.68 exactly the item details that you saw
34:11.08 earlier again I have the project name I
34:13.60 can start it I can set due dates
34:15.32 reminders directly from here what's
34:18.40 really neat about this is that when I go
34:20.16 back to my prod mrix so let's go back
34:22.08 here um you see I go back my test
34:24.12 project that email was created right
34:26.16 here and then imagine if I had assign
34:29.36 this to a coworker they can go and they
34:31.32 can take a look that at this email they
34:32.92 can click in the resource section the
34:34.60 Emil files attached they can open that
34:36.56 email they can write a comment back to
34:38.68 me or they can actually respond to the
34:40.20 customer directly so it is a lot more
34:43.40 powerful than just marking the email as
34:46.32 flag and it's a lot more powerful than
34:48.72 just setting a reminder on the email
34:50.76 because the problem with the reminder
34:52.04 and the email is then it doesn't give
34:53.92 you the rest of the context right
34:55.32 imagine you have to do a lot of things
34:56.60 for that email it is very difficult um
34:59.44 to do it with an existing email software
35:1.48 and so patrix allowed me to have all
35:3.76 this other prioritization um metadata on
35:6.96 top of it I can put in the appropriate
35:8.88 project and the appropriate quadrant and
35:10.60 it's very very straightforward me to
35:12.40 understand exactly what I need to work
35:14.16 on at any point in time and the other
35:16.48 thing is that it actually pulls
35:18.48 everything together and so now not only
35:20.44 do I have task I have task from emails
35:22.76 as well um now what if you get an email
35:25.68 but you already have a task associated
35:27.48 with it so patrix actually is
35:29.64 intelligent enough to recognize that
35:32.04 sometimes you have an email um that may
35:34.48 be long in another task so instead what
35:36.76 I can do is I open promatrix again right
35:41.56 but now I'm going to open the the panel
35:43.64 instead of actually prioritizing task
35:45.32 directly and then from here I can
35:47.60 actually hover over I can search for a
35:49.76 task and PR Matrix and then hover over
35:51.88 and attach an email to an existing task
35:54.36 the use case is pretty straightforward
35:56.20 you have a followup from a client and
35:58.64 the client says hey what's the status of
36:0.72 of some particular task and guess what
36:2.92 you already have that task in place and
36:4.56 maybe there's multiple people involved
36:6.12 in working on that task instead of
36:8.00 creating another action item right or
36:10.00 instead of foring this email to the
36:12.48 group again and now you're just creating
36:14.04 multiple threads and this gets very very
36:15.72 confusing part Matrix allows you to take
36:17.60 a multiple emails and put it into one
36:19.52 single task and now you have you still
36:21.36 have one central place to have all the
36:22.80 communication that you need the other
36:25.32 thing you probably could see too is um
36:27.56 if I go and I choose to prioritize an
36:32.32 email party Matrix actually can go and
36:35.72 detect if there's a duplicate item for
36:37.88 you and the reason for this is pretty
36:39.64 simple let's just say if you got an
36:41.92 email um from again an external party
36:45.00 and you and your co-workers are both
36:46.96 cced on it then your coworker creates
36:49.64 that email as a task well then when you
36:52.16 go and do it too guess what Prix goes
36:54.40 and say hey wait a minute there probably
36:56.04 is a a potential duplicate tasks are you
36:58.56 sure let's just check to make sure so
37:0.92 it's a very simple use case but we've
37:3.08 talked to customers where this is really
37:4.84 important because sometimes you just
37:6.48 have multiple people working on so many
37:8.12 different things and this goes back to
37:9.72 the the central tenant around part
37:11.64 Matrix helping team members understand
37:14.04 their priorities and better communicate
37:15.80 their priorities well part of that is
37:17.56 actually ensuring that you're not
37:19.24 creating duplicate work and that
37:20.52 everyone's the same page and so that's
