How to Get the Most Out of Office 365 with Priority Matrix

Video presented by Erica Beaulieu

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Office 365 is used globally, and when it's used with Priority Matrix, you can reach our highest level of productivity. Join us today to learn how organizations just like yours are using Priority Matrix w/ O 365 to improve communication, and make sure nothing slips through the cracks again.

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Video transcription (23:14.80) Stop scroll

2.24s the session ends i'm going to send you a
4.08s follow-up email which will have a link
6.64s to this
7.76s session from today and also a link to
9.68s the upcoming webinars as well
12.24s um and the other thing that i always
14.16s like to mention is if you have any
16.08s questions at any time
18.40s you can either just drop that right into
20.08s the chat box
21.68s through the webinar itself or just use a
24.56s little reaction at the top and i can
26.16s take you off mute and we can talk about
27.92s these things together but you know by no
30.88s means feel like you need to save those
32.40s questions till the end i actually prefer
35.20s to hear them
36.64s kind of as they come up um throughout
38.64s the webinar
39.84s so with all of that being said let's go
42.16s ahead and get started here today
44.64s so the topic of today's webinar is how
47.60s to get the most out of office 365 with
50.24s microsoft teams and priority matrix so
54.00s we're going to be looking at kind of a
55.52s match up between using priority matrix
57.92s with teams and with um outlook 365. so
1:2.56 that's kind of what you can prepare for
1:4.32 today
1:6.40 one other thing that i would like to
1:7.76 mention is
1:9.52 if this is your first time learning
1:11.52 about priority matrix or really hearing
1:13.76 anything about it i would definitely say
1:16.24 stay tuned today because we're going to
1:18.08 go over a couple really cool things
1:19.76 about how and where you can use priority
1:22.72 matrix through teams
1:24.80 that's going to be kind of the focus of
1:26.32 the session
1:27.52 but what we won't be going over is the
1:29.60 basics so you know the basic
1:31.60 fundamentals how you can get started you
1:34.32 know some of the nitty gritty features
1:36.00 for task delegation
1:38.48 team collaboration things like that so
1:41.20 if you are looking for more of that kind
1:43.12 of um standard introduction
1:45.76 i would definitely again say stay tuned
1:47.76 today but
1:49.60 definitely check out either a
1:50.80 pre-recorded session on our youtube
1:52.72 channel or join the next introduction
1:55.52 which i'll be doing live this upcoming
1:57.28 wednesday so hopefully that kind of
1:59.60 helps prepare for what we're looking at
2:1.36 today
2:2.80 but
2:3.76 you know kind of overall what is
2:5.76 priority matrix and how are we able to
2:8.16 help so many organizations
2:10.56 kind of stay on track so priority matrix
2:13.36 is a project and task management
2:16.00 solution
2:17.36 designed to help organizations align
2:20.08 their
2:20.84 priorities and
2:22.00 stay connected and essentially make sure
2:24.08 that nothing is slipping through the
2:25.28 cracks
2:26.56 so i would love for you to kind of take
2:28.56 a moment and think about how is your
2:30.56 team currently going about team
2:32.32 collaboration and things like that
2:34.32 is it emailing maybe it's through teams
2:36.88 maybe it's spreadsheets or slack or you
2:39.52 know more commonly than not it's
2:41.04 actually all of the above
2:43.12 so
2:43.84 you know kind of think about that for a
2:45.28 second um and then we'll compare that to
2:47.12 how priority matrix will actually fit
2:48.96 into your day today
2:50.56 but if you're up for it you know drop
2:52.24 those comments in the chat box i always
2:54.08 like to hear those
2:55.52 and kind of see what your day-to-day
2:57.60 looks like currently on your side
3:0.24 but what is the priority matrix approach
3:3.60 what priority matrix allows you to do is
3:6.48 to utilize visual prioritization methods
3:9.52 which will help you at a quick glance
3:11.28 understand
3:12.48 what you need to get done today and what
3:14.32 things can wait to a later date
3:16.48 it will increase visibility for your
3:18.32 leaders your management individual
3:20.16 contributors any level using priority
3:22.48 matrix will
3:23.92 undoubtedly have increased visibility
3:27.44 you'll be able to centralize
