Introduction to Priority Matrix: How to prioritize tasks and emails

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Video transcription (58:47.42) Stop scroll

4.26s good morning everyone thank you so much
6.84s for being here today we can go ahead and
8.16s get started uh my name is hi I'm
10.08s co-founder of affluence the company
11.78s behindfordmatrix so today's webinar is
14.82s on on the introduction to part Matrix
16.62s and what I really hope to do is give you
19.68s a good overview of what pretty Matrix is
21.42s and how it can help you
22.92s um hopefully you're all here today
24.24s because you're looking for
25.98s a way to become more effective more
28.14s efficient and becoming better at
30.18s managing emails and juggling all those
32.22s tasks and priorities that we have and
35.04s hopefully as you walk out of this
36.54s meeting you'll get uh some excitement
38.58s about how to use pretty Matrix to
40.68s fulfill those goals
42.42s the webinar is recorded and then I also
45.30s mentioned it in the chat section you can
47.16s send me questions so during the webinar
48.78s I want to get a chance I'll look at them
51.18s at the very end I'd be happy to field
53.58s any questions that you have leverage
55.44s this opportunity as a way to get
57.72s feedback or if you have any detailed
59.82s questions whatsoever
1:1.38 with that I'm going to go ahead and jump
1:3.00 into the presentation
1:11.64 all right so the goals for today uh
1:13.68 first help you understand the basics and
1:15.66 the fundamental behind for the Matrix
1:17.22 and then provide you a framework to get
1:19.80 the most out of PM with the least amount
1:21.54 of work and then help you envision what
1:23.52 your work and life success looks like
1:25.02 with pretty Matrix
1:26.88 thank you
1:28.92 there's three challenges that I always
1:30.90 see when I talk to customers and over
1:32.58 the past decade I've talked to thousands
1:34.20 of customers
1:35.22 done countless interviews as well as
1:38.16 surveys and so forth and the three
1:40.56 recurring challenges are one team
1:42.66 members have trouble understanding
1:44.28 what's priority right now what happens
1:46.50 is that teams are getting inundated with
1:49.50 so many projects so many different tasks
1:51.30 and so forth it's extremely difficult to
1:53.88 actually stay in line and not only that
1:55.86 you know over the last several years
1:58.14 remote work and the lack of office in
2:1.74 office interactions have also created
2:4.14 additional barriers where it's really
2:5.88 difficult to be on the same page as your
2:8.40 teammates so if you're struggling with
2:9.78 that you're in the same place as the
2:12.30 vast majority of people
2:14.82 um the second is it's harder to keep
2:16.56 track on the status of work across many
2:18.48 areas of responsibilities
2:20.34 um in fact you know if you think about
2:22.10 your own work I'm sure that you have
2:24.72 more than one project that you're
2:26.04 working on right actually if you have
2:27.54 one project three action items and you
2:30.18 never have to talk to anybody I'm pretty
2:31.62 sure you wouldn't be here today but the
2:33.66 fact that you're here and struggling and
2:36.36 or looking for ways to improve your
2:38.16 efficiency and Effectiveness is an
2:40.62 indication that there's just too much
2:42.60 going on and you're having trouble
2:44.16 tracking the status of that work and
2:46.92 then uh thirdly emails and meeting cause
2:49.32 far too much context switching
2:51.60 um I get hundreds of emails every single
2:53.88 day and I try my best to prioritize them
2:56.64 and answer them as quickly as I can but
2:58.68 there's always some that's going to fall
3:0.06 through the cracks so one of the things
3:1.50 that
3:2.34 others are struggling too is how do you
3:4.62 triage emails how do you assign emails
3:6.42 to the appropriate person the
3:7.62 appropriate resource how do you actually
3:9.36 set due dates on emails and that's one
3:11.64 of those things that party Matrix aims
3:14.04 to help because it's something that
3:15.54 everyone struggle with and a lot of a
3:17.64 big reason why people come to
3:18.90 protomatrix is because of the email
3:20.40 management side
3:22.50 so what is part of Matrix uh it's a
3:24.90 comprehensive email priority and project
3:26.82 management software to help teams manage
3:28.62 emails conduct efficient meetings and
3:30.24 get real-time status updates on critical
3:32.34 projects and priorities
3:35.04 so how does part of Matrix help with
3:36.78 those three challenges that we talked
3:38.04 about first we use something called the
3:39.96 four quadrant methodology which I'll go
3:41.58 into more details to promote effective
3:43.80 prioritization
3:45.18 and then secondly what we do is we
3:47.52 provide different views so you have your
3:49.68 tasks you have your action items what we
3:51.72 do is we actually uh give you a
3:53.76 different perspective on those tasks and
3:55.44 action item to help you understand what
3:57.48 needs to be done and then not only that
3:59.70 you know to communicate that to the rest
4:1.56 of your teammates uh to ensure that
4:3.48 everyone's the same page you can look at
4:5.22 partometrix as again a communication
4:7.56 tool to communicate your priorities to
4:10.08 communicate what really matters what
4:11.58 everyone should be focusing on and then
4:14.10 thirdly we provide really deep
4:15.78 integration into Microsoft teams and
4:17.46 Outlook we're probably the most
4:18.96 integrated solution in Microsoft teams
4:20.82 and we continue to be at the Forefront
4:22.80 of all integration so
4:24.72 um we have a pipeline over the next year
4:26.70 of all the other things that we do with
4:28.68 Microsoft and we're also
4:30.54 one of the earliest adopters of any
4:32.76 Microsoft Technology uh so the the thing
4:36.54 is if you use Microsoft ecosystem
4:38.34 protomatrix is probably the best
4:39.90 solution out there for that
4:41.60 so what makes a part of Matrix different
4:43.80 uh it is Microsoft 365 security
4:45.78 certified which means we're audited as
4:48.18 well as review by Microsoft security
4:49.56 Personnel across our web app teams app
4:52.08 and Outlook app and we're the only
4:53.52 software applications that achieve those
4:55.32 goals uh secondly I'm actually really
4:57.84 excited about the whole AI thing I know
4:59.52 there's a lot of hype around that but I
5:1.26 think AI can actually be leveraged to
5:3.60 help us achieve our goals and be more
5:5.34 productive and so we're on our side in
5:7.62 at affluence we're leveraging this as
5:9.18 much as possible in ways where we can
5:11.46 actually make you productive
5:13.26 and then thirdly we provide
5:14.76 people-centric collaboration so I am
5:17.28 sure vast majority of you out there have
5:19.38 explored so many different task
5:20.64 management apps so many project
5:21.96 management app you probably have
5:23.58 paperless uh to-do lists and so forth
5:26.22 but um pretty Matrix is a little bit
5:28.92 more than that pretty metrics also
5:30.18 provide what I call people-centric so
5:31.86 what that means is when you do something
5:33.66 you're always doing something for
5:35.10 somebody right
5:36.96 um no matter what project it is there's
5:39.00 somebody that you're doing it for so how
5:40.44 can you find all the things that you're
5:41.88 responsible for within the context of a
5:44.16 person and so that's what people Centric
5:45.60 means and then finally party Matrix is
5:47.70 available as a SAS which is a standard
5:49.74 software as a service solution a HIPAA
5:51.90 compliance solution for healthcare Life
5:54.06 Sciences an Azure government Cloud
5:56.22 solution for uh state and local
5:58.20 government as well as manage private
6:0.18 Azure deployments for Enterprise
6:1.20 customers so if you're interested in any
6:3.96 of these other services definitely reach
6:6.48 out to us my email was hired affluence
6:8.28 you also reach out to us at supported
6:9.84 we'd be happy to see if
6:12.06 it's the right fit for your own
6:15.30 so let's go to the fundamentals behind
6:17.22 pretty Matrix so there's a famous quote
6:19.02 attributed to President Eisenhower what
6:21.18 is important is seldom urgent and what
6:22.80 is urgent is seldom important
6:25.14 what's really fascinating about this is
6:27.24 it captures the challenges that we all
6:29.34 face so well every single day we get
6:32.82 action items that's thrown upon us and
6:35.10 we have no idea if they're the things
6:37.74 that we should be focusing on right more
6:39.54 so than in anything the things that are
6:41.52 coming in they're urgent because that
6:43.74 last email requires your attention that
6:46.02 last message ping in Microsoft teams or
6:48.54 that last text message and guess what
6:50.94 we get gravitated towards responding to
6:53.76 those messages and so those things that
6:55.74 are Urgent are actually not important
6:57.18 whereas the things that are actually
6:58.44 important are the ones that's actually
7:0.12 been brewing in the background right
7:1.74 these are the goals the long-term goals
7:3.42 that we have for ourselves or for
7:6.24 um
7:6.84 our work where you know you're trying to
7:8.82 get a promotion you're trying to get a
7:10.02 raise well guess what you're not
7:11.52 actively working on that this morning
7:13.32 because you got a text message that
7:14.88 reminded you to work on that right so
7:16.62 party Matrix aims to change some of
7:18.42 those things
7:19.32 um but if you look at it from this
