How Managers are Leveling Up Their Productivity and Task Alignment with Priority Matrix

Video presented by Erica Beaulieu

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Join us for this session to learn how managers in roles just like yours are using Priority Matrix to improve team communication and are able to ensure no priorities are overlooked. Priority Matrix makes team collaboration easy and effective.

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Video transcription (28:49.44) Stop scroll

2.96s this webinar so at the very end i'm
5.12s going to send you that follow-up email
6.64s with the link to this webinar and my
9.04s upcoming ones as well
11.20s so hopefully all that makes sense so far
13.68s and let's go ahead and get started here
16.72s so today's a priority
18.64s today's priority matrix webinar topic is
21.68s how managers are leveling up their
23.92s productivity and task alignment with
26.64s priority matrix
30.00s so being in my role that i'm in for the
32.64s last several years i've had an
34.64s opportunity to
36.40s speak with a lot of people and this
38.40s management position across all sorts of
41.12s different organizations and
43.76s you know ultimately what we came to
45.44s understand is the challenges for
47.68s managers are very similar across the
49.84s board if they're not using priority
51.84s matrix
53.28s and what those challenges typically look
55.04s like is
56.48s receiving status updates across multiple
58.64s platforms meaning emails and microsoft
1:1.44 teams
1:2.56 maybe spreadsheets and google docs and
1:5.12 believe it or not i see people using all
1:7.04 of those
1:8.32 and what happens there is there's a lot
1:9.84 of uncertainty on who's responsible for
1:11.92 tasks
1:12.96 simply because you can't see it all in
1:14.72 one place which makes it really
1:16.24 challenging
1:17.36 that leads to a lack of communication
1:19.84 and the manager can oftentimes feel like
1:21.84 they're in the dark about top priorities
1:24.48 and you may be thinking well simple just
1:26.16 send out a quick email asking for status
1:28.08 updates and um for any of you on the
1:30.08 webinar today that are managers you know
1:32.16 that it's uh you know it's a little bit
1:33.92 more complicated than that to get high
1:36.00 quality status updates
1:38.84 so you know i would love to hear from
1:41.20 those of you on the webinar today does
1:43.20 this resonate with you and are these
1:45.92 challenges that you're actually facing
1:48.00 as a manager
1:49.52 if not i would love for you to drop into
1:51.76 the chat box or just go ahead and raise
1:53.68 your hand and i'll take you off mute
1:55.84 what additional challenges are you
1:58.24 facing as a manager that you're hoping
2:0.56 priority matrix can help you with
2:4.08 i would also be curious to learn what
2:6.16 tools you all are currently using and
2:8.08 what that stack kind of looks like in
2:10.08 order to you know try to stay connected
2:12.56 and get these status updates with your
2:14.16 teammates
2:17.60 so feel free to drop that into the chat
2:19.60 as we kind of oh perfect aaron it looks
2:21.84 like we have a
2:23.52 volunteer here erin let me go ahead and
2:25.76 take you off mute
2:27.28 give me just one moment here okay so i
2:29.60 allowed your microphone so now you can
2:31.28 actually bring yourself off mute on your
2:33.36 side
2:36.88 all right how's that
2:38.32 yes perfect
2:40.08 okay cool so um challenges is i guess
2:42.24 some of the stacks we use we use
2:43.52 salesforce a lot
2:45.60 we try to use project management tools
2:47.28 kind of like mondays
2:48.88 uh an agenda tool
2:51.76 a few different tools actually um the
2:53.92 big thing that would help solve a
2:55.12 problem is if all of the updates and
2:57.20 things that we're doing inside of
2:59.28 priority matrix if that could integrate
3:1.20 with salesforce to update the member
3:3.04 record to log a call is the exact term
3:6.24 but that would be super helpful
3:8.88 yeah and thank you for that feedback and
3:10.72 right now we don't have that integration
3:12.72 available i will be happy to point out
