Email prioritization master class with Priority Matrix

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Flagging a lot of emails and hoping you'd get to them later, yet you never do? Getting so many emails that you're dropping them (even the important ones)?

Join us for this short webinar to see how Priority Matrix for Outlook can help you prioritize, set reminders and due dates, and delegate emails so that your important emails do not fall through the cracks.

Know others in your team who's not familiar with Priority Matrix, yet struggle with managing emails? Send this webinar their way as well.

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Video transcription (38:51.68) Stop scroll

0.96s all right let's go ahead and get started
2.82s I'd like everyone to know that this
4.50s meeting is being recorded uh so what
7.56s that means is we'll post this afterwards
10.26s uh onto our webinar webpage and then you
14.34s can review it share with others or if
17.04s there's anything you miss or have
18.90s questions about you can always look at
21.06s it again and then the other thing I want
23.46s to mention is that there's a chat
25.26s section so if you have any questions
27.00s whatsoever
28.26s please feel free to send me a message in
30.18s the chat I'll take a look at it
31.44s periodically and I'll try to address it
36.36s with that I'm going to go ahead and get
38.22s started
41.04s today's webinar is focused on email
43.68s management and I call it the master
46.14s class mostly because we're focusing very
48.84s very much on how to use part of Matrix
51.54s to manage your emails this is actually
53.40s I'm really excited for this particular
55.38s webinar because uh so many of us so many
58.56s customers I've talked to face the
1:1.32 challenge of managing their emails
1:3.00 because we're just getting inundated
1:4.38 with emails every single day I mean I
1:6.00 have hundreds of emails that come in
1:7.44 every single day so it's very very
1:9.18 difficult to be on top of all of that
1:10.56 and one of the things that happens all
1:12.72 the time is I start dropping emails left
1:15.12 and right
1:16.20 and it's not even on purpose right it's
1:18.06 just that sometimes you know you don't
1:19.92 even get to see that email and it's
1:21.54 already replaced by dozens of other ones
1:24.78 so in today's webinar I want to show you
1:27.54 how to use pretty Matrix in order to
1:31.32 more effectively manage some of these
1:32.94 emails how to create rules around email
1:35.40 management but also how to ensure that
1:38.40 you're prioritizing the right emails
1:41.40 um and you know whether it's something
1:43.38 that's due today or something that's due
1:45.00 in three months that you're on top of it
1:52.98 I'm going to give a really quick
1:55.26 um
1:56.76 overview again of party Matrix for those
1:59.64 who aren't familiar with the rest of our
2:1.68 solution especially just the email
2:3.24 management solution party Matrix is a
2:5.52 comprehensive email priority and project
2:7.20 management software where we really
2:9.54 shine is ensuring that the most
2:12.66 important tasks are not falling through
2:14.64 the cracks so we don't talk about just
2:16.80 project management we're talking about
2:18.00 priority event priority management and
2:19.74 what that really means is not everything
2:21.72 is created equal right there are some
2:23.46 tasks that are more important than
2:24.48 others and if you're able to just focus
2:26.70 on those then you've created the most
2:28.44 value so party Matrix is a is a
2:31.26 communication software at the end of the
2:32.82 day and it helps ensures that everyone
2:34.62 within your organization understands
2:36.90 what the priorities are at any point in
2:39.06 time
2:40.88 uh so what makes part of Matrix
2:42.96 different first of all we use the four
2:44.70 quadrant methodology as a way to promote
2:46.56 promote effective prioritization and
2:48.96 we'll talk about that briefly and of
2:50.64 course you know some of the other things
2:51.84 about a party Matrix is that where
2:53.64 Microsoft 365 security certified across
2:56.22 our web app Outlook app as well as their
2:58.02 teams app since we're talking about
2:59.22 email management the Outlook component
3:1.20 of it is is particularly important
3:3.60 and then some of the last thing I want
3:5.52 to mention is that party Matrix is
3:7.38 available as a standard SAS solution
3:9.00 which is what I'll be demoing today but
3:11.04 we also have a HIPAA solution and a gov
3:12.78 Cloud solution if any of those things
3:14.58 are actually relevant to you please feel
3:16.98 free to reach out to us support
3:18.12 and we'd be happy to
3:20.22 answer any questions
3:22.16 uh so reason to use pretty Matrix to
3:24.54 manage emails one we ensure that nothing
3:26.34 falls through the crack two will allow
3:29.34 you to delegate emails and have
3:30.90 conversations around the email
3:32.16 themselves so you're not just forwarding
3:34.20 emails into another thread and then you
3:36.84 know you're replying back and forth and
3:38.64 then pulling in more people and then
3:40.32 accidentally send a customer or email
3:42.42 Etc and then you're actually also able
3:44.28 to attach email to existing tasks
3:46.08 because one thing that's really
3:47.34 interesting is that you know some emails
3:49.98 multiple emails might actually
3:52.38 being presented in just one single
3:54.90 action item inside pretty Matrix and so
3:57.36 it allows you to have pretty Matrix as a
3:59.28 central place to look at multiple emails
4:1.26 at the same time and then be able to set
4:3.12 reminders and due dates and which is I
4:4.80 think particularly important because uh
4:6.78 Sometimes some emails the ones that you
4:8.88 can you have to answer today those are
4:10.56 the easy ones right because you can