7:21.18 perspective we then we really have to
7:23.40 differentiate between those things that
7:25.02 are important and Urgent and those that
7:26.64 are not
7:28.08 so one of the things I like to do is I
7:30.24 like to ask you in the audience right
7:32.22 now
7:33.12 um take out a piece of paper and start
7:34.62 writing down the things you have to do
7:35.94 and you're going to write it in one long
7:37.62 list it's going to be you know maybe 5
7:40.44 10 20 items
7:42.18 and so as you write down
7:44.28 um one of the questions I have for you
7:45.54 is if you have to add another item
7:47.94 something else comes up right your
7:49.26 manager asks you to do something a
7:50.70 client asks you to do something your
7:52.32 board asks you to do something what do
7:53.94 you add this new task at the top or at
7:55.68 the bottom or somewhere in the middle
7:56.76 and then likewise you can't add in the
7:59.52 middle because it's a it's a piece of
8:0.72 paper that you're writing on so you got
8:1.86 to go top and bottom right
8:3.78 um but then likewise if I ask you to
8:6.36 decide what to work on how do you decide
8:8.52 do you again do you choose the thing at
8:9.84 the top because that's what first came
8:11.76 to mind well the thing at the bottom
8:13.32 because that's the last thing in so
8:14.88 right you heard first and first out last
8:16.98 in first out same thing applies to all
8:19.02 our action items and to-do list
8:20.88 but the reality is it's more complex
8:22.74 than that
8:23.76 um what you need to work on is actually
8:25.14 the thing that is important and actually
8:26.88 drive towards your goals and so now
8:28.80 instead of taking that list of 20 items
8:30.72 and just working it and you know from
8:32.40 top to bottom what I encourage you to do
8:34.26 instead is actually split them into that
8:36.66 dimensions of importance and urgency the
8:38.88 things that are important and Urgent
8:39.96 goes in Quadrant One the do now and then
8:42.36 the things that are important but not
8:45.12 urgent then that's the good things that
8:46.32 goes in quadrant two the plan and then
8:48.48 what are the things you can delegate out
8:50.04 to somebody else or you know to another
8:51.72 resource or get someone else to do for
8:53.46 you because you don't have the bandwidth
8:54.90 for it and then finally everything else
8:56.58 that is you don't know where it belongs
8:58.98 yet goes in the inbox so hopefully when
9:1.02 you have these 20 items
9:2.64 you have at most five in quadrant one
9:4.74 five and Quantum two and then everything
9:6.72 else is on the bottom and so now
9:8.10 suddenly you've cut your your um your
9:10.68 task list in half and then not only that
9:13.08 you know exactly where you focus your
9:14.46 time now here's where the magic happens
9:16.62 take that list this new quadrant that
9:19.44 you just created and walk around the
9:21.24 office and start comparing notes
9:23.88 when you go to your manager and say hey
9:25.44 by the way these are my priorities do
9:26.94 you agree do you disagree you know where
9:28.68 are we aligned where are we not aligned
9:30.60 and then imagine if your managers show
9:32.64 his or her Matrix as well right and then
9:35.88 you go to your colleague and it's the
9:37.26 same thing now suddenly you can have
9:38.94 some really really fascinating
9:40.26 conversations around whether or not
9:44.16 um these priorities are actually aligned
9:46.20 to base two uh
9:49.80 a line across your team so
9:52.86 the four quadrant Eisenhower Matrix
9:54.72 create alignment because it forces you
9:56.46 to prioritize from the very beginning
9:57.78 and that's very very difficult by the
9:59.76 way this exercise is not trivial it is
10:1.98 so hard to actually properly prioritize
10:4.20 and that's what happens to most of us we
10:6.78 kind of just ignore it because it's hard
10:8.46 so we're like you know what I have no
10:10.02 idea what is important and Urgent so I'm
10:12.60 just going to work on whatever came in
10:14.34 last right and then we find ourselves
10:18.00 um like that uh you know running the
10:20.58 treadmill constantly and not moving the
10:22.98 needle and so that's what you got to
10:24.54 think about and so success from using
10:26.04 partometrix isn't about finding what
10:27.96 everyone agrees on it's about finding
10:29.70 disagreements that should be a priority
10:31.50 when it isn't and so when you think
10:33.48 about Prairie Matrix the software itself
10:35.34 it's the digital version of that
10:39.00 um piece of paper with the four
10:40.74 quadrants on it and then what we do is
10:42.60 we actually turn it into a very
10:44.34 intelligent communication tool that
10:46.98 works with Microsoft teams that works
10:48.72 with Outlook that pulls in your emails
10:50.40 together
10:51.48 um that actually allows you to
10:52.56 collaborate and delegate and and set
10:54.78 reminders and due dates and track with
10:56.76 the full history of everything that
10:58.26 matters so party Matrix is a
11:0.18 communication tool that makes it very
11:2.64 very clear what the priorities are for
11:5.46 you as an individual for your team so
11:8.04 that everyone's on the same page and so
11:9.84 that's the full context of what why you
11:12.48 should use part of Matrix and what it's
11:14.34 all about
11:16.56 um so I do want to remind everyone that
11:18.66 this webinar is recorded and afterwards
11:20.40 we'll post it on our website if you have
11:22.26 any questions whatsoever reach out to us
11:24.00 and also respond to me with any feedback
11:26.22 that you have
11:27.36 um I love getting feedback because you
11:29.04 know with these webinars I try to
11:30.36 improve them every single time
11:32.40 so with that I'm going to go ahead and
11:33.78 jump to the demo again if there's any
11:35.94 questions whatsoever during the course
11:37.86 of the the pre-product presentation
11:39.60 please send them in the chat and I'll
11:41.58 try my best to answer it
11:45.18 okay so you should see
11:48.42 um
11:49.08 you should see my pretty Matrix right
11:51.18 here so what I'm showing you is the web
11:53.22 app version of our software so as you
11:55.98 can see I'm on I'm in for Matrix I have
11:58.74 a project selected this project called
12:0.42 my team priorities and check this out my
12:3.06 quadrants are actually very similarly
12:4.86 named to that four main the four
12:6.48 quadrons that I showed you from the
12:7.86 Eisenhower Matrix the fires slash do now
12:10.62 the do later the delegate and the inbox
12:13.62 and as you can see when I add a task
12:15.96 imported Matrix I can't just put it to
12:17.76 the list right I have to decide where it
12:19.50 goes so let's just say in the beginning
12:21.00 I want to go and go ahead and put down
12:23.40 here into the inbox so I'm going to say
12:25.14 call Sue tomorrow but one of the things
12:27.78 that um
12:29.22 that's interesting about pretty Matrix
12:30.78 is that we actually use natural and
12:32.46 natural language and again we add
12:34.44 intelligence whenever possible so if I
12:36.42 say call Sue tomorrow
12:38.40 um
12:39.42 2PM
12:40.98 one of the things that party Matrix will
12:42.48 do is it will create the task the action
12:44.22 item for you but also it sets the due
12:46.32 date and the time for you so now I have
12:48.06 an item that's due tomorrow September
12:50.58 7th at 2 pm
12:52.26 so one of the things that happens in per
12:54.24 Matrix is that as you create action
12:56.22 items and you're actually tracking them
12:57.72 we strongly strongly recommend adding
13:0.48 due dates adding reminders adding
13:2.40 context wherever possible what happens
13:4.74 is that we tend to create a lot of
13:7.32 action items without clear deadline and
13:9.30 when there are no clear deadline it's
13:10.62 very very difficult for you to
13:11.94 understand on the on the dimensions of
13:14.16 urgency when you just start thinking
13:15.90 about it so now I have a task and that's
13:17.70 a very very simple task this is
13:19.08 something that I just have to do but
13:20.70 what if it's something that's a little
13:21.78 bit more complex so for example I have
13:23.88 an action item here create new marketing
13:25.86 plan you know for Q4 do in two weeks
13:28.98 when I click on this action item on my
13:31.56 right hand side I open What's called
13:33.00 item details so item details is allowing
13:35.94 me to add additional information around
13:37.74 the task itself so I have the project
13:40.26 that that task belongs in the task and
13:42.30 you see how I use do it in two weeks
13:43.98 when I first created this so then the
13:45.54 due date was set for me and what I did
13:47.58 too is I actually create a star when I
13:49.44 start Task it pops at the top it's just
13:51.60 a way to signify that this task is
13:54.36 actually really critical again
13:56.76 I already have in quadrant one so
13:58.68 starring it is just another dimension of
14:0.54 importance
14:1.86 and here's here's the thing if
14:3.60 everything goes in question one and
14:5.88 everything is important and Urgent then
14:7.26 nothing is so keep that in mind when
14:9.30 you're talking to your team
14:10.92 um if you're a manager when you talk to
14:12.54 your direct reports and you're asking
14:13.92 them to do everything because
14:14.64 everything's on fire that means it's a
14:16.80 very very poor planning on your part
14:18.36 right and then vice versa if you're
14:21.72 um your your manager is asking you to do
14:23.64 all these things and everything's