3:14.80 how people do use an integration with
3:16.64 salesforce but i'm definitely going to
3:18.24 note that down and i will absolutely
3:20.00 pass that on to our engineers to see if
3:22.08 that's something we can add because you
3:24.16 know believe it or not everybody that
3:26.08 uses priority matrix is probably using
3:28.40 salesforce as well so i could see that
3:30.32 integration being helpful for a lot of
3:31.92 people
3:32.96 we don't spend a lot of time on it on
3:34.24 this one it's just something yeah good
3:35.84 to know
3:36.80 yeah sounds good well thank you aaron
3:38.16 appreciate that
3:39.44 or using it with clients because i have
3:41.20 uh about
3:42.56 85 companies that i consult that have
3:45.52 their own ownership or manager that i'm
3:47.60 directly involved with for tasks and
3:50.24 accountability and resources
3:52.64 yeah yeah and there's a bunch of ways
3:54.32 that priority matrix users can actually
3:56.48 either share like a read-only version
3:58.48 with clients or they can share a project
4:0.48 that's fully collaborative with them and
4:2.24 then that wouldn't allow the other
4:4.08 person to necessarily need a license so
4:6.64 um i can definitely touch on that and
4:8.16 then there's a few resources that i have
4:10.08 specifically for kind of that like
4:11.60 external collaboration concept that i
4:13.84 would be more than happy to send to you
4:17.28 okay great thank you that's all
4:18.96 yeah thank you so much
4:22.08 okay awesome awesome thank you for that
4:25.28 all right so what is the priority matrix
4:28.08 approach and why are we able to help
4:29.84 managers with these types of challenges
4:32.56 number one priority matrix allows you to
4:34.96 centralize communication
4:37.12 also doing that through teams which i'll
4:39.12 touch on more during the live demo
4:41.60 it will allow you to see all of your
4:43.28 projects and all of your tasks and all
4:45.76 of those updates in one central place
4:49.20 and what this allows you to do is manage
4:51.12 those top priorities seamlessly without
4:53.04 having to again dig through those emails
4:55.12 or dig through that excel spreadsheet it
4:57.20 makes it really easy to see who's
4:58.88 working on what priorities when they're
5:0.96 going to be finished and you know share
5:2.96 those updates back and forth
5:6.56 so how do you actually get started with
5:8.24 priority matrix and you can download the
5:10.56 application for mac and windows and we
5:13.36 also have a mobile application as well
5:16.96 for me where i use priority matrix the
5:19.60 most is either on the web application at
5:24.40 or actually through the microsoft teams
5:26.48 integration
5:28.16 so for today's demo we will be
5:30.56 looking at it through teams and i can
5:32.40 touch on the outlook add-in as well if
5:34.32 that would help but um i like to share
5:36.64 that because people think it's kind of
5:38.00 helpful to understand where we are
5:39.84 actually using it here at affluence but
5:42.40 all the applications are fantastic and
5:44.40 they all sync automatically
5:48.16 all right so what are we going to be
5:49.36 looking at in the demo today we're going
5:51.44 to go over some of the quadrant best
5:53.20 practices and how you can kind of
5:54.80 structure those to collaborate with your
5:56.72 team
5:57.84 how that task delegation works and you
6:0.56 know most importantly what that high
6:2.08 level overview will look like from a
6:4.32 management perspective whether you're in
6:6.96 a one-on-one meeting or you just need to
6:9.28 see everything in one place
6:11.28 and i'll also show you where you can
6:12.80 actually get those notifications and
6:14.72 alerts from your teammates
6:17.92 so let's go ahead and switch gears here
6:20.32 again this is a really great time to ask
6:22.24 questions that you may have
6:24.40 since we're kind of um
6:26.32 shifting the scene
6:28.00 move this out of the way okay
6:30.88 perfect
6:31.92 so again for those of you that are
6:33.92 looking for kind of a more basic
6:36.16 introduction this unfortunately isn't
6:38.72 going to be that webinar for you we're
6:40.88 going to be looking at a couple specific
