Webinar 3/3: How Priority Matrix Supports your Organization Through Growth; Streamline Processes

Video presented by Erica Beaulieu

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When an organization grows, it's critical to ensure the processes you have in place can be streamlined and utilized across employees and teams. Learn how organizations just like yours are using Priority Matrix to not lose track of processes that work, and easily modify them when needed.

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Video transcription (26:3.52) Stop scroll

2.24s good i'm gonna
3.44s start the screen share and then i'll
4.88s make the presentation full screen
9.36s if at any time you're not able to hear
11.60s me or um you think that the you know the
14.56s screen doesn't look right or any
16.08s technical issues just uh drop me a
17.92s comment into the chat i will be
19.52s definitely keeping an eye on that
21.60s so we can't get um you know get the most
23.68s out of the session today
25.44s but let's go ahead and
28.88s get started so i'm doing a three-part
31.76s series for webinars and today is
33.76s actually the third and final one in the
35.52s series and if you haven't been able to
38.24s check out the previous ones they are on
40.16s our youtube channel i can email you all
42.40s a link to that if it would be helpful
45.04s but
46.24s the theme of this series is
48.88s how priority matrix will support your
51.28s organization through growth and this is
54.00s specifically
55.84s one of the biggest things that
57.76s organizations can definitely benefit
59.36s from is having a streamlined
1:1.28 system to do processes and procedures
1:5.36 and that's absolutely something that
1:6.80 priority matrix will have help out with
1:9.84 yesterday i touched on a similar topic
1:11.84 which was um well actually it was on
1:13.84 monday i was talking about onboarding
1:15.84 and we looked a lot about using it
1:17.84 templates and that's absolutely
1:19.76 something that comes into play in terms
1:21.52 of standardized streamlined
1:23.92 processes and procedures so we'll
1:25.44 definitely look at using templates again
1:27.60 today and a couple other things as well
1:31.68 so i put together just a little couple
1:34.16 intro slides here to set the stage and
1:35.84 then we'll transition into the live demo
1:37.68 for today
1:39.44 but you know working with so many
1:41.44 customers on a day-to-day basis and kind
1:43.92 of hearing about the struggles they go
1:45.68 through with without a system like
1:48.00 priority matrix
1:49.92 the challenges are you know actually
1:51.68 pretty similar across all organizations
1:54.00 and which would be the struggle of
1:56.56 employees approach
1:58.16 approaching similar situations with
1:59.84 different criterias
2:1.44 um and this should be a second bullet
2:3.04 point but this leads to uncertainty
2:5.28 across
2:6.32 processes so
2:8.80 a couple examples of that would be for
2:10.96 example onboarding it's kind of the
2:12.72 perfect thing to talk about when we look
2:14.80 at recurring processes
2:17.12 and you know for all departments and you
2:19.60 know different roles are doing their
2:21.12 onboarding differently
2:23.12 not to say it has to have the same
2:25.68 information in it in the same materials
2:27.68 because it's definitely going to be
2:28.72 different
2:29.76 per department and per role
2:32.48 but you know across those departments
2:34.32 there does need to be some type of
2:36.32 streamlined process for onboarding so
2:38.48 you can easily track that information
2:40.16 and modify it as needed
2:42.40 um and you know without a system like
2:44.40 that it can be definitely challenging to
2:46.40 keep those priorities and processes
2:48.84 aligned another example is
2:52.08 let's look at sales for example if you
2:54.88 have a couple projects in place to help
2:56.88 you track the processes and procedures
2:59.04 for qualifying leads and moving them
3:0.72 through your sales process
3:2.88 it's a lot easier to keep a kind of
3:5.12 standardized approach across the
