One on One Meeting Template

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Whether you meet with your boss or your direct reports on a regular basis, or you only talk one-on-one in preparation for your annual evaluation, it is critical that your thoughts and discussion points are laid out ahead of time, organized and prioritized. With the one-on-one meeting template, you're half way there.

One on One Meeting Template for Priority Matrix

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One on One Meeting Template in Priority Matrix

One on one meetings can vary greatly, however, but using the one on one meeting template provides a useful format. With the template, two colleges follow these steps for repeatable success from one on

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Proposed Tasks

Status Review

  • Follow up actions: create new items here with an follow up
  • Open 1-1 View
  • Review Status of Shared Items
  • Drill down on items for further context

Big Picture Review

  • Exchange big picture feedback and consensus


  • Identify areas in the big picture feedback for ideation
  • List Ideas here

Idea Validation Strategy

  • List action items to validate the ideas that came up