6:42.56 features that we just listed but we do
6:44.88 have an introduction webinar that's
6:46.72 available for you live or on the youtube
6:49.36 channel
6:50.88 so
6:51.68 for those of you that might be seeing
6:53.12 priority matrix for the first time
6:55.84 what do i have on my screen here
6:58.40 in the middle of my screen this is the
7:0.32 priority matrix integration
7:2.56 running 100 through microsoft teams so
7:6.00 just go to apps type in priority matrix
7:8.24 and then you'll be able to get us added
7:10.48 and then we always suggest pinning it
7:12.16 open so stay readily available for you
7:16.96 and then in kind of in the middle of the
7:19.12 application here in order to access this
7:21.60 i go to my projects and then i click on
7:23.92 the four quadrants here
7:26.16 so from a management perspective this is
7:29.04 going to be that place that you go to
7:31.76 when you need to
7:33.76 see all the projects that you're working
7:35.92 on and then kind of tap into and see the
7:38.32 status of those tasks that you've
7:40.08 delegated off to your teammates or maybe
7:42.24 they've assigned back to you for
7:43.68 questions
7:44.80 it's 100 percent that two-way street of
7:47.76 collaboration between yourself and your
7:49.84 teammates and then back the other way as
7:51.76 well
7:53.20 so these are just a couple different
7:55.28 project examples
7:57.20 you'll see the 30 60 90 day template for
8:0.00 managers
8:1.20 you can actually access all of the
8:3.12 templates by going to add project
8:5.68 and then you'll see a
8:7.76 little category there for current
8:9.28 templates and this guy is going to be in
8:11.04 there which can be really helpful
8:14.32 so opening up a project here
8:17.44 to use this as the example
8:20.08 so typically you know if you have an
8:22.40 update for one of your teammates
8:24.72 or maybe you're looking to receive an
8:26.72 update you may create an email and cc 20
8:31.44 different people hopefully not that many
8:33.52 but you know we've definitely seen that
8:35.28 be the case
8:36.64 but kind of shift your thinking here and
8:39.04 instead of opening an email to share or
8:41.60 receive status updates
8:43.92 create a project
8:45.52 and within that project you're able to
8:47.68 add your teammates which is giving
8:50.24 full visibility
8:52.56 so tina i'll pick on you just because i
8:54.32 see your name
8:55.52 uh let's say that you and i are on a
8:57.12 team together and there are some similar
8:59.44 priorities that we're working on we'll
9:1.20 create the project i would add you as a
9:3.52 teammate
9:4.56 into this project and now what happens
9:6.96 is there's 100
9:8.80 visibility and access into here
9:11.52 so again from this management standpoint
9:14.08 if i ever need to see okay what's
9:15.76 everybody working on for this project
9:18.08 it's pretty clear-cut and easy to
9:19.60 understand what we've got going on
9:23.04 i did mention that we'll look at best
9:24.88 practices for quadrants and what i mean
9:27.68 by that is that you're actually able to
9:29.76 rename these quadrants
9:32.08 so i know for me working in sales and
9:34.40 customer success the quadrants are
9:37.04 always based off of the different types
9:38.80 of accounts that i'm working with
9:40.88 this looks a lot different for
9:42.80 you know different departments and
9:44.72 different organizations that use this
9:46.40 system but i want you to understand on
9:48.40 the right hand side you can always
9:49.84 rename these so just highlight it delete
9:52.56 it and then you can really break down
9:54.00 the quadrants to represent you know the
9:56.56 priorities that you're working on
10:0.24 and then let's say moving forward i'm
10:2.32 the manager overseeing this project
10:4.32 we'll just say new task or webinar and
10:7.28 we'll say this is going to be due in one
10:8.72 week
10:10.08 so it's just as simple as going in here
10:12.96 adding this priority
10:14.72 you can then delegate it to the person
10:16.88 that needs to work on it
10:18.72 since we said do in one week the system
10:20.80 did pick it up and plug that in for us
10:24.40 we could add all of the item notes
