Unlocking Personal Success: Mastering Productivity with Priority Matrix!

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Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and struggling to stay on top of your tasks and goals? Do you wish you could unlock your true potential and achieve personal success with ease? Look no further! Join us for our webinar titled "Unlocking Personal Success: Mastering Individual Productivity with Priority Matrix!"

In this power-packed webinar, we will introduce you to the game-changing software, Priority Matrix, designed to revolutionize the way you approach productivity. Priority Matrix is a cutting-edge tool that empowers you to organize, prioritize, and execute tasks effectively, helping you achieve your objectives like never before.

During the webinar, you will learn how to harness the full potential of Priority Matrix to streamline your workflow, manage your time efficiently, and stay focused on what truly matters. Our expert speaker will share practical tips, best practices, and real-life success stories, giving you valuable insights on maximizing your productivity.

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Video transcription (34:36.14) Stop scroll

0.00s we'll get go ahead and get started first
2.40s of all thank you everyone for being here
3.90s today I want to let you know that this
5.34s webinar is recorded we do have a lot of
8.10s registrants that we'll probably be
9.66s watching this afterwards so I want to
11.64s make sure that um you are aware of that
14.16s and then the other thing I want to
15.30s mention too is that in the chat section
17.34s there you can always send me messages so
19.08s one advantage of being here today is
21.30s that you know if you have any particular
23.04s questions that that's burning
25.74s and you want us to address I'd be happy
28.26s to
29.10s um especially if you can send in the
31.14s chat message and as I go through the
32.82s webinar I can look at them and address
35.10s them as appropriate
36.66s with that my name is hi I'm co-founder
39.66s of affluence which is the company behind
41.22s pretty Matrix and this webinar is
43.56s actually different from some of the
44.58s other webinars that we've been doing
45.66s recently
46.86s um today's focus is really on personal
49.20s success and it's something that it
52.20s inspired me recently because at the end
53.88s of the day you know many of you here
55.98s when you think about using software when
59.16s you're using
1:0.48 something like party Matrix what you're
1:2.76 really trying to do is Achieve Personal
1:4.38 success
1:5.70 um I know that you know we're trying to
1:7.02 make our organization more effective
1:8.52 we're trying to do things better save
1:10.74 costs Etc but at the end of the day it's
1:13.14 really about the individual about the
1:14.58 people about you
1:16.08 um and so this webinar is really about
1:18.06 how do you help the individual right and
1:21.12 then we're not talking about teams and
1:22.44 all that um Achieve Personal success and
1:24.54 so the webinar structure is slightly
1:26.70 differently we will go through the
1:28.56 basics of party Matrix we will walk
1:30.54 through the software a little bit but I
1:32.40 hope that this conversation is helpful
1:34.50 uh for you to understand how you can use
1:37.32 it for yourself
1:40.38 so one of the things that I want to talk
1:43.56 about is the challenges that I see when
1:46.32 we think about the individual
1:48.18 um and I think the the biggest challenge
1:49.86 is always understanding
1:52.14 what's priority right now
1:54.42 um you know you've heard the the terms
1:57.24 you know if everything's important and
1:59.46 Urgent then nothing is important and
2:1.62 Urgent right and so what really matters
2:3.54 then is that if we look at the bigger
2:5.40 picture what are the things that we
2:6.96 really we should should be focusing on
2:8.82 our time and attention to
2:11.22 and the most interesting thing is that a
2:13.86 lot of the work that we do
2:16.14 not always work towards the goals that
2:18.78 matter most um you know your inbox is
2:21.60 not your to-do list and that's actually
2:23.64 a phrase that I think people don't
2:26.22 really reflect on enough and you know
2:28.20 every single day you're getting so many
2:29.52 emails so many messages your inbox is
2:31.20 building up bigger and bigger that is
2:33.24 not your to-do list your inbox is just
2:35.16 the intake from there you have to decide
2:37.26 what to really work on and then from
2:38.88 those things that you can work on what
2:40.92 are the things that really matters and
2:42.78 so just because you can work on it
2:44.22 doesn't mean you should work on it and
2:45.66 that's to me is very philosophical but
2:47.76 at the same time is so important the
2:49.62 bigger picture of things
2:51.24 and then thirdly we're getting
2:53.36 overwhelmed overwhelm in so many
2:55.92 different ways my messages my
2:57.24 communications by emails uh by chat and
3:1.08 even by task inside for the Matrix
3:2.82 itself and so this is a problem that's
3:4.56 Universal in my mind I have never seen
3:7.44 someone who does not have one of these
3:9.42 three challenges and so I think that if
3:12.06 this resonates with you I think that's
3:13.74 one of those things that I hope we can
3:15.66 address and we can show you how to
3:17.52 tackle some of these
3:19.26 um these challenges using party Matrix
3:22.50 so
3:24.60 what is protobatrix um priority Matrix
3:26.94 is a software at the end of the day that
3:28.98 helps you manage emails priorities and
3:32.16 projects and one of the things we do
3:34.26 that is to ensure that you conduct more
3:36.54 efficient meetings that you really
