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In order to import your Microsoft To Do tasks into Priority Matrix, please authorize read-access to your Microsoft account. We only require read access, as we don't need to make changes to your tasks, only read their content.

First of all, you need a Priority Matrix account. It takes one minute! Or you can sign in if you already have one.

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How does the Microsoft To Do connector work?

Once you, or your administrator, connect Priority Matrix with Microsoft To Do, we will import all the relevant tasks, and create a new Priority Matrix project which contains links to the original data. That way you can prioritize the external tasks and open them if needed, but you don't need to duplicate work.

Currently, for performance purposes, we limit the set of imported tasks to those with a modification date not older than 365 days ago, to make sure that the connector works fast and efficiently.

Can I make changes to my data on Priority Matrix?

This integration, and all other task connectors, is one-way from Microsoft To Do to Priority Matrix. This means that if you make changes to the title or notes in your items on the PM side, they will NOT propagate back to Microsoft To Do, and eventually your changes may be overwritten by what comes from Microsoft To Do. You can still add comments, assign the item, set due dates and attach files.

How often do my items refresh?

Whenever there are changes to the original To Do tasks, they sync automatically into Priority Matrix, without you having to move a finger. Currently, the refresh rate is once every 120 minutes, so if you made a change, and it has not yet been reflected on your Priority Matrix account, give it a little longer as it may be too soon.

What if I change my mind?

If you decide that you don't want your Microsoft To Do data showing up in your Priority Matrix account, you can click the disconnect button and choose between simply stopping the data sync, or completely erase any reference from Priority Matrix.

In any case, Priority Matrix does not modify your Microsoft To Do data, since we only require read access to provide this functionality. We are considering adding 2-way sync to this connector so that you can complete an item on PM and see that change in Microsoft ToDo, but this is not available yet. If you think this would be useful to you, please let us know.

Are there other connectors?

We're glad you ask! Yes, there are other task connectors, and more coming soon. Send us a message if you have a specific request.