Introduction to Priority Matrix: How to prioritize tasks and emails

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Video transcription (52:12.16) Stop scroll

1.24s good morning everyone we'll go ahead and
2.88s get started uh thank you so much for
4.52s being here today I want to let you know
6.48s a couple things one this webinar is
8.80s recorded and so we'll share the
10.32s recording afterwards and then two in the
13.04s chat section there is a place for you to
16.00s send some messages if you have any
17.44s questions at all during the webinar sh
19.80s me a message there and I'll try my best
21.32s to address um those questions during the
24.20s webinar itself with that we'll get
28.96s started
32.40s my name is hi I'm co-founder of
34.56s affluence um over the years I've talked
36.76s to thousands of
38.16s customers and one of the things that um
41.64s I want to make sure you understand today
43.12s is the goals one help you understand the
46.00s basics of pry Matrix provide a framework
48.80s for you to get the most out of pry
50.24s Matrix with the least amount of work and
52.36s then help you envision what work and
54.08s life success U might look like with
56.48s patrix hopefully the reason here that
58.92s you're here is because because you're
1:0.20 looking for a way to be more effective
1:2.36 at prioritization of both your task as
1:5.32 well as emails uh and so we'll talk
1:8.00 about all of those
1:10.76 capabilities the question I always like
1:12.92 to ask is are you focused on work with
1:16.04 the most impact um it's a really really
1:18.40 interesting question because every
1:19.60 single day we're spending so much time
1:22.52 um doing all sorts of stuff right
1:25.56 but the question always remains are
1:28.24 those the things that actually is most
1:29.44 impact towards my work um in fact myself
1:32.72 personally over the last several weeks
1:34.84 I've been so much more productive than
1:37.48 usual once I start realizing what my
1:40.60 spending more time thinking about my
1:42.20 priorities and thinking how I can
1:43.56 further my goals nevertheless one of the
1:46.36 things that we do is um you know we talk
1:48.24 to customers about challenges and
1:49.96 there's three recurring challenges that
1:51.76 I see all the time at least the first is
1:54.20 that team members struggle to understand
1:56.24 what's priority right now now I
1:58.40 understand that you know you as an
2:1.12 individual contributor within an
2:2.76 organization you always have a lot of
2:4.88 things that you have to work on but then
2:6.48 at the same time other people are also
2:8.92 working on their priorities and their
2:10.92 task and there's always conflict there
2:12.76 tend to be conflict around um the
2:14.84 priorities mismatch across the
2:16.56 organization and so when we talk about
2:18.80 team members have trouble understanding
2:20.36 what's party right now it's because of a
2:22.12 communication issue and you're not able
2:24.08 to talk to others and understand where
2:26.36 they're at with respect to the
2:28.76 priorities and then the corollary to
2:30.88 that is actually becomes harder to keep
2:32.68 track on the status of work across all
2:34.80 these areas of responsibilities we no
2:37.16 longer have one set of tasks we have so
2:39.32 many things going on at the same time so
2:42.44 understanding where things are um and
2:44.84 how it's progressing especially when
2:46.36 someone else doing it is extremely
2:48.16 important and then the last aspect of it
2:50.68 is that emails and meetings are just
2:52.64 causing far too much context witching um
2:55.28 ironically I feel like over the last
2:56.92 couple of years you know communication
2:59.40 software Ware have really Advanced we're
3:1.44 talking about team slack and and and all
3:5.44 that um but what happens is that we're
3:7.76 just getting overwhelming so we're
3:9.04 getting pinged with messages over and
3:10.76 over again and then the truly most
3:13.00 important emails um or the truly most
3:15.12 important messages are actually
3:17.80 lost so what is part Matrix um per just
3:22.00 in case you're not aware if you're
3:23.96 signing up for this webinar and then not
3:25.44 realizing what prometrix is it's a
3:27.32 comprehensive email priority and project
3:29.44 man software T teams manage emails
3:32.12 conduct efficient meeting and get
3:33.28 realtime status updates of projects and
3:35.00 priorities so parametrix brings all of
3:37.16 those areas together into one central
3:38.96 place um a question I tend to get is
3:41.80 does part Matrix work for individual and
3:43.64 the answer is yes in fact part Matrix
3:45.76 started as a software for individually
3:47.88 manage their priorities and then over
3:50.00 time one of the things we realize is
3:51.84 that wait a minute if I can manage my
3:53.80 priorities well and then I can share
3:56.12 that priorities um with others then it's
3:59.76 more than 1 plus 1 1 plus 1 is three not
4:2.44 two right so that's the um advancements
4:5.88 of per perto Matrix and so I want to
4:7.92 make sure that you understand that you
4:9.20 know at the end of the day it starts at
4:11.12 the individual it starts at at the
4:13.12 personal level um and I feel like that's
4:15.04 the most important thing to recognize
4:16.80 about patrix
4:18.48 itself so how does patrix help with
4:21.24 those three challenges that I talked
4:23.40 about first we use What's called the
4:25.20 four quadrant methodology to promote
4:27.08 effective prioritization I'll go into
4:28.72 that in more details
4:30.20 um secondly patrix provide different
4:32.12 views such as what I call the one-on-one
4:34.28 the agenda the timeline to help you
4:36.88 understand what needs to be done within
4:38.20 the right context and then U finally P
4:41.88 Matrix provide really deep integration
4:43.40 into the system you already use
4:44.76 including Microsoft teams and outlook
4:46.68 for Effective email and task
4:48.52 prioritization so I would argue that um
4:51.08 where petric shines is our ability to
4:53.24 actually help you bring all of these
4:55.44 elements together into one central place
4:57.60 and so being able to understand what
4:59.60 what you need to work on means you have
5:0.88 to understand what are all the things
5:2.36 you could work
5:3.96 on so what makes protom Matrix different
5:6.36 from so many other software now I
5:8.04 imagine the vast majority of you who are
5:10.32 here today and and listening to this
5:12.00 webinar um afterwards you already have
5:14.24 gone through so many tools I I know
5:16.04 there are a
5:18.40 thousand I'm not exaggerating I'm pretty
5:20.68 sure a thousand task and project
5:22.48 management software um so what happens
5:26.32 is that um the vast majority of them
5:28.04 help you manage tasks but what they
5:31.12 don't help you do is understand
5:32.80 priorities and so a couple of other
5:34.92 things that makes patrix difference it's
5:36.68 a Microsoft 365 security certified
5:38.96 solution um and across all web uh teams
5:44.60 and Outlook app and then one of the
5:46.68 things I'm really excited about is that
5:48.12 we're leveraging AI to help you achieve
5:50.72 your goals um and so I'll try to show
5:52.76 that capability today as well and then
5:55.04 also part matrics provide what I call
5:56.56 people Centric collaboration so we kind
5:58.56 of flip the model of a project
6:0.44 management software where you're
6:1.64 managing project with the task inside
6:3.92 now you flip it and you think wait a
6:5.28 minute um when I'm working on something
6:7.64 who am I working at on who am I doing
6:10.76 this for is it for my manager is it for
6:12.68 my customer for my client um for myself
6:15.56 Etc and so that what that's what people
6:17.24 Centric collaboration means and then
6:18.96 finally patrix is available as a SAS
6:21.52 solution which is what we'll talk about
6:22.92 today as well as a hipa compliance for
6:25.12 healthcare Life Sciences as well as an
6:26.72 Azure government Cloud for state and