3:29.04 communication
3:30.40 and we'll definitely take a look at that
3:31.92 today how you can kind of get all of
3:33.52 those updates and changes into one place
3:36.80 and priority matrix also helps you have
3:38.80 shorter and more effective meetings
3:40.56 which is also something that we'll take
3:42.00 a look at today because those
3:43.92 functionalities are driven directly
3:45.60 through the team's integration
3:49.36 so of course the big topic today is all
3:51.68 about integrations with office 365 and
3:55.04 how priority matrix will help you use
3:57.04 those solutions more effectively
3:59.68 so definitely download priority matrix
4:2.08 for microsoft teams and install it for
4:4.56 outlook 365 and that will kind of
4:7.36 automatically set up the integration of
4:8.96 sharepoint which we'll also look at
4:10.80 today
4:12.40 so
4:13.20 you know definitely i am going to be
4:14.80 doing the live demo portion for today
4:16.72 but i kind of just like to share a
4:18.16 couple of screenshots to paint the stage
4:20.08 as to what we will be looking at and
4:22.40 then i'll flip the screen and we'll
4:23.76 actually go through it live so we're
4:26.24 going to take a really quick look at the
4:27.92 full featured integration with microsoft
4:30.56 teams
4:33.04 we're also going to look at how you can
4:34.56 use priority matrix through those teams
4:36.72 chats and oops through the channels
4:40.88 i guess that will be the next slide but
4:43.52 with that you're going to be able to use
4:45.12 action cards to create context when
4:47.44 you're collaborating with your teammates
4:49.04 and
4:50.08 we're going to look at how you can
4:51.12 actually take a comment from microsoft
4:53.52 teams and prioritize it so you can set
4:55.44 deadlines delegate it make sure it's not
4:57.76 forgotten about
4:59.84 here's that picture of what it looks
5:1.12 like through the team's channel
5:2.96 and then we're also going to be looking
5:4.24 at how you can manage emails through
5:5.84 teams and through outlook 365. so that's
5:10.24 just a very very quick intro um but we
5:13.12 are going to be looking at all of that
5:14.64 live right now
5:16.56 so
5:17.28 this is a really great time if you guys
5:19.12 have any questions um we can kind of
5:21.20 pause for a moment and i can definitely
5:23.28 answer those for you
5:26.40 while i get a couple things organized on
5:28.72 my side just to make sure that this all
5:30.64 makes sense for us today
5:33.44 okay so
5:34.80 again i would be kind of curious to hear
5:36.80 who has attended the introduction or the
5:38.80 advanced intro sessions in the past i
5:40.80 see a couple of names that i'm
5:42.08 definitely familiar with but for the
5:44.00 rest of you having that context is
5:45.52 definitely really helpful for me so if
5:47.52 you can it would be much appreciated if
5:49.52 you just drop your understanding of
5:51.60 priority matrix into the checkbox
5:58.08 all right so what i have here on my
6:0.32 screen this is the
6:2.48 integration the priority matrix
6:4.32 integration directly through microsoft
6:6.48 teams
6:8.32 so if you haven't installed
6:10.96 this already you can go to apps in the
6:13.12 bottom left corner type in priority
6:15.36 matrix and that's how you'll get pm
6:17.36 installed directly into your team's
6:18.96 platform
6:20.64 so in terms of using priority matrix
6:22.88 with microsoft teams
6:25.12 this is going to be kind of the main
6:26.88 interface where you do a lot of your
6:28.48 collaborative work so as you can see
6:31.04 just to make it crystal clear i have a
6:33.44 priority matrix open
6:35.36 i have it pinned open which i definitely
6:37.52 suggest you all do
6:39.28 but from here you will be able to
6:42.16 create those projects and
6:44.88 collaborate with your teammates and
6:47.36 assign tasks modify deadlines share
6:50.16 files
6:51.36 you know really anything under the sun
6:55.04 awesome so i'm seeing that some of you
6:56.40 have attended other courses which is
6:57.92 definitely great to know but really
7:0.00 anything under the sun in terms of team
7:2.00 collaboration you'll be able to do
7:4.24 directly through the full featured
7:6.80 priority matrix integration with teams
7:9.36 so
7:10.08 you know our biggest goal there is to
7:12.08 help you stay
7:13.36 focused in just one system so you know
7:16.32 over the past couple of years as i'm
7:18.56 sure has been made familiar to all of
7:20.72 you there's so many organizations using