37:22.12 how PRI Matrix works with this email
37:24.32 prioritization but then making it making
37:26.40 sure sure that you actually have clear
37:28.76 communication um within your entire team
37:31.28 and not just yourself so that's how
37:33.76 email prioritization work I can take any
37:36.00 email and convert into a task now let's
37:38.08 jump over to Microsoft teams so patrix
37:41.32 is probably the most integrated solution
37:43.40 in the Microsoft teams environment and
37:44.92 in fact I'm so excited about um the
37:47.04 future Integrations that we have as well
37:48.60 which I can't talk about but there's so
37:50.24 many things we're doing with teams uh
37:52.60 that's absolutely phenomenal over the
37:54.16 next six months or so so if you use
37:56.08 Microsoft teams definitely go install
37:57.88 pry Matrix when you install pry Matrix
38:0.04 make sure you pin it on the left hand
38:1.64 side here when you do then you can
38:3.60 actually just click on this and then it
38:4.88 opens up Pro Matrix and as you can see
38:7.40 the view that I have inside teams is
38:9.48 very similar to the web app view right I
38:11.36 have my list of projects and then I have
38:12.92 the quadron in the middle then the item
38:15.28 details um so what that allows me to do
38:17.56 is actually have a very seamless
38:19.08 experience and in fact I really like
38:21.24 using pration inside teams because then
38:23.56 it has one less context switching um I
38:26.20 really you know I have enough windows
38:28.24 open um that I can't go and just have
38:30.80 more and more tabs so instead I just go
38:33.16 click on here whenever I need to and I
38:34.96 can see the tasks that I have inside for
38:36.64 Matrix I can browse through them as
38:38.12 needed there's one major difference
38:39.88 which is the menu is pretty much hidden
38:41.44 up here but if you click on that then
38:43.16 you still have access to that create
38:44.72 project menu the project list the home
38:46.84 view Etc now what I have open here
38:50.00 instead is the home view so you can see
38:52.20 when I open teams my my app inside teams
38:55.00 at the top here I have a home View
38:57.40 and has a number 41 on it that means
38:59.60 there are 41 tasks that require my
39:1.40 attention going back to earlier when we
39:4.12 have a task and you said a due dat and
39:5.68 the start date and all that well guess
39:8.04 what um when there's a a reminder that
39:11.96 says hey you know you need to work on
39:13.64 this and so forth party Matrix creates a
39:16.76 t uh something in the alert section for
39:19.08 you and then from here you can uh go and
39:22.00 go through this list to ensure that
39:23.84 you're actually working on the things
39:25.40 that need to be worked on so for me
39:27.36 personally you know when I start my day
39:29.24 this is where I start I click on the
39:30.44 home view I go to the alert section and
39:32.40 I can see all the tasks that's been
39:33.92 assigned to me or tasks that I assigned
39:35.84 to others that got updated or um
39:38.36 whatever changes reminders Etc and I can
39:40.36 click through each of these and I can
39:42.16 process them as needed and that gets me
39:44.04 to inbox zero but sometimes you just
39:46.96 want to clear old stuff so sometimes may
39:49.20 say you're on vacation or something that
39:51.76 you come back and a bunch of tasks got
39:53.28 updated you can actually click on clear
39:55.40 notifications and then it can clear
39:57.32 everything or you can clear older tasks
39:59.40 Etc so that's the home View and so this
40:1.72 view also exists in the M uh in the web
40:4.08 app but in Microsoft teams this is where
40:6.16 it's
40:6.84 at now the functionality is pretty much
40:9.96 the same as web app so I won't go into
40:11.28 the details so let me show you what's
40:13.08 unique about our teams Integrations one
40:15.76 thing that I really like is inside teams
40:18.72 if you have a one-on-one with somebody
40:21.60 you can add What's called the party
40:23.08 Matrix one-on-one tab when I open this
40:25.60 one-on-one tab
40:26.92 what it's doing is it's showing me all
40:28.64 the tasks I have in common with my