3:37.98 understand the real-time status of what
3:39.96 really matters
3:41.64 so how does party Matrix tackle those
3:43.26 three problems that I mentioned first we
3:45.24 use something called four quadrant
3:46.62 methodology to set really clear
3:48.06 priorities and we'll dig into the
3:50.10 philosophy behind that and then second I
3:52.44 want to show you some of our latest AI
3:54.54 capabilities to help you achieve your
3:56.88 goals your personal goals that you have
3:58.98 today
4:0.00 um and then finally showing you how part
4:1.68 of Matrix work with your workflow rather
4:3.96 than interrupt it because I think that's
4:5.76 how we can actually tackle each of these
4:7.44 problems that we've talked about
4:11.58 so what makes part Matrix different it's
4:13.44 the only project email and meeting
4:15.00 management software that is Microsoft
4:16.74 365 security certified in Microsoft
4:19.26 teams in Outlook and web at the same
4:21.42 time and we're leveraging AI
4:23.52 capabilities to help you achieve goals
4:26.04 in particular and so we're
4:28.14 really excited about that and then we
4:29.94 also provide what's called a very
4:31.32 people-century collaboration so it's not
4:34.14 just about projects it's really about
4:35.82 people right when you do something
4:37.14 you're doing it for somebody there's
4:39.06 always sort of a recipient on the other
4:42.12 side and so if you think about that what
4:44.04 we strive to do is help you understand
4:45.60 what you need to work on for any other
4:47.90 anyone else
4:49.74 and then finally party Matrix is
4:52.32 available as a SAS standard solution a
4:54.48 HIPAA compliant solution an Azure
4:56.16 government Cloud solution and then
4:57.54 manage private Azure deployments if any
4:59.88 of these Enterprise capabilities
5:0.90 interest you feel free to reach out to
5:2.70 us we won't be covering that in details
5:4.44 today
5:5.40 so going back to the philosophy behind
5:7.98 pretty Matrix there's a famous quote
5:10.08 attributed to President Eisenhower what
5:11.76 is important is seldom urgents and what
5:13.32 is urgent is seldom of important the
5:15.30 idea being
5:16.62 that
5:18.24 every day we're you know we think about
5:20.58 again the inbox the emails that you get
5:23.04 um you're getting things that are coming
5:24.12 in and that's pulling you away from the
5:26.28 work that you actually need to do but
5:28.32 realistically if you look at those
5:29.82 emails the vast majority of them are not
5:31.38 important and so they seem
5:34.08 urgent and that urgency is what pulls us
5:37.14 away from working working on things that
5:39.12 are truly important
5:40.44 um if you you know just close your eyes
5:42.00 and think about hey you know what can I
5:44.34 do to actually make my life better or or
5:47.40 you know my
5:49.14 um my organization better in one year in
5:51.78 three years and five years I almost
5:54.12 guarantee that none of those things
5:56.64 um those action items that you have to
5:58.08 do came in your inbox this morning right
6:0.24 and so that's the difference between
6:2.16 urgency and importance
6:4.14 so one of the things I always like to do
6:6.78 is I like to ask people to think about
6:9.26 their quote to-do list
6:11.58 um so imagine you took out a piece of
6:13.50 paper right now
6:14.64 and started writing down everything you
6:16.14 have to do
6:17.34 um
6:17.94 and so you know you have the top you at
6:19.80 the bottom and so as that list builds up
6:23.10 if you have five things to do that's
6:24.54 pretty easy you're like okay I'll go
6:26.52 through this list I'll start somewhere
6:28.14 and I'll get it done um but if you have
6:30.00 20 things what do you work on do you
6:31.86 work on things at the top or do you work
6:33.90 on the things at the bottom and
6:36.66 then if you need to add something do you
6:38.94 add at the top or do you add the bottom
6:40.32 and then the other question I have for
6:42.06 you is when you wrote that list down how
6:44.88 did you write that list down did you
6:46.80 write it down because something was due
6:49.08 or is that list actually sorted by
6:51.00 importance and the answer is typically
6:54.42 never
6:55.92 buy importance because whatever top of
6:58.08 mind and top of Mind was always always
7:0.72 tie back to urgency so now what I ask
7:3.30 you to do next is take that list that
7:4.92 you have
7:6.00 and start putting into this two by two
7:8.52 Matrix um so imagine the things that are
7:11.46 actually really critical the things you
7:13.08 have to get done but it's due right now
7:15.72 or do very soon that's quadrant one
7:17.94 that's the do now and then
7:20.70 the things that are um critical but but
7:23.88 you don't have to do them yet that's the
7:25.32 thing you should plan for and then what
7:26.88 are the things you can delegate or
7:28.44 Outsource and so when we talk about
7:30.06 delegate it doesn't just mean that you
7:32.04 have to have someone who's a direct
7:33.24 report or anything on those lines but
7:35.52 it's just about leveraging some other
7:37.62 resource out there that can tackle those
7:39.84 those problems I mean that's the reason
7:41.22 why we go to restaurants right we want
7:43.08 to delegate that cooking that cleaning
7:45.36 to somebody else and so you can think of
7:46.98 delegate as a way to
7:49.26 um get someone else who's better at
7:50.94 their job to do that job for you and so
7:53.34 then you can focus on the quadrant one
7:55.02 and quadrant two and then finally you
7:57.00 have the inbox
7:58.56 so one thing that's really fascinating
8:0.36 is if you're doing this exercise right
8:2.22 now you know my my take is
8:6.06 you may have a lot of things in quadrant
