Audit Report: Manufacturing Plant Template

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In this 2x2 report template, The top half of the quadrant focuses on the audit event. The top left quadrant is used context around the plant being audited, while the top right quadrant holds itemized issues, well-documented, and information on its failure to comply. In contrast, the bottom half supports optimal response to audit results. While mandated improvements are assigned owners and given firm due dates on the left, the right bottom quadrant is a space to support discussion around other potential opportunities for improvement.

Audit Report: Manufacturing Plant for Priority Matrix

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Audit Report: Manufacturing Plant in Priority Matrix

In order to ensure that safe working conditions, efficiency and production quality in manufacturing remain optimal, internal audits must be done regularly. Following a set protocol, the individual con

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Proposed Tasks

Audit Details

  • Audit Date:
  • Process Under Audit: Moon rocket test
    The principal purpose of this audit is to verify the performance of the rocket's O-ring gaskets under cold conditions the night before launch. Experience has shown that disregard to this key safety issue will have severe impact on the overall success of the mission, and it could result in dramatic …
  • Rating:
  • Manager 3 Info:
  • Manager 2 Info:
  • Manager 1 Info: List Name in title and Contact Info in Notes

Documented Findings

  • Finding 5:
  • Finding 4:
  • Finding 3:
  • Finding 2:
  • Finding 1: List issues with all documentation on finding and how it does not comply

Improvement Requirements

  • List all needed changes here and assign each to manager responsible. This person will document these improvements here. Item will be marked complete only by individual conducting the audit

Additional Discussion

  • List, for discussion, all other opportunities for improvement that do not relate to a specific issue found (assign to relevant manger/ add other managers as followers)