Introduction to Priority Matrix: Effective Email and Task Prioritization

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Video transcription (57:31.52) Stop scroll

0.36s with that we'll get started right now
3.54s uh the goals for today one help you
5.70s understand the basics of pretty Matrix
7.44s to provide you a framework for you to
10.08s get the most out of pretty Matrix with
11.64s the least amount of work and then
13.44s thirdly help you envision what your work
15.24s and life success looks like with pretty
16.86s Matrix so um I assume that you are all
20.04s here today because you're interested in
22.32s learning how to be more productive how
24.36s to more effectively prioritize and how
27.00s to you know use your time more
28.50s efficiently
30.42s one thing I want to talk about is the
34.50s challenges that I see customer face all
36.66s the time
37.68s um and the question I ask is are you
39.60s always focused on work with the most
41.28s impact and the three challenges I see
43.50s that's recurring is that one uh
46.26s customers have problems understanding
48.30s what's priority right now across the
50.10s team and this resonates with a lot of
53.40s people so if it's something that you're
54.84s struggling with you're not the only one
56.40s secondly
58.38s as you work on more and more projects
1:0.36 and you're working more across many
1:2.04 areas of responsibilities it's getting
1:3.84 harder at any point in time to
1:5.28 understand the status of that work and a
1:8.16 lot of people suffer from this
1:9.84 particular challenge mostly because
1:12.96 we no longer are responsible for one
1:15.18 thing we're responsible for so many
1:17.16 different things at the same time it's
1:18.96 just very very difficult to be on top of
1:21.36 it all and then thirdly Technology For
1:24.24 Better or Worse has been causing us to
1:26.64 have so much more context switching you
1:28.50 know this is something that I personally
1:29.82 struggle with I'm jumping across so many
1:32.04 different tabs so many different uh
1:33.84 software so many different screens just
1:35.70 to understand what it is that I need to
1:37.26 work on and then you're spending time
1:38.70 trying to figure out what is that I need
1:40.56 to work on versus spending time working
1:42.24 on the things that you need to work on
1:43.68 right and not only that
1:46.26 we're getting messages from you know
1:49.38 Microsoft teams via emails and meetings
1:52.56 and we're struggling to actually turn
1:54.90 those into actionable
1:57.06 um tasks that we can actually work on
2:0.42 so if you are facing any of these
2:2.64 challenges definitely know that you're
2:4.68 not alone
2:6.24 so what is party Matrix party Matrix is
2:8.58 a comprehensive email priority and
2:10.26 project management software to help
2:11.52 teams manage emails conduct efficient
2:13.26 meetings and get real-time status
2:14.82 updates on critical projects and
2:16.74 priorities so how does pretty Matrix
2:19.32 tackle these three challenges that I
2:20.94 just mentioned first we use something
2:22.68 called the four quadrant methodology
2:24.06 which I'll go into more detail to help
2:25.86 promote very effective prioritization
2:27.78 and then secondly pretty Matrix provide
2:30.24 many different kind of views such as the
2:31.98 one-on-one the agenda the timeline to
2:34.26 help you understand what needs to be
2:35.70 done within the right context and
2:37.62 context is the key here because the
2:39.90 context might be the project are you
2:42.30 working on the context might be
2:44.46 day the day of the week you know maybe
2:47.40 Tuesday or Wednesday is the day where
2:49.50 you work on something or the contacts
2:51.48 might be the person that you're working
2:53.22 with you're in a one-on-one meeting with
2:54.96 your manager or you're in a one-one
2:56.64 meeting with your direct report and you
2:58.02 need to understand what are all the
2:59.22 things that you should be talking about
3:1.08 so that's why I mean by context
3:3.12 um and then thirdly Freddie Matrix
3:4.44 provides really deep Integrations into
3:6.24 systems you already use uh and we're
3:8.52 probably the most integrated solution in
3:9.96 Microsoft teams and Outlook to help you
3:11.70 prioritize those emails and then helping
3:13.50 you communicate all of that to your team
3:15.12 members very effectively
3:18.90 so what makes part of Matrix different
3:20.52 it's the only project email and meeting
3:22.50 management software that is Microsoft
3:24.84 365 security certified across our web
3:27.00 app teams app and Outlook app and then
3:29.52 one of the areas that I'm really excited
3:31.38 about is how we're leveraging AI more
3:33.42 and more to help you achieve your goals
3:36.78 and the key here is that you know
3:39.72 obviously we can't do everything for you
3:41.22 not yet anyways but one of the things we
3:43.56 want you to do is have a very good
3:45.00 understanding of what it is you need to
3:47.10 work on and then at the same time making
3:49.08 it easier for you to figure out what
3:52.50 what it is that you can best spend your
3:54.60 time on if you have a certain goal so
3:56.82 I'll be showing that today as well and
3:58.62 then we provide what I call
3:59.82 people-centric collaboration you know a
4:1.68 lot of project management software are
4:3.06 focused on projects right yeah Project A
4:5.16 B C and so forth you're trying to go
4:6.78 through that list and you're just
4:7.86 working on timeline but the argument
4:9.78 that um I I think people should spend
4:12.72 more time thinking about is not it is
4:15.00 not what it is that you you are working
4:18.06 on but what it is that you should be
4:19.56 working on and so when you want to
4:21.42 understand that then I think it takes a
4:23.58 more holistic picture
4:25.20 and then finally party Matrix is
4:26.94 available as a SAS HIPAA which for
4:29.64 healthcare Life Sciences as well as our
4:31.14 Azure government Cloud for state and
4:32.58 local government as well as managed
4:34.14 private Azure deployments for Enterprise
4:36.12 customers so if any of the other
4:38.16 Solutions interest you please reach out
4:40.32 to us we'd be happy to discuss that
4:41.88 otherwise you know what you're seeing
4:43.20 today is our standard SAS solution
4:45.42 it's
4:46.98 so let's talk about the concept behind
4:48.78 pretty Matrix so there's a famous quote
4:50.34 attributed to former President
4:51.42 Eisenhower what is important is seldom
4:53.52 urgent and what is urgent set of
4:54.66 important now I really like this quote
4:56.46 because one of the things that it's
4:58.14 doing is it's taking all these uh tasks
5:0.96 and so forth everything that we're
5:2.16 considering at every
5:4.02 at any moment in time and we're split
5:6.84 into two Dimensions the dimensions of
5:8.82 importance in the dimension of urgency
5:12.06 an exercise that I like to ask you know
5:15.36 the audience to do is right now you know
5:18.42 many of you guys are sitting there at
5:20.52 your computer and you probably have been
5:23.28 thinking about your work all day long
5:25.74 um up to this point so imagine if I
5:27.96 asked you to take out a piece of paper
5:29.04 so if you do have a piece of paper this
5:30.84 is a fantastic exercise to do today take
5:33.00 out a piece of paper and start writing
5:34.56 down all the important things that you
5:35.88 have to do
5:37.26 so that could be for the whatever
5:39.90 project that you're working on or that
5:42.06 could be something that is related to
5:43.92 your goals maybe you're trying to get a
5:45.42 promotion or it's related to some work
5:48.90 that you have to do for a client or
5:50.16 external customers or whatever other
5:52.44 things that you've committed to it could
5:54.06 be tasks for your your family Etc but
5:57.06 these are the things that you're really
5:58.32 considering you know things that you
5:59.88 should do now that list might be five or
6:2.58 that list might be 20 items
6:4.80 if you look at that list
6:8.10 the question I have for you then is what
6:10.92 do you work on do you work on the first
6:12.84 thing you wrote down because that's
6:14.04 probably the most important thing from
6:15.48 your perspective or do you work on the
6:17.46 last thing that you wrote down because
6:18.60 that was the top of mind or do you just
6:20.70 choose somewhere in between and you know
6:23.22 if you choose somewhere in between
6:24.30 doesn't mean that you know you have 20
6:25.98 tasks and you're able to do five that
6:28.32 you have a 25 chance of actually working
6:31.62 on the right thing and
6:34.02 that is a challenge that all of us face
6:36.78 which is
6:38.54 understanding what it is that we need to
6:40.98 work on because it is the most important
6:43.14 and it is the most urgent and the
6:45.66 challenge that we face all the time is
6:48.00 that urgency is masking itself as
6:50.94 importance and what I mean by that is
6:53.64 you probably you know this morning
6:55.20 looked at all your emails and you might
6:56.76 have so many new emails that came in and
6:59.04 the vast majority of them aren't
7:0.00 important right but guess what you went
7:2.04 through them you looked at them and you
7:3.90 responded to the ones that don't even
7:5.46 matter
7:6.72 um but you do it because it's urgent
7:8.16 it's like okay I gotta get this done I
7:9.84 gotta get this done but that's you're
7:11.52 never questioning whether or not it even