14:24.78 important and Urgent then you push back
14:26.40 and say hey I'm gonna drop something
14:28.50 what do you want me to drop right and so
14:30.48 therefore that's what prioritization is
14:31.92 all about and that's how you communicate
14:33.36 the priorities and making sure that
14:34.86 everyone's on the same page
14:36.66 and then if you look down a little bit
14:38.28 further into the item details you have
14:40.26 owner so ownership is around who is
14:43.20 responsible for this task input Matrix
14:45.06 that can only be one owner question we
14:47.46 get all the time how can I have multiple
14:48.90 owners how can I
14:50.70 um ensure that everyone
14:52.62 knows that you know these are the the
14:54.30 people that's responsible we say there's
14:56.22 only one other people can be followers
14:59.16 and so here you can see how Eugenia is
15:1.74 actually an uh the owner of this task
15:3.36 and I'm a follower so what does the
15:5.04 follower mean it means I get updates if
15:6.96 this task is updated or completed or
15:8.82 progress is made
15:10.26 I'll get notifications and alerts that
15:12.30 there's progress here and I can go and
15:13.74 review it so if I was a manager and I'm
15:15.90 assigning someone a task I automatically
15:18.06 get added as a follower so then when
15:19.56 that task gets finished you'll know and
15:21.48 vice versa
15:23.04 uh so they can only one owner for that
15:25.26 that reason because you want clear
15:26.82 responsibilities and then after that you
15:29.16 have progress effort reminders and dates
15:31.62 so you saw how I said the due dates one
15:33.90 thing that's really really interesting
15:35.58 uh or what I personally like to do is I
15:38.46 always set reminders as well whenever I
15:41.10 create a task
15:42.66 those are the two things I do set of due
15:44.94 date set reminders and here's the
15:46.26 difference if you're working on a task
15:48.00 and it takes you or that's due in two
15:50.28 weeks but it's going to take you three
15:51.54 days to get done if you set the due date
15:53.94 for that day and that day comes and you
15:56.46 get notification for the task and you
15:58.02 didn't start yet there's no way you can
15:59.46 get that done so reminders is a way for
16:1.80 you to actually surface this part of
16:3.78 Matrix action item up far be uh before
16:7.14 the time that you need to get started
16:9.12 right so I have so many tasks where I
16:12.42 actually want to follow up with the
16:13.68 customer in a year so think about that
16:16.08 just think about your current task
16:17.46 management system the current way that
16:19.32 you're managing your action items if you
16:22.08 have something that's due in a year
16:24.00 and then you have to do some preparation
16:25.68 you know in 10 months does your system
16:28.32 properly help you track that and that's
16:30.48 what Pro Matrix does extremely good job
16:32.40 at which is I can go ahead and set that
16:34.68 due date so for example I'm going to say
16:36.30 do in three months here and you see how
16:39.00 again I use natural language uh to type
16:41.52 it into pretty Matrix and then for the
16:43.08 Matrix will update that for me so do in
16:44.94 three months and I'm gonna say remind me
16:46.62 weekly
16:48.18 so what I've just done is I've set both
16:50.22 the due date and the reminder for the
16:52.38 task uh and on a weekly basis this
16:54.54 notification will pop back up and allow
16:56.40 me to go back and ensure that I can look
16:59.46 at it and then you know if I don't get
17:1.14 it done again the next week I'll get
17:2.70 reminded again until I turn off the
17:4.32 reminders very very very helpful um I
17:7.32 strongly recommend you use this
17:8.46 capability because again we have
17:10.32 actually multiple views for you to take
17:11.94 a look at any tasks that have due dates
17:13.68 and so forth
17:15.12 and then as you scroll down a little bit
17:16.80 more we have the chat section you saw
17:18.54 how it actually typed some messages here
17:20.10 in the chat um if this was used with
17:22.50 your co-worker your co-worker can
17:24.48 actually send you a message here and for
17:26.70 example Eugena can respond and say hey
17:28.62 by the way I've made some progress here
17:30.00 do you mind reviewing it right and so if
17:31.92 she says that it will actually update
17:33.42 this chat and then I can respond and say
17:35.34 hey looks good could you make these
17:36.78 changes as well
17:38.22 um and so forth and so I can have this
17:39.48 back and back back and forth
17:40.80 conversation inside the chat section now
17:42.96 here's where
17:44.58 this chat section is different from like
17:46.98 the chat that you use in Microsoft teams
17:48.84 for example in Microsoft teams when
17:50.76 you're chatting with somebody there's no
17:52.20 contacts what happens you can talk about
17:54.24 anything and and so then you're actually
17:57.24 jumping back and forth between five ten
17:59.64 different threads at any point in time
18:1.44 which part of Matrix you have that chat
18:3.48 but it's in the context of the action
18:5.16 item and here's where it's important
18:6.84 imagine now if I bring in the third
18:9.60 person
18:10.56 okay so let's just say now I bring in uh
18:13.14 Remy who hasn't seen this task before
18:15.24 and you know Eugene and I have gone back
18:17.52 and forth
18:18.60 over weeks around all these different
18:20.52 things we talk about when I bring Remy
18:22.14 in Remy can go take a look at this and
18:24.90 know exactly everything we've talked
18:27.00 about and so Remy is able to catch up on
18:29.40 the task understand the decisions made
18:31.62 understand all the changes to due dates
18:33.78 and progress and so forth by reviewing
18:36.06 the history of the task and that's what
18:37.62 make this chat so powerful because it's
18:41.40 a history and it goes back to the very
18:43.86 beginning so when you have something
18:45.66 that's in three years from now you need
18:47.46 to review well good luck finding that
18:49.62 inside the team's conversation good luck
18:51.36 finding that inside a text message or an
18:54.36 email thread right so part of Matrix
18:56.10 provide that context in one central
18:57.42 place and then we have the note section
18:59.46 where you can go and you can create
19:0.54 subtasks so let's just say if I create
19:3.06 five sub tasks and I mark one subtask is
19:4.98 done then it's 20 progress of course you
19:7.38 can always override that
19:9.66 um and then finally we have a resource
19:12.12 section so resource is a way to attach
19:14.10 additional information into the
19:16.02 department action item itself
19:18.12 files documents links um pretty Matrix
19:21.78 is also able to link to itself so what
19:24.42 that means is every task every project
19:26.34 inside part Matrix actually has a
19:28.08 resource link and so you're able to link
19:29.82 those things together why do you want to
19:31.74 do that
19:32.46 let's say you want to create
19:33.54 dependencies in order to build a
19:36.54 foundation you got to pour the concrete
19:38.16 first right
19:39.12 um before you pour the concrete you
19:40.44 actually have to prepare the ground so
19:42.36 those are tasks or action items that
19:44.04 actually are linked together ABC and so
19:46.38 we put a matrix you actually link all
19:47.70 that together and if you do and you set
19:49.62 the due dates and so forth then you're
19:50.94 able to actually build Gantt charts and
19:52.26 all that directly from permatrix so
19:54.18 that's what an item detail is
19:56.40 in separate Matrix again you don't need
19:58.68 the vast majority of these capabilities
20:0.42 as you use protein matrix more you'll
20:2.16 find them to be immensely helpful the
20:4.26 one thing that you do want to always do
20:6.00 is set the due date and set reminder
20:7.68 make sure the appropriate person is is
20:9.78 assigned going back to the Matrix view
20:13.02 itself you can see how everything is
20:14.64 actually drag and drop so for example
20:16.26 let's say I have a task here earlier as
20:18.78 I call Sue tomorrow I'm going to go
20:20.76 ahead and move it to quadrant one so now
20:22.50 you can see that I move it here and now
20:24.84 think about pretty Matrix as that
20:26.16 communication tool again
20:28.26 here is my team priority project
20:31.56 within this
20:33.36 I'm able to see all the tasks but every
20:36.60 one of my teammates is on the same page
20:38.82 as well
20:39.84 right so when my teammate logs into
20:41.94 pretty Matrix and they look at this
20:44.04 project they see the same quadrant view
20:46.02 that I do and that's very important
20:48.66 what happens is a lot of the a lot of
20:51.42 the time all these priorities and goals
20:53.64 and so forth is in our head
20:55.44 right and you only have alignment When
20:57.60 what when you get together in a meeting
20:59.40 room and you're talking it through and
21:1.56 then you happen to talk about something
21:3.42 that's important and then suddenly
21:4.74 everyone's disagreeing with each other
21:5.94 and then now the conversation completely
21:7.92 went out of hand
21:9.18 it goes out of hand so the goal with
21:11.52 part of Matrix is to provide that
21:13.44 alignment
21:14.96 asynchronously you don't have to be in
21:17.34 the same room you don't have to have a
21:19.08 meeting to know what the priorities are
21:21.42 across the whole team you just go to
21:23.28 partometrix at your convenience and see
21:25.74 the priorities and that is immensely