6:28.48 local governments um if you're
6:30.28 interested in those other Solutions or
6:32.56 or um Enterprise solution definitely
6:35.16 reach out to
6:36.64 us so let's talk about the basics the
6:39.16 fundamentals behind Prometrics there's a
6:41.24 famous quote attributed to former
6:42.80 President Eisenhower what is important
6:44.60 is seldom urgence and what is urgent is
6:46.28 seld of important what I really like
6:48.08 about this quote is it breaks everything
6:49.92 that we have to do into the two
6:51.12 dimensions of importance and urgency
6:53.64 right whenever we say we have something
6:55.52 to do is it because it's urgent because
6:58.20 you have to get it done now or is it
6:59.96 because it's important and so if you
7:2.36 were to go and take everything you have
7:4.48 to
7:5.36 do and you put it into a list well does
7:9.76 that list adequately capture importance
7:12.08 and urgency um did the first item you
7:14.44 write down happen to to be the most
7:16.12 important and the most urgent or is it
7:18.36 just whatever came to your mind and so
7:20.48 one of the exercises I really like to
7:23.20 ask customers to do um is
7:26.68 one write down everything you have to do
7:29.16 right all the stuff that's on your mind
7:31.24 all the stuff that's on your to-do list
7:33.16 and then second start looking at them
7:35.76 and determining where do I start
7:38.20 first and so the way the per Matrix
7:40.84 works is instead of having this linear
7:42.64 list you break it into a quadrant into
7:45.68 these four quadrants the Quadrant One
7:47.76 the do now that's the equivalent to
7:49.52 importantance and Urgent um and then the
7:51.76 quadrant two are the important but not
7:53.40 urgence and so that's what I can start
7:54.84 planning for and then what are the
7:56.60 things that I can delegate to others um
7:58.76 and what I mean by delegate even if you
8:0.52 don't have a direct report you can think
8:1.96 of Delegation as a place where you can
8:5.72 actually get someone else to do it
8:7.88 instead and that could be a third party
8:10.24 um that could be another business Etc
8:13.60 and so delegation is just a way to
8:15.76 actually take it off your plate and so
8:17.56 ensuring that you know you're actually
8:19.08 focused on those top two and then
8:21.24 instead of looking at anything that's
8:22.72 not important not urgent if you do have
8:24.48 any of those things get rid of them
8:26.36 right declutter right away so instead
8:28.64 use quadrant before as what as what I
8:30.40 call the inbox which is where you sort
8:32.56 of get started and so if you don't know
8:34.24 where something belongs yet you put into
8:35.84 the Inbox and then you prioritize as
8:38.52 appropriate now this is the part that's
8:40.72 really interesting when you have taken
8:43.00 that list of yours and you put it into
8:45.16 the items into this this four uh these
8:47.24 four quadrants my challenge to you is do
8:50.16 not have everything in quadrant one if
8:53.12 you have more than 25% that means maybe
8:55.84 you have to reprioritize a little bit
8:57.80 and if you have if everything you know
8:59.68 there's a a saying that if everything's
9:1.36 important and Urgent then nothing is
9:2.84 important and Urgent right and so put
9:4.76 that in your mind as well as you're
9:6.48 doing these
9:8.04 prioritization the next part of the
9:9.80 exercise is now that you've done this um
9:12.80 and put all your action items into this
9:14.72 quadrant walk around the office and
9:16.80 start comparing notes and this is where
9:19.28 it's to me it's the most exciting part
9:21.72 because if your manager does the same
9:23.56 thing and your direct reports do the
9:25.16 exact same thing do you think you'll see
9:27.28 alignment imagine if you go and you talk
9:30.56 about you know a really critical project
9:32.56 and you said you know what this project
9:33.92 we have to work on this we have to work
9:35.44 on this now um you know the due date is
9:38.20 is tomorrow um and this
9:40.96 cannot be be delayed and imagine if your
9:44.56 manager didn't feel the same way or your
9:46.28 direct reports um don't feel the same
9:48.76 way then that's where you have that
9:51.12 really good exercise of talking it
9:53.92 through and rep prioritizing the and and
9:56.96 look at it with a bigger picture so one
10:0.12 thing that's really interesting about
10:1.88 using the Eisenhower Matrix that I just
10:3.60 showed to prioritize is that it creates
10:6.60 alignment from the very beginning and is
10:8.60 extremely difficult I'm not going to lie
10:10.20 about that part um that's the one thing
10:12.40 that I cannot emphasize enough even that
10:15.44 if you have to put Tas into the The
10:17.76 Matrix it is hard because people just
10:20.40 love to put their list and then you know
10:22.80 afterwards they realize where it all
10:24.88 belongs and so that's why that's why
10:26.92 that exercise is particularly useful and
10:29.40 success from using per Matrix isn't
10:31.48 about finding what everyone agrees on
10:33.36 it's about discovering disagreements if
10:35.12 you walk around the office and everyone
10:37.28 across your whole organization is
10:39.16 completely aligned on priorities you're
10:41.28 set you don't need our software in fact
10:44.08 you know you're the um unicorn out there
10:46.40 in terms of being able to understand
10:48.12 what you have to work on but my argument
10:50.36 is that when you do find that
10:51.84 disagreement and you start
10:53.64 reprioritizing that means you've
10:55.28 extracted value out of per Matrix so
10:57.08 keep that in your mind as well so so to
10:59.80 to reemphasize all of this promatrix at
11:1.76 the end of the day is a communication
11:3.72 software so don't think of it as
11:6.60 something that's that's a sure to do
11:8.96 think of it as a way to communicate
11:10.64 what's in your brain um and put that
11:12.84 down into priorities and then at the
11:14.76 same time get a peak into your
11:17.20 teammate's priorities so that's what you
11:18.80 should look at pretty Matrix
11:20.76 as as mentioned uh the webinar is
11:23.48 recorded and we'll post it into
11:27.28 webinars and with that I'm going to jump
11:29.72 into the demo
11:32.72 itself all right so I have the party
11:35.76 Matrix open
11:37.48 here um one of the things I want to show
11:39.96 you
11:41.16 is when I open up part Matrix this is
11:44.24 the web app here and I'm going to go
11:46.80 ahead and go to my personal priorities
11:49.16 project here so on the left hand side
11:51.84 are my projects right these are my
11:53.92 different areas of responsibilities and
11:56.60 then in the middle is the four quadrants
11:59.00 everything that I've just talked about
12:0.20 so far you see the do now the do later
12:2.76 the delegate and then here I call it
12:5.44 postpone so and whenever I create a task
12:8.28 in P Matrix I have to create a task
12:10.24 within this framework so I can't put in
12:13.76 the list I have to decide where it goes
12:16.80 and creating a task in Matrix is
12:18.44 extremely easy so for example so you
12:21.52 have one here let's follow with webinar
12:23.04 participants um but I'm going to go
12:24.72 ahead and do create a new task let's say
12:28.48 um do some competitor research okay so
12:32.44 that's an example of how I can create a
12:34.20 task in patrix but the next thing I can
12:36.64 do is actually instead of actually just
12:38.40 creating that task I can say do in one
12:41.96 week so patrix uses what's called
12:44.48 natural language to take any task um
12:47.84 that you have and words such as doing
12:50.40 one week and automatically set the due
12:52.48 date for you so you say the due data set
12:54.00 for me and I don't have to manually do
12:55.68 it one of the things that I highly
12:58.00 recommend that anyone who uses PR Matrix
13:0.60 do is always set due dates so if we talk
13:3.32 about the dimensions of importance and
13:4.84 urgency if you don't have dates on them
13:7.32 then you're not going to understand when