7:13.26 matters if you get it done so that's how
7:16.80 you want to think about this concept of
7:18.30 importance and urgency
7:19.80 um those are the two dimensions and so
7:21.42 now what you do is that 20 items that
7:23.46 you have instead of putting in a list
7:25.44 you put it into a two by two Matrix and
7:28.44 so the the action items that are
7:30.12 important and Urgent you put in the
7:31.38 quadrant one that's you do now this is
7:33.60 what you should focus on and then the
7:35.52 important but not urgent that's the the
7:37.26 quadrant two the plan box this is where
7:39.42 everything that you have in here is what
7:41.40 you should start thinking about after
7:42.84 you're you're done with quadrant one and
7:45.36 then delegate is actually really
7:46.62 interesting delegate is what I would
7:48.72 consider things that can be done by
7:50.52 somebody else
7:52.80 in a more effective more efficient
7:54.66 better way than than you can um and an
7:57.72 analogy that I describe on a you know
8:0.00 basic level is when you go to a
8:2.22 restaurant you're delegating the cooking
8:4.62 the cleaning to somebody else right and
8:6.48 that's part of the process it's not like
8:8.04 you know the stuff that you delegate is
8:9.66 not important because you have to eat
8:11.28 but delegating just means that you let
8:13.02 somebody else take over that
8:14.22 responsibility so if you're a manager
8:16.02 there might be team members who are
8:17.88 domain experts in certain tasks and
8:20.34 they're going to be much better at
8:21.36 executing that than you and so that's
8:22.80 where the delegation come from and then
8:24.48 you're able to go
8:25.98 and and that could be an inside you know
8:28.26 within the organization or outside
8:29.28 organization and then inbox is sort of
8:31.26 everything else so one thing that's that
8:33.24 I encourage people to do is of those 20
8:35.52 items when you look at it from to this
8:37.32 this quadrant
8:38.70 do not have more than 25 of things in
8:41.58 the top left because if you do and if
8:44.22 everything's important and Urgent then
8:45.48 nothing is then you haven't made the
8:47.40 decision on what are the things that
8:48.90 actually where you should focus your
8:50.22 time and then similarly you should only
8:52.86 have 25 of the things in quadrant two
8:55.38 and one thing that's so fascinating
8:57.36 about this is
8:58.74 if you have a lot of things in Quadrant
9:0.42 One it means you're firefighting right
9:2.04 because you've for lack of better words
9:4.08 completely failed at planning and now
9:6.42 you have to go and get these things done
9:8.52 um so so what's what's really helpful is
9:11.88 that if you think about what it is that
9:13.62 you're working on as you're working
9:15.60 through your plan and if you have
9:18.30 nothing in Quadrant One it probably
9:19.80 means that you're doing the right thing
9:20.82 because you're thinking ahead of time
9:22.02 and you're executing prior to the
9:24.42 firefighting process
9:26.12 now now that you've done you've written
9:29.16 down this list the the next question I
9:31.26 have for you or the next task I have for
9:33.12 you is to take that list and walk around
9:35.34 the office and start comparing notes and
9:37.86 that is where the magic happens with
9:39.72 pretty Matrix when you go to your
9:41.64 manager and you say by the way these are
9:43.56 my tasks and these are my priorities
9:45.24 this is what I consider my quadrant one
9:47.16 these are what I consider my quadrant
9:48.54 two do you agree or disagree right and
9:51.06 similarly you go to your direct reports
9:52.74 and you do the exact same exercise do
9:54.90 you agree or you disagree and guess what
9:56.58 if you always agree if your manager
9:59.34 pulls out his or her you know Matrix and
10:1.92 it looks exactly the same as yours and
10:3.60 all your colleagues doing exactly the
10:5.10 same you don't need our software you've
10:7.02 solved all your problems around
10:8.88 prioritization in fact you probably
10:10.32 didn't have any of those challenges that
10:11.70 we talked about at the beginning of this
10:13.62 presentation but if you didn't and you
10:15.78 start finding discrepancy that's what's
10:17.88 really fascinating because you've just
10:20.16 identified areas where you can actually
10:22.32 spend your time tackling and actually
10:24.60 going and deciding what it is that you
10:25.92 you should work on and what is that you
10:27.36 should not work on
10:29.04 so the fourth question Eisenhower Matrix
10:31.20 create alignment because it forces you
10:32.82 to prioritize from the very beginning
10:34.08 and so when you use protein matrix
10:35.94 software we force you force you to
10:38.76 actually prioritize within those those
10:40.32 Matrix and it's hard it's extremely hard
10:43.20 it is not easy and that's the point
10:46.26 um which is if you can decide what it is
10:48.42 that you need to work on what you should
10:50.04 work on from the very beginning then you
10:52.08 can actually really focus your time on
10:53.76 the things that that matter and so
10:55.62 success from using per Matrix isn't
10:57.42 about finding what everyone agrees on
10:58.74 it's about discovering disagreement on
11:0.42 what a priority
11:1.62 on what should be priority when it isn't
11:3.66 and then vice versa what is a priority
11:6.30 um but what shouldn't be priority at all
11:8.84 so hopefully that gives you a sense of
11:11.88 the idea behind party Matrix and why the
11:14.64 software is created and the challenges
11:16.26 that we aim to tackle and with that I'm
11:19.02 gonna go and actually show you the
11:20.64 product itself and show you how to
11:22.08 actually proceed and use the software in
11:24.78 a way that helps facilitate all these um
11:27.38 these uh
11:29.36 more effective presentation that I
11:31.74 mentioned so one note uh
11:34.56 webinars is where you can see the
11:36.18 recording we also have previous
11:37.92 recording and then supported affluence
11:40.14 is where you can send us any message
11:41.64 we'd be happy to field any questions you
11:44.58 have and then as I mentioned you know if
11:46.80 you haven't any messages in the chat
11:48.30 please send it and then I'll take a look
11:49.74 okay with that I'm going to go ahead and
11:51.24 jump into the product
12:0.48 great and so here
12:2.70 um I'm actually going to open up a party
12:4.44 Matrix project and as you can see I have
12:6.96 a project here called my team priorities
12:8.88 and then within this I have the four
12:11.64 quadrants very similar to what I showed
12:14.10 you in the presentation Quadrant One the
12:16.20 do now which is what I call Fires here
12:18.06 the due later that's the quadrant
12:19.92 planning delegate and inbox and so when
12:22.74 you want to add a task inside part of
12:25.14 Matrix you have to add it within one of
12:26.82 these four four boxes right so for
12:29.58 example let's just say
12:31.44 um I want to create a new task and I'm
12:32.88 going to say create new marketing plan
12:35.22 okay so that's an action item that I'm
12:37.74 working on
12:39.12 um for
12:40.82 Q4 but then what happens is I want to
12:43.98 say that okay I want to start working on
12:45.36 this within the next few weeks or
12:47.52 something like that so I'm going to say
12:48.66 do in two weeks so one of the things
12:50.58 that party Matrix does is it uses
12:52.20 natural language so when you create a
12:54.36 task inside pretty Matrix and you say do
12:56.82 in two weeks our system goes and
12:59.16 understands that and process is it and
13:1.44 set the due date for you so one of the
13:3.36 things that I really really hate is you
13:5.34 know when you use a software you have to
13:6.78 go and create a task then click on a UI
13:8.64 to set a date and click on another UI to
13:10.92 do something else so if we can skip that
13:14.22 step as as quickly as possible then we
13:16.62 can actually allow you to be much more
13:18.00 effective and much more efficient in
13:19.26 planning so when you create tasks in
13:20.88 part Matrix you can literally just type
13:22.50 the task and then type the due date
13:24.78 directly from there and so as you can
13:26.70 see
13:27.48 what I have this task selected on the
13:29.58 right hand side is what we call the item
13:31.02 details and so you can think of the item
13:32.70 details as a way to elaborate on other
13:35.64 information related to this task so for
13:37.56 example you can see how it says create
13:39.48 new marketing plan for Q4 due in two
13:41.40 weeks the due date is already sent for
13:42.90 me and it says that the owners myself
13:45.18 and then if you look at other
13:46.32 information that we have within the task
13:47.70 we have progress zero to 100 effort and
13:51.36 then there's something called reminders
13:52.56 which is really
13:54.18 really useful so whenever I have a task
13:57.84 input Matrix I always do two things I
14:0.18 just had a due date and I set a reminder
14:1.56 and the reason why you have a reminder
14:3.30 and the difference is that reminder uh
14:6.48 let's tells party Matrix to ping you
14:9.24 ahead of time prior to the due date
14:10.80 example if you're creating a new
14:12.54 marketing plan due in two weeks and then
14:14.22 you wait for two weeks to get started
14:15.78 and it's not gonna work right you're not
14:18.12 going to get anything done by that point
14:19.74 in time because if it takes several days