8:7.68 one you have a lot of things that's been
8:9.18 sort of building up in terms of the
8:11.10 priorities and so forth but
8:13.86 as you use party Matrix more and more
8:16.32 hopefully what will happen is that your
8:19.08 quadrant one will get smaller and
8:20.40 smaller because as you tackle them
8:21.72 they're out of the way and then the
8:23.88 question is what do you work on next you
8:25.86 should always be working on quadrant two
8:27.90 so if you're doing a great job using
8:30.54 pretty Matrix your quadrant two is where
8:33.12 all the action's at because that's where
8:35.04 you're planning for the future you're
8:36.48 thinking ahead as opposed to fighting
8:38.82 fires in quadrant one and that's not
8:40.50 something that's very obvious but it was
8:42.54 you know brought to my attention in a
8:44.34 really deep conversation with the
8:45.72 customer
8:46.80 and and he was so good at communicating
8:51.06 that hey why am I constantly
8:52.44 firefighting um that it made me realize
8:54.48 how important it is to emphasize that
8:56.10 part so keep that in mind look at your
8:58.92 action item list
9:0.36 don't and then and then turn them into
9:3.24 you know these different buckets put
9:5.22 them in different buckets and see where
9:7.14 you're spending your time and whether or
9:8.46 not you're really working on the things
9:9.72 that matter
9:11.16 when we talk about team collaboration
9:13.26 that's when I ask you to take the same
9:15.18 list and walk around the office and
9:16.74 compare notes but from the perspective
9:19.14 of a personal from the personal
9:21.42 perspective what you're really doing is
9:23.58 you're looking at this this list right
9:25.74 and and no now it's no longer a list
9:27.96 it's now it's a matrix
9:29.34 um you're looking at this Matrix and
9:30.48 you're realizing okay you know what
9:31.98 these are the things I need to work on
9:33.48 to further my goal
9:35.82 so
9:37.26 the four quadrant method which is called
9:39.96 the Eisenhower Matrix is very very
9:43.52 useful but the hardest part is around
9:47.10 fitting things into those buckets and
9:49.86 this is where you might want to push
9:52.50 back on me you're like you know what I
9:54.06 have this list I don't know which
9:55.38 questions they belong in it's so hard
9:57.00 you know why can't I just progress like
9:58.62 why can't I just leave it later I just
9:59.94 want it in the list why can't I just do
10:1.26 that and the answer is that's the reason
10:3.48 why you do something like this it's
10:5.76 because half the battle isn't
10:7.62 determining what you need to do and then
10:10.26 what you shouldn't do so success from
10:13.44 party Matrix really isn't about managing
10:16.32 those tasks or getting those tasks done
10:18.00 or even you know getting something done
10:20.22 right right the the
10:22.94 success reporting Matrix is deciding on
10:25.80 the right things to do if you do the
10:27.72 right things right then that's when
10:29.34 you've um
10:30.42 you've achieved success and you're
10:31.98 spending your time most effectively and
10:33.36 most efficiently I'm doing the wrong
10:35.16 things right is actually not that very
10:37.08 helpful not helpful at all I'm doing the
10:39.18 wrong things right is
10:41.82 it's just a waste of time
10:43.92 um and then so that's something to keep
10:45.60 in mind it is not very obvious but I do
10:47.94 want to emphasize that over and over
10:49.26 again now with that what I'm going to do
10:51.72 um is I want to remind you that uh one
10:53.88 that's our website affluence.com these
10:56.22 webinars that I do they are recorded and
10:58.80 we we try to keep a repository of them
11:0.60 and then we also have other webinars
11:2.16 there so just keep that in mind and then
11:4.32 I also want to bring up our support
11:6.06 address in case you have any questions
11:7.38 or you want to follow up on any of the
11:9.18 things that we talked about here today
11:10.86 so I'm going to go ahead and jump into
11:12.24 the demo
11:13.38 um I do want to remind everyone here
11:14.88 that again if you look at the chat
11:18.24 section in the webinar here you can send
11:19.74 me a message and you know I can take a
11:21.18 look at it and at the appropriate time
11:22.74 I'll try my best to address those
11:24.84 all right go ahead and go ahead and jump
11:26.22 over to the application I'm going to
11:29.70 open up this here
11:32.34 um
11:33.66 fantastic so this is what part of Matrix
11:36.48 software looks like now I don't know uh
11:38.46 if everyone here has had a chance to
11:39.84 take a look at pretty Matrix yet I
11:41.64 assume actually you do because this is
11:43.50 intended for user supported Matrix but
11:45.84 just in case you're not so aware of what
11:48.06 happens is part of Matrix as a software
11:49.92 what we do is we force you and I use the
11:53.88 word force on purpose force you to
11:56.46 prioritize the task into this Matrix and
12:0.30 you see how I have the same
12:1.92 categorization the same bucket names as
12:4.20 what I just showed you previously the do
12:5.58 now the due later the delegate of the
12:7.26 postponed you can think about post bonus
12:9.12 of your inbox
12:10.38 and they do now and do later actually
12:12.06 pretty obvious based on what we just
12:13.68 talked about and so when you have pretty
12:15.42 Matrix
12:16.50 um essentially what we have is we have a
12:18.42 concept called projects project you can
12:20.64 think of it as a matrix a list right
12:23.04 because you may have your shopping list
12:24.30 you may have your to-do list you may
12:25.74 have your work task list you may have
12:28.08 key initiatives that you're working on