4:11.70 actually just go and type your response
4:14.34 and send and you're good to go but the
4:16.38 problems are the ones that are due
4:18.00 tomorrow or the ones that are due in a
4:20.04 week from now or next month and the ones
4:22.14 that are doing three three to three to
4:24.48 six months flagging them just doesn't
4:26.34 help because you'll start losing track
4:28.20 of them real quickly so pretty Matrix
4:30.18 allows you to really tackle those emails
4:32.58 that are much more nuisance and and
4:34.44 further out and then finally reducing
4:37.02 email clutters
4:38.40 um to achieve peace of mind and then
4:40.20 I'll also go into how to create rules
4:43.08 using your outlook
4:45.24 um or even Gmail and then taking that to
4:48.48 maximize the productivity so then
4:50.12 everything that's relevant to you is
4:52.14 actually inside pretty Matrix
4:58.26 I just want to go back to the
4:59.46 fundamentals of pretty Matrix there's a
5:1.38 quote attributed to President Eisenhower
5:2.82 what is important is seldom urgent and
5:4.32 what is urgent to sell to important and
5:6.18 nothing actually uh speaks to this but
5:9.18 more than emails because every single
5:11.10 day you're getting so many emails and
5:12.90 the vast majority of them are not
5:14.94 important I guarantee you that but what
5:17.94 happens is that it's the newest email
5:19.50 that always gets your attention right
5:21.06 because you're just about to to type a
5:23.22 response a really important email and
5:24.72 then boom there's another email that
5:26.82 comes in and you're like hey what is
5:28.20 that email that I'm looking at do I need
5:30.06 to respond to it and so forth and that
5:32.04 nagging is the Urgent part of this and
5:35.64 so um this quote actually speaks so well
5:38.16 to this
5:39.66 the problem that we all have with emails
5:42.92 so if you're not yet familiar with
5:45.42 pretty Matrix what we do is we take all
5:47.52 of those tasks that you have all those
5:49.26 action items and split it into this two
5:51.78 by two Matrix
5:53.10 um the core idea is that you know if you
5:55.86 have a one single list of things you
5:57.90 don't know where to start you start at
5:59.04 the top of the bottom where someone in
6:0.18 the middle but if you're able to take
6:1.44 everything you have to do and split it
6:3.00 into a two by two Matrix you know
6:5.10 against the dimensions of importance and
6:7.62 urgency then suddenly you have a better
6:9.96 picture of where you should focus your
6:11.70 time namely the stuff that are important
6:13.68 and Urgent are the things that you
6:14.88 actually should have done already and
6:16.44 then the things that are important but
6:18.18 not urgent are the things where you
6:19.50 should really be focusing your attention
6:20.82 on and that's the point of putting
6:22.56 Matrix which is to go and create a clear
6:25.20 path for you not just to think about to
6:27.06 your day today but your day
6:29.70 um tomorrow next week and and so forth
6:31.68 emails is just one source of information
6:33.90 in all of this and so what we're showing
6:36.12 you is how to actually take emails and
6:38.52 put it into the bigger picture of party
6:40.86 Matrix and all the action items around
6:42.42 it things
6:43.74 okay
6:47.88 so the four quadrants Eisenhower Matrix
6:50.34 creates alignment not just for yourself
6:52.50 because now you understand your
6:53.82 priorities but across your entire team
6:55.62 and organization because it forces you
6:57.78 to prioritize from the very big gate
6:59.34 from the very beginning
7:1.08 um as you know when you get your email
7:2.76 inbox it's not prioritized it's it's a
7:6.72 list right and the list gets bigger and
7:8.46 bigger and bigger and so some people are
7:10.02 very good at managing it by doing
7:11.82 folders and flagging and so forth but
7:15.06 what happens is that at at the same time
7:18.72 once you start having the list being
7:21.72 bigger and bigger being able to delegate
7:23.40 that to others become challenging and so
7:25.68 pretty Matrix is designed to tackle that
7:27.66 and I want to note again that if you
7:30.48 want to watch additional webinars it'll
7:32.04 be at webinars and if
7:34.50 you're not familiar with some of the
7:35.64 basics of part mini tricks we have
7:37.02 covered that previously and then
7:38.88 secondly this webinar will be recorded
7:41.16 it'll it'll be available here as well
7:42.78 and then I do want to share our contact
7:44.28 which is supported so I
7:46.50 would really love feedback as to whether
7:48.36 or not this is useful or what else would
7:50.70 be more useful so then we can address
7:52.20 that in future webinars and with that
7:54.24 I'm going to jump into the webinar
7:55.80 management into the email management
7:58.32 side of pretty Matrix as part of the
7:59.88 demo
8:0.74 as I mentioned uh to those who were here
8:3.72 earlier that there's a chat section so
8:5.88 if you have any questions whatsoever
8:7.74 during this demo please send that to me
8:10.80 um and I'll take a look at it and I'll
8:12.30 try my best to address it
8:17.04 okay now I'm going to jump into pretty
8:19.02 Matrix so again this is the web app
8:21.96 version of pretty Matrix uh and so as
8:24.84 you see we have the do now plan delegate
8:27.30 inbox uncategorized as a standard Matrix
8:29.82 so I'm going to walk through this really
8:31.44 quickly making the assumption that you
8:33.24 have are familiar with pretty Matrix
8:34.62 enough to create tasks and so forth
8:36.18 again check out the other webinars if
8:38.10 you're not and then I'm going to go and
8:39.84 show you how to create a project how to
8:41.46 manage emails with it
8:42.96 so let's go ahead and create a project
8:44.28 and we'll just we'll just go ahead and
8:46.26 call this project email project or