3:6.96 department um and again without a system
3:9.20 like priority matrix to help you keep
3:10.72 track of all that it definitely poses a
3:13.04 couple challenges
3:15.12 we also see organizations running a lot
3:17.20 of manual time on recurring processes
3:20.80 and with priority matrix it's really
3:23.44 easy to either set up templates
3:26.00 that you can share with your
3:28.96 colleagues
3:30.16 or you can set up recurring deadlines
3:32.40 and recurring mind reminders and things
3:34.72 like that to kind of take out the manual
3:37.04 work of having to check everything or
3:38.96 you know even send those quick little
3:40.48 reminders and follow-ups to your
3:41.84 colleagues
3:45.04 so again just to kind of recap with
3:46.72 priority matrix it just makes it super
3:48.72 easy to streamline all of this stuff and
3:50.72 you can collaborate seamlessly and very
3:53.28 easily across departments and across
3:55.28 teams
3:56.24 and you can essentially create dozens of
3:58.24 templates and dozens of recurring
3:59.92 reminders and deadlines to you know just
4:2.24 make everything as easy as possible for
4:4.08 you
4:7.04 so if you haven't already you're gonna
4:8.72 want to install priority matrix on at
4:10.96 least one of these platforms if not more
4:14.80 um and so you can download priority
4:17.36 matrix for mac windows and mobile we
4:19.92 have an application for all of those
4:22.80 we also have a web-based application
4:24.80 that you can find at prioritymatrix.com
4:28.16 and for today's demo we'll be looking at
4:30.08 the microsoft teams integration
4:31.84 specifically
4:34.16 for probably about 90 of our users i
4:36.80 would say they're either web-based
4:39.28 or they're using the team's integration
4:41.76 uh reason being is because of course you
4:43.60 know office is just such a big ecosystem
4:45.84 at this point majority of organizations
4:47.92 use it and if you're not in there then
4:50.16 the web application is the exact same
4:52.00 interface so you can get all the cool
4:53.68 benefits from there as well
4:56.64 so definitely check out both of those
4:58.48 today we'll be looking at
5:0.24 um
5:1.04 the team's integration
5:3.52 and for those of you that are brand new
5:6.00 here i definitely see a couple familiar
5:9.12 names and faces here but if you haven't
5:11.60 been able to attend the introduction to
5:14.00 priority matrix webinar
5:16.16 i definitely suggest doing that you can
5:17.84 watch it live next week or we also have
5:20.24 copies of it on our youtube channel
5:23.12 and the other webinar that i always
5:24.72 suggest is
5:26.24 the best practices with office 365
5:28.96 webinar it walks you through all the
5:31.12 helpful ways you can use priority matrix
5:33.36 with microsoft teams and within outlook
5:35.84 so
5:36.56 all great stuff there you know all
5:38.40 definitely webinars that i suggest
5:39.92 especially for those of you that are
5:41.28 more of um kind of new to the system
5:43.92 it's a really good intro to kind of get
5:45.44 the lay of the land
5:49.04 so similar to the session yesterday this
5:50.88 one will probably just be about 30
5:52.72 minutes in total including all of your
5:54.64 questions because um the great thing
5:56.56 about hosting so many different webinars
5:58.96 is that we can really break it down
6:1.36 just to make it super specific for a
6:3.28 couple features and save you guys time
6:5.60 not going to keep you on the hook here
6:7.20 for a full hour which you know i think
6:9.20 can actually be kind of refreshing
6:10.72 compared to other webinars that we do
6:13.76 so
6:14.64 again the purpose of today's live
6:16.64 session is to basically show you how you
6:18.88 can use templates
6:20.40 and recurring settings to
6:22.96 kind of help you keep everything
6:24.24 streamlined
6:25.84 and standardized across different
6:27.36 departments
6:29.28 so
6:30.00 here in the middle of my screen this is
6:32.84 my priority matrix here and it is
6:36.32 integrated right into teams so if you
6:39.04 haven't done this already you're just