12:29.34 you may have your goals those are a
12:31.14 different lists and so in pretty Matrix
12:32.40 we call that projects and then within
12:34.26 that project we have these things that
12:36.48 are we called items items might be tasks
12:39.06 items might be emails items might be
12:41.22 things that you're actually working on
12:43.02 or sub goals or something like that so
12:45.72 just think of that as the terminology
12:47.52 behind all of this so one of the things
12:49.44 that I have here I have a project called
12:51.30 my personal priorities very very easy to
12:53.70 understand these are the things I need
12:55.26 to work on so for example
12:57.78 so let's just say I want to go and get a
13:1.76 YMCA membership okay let's let's just
13:5.22 say that's something that I'm really
13:6.66 thinking about and I want to get that
13:8.40 now when I create a task like that in
13:10.68 part of Matrix one things I can just do
13:12.30 is say do in one month
13:15.06 and so the way it works in part of
13:17.34 Matrix is when we create a task we can
13:19.32 actually decide what bucket it belongs
13:20.82 in but then you also have these other
13:22.38 dimensions you can add so right here for
13:24.72 example I have on the right hand side
13:26.34 what we call the item details which is
13:28.50 the due dates um the task name itself
13:30.78 who's it assigned to when it starts
13:32.58 obviously it's assigned to me but I can
13:34.50 set reminders and effort and so forth as
13:36.42 needed that's not necessary so I would
13:39.42 argue that if you want to use pretty
13:40.98 Matrix
13:42.12 and you want to get the most out of it
13:43.92 you don't with the minimal effort you
13:46.44 don't have to leverage all these other
13:48.62 metadata extra details that you have to
13:50.88 task the most important thing that you
13:52.74 want to do in print Matrix is put the
13:54.84 task in the appropriate quadrants
13:56.40 because that's all about deciding what
13:58.26 you need to work on and then making sure
14:0.18 that every task has a due date
14:2.70 so that's something to consider now
14:5.76 this is the basis behind the quadrants
14:8.64 so now let me show you
14:10.32 a brown goal setting because
14:13.92 one of the things I I mentioned to you
14:16.02 was how pretty Matrix leverages AI to
14:18.66 help you Achieve Personal success so as
14:21.78 an example let's just say
14:23.64 um
14:24.24 one thing I want you to think about
14:25.68 today during this webinar and maybe
14:28.14 after this webinar what you should be
14:29.52 working on is think about a goal that
14:31.32 you have let's just come over an example
14:33.72 let's just say you want to get uh get a
14:36.72 promotion
14:38.22 to become a senior project manager
14:42.24 and get a raise so with party Matrix
14:45.12 what we're doing is you can ask our
14:47.70 application or you can tell our
14:49.02 application a goal and what we'll try to
14:51.36 do is we'll try to build out that action
14:52.92 plan for you and then after you do this
14:54.90 you simply click build my action plan I
14:57.36 actually have this already created
14:58.80 because it does take you know 30 seconds
15:0.90 or a minute or so for these projects to
15:2.46 be created so when you're doing this
15:4.08 live put in anything and let our system
15:6.90 give you the basis for that
15:8.94 um so let me see here do I have that
15:10.92 project right here so this was a project
15:13.32 that was generated by our AI and you can
15:15.96 see here it create a project called
15:18.36 promotion to senior project manager and
15:20.28 raise so what we've just done is
15:22.56 actually we created a matrix with low
15:24.66 effort and high impact tasks High effort
15:26.76 and high impact task you could think of
15:28.62 this as the equivalent of the Do Not
15:29.94 Right the low effort high impact that's
15:31.92 where you should be focusing on first
15:33.30 that's where
15:35.04 that's where you with the minimum amount
15:36.42 of work you can actually achieve your
15:38.58 goal relatively quickly the 2080 rule
15:40.86 applies and then the high effort high
15:42.72 impact again this next thing so that's
15:45.06 where it does require more work but
15:46.86 these are also the things that matter if
15:48.90 your goal is to get a promotion your
15:50.82 goal is to get a raise these these two
15:53.04 quadrants where you need to focus your
15:54.42 time
15:55.14 and then if you go lower down these are
15:57.18 sort of everything else this is not even
15:58.74 icing on the cake this is stuff that you
16:1.44 might want to consider but um but you
16:4.50 look at it and you decide whether or not
16:6.18 it belongs here or should you move it up
16:8.88 now what our system is doing is we're
16:11.16 just generating a baseline we're
16:12.54 generating a starting point for you with
16:15.24 so then you can actually get started and
16:17.46 actually you don't have to think so hard
16:18.72 about it so leverage this capability and
16:21.00 with that I'm actually going to send you
16:22.26 this link here into the chat so you can
16:24.48 go to that page and you can play with
16:27.06 this afterwards
16:28.38 but this is one of those things that we
16:31.56 do with part of Matrix that is intended
16:33.60 to help you as an individual to achieve
16:36.54 that goal so think about your goals now
16:38.76 one of the questions that people have is
16:40.56 how do I set my goal well there's a
16:42.54 concept called smart goal and so I'm not
16:44.46 going to show you the I'm going to show
16:45.42 you the next
16:46.50 um thing that we have here
16:48.24 smart stands for specific measurable
16:51.12 achievable relevance and time balance so