8:49.68 testing okay and I'm going to choose the
8:52.26 basic pretty Matrix project I'm going to
8:54.12 leave the color as is and I'll create
8:55.74 this project right here so we have a
8:57.84 project called email project for testing
9:0.36 here's what happens here you might track
9:2.88 a lot of different tasks every single
9:4.62 day but let's just say you get a
9:6.78 customer email so go ahead and open
9:8.28 Outlook
9:9.48 when you're in Outlook uh to install the
9:12.84 part of Matrix add-in you go to the
9:14.58 add-in app store right here you search
9:16.56 for pretty Matrix and I believe we are
9:18.96 editor's choice and we should be the
9:20.40 number one application here if you don't
9:22.14 have it installed already and once you
9:23.76 install pretty Matrix protomatrix
9:25.56 becomes available as an add-in for your
9:28.14 email inbox so let me show you what it
9:30.24 actually looks like when you have an
9:31.74 email open you click on this dot dot dot
9:33.90 here and you choose part of Matrix
9:36.72 when you open pretty Matrix it opens
9:38.46 this right panel and this is the Outlook
9:41.04 add-in uh so here I am showing you
9:43.80 outlook on the on the web app but this
9:46.08 is available in Outlook for your desktop
9:48.72 app outlook for mobile as well as
9:52.68 well as long as you have office 365. so
9:56.28 when I have this open you see how in
9:59.76 this particular let me let me actually
10:1.20 jump to an email here so let me open an
10:3.54 email I have this email here and I open
10:6.18 Party Matrix for Outlook
10:8.16 what pretty Matrix allows you to do is
10:10.92 capture email so imagine if this email
10:13.74 was particularly important right and you
10:15.60 want to answer it and let's say you you
10:18.12 should answer it right now in fact but
10:20.40 let's just say you're not able to do
10:21.66 that so what are your choices you can
10:23.52 flag the email right
10:25.38 um and that's something that you know a
10:26.76 lot of people do all the time but what
10:28.50 part of Matrix you're able to convert
10:29.88 this email into a task by clicking on
10:31.74 this capture email
10:33.36 when I convert it to a task what it's
10:35.52 doing is creating action item and the
10:37.62 action item I can choose what project it
10:39.18 goes into the item name is the subject
10:41.40 of the the email so go ahead I'm going
10:44.16 to choose that email project for testing
10:46.26 which I just created and then I can
10:47.94 choose which quadrant belongs in so
10:49.44 let's just say this email is very
10:50.58 important I'm going to assign it to the
10:52.74 quadrant one right there I can set due
10:54.90 dates on the 15th
10:57.12 and then I'm going to go ahead and
10:58.62 create the action item what I've just
11:1.26 done is I've prioritized this email one
11:3.78 thing that is helpful here is that I've
11:6.36 set a due date so if I were to go back
11:8.34 to party Matrix you see how that email
11:10.02 actually is now inside pretty Matrix as
11:12.66 a task it's in Quadrant One it has the
11:15.84 email icon which shows me that hey this
11:17.88 is this is a task to generate from an
11:19.86 email it has a due date on it so if I if
11:22.38 I were to go to the calendar view inside
11:24.48 pretty Matrix I see that hey on this day
11:26.76 I should go ahead and take a look at
11:28.14 this this email
11:29.58 and you can see that when I go uh click
11:32.46 on this this task itself and I go to the
11:34.98 notes section
11:36.36 there's some comments there's notes is
11:38.82 actually from the email right so it's
11:40.26 actually the text version of that but
11:41.88 then at the same time inside the
11:43.14 resource section
11:44.40 um you actually have the email file
11:45.84 itself so when you open this email file
11:47.58 you're able to see
11:49.68 be able to see the email and what's nice
11:52.20 about this is now I can access this
11:54.36 email on another platform on another
11:56.76 computer even when I don't have access
11:58.44 to the original email
12:0.78 so that's how I go and I prioritize one
12:4.08 single email for myself now let's take
12:6.66 it a step further which is I actually
12:8.64 want to delegate this email to a
12:10.14 teammate so I go back to party Matrix
12:12.00 and so I go back to party Matrix here
12:13.62 and what I'm doing is I'm actually going
12:15.84 to open the project details and so I go
12:18.24 to the project details and now I'm going
12:19.92 to invite a teammate to my project okay
12:22.62 so now the use case may be that you're
12:25.20 going to have a project inside
12:27.90 inside pretty Matrix for customer
12:31.02 management so let's just imagine if you
12:33.42 have customer uh queries maybe quote
12:36.54 requests or something like that so you
12:38.40 could call this project quote requests
12:40.20 and then you can invite all the your
12:42.36 sales rep and and customer management
12:44.22 rep right here okay so imagine you have
12:46.50 that scenario now when I go back to an
12:49.32 email and let's just say I got an email
12:51.42 that's a quote request and I go to this
12:54.48 this view again and I open this
12:58.80 you can see that again part Matrix open
13:1.50 but now I'm going to pin it so when I
13:3.48 pin it it will always stay open when I
13:7.50 um when I open an email so it's actually
13:9.78 really helpful if you pin it if your
13:11.16 screen is big enough pinning it is
13:12.78 actually pretty helpful I'm going to
13:14.10 capture the email again
13:15.78 uh and so I'm going to call this this is
13:18.12 a quote request and we're going to sign
13:20.40 the quadrant 2 here but now I'm going to
13:23.04 assign it to another person so you see
13:25.20 how Eugenia now shows up as a user in my
13:27.78 project and I assigned it to Eugenia
13:29.88 right there
