Integrated Product Team (IPT) Template

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Borrowed from systems engineering an integrated product team, or IPT, is composed of people from multiples disciplines working to deliver a single product. While this method was initially implemented in the federal sector, resulting in significant cost savings, it is no longer confined to this space. Top product leaders today recognize that having an integrated, or cross-functional, product team contributes to greater innovation and maximizes results.

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Integrated Product Team (IPT) Template for Priority Matrix

Integrated Product Team (IPT) Template in Priority Matrix

Use the IPT template to define decisions around features, resources and workload!

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Proposed Tasks


  • List and Quantify Effort from Development Functions to Create Product

Customer Facing

  • List and Quantify Effort from Customer Facing Functions to Ensure Desired Response to Finished Product


  • List and Quantify Effort from Operations to Create Systems That Deliver and Support Finished Product


  • Define Resources Allocated to Each Segment Based on Previously Quantified Effort Contribution