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Have you ever had an idea that you want to share, but want to wait some time before updating your team? Delayed Send for Microsoft Teams makes scheduling updates easy. Learn how to get started with Delayed Send, and see how it will help you stay on top of your communication!

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Video transcription (5:43.32) Stop scroll

8.16s good morning everybody
9.92s my name is erica and i will be walking
12.72s us through
14.08s a brand new tool that affluence has
18.64s just recently released
20.96s which is called delay descend for
24.00s microsoft teams
26.48s and this is definitely going to be a
28.64s little bit different than the typical
31.36s priority matrix webinar because what
33.28s we've actually
34.56s gone ahead and done is
37.36s we created a
39.12s new application to help all of our users
42.24s have
43.12s an advanced experience in microsoft
45.28s teams when it comes to connecting with
47.52s their teammates
49.12s so today i'm going to walk you through
50.32s what delayed 10 looks like and how you
52.08s can go ahead and get started with it
53.36s today
56.48s why would you use delayed send
59.04s delayed send is designed for those
1:1.84 individuals who have a great idea but
1:4.56 they don't want to interrupt their
1:6.24 teammates
1:7.52 maybe you need to send a reminder or
1:9.36 you're looking to share a timely update
1:11.84 and right now is not the best time to do
1:14.00 that but what you're looking to do is
1:15.92 set up a message to be sent in the
1:17.76 future
1:20.88 delayed send is just that and it gives
1:23.44 you the exact ability to schedule
1:25.92 messages so they can be sent in the
1:28.24 future
1:29.84 and we want you to be able to make sure
1:32.00 that none of your great ideas slip
1:33.52 through the cracks because again we
1:35.52 definitely understand that maybe right
1:37.76 now or maybe in two hours is not the
1:40.24 right time to share an update for your
1:42.56 teammates
1:43.92 but you know we definitely don't want
1:45.60 you to have those ideas flipped through
1:47.04 the cracks
1:49.28 to get started with delayed sound you're
1:50.96 going to install it into microsoft teams
1:53.12 which i will show you a live version of
1:54.88 this in just a moment so install into
1:56.88 teams
1:58.24 and then we always suggest pinning the
2:0.48 application open which you can see there
2:2.48 in the screenshot
2:4.64 you can schedule a new message through
2:6.16 the delayed send to chat and from there
2:8.88 you can set up all of your messaging
2:10.56 details
2:13.52 you can also review and update your
2:15.28 scheduled messages if you do need to
2:17.12 modify these
2:19.04 and additionally you can also set up
2:21.20 your delayed send message through a
2:23.52 team's chat
2:24.88 and again i am going to show you this a
2:26.80 live version
2:28.80 momentarily here so let me go to my
2:30.96 microsoft teams application
2:34.40 so again for those of you that have not
2:36.96 installed priority or rather installed
2:39.60 delayed send into microsoft teams just
2:41.92 yet
2:42.96 you're going to go to apps in your
2:44.16 bottom left corner down here
2:46.24 type into like send and then you'll see
2:47.84 it come up and then like i said we
2:49.76 always suggest pinning this open so even
2:51.92 if you explore other places it will
2:53.68 still be available for you
2:57.04 so the first way and probably the most
2:59.20 direct way to set up a delayed send
3:1.84 message
3:2.80 would actually be by going to
3:6.00 the chat that you're currently in and
3:8.16 looking to send the message to
3:10.48 click on these three dots and then
3:12.48 you'll see delayed send pop up
3:15.36 and when you click on that
3:17.12 what you're going to be able to do is
3:18.96 you're going to schedule that message so
3:21.12 we'll say hey can we
3:23.04 talk about
3:25.04 this update
3:27.36 this afternoon
3:29.44 so maybe i know for sure that this
3:30.88 colleague is really busy today really
3:32.96 busy tomorrow but it sounds like on
3:34.80 thursday we'll be able to talk about
3:36.48 this so i'm going to set this message to
3:39.68 send to my teammate at
3:42.24 9 00 a.m on thursday so now i can
3:46.72 schedule that message and we can hit
3:48.96 close
3:49.92 so again we just created this right
3:52.08 through the chat so you don't actually
3:53.76 have to click which user you want to
3:55.44 send this to so that's going to be one
3:57.28 option for you
3:59.84 alternatively on the left hand side you
4:2.16 are able to click on the delay to send
4:4.40 icon
4:5.92 and from here what's really cool is you
4:7.92 can see the message that i already uh
4:10.72 scheduled to send for thursday and we
4:13.28 can see that it's pending
4:15.44 i can go in here and i can definitely
4:16.96 update it if i need to
4:19.20 or i can create a brand new message so
4:22.08 i'll say
4:24.00 hello is this project
4:27.28 almost ready to send over
4:31.60 we can go in here and i can decide okay
4:33.92 i would like to send this to my teammate
4:36.08 pablo
4:37.12 or let's see there he is
4:39.76 and for me again let's make this a
4:42.00 little bit different we'll send this on
4:45.04 monday the 4th because that's when our
4:47.28 deadline is for
4:49.12 we'll send this at 11 a.m
4:52.16 and now we can schedule it so as you can
4:54.40 see you can just kind of set up these
4:55.92 pending messages and again what's
4:58.88 super fantastic about using the system
5:2.08 is
5:3.20 for all of you that have really great
5:4.56 ideas and need to share status updates
5:6.96 but again you may not want to
5:8.96 interrupt your teammates
5:11.44 and um
5:12.96 you may want to share these updates but
5:15.36 right now is not the time to do it just
5:17.60 schedule that message to be sent in the
5:19.28 future so you can set that up today and
5:21.52 then really relax tomorrow and the rest
5:23.44 of your week
5:24.56 knowing that this message is in fact
5:26.24 going to be sent out on time
5:28.40 so that is delayed send for microsoft
5:30.88 teams by affluence
5:32.88 if you have any questions you can email
5:34.48 us directly at support
5:36.84 thanks for listening and
5:38.72 i hope to see you joining my upcoming
5:40.32 webinars