13:8.88 you should work on them um and so even
13:10.92 if the dates change that's perfectly
13:12.88 okay just set some sort of dates now
13:15.60 that I've created a task on the right
13:17.40 hand side I have what's called my item
13:19.72 details and the way item details works
13:21.88 you can think of it as metadata that you
13:23.84 can attach to a task to give you more
13:25.56 context right so first there's a task in
13:27.96 my personal ities project I can start
13:30.64 this task maybe that's because it's
13:32.08 really important I can add an icon to
13:34.12 this
13:35.24 task um and then I can go down here and
13:38.28 I see owner so when I create a task it
13:41.56 defaults to me but I can go and actually
13:43.72 delegate this to other people and so
13:45.80 that I could change the owner and there
13:47.40 can only be one owner for any task and
13:49.60 then next to that is progress Z to 100%
13:53.04 um and then you have the due dates right
13:55.28 as as you saw earlier I said the due
13:57.04 dates but then there's also reminders
13:58.80 and actually I want to U talk about the
14:0.48 difference here imagine if you have
14:3.48 something to do that takes two days to
14:6.00 to get done if you set the due dates in
14:8.60 a week and then that you know a week
14:10.92 later you get started you're not going
14:12.28 to get that done in time so reminder is
14:14.76 a way for you to actually get
14:16.76 notification to get started earlier one
14:19.64 of the things I like to do is I always
14:21.84 set uh a due date and then I set a
14:24.60 reminder several days before it and then
14:27.60 also um what I can do is I can actually
14:29.64 set recurring reminders as well so for
14:32.12 example right here I have again the task
14:34.40 that's due in October 10th and then
14:36.24 again I'm going to use our natural
14:37.32 language system to say remind me daily
14:41.76 so what's this is going to do is per of
14:43.96 Matrix will send me a daily reminder um
14:46.28 so then I can bring this to the top of
14:48.52 my list so I know that hey this is
14:50.12 something I need to work
14:52.20 on and so below that you have the chat
14:55.16 section so the chat section is where I
14:57.32 interface with pration tricks using
14:59.52 natural language at the same time it's a
15:1.80 place where you can go and um talk to
15:4.48 your co-workers as well so because this
15:6.68 task is just for me this is just my
15:8.40 record but if when I delegate this
15:10.68 action item to another person then that
15:13.24 person and I can actually have a
15:14.56 conversation in here and then you know
15:16.80 we can talk about things like status
15:18.36 updates Etc and it all gets recorded in
15:20.92 the chat
15:21.88 section and then next to that you have
15:23.76 the notes and so when you go to notes
15:25.48 it's where you can add additional
15:26.52 metadata around the task itself this
15:28.64 this is where you can add subtask um
15:30.64 this is where you can add information
15:33.12 that others might need to look at in
15:34.84 order to understand um more information
15:37.08 about the task and then after that you
15:38.72 have resources in resources that's where
15:40.72 you can attach files you can attach
15:42.36 links one of the things that's really
15:44.00 helpful with PR Matrix is the ability to
15:46.12 incorporate email into your task so what
15:48.64 that means is when you create a task you
15:50.44 can actually attach an email to it and
15:52.44 say could you respond to this email um
15:54.84 in a week or or in a month
15:57.08 Etc so that at a high level are um is
16:0.52 the metadata around your task and so now
16:3.28 let's take a look at the project itself
16:4.88 so as you can see on the Le hand side my
16:7.32 list of projects what I can do is
16:9.44 actually I can go and customize my
16:11.00 project here I can go click on edit and
16:13.44 it actually opens up my project and now
16:15.76 I in setad of item details I have my
16:17.44 project details within my project
16:19.24 details I can customize the name of my
16:20.84 project and if I star it then it goes to
16:22.56 the top of my list and then below that I
16:24.76 have the four quadrants one thing that's
16:26.76 really um useful here is is that you can
16:29.12 customize the name of the quadrants
16:31.88 themselves as well as the color the
16:33.96 reason we like to do that is because
16:36.16 over time as you use patrix one of the
16:38.80 things you'll learn is that there's
16:40.72 certain terminology that's really
16:43.24 reflective of how you and your
16:45.04 organization work some people like to
16:47.68 write this as important and Urgent um
16:50.20 others like the do now um others like uh
16:53.44 using other dimensions such as effort
16:55.88 and impact Etc so if you have different
16:59.40 needs you can actually customize that
17:1.48 and so once you start using protom Trix
17:3.64 more and more you'll find that maybe you
17:5.84 don't have a delegate section and
17:7.56 instead you can use this as a section
17:9.32 for resources or documentation and so
17:12.28 then when someone's looking at this
17:13.56 project they can actually use the
17:15.28 quadrants as a way to um see everything
17:18.12 that's that's important around the task
17:20.20 within that
17:21.92 project so let me show you how to create
17:24.32 a project so if you want to create a
17:26.28 project you go to click on Project here
17:27.96 and create project so when you go and
17:30.84 create a project you have several
17:32.24 options the first is you can always
17:34.56 create a blank project so with a blank
17:37.08 project what I can do is I can just name
17:39.32 the project and then click create and
17:41.48 that's very very easy and to get started
17:43.80 you can just choose a color theme Etc
17:45.88 and then you have a couple of basic
17:47.08 templates that you can choose from the
17:48.76 basic PR Matrix is what you saw but also
17:51.04 we actually have several other uh
17:53.12 template that you can choose now some of
17:55.00 you might recognize you know the
17:56.40 Eisenhower Matrix the SWAT analysis
17:59.12 um retroactive project analysis all that
18:1.44 boils down to is terminology right and
18:3.80 so that goes and updates the names of
18:6.16 the quadrants to reflect those different
18:7.84 methodology so that gives patrix a that
18:10.32 makes patrix a very flexible tool for
18:12.88 more than just managing the tasks you
18:14.52 have
18:15.44 today but when you go back to the create
18:18.24 project list um you also have several
18:20.40 other options so for example you're able
18:22.68 to choose from what we I call our public
18:24.80 templates these are templates we've
18:27.40 created um over the years that not just
18:30.56 include the quadrant names but also task
18:34.16 in them um again just to get you started
18:37.04 um based on some of the learnings that
18:38.72 we've had in the past you can also save
18:41.68 any project as a template let me give
18:43.88 you a use case imagine if your
18:46.72 organization has a client on boarding
18:49.08 process within that client onboarding
18:51.00 process you have a list of priorities
18:52.56 you have the task in quadrant one two
18:54.48 three four uh and then within those you
18:56.72 have various due dates and so forth what
18:58.68 you can do is you can save that project
19:1.32 as a template the reason you want to do
19:3.88 that is then the next time you onboard a
19:5.68 customer you simply choose from that
19:7.60 template and you choose the start date
19:10.20 and then all those due dates get created
19:12.48 and propagated out for you very very
19:14.88 helpful way to save you a ton of time
19:17.88 especially you have recurring projects
19:19.88 so that's what you see in the my
19:21.36 template so you can see here for example
19:23.60 I have a process template an employee
19:25.40 onboarding template Etc so you can let
19:27.76 your ination run while here with respect