10:27.20 that we may need to get done
10:29.84 and if there's any resources files links
10:32.72 and for you aaron this is where a lot of
10:34.72 people will link to
10:36.80 um a lead that they have in salesforce
10:39.60 so you can just link it right here it's
10:41.12 not going to transfer information
10:42.88 unfortunately but there is a way just to
10:45.36 at least kind of keep those connected
10:49.20 so what happens now is we've really been
10:51.76 we've had this really easy way to
10:53.92 actually assign this task to somebody
10:55.84 else and if they have questions they can
10:57.44 assign it back to me
10:59.04 or we can even get other people involved
11:1.36 as well because oftentimes there are
11:3.52 multiple people working on a priority
11:5.60 together
11:6.72 and when we add followers you're
11:8.16 basically signing them up to get
11:9.60 notifications
11:12.32 so that's kind of the idea on project
11:15.20 level keep in mind that as the manager
11:18.40 you don't have to be the one creating
11:20.24 priorities or projects everybody on your
11:22.48 account will have the ability to
11:24.96 set up their own projects and set up
11:26.56 their own priorities as they need to do
11:28.72 so
11:31.04 all right so let's take a look at kind
11:33.12 of a high level overview because the
11:35.44 question always is
11:37.60 okay erica you know we understand how we
11:39.60 can create projects and we totally get
11:42.24 the purpose and how you can delegate
11:44.00 items but
11:45.60 me being a manager where do i go to see
11:49.44 my top priority tasks with my teammates
11:52.72 and get all the updates that i need
11:55.60 so i'm gonna run us through three
11:57.52 different views right here
11:59.76 this first one here is going to be your
12:1.84 alert
12:2.88 and alerts are pretty self-explanatory
12:5.20 it's that place where
12:7.28 let's say you're a manager and you
12:8.80 delegated out 10 different tasks and in
12:11.52 a couple of days your teammates are then
12:13.28 sharing status updates for you to see
12:16.00 changing deadlines updating the progress
12:18.88 whatever it might be
12:20.40 it's going to come in right into the
12:21.76 alert section
12:23.36 so for me
12:24.64 and i'm sure this might resonate with a
12:26.32 couple of you but if you're working on
12:28.32 different time zones some of our
12:30.48 employees are actually in europe
12:33.04 um the place that i start my day is in
12:35.52 the alerts just to make sure i didn't
12:37.04 miss anything while i was offline and
12:38.88 while my teammates were working so you
12:40.88 can click through all the alerts
12:43.44 and when you're ready you can actually
12:45.20 clear them if you need to do that
12:48.96 so again this would take the place of
12:50.56 having to dig through your emails to see
12:52.40 what's from clients external
12:53.84 collaborators
12:55.44 and what what are actually updates from
12:57.04 your teammates
12:59.52 so more importantly in my opinion is
13:2.00 this agenda view so i'm going to show
13:4.00 you two different views right here what
13:6.48 we're looking at here is
13:9.04 my personal to-do list across all of our
13:12.16 projects so let's say we have two dozen
13:14.56 projects and
13:16.00 as a manager i'm like okay what do i
13:18.08 need to get done for myself and for my
13:20.16 teammates
13:21.36 over the next seven days so it'll break
13:24.00 down every single deadline that you have
13:27.36 and it also shows you your upcoming
13:29.36 meetings
13:30.48 and prioritized emails
13:33.84 you know for those of you that can
13:35.28 relate to how i feel which is you know i
13:37.36 don't have extra minute in the day and i
13:39.76 definitely don't have time to pick
13:41.20 through emails to see what i need to
13:42.88 work on
13:44.00 well the great news is that this system
13:46.08 automatically
13:47.36 signed up for you which is really
13:48.80 helpful
13:51.28 for in my opinion more relevant to the
13:53.68 concept for today which is how managers
13:55.92 can get those status updates and stay in
13:58.08 alignment is going to be shifting gears
14:0.56 to seeing items i follow