13:31.26 and I can say that hey this this due on
13:34.44 the 12th and able to create this action
13:36.36 item
13:39.18 and you see how I'm actually I've
13:41.16 actually just created this quote request
13:43.68 as a task in separate Matrix and I've
13:45.96 assigned it to somebody and it's on it
13:47.76 has a due date to it so instead of me
13:49.74 just forwarding an email to A co-worker
13:52.32 and say hey could you look take look at
13:53.64 this and that person may miss the email
13:55.44 right that's the biggest challenge
13:56.70 instead from the Eugenia standpoint now
13:58.98 it shows up in her calendar
14:1.14 um party Matrix will set a reminder and
14:3.00 so for example actually let's just say I
14:4.98 have that due date but I'm going to say
14:6.42 you know remind
14:10.44 um everyone daily until done one of the
14:14.52 things partner Matrix does is it
14:15.84 actually we use natural language to
14:18.36 interpret some of these things that you
14:19.74 have that you type into part of Matrix
14:21.54 itself so when I say remind everyone
14:23.46 daily until done imagine again this is a
14:26.16 customer quote and I've assigned to
14:27.84 somebody and I'm going to set a daily
14:29.28 reminder until we actually respond to
14:31.74 this so then from Eugenia standpoint she
14:34.14 automatically gets reminders on tackling
14:36.66 this particular email because it's a
14:38.10 very important one if I would again to
14:40.02 flag an email there's no way she'd get
14:42.42 this notification and there's no way she
14:44.22 get this daily reminder
14:45.90 um and there's no way you should
14:46.80 understand when she needs to get it done
14:48.54 by the fact that I've been able to
14:50.52 convert it into a pretty Matrix task
14:52.08 assigned to the appropriate person and
14:53.58 set the due date and reminders I've now
14:56.40 ensure that this particular task does
14:59.22 not fall through the crack and not only
15:1.56 do I know that because when I go to back
15:4.08 to this when I go back to this view if
15:6.60 this task has no progress then then you
15:10.20 know clearly I can ping Eugenia and say
15:11.88 hey can you take a look at this and know
15:13.62 that and the other cool thing too is
15:15.78 actually party Matrix has something
15:17.16 called a read receipt so if Eugenia sees
15:20.28 this it actually will show her icon here
15:22.32 and then you know she's seen it and if
15:24.60 she hasn't seen it then you can tell as
15:26.64 well because in this case you can see
15:28.62 that she hasn't seen this task yet so
15:30.72 again it's extremely helpful because you
15:33.54 can't ask someone to do something and
15:35.70 expect that to be done if they haven't
15:37.68 even seen it themselves unlike again
15:39.72 forwarding an email where you don't have
15:41.34 that visibility
15:43.14 so that's how you go and you delegate an
15:45.54 email and let's just say uh you want to
15:48.84 check the status of an email that you've
15:50.82 prioritized in the past you can see that
15:52.80 the moment I prioritize an email the
15:54.60 party Matrix tag shows up here right and
15:56.88 so I have a lot of different examples
15:58.38 here in the past where I have that and
16:0.24 so when I go to an email here uh what
16:3.36 happens is that
16:5.04 no I'll go back here what happens is
16:7.68 that instead of capturing email it says
16:9.72 open item instead so again if this is a
16:12.24 customer quote instead of actually
16:13.98 creating another task as I already
16:15.36 prioritized it I can open the item and
16:17.64 it opens up here it shows me all the
16:19.44 information it shows me the status of
16:21.06 this quote and Eugena can comment on the
16:23.46 inside pretty Matrix and now I know that
16:25.26 you know someone's on top of this and
16:26.82 and that's very very important in terms
16:29.04 of ensuring that email management
16:31.26 um that the emails are prioritized and
16:33.90 someone is actively working on it
16:36.90 so
16:38.70 um there's a question in the chat which
16:40.14 is how can I send an email from pretty
16:41.52 Matrix interface the answer is you don't
16:43.68 when you open the email file you
16:46.56 actually open it in Outlook or or
16:49.26 whatever email program that you have
16:51.00 installed and from there you can respond
16:53.28 to the email so pretty Matrix itself is
16:55.20 not an email management platform and
16:57.18 whatever comment that you type in here
16:58.98 it's actually related only it's only
17:1.92 captured inside this task and that's
17:3.78 sort of the point which is you know we
17:5.82 don't want you to go and create even
17:7.98 more emails because we already have
17:10.02 enough uh enough challenges managing the
17:12.18 emails that's coming in so when when
17:14.22 everyone who's involved in this
17:15.66 particular task and imagine you know
17:17.04 here there's two people right but
17:18.48 imagine if you need engineering involved
17:20.22 you need a product involved and and all
17:23.28 that and they're having a conversation
17:24.66 you don't want to be sending you know 15
17:26.58 emails back and forth instead you have
17:28.50 this chat that's just relevant to this
17:30.84 particular quote request and it's all
17:32.34 captured inside for The Matrix
17:34.26 the second reason this is actually
17:35.94 really helpful is that in again three
17:38.04 months when you look at this again and
17:40.56 decisions have been made and follow-ups
17:43.80 have been um
17:45.24 have made and so forth you want to
17:47.76 review the history and see what what was
17:51.72 discussed why we made those decisions
17:54.78 as you know people leave organizations
17:57.66 all the time so imagine if you have you
18:1.50 know a manager who leaves then
18:4.02 afterwards
18:5.46 you want to go and be able to understand