7:23.20 the office ecosystem and one of the
7:25.60 biggest challenges we consistently heard
7:27.52 was
7:28.32 constantly facing distractions having to
7:30.24 leave teams and look at other platforms
7:32.08 to get updates or share updates
7:35.04 so we essentially just decided well why
7:37.76 don't we just go ahead and integrate
7:39.12 with this with teams so people can stay
7:41.68 in this one environment while also being
7:44.32 able to effectively collaborate and
7:46.48 share updates
7:49.36 i see one question that came up that
7:50.96 said do other teammates have to have
7:52.64 priority matrix as well
7:54.96 and the answer is yes so if you want to
7:57.28 share projects and collaborate with each
7:59.68 other
8:0.48 and use the system together they would
8:2.88 in fact need to download
8:4.72 priority matrix and have a login as well
8:9.92 so happy to answer any questions about
8:11.76 anything you see on the screen here but
8:13.52 what i'm going to do is kind of shift
8:14.96 gears and show you all the other aspects
8:17.52 of using priority matrix through
8:19.92 microsoft teams so again this is kind of
8:21.92 what we talked about in the basic intro
8:24.00 covering all the nitty gritty features
8:25.76 that you see here
8:27.60 so if you look to the left hand side of
8:29.52 my screen i'm switching gears and i'm
8:31.76 actually jumping to a chat through
8:34.32 teams so
8:35.60 as you guys can see i'll kind of flash
8:37.52 this for a second but i have a ton of
8:39.60 different chats in microsoft teams
8:42.80 and the primary ones that i work on are
8:44.72 the ones with my two managers
8:47.12 so
8:48.48 when i'm inside a chat in microsoft
8:51.04 teams
8:52.24 i may just be talking to somebody saying
8:54.16 hey you know how's this going what's the
8:56.08 latest this and that and we can kind of
8:58.88 collaborate and say you know hey can you
9:1.52 work on this for me
9:3.28 you know anything you would send through
9:4.56 an email or through this chat you can
9:6.08 definitely continue to do that but when
9:8.64 the time comes and you're like hey you
9:10.08 know what are the status updates on that
9:11.84 project that we've been working on
9:13.60 together
9:15.04 what you can actually do is you can
9:18.56 add
9:19.44 multiple project tabs
9:22.00 to these specific one-on-one chats that
9:24.32 you have
9:25.44 so when it comes to seeing those
9:27.28 progress updates or sharing updates
9:30.48 between projects that yourself and this
9:32.40 one other person are definitely working
9:33.84 on together
9:35.20 just pin that open right here
9:37.76 so you'll see that i have this project i
9:40.32 have another one added here and it's
9:42.48 just as simple as clicking on the plus
9:44.24 icon
9:45.84 and then typing in priority matrix and
9:48.08 you'll be able to add the project view
9:50.88 right here
9:52.48 any changes that you make on this system
9:54.64 are going to sync back to the full
9:56.24 featured integration so you definitely
9:58.32 definitely don't need to worry about
10:0.32 making multiple
10:2.00 updates through your priority matrix
10:7.12 the other thing that's really helpful
10:8.56 about using priority matrix through a
10:10.32 chat is having the ability to utilize
10:12.24 the one-on-one view so great to see some
10:15.12 of you have already attended my intro
10:16.96 sessions because
10:18.48 that would mean that you're familiar
10:19.84 with the one-on-one view the one-on-one
10:22.24 is designed to help you have effective
10:24.08 meetings
10:25.28 so again as many of us do i spend a lot
10:28.08 of time in my team's chats and when my
10:30.96 manager says haircut you know let's hop
10:32.80 on a quick call we'd love to go over
10:34.16 some of the top priorities we've been
10:35.68 working on
10:36.88 again i don't even have to leave that
10:38.80 chat i can just access my one-on-one
10:41.36 right here
10:43.04 and
10:43.84 when i do add new priorities anything
10:46.08 like that again it's syncing back to the
10:48.00 full featured priority matrix
10:50.16 integration
10:51.60 so basically at the end of the day we've
10:53.36 just added these views so you can stay
10:55.36 focused where you're working but also
10:57.44 access that critical information
11:0.96 we've got a question here which is can
11:2.56 you add a project to another team site
11:4.80 where non-users would be able to see a
11:7.44 read-only view
11:9.12 yes that's a fantastic question thank
11:11.04 you so much for asking that and that's