6:40.96 going to go to apps in your bottom left
6:43.36 corner
6:45.52 type in priority matrix and then you'll
6:47.28 be able to get us installed there
6:49.68 once you get us installed pin this into
6:51.60 your toolbar and then whenever you
6:53.60 access anywhere else in teams it'll stay
6:55.52 there and be really easy for you to
6:57.52 utilize
7:1.12 and then what i have selected here is my
7:3.60 projects and
7:5.36 the my project screen is where i kind of
7:8.24 like to say you know it's going to be
7:9.44 your home base it's going to be where
7:10.88 you're doing your collaborating with
7:12.48 your teammates
7:14.24 so
7:15.20 in terms of kind of standard practices
7:17.20 with priority matrix we see
7:19.12 organizations setting up projects like i
7:21.44 have here
7:23.20 to represent groups of priorities that
7:26.16 they're working on together whether it's
7:28.08 emails
7:29.12 you know leads
7:30.56 marketing engineering i.t we have all
7:33.12 different verticals that use this
7:35.28 and the nice thing is projects are
7:37.20 flexible they just represent you know
7:38.96 essentially what you're working on with
7:40.64 your team
7:42.32 but
7:43.20 to kind of drill down and focus on the
7:44.96 topic for today's webinar
7:47.12 um we're going to look at first and
7:48.80 foremost how you can access pre-created
7:51.12 templates and how you can build your own
7:54.88 so
7:55.68 again these are all just miscellaneous
7:57.52 projects that i've created for examples
8:0.32 and
8:1.20 for all of you that are looking to set
8:2.80 up a template what you're going to do is
8:4.64 you're going to hit add project
8:8.16 and a couple things we'll look at here
8:9.84 so here are my templates these are ones
8:12.00 that i've already created and saved for
8:14.56 myself and you guys will have this
8:16.00 little bank here eventually once you
8:17.60 build yours
8:19.52 to help you get started we do have
8:21.20 public templates that are really helpful
8:23.84 to kind of you know build out these
8:25.84 templates for you for certain processes
8:27.92 if you don't want to set up your own
8:31.44 starting from scratch today i'll click
8:33.20 on my project and then i'll just call
8:35.60 this template example
8:38.32 for webinar and as i set this up i want
8:41.20 you all to kind of think to yourself
8:43.76 you know what templates would be helpful
8:46.40 at our organization to set up through
8:48.48 the system and kind of visualize what
8:50.24 that will start to look like
8:55.04 so what i want what i want to explain
8:57.12 about the templates are a couple of
8:58.72 really cool things right off the bat
9:1.52 i can add people to this template i'll
9:4.32 add one user here
9:6.24 and then what happens is when i
9:8.08 re-access this template in the future it
9:10.08 automatically adds them to it
9:12.88 so you can think of the
9:14.88 procedure of onboarding
9:16.80 if you know in your sales department
9:18.88 every time you bring on a new employee
9:21.60 they're going to loop in a certain
9:22.96 amount of managers some peers to help
9:24.88 them through it you know whoever it
9:26.24 might be
9:28.00 you can drill down all the details here
9:30.40 for this process so you'll add members
9:32.80 you can even rename the quadrants to be
9:35.92 you know kind of
9:37.20 in alignment with exactly how you want
9:39.36 to lay out this process again whether
9:41.52 it's onboarding sales marketing you can
9:43.44 totally customize all that
9:46.48 and then you can go in here and you can
9:47.92 start to set up the different tasks so
9:50.08 we'll just say task one
9:53.44 and then we'll add one more here just
9:54.88 for the example
9:57.28 so again the idea of setting up these
9:58.96 processes is you can build it out
10:1.36 entirely so i can even go in here and i
10:3.76 can say this will be due in three weeks
10:6.40 and maybe task one is due in one week
10:9.60 any details that we're formatting in
10:11.52 here right now
10:12.96 are definitely saved into the template
10:14.96 so when you re-access it again the idea