19:30.52 to the kind of templates that you can
19:32.16 create and share within your
19:34.24 team finally there's an option to create
19:37.00 with AI so the way Crea with AI works is
19:39.80 we take a goal that you have and we help
19:42.24 you come up with the appropriate action
19:44.28 items for you to achieve that goal for
19:46.80 example let's say
19:49.68 um um I'm going to go and do competitive
19:57.24 research
19:59.40 okay do competative research so I'm
20:1.24 going to create that as a goal um and so
20:4.80 now what's happening is our AI will take
20:7.64 that goal and create a series of action
20:10.36 items that's appropriate to that goal in
20:12.92 a patrix project for you the idea here
20:16.20 is very simple helps you get started by
20:19.16 creating a baseline so then you can use
20:21.56 that Baseline to actually do the work
20:23.24 that you need to do because sometimes
20:25.76 one of the hardest thing for all of us
20:28.00 is is actually to go from Step Zero to
20:30.80 step one right and Step Zero is that
20:33.00 blank slate and step one is the first
20:35.20 task so what our AI is doing is take you
20:38.16 from the Step Zero to step 10 and what
20:40.72 it does is actually creates all those
20:42.44 tasks for you and then you can look at
20:44.32 them and say you know what that doesn't
20:46.08 look right and you can get rid of that
20:47.64 or you look you get see another task and
20:49.20 say you know that's a good idea let me
20:50.80 modify it then you can do that um or
20:53.24 another one might be a task that
20:54.88 actually is appropriate but now you need
20:56.40 to delegate to another person so
20:58.76 leverage that capability as a way to get
21:1.08 started really quickly and this is where
21:3.52 you know the recent advancement in AI
21:5.68 has made this uh has made this possible
21:8.20 and we're actually constantly innovating
21:10.44 around that area so we also have
21:12.92 hundreds of other templates already
21:15.08 created across all these various use
21:17.72 case as well um and so we try our best
21:20.24 to share that with our customers and so
21:22.36 if you have any feedback definitely
21:24.80 share with us especially on whether
21:26.76 these templates are helpful to you
21:29.04 so you see how I created that I'm going
21:30.76 to go back and going to click close here
21:33.28 um and now you can see that when I go
21:35.00 back to pmatrix here it did take a few
21:37.00 seconds to generate but now my project
21:38.96 is ready I can click on open Action Plan
21:41.80 and it actually takes me to the
21:43.16 promatrix project and within this
21:45.96 project it actually is using a different
21:47.56 terminology color um so you see how a
21:50.80 different terminology within the
21:51.96 quadrant I mean and low effort high
21:53.88 impact High effort high impact low
21:55.92 effort low impact and high effort low
21:57.52 impact again this is now an impact
22:0.04 effort Matrix helping you identify
22:2.96 where's the biggest bang for the buck
22:4.44 and so when you go and create project
22:7.24 with per Matrix AI we use this
22:9.56 terminology to help you um identify the
22:12.00 easy wins right so quadrant one again is
22:14.20 where you want to focus your time that's
22:15.80 the easy win um and then these are the
22:18.12 ones that you should plan for next and
22:19.52 then down here these are things that you
22:21.24 can actually look at for the
22:23.52 future
22:25.04 so that's within the project itself so
22:27.40 what I've shown I've shown you how to
22:28.80 create projects I've shown you how to
22:30.64 add tasks I've shown you how to update
22:32.48 the task and I've shown you how to
22:34.00 customize the project now let's step
22:36.00 back a second and talk about some of
22:37.28 these other challenges that we we solve
22:39.32 with PR Matrix one of the things that um
22:41.84 one of the reason customers come to PR
22:43.24 Matrix is prioritizing emails what
22:46.56 happens is that all of us get so many
22:48.32 emails I mean for me personally I get
22:50.04 several hundred emails a day it's
22:51.88 extremely difficult to stay on top of
22:53.68 that now I know that many of you guys
22:55.56 are actually probably facing similar
22:57.08 challenges so what happens when you get
22:59.20 an important email you flag them right
23:1.12 that's the default answer for everybody
23:3.84 so that's great if you have three flags
23:5.76 emails what happens if you have 50 flag
23:7.88 emails which one do you answer first or
23:10.24 how do you know that you need to go back
23:12.12 and answer some of those emails um do
23:14.12 you go through your list of 50 flag
23:16.12 emails every single day or what if you
23:18.16 need to take that flag email you need to
23:19.72 assign to somebody and that's a
23:21.36 challenge that we see over and over
23:22.96 again so prioritizing email becomes a
23:26.24 very fundamental cap ability inside PR
23:28.84 Matrix so let me show you how that works
23:30.60 so when you go to Outlook what you can
23:33.80 do is let's just say um if you have an
23:37.36 email well first of all to to in order
23:39.64 to access this capability you have to
23:40.84 install pry Matrix for Outlook so you go
23:43.24 to the App Store and install it then
23:45.48 when you get an email so for example
23:47.60 I'll show you an email that I have here
23:50.48 let's say I get an email and this is an
23:52.16 email from maybe maybe my manager maybe
23:54.92 my customer um maybe some other um a
23:59.32 client or something that I need to
24:0.80 prioritize I can click on this ellipses
24:3.32 here and go down choose P Matrix and
24:5.68 choose prioritize email so what's going
24:8.56 to happen is that pry Matrix will go and
24:11.00 extract the information from your email
24:13.48 such as the subject of the email here
24:15.48 creates a task and then afterwards you
24:17.72 can decide what project does this go in
24:20.40 so you can see that with promatrix we go
24:23.16 and we again force you to organize the
24:26.76 information that you have including
24:28.92 deciding on the project which means
24:30.84 context and then um also the quadrant so
24:33.56 you can choose which quadrant it belongs
24:35.16 in so let me just choose Quadrant 4 here
24:38.64 I can next assign this task to somebody
24:41.68 so when I have an email instead of just
24:44.12 me taking care of this email maybe I
24:46.36 need a coworker to to handle it and so
24:48.92 you can imagine again if you have if you
24:51.20 are in sales you get an email and now
24:53.20 you need engineering to do some support
24:55.08 work you can go and take that email
24:57.24 prioritize it delegate it to someone on
24:59.68 the engineering side and say Hey you
25:1.44 know this is something that we need to
25:2.60 look at now when that um that team
25:5.04 member opens up Pro Matrix they can see
25:7.36 the content of the email they can even
25:8.88 open the email and and respond to it but
25:11.96 then what's nice is that you can set a
25:13.32 due date around that too so now they'll
25:15.84 get a notification that this email is
25:18.24 going to be due within a certain date um
25:20.44 you can set reminders on top of that and
25:22.44 so that's where party Matrix really
25:24.40 shines compared to just flagging an
25:26.48 email it's because it ow you to add all
25:28.64 this additional metadata this additional
25:30.68 context around it and organized
25:32.84 information so then I can click capture
25:35.16 email and that's it it creates the task
25:37.80 and you can see on the right hand side
25:39.28 now it opens up that same item detail
25:42.64 that we saw earlier right the project
25:44.96 name um the task name I can star it and
25:48.44 it has an icon associated with it again
25:50.88 I can I can assign that to somebody else
25:53.20 and then if my teammate and I have to
25:55.08 have a discussion around this email
25:56.84 that's what the chat section ction is
25:58.04 for so now you and your co-workers can
26:0.88 actually discuss about this email and