11:13.20 actually a perfect transition into what
11:14.96 we're going to look at next so thanks
11:16.80 again for that question
11:18.80 so
11:19.52 whether you're working in and i'll kind
11:21.68 of answer this in you know both places
11:23.60 whether you're working in a chat like we
11:25.60 were just looking at
11:27.20 or in a channel which would be set up to
11:30.16 work with multiple people at the same
11:31.68 time
11:33.20 similar to what we just looked at in
11:35.52 the chats we can still add projects and
11:39.36 this would be basically saying okay you
11:41.12 know in this example here's the
11:43.04 contracting team we are all working on
11:45.60 this project together so we might as
11:47.44 well just add it to this this team's
11:49.68 channel just to make it really easily
11:51.68 accessible
11:53.60 in this case this is a fully
11:56.40 functional fully collaborative project
11:59.44 so anybody in this channel who is also
12:1.68 using this project can go in here and we
12:4.08 can make as many updates as we need to
12:7.52 but per the question we just got which
12:9.52 is how do we use this with people who
12:11.28 are not using priority matrix but we
12:13.20 simply just want to share updates
12:15.84 i'm going to add this here together but
12:18.00 we'll go to add tab
12:19.92 and what we're going to do is we're
12:21.28 actually going to add a read-only
12:22.80 version of the project
12:24.72 which anybody in the channel can see and
12:27.04 click through
12:28.16 whether or not they're using priority
12:30.16 matrix so this is an off this is often
12:32.64 used with um
12:34.48 people who are in consulting maybe
12:36.24 they're just sharing project updates
12:37.84 with their stakeholders
12:39.52 um you know maybe you're just sharing
12:41.52 something with people you don't want
12:43.04 them to make changes but you want them
12:44.56 to be able to see it
12:46.48 so we'll choose a project and
12:49.12 let's see which one should we add we'll
12:51.44 add this guy
12:52.72 and then what i'm going to do is say
12:54.56 share in read only mode
12:57.28 so
12:58.08 when i save this project
13:0.40 again what happens is
13:2.72 nobody can make changes through this
13:4.48 view so this is the perfect way to say
13:6.56 hey here's what we're working on here's
13:8.16 our timeline but you'll see even if i
13:10.48 click on the item
13:11.92 there is still context there's notes and
13:13.84 there's resources
13:15.36 but i'm actually not able to make any
13:17.52 changes to this project
13:20.40 we can click through it and the
13:21.68 stakeholders could still see all the
13:23.28 different views
13:24.64 like the calendar view
13:26.56 gantt chart you know any information you
13:28.64 just share with stakeholders this is a
13:30.24 fantastic way to go about doing that
13:33.44 you'll also notice that they cannot see
13:35.04 the conversation so anything discussed
13:37.04 internally will not be showing here so
13:39.68 that's kind of a helpful thing to
13:41.20 understand
13:42.88 karen let me know if that answers your
13:44.72 question
13:46.96 alternatively one thing that i always
13:48.64 like to mention is
13:50.48 let's say you're in the situation where
13:52.96 you're not
13:53.92 using priority matrix for somebody and
13:55.68 you're also not using teams with them
13:58.00 what you can do is you can grab
14:0.16 a read only link copy this and then just
14:3.28 shoot it to them in an email say hey
14:5.44 open this up check out our timeline and
14:7.20 priorities
14:8.40 then they can again just open it up
14:10.00 through a web browser in that read-only
14:11.92 mode so kind of two options there
14:17.36 you'll see that in my channel here
14:20.00 there's a lot of things popping up and
14:22.88 these are called connectors so
14:25.92 one of the biggest pieces of feedback
14:27.52 that i get for management is you know i
14:29.36 need to see all of my notifications in
14:31.60 just one central place
14:34.40 so what we came to understand is we need
14:36.80 to set up a way to push priority matrix
14:39.52 notifications into these channels that
14:41.52 people are working in
14:43.04 so you're able to go here you can click
14:45.28 on the three dots
14:46.64 and then you can actually just set up
14:48.40 your settings
14:49.84 i guess it would be through the general
14:51.52 we'll go to connectors
14:53.76 and then basically what we're setting up
14:55.44 is the ability to say okay for x y and z
14:58.16 projects