21:27.96 helpful we have customers who are global
21:31.32 across every time zone so when you have
21:34.62 something like that you know and if
21:36.48 you're working with somebody who's who's
21:38.04 full hours off how often do you talk to
21:40.68 them and actually get alignment on
21:42.18 priorities it's so difficult in fact you
21:44.34 know just someone down the office is
21:45.96 actually very difficult because
21:48.12 they're doing their things you're doing
21:49.86 yours and you think you're aligned but
21:51.54 you don't know so again when you use
21:53.58 pretty Matrix make sure that you update
21:56.22 the quadrants make sure that everyone
21:58.14 goes and look at the appropriate
22:0.06 quadrants
22:1.20 and say you know what I agree with these
22:3.96 these things and so let's go ahead and
22:5.70 execute and then as you get things done
22:8.04 you can actually Mark that a standard
22:9.66 for Matrix
22:10.86 so pretty Matrix itself the quadrants
22:12.90 themselves are actually also
22:13.92 customizable so let me show you what
22:15.78 happens when you click on edit project
22:17.28 right here what that does is it brings
22:19.44 up now the project details the project
22:21.54 details has the project name the project
22:23.58 details has the members that's in it um
22:26.16 so these are the the people that
22:27.54 actually has permission to view this
22:28.80 project
22:29.70 one thing that's really useful
22:31.98 um about
22:32.94 um or something to recognize in terms of
22:35.22 dealing with members is that if you are
22:37.62 a member of a of a project you have full
22:40.08 access to the project so from a
22:42.12 permission standpoint they can you know
22:43.68 that person can go and see the project
22:45.18 can edit the project
22:46.98 can create tasks and change the due
22:48.72 dates and so forth but there's a history
22:50.58 of all the changes so you're if you're
22:52.32 worried about someone you know
22:53.22 overriding a task or something like that
22:55.14 at least you know who did it and and so
22:57.12 forth but you're able to also assign a
23:0.42 task inside a project
23:2.16 um to somebody else within party Matrix
23:4.98 uh I'm sorry Within part of Matrix but
23:7.20 not within the project as well so in
23:9.60 that scenario they get access to that
23:11.28 task but they don't get access to the
23:13.80 rest of the The Matrix
23:15.90 the user group if you can think of that
23:17.70 as departments so for example sales
23:19.74 engineering uh marketing Etc so now you
23:22.92 can go and say okay you know this is a
23:24.78 marketing project all the marketing
23:26.10 people are going to be in here and then
23:27.72 when when I add new team members to the
23:29.52 marketing department they can get full
23:30.66 access to this
23:31.92 and the other thing is actually the
23:33.30 quadrants themselves are customizable
23:35.52 um so one thing earlier we talk about
23:37.02 the Eisenhower Matrix as being the core
23:39.44 methodology but at the end of the day
23:42.72 as you use party Matrix more one thing
23:44.70 you'll realize is that actually your
23:46.68 organizations and the way you work and
23:48.48 the way your team works you might think
23:50.28 differently than the the original basic
23:52.98 template that we created
23:55.14 um so you're actually able to go and
23:56.58 change this so for example I can go and
23:58.50 change this to P1 I can go and change
24:0.12 this to P2 some engineering organization
24:1.98 prefer to use this terminology instead
24:5.22 right and so you can always use that
24:7.14 quadrant Force inbox or it might be
24:8.58 resources
24:10.08 and here's the thing what happens is as
24:11.94 when I change the quadrant names here or
24:14.64 let's just say you know I changed the um
24:16.62 the color of the quadrant here and I get
24:18.78 something that I really like I can go
24:20.46 ahead and save this as a template so
24:23.94 what's really helpful about the template
24:25.62 is allows me to share uh this knowledge
24:29.10 this this customized template with the
24:31.68 rest of my organization now other people
24:33.24 can use it too
24:34.50 and the other powerful thing about the
24:36.48 template system is that you can actually
24:38.40 make it copy the task as well so let me
24:42.00 give you an example
24:43.56 let's say if you're a consulting firm
24:46.20 and every time you onboard a new client
24:48.96 you have 10 different action items you
24:51.48 have to do for that client right
24:52.56 everything from contract review to
24:55.50 setting deadlines and so forth so when
24:57.66 you create a pretty Matrix project and
24:59.58 you create all those different tasks so
25:1.38 for example task one do in one one day
25:3.66 task two due in one week task three do
25:6.00 in three weeks and then a quarterly
25:8.10 follow-up Etc you can save that as a
25:10.92 template and then when you have a new
25:12.60 client you launch from a template
25:14.58 instead you can say this client will
25:16.86 start on October 1st and then everything
25:20.34 in part of Matrix will be created for
25:22.26 you all the deadlines will shift exactly
25:24.84 from the start date
25:26.22 so this works for client onboarding this
25:29.22 works for employee onboarding this works
25:32.16 for standard operating procedures
25:34.44 processes that you build up so one thing
25:36.84 I want to encourage you to do is if you
25:39.00 think this is powerful within your
25:40.32 organization start using it to build out
25:43.26 your templates and share that with other
25:44.94 team members and that allows them to
25:46.92 also get started with part of Matrix
25:48.48 really quickly
25:50.04 so those are the things that's on the
25:52.68 item details now you notice I actually
25:54.30 jump and I don't show you all the
25:55.98 capabilities in every project content
25:57.66 and in the project details of the item
25:59.76 details and I do that on purpose because
26:1.56 those are Advanced features that may be
26:3.84 helpful to you and that's how you get
26:5.28 you know 90 95 value out of per Matrix
26:8.04 but if you just copy and use some of
26:10.44 these uh features that I've just
26:11.58 mentioned already then you'll get 80 of
26:13.98 the value which is 20 of the work
26:16.20 so that's how you deal with the project
26:18.48 and all the details around it now here
26:21.36 we have the quadrants but what happens
26:24.06 is
26:25.62 we always need a way to see it in the
26:28.32 list form so
26:30.06 um I told you earlier how you know you
26:31.80 should always have task and priority in
26:33.54 a priority Matrix but instead imagine if
26:36.36 you actually need to find things that
26:37.74 are overdue and so the list view is very
26:40.14 helpful for that when you go to the list
26:42.30 view all the overdue tasks are read so
26:45.48 then you can actually sort by do here
26:47.10 and you can able to go through that
26:48.54 project really really quickly
26:50.46 you can make all the updates directly
26:52.14 from here and that syncs back to the
26:54.06 Matrix
26:55.32 I also have the calendar view which
26:57.18 again I have the same task you saw how
26:59.46 I have call Sue tomorrow here
27:1.62 um I can actually drag it
27:3.42 directly from here as well so I'm able
27:5.28 to move action items around and again
27:7.38 all this information is just viewed from
27:10.20 a different angle right to just think a
27:12.66 different perspective and so we have the
27:15.12 Matrix which is the priority perspective
27:17.34 we have to list we have the calendar
27:20.10 perspective and then uh other than that
27:22.20 you have the Gantt chart so the Gantt
27:23.64 chart allows you to take all the action
27:25.62 items from due dates and if there's
27:26.82 dependencies show that dependencies and
27:28.80 now you're able to print this out for
27:30.00 your presentation if you're a project
27:31.26 manager you know how cumbersome it is to
27:33.36 sometimes create Matrix does that
27:35.28 automatically for you when you have that
27:37.02 information in place
27:38.52 so these are the different views you
27:40.02 have in separate Matrix and we always
27:41.94 have ways for you to print and Export
27:43.62 this as well um you know some customers
27:45.60 actually really love the ability to go
27:47.76 and Export the history of all the
27:49.14 changes in the project or all the
27:50.46 history within an item and it's both for
27:52.50 regulatory purposes but also just for
27:54.24 record keeping
27:55.86 so that's how you can view the different
27:57.84 items inside every single project now
28:0.54 let me show you what it what it takes to
28:2.52 actually create a project so to create a
28:4.26 project you can go to Project here and
28:6.24 then you can choose
28:7.62 um create project
28:9.54 when I create a project I have several
28:11.58 options the first is a blank project so
28:14.04 what is a blank project well a blank
28:15.42 project is pretty straightforward I can
28:17.34 just name the project really quickly I
28:19.74 can leave it as a basic pretty Matrix
28:21.24 template or I can choose one of these
28:22.74 other templates that I have and then I
28:24.54 can choose a color and then from there I
28:26.40 add project so that's very very
28:27.78 straightforward
28:29.30 alternatively what I can do is I can go
28:31.68 to public templates so what's public
28:33.60 templates these are templates that we've
28:35.94 created over time
28:37.32 and so this is some best best practices
28:39.12 we've seen over the years some of these