40:30.04 coworker earlier I talked about the
40:32.24 people Centric aspect of part
40:34.24 Matrix let's let's dig into that for a
40:36.56 little bit so right now I imagine you
40:39.60 have probably have so many project
40:41.12 management software you've worked with
40:42.52 before your task list and so forth but I
40:44.84 have a question for you how would you
40:46.52 find out everything you have um to do
40:48.96 with your
40:50.12 manager right can can you go and find
40:53.40 and and tell you know tell me right now
40:55.92 like EX exactly what the priorities are
40:58.56 um what are the things you have to do
40:59.96 for for your manager across everything
41:3.16 and so typically what you have to do is
41:4.76 you have to open up your your project
41:6.32 management software your task list your
41:8.32 one note your to-do whatever and you
41:10.28 have to go through every project look at
41:12.00 what the things you have to do and find
41:13.44 the due dates Etc part Matrix flips all
41:15.72 of that around and actually our
41:17.28 one-on-one view is designed to identify
41:20.00 everything you have to do for somebody
41:22.80 across your entire petric um space
41:26.80 so when I have the one-on-one view here
41:28.64 with Eugenia for example and I go to
41:30.48 oneon-one and I have her selected this
41:32.84 shows me everything I have to do and
41:34.84 what's really neat is in this list I can
41:37.24 see the quadrants I can see the icons I
41:39.92 can actually see who was assigned to so
41:42.60 the people assigned to there's only two
41:44.28 it's either you or the other person
41:45.84 right but the whole idea here is to
41:48.16 identify the things you have in common
41:49.52 with them so only task where both you
41:52.00 and the other person have access to are
41:54.80 followers uh of would show up here and
41:57.56 then I can see modified and I can say I
41:59.36 can see the due dates what's really
42:1.32 useful about this view is if you have a
42:3.04 one-on-one meeting with your manager and
42:5.24 you go to this view you can just
42:7.08 immediately talk about the task that are
42:9.80 overdue or that are due soon and then
42:12.72 you can imagine how simple it is that
42:15.04 you don't have to open any other
42:16.44 projects to actually go through the
42:17.60 details and so this is extremely helpful
42:21.12 but then at the same time after um or
42:23.84 during the meeting let's just say you
42:25.28 come up with additional task that you
42:26.72 want to get done guess what you can
42:28.40 click on ADD share task directly here
42:30.72 create the task choose the project that
42:32.72 goes in and you and your coworker um
42:36.84 your manager or whatever uh will
42:38.68 automatically be invited to the same
42:40.40 task and so you can actually go down
42:42.20 this list very very quickly able to
42:44.28 create action items the use case for
42:45.92 this is pretty pretty simple I mean I've
42:48.20 heard over and over again you know
42:49.80 people go into a meeting they talk about
42:52.08 a thousand different things afterwards
42:53.92 they have you know five tasks that they
42:56.28 want to get done and then they they
42:58.28 leave the meeting and then two weeks
42:59.68 later they have a followup and then they
43:1.48 ask for the status of those tasks and
43:3.04 the answer is like oh I didn't write it
43:4.32 down I I forgot because I had another
43:6.32 meeting afterwards right so instead part
43:8.48 Matrix allow you to create the task
43:10.32 directly during those meetings that you
43:12.64 have and then and then not only that
43:15.44 invites the appropriate people directly
43:18.08 as well so it skips all these other
43:20.12 steps that makes it very difficult for
43:21.88 you to create these action items so keep
43:23.60 that in mind but very very help for that
43:26.68 purpose um and the way you add the
43:28.44 one-on-one tab is you click on the plus
43:30.24 icon here you choose party Matrix and
43:32.96 then you choose the oneon-one and then
43:34.48 you choose your collaborator and so you
43:36.04 can add this one-on-one with every
43:38.24 single one of your co-workers it could