18:8.10 what that person what decision that
18:10.38 person has made so inside this this chat
18:13.14 here you have that captured
18:15.54 and so that is part of the retention the
18:18.84 knowledge retention that part of Matrix
18:20.34 offered
18:21.48 um for this particular email so that's
18:23.52 how you essentially create a task from
18:26.64 an email but now let's take a whole step
18:28.44 further imagine
18:30.48 um imagine that you actually want to go
18:33.48 and create tasks automatically from
18:36.68 emails that a customer a certain
18:39.60 customer send you so let's just say you
18:41.28 know I want all emails from Microsoft to
18:43.50 go into a project inside pretty Matrix
18:45.78 one thing that's really powerful about
18:47.82 protomatrix is that every quadrant
18:50.82 inside your Matrix every Matrix and
18:53.10 every quadrant inside the Matrix has a
18:55.14 unique email address which means if you
18:57.30 were to send an email to that email
18:58.98 address it will show up here in the
19:0.72 quadrant so let me show you how to
19:1.92 access that again I go back to my
19:4.14 project in separate Matrix and then I'm
19:6.36 going to go click on this I icon which
19:8.46 opens the project details and at the top
19:10.92 right here I'm able to choose get secret
19:13.98 email address
19:16.38 okay so you see get secret email address
19:18.68 when I get the secret email address I
19:21.18 can actually configure it which means
19:22.74 that if an email is sent to this secret
19:25.38 email address it can assign it to a
19:28.14 person and also what quadrant it belongs
19:30.54 in usually by default you know I like to
19:32.94 do the quadrant four because quadrant
19:34.68 four means it hasn't been prioritized
19:36.18 yet you but let's just say I copy this
19:38.22 address so now our system has copied
19:40.74 this email address so let me show you
19:42.36 how it works I go into pretty Matrix
19:44.64 imagine there's two things I want to
19:46.56 show you which is imagine if I write a
19:48.96 new email
19:50.28 and I paste that email address in and
19:52.80 I'm going to say
19:54.08 this is a test email coming to my
19:58.38 address
20:2.76 I'm going to say do tomorrow
20:6.48 uh remind me
20:10.14 daily okay I'm going to send an email
20:12.66 and then this is a test I'm going to go
20:15.66 ahead and send that supported Matrix so
20:17.70 it does take a few minutes for our
20:19.02 system to process it but what happens is
20:21.18 I've just shown you that I can write an
20:23.34 email into Purdy Matrix itself creating
20:25.68 a task but at the same time I can also
20:28.14 forward an email into a pretty Matrix
20:30.48 using the same method
20:32.34 let me give you a use case
20:34.62 um I'm on my phone and what happens is I
20:37.80 get an email and I want to prioritize
20:40.14 inside for the Matrix on the phone it's
20:41.82 a little bit more difficult because you
20:43.44 can't really open this panel out and all
20:45.18 that so all I got to do is I go ahead
20:47.34 and forward it
20:49.26 to that address and I'm gonna you see
20:52.38 how it just uses the the subject here
20:54.36 and I'm going to say
20:56.28 um due tomorrow
20:58.86 I really like doing that because what it
21:0.78 does is it sets a due date for me and so
21:3.18 I click Send
21:4.56 and this is in fact how I uh manage a
21:8.22 lot of my emails
21:10.14 um all the time and I showed you an
21:12.78 address oh there it is then by now go
21:14.82 back to pretty Matrix you see how this
21:16.80 is the email that I sent over in from
21:19.68 Outlook into into that email address and
21:22.44 you see how it actually assigns it to
21:24.30 the person it sets the due date for me
21:28.92 and then look here's my other email that
21:31.32 just came in our system just processed
21:33.00 it and I forwarded an email and I also
21:34.92 set a due date and you see the content
21:36.90 of that email is here so what that means
21:39.90 is that when you have emails that's
21:42.60 coming in all the time and being able to
21:45.12 afford it into a pretty Matrix is
21:47.04 important all you got to do is copy that
21:49.32 inbox address now the question is
21:52.86 how do you save these inbox address
21:54.54 right because
21:55.86 um as I showed here every quadrant every
21:58.32 project has an inbox
22:1.20 um address so one thing that party
22:3.48 Matrix has too is your inbox itself has
22:8.04 an address so let me go to here
22:11.16 um and then I copy the secret inbox
22:13.88 every person when you have a protein
22:16.74 matrix account has this inbox address
22:18.66 when you send an email to that inbox
22:20.70 address it actually creates an item in
22:22.98 this inbox and it doesn't belong in any
22:24.60 specific quadrant or any specific
22:26.46 projects so if you don't want your email
22:29.04 to go into a specific project then you
22:31.92 get the secret inbox what I'd like to do
22:34.38 is when I go to here
22:36.60 I go ahead and create a contact
22:39.54 okay and so I create a new contact and
22:42.66 then I call this
22:44.88 um
22:45.90 inbox that's the the first name and then
22:49.32 party Matrix
22:51.72 and then I go ahead and paste that email
22:53.46 address
22:55.02 okay so now I've created a contact
22:57.14 called the inbox in my pretty Matrix so
23:0.42 I save that the moment you've you do
23:2.76 this inside
23:4.50 um inside your mobile app then it's
23:7.32 actually very very easy to forward an
23:9.48 email so now when I open an email
23:12.60 okay
23:13.80 and and when I forward it you see how I
23:16.50 can click on forward I just type inbox
23:21.78 um
23:23.64 let's see here contact inbox I guess the
23:27.24 Outlook hasn't saved that that contact
23:29.10 yet
23:30.06 um but if you have that contact saved
23:32.28 you can actually just forward it and