28:41.46 are useful templates of pretty Matrix
28:43.32 that um that we think that you know many
28:46.20 of our customers would benefit from and
28:48.00 so you can choose from here for example
28:49.38 meeting agenda for a 30 60 90 day plan
28:52.38 for managers so imagine if you want to
28:54.18 do quarterly planning with pretty Matrix
28:55.86 you can just
28:57.18 launch on this template instead so the
28:59.04 quadrant names reflect that and then the
29:1.68 other is the my templates my template is
29:3.66 where as I mentioned earlier
29:6.72 the um where you have uh templates that
29:10.26 you save within your organization or
29:11.70 that you save for yourself so for
29:13.08 example I can choose you know the
29:14.82 employee onboarding template and so that
29:16.50 allows me to very very quickly
29:18.72 launch from any knowledge that I've
29:20.94 created in the past and then finally we
29:22.80 have a new way to create a matrix from
29:27.00 by leveraging our Ai and so the way the
29:29.64 AI works is the following which is you
29:31.62 can just simply put in a goal inside
29:33.48 pretty Matrix and let us build those
29:36.00 action items for you
29:38.52 the reason we do this is because it just
29:41.04 helps with brainstorming the action item
29:44.04 that you want to do so for example I
29:46.56 want to improve
29:49.68 um uh marketing reach by 20 for next
29:54.36 quarter
29:55.38 okay is this a lot you know logical
29:58.20 reasonable goal you might have something
30:0.00 like this or you might have some variant
30:1.62 of this your goal might be to go and get
30:4.20 a raise your goal might be to go and get
30:6.96 a promotion
30:8.28 um or to improve your operational
30:9.84 efficiency or improve and streamline
30:13.02 your supply chain right so when you do
30:15.60 use our AI system to create goals what
30:18.00 happens we take that goal and we'll go
30:20.10 use generative AI to actually create
30:21.90 these action items to help you achieve
30:23.52 that goal so now I'm going to press
30:24.72 close now that work is actually being um
30:28.50 being worked on right now but I created
30:30.36 a previous goal here which is to start
30:32.88 an online store for various products so
30:35.40 what happens is part of Matrix goes
30:37.38 builds out a whole Matrix and then from
30:40.02 here it actually uses the low effort
30:41.82 high impact low effort uh High effort
30:44.28 high impact and create a various action
30:46.26 items for you along with all the due
30:48.30 dates for you to plan over the next
30:50.58 three six nine twelve months and so this
30:53.46 is just a starting point and so you can
30:55.32 imagine that if you have any specific
30:58.38 objectives when you start using part of
31:0.96 Matrix we'll try to go and actually give
31:3.30 you those um those starting points and
31:5.40 so you can go from there anything that's
31:7.26 relevant you can work on anything that's
31:9.18 not relevant you can delete or Mark as
31:10.98 done
31:12.00 and similarly you can see how for
31:14.04 example I have the Q4 lead generation
31:17.22 marketing plan which is one that we just
31:19.14 created from that AI goal project and so
31:22.32 now it has low effort high impact I can
31:24.24 take this I can assign to teammates
31:25.74 really easily and we can actually have a
31:27.72 conversation around this on how to
31:29.46 achieve that
31:30.60 so leverage prior to Matrix uh to
31:33.24 actually help you
31:34.62 um and and wherever possible so that you
31:37.20 can actually do those things that you
31:38.70 want to do at a higher and more rapid
31:41.28 speed
31:42.30 okay with that I'm going to take a step
31:44.40 back because in the very beginning I
31:46.56 talk about emails as being a core
31:48.42 problem that a lot of our customers have
31:49.92 so here I've already shown you
31:51.48 everything about pretty Matrix you know
31:53.22 as a way to manage priorities but
31:55.32 where did these tasks come from um I
31:57.36 showed you how to create these tasks
31:58.44 from AI but also let me show you how to
32:0.12 create a task from an email because this
32:2.10 is what I deal with you know every
32:4.02 single day I get a bunch of emails and
32:6.06 from these emails I want to make sure
32:7.20 that I don't drop them right so let's
32:8.88 just say when you get an email
32:10.74 if you go to Outlook you can install the
32:12.96 pretty Matrix for Outlook add-in so if I
32:15.24 have an email here and let's say this
32:16.80 email is something I want to review or I
32:18.66 need to assign to somebody I can click
32:20.52 on this Ellipsis after I've installed
32:22.20 Matrix for Outlook I can go and I can
32:24.84 choose prioritize email
32:27.00 what's going to happen is that I can
32:29.34 take this email convert to a task the
32:31.86 subject becomes the item name but I can
32:33.84 go ahead and override this
32:36.08 task and then I can choose what project
32:38.64 it belongs in I can choose what quadrant
32:40.50 it belongs in
32:41.88 you can assign the owner so I can go
32:43.62 ahead and assign it right now this is
32:45.84 only me in here and then I can actually
32:47.88 set a due date directly from here as
32:50.28 well
32:51.30 and then I capture email
32:53.88 so what I've just done is turn an email
32:56.70 into a task and one thing that you'll
32:59.22 see is on the right hand side here I get
33:0.96 the item details it looks just like the
33:2.88 item details that I you saw in the web
33:4.68 app itself
33:6.06 but from here I can actually add
33:8.22 additional information because I can say
33:9.90 you know remind me in two days
33:13.38 and so instead of just flagging an email
33:16.08 which is what the vast majority of us do
33:18.06 when you flag an email it's great um if
33:20.46 you have three flag emails but if you
33:21.96 have 50 flag emails good luck finding
33:24.12 out what what's important right so you
33:25.86 want to make sure that you set the due
33:27.54 dates you want to set a reminder on that
33:29.82 email and then when you talk about
33:31.68 triage triage really is around taking
33:34.44 the email and make sure that the
33:35.94 appropriate people are aware of that
33:38.52 email and ensure that they're actually
33:40.74 um able to answer that and then also
33:43.74 understand that progress has been made
33:45.54 so you can see that from this email I
33:47.76 can actually assign it to another
33:48.96 teammate
33:50.04 right and then I have this due date and
33:52.62 so now I can ensure that this email is
33:54.54 going to be properly answered and if
33:56.28 it's not you'll see the Matrix and
33:57.84 you'll see that you know this email is
33:58.92 overdue and that no one's answer it or
34:0.72 no updates has been made
34:2.76 so that's how you go and turn an email
34:5.34 into a task and then add all those
34:7.08 additional action items um additional
34:9.66 metadata related to that but what
34:11.82 happens if I get an email and then from
34:13.98 that email
34:15.36 I want to attach an existing task so
34:17.58 let's say a client follows up with me
34:19.68 and say
34:20.82 um hey you know you know did you get a
34:22.92 chance to take a look at that previous
34:24.18 task that we've sent and so you don't
34:25.98 want to go and create a new task of that
34:27.36 well part of Matrix is very unique
34:28.74 because it's the only software add-in
34:31.14 that allows you to
34:32.70 actually attach an email to an existing
34:34.68 task so for example
34:37.08 um
34:37.62 if I have this email right here I can
34:40.14 actually go and let's see here
34:44.28 you can see how I can I can search for
34:47.70 another another task in part Matrix that
34:50.04 already exists and then I can go and
34:51.84 hover over that task and attach
34:55.92 the existing the email to the existing
34:58.14 task and so that allows you to actually
35:0.30 keep this whole thing organized as well
35:2.22 because you know you'll get emails
35:3.60 that's follow-up that does not belong in
35:5.46 a new task
35:6.48 and then the other thing to recognize
35:7.92 too is that whenever you prioritize an
35:10.14 email the program Matrix tag shows up
35:12.60 right here inside your outlook and so
35:14.22 this works in your outlook for mobile
35:15.92 outlook for web app
35:18.24 um outlook for desktop Outlook for
35:19.92 Windows outlook for mac and so for the
35:21.54 Matrix add-in Works across all of those
35:24.00 Outlook systems
35:25.44 the other thing you can also do in terms
35:27.60 of email management is forward an email
35:29.82 into part Matrix so let me show you how
35:32.04 to do that so when you go back to per
35:33.48 Matrix here and you go to the inbox so
35:35.82 what is the inbox the inbox is the list
35:38.46 of action items that you have that does
35:40.68 not belong in a project yet
35:43.02 right and when I go to here I can copy
35:45.66 my secret inbox address when I copy that
35:48.24 secret inbox address and go to Outlook I
35:50.70 can create a contact from there and now
35:52.50 if I get an email from Outlook and
35:54.42 instead
35:55.38 and I want to prioritize that email I
35:57.30 can actually forward any email into the
36:0.42 secret inbox and that will show up as a
36:2.46 task in part of Matrix right here and
36:4.02 then from here I can move it to the
36:5.40 appropriate project or the appropriate
36:7.26 quadrants every project in separate
36:10.20 Matrix has an inbox address as well but
36:13.50 this basic inbox is where you can
36:15.96 actually use the capability the most so