16:53.70 what that really means is that when you
16:55.44 have a goal the goal should be well
16:58.08 defined right the goal should be
17:0.12 measurable so then you know that you've
17:1.74 achieved it or not or you know some
17:3.66 level of achievement so for example you
17:5.88 can think promotion to a senior project
17:7.62 manager well senior is itself a
17:10.62 miserable thing whether you're senior or
17:12.84 staff or a junior those are those are
17:16.08 all that's measurable and so achievable
17:18.30 is that you can actually get that done
17:19.80 and then relevant
17:21.48 is why it matters to you and so when you
17:23.88 think about your goals follow this
17:25.74 particular template follow the smart
17:27.18 goals template
17:28.38 um and one of the things we do here at
17:29.88 affluence is we realize that
17:32.40 the world is smart or lack of better
17:34.74 words um there's almost no challenges
17:37.02 that you face
17:38.76 you know you as in both you the audience
17:41.64 as well as like you at a generic level
17:43.74 there's no challenges that anyone faces
17:46.08 that has not been faced by somebody else
17:47.82 before and that's our goal behind all of
17:50.52 this which is how do we go and
17:52.14 facilitate
17:53.66 facilitate software and and applications
17:56.88 like pretty Matrix actually serve those
17:58.62 needs and so that's the point Behind
18:0.72 These templates that we've created and
18:2.58 these AI infrastructure that that we're
18:4.92 building in order to help you leverage
18:7.50 the knowledge base not just from you
18:10.20 know your team or your organization but
18:13.02 across all Industries and across the
18:15.06 entire Global
18:16.32 um the global uh Workforce or data
18:19.56 knowledge so so one of the things that
18:22.08 you want to consider then is make sure
18:23.34 that when you set a goal using that that
18:25.68 goal creation system that I mentioned
18:28.14 you follow the smart goal template and
18:29.82 so now I'm also going to send this to
18:31.14 you one of the things that you can do
18:32.76 inside part of Matrix is actually
18:34.26 actually when you go to one of these
18:35.64 templates that we have and if you go to
18:37.32 this webpage we actually have a lot of
18:38.70 other templates is that you can click on
18:40.08 try this template now and it'll create a
18:42.12 pretty Matrix project for you so you can
18:43.74 read further and um and learn more about
18:46.56 each of these in details
18:49.02 so that's the second aspect on how
18:51.78 pretty Matrix helps you achieve your
18:54.18 goal because
18:56.22 when was the last time if you think
18:58.02 about it when was the last time you
18:59.22 actually stepped back and determined the
19:1.14 step you need
19:2.40 to actually do something that's
19:4.80 important right
19:6.60 um and what happens is that every single
19:8.94 day we're just inundated so much by
19:12.48 task and task and task and task and sort
19:15.24 of we do them without even thinking on
19:17.46 how it actually matters
19:19.26 um just read just a reminder to all of
19:21.00 you you know party Matrix helps you
19:23.76 understand what are the things to not do
19:25.80 so learning to say no is actually
19:28.92 extremely important and so with the part
19:32.28 Matrix software and going back to you
19:34.62 know what the the quadrants are all
19:36.66 about is that your goals are now so
19:40.26 clear and well defined and so when you
19:43.32 have this task and and with this Matrix
19:45.66 and you have 30 Action items on them 30
19:48.30 tasks on them
19:49.80 um and you're going and you compare
19:51.36 notes to other people to your manager in
19:54.12 particular
19:55.14 um into your direct reports it is so
19:57.30 easy to tell everyone what you think is
20:0.36 important and so when you think about
20:1.92 your personal success make sure that you
20:4.32 are speaking clearly to everyone else
20:6.18 what your priorities are and that's why
20:8.58 party Matrix works so well it's at the
20:10.98 end of the day a communication tool to
20:13.38 help you get clarity of mind on what
20:16.20 really matters
20:17.52 so when I use party Matrix I actually
20:19.86 have something like 300 ish projects and
20:22.62 those projects exist across the entire
20:24.90 spectrum of all my all my initiatives
20:27.60 all my priorities both personal and as
20:30.60 well as organizational related
20:32.46 priorities
20:33.90 and then from there I can look at it and
20:36.42 decide where I need to focus my time and
20:38.22 where I need to focus my attention the
20:40.08 fact that I set due dates and reminders
20:41.82 and so forth is really helpful because
20:43.26 what it does is it brings back the the
20:45.96 things that are actually critical and it
20:48.96 reminds me to actually tackle them one
20:51.66 way that protein matrix actually helps
20:53.52 you surface up tasks that are even more
20:55.38 important is for you to explicitly tell
20:57.96 the system that hey this is this is
20:59.70 important and we call that starring an
21:1.50 item so for example let's just say again
21:4.20 this task is in quadrant one right but
21:6.18 what I can also do is I can actually
21:7.56 star it and what starring does is it
21:10.86 actually tells the system that this task
21:12.48 is important and so um when we think
21:15.06 about the weight the total importance
21:18.12 weight of any task or any project and so
21:20.34 forth we can look at the star as a way
21:22.62 to determine that
21:23.88 not only that you can actually have
21:25.44 projects that are start as well so the
21:27.54 way you want to start a project is you
21:28.98 click on What's called the project