14:21.12 to actually work on that then you
14:23.46 actually need to start prior to that so
14:26.34 what I like to do is I would always go
14:28.68 and say remind me weekly or remind me
14:31.26 daily and so what happens then is part
14:33.00 of Matrix will send or send a reminder
14:34.68 and this is so important when it comes
14:37.38 to prioritization because the first
14:39.60 thing is recognizing okay this is
14:41.28 important and then the second thing is
14:42.96 okay make sure that you actually work on
14:44.88 that because if if you write things in
14:47.28 inside for the Matrix and you actually
14:48.72 don't go back and review or you don't
14:51.12 mark them as done then
14:53.28 it's really just a waste of time so
14:55.68 don't do that so therefore what I always
14:58.20 recommend is set due dates and set
15:0.18 reminders and so what I've just done
15:1.86 here you see how reminders set in in one
15:4.02 week and then I'm gonna get a reminder
15:6.12 from for Matrix to work on this task
15:9.24 and then if you scroll down further you
15:11.46 have um the chat section and what the
15:13.38 chat section is it's essentially a place
15:16.38 to keep a record of all the
15:18.54 conversations that you have around this
15:19.92 task it is very very important when you
15:22.20 have multiple team members and you're
15:23.64 working on something and you're having a
15:25.38 conversation with each other that we
15:27.00 actually track the conversation within
15:29.04 the context of the task
15:31.26 let me give you an example um you know
15:33.00 let's just say you're in a meeting or
15:35.10 you're in a Microsoft teams conversation
15:36.96 and you're talking about a very critical
15:38.94 task such as again marketing plan for Q
15:41.28 for Q4 uh and so you're you know coming
15:43.92 up with all these different ideas you're
15:45.36 making decisions and so forth but you're
15:47.52 doing in a chat environment as a without
15:50.22 with without the context and so then in
15:53.82 two weeks in three weeks or in five
15:55.74 months when you're reviewing this and
15:57.48 you're trying to understand what were
15:58.50 the decisions that were made guess what
16:0.30 no one remembers no one has the perfect
16:2.82 memory to remember all the decisions
16:4.38 made and everything you talked about
16:6.42 um and not only that you probably talk
16:7.74 about five different things during your
16:9.30 conversation right so with part Matrix
16:11.34 when you have that conversation inside
16:13.08 this task here it's kept as part of the
16:15.78 record for the task and it is so
16:17.76 important for
16:19.40 reviewing for understanding historic the
16:22.56 history of the tasks the changes that
16:24.60 happen Etc so use this chat section as a
16:28.14 way to keep that record and then pretty
16:30.00 Matrix allowed you to actually look at
16:31.74 it from a Version Control standpoint and
16:33.36 everything else the other thing too is
16:35.04 part of Matrix also track all the
16:37.02 changes that you have here so when you
16:38.70 set a due date you set reminder or you
16:40.80 add subtasks Etc all that is tracked and
16:43.32 then what's really helpful is that again
16:45.12 when someone else is taking over the
16:47.52 task or they're looking at this they
16:49.14 don't have to ask you how those
16:50.40 decisions were made they can actually
16:52.02 review the chat here to see the history
16:53.82 of all that
16:55.26 and then you have the notes section the
16:56.82 note section and pretty Matrix is just a
16:58.14 way for you to elaborate on the task
17:0.12 itself it is not intended to be a rich
17:2.34 text place where you can you know create
17:5.04 all your your fancy document and so
17:7.08 forth that's what Google Docs that's
17:8.64 what Microsoft Word PowerPoints Etc are
17:10.92 for in the notes section instead what
17:13.02 you want to say here is just some
17:14.52 information some metadata about that or
17:16.80 as a way a place for you to create
17:18.30 subtasks so for example you know I can
17:20.34 do subtask one subtask two subtask three
17:24.18 directly in here
17:25.86 and then with the the resources section
17:28.20 is where you can attach other
17:29.46 information such as emails Word
17:31.32 documents
17:32.52 um or links to your SharePoint Drive Etc
17:35.16 so that is the concept behind uh an item
17:40.08 so when you have an item you have all
17:42.36 this extra information that you can put
17:43.92 but one thing that I showed you here is
17:46.08 I create a task in quadrant quadrant
17:48.18 four but then I can go and drag it to
17:50.10 quadrant one so from the perspective of
17:53.10 prioritization what I've just done is
17:55.56 I've just communicated that this is a
17:58.20 quadrant one action item and as you can
18:0.36 see it is extremely visual there's no
18:3.42 if if I had this in the list it might
18:5.64 not be so clear to somebody else what it
18:8.34 is that we need to work on at any point
18:9.84 in time but when you have it into the
18:11.88 Matrix like this it is very very clear
18:13.92 very crystal clear that everyone sees
18:16.98 this and everyone's on the same page and
18:19.32 that's the most interesting thing about
18:21.12 protomatrix is that the disagreements
18:24.06 are so easy to spot right and so um I
18:26.82 mean there's in management you know we
18:29.16 always talk about
18:30.66 You can disagree but you commit right
18:32.94 and so the whole idea is when you go and
18:35.88 you have a meeting and and you have a
18:37.62 team meeting and you're talking about
18:38.64 the team priorities you can project
18:40.50 pretty Matrix onto your big screen and
18:43.26 you can literally go and talk about the
18:45.18 priorities for your organization for
18:48.54 your department for your executive team
18:50.48 directly from this View and then you can
18:53.88 talk about the things that truly matters
18:55.44 you know the stuff in quadrant one and
18:57.24 then from there you can say you know
18:58.86 what these are the things that we should
19:0.18 work on these are things you're not
19:1.26 should not work on and you can
19:2.34 reprioritize and then everyone walks out
19:5.10 of the meeting completely aligned they
19:7.62 may not agree on everything but the
19:9.84 alignment is there and that's the point
19:11.40 important Matrix
19:12.78 so as an aside I always describe for the
19:15.78 Matrix as a communication tool I think
19:18.00 it's less of a project management
19:19.20 software than a way for people to
19:22.80 actually track take all the stuff that's
19:25.14 in your brain right all these things
19:26.64 that you thought about in terms of
19:27.96 priorities and in terms of what it is
19:30.12 that is impact um the highest impact
19:32.16 that you can have and now it's in one
19:34.26 central place for everyone to see so
19:36.18 that's how you can think about using the
19:38.34 the quadrants themselves
19:40.44 so what I've shown you is how to create
19:42.96 a task how to create due dates how to
19:44.82 add metadata and so forth um the other
19:46.98 thing that I also really like to do is
19:49.14 actually add the star so if I star a
19:52.56 task what happens is it pushes to the
19:54.24 very top of the list and within the
19:55.80 quadrant themselves and if you do
19:57.54 starring what happens is our system can
19:59.28 actually send you these things called
20:0.54 star reports so then if you have
20:2.76 something that's really critical an
20:4.62 action item that you're working for a
20:6.06 customer and you want to make sure that
20:8.04 you know everyone is on on top of it and
20:10.50 that you get a status update on it every
20:12.12 single day that's what you do you start
20:14.28 and we you get the start report and it
20:16.26 tells you the updates
20:18.00 so I've created a task and first of all
20:20.16 it assigned to myself but what happens I
20:21.96 can actually assign to to another person
20:23.58 so for example if I click on this owner
20:26.28 I can change the owner to somebody else
20:27.72 now there can only be one owner for any
20:31.62 task this is extremely important you
20:33.78 know people always ask hey can I have
20:35.10 multiple owners the answer is no the
20:37.26 point is you have a very clear
20:38.76 responsibility you want to know the one
20:41.28 person who's responsible for it and
20:43.26 that's the person whose avatar shows up
20:45.12 here you can actually change your avatar
20:46.62 so it shows you the picture of the
20:48.24 person instead or your picture instead
20:50.64 but then it's very clear who the owner
20:53.04 is and then from there
20:55.98 um you know what you know who's going to
20:57.90 get it done and so forth but the other
21:0.12 person can always be other people can
21:2.46 always be added as followers so um the
21:5.64 whole idea of followers is someone who's
21:7.86 interested in the task if there are
21:9.54 updates of the task the follower will
21:11.40 get an update so for example right here
21:13.86 when I've just created this task and
21:15.78 create new marketing plan for Q4 and I
21:17.94 assigned to Eugenia what happens is if
21:19.50 she updates it and she goes and you know
21:21.90 add documents or type messages in the
21:24.36 chat or send a question or edit the
21:26.64 notes what happens is I'll actually get
21:28.44 a notification inside for the Matrix uh
21:30.54 that tells me hey there's been updates
21:32.04 and because I'm a follower