26:3.12 then maybe some of things some things
26:4.52 you have to do might be to create a
26:6.28 presentation or update a presentation
26:8.72 well guess what that's where the
26:9.76 resources section comes in and you can
26:11.80 attach links to your SharePoint your
26:13.84 Google Docs or even upload the documents
26:16.24 themselves so you can think of pry
26:18.00 Matrix again as that one central place
26:20.76 where you're taking an email you're
26:22.16 putting into the the proper context
26:24.20 along with everything else and the fact
26:26.40 that you're using due dates and ERS
26:28.36 makes it so that everyone knows what
26:30.24 they need to work on and the fact that
26:31.72 you put it again in quadrant one or
26:33.52 quadrant two um allows everyone to
26:35.92 understand that this is something that's
26:37.04 high priority so that's what happens
26:39.28 with an email but here's the next catch
26:41.76 to it again let's just say you get an
26:44.12 email and um you already flagged a
26:47.20 previous email right because it's it was
26:49.24 a very important now this email is a
26:51.20 followup so then imagine you flag that
26:54.36 too well now you're going to get very
26:56.32 confused because now you have two flags
26:57.64 emails within the same context so what
26:59.60 patrix allow you to do is if you get an
27:1.68 email you can actually go and click on
27:4.40 this ellipses and instead of
27:5.96 prioritizing the email you can open up
27:8.08 patrix and attach the email to an
27:10.84 existing task and so you can see now
27:13.16 instead of instead of just actually
27:14.88 prioritizing this as a brand new task I
27:17.00 can hover over the par Matrix task and
27:19.08 attach it so now imagine I have multiple
27:21.32 emails I can actually keep it organized
27:23.08 in one central place um and especially
27:25.40 you have followup with customers or you
27:27.16 might have other emails that are not um
27:29.96 directly from the same person and put in
27:31.80 one central place in fact one of the
27:33.80 capabilities that we have is that if you
27:36.12 and multiple team members are using PR
27:37.84 Matrix and someone sends you an email
27:40.04 and CC both of you when you create a
27:42.96 task from it py Matrix Will C capture
27:45.72 that and then when your coworker goes in
27:48.20 and and opens that same email that
27:50.04 they're CCD on they can actually see
27:52.16 that hey this email might have already
27:53.96 been prioritized so you don't have to
27:55.72 prioritize again so that's something
27:57.52 something that is completely not
27:58.96 possible in any of your email management
28:0.80 software and is Possible only with the
28:3.00 per Matrix um Outlook
28:5.00 extension so now you can see how pry
28:7.04 Matrix create one central place to have
28:9.24 all your emails organized now let's jump
28:11.20 over to Microsoft teams the reason I
28:12.72 want to do that is because we talk about
28:15.28 context switching right um now I know
28:18.32 that you know a lot of you are probably
28:19.44 using so many different software at any
28:20.88 point in time and Microsoft teams is
28:22.64 getting really popular especially at at
28:25.40 Enterprises and so forth we use it
28:27.00 within our organization um so while PR
28:29.72 Matrix works completely outside of teams
28:31.96 everything that you can do if you do use
28:33.96 Microsoft teams we do add several
28:35.76 capabilities that are worthwhile to
28:37.20 mention if you use Microsoft teams
28:39.40 definitely install P Matrix go to the
28:41.00 App Store install P Matrix and then one
28:43.00 thing I would like you to do is right
28:44.72 click on here and pin it so when you pin
28:46.96 it it's very easy to access prot Matrix
28:48.84 and so you can see how when I go to here
28:50.80 the interface looks exactly the same as
28:52.56 the web app the only difference is the
28:54.48 menu is hidden here but this is now now
28:57.60 the next part about how we integrate
28:59.08 into teams so if you go to the chat
29:1.08 section here one of the things you can
29:2.80 do in patrix is ADD tabs inside teams so
29:6.04 for example when I have a coworker
29:8.24 inside teams I can add What's called the
29:9.76 one-on-one the way the one-on-one works
29:11.84 is it actually it does it flips the
29:13.72 whole party Matrix around and instead of
29:16.00 putting in the context of project we put
29:17.92 in the context of people so what this
29:20.36 tap will do is it pulls up all the
29:22.36 action items you have with your coworker
29:25.76 across all of your PR
29:27.96 so imagine if this was your direct
29:31.44 report how hard is it for you today to
29:33.96 find out what are the status of all the
29:36.20 work you have to do with somebody else
29:39.12 just think about that for a second and
29:40.96 imagine if you have to go and look at
29:42.72 the list with your manager and then the
29:44.40 list of like your five or six direct
29:46.24 reports or some of the co-workers that
29:48.24 you work with closely so with per Matrix
29:51.36 when you go to the oneon-one instead of
29:53.68 having to go through each project and
29:55.80 then you know clicking through the
29:57.00 detail and see what are the things that
29:58.60 you guys work on together it goes and
30:1.24 grabs all of those tasks and shows it
30:3.48 you right here and it shows any task
30:5.96 where you are both followers and or
30:8.36 owner or delegated to this place is
30:11.88 extremely easy to see everything that's
30:14.12 overdue and when you're having that
30:15.60 one-on-one meeting and you just open
30:17.64 this up you can click through all the
30:19.88 different task that you have talk about
30:21.88 it rep prioritize it as needed change
30:24.32 due date as needed and then not only
30:26.28 that you can add share task very easily
30:28.28 too so you don't even have to leave
30:30.92 party Matrix I'm sorry you don't even
30:32.40 have to leave this tab to create share
30:33.96 task so you can see when I click on
30:35.32 shareed task you can assign that to your
30:37.80 coworker directly from here again use
30:40.44 natural language to set due dates it
30:42.28 assigned to the person it adds you as a
30:43.96 follower so when this task gets updated
30:46.12 you get a
30:47.32 notification um and then down here you
30:49.20 can choose what project it belongs in so
30:52.00 I really highly recommend this if you
30:53.76 have a lot of one-onone meetings and
30:55.56 you're always doing status report
30:57.24 reports on the tasks that you're working
30:59.56 on what I like about this view too is
31:2.56 that if there are any tasks that are
31:4.08 overdue it turns red and so you can
31:6.24 actually sort each of these and see what
31:8.40 are the tasks that are overdue um or
31:10.64 what are the tasks that's due you know
31:12.28 due soon Etc and easily talk through
31:15.60 them and um and update them as needed
31:18.48 and modified is essentially any any
31:20.84 information around the task that's been
31:22.52 changed right such as you know someone
31:24.52 changed a due date someone updated the
31:26.08 chat Etc
31:27.80 so I really recommend um this one-on-one
31:30.56 if you use Microsoft teams the way to
31:33.04 add that is you click on this plus and
31:35.04 then choose PR
31:36.44 Matrix and then choose the one-on-one
31:38.84 here um a second view you can add is
31:41.36 what's called a full project view so
31:43.20 let's just say if you share a project
31:45.92 with another person and you're always
31:47.88 working on things within that project
31:49.80 you can also add this tab the reason you
31:52.12 do that is then when you're in a chat
31:53.64 with somebody you don't even have to
31:54.92 open PR Matrix you can just go to this
31:56.76 view to to see the appropriate
31:58.96 projects but beyond that what we allow
32:1.44 you to do too is actually take any
32:3.32 conversation that you have with somebody
32:4.96 and turn that into a chat into a task
32:7.24 itself so let me give you a use case