36:18.06 I always have actually I forward a lot
36:20.88 of emails into pretty Matrix for this
36:22.44 exact same purpose because
36:24.54 sometimes I'm on mobile and it's more
36:26.88 convenient for me to forward the email
36:28.32 as opposed to you know click on the UI
36:30.66 and then convert into a task
36:33.42 so with that I'm going to shift gear
36:35.16 again and jump into Microsoft teams um
36:37.08 the reason I show Microsoft teams is
36:39.24 because you know more and more customers
36:41.16 are using Microsoft teams and at the
36:42.66 same time our solution is extremely well
36:45.00 integrated into Microsoft teams
36:46.38 ecosystem you don't need teams to use
36:48.06 part of Matrix but if you do use teams
36:49.98 definitely install Port of Matrix
36:52.38 so when you go to the App Store you can
36:54.36 find for Matrix once you do make sure
36:56.46 you right click on here and pin per
36:57.96 Matrix so now it's on the left hand side
36:59.94 you can access pretty Matrix very easily
37:2.22 and you can see how when I open my
37:4.26 pretty Matrix here it looks exactly the
37:6.60 same
37:7.80 um a very very similar at least to the
37:9.42 interface you saw on the web app on the
37:11.28 left hand side on my list of projects
37:12.78 the quadrant in the middle the item and
37:14.46 project details are on the right
37:16.50 and then the menu is actually just
37:18.12 hidden up here so you can go here and
37:19.68 you can jump to
37:21.12 um create project or the inbox Etc
37:23.88 but there's a couple things that we do
37:26.10 inside teams that's extremely unique so
37:28.38 let me show you how that works for
37:29.76 example if I go to a chat and so you
37:33.18 probably if you use Microsoft teams
37:35.52 you probably chat with the teammate all
37:37.20 the time right you're talking about all
37:38.82 the various things and so forth so when
37:41.34 you go to a chat and if your teammate
37:43.14 also uses part of Matrix you can
37:44.94 actually add a tab here and you can
37:46.92 choose part of Matrix and you have two
37:48.42 options you have the option number one
37:50.28 which is full project view what that
37:52.26 allows you to do is embed a part of
37:54.18 Matrix project inside your conversation
37:56.88 with a teammate this is really helpful
37:59.46 if you and your teammate work together
38:2.40 um all the time and then uh you know
38:4.44 you're working on what again one project
38:6.26 that that's really high priority and so
38:9.06 you're always looking at it so then you
38:10.62 can actually do that full project View
38:12.84 the other is the one-on-one View and
38:15.66 actually I already have this installed
38:16.98 so I'll show you right here so when I
38:18.66 open up the one-on-one view I can choose
38:20.46 my co-worker and what we've done is
38:23.10 actually we flipped the entire project
38:24.84 management
38:25.98 um
38:26.70 uh data set around and so as I mentioned
38:29.46 earlier it becomes people-centric when I
38:31.68 say people-centric it shows you all the
38:33.84 action item you have with your co-worker
38:36.26 regardless of the project it's in
38:38.82 so if you work with a colleague and with
38:41.40 this colleague you worked across so many
38:43.14 different projects and with those
38:44.82 projects you have maybe five or ten
38:46.50 different protein matrix projects that
38:47.94 you're dealing with
38:49.08 if you're trying to find the tasks you
38:50.58 have in common I know how much of a
38:52.86 struggle it would be to go into party
38:54.90 Matrix scroll through each project and
38:56.94 find the tasks you have in common so
38:58.80 instead with this view it actually shows
39:1.20 you all the things you have in common
39:2.48 regardless of that project
39:4.92 so then when you have a meeting together
39:6.66 when you have a one-on-one call and
39:8.58 you're going through all your priorities
39:9.96 and you're talking about all these
39:11.70 different uh things that you're working
39:12.96 on it is so easy to see all those common
39:16.14 tasks
39:17.22 and then not only that I can actually
39:19.32 create share tasks directly from here so
39:21.60 for example when I talk to my co-worker
39:23.46 and I want to assign him a task
39:25.74 I don't have to go into part Matrix I
39:28.26 can actually just click add share task
39:30.42 create the task here I can set the due
39:32.76 date
39:33.48 I can choose the project I add it and
39:36.00 now both of us are on that I'm at as a
39:38.16 follower
39:38.94 and then when you make progress and he
39:40.68 updates the action item I know exactly
39:43.44 that um there's been progress that's
39:45.12 made
39:46.26 so this is a really really powerful way
39:48.42 to see those action items it's really
39:50.28 helpful for one-on-one meeting
39:53.40 um the other thing I want to show you is
39:54.66 that in the chat itself with pretty
39:56.28 Matrix
39:57.36 you're able to convert any conversation
39:59.76 into a task so for example let's say A
40:2.34 co-worker sends you a message and say
40:3.78 you know hey there could you send me the
40:5.64 report so instead of actually going to
40:7.62 part of Matrix and actually creating a
40:9.24 task from this I can actually hover over
40:11.04 this Ellipsis create PM item and I can
40:13.56 create a task from any conversation as
40:15.48 well there's one thing that's unique
40:17.04 about protein matrix is that we actually
40:18.72 link back to that moment in time when
40:21.66 you had that conversation the use case
40:23.52 for this is actually pretty
40:24.42 straightforward
40:25.50 imagine if you and your manager
40:29.34 um or are talking about something you
40:32.04 know six months ago and you said you
40:34.32 know could you do this and this and this
40:35.82 and then you have a various conversation
40:37.20 that's that spins out of that from there
40:39.18 you create a task import Matrix now
40:41.16 guess what six months later no one
40:43.02 remembers the whole context around that
40:45.24 right um but which part Matrix we're
40:47.10 able to take you back to that moment in
40:49.08 time inside teams when you have that
40:51.00 conversation now you can review the
40:52.62 history and see oh okay this is what we
40:54.42 talked about so this is why we're doing
40:55.80 this
40:56.76 so that's inside teams itself
40:59.70 um you again you don't have to go open
41:1.14 for Matrix to create any of those tasks
41:3.18 and then the other thing is you can
41:4.62 actually open up pretty Matrix inside
41:6.96 here and actually send messaging
41:8.40 extensions so you see I've already
41:10.08 various examples here but I can actually
41:12.06 you know send a part of Matrix test
41:13.92 directly in the team's conversation this
41:16.08 is helpful if a teammate is not aware
41:18.72 that you sent a certain task in per
41:20.76 Matrix so this happens all the time you
41:22.92 know sometimes you forget to go and
41:24.24 check protomatrix or your teammate
41:25.50 forget to check protein matrix you
41:26.82 create a task for him or her
41:28.50 um and then afterwards you like you
41:29.64 didn't get a response because you know
41:31.74 they didn't see it you can remind them
41:33.78 by actually sending that partometrics
41:35.28 action I am directly here and they can
41:37.08 view the item they can Market as done
41:38.52 they can update it directly from inside
41:40.62 teams
41:42.24 so that's how it works Within A team's
41:44.16 conversation now one of the things that
41:46.08 we have here what I also recommend that
41:48.06 you install is the chat bot um and so
41:50.22 the way the chat bot works is the pretty
41:51.90 Matrix chatbot will send you updates and
41:54.06 notifications as you're making changes
41:56.04 or let's just say a task that you
41:57.42 assigned got updated or you were
41:58.80 assigned a task and so it's just one
42:0.42 central place where you just get that
42:1.92 notification on what change now we have
42:4.38 multiple other Integrations inside teams
42:6.84 as well I'm not going to go into the
42:8.82 details but I'll just give you the high
42:10.92 level overview one we have integration
42:13.20 into the meeting so then when you're in
42:15.24 a meeting inside teams you can actually
42:16.50 pull up the agenda and use the
42:18.66 permission agenda to actually pull
42:20.10 action items directly into your team's
42:22.14 meeting so you can have a conversation
42:23.34 around it the other thing I want to show
42:25.02 you is that we have these things called
42:26.58 connectors so I imagine that you
42:28.92 probably have so many different
42:29.94 applications you're using already well
42:31.86 we have several Integrations that we do
42:33.66 right out of the box and so for example
42:35.10 jira Outlook to do planner Azure devops
42:38.76 um if you use any of those softwares you
42:40.38 can actually pull them into put a matrix
42:42.00 as individual projects so then when you
42:44.58 make changes across these other software
42:46.44 it's reflected in separate Matrix we
42:49.08 also have additional add-ons such as the
42:50.94 Microsoft Edge add-on as well as power
42:54.12 automate so for those who are aware of
42:57.18 power automate it's a way to set rules
43:1.32 if this happens then this happens right
43:3.72 and so for example you know you can
43:5.82 create rules where if some if you use
43:8.58 Microsoft forms inside uh in Creative
43:11.10 form and you get a submission create a
43:12.96 task important Matrix and so it allows
43:14.88 everyone to be aware that these
43:17.16 different things are happening across