21:34.68 I can go and review that as needed so if
21:37.50 you were a manager and you're delegating
21:39.36 a task
21:40.68 it is extremely important for you to
21:42.18 know that one your team member received
21:45.30 it right they've read it they've
21:46.92 acknowledged it or two they've made
21:49.08 status updates on it or three they
21:51.36 Market us done that which means they
21:52.98 actually got it done and I think you
21:55.26 know if you I'm sure you've seen this
21:57.72 before you have a task you ask somebody
22:0.06 to do it what do you do you send them an
22:1.62 email
22:2.70 crickets you have no idea if they
22:5.34 actually got it done you get no status
22:6.96 update and until you meet with them
22:8.46 again they're like oh yeah I did get it
22:10.02 done or no I never saw the email right
22:12.00 and so the whole point of part of Matrix
22:13.68 is that when you send that task you can
22:15.90 actually see that they saw the task
22:18.72 um and so those actually would show up
22:20.16 here so if Eugene has seen the task her
22:22.08 Avatar will show up now you know she's
22:23.94 seen it and if she hasn't seen it that
22:25.92 gives you a chance to actually you know
22:27.78 notify her and say hey by the way I
22:29.28 assign you this thing uh you know I
22:31.20 don't think you saw it can you please
22:32.52 take a look and so not only that when
22:34.68 you have set these reminders
22:36.72 um you and due dates and so forth it
22:38.52 will continuously ping Eugenia to remind
22:40.92 her that this is due so it's um
22:44.10 it's a very useful way to ensure that
22:47.28 everyone is aligned in terms of in terms
22:49.56 of understanding the priorities and
22:51.18 making sure that you're working on the
22:52.68 right thing
22:54.08 so that's the concept behind a task now
22:57.18 one thing I want to show you is actually
22:58.68 the um the quadrants and the projects
23:0.90 themselves so if you click on this
23:2.28 little eye icon here you open What's
23:4.38 called project details so project
23:6.36 details is similar to item details but
23:7.98 it's actually more on how you can
23:10.08 customize the project to your liking so
23:12.18 inside partometrics you can also star a
23:14.82 project if you start a project it pops
23:16.92 at the top here so you can see how you
23:18.84 know I four star projects here is Pops
23:20.88 at the top very easy for me to to see
23:22.98 those projects especially let's just say
23:24.90 if I'm working with a on a really
23:26.82 critical project right that I want that
23:28.80 to be at the very top or if I have a
23:30.78 project for each of my
23:32.70 customer that I work with then I can go
23:35.22 and star some customers so then I always
23:37.14 can jump to that project very easily so
23:39.24 you can start that you can change the
23:40.80 name of the project directly from here
23:42.36 you know you can click on this and and
23:44.16 start changing press delete and change
23:46.08 it um the other thing is user group so
23:48.12 you can think of user group as
23:49.44 departments so
23:51.18 for example let's say if you create a
23:52.86 marketing project then you change to the
23:54.66 user group marketing or engineering or
23:56.64 whatever and then what happens is you
23:58.32 bring new team members into reporting
23:59.58 Matrix they automatically get invited to
24:1.68 those user groups and then vice versa if
24:4.20 you remove somebody from the user group
24:5.70 then they lose access to those projects
24:7.20 as well so it's helpful for Department
24:9.42 managing departments it's also helpful
24:11.28 for uh if you have you know multiple
24:14.34 team members cross-function team members
24:16.74 that works on specific projects let's
24:18.54 just say if you and you have an
24:20.58 Enterprise customer and you have
24:21.90 customer success
24:23.64 um customer support and then sales and
24:26.64 and engineering and so forth and you
24:28.44 have all these folks that's in place and
24:30.18 you have the same group of people
24:31.32 working with multiple customers then you
24:33.00 can create good user group for that then
24:34.92 the other thing is members so you can
24:36.30 override all of this by using the manual
24:38.88 control pretty much and so then you have
24:41.04 these are the members within that
24:42.78 project itself now the way it works from
24:45.18 a permission standpoint is if you're a
24:47.10 member of a project you have full access
24:48.66 to the project you can see all the tasks
24:50.40 you can see all the hash history you can
24:52.20 make all the edits but remember in part
24:54.18 of Matrix all that those changes are
24:56.10 recorded So if someone makes a change
24:58.80 and and you disagree or whatever
25:1.50 um you'll know because we have we have
25:3.84 details or we have um um record of all
25:6.78 those changes but that's how permission
25:8.58 works so if you invite somebody to a
25:10.26 project they get full access to it now
25:12.18 you can also assign a task to someone
25:13.62 who's not in a project then they'll only
25:15.66 see that task but that that's a very
25:17.82 different use case and then if you go
25:19.68 down further these are the four
25:20.94 quadrants that we talked about
25:22.62 um so earlier in my presentation I have
25:24.42 the do now but here I use the word fires
25:26.70 and then instead of um plan I just do
25:28.92 later but pretty Matrix allows you to
25:30.78 customize the quadrant names as well as
25:32.28 the colors as well so for example
25:35.28 you know let's just say if I want to go
25:37.56 and I change the the color for Quadrant
25:39.90 One and then I change the terminology to
25:42.00 whatever it is that I want so fires
25:44.58 um do now you can see that I can
25:46.92 customize this to my liking the reason
25:49.38 why this is important is that as you use
25:52.44 protomatrix you and your orientation
25:54.96 might adapt part of Matrix to your own
25:57.54 needs so for example
26:0.06 let's say if you're a real estate
26:2.54 property management company now a
26:5.52 project for you might look very
26:7.20 different a project for you might have
26:9.90 you know the fires that do now the do
26:12.78 later but maybe instead of delegate you
26:15.12 might have
26:16.44 um tasks that are for permits or you
26:19.56 know
26:20.58 um resources forms Etc related to each
26:25.26 of your property so you can see how you
26:27.54 can customize the the various quadrants
26:29.76 and create buckets to manage each of
26:31.92 those types of information now one thing
26:34.26 that's neat is that once you've created
26:36.36 this particular project in part Matrix
26:38.22 and you've created all the tasks and
26:39.66 part of Matrix you can save it as a
26:41.88 template
26:42.78 so when you save it as a template it
26:45.00 allows you to launch new pretty Matrix
26:46.74 projects from that template so you never
26:48.66 have to do that customization again and
26:51.06 it's a fantastic way to save you time so
26:54.90 as I mentioned let's just say if you
26:56.76 have a property management project and
26:58.86 you have 60 tasks that you have to do
27:0.42 for every single new property that you
27:1.86 bring on and then from those 60 tasks
27:3.96 you know you have task one do in one day
27:6.00 task two do in two weeks do in three
27:8.22 months and then you have your annual
27:10.20 work and and so forth you create all
27:12.30 that tasking for Matrix you save it as a
27:14.16 template then the next time you have a
27:16.98 new property you just launch from one of
27:18.90 those templates you say you know I'm
27:21.00 gonna start on September 1st and then
27:24.00 everything gets created for you
27:25.38 automatically so that saves you so much
27:27.78 time especially when you have standard
27:29.22 Opera operating procedures it's
27:31.20 fantastic for employee onboarding it's
27:33.36 fantastic or bringing on new Consulting
27:35.40 clients or managing recurring projects
27:37.62 so that is why these quadrants are
27:39.90 customizable because every organization
27:42.18 build their own best practices with for
27:43.98 the Matrix and then you're able to
27:45.36 customize these um to your liking the
27:48.60 other thing I also I have seen customers
27:50.64 do is they use different colors for
27:52.98 different
27:53.82 um types of projects so for example you
27:55.80 know maybe marketing is all blue
27:57.06 engineering is red et cetera and so then
27:59.52 when you look at per matrix it's a lot
28:1.26 more Visual and you can again see the
28:3.24 types of projects that you're at you're
28:4.86 you're looking at and you can jump to
28:6.18 each of those so you can see how on my
28:8.10 list of project here you know I have a
28:9.72 lot of different colors and it's it's
28:11.76 very Visual and so people love that
28:14.58 aspect of party Matrix as well
28:17.88 um so that's how a that's how a project
28:20.88 customization works the um one of the
28:23.64 things I want to show you too is
28:25.08 actually a way to look at the data that
28:26.82 you have in pretty Matrix so for example
28:28.68 right here we have you know the the
28:30.48 quadrant view with all the action item
28:32.16 but at the same time I understand the
28:34.80 value in a list view right so if you go
28:36.90 to the list view what it does is it
28:38.88 takes all that information and it shows
28:40.68 you in a list form you still have the
28:42.66 quadrants here so you can sort by the