10:16.88 is you don't have to set these things up
10:18.48 again
10:20.32 you can even go as far as delegating
10:22.16 these items so as soon as this template
10:24.64 is reused it'll immediately delegate and
10:27.68 notify these users in the system
10:31.52 so once you're ready to save this
10:33.36 template to represent the process you're
10:35.04 working on
10:36.64 you'll basically just go to the top
10:38.24 right corner
10:39.52 and
10:40.72 you'll say save project as template
10:43.92 and from here we'll just put notes and
10:45.76 i'll say um test template for webinar
10:50.48 and we can include all project members
10:53.36 and mark the items as undone so they're
10:55.60 all new and ready to go
10:57.68 so here i hit create template and this
11:0.32 is definitely an expedited you know kind
11:2.48 of example here
11:4.08 but i'll delete this project just so we
11:6.72 can kind of start from scratch so you
11:8.16 can see exactly what happens so we don't
11:9.68 get confused between the two
11:12.40 but now when i go to add project
11:15.92 under my templates we're going to see it
11:18.88 if i can
11:19.92 remember the name of it that we put on
11:21.84 there
11:23.04 to do
11:24.56 should be in here somewhere here it is
11:25.92 test example for webinar click on it
11:30.24 and we'll use the template
11:32.32 and i just want to show you guys that
11:33.92 all the things we set up are still there
11:35.76 so automatically shares it
11:38.40 still has our deadlines in place and
11:40.08 still has the items delegated to my
11:42.00 teammates
11:43.68 so
11:45.04 any questions on how the templating
11:47.68 system works i'm happy to answer those
11:50.24 for you
11:51.44 your teammates can also create templates
11:53.84 and then share them with you so it's not
11:55.60 like just one person has to be setting
11:57.44 everything up
11:59.44 but
12:0.24 you know i've honestly seen people
12:3.04 use templates for
12:4.88 multiple departments in their
12:6.56 organization
12:7.92 again literally anything that is
12:9.92 recurring you can set up a template for
12:13.04 all right marcus i see your hand
12:15.76 let me
12:16.88 allow your microphone okay and you can
12:18.48 go ahead and unmute and ask your
12:20.00 question
12:22.88 i
12:25.20 hey marcus i hope i have a silly
12:27.36 question um when is who who is when
12:30.80 getting a message
12:34.32 when you say i'm saying you add already
12:36.80 you add
12:37.84 already colleagues or
12:40.48 members
12:41.68 and
12:42.64 then you use the template
12:44.80 when will who get
12:47.12 what kind of message then
12:49.76 yeah so
12:51.12 what happens is it basically just works
12:52.96 like any other notification so
12:55.68 when i reopened this template here
12:58.40 the system basically just
13:0.88 reads it as
13:2.24 me creating an item and delegating it to
13:5.04 the owner
13:6.40 in the
13:7.28 template so
13:9.12 this person here
13:10.80 every time i open up the template
13:13.20 they'll be notified
13:15.04 in their home view to basically let them
13:17.68 know that this item has been assigned to
13:19.92 them
13:20.88 so again within priority metrics not
13:24.08 with a message as a not a chat message
13:27.04 or an email or something but within
13:29.92 priority metrics in the way that there
13:32.80 is an alert or an agenda point or
13:35.68 something
13:37.76 right so it'll come through priority
13:39.68 matrix you can also set it up to come
13:41.84 through your chats and your channels
13:43.68 depending on the connectors that you
13:45.20 have set up and you can also have it
13:47.36 emailed as well so
13:49.60 the notifications coming from your
13:51.36 templates can be
13:52.96 formatted exactly the same as any other
13:55.44 priority matrix notifications it just
13:57.60 depends how you have those set up does
13:59.44 that make sense
14:0.96 okay when when i don't have it in a
14:3.36 channel
14:4.40 um then as a standard i used a new
14:7.68 template and there are already persons
14:9.92 in that template edit then they will not
14:12.80 get a message as chat or something