14:3.92 so
14:5.36 what it means to follow an item would be
14:8.16 let's say i create a task and then i
14:10.88 assign it to aaron
14:12.56 at that point
14:14.24 that task would show up on aaron's
14:16.48 personal agenda because it is his
14:18.56 priority
14:20.16 and it would then show up as an item
14:22.48 that i follow because i was bumped out
14:24.72 of the owner's seat just put in the the
14:26.64 passenger seat basically as a follower
14:28.72 to the item which is really important to
14:31.04 understand because
14:32.72 for items that you want to get status
14:35.12 updates for just put yourself as a
14:37.28 follower and then you can go to the
14:39.60 items that you follow
14:42.24 and go to the agenda view and now you
14:44.88 can see all of the upcoming deadlines
14:47.68 for items that you are following so
14:50.32 again
14:51.20 as a manager i create 10 tasks i
14:53.44 delegate all of them and then i think
14:55.52 okay what do we have due this week from
14:58.08 all of those tasks that i've delegated
14:59.84 out to my teammates
15:1.84 again you know good luck seeing all
15:3.92 those updates and emails and excel
15:5.92 spreadsheets because it's um those
15:8.48 systems just really aren't meant to be
15:10.16 fully collaborative like this is
15:12.56 so now i can actually click through
15:14.16 these items and if i have a question i
15:16.80 can click on it and say hey cody is this
15:19.60 still on track
15:21.20 and then i could say have not seen
15:24.32 a progress update yet
15:27.04 and then i could be super over the top
15:29.12 and i could say remind cody in 10
15:31.44 minutes
15:33.20 so you know all those updates took me
15:35.28 about five seconds which is really nice
15:37.28 this interface is really easy to work
15:39.12 through and i said that little reminder
15:41.36 so
15:42.16 if he's on a meeting or you know
15:44.16 stepping away from the computer
15:46.48 whatever it might be
15:48.32 he will definitely be reminded again
15:50.08 when that reminder goes through
15:54.32 so kind of the last view here that i
15:56.56 want to show you which is really helpful
15:58.72 is the search view
16:0.56 so what this does is kind of similar to
16:2.72 the agenda but it's a lot more inclusive
16:5.76 in the sense that it looks across all of
16:8.48 the projects that you have and all of
16:10.96 the items that you have access to
16:13.20 and it shows you literally everything in
16:15.36 there
16:16.48 but in my opinion that's really not the
16:18.24 most helpful thing to do
16:20.08 what's really helpful is the fact that
16:22.00 you can actually apply a filter
16:24.72 so you can say
16:26.16 show me
16:27.12 only items that are assigned to myself
16:29.76 again getting my own personal to-do list
16:32.64 or choosing one of your teammates
16:35.20 so now this is items that this specific
16:38.72 person is in charge of
16:40.88 whether or not i created it and assigned
16:43.44 it to them maybe a different teammate
16:45.68 assigned it to them or maybe they
16:47.12 created this task themselves and now
16:49.68 they're just working on it
16:51.84 from a management perspective this is
16:54.16 100 percent what everybody needs
16:56.72 to make sure that nothing is slipping
16:58.48 through the cracks
16:59.76 and in fact you know it's not
17:1.36 micromanaging because we're not asking
17:3.68 for updates and asking questions and
17:5.60 saying hey what are you working on it's
17:7.20 just having this visibility readily
17:9.84 available basically at your convenience
17:11.76 whenever you need it
17:15.60 so hopefully that helps i'm also very
17:18.32 aware of the fact that as a manager
17:20.88 there's not necessarily a day in time
17:23.44 that you're only working
17:25.68 within priority matrix so
17:28.24 when you're in a chat or in a channel
17:31.20 working with your team
17:33.12 i want you to be aware that you can
17:34.80 actually add those relevant projects
17:38.40 to
17:39.36 a chat or to a channel and any updates
17:42.96 you make here are going to sync back to
17:44.88 your full priority matrix application
17:47.12 automatically