32:9.44 let's just say you're talking to your
32:10.80 manager and then U your manager say hey
32:14.44 could you do XYZ right now in a
32:17.28 traditional way um you would have to go
32:19.48 open up prod Matrix go find a project
32:22.12 create the task invite your manager Etc
32:24.76 so instead you can just hover over this
32:26.80 chat click on this ellipses and create
32:28.80 PM item so what happens now is that a
32:31.96 task is created you can choose the
32:34.08 project you can choose the quadrant you
32:35.40 can set a due dates but here's the next
32:37.24 part pry Matrix will link back to this
32:39.68 moment in time when you have this
32:40.92 conversation in teams so let me give you
32:43.12 an example let's say you and your
32:45.04 manager are talking about three or four
32:46.56 different things and then you create a
32:48.76 tasking PR Matrix and then six months
32:51.08 later you're looking at it and you're
32:52.32 like wait a minute what were the things
32:53.52 where we were talking about what was all
32:54.76 this context right cuz all you have is
32:56.44 the task name well pry Matrix link back
32:59.04 so then you can click on this link here
33:0.92 it takes back you uh takes you back to
33:2.84 teams and it shows you everything that
33:5.16 you uh talked about during that time so
33:8.60 very helpful way to review your
33:11.64 messages one of the other things you can
33:13.60 do is imagine if you delegate a task to
33:15.84 somebody in in Microsoft um in P Matrix
33:18.76 and now you know you didn't see them
33:20.20 respond in Microsoft teams you can
33:22.04 actually open up per Matrix here and
33:24.08 then send any task that you have um in
33:27.12 to as an action card in teams this
33:30.16 allows them to easily view the item and
33:32.04 it's a great way to get a give them a
33:34.04 gentle reminder that they need to look
33:36.12 at the
33:37.28 task we also have multiple other
33:39.88 capabilities inside PR matrics including
33:41.96 integration with your meetings so if you
33:44.36 have a meeting let's say inside teams
33:46.88 again um one of the things you can do is
33:49.24 actually let's just say you have a
33:51.36 meeting
33:55.68 okay um one of the things you can do
34:1.08 is create a
34:3.56 task create that meeting inside
34:5.76 Microsoft teams but you're also able to
34:8.44 go and attach party Matrix as a tab as
34:11.44 well and so when you do that what pry
34:13.80 Matrix will do is it'll bring up all the
34:16.52 action items um that's relevant between
34:19.20 the team members who's in this meeting
34:21.08 and so that allows you to go and take
34:22.84 any party Matrix task and create an
34:25.32 agenda out of it and then as you're in
34:27.48 the meeting itself you can actually
34:29.72 create party Matrix task directly from
34:31.88 your meeting notes so that's a really
34:33.80 powerful capability and Powerful
34:35.52 Integrations inside teams um teams
34:37.88 meeting now the reason why I'm talking
34:40.08 about this and the reason we do any of
34:41.60 these things is all about reducing
34:43.60 contact switching for you because I know
34:45.60 at the end of the day we're just
34:47.04 spending too much time across all these
34:49.32 different apps and and what happens is
34:51.76 it's really distracting if you have to
34:53.16 switch contacts just to create a simple
34:55.24 task and so keep that in mind with P
34:57.68 Matrix so with that I'm actually going
34:59.68 to go back to patrix to tell you a
35:1.32 couple more things um that might be
35:3.24 useful as you go through your journey
35:5.00 with PR
35:6.24 Matrix now as I mentioned earlier let me
35:9.08 just choose another project here um you
35:12.24 can see within this project that I have
35:15.32 again series of task um and I talked
35:17.60 about the The Matrix view quite often
35:20.04 but up here if you go to the middle
35:22.08 section you can actually switch views of
35:25.64 all your data as well so I can go to the
35:27.80 list View and the list view takes all
35:30.48 the task and write it down in the list
35:33.28 um and you still have the Matrix the
35:35.28 quadrants here so you can sort it but so
35:37.72 this is very easy to to organize and and
35:40.24 group them and then you can still create
35:42.08 tasks directly from here so the reason
35:44.20 we have this is some people prefer the
35:46.24 list view um as long as they understand
35:48.60 that these are these tasks are
35:50.28 prioritized in different ways what I
35:52.56 like about the list view is the ability
35:54.28 to see due dates really easily so as you
35:57.12 can see here when I'm in the list view I
35:59.28 can actually sort by due dates and then
36:1.24 all the tasks that are overdue also turn
36:3.40 red so then it allows me to easily
36:5.52 identify tasks that needs to be worked
36:7.76 on um and then from there either I mark
36:10.04 them as done or I delegate them to
36:12.16 somebody else or I re I change the due
36:14.96 dates and so that's one of the things
36:17.04 again I recommend doing which is keep an
36:19.28 eye out on the um on your due dates and
36:21.84 make sure that you actually work on
36:23.04 these action
36:24.20 items and then you have the calendar
36:26.24 view now the way the calendar view works
36:28.12 is any task that has due dates would
36:30.32 show up in the calendar view right and
36:32.40 then from the calendar view you can
36:33.88 actually drag things around directly
36:36.20 from this calendar interface now the
36:38.40 reason we have this is that again
36:40.92 sometimes you want to see within the
36:42.24 bigger picture what are the things I
36:43.80 have to work on this week what are the
36:45.04 things I have to work on next week and
36:46.72 it's very visual um as you can imagine a
36:49.36 list view doesn't help you with that and
36:51.08 the Matrix view helps you understand
36:52.76 priorities but it doesn't help you
36:54.72 understand what your next week would
36:55.92 look like
36:57.48 and then beyond that you have the Gant
36:58.88 chart so the way the Gant chart works is
37:0.88 this so let me show you how it works so
37:2.56 what the Gant chart does is it takes all
37:4.28 your action items that have due dates
37:6.08 and it actually displayed on a timeline
37:7.88 view so the way PR Matrix works is
37:9.96 actually you can go and you can link
37:12.32 task together so when you choose a task
37:14.20 input Matrix going back to the resource
37:16.32 section here I mentioned how you can
37:17.68 link files and emails well guess what
37:20.04 you can link par Matrix action items as
37:21.92 well so if I go to
37:23.80 here what I can do is um I can link an
37:27.76 existing item and now I can choose
37:30.68 another action item in per Matrix and I
37:33.08 can set it so then I can say that this
37:35.88 task is blocked by another task or this
37:38.44 task blocks another task or this task is
37:40.40 caused by another task or this task is
37:42.64 causes another task so you can play with
37:45.04 that to see how it all links together
37:47.72 but um this is a useful way to create
37:51.12 dependencies within PR Matrix and the
37:53.28 way the gantar works is it's intended to
37:55.40 be super easy for for you to build this
37:57.64 you don't have to do any tweaking or
38:0.00 whatever you just create action items in
38:1.88 part Matrix as long as you said due
38:3.28 dates our system will build the scan
38:5.00 chart for you um again just as a very
38:7.28 simple way to see the timeline of how
38:10.08 things look in the future this is very
38:12.68 helpful if you want to look at months in
38:14.80 advance so you can see out here I can
38:16.88 zoom out and I can see you know April
38:18.64 May all the way to October November Etc
38:21.96 um so what happens with the calendar
38:23.44 view is it's good for seeing things that
38:25.40 are within a month or a week but it
38:27.68 doesn't give you the even bigger picture
38:30.16 of how things looks much further down
38:31.68 the road so if you have a very complex