43:19.26 your entire ecosystem
43:22.14 so with that I'm actually going to pause
43:24.60 the presentation of the product I'm
43:26.04 going to jump back to the um the
43:27.90 presentation itself
43:34.08 so
43:36.90 it's now on you
43:38.58 um and so you know if you again have
43:41.22 teams and Outlook make sure you install
43:43.26 pretty Matrix for that again part of
43:45.24 Matrix Works across mobile as well as
43:48.24 our Integrations on the web app and then
43:50.40 the other thing I always recommend is
43:51.96 create three projects right a personal
43:53.52 priorities these are things that you
43:54.96 have to do for yourself I share team
43:56.88 priorities this is where you share with
43:58.26 your managers or your direct reports and
44:0.54 then key initiatives such as a major
44:2.22 goal that you have or anything that's
44:4.44 really critical that you work on
44:6.72 one thing I want uh you to recognize is
44:10.26 that
44:11.04 you know you don't have to put
44:12.12 everything in protein matrix focus on
44:14.10 things that actually are important again
44:15.66 don't forget that part Matrix is
44:17.52 communication tool and as a
44:19.26 communication tool it is very important
44:21.42 that you use it to share with others so
44:24.00 they're on the same page as you um or at
44:26.16 least you know if you have protein
44:27.48 matrix and and you're not using with
44:28.98 your managers when you're in a meeting
44:30.54 your manager show them
44:32.46 your pretty Matrix so then you know they
44:34.38 can go and quickly see what it is that
44:36.66 you're working on and then invite
44:38.70 appropriate team members and pitch on
44:40.14 why it's important to focus on high
44:41.64 impact tasks the goal is to identify the
44:44.28 things you don't have to do it is an
44:46.44 absolute waste of resources if you work
44:48.42 on action items that have zero impact or
44:51.18 that is actually not a high priority
44:53.40 that's not relevant to the whole
44:54.84 organization so use product Matrix to
44:56.94 tease those out and then when you create
44:59.28 action items for Matrix itself make sure
45:1.38 you set due dates um in the and then
45:3.06 make sure that you put in the
45:4.02 appropriate quadrants right use the same
45:6.36 terminology as we do you know quadrant
45:8.16 one two three four uh and then as they
45:11.34 come do and so forth come back to
45:13.44 propane tricks mark them as done Etc and
45:15.78 then of course ruthlessly prioritize
45:17.58 because otherwise you're just wasting
45:19.68 time and then not just your time but but
45:22.38 your co-workers time and then you know
45:24.78 doing things that don't matter
45:27.36 so some advice
45:29.22 um I think it's best to use part of
45:30.78 Matrix to track high impact tasks first
45:32.52 so you don't want to go and track you
45:34.50 know grocery lists it doesn't really
45:36.24 make sense for for that purpose because
45:38.40 you know you can probably do that really
45:40.32 quickly on a piece of paper or something
45:41.58 like that and then use it as a
45:43.32 communication tool just always think of
45:45.54 per Matrix as a way to take all these
45:47.40 things that's in your head
45:49.08 um and and putting down into a visual
45:51.48 form that everyone can see and be a line
45:53.70 on and then make it use protein matrix
45:56.34 to manage your individual goals you saw
45:58.44 how I showed you the AI capability to
46:0.84 take any of your gold and turn into
46:2.46 tasks if you're looking to improve your
46:5.10 Fitness
46:6.42 um or become better at anything try part
46:9.12 of Matrix to see if some of those action
46:10.74 items that we suggest actually help you
46:12.90 achieve that
46:15.06 and so what success with protonatrix
46:17.22 should look like one you have one
46:19.26 central place to track all your
46:20.40 priorities so then if there's any
46:22.38 confusion whatsoever on what it is you
46:24.06 need to focus on you go to part Matrix
46:25.98 you look at the Matrix and you agree or
46:29.40 disagree but at the end of it you commit
46:31.38 right and then everyone on the same page
46:33.30 is aligned
46:35.28 um and that repetitive procedures are
46:37.02 templatized and so again if you create a
46:40.20 series of tasks and you know you have to
46:42.00 create these tasks over and over again
46:43.20 use our template system it will really
46:45.36 really save you time uh for future work
46:47.82 and then finally make sure that you
46:49.56 install our Outlook integration
46:50.84 prioritize your email uh and so assign
46:53.88 them to appropriate people as well I
46:55.44 mean for me personally without party
46:57.72 Matrix for managing my emails I would
46:59.88 start losing it real fast because I just
47:2.70 get too many emails and so um pretty
47:4.56 Matrix email Integrations uh Outlook
47:7.20 Integrations for managing emails is
47:8.76 extremely helpful and the ability to set
47:10.68 due dates and reminders on email is
47:13.14 phenomenal so make sure that you do that
47:15.84 and with that I conclude my presentation
47:17.76 if there are any questions right now
47:19.56 please feel free to send it in the chat
47:21.42 and I'll try my best to answer it
47:27.18 I saw that there was a question around
47:28.98 if you delete an email after putting in
47:30.72 per Matrix we'll delete the uh from
47:32.70 there too the answer is no so what
47:35.22 happens is you there's actually several
47:37.08 ways that you can integrate between
47:38.52 Outlook and protomatrix and you can have
47:40.68 the option to um export
47:43.74 I'm sorry to upload the email into part
47:46.02 Matrix so if you do upload the email to
47:47.76 part of Matrix then when you delete the
47:49.44 original email it's still inside Pro
47:51.24 Matrix alternatively you can go and not
47:53.52 upload the email and in that case if you
47:55.50 delete the original email then the link
47:57.30 from permatrix of that email is broken
47:59.10 now the reason you want to upload is
48:1.14 then you can go and use
48:3.18 um
48:3.96 you can use uh the um
48:7.14 the per Matrix assigned that task to a
48:9.72 teammate and the teammate can also open
48:11.94 that email because it's uploaded as an
48:13.98 EML file so then your co-worker can
48:16.20 actually open that email and respond to
48:18.72 that email if needed instead of you
48:20.70 forwarding an email and create and you
48:22.80 know inviting multiple people into a
48:24.42 thread and then it gets real and you
48:26.58 know real messy real soon because now
48:28.56 you have one giant thread and you have
48:30.06 no idea what's the latest on that thread
48:31.92 and you're not able to do status updates
48:34.56 and so forth so think of pretty Matrix
48:36.06 as a more intelligent way to manage
48:38.70 email forwarding so if you're finding
48:40.08 yourself forwarding email
48:41.82 use part of Matrix instead
48:55.62 all right let's see are there other
48:57.18 questions
48:58.20 um
49:5.88 thanks for all these questions inside
49:8.10 the Q a we actually generally don't use
49:10.14 the Q a we use the chat but actually
49:11.64 there's a chance we might have missed
49:13.20 many questions in the past on these
49:14.58 webinars
49:15.96 um
49:16.62 and
49:19.02 so um there's a question around does PM
49:21.84 calendar also integrate into Ms Outlook
49:24.36 so every project inside pretty Matrix
49:27.42 has a calendar so let me show you what
49:28.86 that looks like right here
49:30.30 so going back to pretty Matrix what
49:32.58 happens is if I choose a project and
49:35.04 then I open the project details you see
49:36.96 how when I go here I have a calendar
49:38.52 link for every project so what happens
49:40.86 this is a calendar subscription so when
49:43.08 I get this link I can add into my my
49:45.36 Outlook calendar and then these product
49:47.64 Matrix action items actually shows up in
49:49.62 my calendar but it's not a two-way sync
49:51.42 so you can't go and just change
49:54.30 um the party Matrix from Outlook itself
49:56.40 but you can see the tasks that are
49:58.14 coming up and then whenever you update
49:59.70 per Matrix that calendar subscription
50:1.80 would update
50:3.42 but part of Matrix every again every
50:5.88 project has a calendar every person has
50:9.00 a calendar so you can actually subscribe
50:10.68 to your pretty Matrix calendar across
50:13.62 all your project as well I generally
50:15.12 don't recommend that because you know
50:16.68 you have a lot of action items a lot of
50:18.24 due dates and you know it'll overwhelm
50:19.98 you real quick so I recommend that you
50:21.90 use the calendar link only for specific
50:24.72 projects that you really care about
50:28.98 um how would you best handle subtasks
50:31.44 that becomes full full-on task uh so
50:34.26 that's actually a really good question
50:35.46 so the way part of Matrix works is we
50:37.20 can actually link all these various
50:38.70 tasks together so for example let's just
50:41.04 say
50:42.06 um you know I'll go here and
50:45.24 uh this is marketing plan here and then
50:48.36 I have these very subtasks so while I
50:50.94 can't paste the the subtask itself here
50:53.22 but what happens is let's just say I
50:55.32 have
50:56.12 subtask one
50:59.46 I can actually link these two together
51:1.68 so I can go here and add as a resource
51:4.08 and I can link existing item and then I
51:7.26 can choose subtask one and so you can
51:9.30 see how now instead of putting the
51:11.04 subtask inside the notes section I