28:44.64 quadrants here you can sort by icons you
28:46.86 can sort by name and people but the list
28:49.26 view is very very useful for identifying
28:52.02 overdue items so whenever I want to find
28:54.36 overdue items I love going to the list
28:56.10 view because you can see how overdue
28:57.66 items automatically show up as red here
28:59.76 and then I can sort by due dates and now
29:1.80 I can go through each of them I can
29:3.36 change the due date right so you see how
29:4.92 let's just say I can go to here now I
29:7.62 have the item that's overdue I can say
29:9.60 do next week
29:11.10 and now I've changed the due date
29:12.60 directly and I don't
29:14.22 um I know that all my tasks are actually
29:16.14 you know have been rescheduled but no
29:18.42 you see how pretty Matrix Now set the
29:20.64 new due date and has a record here for
29:22.20 you
29:22.92 um but if somebody else came in and
29:25.02 wanted to know why we change the due
29:26.70 date well they can look at this and they
29:28.08 can see the history and they can see
29:29.28 that I made that change
29:30.84 Etc so that you can have that
29:32.04 conversation around it
29:33.72 um the other way you can actually look
29:35.10 at pretty Matrix information too is
29:36.84 through the calendar view so the way the
29:38.82 calendar view works
29:40.50 is any task that has due dates would
29:43.50 show up on the calendar one thing that I
29:45.90 like about using this view for is
29:47.58 reprioritizing I'm sorry changing the
29:49.50 due dates on task and I can just drag
29:51.24 and drop and that allows me to change
29:52.62 due date very very rapidly for any task
29:54.96 I don't have to even click and open the
29:56.64 task and then we have something called
29:58.32 the Gantt chart so the Gantt chart you
29:59.70 can think of it as a timeline now in
30:1.20 project management software you know
30:2.94 people love dependencies and so forth so
30:5.16 pretty Matrix allow you to build
30:6.42 dependencies as well but at the same
30:8.52 time you don't have to do any of those
30:10.38 things and part of Matrix will build
30:11.70 that timeline view the Gantt chart view
30:13.38 for you automatically so you saw how I
30:15.48 created those tasks in cyber Matrix I
30:17.58 set the due date and if I go to the
30:19.68 timeline view it just shows up here so
30:21.84 it's very Visual and it allows me to see
30:23.76 sort of like you know across weeks and
30:25.80 months and so forth what are the action
30:27.60 site action items I have for a project
30:30.36 example
30:31.80 um really good use case here might be if
30:33.96 you are working with Consultants or I'm
30:36.60 sorry you're a consultant and you're
30:37.80 working with consultant clients so what
30:40.50 happens with your Consulting clients is
30:42.36 you may have series of different tasks
30:43.98 across multiple months and so when you
30:46.32 go to a view like this you can see the
30:48.48 tasks as they build out you know this
30:51.06 month next month the following month and
30:52.86 so forth and you can communicate the
30:54.78 status of this to your customers to your
30:56.58 clients rather very very easily and in
30:59.34 order to build to link tasks together
31:1.38 it's actually also very easy as well so
31:3.66 you see how I can choose between the
31:5.28 various tasks here I can click on this
31:7.32 and open different tasks and if I go to
31:9.54 the resource section I can actually link
31:11.76 action items together so I can link for
31:14.04 the Matrix together and I can say you
31:15.90 know this task
31:17.22 is actually related to this task but I
31:19.68 can also change this to this task is
31:22.86 blocked by this task or this task is
31:25.14 caused by this task so you can look at
31:27.78 this as a way to build dependencies and
31:29.64 say you know you have to get task a done
31:31.74 first before task B et cetera and then
31:33.66 when you do something like that pretty
31:34.86 Matrix will automatically build again
31:36.36 chart and the dependencies for you
31:38.52 so that's how the various views inside
31:41.28 part of Matrix works and so
31:43.38 um when I go back to the quadrant view
31:45.12 here very very visual very easy for me
31:47.52 to see priorities but I can go to any of
31:49.74 the other lists as needed in order to
31:52.10 solve whatever problem is that I need to
31:54.30 solve Depending on time or people Etc
31:57.66 so now one of the things I want to
31:59.34 switch gear for a little bit and I want
32:1.20 to show you email prioritization because
32:2.88 again this is something that a lot of
32:4.86 our customers struggle with because I've
32:6.72 you know I've shown you how to create
32:7.98 tasks and so forth that's very that's
32:9.36 very straightforward there's nothing
32:10.38 special here but emails is a beast I
32:13.38 mean on a daily basis I get hundreds of
32:15.30 emails and and it's very very difficult
32:17.76 for me to stay on top of emails and so I
32:20.40 imagine you do too so how do you
32:23.04 prioritize your critical email well a
32:25.50 lot of people flag them so you probably
32:27.06 flag your emails but uh do you have Five
32:29.52 Flags emails or do you have 100 flag
32:30.96 emails so I have a lot of flag emails
32:33.96 and if I flag a lot of emails I have a
32:35.94 very very difficult time identifying all
32:37.80 the emails that are flagged and then
32:39.36 also actually addressing them so with
32:41.34 pretty Matrix we have an Outlook
32:43.02 integration so you can go to Outlook app
32:45.06 store you can install or Outlook
32:46.68 integration
32:47.70 and then from there you can take any
32:49.68 email and turn them into tasks so for
32:51.78 example I have an email here and and I
32:54.78 already have pretty Matrix for Outlook
32:56.40 installed so I can go down to part of
32:58.20 Matrix and I can choose prioritize email
33:0.90 so what I'm doing is I'm taking any
33:3.30 email that I get turning into a task
33:5.88 um I can actually change create the task
33:7.86 name right so that the subject of the
33:9.60 email is automatically inherited here
33:11.70 but I can change that and then I can
33:13.62 choose what project it belongs in so for
33:15.36 example I'm going to choose my team
33:16.98 priorities I'm going to actually choose
33:18.60 quadrant four I can assign it to
33:20.70 somebody as well and then I can also set
33:22.80 a due date on an email so you can see
33:25.56 how in one central place I can actually
33:29.70 turn an email into a task and really
33:31.98 ensure that I get back to that email
33:34.38 right because when you just flag an
33:36.66 email or you set a reminder on an email
33:38.82 in Outlook it's not sufficient to remind
33:41.58 you to actually go back and and address
33:43.68 them and then not only that when you
33:45.60 assign it to somebody else to
33:47.52 it's virtually impossible for you to
33:49.56 remind them to look at the email so I'll
33:52.32 give you an example let's say if I
33:53.76 actually want I get a very important
33:55.62 customer email and I want my team member
33:57.72 to to look at it if I forward it to her
34:1.68 I don't know if she'll see it first of
34:3.96 all and then if she sees it I don't know
34:6.18 if she knows it's important second of
34:8.34 all and then third of all she has no
34:10.44 sense of the timeline for it right um
34:12.72 because I can't go and set a due date on
34:14.82 a forwarded email so with per Matrix I
34:17.40 can do all of those things in one
34:18.78 central place and so then I can click
34:20.40 capture email and you can see how it
34:22.38 turned this email into a task this looks
34:24.66 just like the item details you saw in
34:26.16 pretty Matrix and I can go I can add
34:29.04 um I can change the task name I can add
34:31.02 icons I can start them I can assign to
34:33.24 people and then I can add notes and
34:35.46 resources as needed the other thing too
34:37.56 is an Outlook pretty Matrix shows up
34:39.54 here as a tag so then I know that I've
34:41.16 prioritized this email already so if I
34:43.68 have when I go back to Outlook and open
34:45.72 the email it'll let me choose to open
34:48.24 the action item instead
34:49.98 the other thing um pretty Matrix I get
34:52.56 to do which is really helpful too is
34:54.30 actually attach an email to an existing
34:56.34 task this is something that I'm not
34:58.50 aware of any other add-ins that lets you
35:0.42 do this but what happens is let's just
35:2.22 say I have an email and so again the
35:4.14 same email but now I already it's again
35:7.08 from a customer that I I want to ensure
35:10.08 that my team members are aware of if I
35:12.36 go and I create another task guess what
35:14.58 I'm duplicating things right so that's
35:16.08 not very helpful so I already have a
35:17.88 task in place what I can do is I can
35:19.50 click on this here and I can choose to
35:21.96 open protomatrix
35:23.58 and if I open for Matrix this right
35:25.80 panel will show up and it's going to
35:27.66 show me all my pretty Matrix action
35:29.28 items here I can search for the item and
35:31.32 then I can simply hover over the party
35:33.90 Matrix task and attach it it is
35:36.48 extremely useful to stay organized when
35:39.06 you have important emails
35:41.34 um and if the important emails you
35:43.02 already have tests that's a part of
35:44.70 Matrix action item that's already in
35:45.96 place and then what happens is it takes