17:49.52 so to touch on this really quickly aaron
17:51.52 for your question which was how do i use
17:53.68 priority matrix to interact with you
17:55.44 know 80 plus
17:57.12 clients that i'm working with as a
17:58.96 consultant
18:0.48 a really popular way to do that is and
18:3.36 i'll actually use the chat as an example
18:5.76 let's say you have a team's chat with a
18:7.76 client that you're working with
18:10.24 you can actually add this project here
18:13.12 to that chat
18:14.80 either as a fully collaborative view so
18:17.84 they can actually make changes and share
18:19.68 updates with you
18:21.12 or
18:22.16 i actually have an example that i added
18:24.00 to a channel the other day
18:26.40 which is sharing a project in just a
18:28.48 read-only view
18:30.32 and what that means is you can say hey
18:32.32 stakeholder or client here's what i have
18:34.96 scheduled here's what my timeline looks
18:37.04 like
18:37.92 they can click through to see all the
18:39.60 different views
18:41.36 but they can't make any changes so i
18:43.68 think this is probably the most common
18:45.44 way i see people sharing information
18:47.20 with external collaborators but you know
18:49.76 definitely keep in mind you can allow
18:51.92 them to edit it if you want that two-way
18:54.08 collaborative stream
18:58.40 lastly and then i'll open this up for
19:0.88 questions is the concept of using a
19:2.88 one-on-one view so
19:4.96 you know as a manager you're probably in
19:6.80 back-to-back meetings
19:8.32 almost every day all day and we want to
19:11.12 help you have effective meetings
19:14.16 with your teammates so what the
19:16.16 one-on-one view does
19:18.48 is
19:19.44 it basically allows you to choose one
19:21.36 person on your team
19:23.20 and then you can really drill down and
19:24.72 focus on only your priorities with that
19:26.72 person
19:27.68 so it's kind of similar to saying show
19:29.84 me items that i follow but this is only
19:33.12 showing you relevant items to yourself
19:35.36 and one other person
19:37.52 so we can also add shared tasks as well
19:41.04 where you can go as far as prioritizing
19:43.12 it into a quadrant
19:45.04 and a project and setting a deadline so
19:47.92 during these meetings when you're saying
19:49.44 hey can you get x y and z done by next
19:51.76 month
19:52.80 or next week it's not okay i'll try to
19:55.60 remember that or shoot me an email with
19:58.00 that update
19:59.20 it's okay let's actually add this to a
20:1.60 project in a quadrant and set a deadline
20:4.56 so next time we connect it's
20:6.64 automatically added to our shared
20:8.64 priority list in the one-on-one
20:12.32 the last thing that i always like to
20:13.68 point out is the fact that at the bottom
20:15.52 down here where it says 0365
20:18.56 you are able to see all of your shared
20:20.80 emails and calendar events and shared
20:23.52 files with this one other person
20:26.24 so
20:27.04 please correct me if i'm wrong but from
20:29.20 my perspective
20:30.80 you know this is really going to be that
20:33.84 full-featured
20:35.28 collaborative view that you need to see
20:37.68 literally everything relevant to
20:39.76 yourself and this other person to have
20:41.52 this effective meeting
20:45.36 so that's kind of all i've got from my
20:47.12 side in terms of some of the top
20:49.04 features that managers are using it we
20:51.84 also have workload management reports
20:54.48 productivity insight reports and more
20:57.12 functionalities for meeting support as
20:59.76 well
21:0.56 and those are all covered in kind of
21:2.40 different webinars um specific to those
21:4.96 functionalities
21:8.24 so what do the next steps look like
21:11.12 we always suggest our new users and
21:13.84 current users to review and sign up oops
21:17.68 to review and sign up for
21:20.32 the upcoming webinars that we have
21:23.04 so we have you know about three or four
21:25.68 per week
21:26.80 and again we have dozens and dozens of
21:28.96 pre-recorded ones available on youtube
21:31.04 that you can watch for more information
21:34.08 definitely start your free trial with
21:35.76 your team at everybody who needs to be
