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It’s completely normal to have a lack of trust within the team as there isn’t a way to build that connection when they are constantly communicating online. However, there are some ways where a manager or even an employee can help build this trust by coming up with some games and activities.
Remote teams do not have the “water-cooler talks” in a traditional office environment that can build camaraderie. One approach around this is to inject some team building games for your remote team. If you need some ideas, here is a list of games and activities that will help build the trust that’s missing within your team:


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Proposed Tasks

Get to know each other

  • What would you rather?
    A question with two choices is proposed and each player has to choose the one choice that they like the most even if none of them really appeals to them.
  • Skill Set
    Each team member has to share one thing they are excited to learn in the next months at work. This will end up improving the productivity and satisfaction of the workplace as it gives managers the opportunity to get to know their employees better and helping them reach their goal.
  • Never have I ever
    Players take turns asking other players about things they have not done, and the one who has done it can just put a finger down or just say they have done it and share the story. In this situation it can be used to come up with some university or …
  • Shazam
    This is similar to the Shazam app where different types of music will be played and the team will be put to test to see who is most knowledgeable when it comes to this topic. The person to guess the most artists and titles wins.
  • Virtual Bingo
    The game consists of creating a people-bingo card with a list of statements such as “has blonde hair” or “prefers dogs better than cats”. Then you have to call out statements and the team members have to put a cross in the box if they share that quality with someone …
  • Bucket list challenge
    Get your team to think and write for about 5 minutes a bucket list (things that they would like to do in their lifetime), then each one of them has to share their list.
  • Birth Map
    Show an image of a world map (it can be done through a collaborative map from google maps), then, every person has to put a stick on it to show where they were born and each one of them has to share a story about what they love most about …
  • Icebreaker Questions
    Create a template where you can write down some icebreaker questions, which will allow each member to answer questions about themselves

Cooperative games

  • Forensic sketch artist
    The crew has to be split into teams, then you have to tell the participants that there was a series of robberies the night before but that one person from each team is a witness as they got to see the robber’s face. Create a face with a random face …
  • Virtual Clue murder mystery
    Firstly, the Virtual Clue Murder Mystery link has to be sent out, then using this app, the group will be split into teams to examine clues, review case files and channel their inner detectives to solve the crime. The team will have to collaborate and communicate effectively in order to …
  • 10 Common things
    Divide the team into small groups and ask them to spend 5 minutes coming up with a list of 10 things that they have in common. Once this is over they can share the list with the rest of the team. If you want to make it a competition you …
  • Virtual city tour
    There are many virtual city tours that you can book and they can show you the city virtually while you share this experience with the rest of your team.

How well do you know each other?

  • Baby photos
    Every team member has to post on a shared document a picture of themselves when they were a baby, and then guess who it is within a certain time limit.
  • What would you rather? (Competition version)
    It can be established that people that choose the most popular option are the ones who get to the next round. It is a good way for each one of you to test how well you know each other to be able to tell which option is the one that …
  • Who’s workspace is it?
    You just have to create a shared document where everyone has to post a picture of their “home office” and then each one has to guess whose it is.
  • Match the fact to the colleague
    Get everyone to write a fact about themselves on a shared document and then get the rest of the team to guess who it is.
  • Three truths and a lie
    Each person is asked to tell three truths and a lie about themselves, so the others have to guess which one was the lie and the one that guesses it correctly gains a point. It is better to keep the lie realistic so it is harder for the rest of …

Games to have a laugh with your team

  • Virtual party/coffee or tea time
    It can also be a good idea to host a fun virtual call where you can either have a virtual party and all drink together or even just have a coffee or tea time which is a way to get involved in some random conversations and at the same time …
  • Letter hunt
    The first thing everyone needs to do is stand up and one person has to call out a random letter from the alphabet, then everyone needs to bring an item, no matter what it is, whose name starts with that letter to the screen. The last person to bring something …
  • Movie night
    Get all your employees to vote on a movie to watch and then stream the most voted movie through a conference call, and get everyone to keep their instant messaging open so they can comment and point things out about the film.
  • Build a storyline
    Give each person some random words. Then each one is asked to create a story using those words.
  • Save the Company from aliens
    Each one of you have to come up with some creative and funny solutions to the following situation: “if aliens landed on Earth and their goal was to destroy the company, what would you do to save the situation?” This is a great way for each one to show their …