14:16.48 the question is
14:17.84 let's say i try
14:19.44 templates
14:20.56 will my colleagues always get a message
14:22.72 kind of so why do i get a new message
14:25.04 now
14:25.92 why do i get another message right maybe
14:27.92 i'm i'm just trying to use new templates
14:30.80 or something for instance just an
14:32.40 example now
14:34.96 yeah no that makes sense so
14:37.20 you know the way that it works is when
14:38.56 you involve somebody else
14:40.40 in your organization into one of these
14:42.24 projects they will be getting notified
14:44.48 so
14:45.68 i mean you can definitely test it out
14:48.08 with them um you know you're you're
14:50.24 gonna need to involve other people to
14:51.84 test it out to see how it works but
14:54.24 um you know if if they're not using
14:56.64 priority matrix at the time and they
14:58.96 don't have notifications coming into
15:1.12 their channels and whatnot then it
15:3.36 shouldn't really bombard them too much
15:5.76 you can always just comment and say like
15:7.44 hey this is just for my testing purposes
15:9.44 and stuff
15:11.20 but um
15:12.40 yeah i mean they they will be getting
15:13.68 notified when you're playing around with
15:15.12 these templates yeah yeah
15:17.60 but mostly we are the chat message from
15:21.12 priority metrics right that is that's
15:23.36 right yeah
15:24.88 that is terrible or that's okay yeah so
15:28.80 okay
15:29.76 yeah thank you
15:31.28 cool thanks marcus
15:33.76 any other questions about how the
15:35.68 templates work i'm happy to answer that
15:37.36 before i move on to kind of looking at
15:39.04 recurring reminders and recurring
15:40.72 deadlines
15:46.24 perfect
15:47.28 okay so the other aspect of this
15:50.24 webinar that i wanted to show you all
15:52.56 to again help you kind of streamline
15:54.72 processes and keep things standardized
15:57.68 is
15:58.48 maybe you're not necessarily going to
16:0.08 use templates per se
16:3.12 which would be kind of the idea of
16:4.80 creating a new project with a fresh
16:6.56 start right because every template you
16:8.08 use allows you to kind of modify it and
16:10.48 start fresh for that process in that
16:12.80 project but
16:15.20 a different concept is to
16:17.84 just set up one project
16:19.92 and kind of let that run throughout the
16:21.84 quarter or throughout the year
16:24.64 and then just set up recurring reminders
16:26.72 basically so i'm trying to look for
16:29.52 well we could use account renewals as an
16:31.52 example um well that one looks a little
16:34.00 too crazy we'll just go back to the the
16:37.20 webinar example template
16:39.28 so let's say we're using this project
16:41.44 and
16:42.32 maybe it represents like recurring
16:45.20 um
16:46.00 recurring quarterly check-ins for
16:48.24 example
16:50.80 and again this is a little bit different
16:52.88 than using
16:54.24 oops lots of typos here recurring we'll
16:57.12 just say uh weekly check-ins this is
16:59.84 different than a template because we're
17:1.12 keeping this project running we're not
17:3.44 always opening a new project but the
17:5.60 idea would be you know maybe we need to
17:7.68 do a check-in weekly
17:10.88 with the
17:12.00 um leadership
17:14.32 roles
17:16.96 and then maybe we need to check in
17:19.76 um every wednesday for account updates
17:24.24 you guys kind of get what i'm
17:26.40 laying out here which is the idea of you
17:28.32 can have projects to kind of track these
17:30.40 recurring things you need to get done
17:32.40 i see like um
17:35.04 sales teams and hr and accounting use
17:37.76 this a lot for like checking in on
17:39.68 invoices and
17:41.44 checking in with um
17:43.76 like external collaborator sorry i'm
17:46.32 kind of at a getting a little
17:47.76 tongue-tied here but that's kind of the
17:49.68 idea is to you know set up recurring
17:51.76 reminders and deadlines for things you
17:53.36 constantly need to be checking in on
17:56.24 so
17:57.76 now on the right hand side these are
17:59.28 going to be all of my
18:1.68 item details so there's a couple ways