21:30.30 details and so you see here click on
21:32.58 edit project and so what the item
21:34.62 details has been replaced with the
21:35.88 project details and the project details
21:37.80 is actually very very similar to well
21:41.34 it's a way for you to
21:43.50 change the name of the project of course
21:45.54 but also changing the name of the
21:47.52 quadrants in order to better reflect how
21:49.74 you think so I showed you the do now do
21:52.44 later delegate postpone as sort of like
21:54.48 the initial basis of a part of Matrix
21:57.12 but at the same time these are all
21:59.04 customizable as well so what that allows
22:0.96 you to do is actually create templates
22:2.70 and create standardized templates on how
22:5.46 you like to think because some people
22:6.72 actually prefer a quadrant four to
22:9.00 signify something else in quadrant three
22:10.68 to quantify something else and so you're
22:12.18 able to do that with pretty Matrix
22:14.64 so I'm going to show you how to create a
22:16.44 project and it's actually very simple
22:17.76 you click on Project here and then you
22:19.80 create project and so when you create a
22:21.66 project you're able to choose from a
22:23.28 blank project which is sort of the
22:25.26 standard way to do it but at the same
22:26.76 time you can actually go to what we call
22:28.44 the public templates so these are our
22:31.08 template projects that we have
22:33.54 um
22:34.08 the domain you know knowledge that we've
22:36.72 built over the years on what are some of
22:38.76 the other templates that you know are
22:40.74 our customers can use they'll help them
22:43.50 get started very quickly so when you're
22:45.48 exploring for Matrix check out some of
22:47.16 these other various type of projects
22:49.14 that's available and then from there you
22:50.88 can take these templates modify them and
22:52.92 then save them as your own so that's how
22:55.62 you would create a project and so if I
22:56.88 were to choose blank project here I can
22:58.92 say you know project name
23:1.50 project a
23:3.00 um I can give it notes I can invite
23:4.92 others to this project as needed or you
23:7.44 know of course I can leave it for just
23:8.70 myself I can choose the color coding and
23:10.80 I create a project and so that's very
23:12.18 very simple and you can see how you know
23:14.10 I can build additional matrices very
23:16.38 very rapidly and then have these
23:18.18 matrices each capture different elements
23:20.76 that I care about and the color coding
23:23.10 is actually pretty useful too so I
23:25.02 highly recommend you use different
23:26.34 colors a way to signify hey these are
23:28.98 you know maybe this cut this specific
23:31.02 color scheme is my work this specific
23:33.00 color scheme is related to operations or
23:36.18 marketing Etc so if you have more and
23:38.28 more areas responsibilities our color
23:40.44 coding system actually is really helpful
23:42.18 for that
23:43.28 so now going back to the challenges that
23:46.08 we talked about
23:47.16 um that customer space the third that
23:49.20 thing that I mentioned was being
23:51.00 overwhelmed by the source of data uh
23:53.88 that you have and but by Overland by
23:55.80 Communication in general because you
23:57.90 know I probably get
24:0.66 I want to say several hundred emails a
24:2.88 day um and so from those several hundred
24:4.68 emails it's very very difficult to
24:6.24 actually go through all of them and
24:7.98 they'll understand what is actually
24:10.08 important right and so
24:12.24 um one of the things that we allow you
24:13.44 to do with pretty Matrix is helping tie
24:15.72 all that together into one central place
24:17.64 so we probably have one of the most well
24:19.80 probably the deepest integration into
24:21.48 the Microsoft 365 ecosystem so we have
24:24.36 something called pretty Matrix for
24:25.56 Outlook so if you haven't done this
24:27.66 already make sure you do this if you
24:29.58 have Outlook Microsoft 365 in particular
24:32.10 go and install our Outlook applications
24:34.38 you go to the add-in App Store here
24:35.82 install Outlook configuration what
24:37.44 pretty Matrix for Outlook allows you to
24:39.30 do is take emails and helping you
24:41.46 prioritize them
24:42.96 flagging emails works great if you have
24:46.38 Five Flags email doesn't work so great
24:48.18 if you have 50 flag emails because
24:49.80 afterwards you're going to lose track
24:51.00 really really quickly so
24:53.28 when you get an email in Outlook you can
24:55.62 once you install for the Matrix you can
24:57.18 click on this dot dot dot here and
24:59.28 choose pretty Matrix and do you see how
25:0.96 the options are prioritize an email so
25:3.30 what that does is I can take an email
25:5.22 and convert it into a pretty Matrix task
25:7.74 and what's neat about this is I can
25:9.72 choose what quadrant it belongs in right
25:12.24 so for example right here
25:14.94 my project a that I just created earlier
25:17.88 I can choose what quadrant it belongs in
25:20.04 and so you can see how I can quickly
25:21.78 turn an email right that that I have to
25:24.72 respond into an appropriate task in the
25:27.42 appropriate quadrant and set the due
25:29.10 date as needed and so I can capture an
25:30.90 email just like that
25:32.46 and so now once I've created that that
25:35.34 task from an email this item details
25:37.44 pops up it's just like you saw on the
25:39.24 web app the only difference is now that
25:41.28 I have that email prioritized I can make
25:43.56 sure that you know I can say do in two
25:45.96 weeks
25:46.92 um and remind me daily and so now I'm
25:49.26 getting daily reminder to tackle this