14:59.36 we need to see these notifications so
15:1.68 you can configure it to show you
15:4.16 items that were completed
15:6.08 items that were created delegated any
15:8.64 type of notification for specific
15:10.40 projects you can funnel directly into
15:12.72 these channels
15:15.52 so one more thing that i'll add here so
15:17.44 let's say i say hey bella can you
15:20.48 update this
15:22.56 website for me kind of a miscellaneous
15:25.04 example there but when we send it
15:27.20 again a really common piece of feedback
15:29.44 that i consistently get from people
15:31.36 using teams
15:33.12 is you know hey this is a fantastic
15:35.28 system for
15:36.56 communicating setting meetings and
15:39.12 actually connecting for those meetings
15:40.72 but the downside of teams is especially
15:43.44 in these channels
15:44.96 if there's a five of us or maybe 15 of
15:47.52 us or maybe even more this comment right
15:49.68 here can be lost in the abyss in just a
15:52.08 matter of minutes if we're really all
15:53.76 communicating
15:55.44 so this is one of our most popular
15:58.00 functionalities because what you can do
15:59.60 is you can continue to communicate
16:1.76 through here but you can actually grab
16:3.68 this comment
16:4.88 and you can create an action item from
16:7.36 it
16:8.40 so what's really special about this is
16:10.08 now we can choose the correct project we
16:12.56 need to prioritize this into so this
16:14.96 will be kind of cool we'll i'll actually
16:16.80 put it in the project that i just added
16:19.44 if i can remember i think i put that one
16:22.72 you can pick your due date
16:28.72 and you can even add a description
16:31.36 and when we hit create
16:33.04 it's going to give you the little
16:34.32 preview and let's see if i put it here
16:36.72 it is so if i go back to this project
16:39.28 we're going to be able to see that
16:40.64 comment that i just added into that
16:42.48 project so
16:43.92 now again you are able to continue to
16:46.48 communicate through here but you'll see
16:48.64 this this priority or this action item
16:50.88 is now prioritized we have our due date
16:53.52 and we can track it through there
16:55.28 so
16:56.96 let me kind of pause there
16:58.80 since we went over the chat and the
17:0.64 channel integrations before i move on to
17:2.80 anything else i'd love to answer any
17:4.48 questions you all may have about that
17:7.44 the next thing that we're going to look
17:8.88 at is going to be how you can manage
17:10.72 your emails directly through teams
17:19.04 all right perfect so kind of moving on
17:21.12 to one of the last few things that i
17:23.04 want to show you here back to the full
17:25.52 featured priority matrix integration
17:27.76 with teams
17:29.68 when i click on the search
17:31.44 the little magnifying glass search view
17:33.28 here
17:34.24 what happens is we're able to see
17:35.76 everything across our entire priority
17:38.72 matrix so
17:40.00 all of the priorities that i'm working
17:41.68 on and ones that my teammates are
17:43.44 working on
17:44.80 so that's definitely super helpful but
17:47.36 at the bottom down here it's one of the
17:49.44 most unique things about priority matrix
17:51.68 is
17:52.96 the fact that i can actually see all of
17:55.04 my meetings and files and emails all in
17:58.56 one place
17:59.76 so let's say i need to see all of the
18:1.36 contacts for a specific client that i'm
18:3.68 working with
18:4.88 i can type in that keyword and now i can
18:7.68 see all of my actions that i need to
18:9.68 take for them up here
18:11.92 and i can see everything else related to
18:14.56 them with that keyword so maybe it's
18:16.24 upcoming meetings
18:17.68 emails from them whatever it might be we
18:19.68 have it all right here
18:22.56 to take this even one step further this
18:24.80 is an example of an email
18:27.28 if i see this email and i think okay you
18:29.12 know this
18:30.08 actually carries a pretty heavy load and
18:32.32 it does have priorities and action items
18:34.80 in it
18:35.68 i can grab it right here
18:38.40 and i can send it to my priority matrix
18:40.64 allowing me to prioritize
18:42.40 it
18:43.28 into the correct quadrant the correct
18:45.44 project
18:46.48 and i can hit add
18:48.40 so again what we're doing here is we're
18:50.00 looking through our emails with a
18:51.28 specific context for the keyword that
18:54.08 we're looking for
18:55.44 and we're actively prioritizing it and