43:39.84 be your managers your direct reports or
43:41.76 anybody else that you work with and
43:43.16 party Matrix will automatically show you
43:44.56 all those action items as well now if
43:46.60 you use party Matrix but you have the
43:48.56 appropriate U permissions with your it P
43:51.72 Matrix will actually show you um Outlook
43:54.88 action items that you have with them as
43:56.60 well and so this allows you to see
43:58.80 planner tasks that you have with your
44:0.44 coworker emails that you have with your
44:2.48 co-workers upcoming meetings and so
44:4.36 forth so pry Matrix is actually able to
44:6.48 give you one coherent place to have all
44:8.48 this information around action items
44:10.56 priorities emails meeting and you don't
44:12.60 have to go anywhere else so I really
44:14.20 like the one-onone it's very helpful for
44:15.80 me to find identify things um for that I
44:18.80 work on with specific
44:20.72 individuals the other thing that's
44:22.48 really neat about pry Matrix is how it
44:24.48 integrates with the rest of the
44:26.16 Microsoft teams um ecosystem so for
44:28.72 example let's just say if you're
44:30.20 chatting with somebody right and so for
44:32.44 example let's say here you know person
44:34.80 said could you send me a report I can
44:36.64 click on this dot dot dot here and
44:38.24 create Pary action item directly from
44:40.72 here and so when I do I can actually
44:43.16 choose the project the quadrants the due
44:44.92 dates and so I don't have to even jump
44:46.52 into Microsoft teams to actually convert
44:48.84 a conversation into a task what's really
44:51.32 neat is party Matrix takes um records
44:55.00 when or the context of of that
44:58.52 particular message as well so let me
45:0.24 give you an example let's just say if
45:1.80 you and your manager are talking about a
45:3.40 couple different things and then you
45:5.00 know there's an action item that you
45:6.12 create well Patric linked back to
45:8.20 Microsoft teams to that moment in time
45:10.48 when you had that conversation so it
45:12.56 creates this ability for you to go back
45:15.92 and review the context and so it's a
45:18.20 really unique capability that I haven't
45:20.16 seen anyone else do U but it's it's just
45:22.60 a powerful way to ensure that you know
45:26.24 when you work on something in six months
45:28.32 or a year you know per Matrix will help
45:30.56 you identify the reason why you working
45:32.76 on those things and then of course party
45:34.52 Matrix has all these extensions as well
45:36.92 such as message message cards Etc you
45:39.24 can see here if I go here and I choose
45:40.72 party Matrix I actually can send task
45:43.20 directly in my conversation with anybody
45:45.64 now the reason for this the the use case
45:48.28 for this there's a couple of things one
45:50.68 sometimes you know I'm in pry Matrix and
45:52.24 I sign a task to a coworker and they
45:54.40 didn't see it for whatever reason um I
45:56.60 can go to the chat here with them and
45:58.28 then I can actually send them that part
45:59.80 Matrix task and now it surfaces that up
46:2.48 into one central place and now they can
46:4.84 open that they can Market as done Etc
46:7.36 and as you can see here um right below
46:9.52 that there's the parri chatbot which is
46:11.64 where I would get notifications of due
46:13.92 dates or reminders
46:15.60 Etc so we actually have several other
46:18.48 powerful Integrations within Microsoft
46:21.04 teams as well if you go to the App Store
46:22.84 you can actually search for workflow
46:24.24 Integrations where we have autom
46:26.36 and so forth but I won't go into that in
46:28.44 today's webinar but those are something
46:30.52 some of the things you can explore as
46:31.68 you use patrix more and more I do want
46:34.80 to just quickly show that um if you go
46:37.52 to the connector page in PR Matrix you
46:39.56 can actually integrate with you know
46:41.76 Outlook calendars planners Etc so that's
46:44.32 just something that you can connect the
46:45.92 more permissions you have uh that with
46:49.16 per Matrix then the more it can do but
46:51.60 so again some of these things are