35:48.00 this email uploads into a pretty Matrix
35:49.80 action item and everyone who's working
35:51.84 on this will be on the same page
35:54.48 it's one thing to prioritize it for your
35:56.64 own email I mean for me personally I
35:58.74 have to prioritize email every single
36:0.30 day just given the sheer volume of
36:2.10 emails that I get and if I don't set the
36:3.90 due date it's going to be impossible for
36:5.82 me to actually go back and address all
36:7.98 those emails in a timely manner so I
36:10.68 always prioritize but then when you work
36:12.66 with a team member and you work in fact
36:14.76 with multiple team members and everyone
36:16.26 needs to be on the same page and you're
36:17.94 working very very complex action items
36:20.16 this ability to attach an email to an
36:22.38 existing task is a lifesaver so check
36:24.78 out that capability in separate Matrix
36:26.40 because I think that's really helpful
36:28.50 so that's how our email integration
36:30.00 Works um we're probably
36:32.46 um the best solution out there for
36:34.86 prioritizing emails and it just works
36:37.44 well because you can add all that
36:39.42 metadata on on top of the tasks that you
36:42.36 have
36:43.62 now one thing I want to show you is our
36:46.44 goal management system
36:47.88 um so I've shown you part of Matrix as a
36:50.94 you know way to manage projects I've
36:52.80 shown you how to prioritize the email so
36:55.08 now let me show you how to actually
36:56.10 create projects so when you create a
36:57.78 project in for Matrix you simply click
36:59.52 on this plus project here now when you
37:1.98 create a project conferred Matrix you
37:3.30 have several options the first you can
37:5.70 choose a blank project a blank project
37:7.62 is simply a matrix and with that Matrix
37:10.74 you can go and change the color and so
37:12.60 forth also you can use the my template
37:16.44 and so my templates are the templates
37:18.48 that you've saved so earlier I showed
37:19.98 you how let's just say if your property
37:22.14 management company you can create all
37:23.52 those tasks save it as a template and
37:25.26 then from there when you instead of
37:27.00 creating a blank project from scratch
37:28.50 you can choose a template instead we
37:31.26 also have what's called public templates
37:32.76 public templates are templates that
37:34.38 we've built over the years based on
37:36.96 various customer needs and so forth and
37:39.00 that we make this available for you
37:41.04 so then you can actually just launch
37:43.08 from here instead of having to do
37:45.72 something from scratch so for example
37:47.34 you know the 30 60 90 day plan for
37:49.38 project managers is pretty helpful if
37:51.60 you're a new manager or you just want to
37:53.28 plan your quarter every quarter you just
37:55.56 go and launch one of these project
37:57.06 templates instead
37:58.98 but now we actually have a brand new
38:0.90 capability called created with AI and
38:3.18 this is I'm really excited about this
38:4.44 because one of the things that we're
38:5.40 trying to do is we're trying to make
38:7.08 your life easier
38:8.46 um for you to you know actually tackle
38:10.56 your goal and Achieve whatever it is
38:11.94 that you want to achieve so for example
38:14.10 earlier I created a project called
38:16.08 create oh I create a task called you
38:18.48 know create marketing plan for Q4 right
38:20.58 so instead I'm actually just creating a
38:22.80 task I'm going to go
38:24.60 um build me
38:27.00 a marketing plan
38:29.28 for Q4 to grow
38:33.42 um
38:34.32 leads by 20 so imagine if I type this
38:38.52 into pretty Matrix and then I click next
38:40.38 so one of the things that we're trying
38:42.36 to do with part of Matrix is we're
38:44.34 trying to create action items for you
38:46.62 based on your goals by leveraging Ai and
38:50.64 allowing you to actually get a baseline
38:53.22 on some of the things that you can get
38:55.80 started with our solution will never be
38:58.02 perfect it's not intended to but what
39:0.18 happens is if you're trying to get a
39:1.56 promotion uh then you can say Hey you
39:3.78 know pretty Matrix help me get promoted
39:5.94 to senior project manager or help me
39:8.76 negotiate a raise or help me uh find
39:12.24 ways to to increase sales or whatever it
39:16.32 is that you you know improve your
39:18.00 operational efficiency or something like
39:19.74 that so what we're doing is we're using
39:21.84 generative AI to go and build action
39:24.48 items for you as a starting point
39:26.76 and then from there you can take those
39:28.38 action items you can iterate on them you
39:30.72 can decide you know this is worthless
39:32.04 this is useful uh assign it to various
39:34.44 team members and you can get started
39:36.12 really quickly so you see how I've I
39:38.16 press create it says your project is
39:40.08 being created I'm going to press close
39:41.40 when I go back here it actually says my
39:44.10 action plan is ready and I can open my
39:46.44 action plan
39:47.64 this Matrix was generated live as we
39:50.64 spoke and so you can see when I opened
39:52.62 this plan up it actually built me a
39:54.60 project called Q4 lead generation
39:56.46 marketing plan and we actually created a
39:59.46 matrix called with the dimensions of
40:1.56 effort and impact so essentially these
40:3.66 are the tac-ups low effort high impact
40:5.34 High effort high impact low effort low
40:7.44 impact and high effort low impact so if
40:9.96 you were a new marketing manager are you
40:13.14 a CMO or your business owner and you're
40:16.32 just looking for ideas on how to achieve
40:18.12 some of these things party Matrix will
40:19.74 give you this as a starting point based
40:22.56 on your goal and you saw how quickly I
40:24.72 can actually generate that and so I can
40:26.28 go and I can read so many different
40:27.54 goals and have so many different action
40:30.24 items immediately
40:32.28 within my region and from there I can
40:34.20 iterate as needed I'm really excited
40:36.18 about this and this is something that
40:37.62 we're iterating on and we're learning
40:39.12 from uh so if you have any feedback as
40:41.40 you use this capability please reach out
40:44.04 to me I'd love to hear your feedback and
40:46.08 your ideas on how you might use it but
40:48.12 as you can see that um you know from
40:49.98 here instead of instead of again the do
40:52.56 now or the fires I have the low effort
40:54.30 high impact that's where I will get the
40:55.86 most bang for the buck right so that's
40:57.36 why it's in quadrant one and then you
40:58.86 have the quadrant two which is where you
41:0.24 focus on next so the methodology is
41:2.64 still the same in terms of where you
41:4.50 should focus your effort it's just that
41:6.78 the quadrant Matrix themselves the
41:8.64 quantity within the Matrix themselves
41:9.90 have a very different terminology and
41:11.94 that's one thing I want to encourage you
41:13.50 to do as well is if you use pretty
41:15.42 Matrix mess around with the quadrant
41:17.76 name mess around with
41:19.86 um the dimensions and so forth because
41:21.84 anything that has two Dimensions can
41:23.82 really can go and be created as a
41:26.34 separate party Matrix and whatever it is
41:28.14 that's helpful for your organization is
41:29.52 how you want to save it as a template so
41:31.32 then you can go and iterate on that and
41:33.06 make sure that everyone else is on the
41:34.80 same page but you can see I can go to
41:36.54 the list View and I have my timeline
41:38.52 built out for me through 2024 I can go
41:41.28 to the calendar view and see those tasks
41:43.56 and go to the timeline view and if I
41:45.66 zoom out here you can see these various
41:47.76 action items that I have over the course
41:49.74 of
41:50.64 um the next several months in terms of
41:52.62 what I can work on
41:54.48 now one thing I want one uh other
41:57.96 capability I want to one other feature I
41:59.82 want to show you is our integration of
42:1.08 Microsoft teams um because I think we're
42:2.88 probably the most integrated solution in
42:4.92 teams and so the reason I like to show
42:7.14 our team's integration is from the
42:8.64 context of context switching so I know
42:11.70 you know we all of us have so many
42:14.22 different software it's such a pain to
42:16.50 switch between them so we went and we
42:18.78 built for Matrix inside teams from
42:21.12 scratch and what happens is you can go
42:23.76 to the App Store install for the Matrix
42:25.56 then one thing I'd like you to do is
42:27.06 right click on here and pin it when you
42:29.04 pin it part of Matrix will be will be
42:30.72 sticky here on the left hand side and
42:32.10 when you open part Matrix you see a view
42:34.14 that's very very similar to what I
42:36.60 showed you in the web app there
42:38.28 you see how I've uh again if I switch to
42:40.98 this project you know I see the task
42:42.66 here within the Matrix and if I click on
42:44.34 each of these tasks I can actually go
42:46.56 and look at the item details and so
42:48.12 forth so the view is very very similar
42:50.34 but there's several capabilities inside
42:52.32 teams that's very unique so if you were
42:54.90 to go to a chat with somebody inside
42:56.88 Microsoft teams you can click on this
42:58.92 plus icon and you can choose part of
43:0.90 Matrix