38:33.76 project with due dates that's really far
38:35.92 out the timeline view is helpful for
38:39.32 that so one of the things I do want to
38:41.56 mention is how you invite other people
38:43.64 to your project so earlier um I showed
38:46.16 you how you can get to the project
38:47.24 details if you click on this edit here
38:49.32 and you go to the project details this
38:50.88 is where you can invite team members I
38:52.68 want to give you a quick note on how
38:54.92 permissions work what happen happens
38:56.80 with P Matrix is if the project is only
38:58.60 for you then you're the only person who
39:0.44 can see it um but then if you invite
39:2.76 somebody else to the project they get
39:4.76 full access to the project itself too
39:7.60 that means they can edit tasks they can
39:9.56 create tasks Etc but remember patrix
39:12.20 create a record of all those changes so
39:14.48 don't worry about you know we we see
39:17.32 customers getting worried about um how
39:19.92 you know other people are making changes
39:21.52 and so forth and they don't know what's
39:22.64 going on well patrix track all those
39:24.60 changes so definitely you can go and you
39:27.52 know talk to your team members to ensure
39:29.60 that you people are making changes that
39:31.80 they only should be but at least if they
39:35.20 do you have a record of all of that but
39:37.44 that's how permission works if you want
39:38.88 to read you share them A readon version
39:41.80 of petrix of that Matrix you can go to
39:44.32 here and then choose share project in
39:47.04 readon mode so in that case they can
39:49.12 take a look at the project but they
39:50.48 can't modify it additionally what you
39:52.60 can do is you can also delegate a task
39:55.00 to a person who's not in the project and
39:57.36 so that allows them to see the task but
39:59.36 only that task um and not the rest of
40:1.36 the Matrix so those are the various way
40:3.40 to handle permissions within for Matrix
40:5.44 but I do want to mention that so one of
40:7.32 the things that I highly recommend
40:8.88 everyone does is one create a personal
40:11.56 project and then two create a project
40:13.28 with your team and so in that team
40:15.28 project that's where you have one
40:17.28 central place to track all the
40:19.00 priorities that you
40:20.84 have and then the other view you want to
40:23.24 look at in P Matrix is What's called the
40:24.80 home View and so this is the last thing
40:26.20 that I'll show um in today's webinar
40:28.32 within the the product itself when you
40:30.56 go to the home view this is where you
40:32.48 start your day so for me personally when
40:34.92 I open up PR Matrix I go to the home
40:36.76 View and I look at my alerts the way the
40:38.88 alert works is the following whenever
40:40.76 there's a task that you're in or
40:44.16 delegated to and there's been an update
40:46.00 it shows up here so you can think of
40:47.88 this as your attention needed right and
40:50.08 then as you click through each of these
40:51.68 tasks this list goes down so you see how
40:54.12 I can choose this task and now it's 108
40:56.28 I'm going choose this task now it's 107
40:58.20 and so it allows me to go down the list
41:0.16 and then afterwards um once I'm at zero
41:2.56 then I know I've looked at every task
41:4.08 that required my attention now of course
41:6.48 you know maybe that list will get really
41:9.36 really stale or you've you know built up
41:11.44 a lot of notifications that you want to
41:12.76 clear you go ahead up here and clear all
41:15.24 notifications and this is where the due
41:17.64 dates and this is where the reminders
41:19.60 really help um so when I have a task I
41:22.40 always set again that daily reminders or
41:25.60 weekly reminders ERS so then when I
41:27.56 clear this list um the next day or the
41:31.24 next week I'll get reminded again on the
41:33.76 task that are really important and again
41:35.48 it's just all about Sur re resurfacing
41:37.72 it up um so then it's top of mind
41:40.44 anyways this is one good place for you
41:41.84 to get started so if you were using
41:43.76 patrix with other team members this is
41:46.28 how you know whether or not there's been
41:48.00 changes um to the task that you should
41:50.72 care
41:51.56 about and then the other sections is
41:54.28 just the agenda which is where you see
41:55.84 all the task that you have that's
41:57.60 relevant to you but for the next
42:1.24 week and then uh with that I'm actually
42:4.36 going to go back to the
42:14.04 presentation so one things I want to
42:16.92 talk about is that you know at the end
42:18.88 of the day no matter what the software
42:20.92 can do or cannot do it's up to you um as
42:23.88 I mentioned earlier I think you know we
42:26.72 talk about the value of pry Matrix in a
42:28.56 team but it starts with the individual
42:31.76 um if PR Matrix can help you
42:34.60 personally understand your priorities
42:37.24 just write things down get it out of
42:38.92 your head so then you have a clear mind
42:41.00 and a better picture of how you should
42:43.68 be spending your time then I think
42:45.52 you'll see that value and then um you'll
42:48.28 get icing on the cake by willing to
42:49.96 share those priorities with your
42:52.88 co-workers if you do use Microsoft teams
42:55.60 an Outlook I do recommend installing
42:57.88 those extensions it is not required to
43:0.32 use py Matrix then the next thing that I
43:3.44 recommend for anyone who's new to P
43:5.04 Matrix is that create a project for
43:7.32 personal priorities create a project for
43:9.04 share team priorities and then create a
43:11.20 project for key initiative when I talk
43:13.08 about key initiative it's essentially a
43:14.92 project on a goal that you really care
43:17.72 about right it could be getting a
43:19.64 promotion it could be um you know
43:21.92 hitting some metrics for your
43:23.32 organization Etc but the re reason you
43:26.36 want to do that is because those are
43:29.04 typically the thing that you should be
43:31.00 spending your time on and if you use
43:32.68 patrix to track that you able to see
43:34.96 your value really
43:36.60 quickly and then if you invite other
43:38.84 team members make sure you pitch to them
43:40.80 on why it's important to use PR Matrix
43:44.68 um in order to help you guys focus on
43:46.72 the high impact task again if you use a
43:49.68 task management software and then there
43:51.28 are so many out there or you share it to
43:52.84 DUIs or whatever that's great you know
43:55.24 you know what to do do the difference
43:57.20 with PR Matrix is you need to know what
43:59.68 you need to do within the context of
44:1.84 importance and urgency right so not
44:4.60 everything that we do is valuable and
44:6.60 that's the thing you know we don't have
44:8.44 time to do everything we can only do a
44:10.88 smaller number of tasks within the
44:12.56 bigger picture so then you have to
44:14.00 really decide what has the biggest
44:16.00 impact and that is where patrix is
44:18.32 different from everything
44:20.16 else when you create tasting per Matrix
44:22.92 I highly recommend due dates I highly
44:25.16 recommend that you put tasks in the
44:26.56 appropriate quadrants set reminders and
44:29.20 then check your home view when you do
44:31.36 get reminders when you do have those
44:32.88 tasks if you're done with them mark them
44:34.84 as done later on you can actually run
44:37.00 reports um with PR Matrix to see you
44:39.88 know how well you've done on various
44:41.84 months or quarters and then not only
44:43.80 that you can when you have due dat and
44:45.32 so forth you can see how overloaded your
44:47.36 team members are um so then you don't
44:49.40 delegate them overd delegate them Etc
44:52.44 and then of course ruthlessly prioritize
44:54.96 as the saying go you you know if
44:57.08 everything's important and Urgent then
44:58.52 nothing is um and then if you don't
45:1.20 understand if you don't prioritize