21:37.68 testing this out together
21:39.52 and be sure to utilize the templates and
21:41.36 the training materials that we have
21:42.96 ready readily available for you on
21:44.88 youtube
21:46.00 and
21:46.96 on our knowledge base
21:50.48 so with all that being said i would love
21:52.88 to again kind of pause and open up the
21:55.68 floor for conversations and questions
21:59.12 feel free to take your time dropping it
22:1.28 in there okay perfect erin i'll take you
22:3.68 off mute again give me just one moment
22:9.84 okay i'm not sure if you raise your hand
22:11.76 on purpose but you can go off mute now
22:14.32 yeah i did i just took it off thanks can
22:15.92 you hear me
22:16.80 yes
22:17.84 um okay so with external clients that
22:20.00 aren't in our domain if you will our
22:22.32 company email address or domain
22:25.04 do they
22:26.16 have to purchase a subscription on their
22:28.16 own to engage with it
22:30.08 so for consultants specifically i'm not
22:33.20 sure if that's the field that you're in
22:35.52 but we do have a
22:37.28 direct license set up to allow
22:39.36 consultants to have like up to 20 or 40
22:41.92 of their clients on their license which
22:44.48 would not require
22:46.80 them to set up their own license and we
22:48.64 have it set up that way because we
22:50.08 understand that
22:51.52 you know you're often interacting with a
22:52.96 lot of clients that come and go
22:55.12 and we totally understand that let's say
22:57.84 i'm your client and laura's also your
23:0.24 client you don't want us to you don't
23:2.56 want me to see what you're working on
23:4.32 with laura or vice versa
23:6.48 the consultant license allows you to
23:8.88 keep all of your clients information
23:11.36 completely private to the other clients
23:14.00 so that's kind of cool um and then in
23:16.64 terms of let's say
23:18.40 that i'm working on a project and we
23:19.92 have external stakeholders who need to
23:21.76 see these projects
23:23.68 they can stay on the free version that
23:25.84 would allow
23:27.12 them to have access up to five projects
23:30.64 um
23:31.84 so that's kind of one approach and
23:34.24 you know if they need to use more than
23:35.76 five projects our license is really
23:37.44 flexible so you could add somebody for
23:39.76 you know six months take them off and
23:41.60 then add the next person who you're on
23:43.28 boarding for that project
23:45.92 does that answer your question
23:47.84 yeah i believe so and if uh if they want
23:50.08 to
23:50.96 have their own
23:52.24 account
23:53.28 license to use within their own
23:54.72 organizations they could still be doing
23:57.20 that independent of me
23:59.20 if i'm using them as a guest as a
24:1.68 whenever i have a consultant account is
24:3.20 that right exactly yep 100 right
24:6.08 or they could set up their own accounts
24:7.76 and add me as an external individual
24:10.48 that engages their stuff so they have
24:13.12 the burden on it
24:14.96 yeah exactly and there's no restrictions
24:17.60 when it comes to cross-domain
24:19.04 collaboration so you and i can share
24:20.88 projects we can interact
24:22.72 um it's completely seamless in that
24:24.96 sense
24:26.48 and they don't need 365 because they
24:29.28 could just work independently on the web
24:31.44 browser or the mobile app
24:33.28 exactly yep pci okay exactly
24:36.88 yeah and errors are calendars and email
24:38.80 streams the same way or does it have to
24:40.32 be
24:41.04 office 365
24:43.20 yeah so you can interact with your
24:45.36 outlook inbox and calendar and then we
24:47.68 also have integrations with
24:49.44 google calendar and gmail as well oh
24:52.24 okay perfect yeah
24:54.56 if there's no if you do have time with
24:56.32 this one if they don't have other
24:57.52 questions if you could just give me a
24:59.20 glimpse of what some of the reporting or
25:0.80 dashboards look like that would be
25:2.16 really cool
25:3.28 yeah for sure let me go ahead and share
25:4.80 my screen uh and full transparency i
25:7.36 thought i was still showing it so i was
25:8.96 clicking through things here but