51:13.08 actually add that subtask in the related
51:14.94 section and when I add
51:17.64 when I link to another task one of the
51:19.44 things I can do is actually I can set
51:20.88 dependencies so for example I can say
51:22.56 you know this task is blocked by this
51:24.48 task block so this task is caused by or
51:26.94 this task causes and so these are ways
51:29.34 for you to actually link these tasks
51:30.90 together and create a causal
51:32.22 relationship or communicate a causal
51:34.68 relationship between those so if you
51:36.66 have a bunch of tasks that actually are
51:38.10 related to each other I recommend using
51:40.38 this relationship
51:42.06 um
51:42.72 uh resource
51:49.92 um so how in terms of what happens when
51:52.68 we have too many reminders that's that's
51:54.12 a great question so we you know if you
51:56.10 do have reminders on a task it will ping
51:58.20 up it will come up and what happens is
52:0.72 you see it in the home section here so
52:2.76 when you go to the home view what
52:4.38 happens you see the alert and within the
52:6.60 alert itself you know these for example
52:8.70 the kind of actions the kind of things
52:9.96 that would show up tasks that you were
52:11.88 assigned
52:13.02 um tasked where you assign somebody and
52:15.18 they update it you're a follower on or
52:17.70 if you set reminders and due dates you
52:19.68 know as those
52:20.88 as the time comes for that you'll pop up
52:23.40 in the alert it does get overwhelming if
52:26.76 you have a lot but you can also clear
52:28.98 them as well so for example you know you
52:31.20 can clear notifications for finish items
52:32.82 you can clear all notifications or clear
52:34.32 alerts older than the day and then the
52:36.60 way what's the reminders is if you set
52:38.70 those daily reminders or weekly
52:40.14 reminders and you didn't get to it well
52:42.54 guess what it'll pop back up again
52:44.70 um so for me
52:46.20 I continue to set reminders because it's
52:48.24 so important to set reminders and and I
52:50.16 don't mind being overwhelmed it's better
52:51.60 to be aware of those changes as they as
52:54.66 they occur
52:57.42 um so how do you recommend overcoming
52:59.70 the ADHD urge to to start everything
53:1.92 that's a fantastic question and by the
53:3.90 way pretty Matrix has been recommended
53:5.58 by many psychologists for ADHD or
53:8.58 precisely the reason of having a central
53:11.58 place to write all this down right
53:13.80 because I mean all of us I think have
53:15.60 ADHD in some form
53:17.76 um and that's because it's not by choice
53:19.68 necessarily but because we have so many
53:21.36 things that's going on at any point in
53:22.56 time
53:23.34 um I find that you know I struggle more
53:25.38 and more with multitasking
53:27.78 and whereas you know with pretty Matrix
53:31.38 I can actually write that down and get
53:32.82 it out of your head instead now again if
53:34.92 you star everything then if everything's
53:37.02 important in Urgent then nothing is so
53:38.94 make sure that you ruthlessly prioritize
53:41.22 and only have a quarter of the things in
53:43.98 quadrant one and then a subset of that
53:46.14 start again if you do everything has
53:48.12 started everything in quadrant one then
53:50.16 pretty Matrix is no better than a list
53:53.04 um so you know don't use it that way
53:54.96 just make sure that you're constantly
53:56.76 aware of it and then you know make those
53:58.56 tough hard decisions
54:1.04 uh so so does PM understand tomorrow and
54:4.92 attach dates to it
54:6.66 um and the answer is yes so when you
54:8.58 create a task in pretty Matrix uh you
54:10.80 can see how you know I can say something
54:12.66 do in one month something due in one
54:14.58 week something due tomorrow and you can
54:16.38 say due tomorrow uh 2 p.m
54:19.02 um you can say do in three hours
54:20.46 etcetera and so pretty Matrix actually
54:21.72 understands that from the very beginning
54:23.04 when you create those tasks and then at
54:24.90 the same time in the in the chat section
54:27.96 in the chat section here uh you can see
54:30.12 that I can say you know due in two weeks
54:33.12 um remind me tomorrow and so whenever
54:35.70 the text turned green here it means that
54:37.44 our system tries to interpret it so this
54:40.02 is actually the list of commands so you
54:41.64 search for pretty Matrix command we
54:43.50 actually have these various commands
54:44.82 that you can use and so I can send them
54:46.62 to chat here in case anyone's interested
54:48.48 but in the command itself you can
54:50.46 actually use that
54:51.78 as a way to see what are the things you
54:53.52 can type into pretty Matrix
54:55.20 um so for example everything from
54:56.52 completion to assigned to somebody Etc
55:4.68 um
55:7.74 let's see here
55:9.66 um
55:13.08 okay is there one more question
55:15.50 uh how to use party Matrix
55:19.94 whether pretty Matrix can be used you
55:22.92 know as an individual versus across the
55:24.72 whole organization you don't need the
55:26.40 whole organization to use part of Matrix
55:27.84 you can see when I show you part Matrix
55:29.88 here you can create these personal
55:31.44 projects and so from there you can
55:33.24 actually manage your task
55:34.80 um and then you can create these team
55:35.94 projects where you can just share with
55:37.38 just your manager the whole idea around
55:39.54 part of Matrix is
55:41.28 a communication tool right so what that
55:43.08 means is that it's just about taking the
55:45.42 stuff that's in your head and putting it
55:47.04 down now if you can also see other
55:50.28 people's priorities then the benefits is
55:52.92 more than one plus one you know one plus
55:54.66 one equals three so across the whole
55:56.82 organization then you get this
55:58.86 opportunity to actually create complete
56:1.08 alignments or at the very least you'll
56:3.90 find everything that you disagree or
56:5.88 agree with across the organization and
56:7.56 so that's where part of Matrix might be
56:9.78 extremely powerful and so if you're able
56:11.58 to find an initiative or project that
56:13.62 you don't have to do it'll you know
56:15.12 it'll save the company millions of
56:16.92 dollars by actually saving the effort
56:20.16 from not having to get those wrong
56:22.02 priorities executed
56:24.54 um but on a personal level even for just
56:27.00 yourself you can create these personal
56:28.56 priorities and then when you go in a
56:30.42 meeting with your manager show them your
56:33.24 priority list right and so it's very
56:35.52 very straightforward and now everyone
56:36.96 can be aligned and then at some point
56:38.52 you know your manager might come on
56:40.14 board
56:41.04 and then from there you can actually
56:43.08 share this information in real time as
56:45.06 opposed to during the meeting so as I
56:46.74 mentioned earlier
56:48.00 there's a concept between asynchronous
56:50.40 and synchronous synchronous you know
56:52.86 when you're in a meeting with somebody
56:54.36 right you have to be there at the same
56:55.68 time then you can sync up and you can
56:57.60 look at all the priorities right that's
56:58.98 fantastic
57:0.18 um I you know customers have sat in a
57:2.94 conference room and project proteins on
57:4.80 the big screen and they go through the
57:5.94 list and it's very easy to see what the
57:8.04 priorities are and have really
57:9.00 meaningful discussion but at the same
57:10.92 time asynchronous means allow everyone
57:12.72 to access and look at the priorities
57:15.12 when it's convenient you know if you're
57:18.12 in
57:18.90 um early the Riser you're up early
57:20.70 you're looking at the priority list and
57:22.20 you're able to make those changes and
57:23.58 updates and so forth and then you can
57:25.44 make comments inside for Matrix and then
57:27.30 your co-worker who looks at it later can
57:29.64 go and and still be on the same page um
57:32.10 but you don't actually have to have a
57:33.36 meeting just to get alignment and that's
57:36.54 what we want to avoid and hopefully when
57:38.46 you use part of Matrix more and more you
57:40.38 know you learn to trust partometrics as
57:42.00 that central place for those priorities
57:43.86 instead of worrying about
57:46.08 um instead of worrying about having the
57:47.70 meeting for it
57:50.04 all right fantastic these were really
57:52.02 really good questions
57:53.46 um if there are any other questions feel
57:57.30 free to send me a message at Hyatt
57:59.40 we would love your
58:1.68 feedback if there's anything that you
58:3.12 would like us to talk about in in future
58:5.22 details um someone asked about costs so
58:7.86 we have various cost structures so if
58:9.66 you go to pricing you'll
58:12.00 see a lot of our a la carte options and
58:14.10 then we also have Enterprise options as
58:15.60 well so if you have any specific
58:17.34 questions there send us an email to
58:19.08 supported affluence or sales at
58:20.58 and we'd be happy to talk
58:22.80 about that but our pricing is extremely
58:24.66 straightforward we also have the ability
58:26.34 for you to get uh per Matrix through
58:28.26 Microsoft as well
58:31.08 all right thank you everyone I really
58:33.30 appreciate all the questions today again
58:35.10 this webinar is recorded and so we'll
58:37.02 post it up if you have any um if you
58:39.54 want to share the recording with your
58:40.80 teammates you can with that thank you
58:43.38 all appreciate it
58:44.94 bye