25:51.24 email as needed and it's so easy for me
25:55.14 um to lose track of an email if I don't
25:56.88 do something like this especially for
25:58.32 something that's really critical
25:59.34 especially
26:0.42 um if you're working with a very
26:1.44 important customer or an external party
26:4.20 and you want to ensure that everything
26:5.76 is on on track especially if you can't
26:8.70 respond to their email right away but
26:10.62 you want to make sure it's important and
26:13.68 it's it's or you know that it's
26:15.06 important but you want to make sure that
26:16.08 it's tracked right because if you don't
26:17.82 do this then what happens the next email
26:19.98 from somebody else who's less important
26:22.14 or an email that is actually spam or
26:24.36 whatever becomes top of mind because
26:26.22 that's the last email that comes in and
26:27.60 you don't want that you don't want last
26:29.28 in first out you want the most important
26:32.04 thing
26:33.24 in first out right and that's the goal
26:35.94 in all this so part of Matrix allows you
26:37.32 to take those few emails and prioritize
26:39.60 them the other thing you can do with
26:41.28 part of Matrix 2 is actually you can go
26:43.20 and and you can add an email to an
26:45.66 existing task and this is actually also
26:47.58 equally important because one of the
26:49.26 things that happens to all of us is that
26:52.08 we'll get an email we'll get a message
26:54.38 and uh in messaging teams and and guess
26:57.54 what you already have a task that's
26:59.10 that's pending because someone has just
27:0.54 asked me for a status event and so which
27:2.58 part of Matrix one of the things we're
27:3.72 able to let you do is actually become
27:6.18 less overwhelmed by organizing it just a
27:8.76 teeny bit better so when I get an email
27:10.62 from a customer or something like that
27:12.42 but I already have a task open for that
27:14.16 customer and I need to assign somebody
27:15.66 else what I'm able to do is actually
27:17.46 open the same thing in part Matrix you
27:19.38 saw how I opened this panel up and I can
27:21.60 attach the email to an existing task now
27:24.42 suddenly I can have a better
27:26.22 understanding of how all of this fits
27:28.26 together that the most important emails
27:30.48 are not dropped and they're properly
27:31.98 prioritized and organized into the
27:34.08 appropriate action items in the
27:35.82 appropriate quadrants in the appropriate
27:37.26 projects so
27:38.94 that's one of the things I highly
27:40.50 recommend that you check out if you
27:41.94 haven't already a lot of customers come
27:44.04 to a party Matrix because they are
27:45.72 overwhelmed by emails I mean that's one
27:48.18 of those things where
27:49.50 um it's the bane of our existence and
27:50.76 there's nothing we can do about it no
27:52.08 matter how good all these other chat
27:53.94 application exists emails is just the
27:56.16 way we're communicating so much with
27:57.96 external parties and so pretty Matrix
27:59.88 gives you an ability to manage that a
28:2.34 little bit better
28:3.42 so what I've shown you is I've shown you
28:5.52 the email management I've shown you how
28:7.50 to manage tasks and personal priorities
28:9.00 I've shown you how to create goals
28:10.92 the other thing I'll show you is how it
28:12.96 fits into your Microsoft teams if you do
28:14.82 use Microsoft teams it is not required
28:16.92 to use application you saw how I
28:18.72 actually just went to the web app here
28:20.22 if you go to affluence.com click on web
28:22.14 app you're set we also have desktop app
28:24.96 that you can use at the same time you go
28:27.06 to protomatrix.com it's the same thing
28:28.62 you can use it on mobile Etc but we also
28:31.44 want to you know minimize interruptions
28:33.66 if possible and so that's one of the
28:36.12 reason why we actually built probably
28:38.10 the deepest Integrations inside
28:39.42 Microsoft teams if you go to Microsoft
28:41.34 teams go to the App Store search for
28:43.02 protein matrix you can install it it'll
28:44.88 show up right here on the on the left
28:46.68 panel just right click on it and pin it
28:48.60 once you pin it
28:50.34 part of Matrix is sort of stay right
28:52.44 here now you can use Microsoft teams and
28:54.54 go to part of Matrix without even
28:55.98 leaving the application and you can see
28:58.02 how when I open part Matrix here I get
28:59.82 the same view actually everything is
29:1.92 synchronized together so that task that
29:4.56 I created inside this project it's all
29:6.18 here I don't even have to go to any
29:7.56 other software and so I can see the task
29:9.60 you can see how it all fits together I
29:11.46 can go to this home view right here this
29:13.08 is called the home View and it tells me
29:14.70 what are the things I need to work on
29:16.02 what are the things that required my
29:17.34 attention and so party Matrix can take
29:19.38 all this information that you have and
29:21.36 actually show you the agenda on the
29:23.22 things that you should work on at any
29:24.60 point in time
29:25.98 and in particular you can go to my items
29:28.50 here
29:29.28 um and you're able to see all the tasks
29:30.78 that you have across everything right
29:32.58 and so it's one central place to see the
29:35.34 the tasks that you have to do
29:37.32 but there's a couple things that we do
29:39.06 really well too which is we help you
29:41.64 actually prioritize the communication
29:43.56 that you have so um I do go this into
29:46.26 more details in other webinars but
29:48.36 pretty Matrix also allows you to convert
29:50.16 any conversation that you have with with