23:33.96 type in the word inbox and then you
23:35.82 click Send and then it sends into a
23:37.32 pretty Matrix into this inbox for you
23:40.38 um and so that's what happens is that's
23:42.06 the email address that um that is unique
23:45.00 to you you can share that email address
23:47.22 with other teammates and they can assign
23:49.14 you tasks using this method but
23:51.18 typically I like to save it for me to
23:53.76 manage my own emails and you saw how
23:56.10 whenever I sent an email to your pretty
23:57.66 Matrix I love replacing the first line
24:0.36 with the the due dates and again we use
24:2.82 natural language to interpret that
24:4.20 because I can say do tomorrow or I can
24:6.12 say due in two weeks or I can say do
24:9.12 um
24:9.78 do in on you know July 14th or something
24:13.08 like that and then if you do a new line
24:15.66 then you can actually set additional
24:17.58 commands inside pretty Matrix um so for
24:19.80 that you saw how I sat Set uh remind me
24:23.46 daily
24:24.90 um so or I can also say assign to
24:27.66 somebody else so I can actually assign a
24:29.88 task to another teammate directly from
24:32.52 the email itself as long as I use that
24:35.10 command and actually in the chat here we
24:37.38 actually just sent information on what
24:40.14 are the different commands you can use
24:42.48 uh with pretty Matrix and so that allows
24:44.82 you to type in the command as needed in
24:46.98 when you forward these emails
24:49.38 so you saw how I actually have an email
24:52.02 address
24:53.34 um to in order to forward these emails
24:54.96 into pretty Matrix the other thing I
24:56.76 want to show you is actually creating
24:58.20 rules around this so imagine if you want
25:1.08 to create a rule where every email as I
25:4.14 mentioned earlier from Microsoft
25:6.48 gets forwarded into pretty Matrix okay
25:8.70 so I'm gonna go back to my list of
25:11.52 projects here
25:12.72 I'm going to open email project for
25:14.70 testing and again I want to make sure
25:17.10 that the project details is here I go
25:19.68 here and I get secret email address and
25:22.26 I'm going to just assign to myself into
25:24.78 quadrant three
25:26.64 and copy the address so now I have a
25:29.52 specific email address when I go back to
25:32.18 Outlook here I can go and create rules
25:35.34 if I click on this
25:38.22 um
25:39.42 view our Outlook setting and I go to
25:42.18 rules I can create forwarding rules the
25:45.30 way forwarding rules is works is the
25:47.76 following which is whenever you have
25:51.24 a particular email and go click on add
25:53.70 new rule and we're going to call it
25:55.68 emails from Microsoft as an example a
25:59.82 condition would be the
26:2.40 um let's see here the from
26:5.82 um
26:7.62 let's see
26:12.84 and actually I think I can go and say
26:17.04 um
26:23.34 which I'm not able to choose okay so
26:26.16 there you go recipient sender address
26:27.90 includes Microsoft
26:31.62 okay and then the action item is to
26:34.44 forward to
26:36.72 this inbox address okay and then I press
26:39.36 save
26:41.22 so what happens now
26:43.38 is that whenever there's an email where
26:47.22 the sender's address contains the word
26:49.08 Microsoft forward this into pretty
26:51.66 Matrix and create the task let me give
26:54.00 you some examples where this is actually
26:56.10 really really helpful which is
26:59.28 imagine if at your organization you have
27:2.34 some customers that are very very high
27:5.16 priority
27:6.54 um or in fact actually maybe you have
27:8.28 five or ten different customers so you
27:11.16 go to Party Matrix you create a project
27:13.80 for each of those customers then you get
27:16.56 the address the inbox address for each
27:18.78 of those projects and you go back to
27:20.70 Outlook and you create a rule where if
27:22.80 you get an email from that customer
27:24.48 which matches a certain domain afford it
27:27.60 into a pretty Matrix into those
27:28.92 appropriate projects then suddenly you
27:31.98 have all these projects
27:34.08 that actually will to track all the
27:36.60 emails from all these customers and
27:39.00 ensures that everyone is on the same
27:41.04 page right because here's here's the
27:43.02 challenge which is uh you know let's
27:45.12 just say
27:46.32 that the customer sends you know person
27:48.30 a an email then a customer send person B
27:50.34 an email and afterwards
27:53.58 you're actually losing track of what are
27:57.00 all these things that you're doing for
27:58.08 the customer by creating this rule where
28:0.66 all the emails from the customers
28:1.86 forwarded into the appropriate Matrix
28:3.60 and assigned to the appropriate person
28:5.34 right maybe that's the customer success
28:7.14 manager or something like that now you
28:8.94 have one central place where everyone
28:10.68 can go to which is inside for the Matrix
28:12.72 and see all the action items you have
28:14.76 for that particular customer and then
28:16.68 you're able to actually discuss those
28:18.42 emails and details uh set due dates on
28:21.06 them and then address them as needed so
28:23.10 that's how the rule system works in
28:24.66 cyber Matrix and and actually this gives
28:27.18 you a lot of creative opportunity to go
28:29.82 and
28:31.08 and modify this as needed within your
28:34.02 own organization because you can make it
28:35.88 where the rule will create a task
28:38.34 whenever your CEO shoots you an email or
28:42.36 whenever your manager or your skip
28:43.92 manager send you an email right it's
28:45.54 very very simple and very very
28:46.86 straightforward to be able to do that
28:48.48 because let's just say you use pretty
28:50.04 Matrix but your manager is not using
28:51.42 party Matrix yet and they're assigning