25:10.96 just realized i wasn't but let's see so
25:14.88 kind of going back to the full
25:17.12 priority matrix application here it's
25:19.84 kind of cool because now you're able to
25:21.36 use all the reports through the teams
25:23.68 integration
25:25.28 but basically you'll just go to
25:27.60 the four lines in the top left corner
25:30.64 and then at the bottom it says general
25:32.32 reports and workload management
25:34.72 the general reports are basically going
25:36.96 to paint a picture of everything that
25:39.76 has been being worked on either on a
25:42.32 daily update level or on a weekly level
25:45.68 so i like to show the last seven days
25:47.52 just to have a little bit more activity
25:51.04 but basically again what this allows you
25:52.88 to do is
25:54.16 interact with this report you can click
25:55.92 on everything that you see so if you're
25:58.00 like what did my team finish over the
25:59.84 last seven days
26:1.36 click on that and it will give you that
26:3.60 full breakdown of who was working on it
26:6.88 created completed and when it was
26:8.72 actually due which is kind of cool
26:11.68 and
26:13.12 kind of the more you scroll down the
26:14.64 more you get into the weeds as to the
26:16.80 specifics as to what was happening in
26:18.88 all of the projects and where people
26:21.20 were spending their time
26:23.20 and i really like this pie chart because
26:25.20 it allows you to see what was completed
26:28.32 what's overdue for the week and current
26:30.88 tasks that are still open with the
26:32.56 deadline for the week
26:36.40 so i'll just kind of scroll through here
26:38.08 there's a lot of information in here um
26:40.96 one of my favorite reports is the
26:42.72 workload management report and why i
26:45.44 like this is because you can go in here
26:48.32 and you can if if i had this example set
26:51.20 up better you'd be able to see yourself
26:53.28 and your teammates
26:55.04 compared to each other to basically
26:56.64 understand the workload for each person
26:59.12 so if i click on this i can see okay i
27:1.60 have six items due this week i can click
27:4.40 on that number six and it shows me
27:6.00 exactly what i personally do for the
27:8.24 week
27:9.92 that's nice
27:10.96 resources can you can you show me how
27:13.12 you first got to the reports i keep
27:14.64 missing that first initial step we had
27:16.64 to find them
27:17.84 yeah so you're gonna open the full
27:20.08 priority matrix application in teams and
27:22.56 then just click on the four lines in the
27:24.48 top left corner and then you'll see the
27:27.12 general reports and workload management
27:33.12 let me know if you have any challenges
27:34.64 accessing it but it'll be under my
27:36.56 projects first and then you should see
27:38.72 the four lines there
27:42.40 okay yeah so i needed my projects part i
27:44.48 got there now yeah
27:45.92 yep and i actually just did a webinar um
27:48.40 specifically for the reports and it's
27:50.32 only about 20 minutes long and i can
27:52.00 email you the link for that and we take
27:53.92 a closer look at all the options here
28:1.60 and then aaron i will actually send you
28:4.08 a follow-up email with a link to my
28:6.00 calendar or we can kind of connect more
28:7.92 one-on-one and i can um answer any other
28:10.32 questions you might have and kind of
28:11.68 help you work through your use case
28:14.64 okay yeah that'd be cool um
28:16.48 that'd be really cool i'd like to have
28:17.76 something up and running before the end
28:20.16 of the month because i got i've been
28:21.76 testing a few other things with some of
28:23.12 my clients just to see what they're
28:24.48 willing to do
28:25.60 and this looks like it might have a few
28:27.52 more pieces that the other ones required
28:29.92 multiple tools for so
28:32.16 perfect yeah i'll follow up with you and
28:33.76 we can talk about that one-on-one
28:36.48 okay cool thank you
28:37.84 yep
28:39.44 perfect well thank you everybody for
28:41.36 joining i hope that this was super
28:42.88 helpful and
28:44.72 as mentioned i will send this recording
28:46.96 to all of you