46:52.80 optional one of the things I want to
46:54.52 emphasize is that
46:56.32 to get the most out of per Matrix you
46:57.84 don't need to do any of these other
46:59.00 things right you just have to go and use
47:1.96 the quadrants as a place to manage
47:3.80 priorities and use that as a place to
47:5.88 set due dates so then you know exactly
47:7.68 what you need to work on so when you're
47:9.12 in meetings you know exactly um you can
47:11.76 talk about the things that matter but
47:13.92 when you're ready to expand beyond that
47:15.64 PR Matrix has all the capabilities that
47:17.32 you need to achieve everything
47:19.28 else okay with that I'm actually going
47:21.64 to go ahead and jump back to my
47:24.72 presentation
47:28.48 okay
47:30.12 so let's summarize it's now up to you um
47:33.56 to to take it to the next level
47:35.80 unfortunately no matter what we do um as
47:38.96 a prioritization tool we cannot actually
47:41.16 help you get those things done you have
47:42.76 to do it yourself so if you haven't
47:45.40 signed up for p Matrix yet make sure you
47:47.08 sign up for py Matrix if you use
47:49.04 Microsoft teams and Outlook you can sign
47:51.36 in for those applications again you
47:53.36 don't actually need teams or Outlook to
47:55.12 use prri party Matrix works completely
47:57.48 independently um on our web app our
48:0.00 mobile app our desktop app Etc we also
48:2.28 have Chrome Gmail extensions um and
48:5.80 then uh I would recommend that you
48:7.84 create at least three projects the
48:9.20 personal priorities the share team
48:10.52 priorities and your key initiative again
48:12.64 for the key the team priorities that's
48:14.24 the one that when you have your meeting
48:16.48 projected on the big screen I guarantee
48:19.04 that you guys will have some meaningful
48:21.36 discussions um around what's really
48:23.44 important and then invite the
48:25.12 appropriate team members if needed and
48:27.12 pitch on why is important to focus on
48:28.52 high impact tasks I mean I think that's
48:30.16 one of those things where it seems
48:32.44 obvious that that you should do but
48:34.04 people don't do it enough because you
48:35.56 know they're always just focus on
48:37.20 themselves on the tasks they have to do
48:38.88 but in reality if you have a better
48:41.68 understanding on the context of what it
48:43.60 is that other co-workers are working on
48:46.04 Etc you'll have a better sense
48:49.28 of the impact that you can make um and
48:52.36 when you create action in per Matrix
48:53.96 make sure you set due dates and make
48:55.40 sure sure that you prioritize them in
48:56.84 the appropriate quadrants and make sure
48:58.56 that you actually mark them as done um
49:0.56 so when you do that then you'll feel
49:3.48 accomplish in terms of using per Matrix
49:6.68 and then you're able to add other action
49:8.04 items Etc um and then the last advice
49:11.68 here is ruthlessly prioritize as I
49:14.12 mentioned don't have more than 25% of
49:16.32 the things in quadrant one don't have
49:18.00 more than 25% of things in quadrant two
49:20.04 if everything's important and Urgent
49:21.40 then nothing is so keep that in
49:24.00 mind a couple of suggestions one um if
49:28.16 you're very very new to Pro Matrix use
49:30.36 it to track high impact task and so what
49:32.56 I mean by that is you don't have to
49:34.00 track like the things that are really
49:35.88 minor if you think that's going to you
49:37.56 know get in your way instead use it to
49:40.16 to track the things that are most
49:42.12 critical to your your work right so then
49:44.72 when you open up our Matrix you look at
49:46.32 it it's like okay these are my goals you
49:48.16 know these are the things I need to work
49:49.56 on this month this this week this
49:51.88 quarter
49:53.04 Etc that's where value the value per
49:55.80 Matrix will provide um is is around so
49:58.52 it helps you focus on the most important
50:0.28 things and then use per Matrix as a
50:3.60 communication tool so don't think of
50:6.72 Perri as a project management software
50:8.80 it's not around managing projects it's
50:10.80 about making sure that everyone's on the