18:59.04 to this day i have not seen a system
19:0.80 that allows you to see your emails
19:2.32 through teams the way that this does so
19:5.20 incredibly helpful for all of those
19:6.88 reasons that we just talked about
19:10.32 if you do spend a lot of your time in
19:12.56 outlook already which i know a lot of us
19:14.56 do and that's perfectly okay there are
19:17.52 ways to prioritize your emails
19:20.56 directly through outlook so
19:22.96 if you haven't already go to the get
19:24.88 add-ins option in outlook like we have
19:26.96 here
19:27.84 and type in priority matrix and then
19:29.68 you'll get us added to your outlook
19:31.28 toolbar
19:32.96 and what happens here is it kind of
19:35.28 similar to what we did through teams
19:37.60 but you're actually able to grab this
19:39.12 email you can prioritize it
19:41.60 you can pick your deadline and you can
19:43.92 create your action item
19:45.68 so at the end of the day whether you
19:47.68 want to do it through teams or you want
19:49.52 to do it through outlook
19:51.20 the end of result is to get your emails
19:54.08 prioritized alongside
19:56.32 everything else you're working on so
19:58.08 here we have examples of emails
20:0.64 different priorities and we have that
20:2.64 comment that we prioritize through the
20:4.88 channel so
20:7.36 in terms of having visibility and
20:9.04 understanding everything you're working
20:10.88 on and being able to actively share
20:13.12 status updates and receive those from
20:15.28 your teammates
20:16.80 now imagine a world where you do this
20:19.28 through one system being priority matrix
20:22.16 and you don't have to jump from emails
20:24.56 to channels to chat to meetings to excel
20:27.04 spreadsheets you name it i've definitely
20:29.12 seen people using you know dozens of
20:31.44 different platforms to stay connected
20:33.92 and ultimately at the end of the day if
20:36.00 you can funnel it all into one place
20:38.48 that's when you're going to be able to
20:39.68 reach your highest level of productivity
20:42.72 so
20:43.44 a little recap what we looked at was
20:46.24 using priority matrix through your chats
20:48.96 your channels
20:50.48 and the email management aspect of this
20:53.92 so
20:54.72 that's a lot of information no doubt and
20:57.04 i want you guys to all know that
20:59.76 the meeting support such as the one on
21:2.24 one
21:3.12 and agenda which we didn't look at today
21:6.08 i do have a specific webinar for that
21:8.64 and i also have a very specific one for
21:10.96 email management so if you're interested
21:13.04 in learning more about either of those
21:14.48 topics let me know i can send you the
21:16.72 link to those upcoming sessions or as we
21:19.44 mentioned we do have pre-recorded ones
21:24.08 so at this time i would love to open
21:26.08 this up and ask if you guys have any
21:28.24 questions any comments or you know any
21:31.04 feedback to share with me about this and
21:33.20 i'm happy to kind of address those
21:35.44 um and then we can wrap up for the
21:37.28 afternoon so i'll give you guys a few
21:38.88 moments to
21:40.24 get your questions ready um and i'm
21:42.64 definitely excited to hear those
21:49.68 in terms of licensing and kind of
21:52.24 account setup if you are interested in
21:54.64 using
21:56.00 priority matrix as an enterprise
21:58.00 solution
21:59.20 definitely let me know would love to
22:0.56 connect with you one on one and learn a
22:2.40 little bit more about kind of what your
22:3.60 goals look like your current system and
22:5.84 you know ultimately when you would need
22:7.36 to have this set up by and then we can
22:9.28 kind of work backwards on that timeline
22:18.80 perfect to see one one person type in
22:21.04 here so i'll give another couple moments
22:23.04 to get that question through
22:27.36 karen i believe we have a meeting
22:29.04 scheduled for today which is great
22:30.96 definitely looking forward to that
22:44.40 one other thing i'll add while we wait
22:46.40 for that question to come through is
22:48.08 tomorrow i'm also hosting a webinar
22:50.16 specifically designed for managers so
22:53.28 what that would look like is how
22:55.20 managers can share updates to their
22:58.00 direct reports and also down to their
22:59.68 teammates as well in an effective
23:1.52 communication style
23:4.16 so it looks like that is actually it for
23:6.64 questions so what i'm going to do is
23:9.12 i'll go ahead and stop the recording
23:11.76 and then we can