18:4.24 you can set up a recurring due date you
18:6.64 can either go in here manually and we'll
18:8.88 say okay this is going to be due on
18:11.76 friday
18:12.88 and we want this to recur weekly
18:17.12 so now we have this uh recurring
18:19.76 deadline so if i mark this as completed
18:24.32 it went away but in just a second it's
18:26.16 gonna pop back up because i have a
18:27.92 recurring deadline in there so
18:30.56 that's a really cool thing about this is
18:32.16 now it's not saying it's due tomorrow
18:34.16 it's showing you the recurring deadline
18:36.16 for next friday
18:38.00 so again i can continue to check this
18:39.76 off and i don't have to worry about
18:41.28 forgetting about it the next week
18:42.56 because as we saw it automatically
18:44.08 repopulates with the new due date which
18:45.92 is really fantastic
18:49.44 alternatively
18:51.60 we here at affluence we like to use
18:53.44 recurring
18:55.84 um which again you can go in and you can
18:58.32 manually say
18:59.84 okay remind me tomorrow
19:2.08 and we need to have this remind weekly
19:6.08 so now we're going to get a little
19:7.52 feedback here in the chat it's going to
19:9.04 say we have the reminder set um and
19:11.52 again the next friday it will remind me
19:13.76 again
19:16.40 so this is a little bit different
19:17.76 because if i mark this as completed it
19:19.60 will disappear from my view so reminders
19:22.56 are for active items and deadlines are
19:25.20 for those that you want to actually
19:26.56 check off and then bring it back with
19:28.56 kind of a fresh start for the item
19:32.32 i wanted to show you all a little
19:33.92 shortcut so instead of going through the
19:35.92 interface here
19:37.44 i can use it a command then i can say do
19:40.40 every
19:41.52 um
19:42.80 well we'll just say like do every monday
19:45.92 until
19:47.20 finished
19:49.44 so it turns green and now it says i set
19:51.68 my due date for monday
19:54.80 and when i mark this as completed
19:57.04 it's still going to come back for me as
19:59.04 you saw and be due the next monday so
20:1.12 the same end goal but you just don't
20:2.96 have to click through this you can just
20:4.72 use um language and the artificial
20:7.28 intelligence reads that and picks it up
20:9.20 for you
20:12.24 same goes for the reminders so you can
20:14.08 say remind me every day until finished
20:19.04 or alternatively
20:21.28 if i have more people on this item with
20:23.44 me
20:24.32 and we kind of joke around about this
20:26.16 here that it's
20:27.60 you know kind of annoying but you know
20:29.84 ultimately it's incredibly helpful if
20:31.52 there's something that's really top of
20:32.88 mind
20:39.44 okay so then once you get them
20:42.48 added to the item basically we'll see if
20:44.32 that'll
20:45.36 add for us as it's loading what we can
20:47.68 do is we can say remind
20:49.84 everybody
20:51.28 daily and now it's not that i'm just
20:53.60 getting the reminder but everybody on
20:55.44 this item is also getting
20:57.52 um reminded about this which is really
20:59.68 cool and those reminders and those
21:1.20 deadlines are again gonna just come in
21:3.28 right here through the alert section
21:6.56 so hopefully that makes sense for all of
21:8.24 you again if you're looking for more of
21:9.76 just kind of a standard you know
21:11.76 introduction
21:13.76 then i definitely suggest the intro and
21:15.76 the advanced intro that i'm hosting next
21:17.60 week
21:18.40 today's focus was on how we can use
21:21.28 templates
21:22.80 um recurring deadlines and recurring
21:24.64 reminders to kind of take out that
21:26.56 manual work of feeling the heavy load of
21:28.64 having to set everything up every time
21:31.52 not only that but with the templates we
21:33.44 want things to be streamlined across a
21:36.16 department or an entire organization so
21:38.48 there's some type of
21:40.16 process in place and when you use these
21:42.48 recurring templates
21:44.88 we are able to generate reports for you
21:47.92 so maybe you want to see like hey how