29:52.38 your teammates into tasks directly and
29:55.26 so it allows you to prioritize things
29:59.16 as your manager is asking you or as your
30:1.68 team member send you messages and so
30:3.06 forth so then you again still have one
30:4.92 central place to
30:6.72 um prioritize all your tasks you see how
30:8.22 I can go here and create party Matrix
30:10.74 action item directly from any
30:13.32 conversation I have with with anybody
30:16.14 so that's how we tackle the problems
30:20.04 that that we talked about that I talked
30:22.50 about
30:23.28 um with respect to understanding what's
30:25.50 priorities right now and then how do we
30:27.96 tie it all together
30:29.94 so with that I'm going to go ahead and
30:32.34 jump back to the
30:35.64 um webinar I mean the presentation here
30:39.42 and by the way I do want to emphasize
30:41.34 that if you have any questions go ahead
30:42.84 and bring them up right now or again you
30:45.00 can also send me a message to Hyatt
30:46.32 affluence.com and if there's anything
30:48.06 that I'm missing or I can address in
30:49.62 more details
30:51.24 um I'd be happy to
30:55.14 so
30:57.06 to summarize all of this
30:59.88 um I want to say that it is now up to
31:2.52 you and when I say up to you it means
31:4.92 that you know part of Matrix at the end
31:6.60 of the day is just a software tool and
31:9.60 what that software tool does is it just
31:12.48 help facilitate all this but you have to
31:14.70 do the heavy lifting right so sign up
31:16.68 for party Matrix and use our application
31:18.36 and teams and Outlook if applicable and
31:21.00 then create three projects the personal
31:23.16 priorities project the work priorities
31:24.84 and then the one AI generated Matrix so
31:27.42 if you get those three in place I think
31:29.04 you'll get you'll start to see you'll
31:30.60 get some clarity on how pretty Matrix
31:32.70 fits in into the the bigger picture and
31:35.22 then finally when you are creating party
31:37.14 Matrix action item make sure you set due
31:39.42 dates and make sure you put them in the
31:41.76 appropriate quadrants and then also make
31:44.40 sure that you go back to part of Matrix
31:45.78 and make sure you don't drop them right
31:47.22 when tasks are done mark them as done
31:49.80 and my advice this ruthlessly prioritize
31:53.82 uh can't say it enough what happens is
31:56.34 we are so inundated with tasks and
31:59.40 emails and and things to do and you know
32:2.16 we always have more things to do than
32:4.02 the resources to do them you have to
32:6.00 ruthlessly prioritize and all pretty
32:8.52 Matrix does is it helps you clarify your
32:11.28 mind by helping them by helping you put
32:14.76 the things you have to do into the
32:16.32 appropriate quadrants so it's very easy
32:18.12 to understand and when you look at it
32:19.68 you should know ah this is where I
32:21.78 should focus my time right and then
32:23.58 hopefully those goals that um that you
32:25.80 want to achieve they're generating we're
32:28.08 generating the appropriate tasks and
32:30.12 ideas on to help you get started so that
32:32.46 you can start working on those so then
32:33.96 you can get that promotion you can get
32:35.46 that raise you can improve or you can
32:37.62 improve your um organizational
32:39.48 efficiency
32:41.22 or improve communication that goal
32:43.80 system is has unlimited potential in
32:46.68 terms of what it can do for you
32:49.98 um and so success with part of Matrix
32:51.54 should look like this one you have one
32:53.52 central place to track all your
32:54.66 priorities I always use the word
32:56.22 priorities that's supposed to task
32:58.20 um you know you probably don't want to
32:59.58 use part of Matrix to track your
33:1.38 shopping list I mean you can but you
33:4.20 know it's it's not it's not the same
33:5.82 party Matrix is about understanding what
33:8.46 you need to work on and understand what
33:9.96 you shouldn't work on and so I emphasize
33:11.70 the word priorities for that reason it
33:13.26 should be about the little things it's
33:14.82 about the things that matter and again
33:16.20 if you can identify one thing if using
33:18.78 cardiometrics you can identify one thing
33:20.70 that
33:22.20 that you no longer have to do
33:24.96 just think about how much time and
33:26.46 effort we've just save you right if if
33:28.92 you're an organization and you're
33:30.48 finding that hey we can actually drop
33:32.04 this project this entire project
33:34.44 right because we don't really it really
33:36.42 doesn't really matter then we've just
33:38.22 saved you hundreds of thousands or
33:39.66 millions of dollars in countless man
33:41.76 hours
33:42.84 um to actually get that done so keep
33:44.40 that in mind
33:45.60 um so you know don't just do better
33:48.00 project management for the sake of
33:49.38 better project management and then
33:52.02 success also means that your important
33:54.06 emails are prioritized and never
33:55.68 forgotten uh make sure that you
33:57.72 prioritize those key emails so I mean I
33:59.58 get so many emails that I have I always
34:1.98 have to prioritize them so then I get
34:3.78 the appropriate reminders so I can go
34:5.64 back and actually address them and
34:7.02 because of that I'm able to make make
34:9.66 sure that you know the the five or ten
34:14.16 percent of emails that truly matters are
34:16.62 addressed
34:17.64 um and then that you're actively
34:19.20 deciding what not to do inside Proto
34:21.30 Matrix so don't do the wrong things
34:24.12 right do the right things right
34:27.60 and with that um I'm actually done here
34:30.84 with with my portion of the webinar I'd
34:33.24 be happy to take questions