50:12.60 same page and the more people you have
50:14.88 that's looking at pry
50:16.36 Matrix as a place where you understand
50:19.00 exactly what you need to work on the
50:20.84 more powerful becomes and so patrix at
50:23.88 the end of the day works
50:26.04 you know to help teams understand the
50:28.80 parties but it always starts with the
50:30.60 individual um because if you as an
50:32.88 individual do not leverage patrix well
50:35.28 it's very very hard for uh teams to
50:37.96 leverage it well so what success should
50:40.84 look like with P Matrix one you have one
50:43.04 central place to track all your
50:44.40 priorities everyone on the team
50:46.48 understands and are aligned on the key
50:47.80 task repetitive procedures are
50:49.80 templatized to save time on future work
50:52.48 and that your important emails are
50:54.44 prioritized so I use party Matrix every
50:58.44 single day to prioritize all these
51:0.04 emails that I have ensuring that I have
51:2.20 the approprate due dates and so forth
51:3.84 and it's without it it's very very
51:6.44 difficult to stay on top of everything I
51:8.44 have to do and so part Matrix will work
51:10.92 well when you have three projects or 300
51:13.20 projects and so keep that in the back of
51:15.04 your mind and definitely leverage all
51:16.92 our
51:18.60 Integrations that concludes my
51:20.36 presentation I'm going to look at the
51:21.96 questions here if there's any questions
51:23.52 and if you have any other questions
51:25.00 right now you can send it to the chat
51:26.88 and I'll try my best to address
51:32.28 it um the question is how do you get the
51:34.96 hip up version of PR Matrix so if you go
51:37.68 to so let me go ahead and
51:39.84 show you that view
51:41.68 here if you go to
51:45.24 um I have that open here but if you go
51:47.60 to which is our website at
51:49.56 the very top here we have several
51:51.20 versions but you have the PM Hippa you
51:53.52 click on Hippa and it goes Hippa PR
51:55.40 now when you go to Microsoft
51:58.24 teams and when you go to Outlook search
52:0.28 for patrix and then just install the
52:2.44 version that's that's Hippa um the green
52:5.28 is our theme for the Hippa app but
52:7.76 that's that's how you have it in Outlook
52:9.64 and teams as well as our our um web app
52:13.48 here now couple things to mention around
52:15.72 that every version is completely siloed
52:19.12 so the standard version is silo from the
52:21.52 Hippa version which is silo from the
52:22.92 government version which means they're
52:24.08 stored on completely different data ERS
52:26.68 so what that means is that um you know
52:28.40 if your whole organization if you use
52:30.60 Hippa then your whole organization would
52:32.20 have to use the Hippa version which is
52:33.92 perfectly fine but just keep that in
52:35.68 mind because they don't talk to each
52:37.92 other they do have different licensing
52:40.36 structure though um for the hipb
52:42.36 government as well or standard
52:46.72 application any other
52:54.24 questions
52:56.04 uh go ahead and type in the chat um and
52:59.28 because I'm not able to turn people's
53:1.72 audio on so if you have a question go
53:3.40 ahead and type in the chat and I'll be
53:4.76 happy to take a look at
53:11.36 it so while I'm waiting okay um the
53:16.32 question is do followers have to be in
53:17.92 the same company or on your team or they
53:19.92 can be added as a guest you can add
53:22.08 followers as a guest um we actually it
53:24.60 depends on use use case but what happens
53:26.80 is party Matrix will work across
53:29.16 organizations uh so for example it
53:31.08 doesn't have to be within the same
53:32.16 domain uh but you can actually work
53:33.92 across organization so what that means
53:35.28 is you can use it to collaborate with
53:38.36 external clients um you can use it to
53:40.88 work with um cons if you're a consultant
53:43.72 you can work with um your Consulting
53:45.56 clients in fact we actually have a
53:47.52 separate um licensing option for
53:50.08 Consultants so if you're a consultant
53:51.84 you can reach out to us directly um and
53:54.12 we'll give you information around around