21:49.44 long is it taking people on average to
21:51.20 go through the onboarding or on average
21:53.52 how long do we stick around with the
21:55.28 same you know sales process template or
21:57.44 something like that makes it really easy
21:59.52 to track this information and roll it up
22:1.60 all into reports and data
22:3.84 that have
22:5.04 you know similar variables in them so
22:7.28 you can actually use it to adjust and
22:9.12 improve
22:13.04 so pausing here happy to answer any
22:15.52 questions that you all might have um
22:18.00 would love to hear any comments feedback
22:20.00 and you know most importantly at the end
22:21.92 of this i want to make sure that all of
22:23.36 your questions are answered so you can
22:25.12 really confidently kind of move on and
22:27.36 get started with the system so i'll give
22:29.44 you a few moments i'll keep an eye there
22:31.60 and see if anything comes through
22:46.24 okay a friday give me one moment here
22:48.48 i'll take you off mute appreciate the
22:50.40 question
22:52.48 okay let's go you can go ahead and take
22:54.48 yourself off mute how are you
23:0.64 hey i can't hear you are you able to
23:2.64 hear me okay
23:8.96 alfreda it looks like you are off mute i
23:11.36 can see your microphone is um
23:13.84 is working but i can't quite hear you
23:26.00 hmm maybe would you be able to drop
23:29.52 your comment into the chat maybe i can
23:31.92 answer for you because unfortunately i
23:33.36 can't quite hear you right now looks
23:35.52 like maybe your microphone's not not
23:37.52 connected
23:38.88 thank you i'm so sorry about that i'm
23:40.96 sad i can't hear you but drop into the
23:42.80 chat and i'll i'll read it and i'll
23:44.32 answer that for you thank you
23:56.72 all right we'll wait to see that come
23:58.80 through thanks for dropping it in there
24:13.92 and in the meantime i'm just a quick
24:15.52 reminder that i'm hosting one more
24:17.12 webinar tomorrow
24:19.28 okay perfect uh wondering about
24:21.20 presenting this app to my team a
24:22.88 non-profit oh perfect we work with so
24:24.96 many different non-profits
24:26.96 um
24:27.92 yeah awesome alfred thanks for asking
24:29.84 that so
24:31.52 you know it kind of depends on what
24:33.60 you're looking to use this for um we
24:35.92 have a lot of tutorials on youtube that
24:40.32 i would love to send to you that you can
24:42.08 kind of watch and share those with your
24:44.72 teammates there's a couple short ones
24:46.40 such as you know what makes priority
24:47.92 matrix really unique and effective
24:50.40 that's a great one it's only about four
24:51.84 minutes long and it's helpful because it
24:53.68 kind of puts into perspective like why
24:55.36 we're different than other tools so you
24:57.60 can kind of narrow down
24:59.12 you know the the other systems you might
25:0.96 be looking at
25:2.64 i'll send that to you um let me i'll
25:4.88 gather up some special resources that we
25:7.04 typically send to people when they're uh
25:9.12 prepping for a presentation to the team
25:11.52 but definitely keep in mind we work with
25:13.28 nonprofits all the time we do have
25:15.44 special non-profit pricing um and we
25:18.16 also have like bulk
25:19.92 seating options for you again just to
25:21.68 kind of try to accommodate
25:23.92 with your
25:25.12 purchasing all right so how about for
25:27.04 purchases or wide
25:28.96 yeah so that's something that i can work
25:30.80 with you on
25:32.72 or you can just
25:35.20 sign up right through our pricing page
25:37.04 i'll send you a follow-up email and we
25:38.72 can talk a little bit more about you
25:40.72 know the exact like seats um
25:44.24 how you're kind of looking to roll that
25:45.60 out we can get all those questions
25:46.88 answered and i'm happy to work with you
25:48.56 but you know super exciting we love
25:50.96 working with non-profits and they
25:52.64 definitely get a lot out of the system
25:58.00 perfect awesome everybody well i'm going
25:59.84 to go ahead and stop the recording here