43:1.80 by the way you see three different
43:3.18 colors this is our standard app this is
43:5.40 our HIPAA compliant app for healthcare
43:6.96 life sciences and this is a government
43:8.28 app so if you see that and you're
43:9.84 confused just choose the blue one so if
43:12.12 you choose the blue one when you go and
43:14.10 add this tab you have two choices you
43:16.08 can embed a project which is really
43:18.48 really helpful if you work with a
43:22.08 teammate and you guys work on one
43:24.00 project together all the time you can go
43:26.28 and add that part Matrix project inside
43:28.26 the tab so now you don't even have to
43:30.06 switch to per Matrix you can literally
43:31.62 have a chat with somebody inside teams
43:33.78 and open up that entire project make all
43:36.06 those changes and everyone can be on the
43:37.68 same page but the other really useful
43:40.56 view we have is called the one-on-one
43:42.00 view so I actually have it installed
43:43.38 already so I can open for you here
43:45.54 so when you install the one-on-one view
43:47.16 you can select the person so you can see
43:49.14 how here in the chat with Eugenia I have
43:50.88 I have her open here and what I've just
43:53.58 done is I've open up
43:56.34 um our view to show you everything I
43:58.92 have in common with Eugenia across my
44:0.84 entire per Matrix so earlier we talk
44:3.48 about you know project and task project
44:5.88 to quadrants to tasks and so forth but
44:8.70 what we've done here is we've flipped
44:10.26 the whole thing around and say you know
44:11.94 what don't I don't care about what
44:13.62 project I just care about everything
44:15.54 that I have in common with my colleague
44:18.68 this is so useful if you're a manager
44:22.20 and you have six or seven direct reports
44:25.20 you don't have time to go to part of
44:27.30 Matrix click through each project look
44:29.58 for the action items that each of your
44:30.96 team members working on and then you
44:33.18 know find out the status of those things
44:34.80 right so instead when you have your
44:36.96 one-on-one with John one-on-one with Sue
44:39.12 you just open up pretty Matrix look up
44:42.36 at this one-on-one for each of them and
44:44.16 you can see all the action items they
44:45.84 have regardless of the project and then
44:48.12 when you're talking about priorities
44:50.82 you literally go down this list and you
44:52.98 can say hey by the way I think this is
44:54.42 higher priority let me start it so it
44:56.22 jumps to the top
44:57.60 um or you can go and change the due
44:59.28 dates right so remember you can change
45:0.96 the due date directly here and if you
45:2.52 see anything that's important or overdue
45:4.08 you can talk about it so quickly and so
45:6.84 if you're sharing screening with each
45:8.10 other
45:9.06 you can actually pinpoint exactly where
45:12.18 the gaps are in terms of you know
45:14.28 performance and so forth and then not
45:16.50 only that you know one of the things I
45:18.30 really like is the ability to add share
45:19.98 tasks directly from this view so if you
45:22.20 click on ADD share task here what I can
45:24.18 do is I can create a task with my
45:25.98 colleague directly from here I don't
45:28.44 have to go into part Matrix and then not
45:30.36 only that it invites myself as a
45:32.76 follower so when I create a task here it
45:34.68 assigns a Eugenia it invites myself a
45:36.48 follower I can set the due date directly
45:38.46 from here and I'm able to go and and
45:42.72 track all of those very very rapidly and
45:45.78 so one of the things that you know we've
45:47.22 seen over and over again is you're in a
45:48.72 meeting and you talk about all these
45:50.28 various action items that you have and
45:52.26 then two weeks later you go back and
45:54.24 it's like oh yeah I forgot to do that or
45:55.68 you know like they you never wrote it
45:57.36 down so part Matrix takes away that
45:59.10 excuse because you can create that share
46:0.60 task so easily with your colleague and
46:3.36 so when you have your one-on-one across
46:5.10 your entire team your entire
46:6.30 organization you can just open up pretty
46:8.16 Matrix install this in one tab
46:11.40 um the other thing I want to show you is
46:13.20 actually the ability to take any
46:15.30 conversation you have in teams and
46:16.98 convert to a task so what happens is
46:19.02 this you're talking to your manager or
46:21.42 um you know you're talking to your
46:23.16 direct report and then somebody says
46:25.14 could you send me a report so for
46:27.06 example here I have a chat from Eugenia
46:29.16 that says hey there could you send me
46:30.24 the report so instead of actually going
46:32.52 and let's just say I can't get it done
46:34.14 right now so I got to prioritize that
46:35.58 task right so instead of actually having
46:37.14 to go to party Matrix and create that
46:38.82 task and just click on this Ellipsis
46:40.26 create PM item and so you can see how it
46:42.90 can turn any comments in Microsoft teams
46:45.06 turn to a task I can choose what project
46:48.00 it belongs in I can choose what quadrant
46:50.34 it goes in I can set a due date directly
46:52.26 from here now here's the second part
46:54.24 that's really
46:55.62 useful which is part of Matrix will link
46:58.32 back to that moment in time when you had
47:1.08 that conversation
47:2.94 this happens all the time as well which
47:4.68 is
47:5.52 you're talking to somebody in Microsoft
47:7.20 teams you have you know you're chatting
47:9.72 about multiple different things you have
47:11.58 a lot of different
47:12.84 um ideas suggestions and and discussion
47:15.60 and so forth then when you create a task
47:17.88 the problem you have is actually trying
47:20.82 to remember what was it that you talked
47:22.92 about
47:23.58 right so for example you know imagine if
47:27.18 today you have a not a meeting but
47:29.88 you're having a conversation with
47:30.96 somebody and and you may you know spend
47:33.60 six minutes or five minutes talking
47:35.34 about all these different contacts and
47:38.52 so forth and then one of them is an
47:40.44 action idea so now when you create that
47:42.36 task with part of Matrix in six months
47:44.64 you can click on pretty Matrix and it
47:46.44 brings you back to that moment in time
47:47.94 in Microsoft teams when you have this
47:49.50 conversation initially so then you can
47:51.36 see the rest of the conversation you
47:53.22 have in Microsoft teams it's really
47:55.20 really useful and it may not sound
47:57.42 useful now but it is useful when you
47:59.76 need it that's the that's the point
48:1.56 which is we're tracking all of that for
48:3.72 you and that we surface that up when you
48:6.90 actually have a use for it because the
48:9.60 last thing you want is to look at a task
48:12.30 um look at a priority and then not
48:13.86 realizing why why you did anything or
48:16.44 why you made that choice so that's very
48:19.50 useful and then of course party Matrix
48:20.88 allow you to send these action cards as
48:23.16 well so you can see how I'd actually
48:24.84 send any task inside pretty Matrix into
48:27.24 the chat
48:28.38 um inside Microsoft teams and then my
48:30.06 teammate can actually view the task
48:31.44 directly from here so the point in all
48:33.84 of this the point I'm trying to show you
48:35.28 the the reason I'm showing you the
48:36.78 Microsoft teams Integrations is that
48:39.24 we're able to actually save you a lot of
48:41.46 time and a lot of context switching you
48:44.04 can see that I can actually use a lot of
48:46.38 pretty Matrix capabilities without even
48:48.54 going to part of Matrix as well if I use
48:50.52 Microsoft teams if I use Outlook I can
48:52.80 actually leverage many many capabilities
48:55.92 and the other thing I wanted to quickly
48:58.32 mention is the
49:0.48 re the reminders and all those alerts
49:2.70 because I mentioned to you how you get
49:5.46 notifications and so forth so there's
49:7.44 two ways to get notifications the first
49:9.30 is when you get in pretty Matrix there's
49:10.74 this thing called the home View
49:12.72 the home view shows you all the alerts
49:14.76 from pretty Matrix so for example tasks
49:16.92 that have due dates or reminders that
49:19.50 you've set or someone assign you
49:21.18 something it shows up here in the alert
49:23.16 and then as I click through the alert it
49:24.96 goes away I can also clear the alerts
49:27.18 now I get a lot of alerts on a daily
49:28.74 basis so I always have to clear alerts
49:31.02 and so I clear alerts older than a week
49:32.94 if I don't get too around to it
49:35.28 um or I can clear all notifications and
49:37.20 then I'm on blank slate and then if
49:38.94 someone pings me again then it'll show
49:41.40 up here and put a matrix um the other
49:43.08 place you might get notifications is in
49:44.76 the chat bot itself so product Matrix
49:46.56 has a chat bot and from this chat bot
49:48.60 you actually get notifications around
49:50.46 various tasks that are due or
49:52.20 notifications that you have so we have
49:54.48 multiple Integrations multiplication
49:56.64 points with teams and outlook for
49:58.62 precisely
49:59.82 um the reason of helping surfacing up
50:2.34 whatever is that you need at any point
50:4.62 in time
50:6.48 so
50:8.04 with that I'm going to conclude the part
50:10.74 of showing you the product here because