28:53.52 you tasks left and right inside emails
28:55.38 and you finding that you're dropping
28:56.82 those emails all the time that's where
28:58.62 these rules come in
29:0.06 so I really like using those rules I
29:2.64 really like setting them up I use them
29:4.68 myself and then I also forward my emails
29:7.62 into my inbox exactly like I showed you
29:10.56 so that's how the Outlook side Works
29:13.92 um you saw that you know when I have an
29:15.96 Outlook email
29:17.70 when I open an email here you you can
29:20.28 see that within the the task you can
29:22.62 actually this is called the item
29:24.42 detailed and so you have everything
29:26.22 about that task including notes and
29:28.02 resources and and so forth and here you
29:30.78 can talk about progress and effort
29:32.16 there's one thing that I want to show
29:33.78 you which is the note section
29:36.00 actually in fact let me go back to uh
29:38.76 creating a new task here inside
29:40.32 programmatics when you capture email we
29:42.66 have an option called extract action
29:44.52 item so the way it works is we use our
29:47.34 AI to analyze the email that you have
29:51.30 just received and see if there's some
29:53.52 actionizing it wouldn't extract I want
29:55.14 to make a copy of that this is not
29:56.70 perfect it's not intended to be perfect
29:58.46 but if there are action items that are
30:1.44 embedded within this email we try to
30:3.48 extract that for you in order to make it
30:5.82 you know allow you to actually address
30:8.94 those action items
30:11.04 okay
30:14.70 now let me show you how this works
30:16.74 inside Gmail because I know not everyone
30:18.72 uses Outlook while our Outlook
30:20.58 Integrations is uh is the most robust
30:22.92 party Matrix all these inbox also works
30:25.56 within Gmail itself so if you were to go
30:28.32 to the ad in store the add on store I
30:31.74 guess inside Gmail you click this plus
30:33.66 icon you can search for pretty Matrix
30:35.34 now when I have done that you see that I
30:38.10 actually have this pretty Matrix add-in
30:40.26 installed here
30:41.82 and whenever I click on it it opens part
30:44.46 of Matrix on the right hand side same
30:46.92 thing applies in gmail which is when I
30:49.02 open an email
30:50.76 I can open the part Matrix in box right
30:52.80 here right
30:54.06 um and so so I can go and I can again
30:57.12 let me go back here I can select an
30:59.82 email
31:2.04 and you see how I have the option to
31:4.02 send to a PM inbox again the inbox is
31:6.90 where it doesn't belong in any specific
31:8.64 project or I can send it to a project so
31:11.28 I can choose this project
31:13.44 so change here to
31:16.56 um email project for testing so very
31:18.66 similar interface to the Outlook one and
31:21.00 then what quadrant does it belong in
31:22.44 okay and then I can create the action
31:24.54 item
31:25.68 again this is now coming from Gmail
31:28.82 instead of from Outlook
31:31.74 I'm not sure I got I got an error here
31:33.72 but
31:36.24 essentially allow me to create a task
31:38.28 from Gmail but the other thing I can do
31:40.56 is I can also forward this email into
31:44.64 that inbox address that I I had earlier
31:47.94 um so do in two weeks
31:50.64 remind
31:52.80 me daily and so when I forward this
31:55.62 email it does the exact same thing and
31:58.32 it one thing that's nice about the inbox
32:0.96 address feature is that it doesn't
32:3.48 matter what email platform you use
32:5.64 whether it's Gmail or Outlook
32:8.28 um or you know your favorite mail
32:10.56 management application because you you
32:12.84 don't have to install any add-in you can
32:15.36 just forward it manually or create rules
32:19.26 around that
32:20.58 and that's pretty much how you can
32:23.40 manage and take any emails and manage
32:25.50 and convert them into tasks in order for
32:27.72 you to prioritize them
32:30.18 and you see how when I go back to this
32:31.92 view I have the email here in this
32:34.50 particular case it was forwarded to me
32:36.00 from Gmail and what's nice is that in
32:38.16 the resource section it actually has a
32:39.66 link back to the Gmail email itself so
32:42.30 that allows me to
32:44.64 jump back to it as needed one thing that
32:47.34 is always challenging about emails in
32:50.16 particular is that the ones that are
32:53.04 recent are actually not that bad not
32:55.56 that difficult to manage it's the ones
32:57.30 that are very very old and the ones that
32:59.82 are due far in the future that actually
33:1.86 is particularly challenging so for us at
33:4.56 affluence we actually have action items
33:7.62 around emails where we actually need to
33:10.32 take actions in nine months or ten
33:12.78 months right around a specific customer
33:14.40 so for that reason I always forward
33:18.00 those emails into pretty Matrix in order
33:20.46 to ensure that we address them properly
33:23.52 now imagine if you get an email but you
33:26.22 need to attach it an existing task so
33:28.44 I'm going to go back to Outlook here and
33:29.82 I'm going to show you how to do that
33:31.56 so you have an email here you saw the
33:33.90 option to capture email but let's just
33:36.84 say you want to go ahead and um
33:40.50 let's I'm going to search here let's
33:42.30 just say you have this email and you
33:43.68 want to attach it an existing task I can
33:45.72 search here in party Matrix support that
33:47.88 particular task inside for the Matrix
33:49.50 and you see how when I hover over this
33:52.08 there's an option for me to attach or
33:55.14 link when I link it doesn't attach the
33:58.38 actual EML file uh to two-party Matrix
34:2.10 but when I choose attach it does
34:5.34 and that's pretty much it now what I've
34:7.38 done is instead of taking any emails and
34:10.26 creating a new task from it I'm
