Web Design: Project Preparation Template

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The start of a web design project involves a lot of preparation and communication with the client. This phase, especially, requires good customer relationship skills. In their communication with the client, the web designer attains an understand of their needs maps out a proposed project plan. Important details like goals, functionality and cost must be defined.

Web Design: Project Preparation Template for Priority Matrix

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Web Design: Project Preparation Template in Priority Matrix

Web design project preparation template to help set a project up for success and ensure a good client relationship.

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Proposed Tasks


  • Research client’s company to understand their brand, the way they communicate, their demographics, target audience
  • Research client’s industry to find ways of communicating specifically to the industry, strengths and weaknesses, trends and other industry specifics

Client Communications

  • Setup first meetings(s) with client
  • Itemize and Document all Meetings/Calls/Emails here
  • Define and send project questionnaire to the client and wait for the clientas response. Iterate on doubts you have until everybody is in agreement. Finalize project questionnaire from client
  • Define and collect briefing document from client


  • Get quotation(s) for copy/content or estimate work with your copywriters
  • Get quotation(s) for development effort for project
  • Get quotations(s) for design or estimate design work with your own designers
  • Get quotation(s) for photography / video production or estimate effort involved
  • Get quotation(s) for Hosting / Domain, (particularly if specialized hosting is involved such as VPS hosting, cloud hosting, or special hosting or environment requirements)


  • Send Project Acceptance Form, with timelines to client and wait for client sign off
  • Prepare and send web design proposal to client Get approval from client of proposal and features to be implemented
  • Create the Project Acceptance Form, and propose timeline with milestones