IT Project Portfolio Management Template

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Managing the workload in IT is challenging.

You need a process that manages the number of projects IT is actively working on at any given time.

Without it your IT organization will be constantly overwhelmed with significantly more work than you can possible handle.

This template includes a training video titled, “IT Project Portfolio Management” that will teach you what you need to know plus discuss how to use the tools that are included in the template.

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IT Project Portfolio Management for Priority Matrix

IT Project Portfolio Management in Priority Matrix

The IT Project Portfolio Management template gives you a process that manages all of the projects that IT is actively working on at any given time.

You can start using IT Project Portfolio Management or other It-Management Project Templates with Priority Matrix in just a few steps:

  1. Click to sign in or create an account in the system
  2. Start adding your items to the matrix
  3. If you prefer to use the Mac and Windows app download Priority Matrix and take your data with you
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Proposed Tasks


    GETTING STARTED Step 1 - Watch the Training Video in Quadrant-4 (IT Project Portfolio Management) to better understand the process of managing a Project Portfolio. Step 2 - Use Quadrant-3 (Project Pipeline) to list all "wanna-be" projects submitted to the Project Portfolio Steering Committee. This list will be assessed by …


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  • Training Video - IT Project Portfolio Management
    Watch this video to understand the dynamics of managing project workload in a company and how to use a few key tools to become more effective.