45:3.08 yourself then your time then somebody
45:4.92 else will prioritize your time for
45:7.28 you so couple of advice try to use per
45:10.44 Matrix to track high impact task this is
45:12.60 where it gets really tricky because
45:14.84 sometimes some customers will get so
45:16.16 excited that they actually start
45:17.64 tracking the nitty-gritty really small
45:19.56 stuff which is fine but just keep in
45:22.08 mind that if you use it within the team
45:24.20 and you're communicating the task with
45:25.44 other team memb numers when you track
45:27.00 high impact task then you see more value
45:29.16 so when we talk about you know the
45:30.56 biggest bang for the buck party Matrix
45:32.20 is very helpful to understand the goals
45:35.16 always think of patrix as a
45:36.56 communication tool um and don't think of
45:38.64 it as a project management software it's
45:40.40 a communication tool between you and
45:43.00 others so that everyone's on the same
45:44.84 page and then if you have individual
45:47.40 goals use patrix to tackle those
45:50.60 individuals so what success with PR
45:52.88 Matrix should look like you have one
45:54.56 central place to track priori so then if
45:56.92 you ever you and your team members ever
45:58.68 have a question of hey what is it that
46:0.60 we should be working on you your default
46:3.12 should be look at PR Matrix and say wait
46:4.96 a minute these are the things in
46:6.44 quadrant one these are the things we've
46:7.96 agreed to work on right if we disagree
46:10.68 that's okay you re prioritize PR Matrix
46:13.76 but you want to make sure that PR Matrix
46:15.44 is always the single source of Truth
46:17.72 with respect to priorities and then that
46:19.88 everyone's on the team are align on the
46:21.52 key task and this is where um one of the
46:24.68 things that I've seen really successful
46:26.40 customers do is they project part Matrix
46:28.88 on the big screen when you have that
46:30.48 meeting in the conference room you
46:32.24 project part Matrix on the big screen
46:33.76 you go through the list and when you
46:36.32 have all those people in one central
46:37.84 place you realize that you can actually
46:39.76 focus on just talking about the things
46:41.40 in quadrant one and you can ignore the
46:43.36 rest and suddenly your time in a meeting
46:45.76 is so much more productive because
46:47.40 people spend so much time talking about
46:48.96 things that don't
46:50.16 matter if you have tasks that are
46:53.04 repetitive make sure you use your
46:54.68 templates the template is really helpful
46:57.16 to go and build out your action items
47:0.28 share that with your team members so
47:2.00 then everyone who's using the same
47:3.76 process can just leverage that really
47:5.88 easily and then of course prioritize
47:8.32 your email I showed you the Outlook
47:10.28 integration but we also have Gmail
47:12.32 integration and also every single person
47:15.04 who uses patrix has an inbox so what
47:17.88 that means is that if you use patrix um
47:21.48 and you have a task that comes in by you
47:23.40 have something that comes in by email
47:24.80 and you need to set a reminder
47:26.24 you can click forward into your P Matrix
47:28.72 inbox and it'll automatically create a
47:30.64 task for you in P Matrix um in fact
47:33.12 every project and every quadrant in P
47:35.56 Matrix has an email address so what that
47:38.00 allows you to even do is you can
47:39.36 actually forward specific emails to
47:41.44 specific projects um you can even create
47:43.68 automatic rules so then every email from
47:45.56 a certain customer will always go into
47:48.56 their Matrix so those are you know
47:50.92 essentially we can go down the rabbit
47:52.96 hole there but essentially that's one
47:55.48 way you can look at patrix as uh to keep
47:57.96 all that information
47:59.36 organized and with that I conclude my
48:1.72 presentation if there's any questions
48:3.96 whatsoever please send in the chat and
48:5.40 I'll try my best to address them right
48:9.96 now um I see someone said no sound
48:14.64 so um I don't know if I hope that's just
48:18.28 you but we'll send this recording
48:20.72 afterwards and hopefully you can take a
48:22.16 look at it and see if um you're able to
48:25.08 hear it after
48:26.80 STS are there any other
48:34.76 questions thank you for the feedback uh
48:37.96 so as mentioned we do have a couple of
48:40.40 recordings that talk about sort of
48:42.68 similar topics as well so if you have
48:44.92 any questions whatsoever please reach
48:47.08 out to us uh we actually are working on
48:50.12 guides for specific job titles and job
48:52.92 functions in your industry so if you are
48:56.16 struggling with PR Matrix or you're
48:57.92 looking for tips on using PR Matrix for
49:1.16 specific um purposes reach out to us and
49:3.96 we can provide you that
49:5.68 guide uh the question is Integrations
49:7.96 with teams and Outlook free or need
49:9.48 licenses patrix has a free tier of five
49:13.08 projects 100 tasks and up to five
49:15.12 collaborators so if you're using under
49:17.72 those threshold you can use patrix for
49:19.64 free all our Integrations are included
49:22.04 in that if you do have licenses a patrix
49:25.28 um for for yourself or your organization
49:29.28 it includes all of our Integrations as
49:31.00 well so so either you have a free tier
49:33.16 or you have a license you do not need
49:34.80 separate licenses for each product you
49:36.76 just have one Central
49:48.32 license uh so we actually have an API
49:52.84 let me so let me see if I can pull up
49:55.56 quickly he what some of the other
49:56.96 Integrations that we have here so if you
50:0.16 go to um to our connectors here you can
50:4.04 see that we have some Integrations with
50:6.32 Outlook calendar planner to do Azure
50:8.52 devop zoom zenes and then J as well um
50:12.32 so the way these Integrations work is
50:13.80 per Matrix will pull in action items
50:16.12 from these other services into various
50:18.20 projects in per matrix it's not intended
50:20.40 to be a two-way sync but it's intended
50:22.44 to be one central place so you can see
50:24.96 how all these other things um
50:26.96 work if you do use zenes or integration
50:29.52 with zenes is is pretty powerful um
50:32.00 because it allows you to take any zenes
50:33.60 ticket and actually automatically create
50:35.84 P Matrix action items in it for you so
50:37.92 then you can actually delegate it to
50:39.80 other people that's one of the
50:40.88 capabilities that zenes really misses um
50:43.48 and so prod Matrix makes that customer
50:45.04 management really helpful for those who
50:46.76 are using it for um ticket
50:51.44 management thank you for these questions
50:53.64 are there any more
51:1.32 fantastic well so my name is hi my email
51:4.04 is high so if you have any
51:7.00 questions whatsoever feel free to reach
51:8.64 out to me directly um and again as I
51:10.84 mentioned uh you know with for your
51:13.16 specific job function your specific use
51:15.44 cases reach out to us if you need help
51:17.76 with that and we'll try to provide you
51:19.56 some uh guides and documentation on that
51:22.80 and then you know if your team is
51:24.52 struggling with very ious challenges
51:27.28 that's also a perfect place for us to um
51:29.88 provide you feedback on how to best
51:31.56 leverage petrix at the end of the day
51:33.68 it's a very flexible Tool uh just
51:36.44 remember that it's a communication tool
51:39.28 it's a prioritization prioritization
51:41.64 tool so use that for those purposes uh
51:44.60 and I think that you know success with
51:46.72 PR Matrix is pretty straightforward if
51:49.44 you're able to go and communicate to
51:51.72 others what your priorities are and then
51:53.72 find those mismatches um and
51:56.20 so hopefully you'll get value out of
51:58.68 this and hopefully you become more
51:59.76 effective and efficient with PR Matrix
52:2.04 thank you for your
52:9.16 time