50:12.18 you know there's a lot more capabilities
50:14.64 including our Integrations and our
50:16.50 connectors and so forth but if I were to
50:19.46 tell you the truth which is if you just
50:23.10 use some of the capabilities that I
50:24.84 showed you today you'll get the most out
50:26.94 of pretty Matrix with the least amount
50:28.26 of work again making sure that you have
50:31.38 a project right and then making sure
50:33.30 that you invite different team members
50:34.62 to it making sure that when you create a
50:36.60 tasks you set due dates making sure that
50:38.28 you delegate it
50:39.66 um and then making sure that you
50:41.10 actually go back to pertamatrix
50:43.32 prioritize the task and then mark them
50:45.54 as done
50:47.04 so I'm going to jump back to the
50:48.24 presentation real quick
50:51.00 so it's now up to you
50:52.98 um so I would strongly recommend that
50:54.84 you install pretty Matrix and teams and
50:56.58 Outlook if applicable I would create a
50:59.04 minimum of three projects your personal
51:0.54 priorities your shared team priorities
51:2.16 and key initiatives that you have you
51:4.38 saw how I created a project earlier for
51:6.24 you know marketing plan for Q4 I would
51:8.52 even go and create a project where you
51:10.68 might have a personal goal again you
51:12.60 might want to Promotions or you might
51:15.00 want to
51:16.28 improve your the Department's goals or
51:19.08 whatever use a pretty Matrix project for
51:21.18 that invite the appropriate team members
51:23.10 and Pitch to them why it's important to
51:24.54 focus on high impact tasks create action
51:26.94 items with due dates again I emphasize
51:28.98 that because I think it's so helpful uh
51:31.14 and then make sure that you ruthlessly
51:32.70 prioritize at the end of the day party
51:34.20 Matrix is a communication tool it's a
51:36.78 prize prioritization tool and if you're
51:39.30 not prioritization prioritizing and if
51:41.64 you're not making sure that you're
51:43.86 deciding the things you should work on
51:45.24 and should not work on then you're not
51:46.56 using permatics to its full power
51:49.10 so a couple things one if you are new to
51:52.80 part Matrix use it to track our impact
51:54.78 tasks you might not want to use it to
51:56.52 track All the Small Things you have with
51:58.08 your team members but use it to track
51:59.82 things that are actually important and
52:1.38 then use it as a communication tool I
52:3.36 really really like uh customers who
52:5.88 project part Matrix on the big screen
52:7.38 because it helps you get to the same
52:9.06 page really really quickly and your
52:11.04 meetings are just so much more effective
52:12.78 and efficient and then you can also
52:14.94 thirdly use part of Matrix to manage
52:16.56 your individual goals have a side
52:18.48 project for that
52:19.86 so what success would protomatrix should
52:22.32 look like one you have a central place
52:24.06 to track all your priorities you know
52:25.74 before you might have all these tasks
52:27.66 that's coming in teams and out in emails
52:30.12 and your task management software and so
52:32.40 forth hopefully you can get rid of all
52:34.14 of that and you have protomatrix as one
52:35.70 central place for you to be completely
52:37.74 aligned and not just you but your team
52:39.84 members and your whole organization and
52:42.00 then everyone understands what part the
52:44.64 priorities are right again they may
52:46.20 disagree but they understand and they
52:47.88 commit to it um and then that repetitive
52:49.92 procedures are templatized so
52:52.62 again if you have tasks that recur over
52:54.84 and over again make sure you create a
52:56.76 templates it will save you a ton of time
52:57.96 down the road and then make sure that
52:59.76 you install our Outlook integration and
53:1.62 prioritize the emails it is so helpful
53:4.44 once you realize that pretty Matrix will
53:6.66 allow you to
53:7.86 um ensure that you don't forget some of
53:9.60 these really important emails that's
53:10.74 coming in and look like the emails that
53:12.66 you'd have to respond within a day you
53:14.70 can probably keep that in your mind
53:15.84 right but if you have emails that are
53:18.00 due in two weeks three weeks or in two
53:19.80 months good luck with that so that's
53:21.84 what Pro Matrix is designed to do and so
53:23.76 hopefully that integration will provide
53:26.04 value for you
53:27.96 so with that I'm going to be done here
53:31.08 with my presentation but I'm going to
53:32.64 look at the chat to see if there's any
53:34.38 questions and I'd be happy to address it
53:36.06 so
53:38.60 [Music]
53:39.54 um
53:40.92 all right so I got a couple of questions
53:42.78 here as the chat section available for
53:45.36 colleagues which which also work with
53:47.46 word Matrix or for all colleagues using
53:49.68 teams um so the chat section on a per
53:52.20 item basis is for users within party
53:55.38 Matrix itself so for example if I'm a
53:57.72 user for Matrix your user permatrix and
53:59.64 you're sending me a message there then
54:2.10 um then we can chat together inside word
54:4.50 Matrix and so it's meant to be within
54:6.60 the context of the task and therefore
54:8.22 the user there are within per Matrix now
54:10.74 one thing I mentioned earlier
54:12.48 is that inside a pretty Matrix project
54:14.28 when you invite somebody then that
54:16.08 person had full access to the whole um
54:18.72 the whole Matrix but if you assign that
54:21.54 task to somebody who's not in pretty
54:23.64 Matrix I'm sorry someone who's not in
54:25.68 that project they can still see that
54:27.78 task in their inbox and they can still
54:29.52 respond to it within that that um that
54:33.00 chat inside part of the Matrix but they
54:34.80 don't get to see the rest of your Prime
54:36.66 the rest of your task in pretty Matrix
54:38.94 in that project sorry
54:42.12 um it is necessary to see the tool
54:44.04 working and interacting with a lot of
54:45.30 data
54:46.20 um so party Matrix
54:47.88 you can scale it at
54:50.88 so many different scales so I have maybe
54:54.06 300 projects or so in my primary account
54:56.72 and if I have to go and click through
54:59.46 every project it would be impossible and
55:1.08 so that is why I spend a lot of time
55:3.24 looking at some of the other views the
55:5.28 one-on-one views because then I can see
55:6.60 all the tasks I have with my colleagues
55:8.70 um I can also
55:10.20 I also spend a lot of time in the alert
55:11.94 section so I can see the tasks that are
55:13.80 actually relevant to me that get updated
55:15.42 and then I also have the agenda view so
55:17.64 I can see the tasks that are actually
55:18.72 due and so therefore I always set due
55:20.82 dates and the reason I do that is then I
55:23.10 can leverage all these other views
55:24.78 inside for the Matrix as effectively as
55:27.54 possible
55:28.86 and so what happens is as well is if you
55:32.58 have a lot of people if you have
55:33.66 hundreds or thousands of users in part
55:35.28 of Matrix within one organization
55:37.80 you can also have these these side load
55:40.32 teams as well not everyone has to work
55:42.12 together and so you can you can see how
55:44.64 you know you might have a project with
55:45.84 just five or ten people right and then
55:47.82 other projects might have five or ten
55:49.62 different people so those are actually
55:51.36 just lists of collaborators but
55:52.62 programmatrix on a permission basis
55:54.72 works really well
55:56.40 um for a project of one or for a project
55:58.74 of 15 people at any point in time
56:2.88 um so can protomatrix be used across
56:4.68 various accounts work schools personal
56:7.02 accounts um so that's a fantastic
56:8.88 question so what happens is every
56:11.16 account uh so pretty Matrix has one
56:14.04 account for each of these as a user so
56:17.10 what that means is you know when you
56:19.62 have your work account
56:21.30 everything in there is actually
56:23.04 connected together if you want to have
56:25.56 like your own a separate account then
56:27.96 that has to be a separate email address
56:29.70 and so from there you can sign in with
56:32.28 product Matrix in a separate account and
56:34.08 then you can manage your personal task
56:35.40 now you can share those projects
56:37.56 together so for example let's say I have
56:40.02 my work email and then I might have a
56:42.54 personal email that's another project so
56:44.58 what I can do is I can create another
56:46.32 project inside part of Matrix and then I
56:48.90 can share with my personal email and so
56:50.94 then I might have for the Matrix
56:52.50 installed for with my personal account
56:54.90 on my phone right but then also pretty
56:58.14 Matrix allows you to access the using
57:0.12 the web app so you can go use different
57:2.04 browsers for example just be signed in
57:4.50 with different accounts
57:6.60 um and then the other thing you can do
57:8.04 is if you have Outlook and you have
57:9.90 multiple emails account part Matrix
57:11.76 allow you to take any of your Outlook
57:13.80 emails and prioritize that no it will
57:16.44 send it to one you can only have one
57:18.48 Outlook account that's sign in at any
57:20.88 point in time but then you can take any
57:23.64 Outlook in box and prioritize tasks into
57:26.40 that account
57:27.96 thank you for the questions here