53:55.36 that but there's just's a separate
53:56.88 license allowing you to add guest users
54:0.36 so this is designed for agencies in
54:2.68 particular where you might have you know
54:5.16 just three or five team members but then
54:7.52 you might have 25 50 or 100 clients um
54:11.44 and each of those clients might be on
54:12.80 their own their own separate projects
54:14.36 and so you can work with them but they
54:15.84 don't see each other so that's that's
54:17.52 the
54:18.72 point um so uh the question is how would
54:22.24 you recommend manage multiple accounts
54:24.20 Consulting activi in employment so um
54:27.52 that's uh if if you could reach out to
54:30.32 us support with that use
54:32.76 case because I'm not sure I understand
54:34.28 exactly what you mean by the multiple
54:36.28 accounts but if you could give you give
54:37.68 us a little bit more information around
54:39.44 that use case we'll we can respond to
54:41.32 you there in probably more details but
54:43.36 the way prod Matrix works is every
54:45.32 single user has an account um but what
54:47.76 that's for example you know my name hi
54:49.40 High that's my account
54:51.24 right and so my co-workers might all
54:53.28 have their own accounts now if you have
54:55.40 like a sort of a generic account like
54:57.44 supported affluence and so you can still
55:0.48 create that but you just have to sign in
55:2.80 and out of that so you can't go and
55:4.40 switch seamlessly um within one browser
55:8.76 but because of how teams work and how
55:11.56 our Outlook app work you can technically
55:13.84 sign in as different accounts on
55:15.40 different browsers and so forth so that
55:17.40 could be a workaround if you have
55:18.88 multiple accounts that you uh you work
55:21.16 on now I do recommend that you always
55:24.00 assign you know it's it's better to have
55:26.48 a single person be responsible for task
55:29.12 um because that usually that creates
55:31.12 Clarity but you know we understand that
55:33.48 sometimes you know some organizations
55:35.20 use generic email addresses as user
55:39.88 account um so to add it you have it on
55:42.88 Outlook but you to added teams let me
55:44.36 show you how that works again when you
55:46.08 go to Microsoft teams here you click on
55:48.96 apps and so from here actually in fact
55:52.60 um Microsoft is featuring us here so you
55:55.04 can see how when I go to apps party
55:56.88 Matrix is right here at the top for
55:58.72 manage task within teams but you can
56:0.56 also search for party Matrix and when
56:2.32 you do you have the option to install it
56:4.60 right here so again the standard version
56:6.48 is blue the hip version is uh green and
56:9.16 then the government version is orange
56:11.72 but it's very straightforward you just
56:13.40 install it and then you just sign in
56:14.96 with your account and everything just
56:16.40 syncs together magically um now some
56:19.08 organizations require it approval if you
56:21.60 have it that wants to go and validate
56:23.56 and so forth and they need additional
56:25.76 information you can reach out to us we
56:27.20 do have um uh security documents and so
56:31.32 forth all
56:33.36 available perfect thank you very much
56:35.36 for all these questions feel free to
56:36.96 reach out to me at high if
56:38.80 you have any other questions um but you
56:41.12 know hopefully this will Empower you uh
56:44.28 with some knowledge that party Matrix
56:46.04 can be extremely helpful for
56:47.44 prioritization and again look at it as a
56:49.64 communication tool to make sure that
56:51.40 everyone's on the same page um and so
56:53.84 party Matrix is really really good at
56:56.16 that aspect of things and then I highly
56:59.08 recommend um installing or Integrations
57:2.16 uh because it just helps you create one
57:4.00 central place to bring everything
57:6.04 together we have other Integrations as
57:8.80 well um but take advantage of whatever
57:11.92 it is that helps you get started um
57:14.04 don't I don't want to overwhelm you but
57:15.64 hopefully you'll find Value in the
57:17.44 software thank you very
57:20.28 much
57:23.80 fantastic