34:12.06 attaching an email to an existing task
34:14.04 the use case here is pretty simple which
34:16.08 is Imagine again you get an external
34:18.42 email and then you create a task from it
34:20.58 and then that person follow up again now
34:23.22 you want to you don't want to go create
34:24.54 another task instead you want to take
34:26.76 that and attach it to an existing task
34:28.44 and that's what you would do and if I
34:30.24 were to go back here
34:32.22 you can see that when I um in the the
34:34.74 chat record here it shows that another
34:36.42 email has been attached and if I were to
34:38.34 go to the resource section I have
34:39.78 multiple emails from the same customer
34:42.24 or different customer and attach it to
34:44.88 one single place so this is actually
34:47.34 really helpful because now when I
34:49.08 assigned this action item to to Eugenia
34:52.02 for example
34:54.78 uh when I assigned it to Eugenia for
34:56.82 example she can go in and she can take a
34:58.80 look at this she has the full context of
35:1.08 all the emails that's that's been sent
35:3.18 by this customer now I know that you
35:5.40 know when you forward emails to to
35:8.16 different teammates and so forth there's
35:10.56 always that challenge like Oh Boy by the
35:12.18 way did you see there's other emails
35:13.62 right that's a quote that
35:15.78 um is repeated over and over again did
35:17.94 you see you know so-and-so's email uh
35:20.16 and you know that's you know this this
35:21.84 has been changed since action items no
35:23.46 longer required they want us to do this
35:25.26 instead right so with part of Matrix you
35:27.42 don't have to worry about that because
35:28.86 you have just one place for you to track
35:31.26 all those action items regardless of the
35:33.54 where the email comes from
35:36.12 so I might let's step back for a second
35:38.76 and so let me talk about some
35:39.96 recommendations on how you want to use
35:41.64 part of Matrix
35:42.96 um so first of all
35:44.88 go ahead go to the add-in App Store
35:46.68 install pretty Matrix for Outlook if you
35:49.38 haven't done that already second of all
35:51.30 create a project around email management
35:54.06 as a place to start if you don't have
35:56.34 that already
35:57.60 definitely do that just because then it
35:59.76 creates one central place for you to
36:1.26 track if you're you know confused as to
36:3.12 where you put those emails
36:4.92 the advanced version of that would be to
36:7.26 go and create different projects uh for
36:10.14 different purposes again they could be
36:11.94 you know if you're in customer
36:12.96 management it could be customers related
36:14.64 if your product management would be
36:16.50 different product lines that you're
36:17.64 working on and then if you're an
36:19.50 executive assistant then you would
36:21.36 actually or or an executive
36:23.88 either an executive or executive
36:25.50 assistant then you create a one-on-one
36:27.42 project with your executive and then go
36:30.60 and forward all the emails as
36:32.10 appropriate and this is actually a
36:34.44 really
36:35.34 useful way for your Executives to
36:38.58 understand hey these are the emails that
36:40.26 I need to respond to or these emails are
36:42.60 actually relevant and then the executive
36:44.04 assistant can be the person that goes
36:46.26 and sort of eliminate all the emails
36:48.12 that's not important and instead again
36:49.50 instead of flagging them or whatever the
36:51.60 executive assistant can prioritize them
36:53.52 so that's actually really really helpful
36:56.94 and then the other thing that I
36:58.86 recommend is to go and investigate the
37:2.46 inbox addresses because
37:4.86 once you are more familiar with pretty
37:7.26 Matrix be able to create all these rules
37:9.60 will really save you time and ensure
37:12.42 that those emails
37:14.04 um don't fall through the crack
37:15.78 and then the third recommendation I have
37:18.42 is set due dates set due dates set due
37:21.54 dates set due dates because if you set
37:23.76 due dates in pretty Matrix it'll show up
37:25.92 for example in the list view if an email
37:28.80 is overdue it will turn red very very
37:31.38 obvious for you to see
37:33.24 um if you go to the calendar view you'll
37:35.22 see hey these are the emails I need to
37:37.20 respond to very very easy to see and
37:39.72 then if you go to Gantt chart you can
37:41.16 start tying all these things together as
37:43.56 needed but that information all those
37:45.90 extra information is only there if you
37:48.24 set due date and you saw how easy it is
37:49.98 to set due date right when you forward
37:51.36 email type the due date when you use the
37:54.36 inbox I'm sorry if when you use the
37:56.88 add-in choose the due dates and then
37:58.92 choose the reminder as well so in terms
38:1.38 of how you get reminders it actually
38:3.60 shows up here in the alert View
38:6.06 so for example let's just say when I
38:8.64 when I created that task earlier which
38:10.38 is an email that's due in two weeks but
38:12.36 I'm getting daily reminder every single
38:14.16 day it'll show up in here in the alert
38:15.96 until I've marked that task is done so
38:18.60 it's really really helpful for me
38:20.52 to have that because then
38:23.34 I never worry about missing that task
38:26.64 and so when this alert view is building
38:28.44 up and that's really long
38:30.48 you can go here and clear it all out and
38:33.42 so I'm sorry you can go here and clear
38:34.86 it all out and then when you get those
38:37.26 um notifications again you're able to
38:39.72 address them
38:43.44 and that's pretty much what I wanted to
38:45.84 cover in today's webinar um now I know
38:48.30 that you know there were a couple
38:49.38 questions